Don’t wear long Johns We still fall and winter

Don’t wear long Johns We still fall and winter
There is a cold call forget to wear long Johns – same as you, we this group of beauty “to desperately” fashion editor will also is a “wind”, talk about “cold”. Today we don’t talk about “to universal beauty endure”, but the selected 12 out of the difficulty coefficient is low, almost everyone can handle Cartier love ring replica the warm winter modelling of collocation. Want to wear short skirt no problem, want to wear 9 minutes of pants also can do it… Are you ready to standing in the wind?
1. I: knee-high boots
Warm collocation: knee-high boots + wool knitting dress
Chinese emphasize feet warm the body is warm. Russian supermodel Elena Perminova appearance during Paris fashion week in a neat grey knitted grey dress and high-heeled boots memorable. Soles of the feet, knees up two important parts to be protected, the warmth of the thighs knit dress faint show only a small cut, sexy. This gentle and graceful and elegant modelling is very suitable for the autumn season before December.
2. Main: knee-high boots
Warm collocation: knee-high boots + short skirt + carpet type cloak
The right knee boots preferred Elena Perminova again choose warm suede boots, pair the miniskirt and warm blanket type heavy coat. Afraid of cold we might as well a longer dress collocation, thigh just a crack will never make you cold and hard. The modelling if again tie-in a Cartier nail bracelet replica wide-brimmed hat is perfect enough.
3. I: leather skirt
Warm collocation: knee-high leather skirt + high heel ankle boot
Olivia Palermo in the color of camel’s hair knee-high leather skirt, with elegant suede lacing ankle boot. Upper body wearing warm cashmere sweater and suit jacket and black ankle boots from afar knee-high leather skirt is to protect the knee and peep out a leg, heat preservation function, no doubt. There is a tie-in skill worth learning: leather, fur, wool, suede and so on the many kinds of qualitative material appeared at the same time, please try to reduce the use of color, in this way can overall modelling beautiful “visual”.
4. I: leather skirt
Warm collocation: mini leather skirt + filar socks, boots
Givenchy this Shark Lock series leather boots have loose but not sloppy perfect profile, humorous and domineering name is warm to let a person listen. Fashion bloggers Sofia ValkiersMini mini leather skirt is short but it is still to ensure that the warmth of the thighs, the tie-in black stockings both warm and make long legs in the expansion of the fur coat and more slender between loose boots, “shark”.
5. Main: wool socks
Warm collocation: brief paragraph wool socks, cultivate one’s morality pants and ankle boot
Socks in most people’s eyes is not a modern sheet is tasted. As we have tried to “hide socks”, show Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica host Robyn Bright is doing the opposite, ankle boot eversion out a white wool socks. Cultivate one’s morality pants collocation ankle boot is very warm, but no new, now you know with a pair of “all” wool socks.
6. Main: wool socks
Warm collocation: knee socks + pants + ankle boot + wool long version of the coat
In addition to the cowboy shorts the whole body is black, the streets of London we captured this retro and the modelling of personality. Knee-length wool socks and shorts combination wonderfully will stretch of leg ministry line, is a perfect fit. The only drawback is probably not enough to keep warm, don’t worry – a direct ankle long coat is absolutely your legs to the wind, the rain could not hit.
7. Main: wool socks
Warm collocation: even pants wool socks knitting skirt + + cover silk dress
As long as ready even pants wool socks and within the “dual protection” knit dress, you can also imitation cartier love bracelet in winter “travel light”. Thin veil soften the hard winter, metallic leather shoes in a low-key colour.
8. Main: wool socks
Collocation: warm inside plant suede wool socks + + dress the same color high heels
Inside plant suede wool socks, although warm, but because of too thick can lead to “visual leg thick”. Irina Bass with same color wool socks with scarlet suede high-heeled shoes make your legs look slender slender, this has to do with the coup piece of nude heels elongate the leg line; Set a printed dress put Buddha to let a person back to the bright and beautiful spring.
Warm collocation: velvet over-the-knee dresses + high heels, long cotton
Milan fashion week show best “cotton-padded jacket,” sky blue blue high heels long winter jacket collocation, the body is almost completely cotton-padded jacket “over”. Velvet dress shelter to live above the ankle of the leg, ankle with the instep woman flavour is dye-in-the-wood small dew… .. Well, this Cartier love bracelet replica little cold we can tolerate.
10. Main: knee-length dress
Collocation: warm feathers over-the-knee dresses + leather shoes, super long version of the coat
Milan fashion week knee-length dress blowing wind can never miss this winter. Tassel lace decoration light mouth on the shoes with “tight” gradient feather skirt, restore ancient ways fan. If to reveal a leg still can make you a chills, please put on a long handsome coat to the ankle.
I: nine minutes of pants
Warm collocation: loose nine minutes of pants like ankle boot + + high quality is high for socks
Don’t rush to pack up your nine minutes of pants. In the winter, wide-legged nine minutes of pants and pointed high heel ankle boot is perfect! If afraid of the cold can also match on a pair of close to coat or ankle boot color is high for socks, like the diagram to show the broken flower Fake Cartier love bracelet that fastens with color socks outside, not only “old-fashioned”, individual character is dye-in-the-wood.
12. I: nine minutes of pants
Warm collocation: nine points leather pants + high heels + wool coat
If of keep out the cold and wind resistance type model, the leather pants. Miranda Kerr in leather pants of the cultivate one’s morality, the high-necked cashmere and wool coat shows us warm and handsome winter sun street. Finally don’t forget to paint a red lipstick, do “men in black” sense of personality.

Star of people taking snapshots demonstrate eight classic case grain

Star of people taking snapshots demonstrate eight classic case grain
Plaid is the enduring pattern of fashion! Grain, grain size and arrangement, the case for fashion possibilities, for some unknown fashion brands bring different style features. Trace the history of the plaid, was first appeared on the men’s fashion, but with the development of the era, plaid have successfully integrated into the women’s clothing, and create a unique influence. Plaid is designers love elements, but by the plaid sheet is tasted, can you understand the differences they use Cartier love bracelet replica case grain? VOGUE to popularize the story behind the plaid, you’ll find that small plaid, style very different!
Argyle region ling plaid origins from Scotland, Scottish family is from Britain. This case grain first appeared in the men’s wear. This kind of case grain is very popular in the Victorian period, and quickly spread to the United States. The plaid is a diagonal cross big diamond, style is very strong. Almost any two kinds of color of the grid can be freely combined together, go all out stick a diamond plaid. The duke of Windsor let this case grain became very popular, and associated with noble sports like golf. Now mention ling plaid, first will to mind Pringle has of Scotland, against its long history and the world famous knitting coat is using the abstract ling plaid patterns.
This kind of case grain as popular as ling case grain, plaid is a composed of crisscross of ribbon design, it originated in the wool fabric, especially in the Scottish tartan. Today people always associate the origin of the plaid Scotland, plaid in the Victorian era was also a large number of Fake Cartier love bracelet applications. This is currently using one of the most common case grain, is also a star street snap one of the most pattern.
Tartan originated in Scotland, Scotland at that time every family has a unique checkered pattern, these unique, plaid was saved and become a fashion. Tartan is a kind of magic cloth, the basis of simple color crisscrossed in the cloth can produce a variety of colors. Want to read the case grain, mainly is to know the thickness of each grain and intersection, a lot of plaid coarse looks the same, the subtle difference lies in the degree of grain. Scotland lines deep rich color combination, full of British romantic breath, now many fashion brand design own Tartan, the early 1920 s, Burberry designed by shallow the color of camel’s hair, gray, white and red composed of three coarse a fine cross motifs, the classic grid are regarded as the beginning of “fashion grid”.
Gingham checkered two colors interweave, square rules go, white is always essential. A lot of people who keen on fashion will confuse chequered and plaid, actually the two big different! First pattern is a considerable difference between the two, plaid colors is not fixed, case grain also have many Cartier nail bracelet replica different styles, square, rectangular, etc on the style, plaid comes from the Scottish highlands, distinctive national style is not as resilient as Gingham a joker mowgli. French beauty Brigitte Bardot preference checkered, often wore, and make the printing become a part of the “French style”. As is known to all, Audrey Hepburn is also this kind of case grain devotees.
May many fashion fans do not know the name of this kind of decorative pattern, is called the “grid” only. This kind of case grain is made up of very big grid, and is square, line is often white or grey. Its name is associated with the window shape, and each piece connected to each other. Windowpane pattern often find figure in the men’s wear, especially on the suit fabric. In modern women’s clothing, suits and coats will also has been employed, style, will appear very hale and hearty, and with the emotional appeal that restore ancient ways.
This kind of case grain is also called the prince of wales, was the duke of Windsor love deeply a plaid. It first Cartier love ring replica appeared in the Scottish highlands of wool fabrics, this kind of case grain is composed of tiny case grain, and form the transition of visual depth perception, often including black, white and grey color. This kind of case grain by the prince of wales, later, after the duke of Windsor’s heart has been widely promotion and identity. Modern women’s clothing, this kind of case grain also is widely used, coats, skirt, suits, etc., there is no limit, style, and mature.
Plover case and houndstooth, originated in Scotland, because the shape of canine teeth marks left by the the name. This tweed design in the 19th – 20th century, has been popular with British aristocracy. Classic plover case grid there are many kinds of cloth, you look closely, plover case is composed of many a bird shape, plover described, so become the plover case. Generally, plover case mostly black and white collocation, but there are other colors. This kind of case grain of fashion, style will show very strong side.
Madras, a loose fabric from eastern Indian madras, by the high quality cotton woven, printed with replica Cartier love bracelet vegetable dye in plaid, striped, chess plaid, easy fade after washing. This case grain originated in the 19th century, the early indians preferred by all kinds of Scotland case grain, and on the basis of local color change. This case grain looks very casual, does not see more at formal occasions.

The wind swept through the global in perspective

Low-key sexy The wind swept through the global in perspective
Look around the spring/summer 2016 fashion week catwalk, clairvoyant outfit become show the trend. Summer, people dress more and more cool and refreshing, clairvoyant outfit that is like concealed, pious covering the effect with low key but stunning sexy charm, let a person see the unforgettable. Farewell lightsome gauze elegant and pure and fresh, this year’s dress is full of the temptation to mature charm, let global popular actress are deduced its many kinds of imitation cartier love bracelet amorous feelings.
Small pretty waist if cooperate with the perspective element, not only elegant and easy to appear on the red carpet event, can also create a graceful curve temptation, tie-in diamond accessories, modelling is shining provoking love.
Shu qi attend the Jimmy Choo brand new store opening ceremony. Wearing a Calla blue printing split type short skirt, with the envelope bag, hand stamped on the Jimmy Choo diamond-encrusted heels. Elegant and sexy, but too incarnadine filar socks that grabs an eye lost scores.
Some girls like to dress the strong absorption of fine index, the but again dare to try, so like be not fully appear a see-through dress is obviously the most suitable for them, again tie-in color pink is tender crisp high-heeled shoes, let a clairvoyant outfit also took Cartier love bracelet replica sweet crisp taste.
Rosamund Pike in Victoria phenomenon white shirt collar hollow out pencil skirt to attend the activities, she stamped on the color matching high-heeled sandals, metaphor revealing lingerie and high heels perfect echo, color white and white color make the whole body modelling appear relaxed and charming.
Like a fishing net texture of hollow out bold clairvoyant outfit looks hot, especially with dew underwear design dresses, but pure color and delicate contour cutting dust, gas, black dress with red lips, sexy and relative; White dress collocation with the fluorescent color high heels, and full of bold dress sense of reduction of age.
About luca brasi in half perspective skirt black underwear to attend the activities, big show sex Fake Cartier love bracelet appeal. Her hand simple black hand bag, red lip jing rob mirror, nude heels prominent modelling of primary and secondary.
Erin Heatherton, dressed in a white dress to attend the movie premiere, she stamped on the coral red pointed high-heeled shoes, not accessories, the clairvoyant outfit dressed like clear water gives lotus, clear and elegant.
Most classic black bud silk dress is the most difficult one outfit, collocation is bad will have the suspicion of old, choose the outline shape of dress, high heels and a concise design enough elegant handbag, can let mature feeling quite heavy dark lace skirt can also become a day to choose.
Korean press conference show love to attend the film. She is wearing a splicing turtleneck pencil skirts, stamped replica Cartier love bracelet on the round pin high heels. The high waist of the dress design make her look more tall.
Blocked for sexy goddess Scarlett Johansson deduce maturity clairvoyant outfit modelling, of course, no effort, Dolce & Gabbana accept waist dress design draws the outline of the fullness of her breasts, nice hour-glass shape. Dolce & Gabbana delicate black handbag made Scarlett raise your hand is cast sufficient between more elegant temperament.

Four item Make contracted and relaxed summer wind

Four item Make contracted and relaxed summer wind
Urban heat wave in summer easily irritable mood need refreshing summer gentleness comfort. In addition to the fabric and the level of burden, give multifarious match after the rest of the contracted but also the key of build relaxed modelling. VOGUE for you recommend five four item will shape simple collocation, cool summer wind arises at the historic moment.
Tie-in one: skirt with shoulder-straps + small bag + muller sandals + fine bracelet
Loose white skirt with shoulder-straps clever and release of nature. Muller sandals imitation cartier love bracelet with small bag, reveal the hippie optional sense there is no lack of again at the same time elegant, and cabinet and delicate hand catenary is “unexpected”.
Match two: shirt skirt + decoration waist sandals + + Greece retro hand bags
Shirt skirt leisure and neutral style. Wide decorative waist make modelling is more tension. Sandals and hand bag contracted and restoring ancient ways, let your mood like walking love sea town on the Banks of pure and fresh and pleasant.
Match three: shirt + vented skirt + copper collar, high-heeled sandals
Neutral shirt and sexy vented to crash into skirt for modelling, sandy high-heeled sandals the sharp of fashionable tone. Looking like an antique copper collar on the right of different region amorous feelings.
Match four: coat + MIDI + platform sandals + rings
Elegant long skirt let the sport wind of jacket with unexpected artistic temperament, sponge Cartier love bracelet replica sandals bring a few centimeters in “to the world you will get a better look at” high and not destroy whole modelling contracted at the same time. Design chic ring also indispensable fashion charade.
With five: T-shirt + long skirt + money + pointed flat shoes
Once tacky pockets in romantic elegant flower decoration low-key counter attack, become a elegant white dot eyeball of watershed. Modern spirit pointed flats are extremely reveal urban women of character.
Build opportunely, knee-length skirt Grace show more than a little bit high
Elegant long skirt shape goddess, can also bring a holiday wind leisurely and comfortable; Ultra short miniskirt is the number of youth, can dial up a lot of young throb; The knee wrapped skirt is the most professional women sexy assassin’s mace! The length of the skirt, there is always a hidden reason Fake Cartier love bracelet explaining the fashion was in. What scenery knee-length skirt again? Follow to make your learning this skirt long elegant depth degree…
Dress elegant cool feeling 】 【 don’t tend to be ordinary is a method to some dramatic! Barbara Casasola spell color dress, heavy folds it feels a bit like costumes, collocation of Zara black heels and Olympia Le – Tan Jane eyre handbags, heads will not little!
Than others beautiful pattern by 】 【 grand, grand and less serious! Chloe white lace tops Thakoon gold thread embroidery knee-length tight skirt, ornate palace feeling a bit mean, choose the Prada platform sandals, dress up a bit grand is the plum blossom design on the shoes and your lovely toes to dilute.
This cheerful colour 】 【 incoming high saturation Roksanda Ilincic bright orange sleeveless dresses is for summer office girl, spell color Baguette Fendi handbag on collocation and Chloe thick with high-heeled shoes, clothing also can be so beautiful, can drop folder straight to a date, don’t change work date.
“Rural amorous feelings” small pure and fresh and go up! Higher by higher Dinnigan lace hollow-out coat replica Cartier love bracelet collocation fastens with color Alexander Terekhov navy blue flowers sarong, with a fine little brown bag, put on Ancient Greek brown sandals, small and pure and fresh summer can be very grounding gas.
Light Band of Outsiders ofa metal 】 【 chiffon dress, naked pink colour more bring romantic temperament, tie-in KG Kurt used flat sandals and Lanvin handbag, the gold is the simple sense of lightness balance properly, a casual hairstyle, may be leisure vacation, to choose the formidable, also enough to go to a Party.
Christopher Kane printing mashup 】 【 black green flowered shirt without collar regardless of style or color, can not take off “for 35 +” lady of involvement, with Mother of Pearl birds Petra striped skirt of cultivate one’s morality, and Newbark Veronique black shoes, the look can let young age you play time, but it can let mothers become young and fashionable.
【 】 interesting wild party a tees, called ponder! Alexander Terekhov rose of printed straps knee-length dress pretty Cartier nail bracelet replica nifty, tie-in Dolce & Gabbana red navy wind stripe open documentary shoes, with six or seven s star private servers, plus a Charlotte Olympia cage of lift ring handbags, will this time fun dressing to be interpreted as “love”!
This collocation to wear the stripe 】 【 really brilliant! Tibi black spaghetti straps stripe vest, sexy all concentrated in the upper part of the body, the private parts choose Rochas silks and satins, knee-length skirt, elegant degree hundred, sexy and elegant collision in Marc Jacobs Mary Jane black heels elegant luster, bring the wearer more temperament.
“Modern times” an orange Giles dress, evening dress style lets a skirt covered with flashing gold look elegant and grand, Deep – V design under the skirt length of conservative highlight sexy, match the Alice + Olivia black suede heels, pour a little tune restoring ancient ways, choose Christopher Kane printing handbags, want is belong to the mature female elegant emotional appeal.
Narcisco white fanatical 】 【 Rodriguez, white dress, with unique waist clipping to whole dress with good design sense, the Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica collocation of black and white theme, whether it’s Victoria phenomenon white handbag or Givenchy thick with high heels, not a word does not say aura, comb a meticulous dish hair, this look can be directly onto the red carpet.

Early autumn fashionable gold than upper body long sleeve and short

Early autumn fashionable gold than upper body long sleeve and short
Cold heat of early autumn season seems to be difficult to master the length of the dress proportion, might as well learn the collocation of fashion expert experience, learning body with long sleeves and ultrashort early autumn gold than most popular. Either call simple striped shirt, white long-sleeved chiffon unlined upper garment, long sleeve the outfit that show a belly or a woman flavour is dye-in-the-wood, printing long sleeve shirt, short shorts or skirt imitation cartier love bracelet collocation, can always in sexy and elegant, warm and relaxed and find a balance between.
Style1. Shirt and shorts
Bright color shorts and pinstriped shirts, became my weapon for Taylor Swift. Don’t step on 10 cm heels, contrast of tall waist tees, make natural show slender legs. Can adorn a simple neutrals bags with flat shoes restoring ancient ways, add a trace of elegance.
Style2. Chiffon shirt and shorts
White long-sleeved chiffon unlined upper garment, denim hot pants, presumably most girl’s closet are the two sheet is tasted, however in Kendall Jenner is deduced, they has become the most simple nine head body is a magic weapon. Can draw lessons from her inspiration, choose modify arm sleeves, as well as vintage elegance. Nude shoes boots collocation, make the lower half scale easily become perfect.
Style3. Abdominal knitting with printed skirt
Summer is too short, and printed miniskirt wear enough? Such as Bella Thorne, collocation is a black long Cartier love bracelet replica sleeved the outfit that show a belly, to show you the shape of the figure! Deserve to act the role of selected on, regardless of the bag or shoes, as long as keep contracted, tonal unity, will wear nice sexy.
Style4. Printed shirt dress umbrella skirt
In printed shirt with white pleated skirt how, like goldilocks elegant and charming. For tighten pouch girl, pleated skirt is the foundation of all the year round can match, especially in some of the cool and refreshing early autumn, with a long sleeve shirt with color printing collocation, it is absolutely beautiful and thin.
160 cm wear a gold figure than 12 dress
Show in front of the guest Miroslava Duma is only 1.51 meters in height fluctuation, best actress Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon and only 1.55 meters tall, fashion beauty Rachel Bilson though are higher than the previous two, but is only 1.57 meters tall. Despite a few do not account for any advantage in height, but they all have one thing in common: grasp the trend of each season and beautify their proportion. If your body is small, so the following 12 methods recommended will Fake Cartier love bracelet make you benefit a lot. From clothing to accessories, and these will allow you to “high” superiority in summer dress collocation.
1. With a close-fitting dress to highlight their curves
Y designed clothes can very good highlight your figure, let oneself appear after lordosis become warped. This year, you can try with a skirt of a close-fitting dress or classic condole to highlight your waist line, stretch your legs. In addition, you also can try this year is suitable for the exciting light and the patterns of the summer.
2. The legs appear with skinny jeans
Heart pants can always appear the wearer leg is very long, but in fact there is only one: the secrets of leg length was just right. If you are not suitable for wearing thin leg pants, also can try long bell bottoms. As for the effect, on the Internet search the Rachel Zoe dress up you knew.
3. To modify ratio with high waist pants
Clipping of tall waist trousers can make the wearer’s lower body appears longer. If can use replica Cartier love bracelet shirt (beam into the pants) or the jacket that show hilum to match, the effect will be more outstanding.
4. To highlight sexy waist with dew waist coat
This summer the suit is very popular with design. You can try a dew waist jacket and skirt of tall waist collocation, both to reveal sexy small pretty waist, can also make your legs look a supermodel Karlie Kloss effect.
5. With super long skirt to cover their bodies
Dress is always an essential part of in the summer. For female figure is not tall, with a smooth cloth dress can better show their unique advantages: fabrics in a soft water waves and wind in the long skirt can always make up for your height, highlights birth period.
6. Use bold pure color collocation to foil their bodies
Don’t be afraid to pick the color, because the color suits you will be your Cartier nail bracelet replica right-hand man. Streamlined pure color coat always makes your figure appears slender.
7. To highlight long legs proportion with the miniskirt
The only reason is that you can recommend it so wear.
8. To look slender with vertical stripes
Although this method is not new, but also enough classical works: vertical stripes pattern can make the wearer appear more slender slim. Therefore, rest assured bold try vertical stripes item, as long as it fits your mood and personal style, even suit is worth a try.
9. With a v-neck blouse to highlight slender waist
A simple and elegant v-neck blouse can always let the wearer’s body appears slender. If appropriate or short skirt of tall waist miniskirt on collocation effect will be better, and in the fall, with short directly v-neck tops pants will be very good.
10. With dew hangs high heels to extend the leg length
Even if you have in your shoe ark filled up with high-heeled shoes and wedges, VOGUE is strongly recommend that you try to show his foot high heels. Even if you wear it bare legs, can quickly make your legs look longer. The trick is, how much you feet showing your legs long also increase how much is Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica on the visual effect.
11. Make stereo feeling brought by the waist
Have a narrow waist band, it can make your shirt jacket and skirt appear more solid. Waist belt, was chosen as the coarse belt is always can let your body appear shorter, and it’s not reasonable the backs of your whole collocation.
12. With a small handbag to foil their bodies
Using a small handbag in summer, this is the truth of the summer dress collocation. It can be better against your body, and not let your heart collocation is covered, even if not to say that, light small handbags also can make you less tired, isn’t it?

fashionable modelling and name Charles James trend

Back 10 fashionable modelling and name Charles James trend
A “fashion Oscar,” said the Met Ball party recently held in New York’s metropolitan museum of art. Cooperate with the museum designer Charles James exhibition held this year, salute the great British women’s fashion designer designers in the United States. For the worthy of the name “fashion sculptors” how much do you know? VOGUE fashion network with ten fashionable collocation, make you Charles James and name of the classic style.
Charles James in London, home to work in the design at first, then moved to Paris, and arrived in New York in 1940. Although there is no formal design training, he can still be called indisputably American haute couture clothing field one of the most outstanding designer. His drunken Cartier love bracelet replica guide for cutting and sewing the main design elements to create enduring his career: wrinkled trousers, skirt eight, the wrap dress, lace shawls and skirts, spiral cutting clothing, bitter fleabane bitter fleabane skirt. These, with his trademark in the late 1940 s to 1940 s ball gown – “clover”, “butterfly”, “tree”, “swan” and “diamond” will be together in the exhibition. This exhibition explores his design process and continuous influence today’s designers to sculpture, the use of science and mathematics method to create innovative ball gown and improved ways of cutting.
Fur ornament
Designer Charles James preference satin skirt, like fabric and colour collocation, and Rosie Assoulin this incoming spell color strapless gown with real silk fabrics, dark hidden gloss, with long white gloves and to serve as an ornament with fur brooch, extremely use up elegant style.
Pants style
Pants straight cutting and agile creases, showing the basic style of architecture design. To made Charles James pants style, you can choose to detail is revealing a long coat to match. In order to increase the brightness of the modelling, also can choose metal quality deserve to act the role of the Fake Cartier love bracelet collocation, such as the silver collar Balenciaga.
For the adornment style restoring ancient ways, feather is one of the indispensable elements. A sheer Temperley London spell color satin dress, whether it is a word brought the neckline, or classic skirt profile type, all fit the style restoring ancient ways, and join the Prada feathered earrings, restoring ancient ways is times add elegant amorous feelings.
Bowknot is acted the role of
There are a lot of fashion elements from never fade, such as bow, this embodies the sweet element is loved by everyone. Both dresses and trouser suits, bowknot adornment acosmia. Jumpsuits MSGM nude silk material, neutral style into melting and lovely bowknot, sexy and feminine.
Try to concise
Don’t think that is fine in the palace the wind restoring ancient ways drape lace, or delicate embroidery, in the baroque style restoring ancient ways is actually can be very easy. Choose in fabrics on can be gorgeous, but when choosing adornment element of restoring ancient ways, can also be replica Cartier love bracelet concise. Tsumori Chisato stripe dress, use of lotus leaf sleeve restoring ancient ways to let you show and pure and fresh style restoring ancient ways.
Because of Charles James costume has a sculptural form, known as the “fashion sculptor. And the use of surrealist elements, can well show the fashion sense of form and exist. Whether Ines Figaredo handbag or nude eyes handbags, all will be able to read to add many fashionable modelling.
Neutral mashup
Satin material of pink skirt, style restoring ancient ways, at the same time is very feminine and elegant degree, using motorcycle jacket collocation, style, the mutual fusion between different materials of the collision, mix is the modelling of fashion taste extremely. This is Charles James style of modern interpretation.
Various levels
Dior in 2016 autumn and winter haute couture, appeared a lot of dress pants catwalk Cartier nail bracelet replica modelling, this is Charles James is preferred. The retro look need a miniskirt of cultivate one’s morality, and a detail elaborate trouser suits to undertake collocation, and high heels is indispensable.
The flashing earrings
That s, is the boom years. In each model, extremely use up costly display. When are you going to show Charles James s style, you shall change numerous for brief collocation principles aside, can choose the design relatively heavy and complicated and have administrative levels feeling extremely deserve to act the role of undertakes collocation, such as Givenchy earrings is worth your attention.
Restore ancient ways makeup look
Now advocate naked makeup, but if you want to remember that Charles James s fashion Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica style, you need to manufacture excelsior makeup feeling, whether bottom makeup or eyeliner, are different from nowadays naked makeup painting, especially emphasizes the lip makeup, lip line must not be less.

2016 magic castle series hair accessories

Alexandre Zouari spring/summer 2016 magic castle series hair accessories
2016 spring summer, Alexandre Zouari with incredible magic kingdom as the theme, cooked in various hair design is inspired by the European main population fantasy stories, such as “sleeping beauty”, “Snow White” and “candy house”, the heroine spirit beast and replica Cartier love bracelet castle, etc. With The inspiration of The Castle magic Castle (The The Enchanted Castle) series USES a large amount of powder color railway swarovski elements, some of The hair accessories item, unique shape are paired with swarovski elements. This magical castle series including gem Moment (Precious Moment), crystal rose house (Crystalline Splendor) and the color of cheng fang (Colorful Flourish) three themes.
Alexandre Zouari spring and summer of 2016 the most elegant and rich art of hair products, the preferred gem Moment (Precious Moment) hair hoop and hair clips. This series design inspiration comes from in the fairy tale fantasy castle covered with colored gems. In order to build a dream of dazzle beautiful effect, brand hand-picked color unique eight round crystal elements: water lotus red, yellow, mei red protein crystal protein, white, green, shallow mei red, dark olive and Cartier nail bracelet replica richly. Every hair hoop, by the technologist have put hundreds of crystal elements one by one, Mosaic, shape like colorful Mosaic of amazing beautiful effect.
Color of cheng fang (Colourful Flourish) series for the spearhead of giant crystal hairpin, with fairy tale romance and summer colour profusion, sky blue, green, such as lux, mellow gold-amber color, cherry pink long and narrow form, circular and water droplets form crystal elements, embedded into a dazzling beauty hair clips. Colour and modelling bold avant-courier, to the person’s feeling.
Crystal rose house (Crystalline Splendor) Italian hairpin, lateral comb, and hair fork series, as well as the magic castle with full color stones for inspiration, communicate more marked the top technology of France and Austria. Each with plexiglass manufacturing hair accessories, round, square, water Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica droplets form on Mosaic and triangle four special shape of super large antique pink color crystal elements, giving full of poetic dream feeling, is a beautiful Bohemian romantic boutique.
Royal crown Royale (La) after hair hoop series, with a magical story of the ice palace for inspiration, Alexandre Zouari adopted the most light translucent plexiglass as material, choose and employ persons hand sculpted perfect radian, compound with pear shape and the phantom of the triangle of classical roses and gold crystal elements of large Mosaic surplus royal envisage, each design are with super reality, amazingly beautiful.
Another in the same process features refined magic Ribbon (Wavy Ribbon) hair hoop and hairpin, also get out of the dust, YouRuWei princess in the magic kingdom or tailored beautiful bride.
Nobility of ring (Noble Beauty) hair hoop/after the champions league series, piping collocation with soft suede crystal imitation cartier love bracelet element, hand waves into full of feeling of choose and employ persons ring shape, with hanging giant crystal faceted cutting elements, full of elegant sense of rhythm, reveal Alexandre Zouari rare leather with the process of crystal quality. This series hair reminiscent of amorous feelings of the twenties, create new style restoring ancient ways. Whether a party queen, or princess wore this characteristic after the champions league, easily send out a elegant perceptual temperament and unique style.

Spring summer 2016 French famous designer

Spring/summer 2016 French famous designer Alexandre Zouari creation hair accessories series, from the charming nature capture inspiration, present like xanadu, rich and colorful garden and animal world. Combined with glaring senior customized design, elegant fabrics and replica Cartier love bracelet Swarovski crystal scintillation crystals, both series in each hair accessories from Europe manually refined, with cheerful colour and modelling sing sweet spring and summer.
Wizard fairy
In arcadia for artistic conception, beautiful and lovely fairy everywhere, of course. Alexandre Zouari waving a magic wand, dragonflies, butterflies, beetles, bees illusions into hair hoop, hair clips, hair fork even sunglasses, refreshing.
Transparent light dragonflies and bee hairpin, streamline modelling, beauty and rich artistic carving design, on the vision attention, extra comfortable to wear. Above hairpin with Swarovski crystal, send out a twinkling light. You can simply don’t on a hairpin, have their charm, and also the different Cartier nail bracelet replica wizard fairy modelling hair clips match each other, create a personalized hair belongs only to you, feel more about.
If you love the rich stylish dress, stylist is recommended that you choose the fashionable silver dragonfly hair hoop, coupled with a pair of compose ACTS the role of bees to the size of the fashionable sunglasses, handsome and handsome.
Gem based
With flowers as the theme in spring and summer fashion show. Alexandre Zouari classic theme for this injection of pure and fresh feeling, bring a series of different flower hairpin, hair hoop, hair fork and hairdo line, let you shine at the moment. Breakthrough combined plexiglass petals (transparent or bleached with kinds of quietly elegant color), crystal Mosaic, and the design of the essence of enamel paint, French craftsmen’s top manual processing art, is the most expensive in the series of Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica products. Full of sculpture feeling modelling, hair accessories production sublimation to the art level, it looks as if each petal can dance in the wind.
This season’s most popular hair color is transparent, white and pure black sand, but with the lively atmosphere in spring and summer, this series hair accessories with other many sweet profusion colour. Each hair accessories as well as daily wear alone, also can use multiple hair accessory to create the stack modelling, let the hair as if covered with luxuriant witchford, is the most magnificent and colorful party dress.
The designer’s favorite is white plexiglass silk hair band. Every white flowers of the blossom with a gorgeous pink Bohemian gem, petals compose with small particles on the sky blue gems, popular with spring, summer, wavy hair, outside is elegant and free imitation cartier love bracelet from vulgarity.
The princess
Step into the spring, jewellery and fashion trends send out sweet romantic breath, one of the essential pieces of hair accessories, is the most ladies love roses hair clips. Alexandre Zouari this season to dazzle beautiful sand white flushed, pure black, blue, violet, night and bronze brown carved out of three-dimensional modelling, rose in the blossom on the Mosaic big stone, crystal particles and the edge of the shaman countless petals. With these delicate and charming rose cheng fang hair accessory produce hair styling, stunning.
Noble is ear
Ear series is of noble Alexandre Zouari this season is the most magnificent extraordinary design, inspired by the European marquis aristocratic family crests on symbol of wealth, status and power of gold grain pattern. Series in each hairpin or hair hoop using lam pointed cutting Swarovski gems, make a beautiful grain pattern, with pearl, crystal and rare satin, all exhibit aristocracy, everything all is fine arts.
Hang one of the most fascinating shape hairpin jing has many bright black/satin color gems, gray pearl and crystal, complementary with shiny crystal tassels, brilliant luster. The eternal design will inevitably become a brand new classic.
Exotic summer color
Alexandre Zouari tropical summer spring and summer series full of charm is bold and unrestrained atmosphere, notably the spirit of snake model and big hair hoop most unforgettable. It is full of sexy charm design with bright black, gold and ivory crystal pave ZhuiChu lifelike three-dimensional Cartier love bracelet replica serpents, lapses, like the head of the animal kingdom that be richly bejewelled king just hovering in your hair. Put on the full of magic charm, a hair decoration make you proudly become the focus of attention of the party.
Another exotic black hair hoop also is to let all the mainstream products. This design of elegant unsurpassed, USES rare weave weaving pattern of suede hair hoop, double sided one by one with rows of crystal grain, no matter from which Angle to appreciate, all showed remarkable technology characteristic. The long hair into a high bun, made it a brilliant light is shining hair is tie-in fashion golden bead piece of evening wear, simple decorated with another Alexandre Zouari classic bright black crystal butterfly hairpin, luxuriant feeling to beat.
The prairie queen
Supplement daily in spring and summer fashion, the coolest hair accessories this season to Africa as a source of inspiration. With animal fur design as the theme of the spring and summer fashion show, fashion with Paris and milan with a giraffe, leopard, zebra is particularly hot, etc. Alexandre Zouari the call of the wild deduction for full of colorful feeling hair hoop, hair clips, head band and hair claw.
Sparkle giraffe hairpin using hand inlaid on the different colors of crystal, accurately without horse back the giraffe body beautiful texture, is a heartache. On multiple random don’t clip on hair style, create a unique hair design, let you lead trend.
Preferred leopard grain design the coolest hair hair hoop, spring type supplement any fashion show. Showily aureate nail used in piping design, add a t gas rock amorous feelings. To wear a pair of leopard grain BingZi sunglasses, sexy image easily create confidence.
Stunning beauty
Beautiful after the champions league, it is gorgeous and symbol of perfection. And to own and wear beautiful after the champions league, but also the dream of every woman. Stunning beauty series presented many bling charming hair hoop, allowing you to attend the grand occasion when the champions league after wearing. Particularly recommended to more than one pink color restoring ancient ways of Bohemian pear-shaped diamond shape hair hoop/after the champions league, let you suddenly Fake Cartier love bracelet into the people admire the princess.
Want to shape the modelling of the most beautiful one like you, might as well bold in wavy curly hair decorated with multiple hair hoop/after the champions league. Noble within the ear series of many gems hair hoop, can also be worn as small after the champions league. The most attractive choice is diamond black/transparent/gold/antique light pink/light purple Swarovski stones inlaid into the tassel hair band. You can play infinitely creative freedom supplement, carefully shaping the most noble beautiful hair modelling, the party or parties.
Paris fashion
Spring fashion to spearhead of charm, iris or bows, lace, silk satin, chiffon and fine gauze fabrics are flourishing. Alexandre Zouari Paris fashion series is using the most expensive cloth. The most impressive clip design with double color showily mixed into a large silk flower shape, in the blossom compose with large oval crystal, again under the overhang woven from pearl and crystal tassels, with Paris the most fashionable waterfall wavy hair, colourful recalled easily.
Alexandre Zouari most classic elegant hair design, with the subject of bow. The big bowknot hairpin to a combination of silk satin, covered with leather and pearl, crystal particles with noble within the ear series of gem satin hair band, is the perfect elegant fair maiden dress up.
Another will choose luxuriant boutique, this season is a classical satin hair hoop, soft satin fabric as light waves in the hair of ups and downs of the state, and embellished with crystal bow, beautiful out of the dust. Comb a simple hairstyle, wear this beautiful hair hoop, turn on the light make-up, with a line is contracted fashion, all show the most beautiful Paris fashion.

Tribute to xanadu Senior hair Alexandre Zouari 2016 spring summer series

Tribute to xanadu Senior hair Alexandre Zouari 2016 spring summer series
Spring/summer 2016 French famous designer Alexandre Zouari creation hair accessories series, from the charming nature capture inspiration, present like xanadu, rich and colorful garden and animal world. Combined with glaring senior customized design, elegant Cartier nail bracelet replica fabrics and Swarovski crystal scintillation crystals, both series in each hair accessories from Europe manually refined, with cheerful colour and modelling sing sweet spring and summer.
Alexandre Zouari locate the girls of 2016 autumn winters (says Girlie Victorian) series
Even in a rapidly changing fashion world, and some trends can transcend time and constant. French luxuriant hair accessory brand Alexandre Zouari autumn/winter 2016 presented a series of Victorian inspired by Europe hair design, with pure and fresh and sweet color, to deduce the classic, elegant charm of the shape is full of fashionable feeling for ladies.
Locate the girl (says Girlie Victorian) series including hair clips, head band, banana clips and small hairpin, suddenly look like a Victorian girl antique ceramic relief act the role ofing is tasted, in fact this series hair to fashion high-grade plastic refining, cause girl anaglyph effect with enamel Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica painting technique, combined with amorous feelings of nostalgia and fashion taste, add romantic elegant black and pink, delicate and lovely as cuddly.
Alexandre Zouari 2016 autumn winters ShanLi flowers (Floral Sparkler) series
Alexandre Zouari today season launch ShanLi flowers (Floral Sparkler) series, the inspiration on hair accessories, jewelry making brand creative and artistic ability of the full performance. Each hair hoop, lateral comb, hair clips, or hair claw, all in jewelry inlaid manner, using nine different unique color of swarovski elements, combined with the shape and size of each crystal elements differ, the flexibility to show the colorful gesture of flowers blossom. This series of stunning hair art high-quality goods, is the most fashionable this season bead jade.
Created by the Paris masters Alexandre Zouari French hair accessory brand Alexandre Zouari Paris imitation cartier love bracelet latest launched specifically designed for the VIP customers in Asia, “senior hair accessory order the service”, leading the industry trend.
The honourable service is brand following the eager require in the numerous customers. More and more good taste of the customer, expectations with their preparation to attend the party dress, evening wear, or favorite fashion, make absolutely perfect supplement hair accessories. From now on, you can from the brand of Haute Couture series, choose any of hair accessories, hope to change the details of the proposed, by color, size, material choice, such as advanced fabrics, leather, tortoiseshell, metal, or leather, etc.), and crystal and Bohemian gem marquetry, all can with the individual be fond of make a change.
Alexandre Zouari indistinction in Europe experienced technicians, can according to your special requirements to create your idea of the perfect hair accessories. In addition, you may attach clothing pictures, let Alexandre Zouari in the design of a European commissioner, effect is the most magnificent Cartier love bracelet replica design supplement for your hair.
The special service, let every woman’s dream come true. You as long as it is Alexandre Zouari VIP customers, can enjoy this beautiful courtesy!
Alexandre Zouari most noble Haute Couture series
Star hairstyle master Alexandre Zouari opened in Paris are famous hair and beauty salon, is also recognized as a pioneer of fashion. Quarterly Alexandre Zouari ‘hair, all by Zouari personally design and drawing, then passed on to Europe’s top craft his gorgeous vision into reality.
Brand the most high-profile Haute Couture series, selected the best materials, by high fashion dedicated Fake Cartier love bracelet showily silk, leather, fur, so that people choose beautiful Swarovski crystal, pearl, and yan Bohemian gems, etc. Make every hair process, by shaping, Mosaic and grinding, etc., fine heavy and complicated, needs extremely excellent workmanship, and only a handful of experienced technicians, in Europe to Alexandre Zouari magnificent design perfect practice, create amazing products.
At workers create the most costly dazzle beautiful hair accessories, has become a Alexandre Zouari marks, will forward making up to the level of art. Through a new book and make service “” advanced hair, only you the only one like you luxuriant hair accessory works of art.

British royal wedding ceremony ended in the cheers

British royal wedding ceremony ended in the cheers, but the wedding of the sweet and romantic feelings, do not come loose. I think every girl that the bottom of my heart all dream of being a princess in the 21st century, with a fairytale wedding. French luxuriant Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica hair accessory brand Alexandre Zouari has been committed to model is the most beautiful image, for the modern women this year qiu dong, brand as the bride-to-be ChengFeng of romantic beauty hair accessories.
British royal wedding global attention, the wedding banquet hats for fine lady lady, also become fashion magazines. Alexandre Zouari present special fashionable this season the phantom of the white Snake, the Snake Charm) dish hair hoop, is one of the most glamorous boutique series. The halfback hair hoop shape is like a mini hat, with pearl white metal snake skin collocation pearl suede, brim with silver metal, and adopted the moonlight crystal swarovski elements of color and black color, and at the top of the bowknot, gorgeous and stylish. The rival the innovation of the fashion hat hair hoop, goes in tide tips, how may lack in your collection? Quantity is limited, if you want to your own, and to act now!
Royal Romance (Royal carried) series presented by sewing the rare pearl suede hair hoop and hair clips. Each piece of hair by Paris craftsmen with golden or silver silk, embroidered a glimmer in the history of European aristocrats, symbol of wealth, status and power house of the golden imitation cartier love bracelet spikes pattern. As is for the future bride. I sent you the good bless to like poetry. Gold grain pattern, after by hand with color harmony of swarovski elements. Combined with the French beauty art breath right off and delicate hand, these elegant hair filled with the enthusiasm of the craftsmen, each as fine arts, highlight each surge “little princess” gorgeous noble temperament.
Crystal Dynasty (Crystal Dynasty) series, the realization of the pure dream of every girl into a princess! Provide many small delicate unsurpassed within the series after the champions league, with a manual precision, Mosaic crystal elements in different shapes and sizes, the most romantic feminine antique color crystal elements. Each crystal elements using carve diamond cutting and embedded technology, perfect light. After the small circle with rose gold plated or rhodium metal, feel Cartier love bracelet replica more young fashion. Put on these little after the champions league, distributing dazzle colour dreamy light overhead and the bride is like stepping into a fairy tale kingdom in a second, and “the prince” in a house under the surrounding of fairy dance. After the romantic and free from vulgarity small series, is a favorite dream every bride-to-be dedecates road of choice.
With a new way to interpret the classic design of bling (Pearly carried) hair hoop, is another boutique brand this season. The designer’s inspiration, derived from girls love to wear pearls and diamond necklace. Starting from the conception of necklaces into the bride hair accessories, each hair band with a row of round pearls and a row of antique color crystal elements, like a high-end jewelry necklace to wear on the hair. No matter supplement classic or fashionable dress, can let the bride elegant Fake Cartier love bracelet feminine temperament.
With sweet bride theme, the brand also this season to deduce its bow symbol of the most popular. Oath unita knot (Vows & Bows) hair hoop series provide black, gold and pink three options. On each of the double loop shape hoop, compose with three set full bow sparkling crystal elements of suede. Is the most special of each bowknot is set with a different colour crystal elements, build dream is colorful effect, let the bride wearing a white wedding dress, appear more JiaoLi charm.
Love handsome dress up the bride, see butterflies after the champions league (Butterfly Crown) hair hoop is bound to fall in love at first sight. Designer fashion, senior plastic sculpture out great stereo modelling, butterfly is given priority to with elegant black, gray or brown color, with flashing color crystal elements. Butterfly replica Cartier love bracelet line is made with YueDongGan, fang Buddha can at any time with dancing in the air. This gorgeous hair accessories, is the 21st century the bride of the avant-garde.
Also fashionable avant-courier of bride hair accessories, and weave a love Heart (Heart – to – Heart) hair hoop and hair clips. In black or brown rare leather into heart hair modelling, and “love dream weave” as inspiration, with crystal elements and silver metal beads interweave a reticular pattern. Sweet and lively design, emphasizing the bride naughty and full of vitality.