the Regulator of specification pointer observatory watch

he’s very high attainments in navigation watch, there is a particularly famous Qingdao chronometer sent to Germany, he said, for nearly a year to repair, the work is done by, for he’s brand, visible, he’s on the Marine chronometer extraordinary strength. So, he’s in composing Senatorchronometer watches and current Regulator watches, simple Marine chronometer after carving out, not just in terms of specification pointer tuning table had the important development, that is the whole minutes of table manner. Obsessive-compulsive tuning table can not accurate to seconds, “he said, the SEC has been the” heart “, in case he’s production of the big fly in the table has a special key, the key is back to the second key, have more material and 58 machine heart.
, he pull out the crown observatory table, time to stop the second hand Cartier love bracelet replica goes to zero at the same time, the minute hand off to the next minute the whole position, adjust table can one minute one minute of the adjustment, this is the line “” three stitches specification lack the pointer, pointer is no doubt that to strengthen the specification of precision adjustable table way, the tuning table can sync with standard time seconds. This powerful method of adjustable table comes from the use of 58-01 machine heart, 58 machine heart is good enough, 58-01 is the first observatory certification, the manual winding machine heart is after he’s redesigned. One of my colleagues especially like hand winding machine, at first puzzled until see the 58 machine heart, heart at least will automatic winding machine hand machine heart needs some odds and ends, and more original.
58-01 machine heart whole points method of adjustable table is a whole system linkage stop seconds. Crown to connect a clutch of CAM, the dial needle and walking between the CAM is the key to stop the second system. When pull out the crown, the clutch CAM connecting the small second hand touch in fourth gear set back to zero putter, second hand down to zero, the minutes the whole one. In strike again at the same time the fourth gear set forward triggers machine special brake lever in the heart, this heart stop brake lever will make the whole machine, and the other a separate balance spring leaf can make hair spring suspension of operation, machine heart stopped replica Cartier love bracelet completely. In the process of machine heart stop, when tuning table because the fourth gear set by the small second hand putting zero suppression, so there will be make a whole, each table jumped when Senatorchronometer stop seconds the whole points, the second is based on this technology is produced. Senatorchronometer using traditional navigation watch disk, at 12 o ‘clock position for storage, including a small black spots as night and day, according to at 6 am to 6 PM for white, 6 PM and 6 am shows black. Launch when there are two kinds of material optional: rose gold and platinum, apparently more retro rose gold. But many Chinese wearer reflect strap longer obviously, most want to change a short bit of strap.
In case he has launched in 2013, the Regulator of specification pointer observatory watch, into a more pure “three needle and one line”, at 9 o ‘clock position for power storage, at 12 o ‘clock position plate for hours, days and nights display tray in hours. Hour dish for Roman numerals toffee needle in order to show the difference, through the day and night show layout that can see the Regulator using 58-04 machine change of heart, equivalent to display as the axis, day and night will be clockwise from the original 58-01 hands overlap when rotating to 12 o ‘clock position, and 12 o ‘clock position power storage installation to 9 o ‘clock position, then this will achieve the creation of standard needle machine heart, 58 machine stop seconds the whole of the heart the table didn’t change.
To remove powerful technology, machine heart Senatorchronometer and Regulator machine heart back through two tables is very good-looking, in addition to three-quarters of the ashkenazi table splint, gooseneck fine-tuning, double color balance cock, clockwork box, first quarter balance Cartier love bracelet replica wheel with power reserve display of planetary gear drive system is, he’s a high standard of technology. And tie-in, he Senatorchronometer and Regulator series of material nature only rose gold and platinum, some friends complain case he Senatorchronometer and Regulator not stainless steel, but I think there’s a reason for the use of precious metals, such a high specification pointer technology only precious metals can be also reflect the value.
The successor of the real
Patek philippe recently found that 16 antique machine heart was relish all anecdotes, case he’s had such a pleasant surprise. In case he’s rebuild their horological museum, in case he’s factory site discovered in the 19th century produced 13 座船 clock have been preserved intact, and can be normal operation, it is hard to imagine the 13 座船 clock is how to escape war and upheaval, it is absolutely god give him he’s blessing. Don’t know is inspired by the 13 座船 bell, case he Senatorchronometer immediately launched. Seen so many “three stitches a line” the observatory of nautical tables, the most accurate or case he heart 58 machine of the two, and only they really can be used as the successor of the Marine chronometer, additional complex function in fact is not the pursuit of traditional navigation table, if you want to really understand the navigation table you have to play, he’s the specification of the pointer table, obsessive-compulsive tuning table said it.

Mechanical watch pathological ocd tuning table playing method

Mechanical watch pathological ocd tuning table playing method
English abbreviations for DKD (DeutscherKalibrierdienst), it is to point to in Germany to accept calibration services or accept the German technology center of calibration services, provide service party shall be given the DKD certificate shall be signed, said its service authorized by the German national standards committee, the test standards can be traced back to the highest international standards. “He said of the watch was got the DKD certificate, visible Germany imitation cartier love bracelet observatory certification and DKD is not lost in COSC.
“Three stitches a line” clock can also traced from the 17th century the clock about sailing and the arrival of the era of large sailing requires more accurate clocks to indicate the right time for sailors, “three stitches a line” the layout of the clock is easy to set-up and accurate, to meet the requirements. Under this arrangement, minutes and seconds when three stitches run independently do not affect each other’s problems, so will be more accurate, set-up time allows independent tuning each pointer, also have a high level of precision, ensure the realization of the adjustable table to points. The Marine chronometer usually equipped with power storage, because the voyage in the vast sea encounter sailing clock lockout is not a small problem.
So “a line” three needle clocks represents the standard time of the layout, so in today’s more in the Swiss watchmakers factory to this type of clock as the master clock table factory, “three stitches line” pointer also are often referred to as the standard pointer, this indication “a line” three needle type clocks in the position in Switzerland to the human eye. Many brands were introduced after sailing astronomic watch series – pointer to the standard precise pursuit, the performance of certification is more than enough to get the observatory. These navigation astronomic watch, not adopted the “three stitches a line” layout, but more the traditional Marine chronometer and name the small second hand at 6 o ‘clock, 12 o ‘clock for power storage disk layout. Speak of the Marine chronometer, have to say is Athens, Switzerland sand tiger (Neuchatel) observatory issued the 4500 calendar year certificate maritime observatory, which won the 4323 Athens, as high as ninety-five percent, indicating the weight is heavy. In today’s observatory navigation watch comparison is sailing Athens observatory watch that grabs an eye, the face plate with hundreds of years ago on the ship Marine chronometer line configuration used in Athens.
Need to explain here is today’s observatory watch is machine heart get standard authentication observatory watch, rather than the original engraving of the Marine chronometer. Observatory certification number refers to the standard, the Swiss observatory COSC attestation, of course there are exceptions,, he is one of them. Observatory standard certification, is to watch machine core, rather than assembling complete watch, he’s Senatorchronometer series using the table the well-known machine heart circle of friends, this machine is not Swiss observatory certification, but the German observatory certification and won the German certificate (DKD) calibration services.
Speak German observatory certification, are going to have to mention WEMPE. WEMPE from jewellery, watch shop, they turn to the TAB and deep historical origin, in collaboration with, he said, there is, he’s master inventor, flight the tourbillon HELWIG WEMPE had worked for, “he said, for the 100th anniversary of WEMPE ship clock factory made memorial table, so its actively promote German home observatory standard authentication won the case he’s support in the town. WEMPE under government support to he, to rebuild the observatory in Germany, and through the German measurement testing department’s approval, for start “MADEINGERMANY” clocks and watches products for testing and certification and the precision as well. Germany observatory history is not shorter than Switzerland observatory history, German authorities observatory certification test standard requirements of whole table in case he town for 15 days of the test, while machine heart in 5 tests. So in the period of the Berlin wall even though he, watch industry, but at the time of GUB table factory produced at all levels of the observatory watches every year.
Restless adjustable table specialist
Various brands of chemical enthusiasm of sea surface after the time, in the continuation of the basic characteristics of nautical tables, began to add various fresh hot function, the pursuit of precision cannot have satisfied the restless guys, so appear a large number of different characteristics of the line “” three stitches observatory navigation table series. Patek philippe Ref. 5235, this is the first only patek philippe launched “a line” three needle watches, add the calendar function of happy heart does not generally, taking thin line, using the K gold pearl tuo. Product family MasterGrandeTradition specification pointer watch, very you’re welcome to join the 3 q, is also a long power watch, power reserve up to two weeks. Treasure ji ClassiqueGrandComplication is always in “three stitches a line” layout joined the tourbillon, small second hand directly simply put aside in the vedas flywheel. Jacques johndroe RegulatorIvoryEnamel with a big open ivory enamel dial, eight layout. The nations Portuguese specification pointer heart, heart how to use pocket watch 98245 machine is obviously 98 machine heart transformation. Montblanc is more interesting, and get rid of the traditional power reserve, according to its specifications pointer sailing hour meter not only joined the two places, also have a timer, display and so on many functions, day and night to become the “three stitches a line” watch the complex function in the higher-ups.
These enough to show for the navigation table has great passion and name, the layout of the “three stitches a line” is applied to the watch still charming because of two things: first, to ensure accurate and at the same time, neat beard needle independent guarantees the clear when reading; Second, style restoring ancient ways is rich, the standard pointer from the 17th century, the stability of the layout and the minimal heart structure to change, “three stitches a line” the style is table friend exterior-interior in junior three needle important choice, small three stitches. These specifications pointer watches, though each special skills, I prefer he Senatorchronometer observatory watch, because it really put the observatory navigation technology heritage and development.

GIA appraiser who talk about choose techniques

GIA appraiser who talk about choose techniques and main points of the diamond
Due to the professional study in the United States GIA diamonds and worked in a famous international diamond company, after returning friends often ask me, how to choose diamond can do both cheap and fine indeed have the collection value at the same time? Because almost 100% of people are asking this question, then I put my own experience, to provide reference for everyone, you are a people buy or corporate actions such as theory, believe that should help.
Say first carat diamond. So-called for carat diamond refers to weigh more than 1 carat diamond, as we all know, because of the large diamond is always far less than the small diamond wool raw material, according to the diamond high production rate of 45%, to grind out a Cartier love ring replica grain of 1 carat round, round brilliant cut) diamond, the diamond material will reach at least 2 carat. And raw material had better compare standard eight sides, easy to save the maximum weight. In this way, the same quality of 1 carat (1 carat diamond is better than 99 points (99 points), the wholesale price is at least 30% higher.
I am here to say the first purchase of the problem is, how about buying one carat diamond?
As we all know, at present there are several kinds of diamond cutters, Belgium, Israel, Russia, China, India, etc. The main purpose of the division of the type of work, or conform to the various different needs of the international market, after this we slowly said. At present in the domestic market, one carat diamond under most from India, why, because the price cheap.
Say simply give you see, skilled wages in Europe is measured by dozens of dollars per hour, Indian industry is measured by us $50 – $100 per month, price nature will send a lot. This is not the main reason, diamond cutters or according to the level of the cutting quality.
India is the world’s first country, in which diamonds are found is about location of the diamond trade has more than 3000 years history, so they cut themselves also become a system, that is to have it both ways, is to cater to the needs of the various buyers: European and American businessmen? Give you the best, in your money’s sake; Asians, especially Chinese? Do you want to cheap? We also have the corresponding bargain to you! From what I saw in Cartier love ring replica Asian countries, therefore, the most cheap cut in India, the most striking characteristic is the waist line (girdle) is thick, the narrow crown surface (crown).
This is what I explain how to need to notice when the choose and buy 1 carat diamond is an important condition. For example, we often encounter such a situation, some is 1.01 or 1.02 carat diamond, look the color and clarity is pretty good, price is not expensive, plus the seller to Shouting, I this how good diamond, so a lot of people will happily buy down, back home can also tell people, oneself buy how cost-effective.
In fact, if the buyer is in accordance with the standards of 1-1.5 carat price to buy (especially the purchase quantity is larger manufacturers), even if the seller can also give you in the same products on the basis of “preferential” 3% again, I personally think that is not cost-effective.
If the stone have international certificate, so please take a look at the data carefully: lumbar line (girdle) slightly thick or thick (slightly thick or thick). This is the key to the stone weight, if in accordance with the standard and work, lumbar line to achieve the level of “medium” (medium), then the 1.01 or 1.02 carats of diamonds, in fact, only should be cut into about 98 or 97 points, just now I said, isn’t it, less than 1 carat diamond even 99 points, than 1 carat diamond Cartier love ring replica price 30% lower.
Some people will say, the thickness of the waist line effect really so big? Our country most of the inspection certificate issued by this data is not! How can I judge?
Absolutely! Waist line is an important part of the diamond, is like a beautiful woman, if the waist to the ancients “willow waist”, a more specific provisions are too fat, less a part is too thin, the beauty of course very likable guy; If a beauty appearance is very beautiful, but like a bucket waist, you will feel regret, and felt her brilliance will be much less so. For diamond, is the same, too thick waist line can lead to enter the diamond light from the bottom to miss when multiple refraction, while the standard requirement when the light no matter from which Angle of incidence of diamonds, in the end should be out of the champions league side after many refraction, cause we say normally “fire”, “face project” is the diamond. Face beauty is not beautiful, directly affect the price of the diamond, the buyer if the diamond as an investment, want to sell in the future, then the waist line too fat “diamond,” beauty is definitely impossible to sell to your ideal price.
For our country most of the inspection certificate is not issued by cut situation of the test, I think the buyer Cartier nail bracelet replica before buying can find an expert, such as some geological or jewelry professional experts pulse for ourselves, after all, the value of the carat diamond is higher, and appreciation of the space is large, well worth you spend this time to think about buying a good point.
For purchase diamond jewelry merchants, the so-called “character such as goods, if you long-term to provide customers value, naturally attract more repeat customers, because customers are now more and more to the international standards, isn’t it? A lot of customers than merchants fine! But I believe that all customers are like honesty, professional businesses.
Next time I’ll give you something about how to use the first impression to buy high quality diamonds.

How to choose the perfect wedding ring

How to choose the perfect wedding ring
The choose and buy wedding diamond ring is a cautious thing. You will be a small ring and pay a small amount. Whether it is made of glass, or defective, will be you care about. So, in the choose and buy what the diamond ring before you really know? Below we will introduce you to some of the ways of choose and buy, so that you can make the right choice.
Where to start
And some other valuables of choose and buy, before you go to the shop to obtain relevant information should be as much as possible. Before we know well drilling, we’d better decide where to buy. You can buy a diamond ring to the recent friends or relatives to know something about this. If your friend has engaged in jewelry appraisal, the more I can give you some good suggestion. If not, you can also go to a bigger store, consult the experts.
How much money
Diamond has always maintained a traditional design, it will not depreciate, and to attract replica Cartier love bracelet consumers. In a word, they will suggest you use two months ‘salary to buy a diamond ring. Don’t worry about it, even if your salary is not high, you can still be found in the jeweler there for you spending power of the ring. Remember, this is a not small amount, your ability to pay by you. May sound silly, if you want to use a good price to buy a diamond ring, you must choose the right season. Usually, in a festival or height of gifts may be the price will be more expensive, but in January and will fall, no one told why.
Selection principle
Diamond selection has “4 C” principle: the cutting (cut), color (color), purity (clarity, and carat (carat weight). The key point of this is to identify the diamond quality and value.
Cutting is one of the only man-made factors. A skilled diamond cutting teacher can make a good sparkling diamond ore, he can make the internal light reflection to the greatest extent to the diamond surface. Cut division to cut it like around as if in the look in the mirror symmetry.
A good drill ore could be desolate because of the insufficient cut division technology. An ideal cut diamond should be round, and article 58 clear cutting edge, it can be reflected light to the greatest extent. A high quality diamond has very high value, and reflective symmetry, but it cut is not very Cartier love bracelet replica perfect. Cutting inferior diamonds may lose to retain its maximum weight and cut is too deep or too shallow, so can’t do it. Polishing technology will also affect the quality of the diamond, a perfect cutting, symmetrical diamond may reduce the value because of his bad polishing.
Colour and lustre
In some large jewellery store will display some diamonds for contrast, they will all sorts of color grade of diamond column in a row, to help customers make comparison, because usually customer can not use the naked eye to distinguish the colour and lustre of diamonds. The color of the diamond with colorless as the top grade, with the deepening of yellow gradually.
In general, the value of defective decision of diamonds. More accurately, to see what drilling and impurities in the ore. Almost every drill in the ore contains impurities, even it is a good drill ore quality.
Carat was considered to be the decisive measure of value of diamonds. When someone says bought 2 carats of diamonds, people will feel incredible. In fact, diamond cutting, color and clarity, and weight is also important for diamond value. A poor cutting process, the color yellow and Fake Cartier love bracelet flawed 2 carats of diamonds is much lower than the value of a perfect cutting, transparent and pure diamond. Therefore, the weight of the diamond is not main factors decide the value of the diamond. The weight of the diamond still affect the value of it. To find the diamond jeweler told you weight is accurate is very important. So let your jeweler when buy on the spot to measure the weight of the diamond, are not willing to do so if a jeweler, go to other stores.
Part of the Mosaic is also very important. Mosaic is bad will cause a lot of trouble, it could make diamond fall off. So when buying a diamond ring must check to see if the bracket is firm, with the diamond thru thick enough.
The shape of
Now in the market of the design is more and more, jewelry designer also in constant innovation. But the more classic style is round, oval, pearls and square. The shape of the diamond in general do not affect the value and quality. On the contrary, it embodies the diamond before cutting the shape of the original.

Understand the watch and jewelry

Understand the watch and jewelry The five elements of pricing
Use grinding machine, usually hundreds of the same specifications of the diamond grinding at the same time, otherwise one mill, a watch dozens, hundreds of drill, don’t know where have their life. And use the machine also has a risk, there is a certain rate of worn. If there is a slight crustal activity in the process, people feel less than, but will affect the shape of the diamond grinding out, cutting will not so perfect. So the crustal activity frequent countries such as Japan, even if has the precision machining technology and equipment, also took the porcelain work.
Diamond and gem still don’t finish calculate, after grinding out behind in real trouble. Because the original stone mill, to settle its level, see bottom belong to which kinds of color and presence of fluorescence and so on. This process of screening of color, and the only way is to rely on people to point to the naked eye. So do gem processing factory all over the world, there are a lot of points and stone, the only work they do is to give the diamond and gem colors, common grain per person a day to points, so I couldn’t make the people’s eyes quickly. Color vision is very good girl, 16 years old, 18 years old and then into the factory, have been old worker in his early 20 s, eyesight has decreased.
A heap of stones, there may be don’t see the difference in the average person is, but in the eyes, can see deep and shallow. White diamond is to say, if only a few thousand grain of sapphire together, two grain of exactly the same color is difficult to find. In this segment and segment of the difference is very big, no subdivision called MQ (Medium Quality), as long as the same color can be set up; Subdivision called FQ (Fine Quality) level.
Like gem watch particularly high demand for ruby color, FQ he belongs to. To the gradient, it must be from deep to shallow bit by bit arrangement; To the same color, it must be the same color, it is very professional, all may not be careless. Level in the stone industry, MQ and FQ gem price gap is a 0, if MQ level of gems is a grain of 10 yuan, so a good FQ grade gems is a grain of 100 dollars. In fact certainly more than this number, or even the cost of processing all get out.
Have ready-made stones, after the test of inlay division of the gem is tabulation system capability. Restricted by the watch itself structure: the metal part is thinner than jewels, and 18 k gold itself is soft, slightly a hard deformation, so the same Mosaic method using inside than in jewellery difficult to ascend a class, whether it is a more common nail set or the snow set and hidden with trival.
The diamond jewelry list, is one of the most common micro nail Mosaic – see to it as very small very sophisticated claw inlay, it needs 20 times in the operating microscope. Each jewel is thickness, to only one or two millimeters thick Mosaic, metal structure on the diamond with very fine nail caught, also have good color, fire cost of kung fu is difficult to use language to describe. Yourself if chance to try to know, in the high power microscope, let alone the diamonds set on the table, as long as the hands move a little, will be the light refraction makes dizzy, like the feeling of motion sickness. So only special static talents qualified for heart, heart is not quiet people do.
In France and Switzerland, Europe is making jewelry inlaid table have to return, they do a lifetime diamond, craftsmanship has been perfectly. In contrast, in China, do the high-end jewelry factory has a lot of, but rarely do senior jewelry table, because it is more difficult, and mind is not composed of a person, do a time to give up, never reach the realm.
In earlier years, big jewelry college have their own design with a Dr Ren into a set with the drill slim table, find an earl 9 p movement in it; But on diamond segment is in trouble, because you won’t find in the domestic jewelry industry to on such a thin 18 k gold dial diamond master. Finally there is no way, can only be “broken”, the diamond with the laser spot welder in the jewelry industry one seam on the dial, although drill on the “set”, but the dial also take not to come out.
The above four elements can be described by the qualitative or quantitative, and truly the most valuable part, cannot be qualitative, also is the pursuit of perfection. Such as the one in order to realize the designer’s design idea, need from the hundreds of thousands of grain of gems with the most vivid colour combination; Need to use TAB in the world rare material or process; Gem craftsman to fight hundreds of hours in a row, don’t make any mistake in the process of Cartier love bracelet replica the whole set; Even need to develop a machine core and cooperate.
Mosaic of precious stones jewelry list, of course, there are many, but no one is easy. Big to giants family inlaid in the dial 0.5 carats and 1 carat gem, the weight of it if it’s too light cannot turn up, is too heavy and difficult to control the thickness; Small to inlaid in the pointer 0.001 carat level micro drill, the length of 0.2 mm, however, it also will hold it with metal claw… The embedded technology to the requirement of hand-made, even than complex function table assembly and movement of grinding even better.
Making jewelry table, as it were, itself is a kind of high challenge to watch and jewelry processing, if there is no challenge, it is not a good thing, if there is no challenge, there is no value. Really good jewelry table, made it difficult and the final rendering effects, as we had unexpected guests. If a senior jewelry table, the process and effect of it is in you, can only say that this watch is not perfectly.

Identify the diamond cut flower

Identify the diamond cut flower
In the understanding of the diamond and gem specialized knowledge, you will find that, the only can by the human brain and hands to change is the diamond cutting process.
Chopard necklace, necklace USES a variety of craft. Pear-shaped cut platinum Tanzania stone, circular sapphire, olive shape and oval amethyst, pear-shaped, square and circular cutting tourmaline, Morgan stone, sunriser and spinel, round pink and white diamonds, heart-shaped cutting pink sapphires.
On the market a lot of diamond especially magazine, web and many big brands of diamond is done under the 4 c standard processing. Although the clarity is one of the standard 4 c, but about these characteristics, there are still many opaque factors, such as judgment of gemologists, definition and certification. Next, we will introduce one of the characteristics of detailed – cutting, because only can this feature is completely by the craftsman is determined by the Cartier nail bracelet replica art of the technology and modern science and technology.
“4 c” is your judgment and measure of the quality of a diamond value. The so-called “4 C” is short for four English words starting with C, refer to the diamond CARAT WEIGHT (CARAT WEIGHT), CLARITY (CLARITY), COLOR (COLOR), CUT (CUT). Comprehensive “4 c” just to appreciate at four o ‘clock, you can easily understand the value of a diamond and quality. Diamond prices = weight + color, clarity and cut.
Cut another it is worth noting that it cut stone’s artistic, scientific and technical applies not only to diamond, but every kind of precious stones. For centuries, all kinds of stones are carved into different tricks.
Van cleef Precious Light eardrop, composed of platinum and gold, with circular and square cut diamond and emerald cut two slightly orange yellow diamond.
It is worth noting that although the cutters is related to the shape of the stone, but the word “cut” is not a characteristic shape. Technically, cut refers to symmetry, proportion and polishing. Main purpose is to increase the degree of shine and luster of the gem. More poetic words, the purpose is to let the world see the stone’s inner life.
We will focus on the modern process of cutters. And in our guidelines, you can see a lot of new type cutters, because of the progress of modern science and technology and tools, gem craftsman people constantly trying to unprecedented technology. In some cases, the standard in the unceasing evolution. Also does not have the ideal surface, in fact, in terms of its timeless appeal, also there is no simple way to determine the value of these new shape cutters.
Chopin ring: three circular cut diamond, a circular cut spinel, 10 pear-shaped cut multicolor spinel, more than 153 color sapphire, a pear-shaped cut amethyst and a pear-shaped cut tourmaline.
Circular cut: also called the brilliant cut. This is one of the most common cutters imitation Cartier love bracelet and shape, is the golden standard of diamonds. Some reports show that the method of cut diamond accounts for 75% of diamond sold on the market. 58 surface cutting distributed in crown, waist and bottom, by a precise formula for realizing the maximization of process.
Oval cut: maybe someone will think oval cut has existed for a long time, but it did not appear in the ’60 s. This is a have 56 the symmetrical design. Like olive pointed cut, this is a type of improved circular cut. Xl brought more visual component design, so in the case of the same weight, oval cut stones will appear larger than the circular cut stones.
Lam pointed cut that the cutters have an interesting story: legend, Louis xiv of diamond enthusiasts hope that the cut to coincide with Mrs Peng pardew’s smile. The cut ends of a little round, like the oval cut, lam pointed cut to strengthen the visual appeal of the stone. Under the same number of carat weight, lam pointed cut than circular cut appear larger.
Pear-shaped cut: actually, pear-shaped cut a combination of the oval cut and the characteristics of lam pointed cut. Technically, it is also an improved 58 circular cut, with the lengthened visual aesthetic feeling and asymmetry.
Princess square cut: this kind of cut began in the 80 s, is a new type of cutting way, quite popular among the masses, especially in North America. This is a rectangle and square cut, than a typical circular cut burn brighter. Another loss of material advantage is that it at least a circular stone.
Heart cut: the cut is in the pear-shaped cut at its widest point. As a symbol of romantic, this way of cutting never go out of style, but also does not have the significance of making money. Stone, the greater the cutting of the better, but not as common round. The cutters need more Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica skills to complete, so will affect its overall price.
A square cut: originated in the early 20th century Amsterdam Assecher company. This way to be the ancestor of radiant cut, combined with emerald cut and circular cut, with symmetry. Like emerald cut, it is a hybrid approach.
Triangle cut: this way also is invented by the Asscher company, in the ’60 s were introduced to New York. The cut is unique in its brilliant characteristics. Is essentially a triangle, the difference is that it was sharp, round, straight Angle. So long as has the accurate depth, triangle cut the union than the circular cut more impressive, but is still debated.
Radiant cut: combined with the advantages of circular and emerald cut. Gemstone craftsmen invented in the 70 s this way of cutting. Between 62 and 70, radiant cut square cut with the princess of the Angle of the different is that it is flat. The cut should be craftsmen in serious emerald increased a little sparkle.
Mat type cutters: this is the oldest one way to cut. Is essentially a pillow shape, with 58. This way is still in the test, because for now, it is classic and bold. Under the same proportion, the round Angle and bigger than a circular cut. Cut out of stone, the better, mat type diamond will be the better.
Emerald cut, with a rectangular cutting Angle. Compare the old way of cutting, stone commonly used in secondary. This way is famous for its ladder type cutting. Because it is the same axis, wide flat surface like a stair step. A total of 50 and 58 surface, so for large, is a kind of amazing cutters.
Long step cut: during the period of the decorative arts, this is a very popular way of cutters. The improved version can be said to be the emerald cut. The diamond was rectangular, 14, octagonal Angle and ladder type cutting.
Cut in three dimensions: the cut of each side is the same, and repeated pattern on the stone. This way is designed for the following. The nature of these cutters is let them can suitable for hanging ornaments and the pendants. There are four deformation: the oval diamond cutting, hang down object shape cutting, spherical olive shape cutting and cutting.

The true and false identification of the pearl and choose and buy

The true and false identification of the pearl and choose and buy
Now the pearl market, is becoming more and more let a person look not to understand, craft bead do flawless, can let a person can’t see a little flaw. In the north sea, hainan and other tourist attractions, some vendors often surround tourists, many seemingly clear drops adorn article appeared in the arts and crafts market. If with the plastic film covering technology, is very good, two bead a pair of grinding straight skid, and sings chosen circle plate, is like make a mold, a shave it off a layer of skin. And some of the shells, for nuclear, beads coated with paint process, identify up is more difficult, some bead even with lathe car into shape with various freshwater pearl texture lines, a straight wipe off powder, like really, is a bit of a “true” over the top. So, the identification of natural or cultured pearls, what should seize the key problem?
A, see burnish different causes of the pearl from the surface or internal pearl layer reflection of iridescence is not the same. As the saying goes “bling”, need combined with physical carefully taste, mainly from the internal fine structure of pearl bead light reflection layer, and through the diffraction of light produced unique luster, the gloss can avoid direct observed under the light in the dark, this is similar to the dark horizon gem microscope gem internal growth line and Cartier love ring replica inclusions, reflects the nacre thickness of bead light intensity under the weak light was particularly clear. Plastic weak reflected light “light” thief, pearl luster and paint coating process has certain deceptive, carefully identify.
How much second, observing pearl surface characteristics of the pearl surface defects directly affect the degree of beautiful pearls, but without blemish little pearls, each pearl different flaws, is it different from other pearl birthmark, gives the authenticity identification, pearl surface defects of imperfections or band, when there is foreign body between the pearl layer intrusion, surface can drum up a point defect. Sometimes need to use 10 times the magnifying glass look carefully, how much will always find some band phenomenon.
Three, pseudo fingered beads have greasy feeling, and are great hands, feeling cool to hang in the neck.
Four, with teeth to try or two beads mill as mentioned earlier, plastic bead sliding a pair of grinding, and the pearl can have sense of sand along the peak friction between teeth, if it is a good bead, the special uniform of sand that is pretty good, this is because of pearl layer crystals, is orderly arranged, just like the roof board, uneven, neat rows of jargon called imbricate arrangement, so the friction when they make the person feels like a sand.
Five, try burning with fire, pseudo beads in the light of fire, burning surface appear black smoke color, pearl layer falls off, and are burning plane did not see the black smoke color, surface intact don’t fall off.
As to the choice of pearl, first of all should be clear, fresh water pearls and sea water pearl is to belong to two different class of goods, like jade and jade, not comparable. The same types of beads, when the choice to comprehensively consider the color, luster, pearlescent layer Cartier love ring replica thickness, when the choice to comprehensively consider the color, luster, pearlescent layer thickness, shape defects (spots), and other factors, to make their final choice.
There are several kinds of color composition form the pearl pigment. Pigment itself (such as white, cream-colored, pink, black, etc.). General primary colors for this white bead sea (with yellow), if the bead itself is of good quality, manufacturers to retain the essence of it, but of all ethnic groups have differences about color preferences, if exports Europe and the United States of beads, affirmation is after bleaching. In the black pearl appearing in purple to black best. Overtone (usually a rosy red or green) like ladies face rouge, is fixed onto the skin. Not all the pearls would present Overtone. Pigment, and the third is the most rare is that glittering and translucent bright and clean color (received) ─ ─ that is present on the surface of the pearl, the rainbow color. Not all the pearls would present the glittering and translucent burnish, in fact, round pearls have seldom have this kind of luster. It is mostly present in irregular shape.
Shiny luster is that consumers want to consider one of the most important factors, the quality of the pearl, the thickness of the layer transparency and pearlescent decision. Sometimes in the pearl of pale light in a ring around the waist, it is related to the structure change of local crystal, should try to avoid this kind of bead. There is no doubt that the more luster, the quality is better.
Pearlescent film thickness is thicker, the better. From the perforation of pearl nacre thickness of careful observation, by the way, observing whether pearl nuclei in perforation were damaged. But also from the strength of the pearl nacre thickness indirect judgments, too thin Cartier love ring replica bead is not durable, ideal bead should be in more than half a mm. Cultured pearls place (temperature, nutrients, etc.) and length of time is the main determinant of thickness.
To shape for beads, sings round smooth, all said, rules. But if you can pay less for buy large pearls, will make you collect treasure house more add vibrant colors of pearls.
Flaws, in addition to outward imperfections, defects can also be crack, crack, concave shape, and dark or dim spots and band, should avoid as far as possible. But when the magnification, we find some problems.
If can carefully selected from the above aspects, must be able to find your favorite pearl jewelry.

Why gold jewelry will change color

Why gold jewelry will change color
Many people wear gold jewelry after a period of time, found that change color or fade, many people think that this is the insufficient in assaying the fineness of gold jewelry, then store bargaining or complaints to the consumer association, however, was told that fade gold jewelry is not in assaying the fineness of gold jewelry, but the other reasons, so, this is precisely what reason?
Gold jewelry color or fade with the body’s sweat has a close relationship. People sweat moisture is 99%, and 1% is the body of waste and harmful substances in the body, such as: chlorinated, lactic acid, urea, ammonia, etc. These substances with gold jewelry in silver and copper after contact, can produce chemical reaction, the silver chloride and copper sulfide, and render the deep black chemical salts. This chemical salt often fall off from the gold jewelry, pollution of the wearer’s skin, make the skin very obvious black stains.
The cosmetics have become an indispensable one of the “character” of people’s life. If daub Cartier love bracelet replica is on gold jewelry worn parts of the skin, so to cosmetics containing chemical substances and undoubtedly the most afraid of chemical erosion gold jewelry “last elected” provide opportunities, the results can think of. Some cosmetics, but also includes some subtle grain, it can constitute another type of dirt, so as to wear gold jewelry. Regional environmental factors may also lose gold jewelry bright beautiful colour and lustre. Such as: the dry region, contains more original fine dust in the air, after pick up the human body can form a kind of “human sandpaper”, it can put the gold jewelry abrasive wear out very fine clastic, a local black stains, etc. It is worth mentioning, talcum powder or cream also contains similar particles, also like these make gold jewelry in the shade.
The white jade on the market, and fire mingled. Some operators will not white jade, white jade are known as the white jade, objectively misled consumers.
In our country, white jade is a specific varieties of jade, is a specific name white nephrite. Soft jade has been made in xinjiang’s hotan, in the field, so often referred to as hetian jade, in Tian Yu. Nephrite because of differences of mineral and chemical composition and leads to different color, so the nephrite jade, white jade, in addition there are jade, black jade nephrite breed named because of the color.
The main mineral of the nephrite jade of tremolite and actinolite, both content is changed, then there will be a small amount of other minerals, when the nephrite jade of tremolite content reaches more than 95%, “due to the genesis of low iron through flash is white, the white is nephrite jade, white jade is high-grade jade, like tempered suet, known as” suet jade “, is extremely rare nephrite jade varieties. White jade for its precious and was deeply loved by people.
All in all, white jade white jade of tremolite; By other minerals as the main form replica Cartier love bracelet of jade, must not be called white for the color white. Why, then, will happen “random” named “white jade”? There are mainly two reasons, first, some operators also don’t understand white jade specifically composed of tremolite nephrite, but named according to color; Secondly, deliberately called is not white jade, white jade white jade, true, this is illegal behavior.
In the jade market, often have two kinds of white jade, known as white jade.
One is quartzite type of jade, color white, fine, look like a white jade, the so-called “Beijing jade” in the past, is a kind of fine grained quartzite, geological mining sector “sharpening stone” in the evaluation of ore, grain is very fine, but can not be called white jade, quartzite jade hardness is higher than white jade, so white jade show stronger vitreous luster, in the absence of instrument to detect, can decide accordingly.
Second, calcite kind jade, approximate white jade appearance, cases of the so-called “Afghanistan white jade” on the market is formed by calcite jade, is actually a kind of marble, only the color is white, translucent, often carved Chinese cabbage, moral symbol “hundreds of goods”. The jade hardness is low, the ordinary knife to carve, is not difficult to identify.
Especially it should be noted that some of the flea market often with glass as white jade or gu yu, glasses and the usual to see the size of round bubble. As long as saw a bubble can certainly not white jade. Glass products, however, some also no bubble, so no bubble is not real. To do safely buy the real thing, or should find jewelry jade inspection department to detect, because some white jade looks like a white jade, not tested strictly, it is difficult to make accurate judgment.
There are many different kinds of jewelry family, both precious jewels, as well as an Cartier love bracelet replica ordinary jewelry. The products mainly include:
Beautiful diamond a extremely rare, and precious stones, it is radiant, bright brightness, is known as the “king of the gem”. Diamond has a very high hardness and high degree of refraction, can cut cut any material, without damage by other substances, can reflex the light outside, charming bright light. As a gem grade diamond, limited to colorless, close to white, yellowish, pale yellow, yellow wait for a few kinds, and especially in the crystal clear is the best.
Emerald crystal clear, clear and bright, because contain a small amount of chrome, but brilliant beauty eyepleasing green glow, is the most precious emerald, and the most charming, known as the king of the “green treasure”. Emerald output, the price is expensive, high quality emeralds, its value can be comparable to the diamond. Colombia, Peru and the urals is the main origin of the former Soviet union.
ruby Known as the “rose violet jewel”. Ruby because of containing chromium ion and presents a variety of different shades of red, with red, rose, rose violet, pink, pink, dark purple, etc., which is the best in blood red. When some impurities in accordance with the gem ruby internal structure arranged regularly, in under the irradiation of light source, can reflect a kind of beautiful shot six stars, commonly known as the six lines, also called the rose line. Burma is one of the world famous rubies.
sapphire Because of containing iron and titanium ions in blue. According to the different shades of color can be divided into ocean blue, dark blue, bright blue, blue, etc, especially in the ocean blue for top grade. Top grade sapphire can produce beautiful shot six stars, called the “starlight Fake Cartier love bracelet sapphire. Sri Lanka, myanmar, Thailand, Australia is the world’s leading producer of sapphire.
The cat’s eye stone Also known as cat ‘s-eyes, chrysoberyl, sparkling stone, with color. When the gem exposure to light, the surface will show a like cat’s eye flash of white stripes, rock surface, with the shaking of stripe and the changes with the strength of the light. The cat’s eye stone is very rare, precious, with colour and lustre is bright yellow kwai is the best. Sri Lanka is the place where is rich in the cat’s eye gem.
Pearl belongs to organic material gem. By the mother breeds of pearls is very soft, when the light will be scattered overflow special bright luster.
Jade, known as “jade” reputation. Its color, especially in the most brilliant green beauty, including pure green translucent is known as “post protecting”, are the ultimate in emerald. Jade quality of a material is exquisite, the warm feeling when in contact with the skin, makes the jade has been for the emperor rich love. Burma is the leading producer of jade in the world.

Hot weather wear necklace allergy

Hot weather wear necklace allergy
Many people love the necklace to wait adorn article. Jewelry made of various materials, such as gold, silver, pearls, and chromium, nickel, lead, tin and all kinds of shells, etc. Some price is low, rough accessories, manufacturing process, some still contains some of the radioactive material, wear, easy to cause damage to the skin. So when the choose and buy must pay attention to the quality. In addition, the labor, shower, sleep, exercising, had better take necklace jewelry, prevent sweat on jewelry. As occurrence skin allergic reactions, in jewelry wearing a place appeared papules, redness, itching, wait for a phenomenon, should be timely termination of wear jewelry, and go to the hospital, don’t take medicines. In addition, don’t long time wearing tight ear clip earrings, as well as the volume is too large heavy earrings, so as not to interfere Cartier nail bracelet replica with the blood circulation of the ear.
Many women will choose all kinds of jewelry to dress up yourself. Is love, however, whether or not you know, wear jewelry also want to pay attention to methods, if improper wear, also could cause a variety of “jewelry” disease, causing the pain of the “beautiful”.
Pure gold and silver jewelry cause dermatitis in general, or jewelry stable performance and low probability of occurrence skin allergies, but people with allergies contact jewelry, due to some stimulus tend to cause dermatitis. Symptoms for necklaces, rings and other jewelry of local skin itching, burning, erythema, peeling or systemic urticaria. Therefore, when choosing jewelry, you should first understand their skin allergic reactions, to avoid wearing a gold-plated, silver plating, nickel plating, etc, are most likely to cause dermatitis of jewelry.
Crystal products: the choose and buy and maintenance
The average person will easily when buying crystal crystal glass of the same confusion, so how to distinguish the common glass and crystal? Here are a few tips:
1. Listen to: guitar with middle finger, the voice of the common glass ware is more boring “snapped” sound, and the voice of the crystal vessel brittle, with metal ring is “dangdang” sound, the higher the hardness of crystal, the louder sound.
2. Luster: comparison in the sun, the high quality crystal reflects the seven colourful bright, transition and very rich natural and light, the color of the glass refraction is often incomplete, and the dark. Transparency in the natural light to compare, the high quality crystal high transparency, show the glittering and translucent white, and ordinary glass or not pure crystal will be yellow or blue.
Pattern: for the same colour of crystal, the pattern of the higher level of manual delicate, decorative pattern forming on the small area, the more meticulous heavy and complicated, the higher value. With the hand petting, manual pattern has a prick the hand feeling of rough imitation Cartier love bracelet surface, and the mechanism of pattern on the surface is smooth.
4. Use: due to the crystal hardness is much higher than common glass, use for a long time also tend not to become dirty, repeated use for a long time, the glass is very easy to scratch and surface stains. After distinguish clearly, you have to do is check carefully whether the products overall in good condition, look for defects flaw, the surface is smooth and delicate.
Crystal maintenance is very simple, as long as timely with clean water after use or with a half wet cloth just erase eluvial soil; For those small crystal ornaments on aggradation, blows without having to wipe decontamination, then only need to prevent the crystal surface fuzz. In addition, due to large crystal hardness, toughness is small, heavy knock easily damaged, so when in use at ordinary times avoid knock against. Should also pay attention to avoid the use of alkaline, acid and alcohol detergent, in order to avoid corrosion, such as ashtrays vessels should also try to reduce the time of the heat, in order to prevent oxidative damage.
Differentiate the stones the nature, the authenticity, the traditional way is to “smell, ask, look, caresses, grinding, carving” the “six classics”. At the same time, this also is the key to distinguish Shi Pin.
“Smell” and “q”, “smell” is knowledge experiences; “Q” asking and learning, which is the basis of analysis of mine. Identify stones, smooth by hearsay or a little knowledge is not enough. Qingtian stone mountain pit, for example, in the “area” and the white lotus stone contains a “tiger” sand (fine sand collection point), and “area” crisp, mass slightly loose, and lotus “lotus root tip white” relatively tight tight and appear more dense, seal engraving, adept at Angle of contact with a knife stone a try. So, want to listen more than to ask, inquiring asked.
“See” and “stroke”, is the key to differentiate the stones. “See”, refers to the observation form carvible stone color, decorative pattern, because all kinds of stones consists of different colour and lustre of minerals, under the effect of geological movement is different also, color and pattern is not always the same. Stones have their common characteristics of the same origin, and different regions of stones in general is always more obvious difference. Mastered the stones the Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica commonness and individuality characteristic, the stones in his hand, and the last. “Stroke” refers to the handle, with handle to identify carvible stone hardness, weight, quality of a material, the thickness and oil moisten dry or not.
“Grinding” and “time”, is the most reliable inspection method analysis of mine. “Grinding”, refers to the technology of printing process, namely, smooth, polished. Stones in texture and texture containing sand, containing silicate (stones of silicate content slightly tall, presents the state of short fiber stone chips, but look from the appearance of light cannot be found), and only after polishing, cut the time, to learn that. Carvible stone “engraved”, refers to test whether appropriate carving, carving.
Of course, the best way to practice the amount of hand caresses came, because this method is more applicable to choose when buying. In fact, to assess the value of one stamp, first is to see the quality of a material, because the old man is multi-purpose good printed stone. Stones a lot of more phyletic, the big words, shou, qingtian, chicken blood is most commonly used, different grade level. (including BianKuan) the second is to look at the art of composition of carving, famous system was popular, also because of their work, the knives are unique, as treasures. Again is to look at the print button sculpture, whether it is vivid and natural. There is main, look at printing master in the history of the society, whether to have fame. Above four person, as long as one, will be affected by the dealer or collect lover’s hands, not to mention the four who are prepared.

Nanyang bead of choose and buy five tips

Nanyang bead of choose and buy five tips
Most precious pearl when the choose and buy, because of the choose and buy lv lack of deep understanding, not easy to make a decision. But when we are forced to rely on others’ recommendation, we are not easy to understand as the reason for the choice of the others, but to choose nanyang bead was completely different.
Nanyang bead value determined by their characteristics, the south is the advantages of them, to know their these advantages will help you to choose nanyang beads.
But when picking nanyang beads, the most important thing is feeling and must rely on their own Cartier love ring replica judgment, because you are choosing a biological child of treasures. As human beings, each nanyang bead has its unique temperament, is a very personal choice gifts for private use, when the choose and buy of nanyang bead so, with your own eyes to judge, the most beautiful is the best choice.
Nanyang beads, the more the more rare and nanyang bead of Australia is the world’s largest. By minimum 8 mm diameter to the largest and most rare nanyang bead has 18 mm in diameter. So big pearl, only in nanyang high quality water to grow.
The shape of
Nanyang bead shape has “traditional garden type” and “javed baloch variant” two big series. Round flawless nanyang bead is the most rare, also the most pity is expensive. In addition to round pearl, other such as annular beads, full of contemporary feeling rich perceptual type pendant bead and give full play to the unique imagination baroque variants are endless make pearl jewelry design change.
Nanyang beads have a range of different natural colour and lustre, and to choose the color, it may be said for their “color”, is purely personal preference, although choose like color, display individual color. In general, the people to the traditional silvery white and bright brightness of Cartier love ring replica nanyang golden beads affinity; As for the pure Australia northwest region produces the precious rare red white nanyang beads, people is more desirable. Although the value of different color nondestructive nanyang bead itself, but the rare degree of colour directly affect the price of pearls.
Reflected from nanyang bead surface luster bright, together with the inner transmission out attractive luster, is to determine the value of the first elements. Nanyang pearl luster can be jumping like a bright luster, can also be a tender and elegant luster, the entire series in one or more luminosity can fully cooperate with the wearer’s unique beauty, emotion and personality, it depends on how purchasing will be blending with natural luster and subjective judgment. Nanyang pearl luster for the nature, is should not be any artificial method to change or enhanced.
The smaller the nanyang bead defects, the higher the value. Because the natural shellfish in nanyang beads from the sea, so the nature tend to leave a mark on the nanyang bead. Every one million mussel shell, average only a only chance to produce a perfect nanyang beads. Nanyang bead on the mark for each pearl with unique temperament, personality.
For accurate evaluation of jadeite raw materials is difficult, but there are still some rules to follow. Here provide some ideas to share with you, for everybody to experience in practice.
Such as a piece of jade has open and see the high green, then estimate the value of can see the green, green to what extent, what to do, do what is best, on the basis of the estimated a price, the price is how many green to see how much the price, known as the net price; Then observe Cartier love ring replica whether the green into the stone, about how much, can be in the whole piece of jade expected skin performance, skins and green, according to whether performance if the skin is very good, the interior is likely to be the existence of the green, so it could even firm offers several times higher. If the skin green shows nothing, see the opening of the green, then it should be lower than the price of the net price. That’s roughly evaluate the high-grade jade raw material basis and principle, on the basis of the valuation method of jadeite raw materials won’t produce big deviation.
The quality of the jade raw material changes, there is no fixed mode of judgment, is a piece of flawless jade all stripped skin, cut open after may also have very big change, so the valuation of jadeite raw materials, practical, only look to buy want to more more, do more collections, can realize the rule of jadeite prices.
Polish eyes emerald
Of all the jewelry jade, jade is considered the most variable, complex. Until now also nobody can differentiate to its quality grades. But when the choose and buy jade ornament, can from color, structure, transparency, clarity, cut, weight of six aspects.
– color: color is a key factor in jade quality evaluation,, uniformity, color is pure, rich and gaudy, coordination.
High-grade jadeite should have the pure green, slightly yellow color of green and gray, brown, brown, black hue are is considered to be noise, noise, the more thick, jade color the better the quality.
High-grade jadeite color more, requiring the color saturation, brightness moderate Cartier nail bracelet replica collocation, shallow green, bright but not gorgeous, too thick, hisui transparency is reduced, have heavy feeling.
The color of jadeite jade takes the filiform, patchy distribution, it is difficult to achieve uniform. If a piece of jade products color to green, shall be deemed to have been high. Emerald green, on the other hand, more focused on aggregate, filiform, flake and its surroundings is often light, colorless or other color tone, when in the emerald green tone color can reach around a relation of coordination and mutual set off, the color is considered a good quality too.
– structure: superfine fiber weaving structure is the essential condition of high-grade jade, jade oil moisten, exquisite, with the structure without sense of particles; On the other hand, the particle bulky, combined with loose.
– transparency: jade is more quality mineral aggregate, transparent is extremely rare, most of the jade are not transparent to translucent, transparency, the higher the better, a jade products with gorgeous color, have a certain transparency, quality is excellent.
– clarity: refers to the emerald internal contains other mineral inclusions, and the degree of crack. Natural Cartier nail bracelet replica jade can be white, black crumb minerals or the mineral aggregate, this will affect the color is beautiful and polishing quality.
– cut: for jade ring surface, require cut highlight color, cut the neat, fine polishing; For the jade pendant, furnishing articles, artisans of clever conception, technique will play a decisive role.
– weight: the value of jade jewelry is not strictly limited by weight, but in other similar factors, large size or weight value is high.