Attract tourists to buy the biggest reason

In the Canton jewelry, another citizen in Thailand to buy the “natural ruby” was found to be false, such a case, in the wide jewelry jewelry testing center to meet almost every week. Yangcheng Evening News reporter told reporters: “As long as tourism is to buy red and blue gemstones, Jiucheng is false.” Why travel to buy fake gemstones such cases continue to hit the newspapers, but also kept people being deceived? We invited wide jewelry to the national jewelry experts to tell you outbound tourism to buy jewelry where the trap.
Trap 1: false play really do
In the wide jewelery, many citizens found false jewelry is from Singapore’s emerald, which in the tourist destination to buy the emerald cheaper than the domestic price is much cheaper, and are equipped with identification certificate, really have this Such a good thing?
Experts told the Yangcheng Evening News reporter: In general, the local shopping Cartier nail bracelet replica point to see you have two kinds of certificates: the first one is a forged certificate, but this situation is rare. No. 2, is the most common and most convincing is that the whole certificate in English. For example, many people buy the emerald, the certificate on the “Synthetic Emerald” is actually “synthetic emerald.”
Trap II: muddle through, shoddy
Traveled to Southeast Asia have been friends who have been to the local jewelry store, right? Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar does produce gemstones, you can buy are natural gems?
Experts said that if it is not “professionals + gold eyes fire eyes” in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and other tourist areas is difficult to buy natural red sapphire, mostly synthetic, filled with precious stones or beryllium diffused sapphire. Merchants in the promotion, will be accompanied by special lighting, so you can not see the true face of the gem.
Trap three: on-site processing
A lot of tourists with the group will certainly not unfamiliar to a scene – in a small workshop, the workers seriously in the processing of grinding, next to the different styles of finished products for sale. They will tell you, because it is a family workshop, no extra cost, small profits, the price is very affordable. Plus you see the production process, trust doubled, right? But have you ever thought that a family workshop would really be cheap?
According to reports, each piece of jewelry are required to go through a lot of processes to complete. Multi-faceted matching and division of labor, the cluster of related production in order to reduce production costs. Moreover, the modern factory division of labor more and more small, single-family workshop has been difficult to adapt to market survival. Therefore, the small workshop where the sale of jewelry are wholesale back, the workers inside is “actors”, and you, that is the audience.
Trap four: origin advantage
Attract tourists to buy the biggest reason, I am afraid that is the origin of the advantage, and people Replica Cartier jewelry usually think that the products of origin to buy is cheap and high quality, so tourists will have to buy specialty products intended.
Such as Colombia’s emerald, Sri Lanka sapphire, Burmese pigeon blood ruby, Australia’s Opal, South Africa’s diamond, etc., too numerous to mention. However, the origin is really the most important factor affecting prices it?
Experts said: Department of production than the Department. Generally seen in the origin of the gem is the most primitive state of the ore, need to go through a number of processes will become fine jewelry, and then shipped to the distribution center wholesale. Tourists are just passing by, how can access to the local real natural jewelry wholesale market? The illusion of origin is only one of the ways to lure you into a trap.
Trap 5: There is no prosecution
In the tourist destination to buy jewelry may also have to face “no way to complain” situation. Who would buy ten thousand pieces for the defective fake goods, and then spend tens of thousands of dollars across the sea to find that profiteering to discuss, let alone a foreign country, you do not know where to start.
Experts advise tourists to buy jewelry in the tourist area must stay in mind. If you want their own baby has a more in-depth understanding, March 14-15, wide jewelry experts will be in the geological building for the public free consultation Kam Po.
March 15 is the province of five jewelry testing organizations 3.15 Free Identification Day, to the jewelry inspection station identification of people really a lot of jewelry. Which purchased from the tourist attractions of the most jewelry, Jiucheng there shoddy or confused as real ones. Someone to spend 5,000 yuan to buy and Tian Yu was actually a hundred dollars of quartzite.
4 carats ruby filled with glass
This is not the case, yesterday, the public brought 4 kt of natural rubies, claiming to spend tens of thousands of dollars in Hong Kong tourism to buy, detectors found in the microscope ruby gap filled with glass, the actual value of only a few hundred yuan. As well as the public to spend six thousand dollars to spend outside the purchase of jade bracelet, after identification found to be processed C goods, even B goods are not, the value of only 100 yuan.
Judging from the scene of the scene, the majority of public samples of jewelery for the inspection of jade, and nephrite, red sapphire, tourmaline, etc., the value of jewelry from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars or even tens of thousands of dollars.
“We did not expect the elderly from the network channels to buy fakes.” Fujian Gem Quality Supervision and imitation cartier love bracelet Inspection Station identification, said a couple of five or six years old husband and wife, bought from the network channel to buy a ” , They bought this jewelry spent 5,000 yuan. Identification results show that piece of jewelry is not and Tian-yu, but quartzite, count carving wages, but the value of hundred dollars.
Travel to buy the most jewelry problems
The purchase of jewelery purchase channels varied, which travel jewelry to buy the most. “Judging from the situation of 3.15, the public to buy expensive jewelry does have a lot of problems, the detection of quality problems of all jewelry from online shopping, travel abroad to buy and spread stalls, including overseas travel to buy Of jewelry problems up to the regular large-scale stores or well-known brand stores to buy jewelry more secure. “Fujian jewelry sector analysis said.
According to reports, to travel to buy jewelry, traps, tourist spots selling jewelry, gimmicks are often low-cost discounts, loss of sale, deceptive practices are similar, but because of “origin”, “processing”, “souvenirs” Factors, many people fooled. For example, many tourists travel to Southeast Asia to buy high-grade sapphire jewelry, claiming that the price is only one-third to one half of the local. But by the instrument check, are through the high-temperature treatment of beryllium diffusion of precious stones, changing the natural properties of precious stones and lost the value of the collection. And tourism shopping is faced with “complaints difficult” problem.

Heavily guarded museum

The trend of things often means that the popular, means short, only personality can have eternal charm. Diamond ornaments is also true, from the recent changes in the prevalence of diamond ornaments can be seen, the Chinese women’s diamond style requirements are increasingly specific, more self.

According to the general manager of the wide jewelry Houshi Yu introduction, the past two years, the Chinese mainland popular diamond style is basically DTC Diamond Advisory Center introduced the style for the mainstream. 2001 fashion diamond ornaments for the “true color series”, because of “free, comfortable, natural, self-confidence” and by the belief in the independent spirit of women love, let them believe that women can also like diamond general character, excellent. In 2002 the “sedition series” will be more women’s heart desire, unbridled publicity out. To the 2003 “hot series”, the woman seems to no longer need to prove anything to others, more care is to show the true self. Whether it is hot, the kiss of God, Yin Dian spring, or the temptation of the jungle, EGL enchanting, lady idiom, style is so simple, but the implied strong desire to spray out every woman can not not heart.

Hushu Yu said that the real mature diamond market there is no “trend” of the word, there is no popular style, mature diamond diamond jewelry are tailor-made, that is the real personality. Foreign and Hong Kong women have already achieved the real self imitation Cartier love bracelet ornaments. Therefore, it is now more and more Chinese women began to indifference and even away from the trend, and indulge in hand to design their own diamond. When the fingers, the items are surrounded by their own design of the unique “personality”, who would dare say that you and your diamond is not unique?
Diamonds, the world recognized the exotic treasures. It is often used as a gift for the kingdom. Diamond is not only a symbol of wealth, but also a symbol of loyalty unswerving love. Into the Moscow Kremlin’s Diamond Museum, suddenly eye-opener. Here it is found that Russia is not only oil and gas power, is also a large diamond production.

Heavily guarded museum

There are only a handful of museums in the world that have not been stolen, and the Russian Museum of Diamonds has never been stolen for 300 years. The Diamond Museum, located in the Moscow Kremlin, is a museum set up by the National Diamonds Fund Library, which is comparable to the security guard of the Kremlin. The heavily guarded guard discouraged greedy thieves.

Diamond Fund was founded in the period of Peter the Great. Peter the Great issued a decree, the establishment of Diamond Hall, collection of royal treasures. During the Tsarist Russia, most of the treasures were bought by the state, and in part by foreign gifts. Diamond Hall in addition to representatives of the crown of imperial power, emperor scepter, golden ball, there are a large number of secular society noble family of nobles to use a variety of high-end jewelry. Diamond Hall of the collection, a considerable part of the 18th century collection. Queen Elizabeth and Ekaterina II has a collection of treasures of the hobby. Among the numerous stones, diamonds dominate. So later generations even the eighteenth century as the diamond century. In the early days of World War I, the treasures of the Diamond Hall were loaded into eight boxes, which were shipped from Petersburg to Moscow. According to the 1915 valuation, Diamond Hall treasures total value of 1 billion rubles. This was astronomical at the time.

Diamond Fund is currently attached to the Ministry of Finance. Diamond Museum of the wealth of this security can not be any problems. Even in the Soviet Union, where the state of law and order is very good, visiting the Diamond Museum is subject to strict rules. The number of visitors per visit and the total number of people admitted per day should not exceed the specified target. At that time, visit the Diamond Museum is often an appointment to wait for several years. Each group Replica Cartier jewelry to enter the museum to visit the group is generally about 15 people, in addition to guides, there are “special” staff behind the visitors with the “escort.” Now visit the Diamond Museum more stringent requirements, in addition to the number of restrictions and was “escorting”, the entrance has increased the metal detector. Everyone has to go through “perspective” before they go to enjoy those rare treasures.

The Legend of Diamonds

Many of the collections in the Diamond Museum are legendary. There is a work in the display of fine gold bracelet, decorated with a variety of jewelry and gold jewelry, bracelets inlaid with the central czar Alexander uniforms like the body, the Czar Royal was inlaid in a “glass” within. But it is not a glass, but a thin diamond, priceless.

The museum has a “king” of the diamond, weighing 88.70 karats. Its color is yellowish, crystal clear, basically maintaining the natural shape, but the upper part of the line in order to facilitate wearing a little polished cut. Obviously, this diamond jewelry is an evil spirits. In 1829 the Russian Empire in Persia was killed in Tehran. This diamond is the King of Persia to give the royal family of the gift of the Russian, as the Russian envoys of compensation and apology. Some collections are not known for their legendary history, but because of their precious and stunning. For example, the Diamond Museum collection of the world’s largest peridot, weight 192.60 karats; and weighing 258.18 kt of Ceylon sapphire. The most important treasures undoubtedly the 1762 Catherine I produced the crown. The crown is basically a diamond and pearl inlaid, only the top of a piece of ruby inlaid 398.72 carats.

The Soviet era was another big bumper harvest for the Diamond Fund. State regulations, diamond mining where more than 50 carats found diamonds should naturally belong to the diamond fund library, so the Diamond Museum exhibits are constantly enriched. Every item in the diamond museum has its name. The name is often associated with important events or people when the diamond is mined. Such as the “victory” diamond is to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the patriotic war, “Union” series of diamonds used to commemorate the Soviet spacecraft. “Dreskova” diamonds are named after the Soviet female astronauts. And so on.

Privatized diamond mining

After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the Russian diamond mining to achieve privatization. Russia’s largest diamond company – Russia – Saha Diamond Company is the world’s second largest diamond mining company. It mined 25 per cent of the world’s production. In 2002 the company total mining diamonds reached 1.466 billion US dollars, the sale of 1.557 billion US dollars, including more than 100 million US dollars processing of diamond products. In 2003, the company plans to mine 1.56 billion US dollars of diamonds, selling 1.61 billion US dollars, including diamonds. Russia – Saha Diamond Company is not only Russia’s largest, almost the only diamond company. Privatization, the Russian Ministry of State-owned assets accounted for 37% of the company’s shares, local Yakut state-owned asset management department accounted for 32% of the shares, the company employees 23% of the shares. This is a non-listed company.

Russia has more than 600 diamond companies, annual processing of nearly 800 million US dollars of diamond products, of which 90% of exports, because there is no domestic market. As the domestic purchasing power is low, the Russian domestic market, diamond prices are generally lower than the international market by 30%. Now, diamonds in the world market is very sought-after.

There are hundreds of criteria for evaluating the quality of diamonds. Usually, the colorless and imitation cartier love bracelet transparent diamonds are the most precious, while the colored or black diamonds are not superior. But now even the black diamonds are also very sought-after.

As a result of the privatization and marketization of the past 10 years, the Diamond Fund Treasury and museum collections not much. It is said that the Russian Ministry of Finance recently prepared to allocate funds, began to re-add to the diamond fund library and museum collections. Whether this plan can be achieved is still unknown. The reason is very simple, and now the diamond mining enterprises are not state-owned enterprises, diamond trading involves various interests. If the Ministry of Finance to buy diamonds at market prices, to achieve this plan is no problem. But the Diamond Fund to buy diamonds are not all used for storage or exhibition, but to continue to sell. In other words, the organizers want to take advantage of this. So Russia – Saha Diamond decided to negotiate with the purchaser. The seller wants to sell at market prices, the buyer uses the power and the law of the past intended to buy at below market prices. As the matter involved business and official relations, the negotiation process has been kept secret. Analysts believe that the final will inevitably reach a compromise.

For the majority of visitors, regardless of the diamond fund and diamond company price negotiations are smooth, it is important that the Diamond Museum to enrich their collections, continue to maintain its noble and charming style.

The world’s top ten most expensive diamonds

The world’s top ten most expensive diamonds
Diamond is a very precious stone. Their pure beauty is impressive, and for centuries their symbolic status has become more and more famous, and it is becoming what every woman aspires to have. Diamonds have become famous because of their unique, beautiful and their moving stories. The following is the history of the most famous diamond.

The world’s top ten most expensive diamonds
1. The great African star

“Africa Star” is the world’s largest cutting diamonds. The Cartier nail bracelet replica diamond cut by a US company, the company in the study of the diamond after six months before deciding how to cut.

The world’s top ten most expensive diamonds
2. Bright mountain diamonds

This diamond has the oldest recorded history, its earliest records can be traced back to 1304. Was re-cut in the reign of Queen Victoria, was set in the Queen’s crown, the diamond is now weighing 108.93 karats. “Mountain of Light” diamond is said to be a gift given to a faithful believer.

The world’s top ten most expensive diamonds
3. Iksha repair diamonds

“Aksha repair” is not only one of the world’s largest diamonds, it is by far the world’s second largest diamond found.

The world’s top ten most expensive diamonds
4. Large Mughal Diamond

The Great Mogul is the 17th century found in India. The Great Mogul was named after Shah Khan, the builder of the Taj Mahal. However, the diamond was missing. Some people think that the light mountain diamond may be cut from this diamond.

The world’s top ten most expensive diamonds
5. Eye of the gods diamond

This is a flat pear-shaped diamond, the size is like an egg. “Eye of the Statue” weighs 70.2 kt. Legend has it that the chief of Kashmir handed over to the Turkish Sultan of Luxor Shah Taha “ransom”.

The world’s top ten most expensive diamonds
6. Regent’s Diamond

The Prince Regent was discovered by an Indian slave in 1702 near Replica Cartier jewelry Valley Tat. Regent diamond is famous for its rare purity and perfect cutting, it undoubtedly undoubtedly the world’s most beautiful diamonds.

The world’s top ten most expensive diamonds
7. Orlov diamond

Orlov diamond is the world’s third largest diamond cutting. It has a typical Indian purity of the most beautiful diamonds, with a little blue-green color.

The world’s top ten most expensive diamonds
8. Blue Hope Diamond

It is considered to have the characteristics of the famous Tavinella Blue Diamond, which was brought from India to Europe in 1642. It had belonged to King Louis XIV of France. Today you can see this diamond at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington.

The world’s top ten most expensive diamonds
9. Xianxi diamonds

It originally belonged to the Duke of the “bold Charles” in Burgundy, France, who lost the imitation cartier love bracelet diamond in 1477 in the war. Xi Xi diamond is light yellow, apparently from India, it is said to be cut into a symmetrical face with the largest diamond.

The world’s top ten most expensive diamonds
10. Taylor Burton Diamond

This pear-shaped diamond was discovered in 1966 in the first mine in Transvaal, South Africa. Richard Barton for Elizabeth Taylor to spend 1.1 million US dollars to buy the diamond, give it a new name for “Taylor Barton.”

Luxury Supreme wedding ring to enjoy unlimited sweet

Luxury Supreme wedding ring to enjoy unlimited sweet
Elegant love and marriage has always been the theme of jewelry, especially those with a long history, worth a lot of jewelry big, to create a unique and precious wedding ring is their natural mission
Royal wood platinum pearl wedding ring

Mikimoto, a well-known Japanese jewelery brand featuring pearls, has invited the famous Italian designer Giovanna Broggian to design a series of platinum and pearl jewelry, attracting worldwide attention with its innovative style and elegant styling. Platinum not only preserved Cartier nail bracelet replica the pearls of the original gorgeous and complete, but also highlights the pearl’s unique shape and color and color, so that pearl jewelry in each one have become the focus of everyone.

Tiffany Love Aestheticism
Tiffany & Co. continues to use its classic six-pronged mosaic, the latest in the style and design of the modernist masterpiece of the Lucida ring. Platinum soft contours reflect the light of a square diamond, highlighting the natural luster of diamonds.

Bulgari elegant aristocratic Fan children
Bulgari (BVLGARI) has been praised in platinum love, witness the loyalty of marriage. Bulgari (BVLGARI) latest “Corona” platinum single diamond engagement ring, get inspiration from the crown pattern, such as the royal wedding to pass the noble and elegant. Ring ring Smart, elegant curves, full of unique fashion sense.

Cartier loyalty “amulet”
Cartier (Platinum) to create, such as “LOVE” Platinum series of men and women wedding ring, with its classic unique screw patterns (1970s in New York creation), singing the eternal love of love, a modern expression of love The best way and the love of loyalty “amulet”.

Piaget marriage diamond ring hand life
PIAGET latest “Possession” series of platinum rings, platinum and diamond produced by the two rings combined, the interpretation never betray the eternal love story. In the natural white platinum backdrop, diamonds release dazzling light. “Possession” contains four kinds of Cartier love ring replica platinum-made models: were simple, single diamond section, a symbol of good luck and the seven diamond models
Love eternal row drill section.
Women to express themselves, do not have to rely on the mouth. Just Gold® 2007 Spring / Summer Collection, “The True Woman” series, which incorporates the soul of designers from Greater China, puts thousands of gold ornaments into the hearts of women. With its refined and refined workmanship, For the real woman and complex and colorful personality, creating a fashion Gui Mei, superior first-class style.
Caprice Classique Series This series of traditional pane pattern into a curved variation, each piece of thousands of gold arc inside a solid and hollow pattern, straight and arc, through the combination of empty and reflect the woman’s personality changeable in perseverance and tenderness, perseverance and Inclusive between revealing the unique beauty and demeanor

The “True Woman” series is inspired by the award and finalists of AuDITIONS Gold Imagination Gold Design Competition 2007 in Greater China. The “Gold Imagination” Gold Design Contest is the industry’s most prestigious event. Just Gold® and South Africa AngloGold Ashanti Gold Co., Ltd. and the World Gold Council jointly organized the “True Woman” contest theme, with 500 grams of 999.9 thousand gold to capture the true woman really join, winning the work will be the end of March 2007 Beijing announced and awards.

Foxy Finesse series of mellow fragrance can not be achieved overnight, as the ultimate red wine mellow as Mia long woman, can be distributed to withstand the tempered taste and taste. Purple red glass lining thousands of gold

1991 Just Gold ® brand set up, triggering the trend of fashion gold jewelry, re-tilt of women to thousands of gold jewelry love and wear. Gold has always been the focus of Chinese culture, fashion, Just Gold ® “New Piece Gold” revolution to “real woman” brand image, fashion design imitation Cartier love bracelet and exquisite workmanship to drive a new generation of women re-discover the beautiful gold jewelry and flexible , As the daily costume fashion high-quality accessories, showing that one-upmanship of the distinguished taste. Gold, not only to measure the value of weight.

Élan Wavy real woman every day is full of vitality and energy, this series to different sizes of red agate and the magic of the waves of gold, on behalf of women’s ups and downs of the feelings, with a true woman’s true qualities

Diamond combination becomes non-stop

Diamond combination becomes non-stop
Any relationship with the diamond, all women are difficult to resist, because it is pure and pure, do not need more packaging, you can bring out the noble temperament, so no matter how fashionable fashion, the status of diamonds still stand, but the price is not cheap Of the fact, but also to a woman headache, to start before the purchase had to go through some painful struggle to buy a good diamond ring? Or drill chain excellent? Now, you can put the problem aside! The same amount, also quit the chain, their choice!

Diamond Advisory Center has always been in the leading position in 2002, the new “Duet double magic series”, that is, the necklace, ring integrated into one. The so-called dual concept, not only in the appearance of the flip function can play a multi-faceted; the other hand, a multi-purpose Cartier nail bracelet replica super-economic design, can facilitate the free conversion jewelry properties, exposing the necklace is the versatility of the ring; In other words, a diamond can be combined more than four different appearance, the direction of the diamond ring can be before and after the diamond chain can be on the next link, the concept of DIY in this interpretation of the most vividly, change in the Moment!

“Duet double magic series”, introduced a total of three kinds of shapes, namely, arc-shaped, octagonal and saddle-shaped, and to make diamonds completely translucent single claw point edge inlays, simple and elegant lines, with the The silver-purple streamlined collection box, can be carried in the cosmetic bag, both modern and intimate.
Jewelry is so difficult to ward off a woman! The brilliant gorgeous jewelry world, the diamond has been one of the most popular gems, status timeless, so the various brands continue to have new works come out, the French top jewelry brand Van Cleef & Arpels in the summer launch of new creative jewelry Small raindrops series, in Japan caused by buying boom, is the brand to create sales of one of the first products, delicate and lovely diamond raindrop shape appearance, can be divided into pear-type drill, round drill, unique slope installation design, can create raindrops Dimensional sense and floating sense, highlighting the superb diamond, the lining of the snake-type practice, but Van Cleef & Arpels most famous chain style, but the most unique is that the diamond raindrop behind the fine clip, can easily manually change Location, this way, whether it is ring ring or practice falling, rendering way before unrestricted, fresh and interesting.
This age is the biggest characteristic of women’s personal style has been basically stereotypes, should have their own unique and unique, so as to more mature charm.

30-year-old woman like a ripe strawberry, mature, attractive. 1. You have learned to abandon evil and good methods of dressing. The most attractive is your confident smile and fascinating figure. The best way to wear is to completely play sexy charm. Work can wear eye-catching jewelry to set off your mature and capable, while the home is to reflect the feminine women’s wear and sexy-based. In the wear should pay attention to the taboo is blindly follow the preferences and style of jewelry is not suitable for their own jewelry.

30-year-old you should wear the ornaments are: expensive jewelry; high-end pearl Replica Cartier jewelry jewelry; large suite jewelry; very rich national style jewelry; diamond jewelry; style partial traditional jewelry.

30-year-old you should not wear jewelry are: simulation jewelry; exaggerated artificial jewelry; gold and silver jewelry; childish or naive childlike jewelry; not suitable for their own style of fashion jewelry.
For example, the super football star Beckham shook the stadium is the best off-the-shelf demonstration, frequently wearing a diamond ear (Figure 1), wearing a diamond ear, wearing a diamond ear, is a symbol of the success of people, His appearance, he not only did not taste the upper body, but also MAN air full, showing great taste in the invisible, quite admirable, therefore, although diamonds for women, is the end of his life favorite love treasures , But for men, but the road to success is indispensable to the identification code bar!

However, to female compatriots as the main customer base of the diamond market, male selectivity is indeed can not be compared, in view of this, the Diamond Advisory Center, especially for men once again launched a new male diamond series, for natural crude male compatriots , The selection of the profound knowledge of diamonds, it will be much easier!

The Pro68 diamond series, which is time-consuming and laborious, was produced by more than 50 diamond engineers and diamond craftsmen, which lasted 18 months to complete the 68 faceted cutting technology with patent endorsement. Angle of 68 grams of surface cutting, the imitation cartier love bracelet stars are over the average of 10 master cutting hand to complete, so superb technology, allows the diamond to reflect the maximum internal reflection angle and maximum brightness, the diamond fire, light, Flash three light reflection to the ultimate level, each shot of the beam, but also scattered into red, green, blue primary color beam.

In order to enhance the professional image of men’s plastic stand, three main rings, the appearance of the contours are in the precise, professional, perfect demands show, with octagonal, straight engraved, square design desk set off.

Charm of Jewelry and Charm of Fashion

Charm of Jewelry and Charm of Fashion
Ms. wearing a beautiful, pretty handsome, jewelry a little eye of the wonderful, such as the green from a little red, wearing a considerable proportion of jewelry just to strengthen the beauty of attire. Buy and wear jewelry in addition to consider their appearance and temperament, but also must pay attention to jewelry and fashion mix, jewelry and fashion must be seamless, echoing each other. Should reflect the artistic style of the times, manifestations of innovation, diversity of varieties. Also need to change with the seasons, dressing of the different updates and changes.

Spring and Autumn costumes, fabric variety, style variation, should be equipped with a variety of necklaces, rings, earrings, brooches, pins and so on. Arbitrary, with any. Expensive diamonds, smart feathers, vivid coral and so can render decorative beauty.

Summer, clothing thin, simple style, jewelry should choose slender gold Cartier love ring replica necklace, chic gold earrings, inlaid gemstone earrings, natural pearl jewelry, platinum jewelry, crystal ornaments, quality light exquisite corsage, pins. In order to elegant colors, crystal flash, dress add a little pretty, the concept of a feast for the eyes.

Early winter, the earth like a faded picture, it is tedious, this time, colorful clothing like a supportive brush, dotted with the ideal world, to arouse unlimited vitality, constitute the earth another human landscape . As a result, the role of jewelry is particularly important, wearing a cream-colored tight cashmere sweater, the Department of the Department of a group of white or transparent beaded necklace, flashing pure beauty of Guanghua, if wearing a spacious fat sleeve, Shirt, should be slightly larger bead necklace, concise shape, rich colors, full of intensity and texture of plain style, and clothing constitute a harmonious and harmonious perfect decorative effect.
In some people’s ideas, jewelry seems to be a woman’s patent. In fact, since ancient times, men from the head to the feet are all left to commemorate the jewelry. Such as the head of the helmet, neck necklace, waist jade, shirt on the chest, armor, self-defense saber, gun, portable fans, glasses, pens, cigarettes (bucket), watches, rings , Brooches, tie clips, etc., give too numerous to cite. Now men commonly used jewelry are the following:

Ring: wear rings pay attention to the delicate and noble, if the ring is too thick, it is difficult to hide Lu Fu wealthy philistine gas. Men ring type Navy ring, side ring, the word ring, diamond ring, especially the exquisite luxury diamond ring, very for business men love. Exaggerated for the shape, weird ring, when the men carefully chosen, so as not to undermine the image of his gentleman. Male rings require thick, heavy, wide, large. There are common Navy ring, Buddha ring, name ring three. Buddha hand ring face has a long circular pattern, and some cast a Buddha word, or blessing, longevity, auspicious, wishful and other words. The name ring or ring surface usually has its own name, can be used as a seal to carry.

Tie clip: tie clip can be said to be a man’s special accessories. The main role of the tie clip is fixed to the shirt on the tie. Use the tie clip to the color with the tie to be roughly coordinated. The most common use is to wear it in the lower part of the tie; can also be worn in the suit collar and shirt collar. But the tie clip must be with the color, suit and shirt to match.

Clothes buttons: the shape of a variety of clothing button, the choice of materials is also more and more modern. The general shape of a square, round, petal-shaped, zodiac and animal modeling, there are 12K or 18K gold, middle and low gem embedded high-end button.

Necklace: Men’s necklaces are generally rough shape, thick, with intensity, pattern pattern is relatively simple, there are two kinds of patterns of chain and whip chain.

Belt buckle: belt buckle is an important object of male jewelry. As a foil jewelry, the key issue is to coordinate with the clothing color. Wear a black suit, color solemn heavy, should be equipped with gold or gold-plated K gold buckle.

Glasses: known as the “window of the soul.” If you are a teacher, you should choose the imitation Cartier love bracelet elegant color, generous style glasses, giving a learned, steady impression. If you are white-collar workers, it may wish to choose a superior quality of the glasses, to show the refined elegance. Sunglasses should also be the solemn city of the man must.

Handkerchief: men’s suit left chest top, there is an oblique pocket of the pocket, the towel bag. To a fine handkerchief, roll out all kinds of flowers, oblique inserted in the pocket, it will tie together, so that added a lot of charm monotonous suit.

Optional accessories in the men’s accessories, in addition to its decorative role, but also stressed the practicality. In the wear, but also consider the overall harmony.
Autumn in September, is coming. Platinum, diamonds, gold and other jewelry, rare, precious, full of brilliant luster. In people’s minds, jewelry lasting unchanged, is a sign of pure love, a decorative wedding of a beautiful landscape. At present, the major shopping malls in Xi’an are equipped with jewelry counters, in addition, the East Main Street, there are nearly 10 gold shops, shops and other cultural relics specializing in gold and silver jewelry business. From the jewelry category point of view, there are gold and silver, precious stones, pearls and other broad categories, including the couple ring, Nvjie, male ring, pendants, earrings, bracelets, chain, pendant, bracelets, Of the highest price, the most popular gemstone diamonds, but the price varies from thousand to more than ten million range.

Platinum set off a white wave

Few women do not love platinum, love it rare, hard, pure and silvery white luster. At present, the annual output of platinum in the world is only 5% of gold. Platinum white luster natural Tiancheng, hard not easy to wear, long-term wear will not fade, eternal as new. Platinum charm is that it gives people a serene from the inside to the outside aftertaste of the United States, Kennedy, true, pure, elegant temperament, all the people feel that platinum is worth having.

According to the survey, 60% of new people are willing to choose platinum as a wedding jewelry. When you buy a good reputation to choose a large store, depending on the product certificate, buy the mosaic class do not be confused by discount wind, because the price difference between gems larger. Followed by the surface depends on whether the smooth, with or without trachoma, with or without chisel marks, burrs, corners and bumps at the junction with or without stomata, black spots or shiny phenomenon.

In addition, the purchase of such jewelry should pay attention to people’s face, clothing, hair, shoes and hats, etc. with the harmony. For example, long-face women can choose a large circular earrings or inlaid pendant short necklace to increase the face of the wide sense. Square face of the women can choose to buy medium-length slender necklace; round face women can choose with earrings and pendant earrings with long necklace; oval face of women can choose small earrings, long necklace, of course, do not Earrings, necklaces, rings also apply.

The ruddy complexion can be purchased in brightly colored jewelry. Such as the earrings Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica with a treasure, with a pendant of the gold necklace, gold ring with a K-gold, etc., in order to look fit. White people, can buy light-colored belt jewelry. The color is too white people, should not choose white with jewelry. Slightly yellow skin, can choose to buy transparent and colorless jewelry with a treasure.

Slender fingers for slender women, you can choose the thick outline of the necklace, thin female, can choose fine short necklace. Squatted women, can choose long necklace, shaped flower ring.

Bright diamonds shine brightly

Diamond is known as “the king of gems” reputation, bright light Shuo, hard texture more and more people love, “no one believed in noble, who watches the heart.” New people to buy wedding diamond ring as a fashion. In the Xi’an market, the price of 3000-5000 yuan in the diamond ring is more popular.

Experts suggest that new people to pay attention when buying diamonds: first of all to clarify the “4C” standard, that is, weight, clarity, color, cut. Diamonds in carats as a unit, per carat of 100 points, the same weight of two diamonds, because of color, value, there is a huge gap. Weight, cut good (with a bright light), pure blemish less, excellent color white diamonds is a good diamond.

In addition, to buy suitable for their age diamond, for young people, according to their spending power, select the price is not high, innovative design diamond ornaments as a starting point is right. With age, economic strength, you can choose larger diamonds, mature style. More than 30 years of age if people wear a small diamond ring is not appropriate.

At the same time to shop around, select the better qualified store and brand, in the purchase to ask for quality assurance and after-sales service card, to understand the business reputation before considering to buy, while wearing jewelry for a period of time, the need for cleaning, renovation, repair Maintenance and other work, and improve after-sales service is essential.

Generally speaking, the election of 50 points below the diamond inlay ring, more suitable, both to express love and can be accepted by the general income class, 30,40 points of the single diamond ring is the usual choice of white-collar workers. 30 points or so VS level, more than 94 color diamond ornaments about 7 thousand yuan; about 20 VS-class, more than 94 color diamond ornaments is about 4 thousand yuan price. Buy more than 40 points of diamond jewelry, must not forget to require businesses to produce national testing department of the identification certificate. In addition, the best can be matched with the earrings, pendants together to buy, so as to avoid the bride’s jewelry with improper left regret.

Similarly, the bride gave the groom a diamond ring as a keepsake, is also very appropriate. General inlaid diamond platinum ring ring ring is appropriate, simple, generous, both beautiful and not publicity, appropriately shows that the owner of good taste.

Women’s new favorite darling jewelry

Women’s new favorite darling jewelry
Recently, the major shopping centers have increased the prize gold jewelry counter, as long as you stop to watch a little, the sales staff will be warm to introduce you.

The bonus is mainly rosy, white and pink. Gold is gold by 75% of the 18K gold and other alloys. Compared with the traditional gold and platinum, gold can not only make colored gemstones color is more dense, but also reflects the fine metal materials, delicate. Such as tide Acer, Jin-lin, the new Jin Shan, the old temple launched rose and pink warm tone jewelry, bring warmth and pleasure; in style is also different. Different styles of jewelry, can be described as bright dazzling, whether women Replica Cartier jewelry or business wear evening dress, with which can show the elegance of temperament.

Lottery has always been Europeans like jewelry materials, its meaning just like the Chinese people in the jade to find the “Fu Lu Shou”, as representing the good wishes of the people. Choi gold jewelry sales in China, a steady rise, indicating that we are in line with the international market.

Choi gold jewelry because of its light weight, the price is slightly lower, exquisite technology, fashionable and more and more people like it.
Omega (OMEGA) launched a new Omega jewelry boutique, just for the prestigious ladies watch provides the perfect mix of combinations, the first launch of the main “Symbole” and “Griffes” two series, including necklaces, rings, Earrings, bracelets and other main items.

In fact, as early as 1963, Omega has begun to focus on fine jewelry technology research and development. Not only in the 1960s to its fine jewelry won several International Diamond Association Oscar Award (Diamonds International Award), but also in the 1970s to jewelry design Cartier nail bracelet replica to win the Baden – Baden-Baden-Baden (Golden Rose of Baden-Baden), and 1975 The City of Geneva Prize. With the advent of new jewelry series, Omega continues the company since the 1960s and 1970s since the establishment of the jewelry tradition.

Omega jewelry these two sets of unique style of the series, all the inherent characteristics of the brand as a source of inspiration.

“Symbole” series of design inspiration from the Omega brand logo, that is, the last Greek letter “Ω”, itself is a symbol of achievement and success, and this is precisely Omega jewelry show quality standards. To create an elegant ring of rejuvenating rings, drawn from the shape of the Omega logo, during which the diamond-studded series, as a strong resonance with the Omega values impression. If the two or three rings with wear, the most highlight the unique charm of this ring. The same series of necklaces and earrings, also the Omega logo as the design of the fountain.

As for the “Griffes” series, the word for the French, intended to “buckle claw” means. The series is the continuation of Omega’s best-selling constellation series of double-claw claw design, to provide the wearer with a variety of options. This series of jewelry make full use of the classic double-claw Omega design in the necklace, earrings and bracelets link, showing the constellation series round dial design shadow.

Like all Omega watches, Omega jewelry series of each section of accessories, are the most stringent quality standards for the production of Omega check, only the most selected precious materials carefully crafted, all used diamonds are IF- VVS Top Wesselton-class diamonds, each item is accompanied by a certificate of proven gemstone.
This year’s fashion, romantic, gorgeous elements of popular.

Precious metals also began to change the field, has always been the glamorous platinum and extravagance of gold seems to be no longer easily fit this year’s color atmosphere. From the world’s top jewelry master Cartier this year will be their own classic jewelry style, fully changed to rose gold material re-interpretation of the precious metals group in a rose-colored storm came.

Rose gold is a combination of precious metals, it is extraordinary color, gold and platinum and the soft imitation cartier love bracelet fusion of copper, this special blend to create such as silk-like gorgeous, velvety delicate color emitting elegant and unique light.

Very special, very delicate, very soft, compared with platinum and gold, meaning romantic and romantic rose gold in a unique, so affectionate men and women of luxury and elegance a little more color, more charm.

Hong Kong Gold – Gold of the fatal temptation

Hong Kong Gold – Gold of the fatal temptation
To Hong Kong to buy gold jewelry is the people of Shenzhen and a tradition of the Mainland. More than 10 years ago, if someone asked relatives and friends from Hong Kong to bring back the gold jewelry, it will become a show of capital and the envy of everyone. Today, the charm of Hong Kong jewelry is still unabated, in the final analysis, it has three major advantages: First, beautiful, Hong Kong has the world’s other cities unparalleled up to the latest and most beautiful fine jewelry, so that everyone can choose to Their hearts good. Followed by the price of jewelry in Hong Kong to buy gold, have a reliable guarantee of fineness, genuine, and do not have to pay tariffs and sales tax, jewelry prices are definitely affordable. Last but not least, in the cosmopolitan city of Hong Kong, the gold and gold market has a long history, coupled with the regulatory and 100% return guarantee on the purity of the law, therefore, no worries about the purchase.

Need to remind you that: the price of gold in Hong Kong and the Mainland is different, it consists of two parts: the price of gold and hand. The more complex work, the more sophisticated jewelry, handicrafts are more expensive. So do not just look at the gold price posted at the door yo!

The following from the old, new fashion, feminine and many other aspects to introduce the representative of the brand shop:

Founded in 1929, Chow Tai Fook Jewelery Co is a reputable jewelry company. In the 1960s, Chow Tai Fook took over from the operation of Mr. Cheng Yu-tung, then his first 999.9 gold jewelry, gold jewelry industry into a model of color. Chow Tai Fook has accumulated over 70 years of experience in the jewelery industry, and has received much support and trust from the community. As early as the 90’s, Chow Tai Fook innovative implementation of ‘jewelery a price’ policy, unlike the general firms to indiscriminately price, set the price of goods to be the lowest cost of direct profits to save time bargaining, so that customers at preferential prices, get High-quality products, real goods experience the real price experience.

Central Branch

Address: 29 Queen ‘s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

Business hours: 10:00 am – 08:00 pm Tel: (852) 2523 7128

Tse Sui-lin jewelry with innovative jewelry design and highly respected industry, over the years award-winning jewelry industry. June 2002, its jewelry designer more Italian “2002 Gold Classic Design Award”, this award known as the international gold jewelry industry, “Oscar” Award. Today, it has become a renowned jewelery group in Asia. It is the largest jewelery retailer and manufacturer in Asia.

Main tourist area stores:

G / F, 35 Queen’s Road Central, Central (852) 2628 6228

Just Gold to “real woman” concept, a wide range of design, reasonable pricing for the strategy, successfully become the most modern women agree with the brand. They agree, may be Just Gold has been projected true woman character: independent, assertive, but without losing the woman’s nature. After all, this is no longer a need to wait for a man to buy jewelry as gifts of the era. Like it, will not buy it?

Main tourist area stores:

Causeway Bay Times Square, 512 stores (852) 2506 3381

Elegant products for the famous jewelry store in Hong Kong, sales of unique, rich sense Cartier love bracelet replica of jewelry; open and full of sense of space store design, so that customers shopping easier and more comfortable. Improve after-sales service Gengrang customers enjoy a comprehensive and high-quality shopping services.

Main tourist area stores:

Queen’s Road Central, Central 41 (852) 2757 3726 Monday to Sunday 9:30 am – 7:30 pm

Love jewelry jewelry in 1994 to set up the first branch, until now, in just nine years has become a chain of 20 stores operating trademark jewelry. With many people from all over the world and the rare international jewelry sales and production experience, the jewelry industry in Hong Kong as a vibrant new brand.

Main tourist area stores:

212, Basement, Times Square, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong (852) 2367 4004

Hong Kong jewelry industry in addition to quality service to provide comprehensive after-sales service, for example, in mainland China, the Hong Kong jewelery industry in the country together has more than a hundred stores, these stores provide customers with gold Free cleaning and maintenance services, customers can also be a reasonable price to replace gold, so the mainland friends in Hong Kong for friends and relatives to purchase the exquisite gift in the Mainland also access to quality after-sales service.

Buy gold Note:

1. Hong Kong law requires gold jewelry sold in Hong Kong to be clearly marked with gold finishes on the trim. Commonly used color standards include: 999.9 and 999 (that is, 24K gold, purity of 99.99% and 99.9%), 990 (purity 99%), 916.6 (22K gold), 750 (18K gold) and 585 (14K gold).

2. Gold has a purity of 99% or more.

3. Gold jewelry on the market, some marked with 24K GP, 22K GP and 18K GP, which GP is gold or gold-plated English abbreviation, which means that the gold is 24K gold, 22K gold and 18K gold-plated gold jewelry.

4. Decorative pieces should be engraved with the name of the gold line.

5. Decorative according to the weight of gold, purity and manual to pricing.

6. After buying gold, remember to retrieve the receipt, the above should be listed replica Cartier love bracelet accessories fineness, weight and price.

7. For inquiries, please contact the Hong Kong Pearl & Stone Jade and Gold and Silver Jewelery Association: +852 2543 9633.

Gold with the elegant rules

Now pure gold jewelry has been out of the traditional image of the old, become fashionable and sophisticated, and ribbon, feathers and other accessories with, grade is absolutely good. These amazing and creative full of popular gold, you can play the finishing touch to play the effect. A set of ordinary clothing, cleverly with a fashion gold ornaments, make you light up the whole person.

The most critical question is: do you know the elegant gold with the code? Do you know how to use gold to add the charm of a mature woman?

Earrings charm

No matter how beautiful you have, wear sophisticated earrings, you will find yourself more beautiful. Wear earrings, not only to add the luster of the face, better with a variety of hair, show your unique flavor and style, so when exposed to be exposed earrings to achieve the decorative effect.

Short hair of the lady, neat style best embodies your beauty. So the button-type or popular bag earrings is very suitable for you. Select the time to pay attention to this pure gold earrings to bright enough for the job.

Long straight hair of the President, simple and romantic earrings design will appear intellectual elegance. Button-type or small ring earrings for you. When selecting the need to pay attention to whether the shape of the ring earrings full.

Long curly ladies, freehand gorgeous earrings will make you look graceful. The most suitable for Cartier love bracelet replica chain-type earrings However, the selection should pay attention to the chain of the interface is strong.

The golden hand of jade

Slender fingers of the lady, you can wear any of their favorite pure gold ring, good condition, how to wear are good-looking.

Finger rounded lady, you can choose a wide ring surface or design a clear theme of the ring, so you can shift your attention from the fingers to the ring, so that people feel slender hands.

Fingers slender lady, you can choose the same slender, delicate ring, delicate gold ring can make your hand appear plump, but also highlight the sense of hand lines.

The beauty of the neck

Short necklace: neck slender woman for wear. If you are wearing a shirt or hedging clothes, necklace should be exposed in the neck.

In the length of the necklace: try not to hang on the edge of the collar, should be a wide collar with a large clothes.

Long necklace: suitable for wearing in the clothes, and with a relatively simple style long skirt, long skirt or trousers.

See the international star in the most fashion modeling

See the international star in the most fashion modeling
Today, women will wear diamond earrings in general, not limited to the occasion to wear at night. Today, we have more freedom to wear diamonds at any time. Even the wave of wearing diamonds, even the trend of men can not resist.

International fashion star in the most modeling

Art Deco decorative + stationed in the exaggerated theatrical effects dominate + hip-hop wind of the best personality accessories
From the classic sexy actress to personality cool male singer, wearing diamonds Cartier nail bracelet replica is almost certainly not wrong. Shirley Sailon and Renee Zellweger at the seventy-sixth Academy Awards ceremony wearing a shining right-hand diamond ring is used to match the Oscar’s most perfect ornaments. Diamond brooch has been reproduced in the fashion industry, thanks to the recent GAP TV commercials in the experience of Sarah Jessica Parker, as well as Julia Roberts in the 76th Annual Awards ceremony wearing the antique brooches . Color and drama effects are still the main popular elements, even the new pop-up hip-hop style also joined the diamond style elements.

Art Deco Decorative chandelier earrings

Decorative chandelier-shaped earrings Formal dress can make people frequently look back, but used to match the daily costumes are also outstanding. In this year’s Golden Globe Awards actress favorite is the flashing decorative decorative chandelier-shaped earrings, and the bigger the better, in the evening to become Teri Hatcher (Teri Hatcher) Ai Xu Li Jude and Julie Richardson (Joely Richardson) sexy evening dress of the perfect accessories.
A multi-purpose decorative diamond brooch

With some classic or modern brooch, can be in any occasion to become the focus of attention and bring honor, not only do not only in the collar on it. Advocates wearing diamond brooch in addition to the most representative of Sarah Jessica Parker, as well as just won the Golden Globe Award for best actress Hilary Shi Wang, will be a delicate diamond brooch dotted in the waist to bring The finishing touch.

In the 2004 Emmy Awards ceremony, television star Joely Richardson God to sum up, in the elegant and neat white goddess-style evening dress hip position, do not Neil Lane designed diamond brooch, the crowd The eyes focused on the beautiful legs, sexy shape is also stunning Replica Cartier jewelry the audience.
Hollywood-style diamond hair ornaments

“It’s really Hollywood style to wear diamonds on your hair,” Marion Fasel said in a somewhat confused way. Red carpet in the last quarter of the occasion, the hair decorated with diamond hair clips, headdress and sparkling diamond brooch, dazzling light will make people look back more. Cameron Diaz has to make a fresh and pleasant model of diamond hairpin, and to show the Spider-Man and high-profile young actress Kirsten Dunst also diamond hair ornaments to show elegant temperament. Diamond crown is definitely a Hollywood actress to show the charm of the temperament of the great way: for example, Salma Hayek, Kate Hudson have to show the diamond crown princess-like temperament.
Exaggerated dramatic effect dominate – layers of diamonds around the chain

Temperament beauty Aleksandra Judd and sexy actress Christina Applegate have to flash and multi-level long diamond chain with low-cut dress. “The design itself has to be graceful and elegant,” says Lane, “you do not want to rob the girl.” The mix of different styles is a huge new trend, and finding a match for everything seems outdated. Surrounded by a long chain of diamond epidemics are big counterattack. Complex and multi-level and elegant long-haul-style chain imitation cartier love bracelet once again provoked Hollywood golden age of the popular wave.
Waterfall effect of diamond long earrings

A pair of linear earrings produce elegant “waterfall effect” can not have any decorative powder neck set off even better. Linear diamond earrings have become Hollywood’s new generation of classical beauty of the fashionable options, which in turn Nicole Kidman with its own unique classical atmosphere to make the most elegant demonstration. Beckham’s wife Victoria has a long diamond earrings with a simple and elegant simple white dress, showing a quiet and elegant style. In addition, you can also wear long and thin as a diamond earrings, whether or not suitable for diamond pendant.

Crystal ornaments sky road lit bright color storm

Crystal ornaments sky road lit bright color storm
The white tide raises visual fatigue

When the jeweler diamond consumer base gradually reached saturation, the jewelry market will mean that there will be a new darling to enrich the beautiful market; white purity and elegance, has become a dream of every woman and love sustenance, plus DTC this world Of the diamond body to promote the frequent promotion of diamonds in a few short years will become the dominant monopoly of the jewelry market;

But in recent years, the proliferation of white jewelry, jewelry led to a certain degree of consumer market visual fatigue, making color into a new fashion trend; especially as people increasingly rich emotional needs and women’s fashion sense of smell, white light can not meet the fashion Cartier nail bracelet replica Women on the beautiful and changing needs; people are anxious to need colorful light to enrich the hearts of the desire, Europe and the United States quickly spread to the trend of China and the Asian region, colored gems with irresistible forces straight into the clouds night … …
2005 is a colorful year, gorgeous colors will make each gem has a personality development space.

Bright trend of the revolutionary jewelry market

McDonald ‘s Why do you want to ask Lee Hom for endorsement? Because the target consumer demand for food fashion is more demanding; a well-known sports shoes also invited Jay Chou for their endorsements, and follow the promotion of entertainment speculation, because people are more and more personalized requirements of all … …

So, everything is changing, reform is imperative.

In this era of change, some of China’s outstanding enterprises, the rhythm of the master very well, timely made corresponding changes, such as color jewelry brand Sin Road, the courage to stand in the forefront of market development, Timely attack, one after another, the battle was very beautiful.

With the full opening of Choi Po market, Europe and the United States and the popularity of the rapid wave of bright colors into China, triggering the consumption of colorful jewelry fashion; fashionable women on the colorful, colorful jewelry design changes in the fanaticism, is bound to cause a jewelry market Field revolution, colored gemstones gradually become the new darling of jewelry consumption, and gradually gained its own market position. This bright color revolution is more ambitious goal is to use their most gorgeous colors to become the hearts of fashionable women’s favorite jewelry, create colorful, colorful modern, and create a colorful family of colorful fashion expressions, triggering China Choi Po enterprise reform, enhance China’s jewelry manufacturing, retail global competitiveness.

Crystal ornaments sky road lit bright color storm

Color stones are high transparency, large particles, natural output, represented by Replica Cartier jewelry colored spar, including amethyst, topaz, blue topaz, tourmaline, olivine, with a variety of new processing technology, mill mill, laser Word in the processing plant has been used. Sticky inlay and inlay set to mosaic more flexible and colorful, coloring and concocting process has also appeared, spar shape more lively.

Variety in the color of spar in the image, we can not ignore the prominent effects of color produced.

Shenzhen cents Road Jewelry Co., Ltd., an international, fashion, the atmosphere will be the perfect combination of modern and traditional brands. After many years of hard work and rich experience in the market, will be colored gems from the low-end market rose to the second largest fashion jewelry trends, and its own management capabilities, the creation of a good brand of charm, Has a large number of jewelry in the trade, business management, promotion planning, design and testing the identification of outstanding talent, to provide fashion people dazzling color jewelry.

Color gem pure natural bright color, always provoke people to infinite desire for beauty, each color are deeply express people’s different emotions and feelings; with cents Road another company’s design style, exquisite flawless craftsmanship, creativity With the alternative interlinked, given Choi Po life-like spirituality and wisdom to a European and American style and modern taste of integration, so that the Treasure exudes a refreshing charming charming charm, so that modern women distributed unique Bright charm.

Since Xian Road led the bright wave all the way from the scenery, so that urban men and women are no longer satisfied with stereotypes, the lack of human color white diamond, Bright, colorful, colorful, full of natural beauty, colorful Choi Po gradually become jewelry Consumer new trend. It is not just clothing accessories, is the personality charm, taste of the show. So get more and more women’s favorite.

Colorful market bright bloom

Famous, there must be followers. “Xian Road” Colorful jewelry sudden emergence and rapid imitation cartier love bracelet development in the country led to a series of small businesses producing color Bao phenomenon. But their non-professional technical process is very difficult and experienced Xian Road to compete. Xian Road with its difficult professional strong production capacity, in a timely manner to meet the sudden market demand, but also to other competitors to create a great market entry barriers.

Sin Road, spar on the cultural orientation and effective publicity, timely and the color treasure into the diamond market position, bright market bright bloom! Sin Road is still not satisfied with the current success, through targeted targeted marketing, not only to expand the visibility, so that spar culture is widely disseminated, but always ready to be so beautiful and colorful decoration to foreign countries Market, started our country’s jewelry brand.