Diamond necklace how to wear a nice diamond necklace wear any taboo and stress

Diamond necklace how to wear a nice diamond necklace wear any taboo and stress
Wearing a diamond necklace, according to their actual situation, such as the length of the neck, lean and thin body. The condition here is the physical condition. Specifically, the neck is relatively long female, you can choose a little shorter diamond necklace, more neck slender. If the body is slim, you can wear chain clavicle chain, more charm.
Diamond necklace to wear and clothing, occasions

Where to go, what kind of clothes to wear, what kind of necklace wear imitation Cartier love bracelet. Therefore, the diamond necklace wear, but also take into account the style of clothing and go to the occasion and so on. For example, if you go to the party, dinner, will naturally be similar to the gift of more noble clothes, so the diamond necklace style can be partial luxury, style surprisingly. A diamond necklace enough to make you in the dinner to become the focus of attention.

Diamond necklace to wear with their own age

When wearing a diamond necklace, to combine their own identity, to choose. Such as a young MM, the best selection of youthful vitality of the diamond necklace, show beautiful youth temperament, if the selected diamond necklace is too mature, will become too old, which women do not want forever 18 years old. Therefore, to pick a diamond necklace for their age, in order to highlight their own unique charm at that age stage.

Oval face is more suitable for thick necklace. Because the thick necklace can make the vertical length of the oval face look shorter.
How to wear a diamond necklace

Heart-shaped face wearing a thick necklace is also very nice, or you can also choose pearl necklace.

Diamond face and oval similar, but the edges and more more clear, you can wear any shape of the necklace, as long as the body and the bride line on the line.

The square face needs to be lengthened through the necklace to soften the facial lines, so you can use T-shaped or simple pearl necklace.

Rectangular face needs to widen the feeling, so to wear a short necklace is appropriate.

The triangular face is similar to the heart-shaped face, but the edges are more distinct. You can choose more eye-catching diamond necklace or select the line of soft pearl necklace to weaken the face of the edges and corners, but do not wear the kind of bottom tip of the necklace.

In the long paragraph with a long necklace need to pay attention to the petite female friends can choose the length of the necklace to the chest above the style, this will not cause a smaller feel in the visual, and tall female friends in the necklace choice you need to choose the chest The following length, so that the proportion of the body can be modified. Like a simple section of the clothing of women can choose to exaggerate the shape, heavy texture of the necklace, so you can make the overall costumes shine, and chest with lotus leaf, stacked decoration of the clothing, the best with small, monochrome long necklace , So both fashion and not too messy.

It should be noted that the short section of the necklace is more suitable for Replica Cartier jewelry the body Jiaoqiao women, because the necklace length is relatively short, do not wear a sense of pressure, more able to highlight the lovely young women charming temperament. Because the necklace can play a modified face effect, and short necklace is close to the neck and face, so face rounded or square female friends best to carefully choose short necklace, while neck thick female friends also, in the choice of short paragraph Necklace can choose some simple style necklace, do not choose the complex and pendants with the style.
Cartier a carat diamond ring price
Cartier diamond ring is a well-known French jewelry brand, world-renowned, Carina Lau, Tony Leung, Beckham, Li Yuchun, Liang Jingru and other well-known artists at home and abroad have for its publicity platform. More than one cram diamond ring belongs to the investment diamond ring, in so many diamond ring brand, Cartier a carat diamond ring to sell the most expensive, generally around 120,000 yuan, Cartier a carat diamond ring why so high prices?
Cartier a carat diamond ring why the price is so high

First of all because the Cartier diamond ring brand awareness, resulting in Cartier a carat diamond ring premium. The same is a carat diamond ring, the price gap between the different brands is very large, then the same quality between the diamond ring, diamonds are also large, because the brand effect, the price difference is also very surprising. Do not buy big brands of diamond ring, which see people see wisdom, from the actual considerations, if the same quality diamond ring, then completely unnecessary to choose a big brand of diamond ring.
Second, because the diamond ring diamond 4C different, diamond 4C refers to the weight, color, clarity, cut, which is an important criterion for judging the quality of diamonds, and diamond prices are through the international common diamond 4C standard Definitely, absolutely you do not think the price of 2 karats of diamonds is equal to the price of 1 carat multiplied by 2 out of the figure.
Diamond since ancient times to white flawless, bright light of the natural beauty to win the hearts of the public. Favorite diamond friends worry about buying is zircon, although the color of zircon and diamond color almost, that in the end diamonds and zircon the difference between what?

1. appearance identification

Diamonds are the hardest material of natural matter, and diamonds can characterize any other gemstones, but any other gemstones are carved with diamonds. You can also use the “standard hardness” characterization, where the hardness is less than 9 degrees, are false diamonds. Diamond also has a lipophilic, such as a pen in the diamond surface draw a line, then into a continuous straight line, while the other gems were intermittent intermittent line.

The main distinguishing features of zircon are high refractive index, high gloss, high birefringence, high density, high dispersion and typical light latent characteristics. Through these features easier to distinguish with the diamond.

The difference between diamonds and zircons is mainly color, luster, and dispersion. Most diamonds with slightly yellow or slightly brown, and the synthesis of cubic zirconia was dazzling pale, giving the feeling of unnatural. Diamond is a typical golden luster, bright and soft pavilion Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica facade of the reflective light and dark. The synthesis of cubic zirconia has a glare of the Asian King Kong luster, pavilion facet light is always bright. The dispersion of diamonds is dominated by orange and blue tones, while the dispersion of cubic zirconia is predominantly red and orange.
2. What is the difference between diamonds and zircons?

As the zircons are rich in color and the color depth varies greatly, the zircons can be blended with any color and transparent gemstones. The most easily mixed gems are diamonds.

The easiest way to distinguish between diamonds and zircons is:

(1) polarizer, can be homogeneous gemstone diamonds distinguished.Because the zircon is a heterogeneous gem, in the polarizer was four Ming dark dark extinction phenomenon, and homogeneous gem of the whole extinction or plaque extinction The

(2) through the side of the refractive index, density, spectrum, or observe the edge of the edge of ghosting and Xiangxiang body, etc. easy to distinguish between zircon and diamonds.

(3) zircon and diamond is very similar, is the best substitute for diamonds. The method of identification is that the zircons are polarized and have a large birefringence. When the zircon prism is observed with a 10x magnifying glass, Shadow, and diamond no shadow phenomenon.
Diamond and zircon the way there are these:

First, the density of zircon is almost twice that of diamonds, so it is obviously heavier. Second, the birefringence of zircon is much higher than that of diamonds. So it seems that the fire color of zircon better, speak easy to understand, that is, under the color of zircon can see the red, and diamonds can only see the yellow, usually green and blue. Third, zircon due to its high birefringence, so there are double shadow. That is, you draw a black line with white paper, zircon put up to see the two lines, and only one diamond.

Diamond and zircon the most practical way of distinguishing

Under the magnifying glass, the surface of the diamond often has triangular growth points and grooves, and the waist is showing a very fine scrub and sparkling reflected light. This feature of diamonds is unique. Although the hardness of zircon is high, good refraction, but in the rotation will reflect more of the IPL, and diamonds in the rotation only reflects the weak yellow, blue color contrast, there are significant differences.

Many people like to use pencils to check the authenticity of diamonds, is a more practical and effective way, in the identification of the time, first moisten the diamond water, and then gently scribe with a pencil, in the real diamond on the crystal face , Pencil strokes of the place, is not leaving traces, and if not diamonds, but glass, crystal and other materials, will leave traces on the surface. And the diamond has a high thermal conductivity, in the diamond surface and pick stone surface at the same time take a deep breath, the diamond surface of the water mist to be faster.

Luk Fook diamond earrings prices six fu diamond earrings how much money

Luk Fook diamond earrings prices six fu diamond earrings how much money
Liu Fu diamond earrings price Diamond jewelry has always been a lot of people prefer to wear, especially diamond earrings, it is loved by everyone. Luk Fook can be said that the more famous jewelry brand. The price is also relatively common brand expensive However, Luk Fook diamond earrings price is not too expensive.
Luk Fook diamond earrings generally how much money

Liu Fu elegant jewelry authentic 18K white gold 8 points diamond earrings reference price: 1308

WCJ jewelry ear only 18K rose gold men and women diamond earrings earrings earrings fashion classic four claw earrings classic four claw earrings # # six luck jewelry diamond earrings reference price: 2,449.00

WCJ jewelry ear whisper 18K rose gold diamond earrings imitation Cartier love bracelet earrings earrings diamond earrings female models authentic new ear whisper # # six luck jewelry diamond earrings reference price: 1,950.00

WCJ jewelry authentic ear heart language 18K rose gold diamond earrings wedding earrings custom female earrings earrings 18K rose gold diamonds, shining light as the stars of the bright. # Liu Fu jewelry diamond earrings Reference Price: 4,018.00
Lucky Diamond Earring Style Recommended Rating

Evaluation: cheap in addition to cheap, I really do not know what to say

Recommend a six exquisite jewelry 18K white gold diamond earrings earrings 26 points diamond earrings Ms. wedding earrings when the price: 5310

Brand: Lu Fu elegant

Model: KW53011

Category: earrings

Applicable people: female

Material: K gold diamond

Mosaic way: package set
Per kg of Latin American diamond earrings price per carat MAKELUMER diamond earrings – with the valve -7 points * 2 = 14 points 18K white gold diamond earrings K0015 Jingdong price: ¥ 1199.00 per gallon diamond earrings price 2500-4500 or so. More than 6000 on the expensive.
Per gram of Latin American diamond earrings how much money

Each Krabi fairy tale world 18K white gold 5 minutes single diamond diamond earrings earrings diamond earrings Price: ¥ 1499

Each clamy soft and elegant – love – platinum Pt950 diamond earrings? 1599

Each carat 18K gold diamond earrings earrings earrings female models water counter genuine promotional price: 1399.00
Per gram of Latin American diamond earrings style recommended evaluation

Per gram of Latin American diamond earrings evaluation:

Evaluation: too good to see, wear is very suitable, very texture! Value it!

Service: customer service is very patient and very intimate, particularly fast delivery!

Evaluation: like, more classic style, workmanship packaging is great, like to bring the effect of ~

Evaluation: super beauty ~ packaging is also very good ~ colleagues Replica Cartier jewelry see also said very nice ~ ~ the first time to buy pendants on the Internet asked a lot of questions ~ customer service super patient! Must be praised! The The

Recommend a luxury Latin American diamond – 27 points love – 18K gold diamond earrings

When you dance, the skirt draws a beautiful flower with the wind. It is the taste of love, in the skirt of the season, is willing to dance with you a love dance. The designer will be elements of flowers into the earrings in the design, as if that sweet whisper, lingering around. Earrings modeling with the most drastic drilling of the most romantic snow pawl mosaic process, V-shaped small claws to the original diamond fire has been extended, full of bright.

Product parameters: the main drill

Weight (ct): approx. 0.271 kt

Quantity: 2 stars

Total weight (g): about 1.43 grams

Diamond grade: 20 points below the non-grading
Opel Diamonds earrings prices
Opel jewelry to create China F2C jewelry e-commerce model (Factory to Customer, factory direct customers), leading the diamond consumption “fast fashion”, relying on its own international creative jewelry factory and the global direct bare diamond inventory resources, the establishment of diamond speed supply chain system.

Through the “website + F2C experience shop + phone” platform, Opel jewelry to subvert the traditional shopping malls selling diamond mode, so that diamonds directly from the manufacturers to your home for consumers to bring new “international quality, close to the price, personalized custom” diamond ornaments. National Department of e-commerce for the Opel awarded the “Golden Seed” award, Xinhua said Ou Baoli led the second revolution in China’s jewelry consumption.

How much is the Ophelia Diamond Stud Earrings? Opel diamond earrings the same price is affected by the diamond 4C, or earrings used by the material, platinum Well. Of course, the price of the day are changing, so you can buy according to the price of today’s platinum to decide.
Opel diamond earrings how much money

OBOLEE Opal Diamond Dancing Love Diamond 18K Gold Diamond Earring Earrings Diamond Earrings Genuine Price: ¥ 5800

Opel Diamond Leya – White 18K Gold Diamond Stud Earrings 10 Minute Diamond Stud Earrings Minimum Price: $ 2499

Opal Diamond Symphony mood – red 18K gold diamond earrings 4 points diamond earrings 2,166.00
Millennium Star Diamond Stud Earrings how much money

Millennium Star 18K Gold Diamond Earrings 18K White Gold Earrings SQ Northern Lights 18K Gold Stud Earrings Price: ¥ 4480.00

Millennium Star 18k gold luxury set of diamond earrings wedding gift earrings Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica about 3.9-3.94g the lowest price: 4500 yuan

Millennium Star 18K Gold Diamond Earrings 18k White Gold Earrings in 18k White Gold in 18k White Gold Latest Price: ¥ 2999.00 Lowest Price: ¥ 2999.00

Millennium Star 18K White Gold Diamond Earrings Bowknot Snowflake Earrings Korean Fashion Women’s Earrings Jewelry SR0149 ¥ 1853.00
Millennium Star Diamond Stud Earrings Rating:

Evaluation: Yes, there is no imagination of the big, very small

Rating: Very satisfied, diamonds flashing.

Evaluation: P like like, directly to the, did not take off!

Recommended Diamond Stud Earrings Millennium Star Romantic Snowflake 18k Gold 6 Wai 1 Diamond Stud Earrings Set Diamond Set Diamond Stud Earrings Approx. 1 gram

Millennium Star Romantic Snowflake 18k Gold 6 Wai 1 Diamond Stud Earrings Set Diamond Set Diamond Stud Earrings About 1 gram

Product Code: 1033678804

Shop: Millennium Star jewelry flagship store

Gross Weight: 20.00g

Place of Origin:

Mosaic: group inlay

Material: K gold diamond

Weight: 10-29 points

Certificate: Other domestic certificate

SMARTER Gifts Jewelry Channel offers all kinds of high, medium and low grade jewelry jewelry price information. You want to know the Millennium Star romantic snowflake 18k gold 6 Wai 1 diamond earrings group set diamond wedding sets diamond earrings about 1 gram is the earrings industry’s well-known brands, smart points for you carefully selected this section of the Millennium Star Romantic Snowflake 18k Gold 6 Wai 1 Diamond Stud Earrings Set Diamond Set Diamond Stud Earrings

Pigeon Egg Rings Rings Photo Gallery

Pigeon Egg Rings Rings Photo Gallery
Before we admire the pigeon egg ring, first look at what is the pigeon egg ring ring. What is a pigeon egg ring?

Now say pigeon egg ring generally refers to more than 5 carats of diamonds, that is, the weight of 1 gram of diamonds. Pigeon Egg Diamond Ring first appeared in the movie “Lust and Caution”, Tony Leung played the spy as Tang Wei played undercover in the last show when she was in the jewelry store to buy a diamond size of about 5 carats diamond ring, known as “pigeon eggs ”
Pigeon Egg Drums As the name suggests is the same as the pigeons of imitation Cartier love bracelet diamonds, in fact, that is large and high quality diamonds, that is, quality and quality are superior diamonds. Pigeon Egg Rings Fashionable atmosphere, diamond quality, a model of jewelry.

Constitute the quality and quality are excellent diamonds

Features stylish atmosphere, diamond quality

Status jewelery model
Pigeon Egg Rings Picture

The largest pigeon egg – the African star 2

The African Star 2 is shaped like a water droplet, weighing 530.2 carats, and is now inlaid on the British Queen’s Scepter. The original stone of the African Star is “Cullinan”, it weighs 3106 carats, pure and transparent, with light blue tones, is the best grade gem diamond, is the largest “pigeon eggs.”

The most exquisite pigeon eggs – century diamonds

Century Diamond weighs 273 karats and was found in South Africa in 1980. The original stone weight 599 karats, after a professional chopper spent three years of pondering, is the “pigeon eggs” family of the most exquisite.
Beautiful how to choose the price of Choi Choi how much money? The charm of the diamond lies in its psychedelic colors, people put it down. If you do not have the characteristics of the monotonous white diamond, the diamond may be a good choice for you. How much is it? As the formation of color diamond more harsh conditions, the number is more rare, the choice of time will be more meticulous. Today, Zuo Kay Xiaobian tell you that the color diamond should be so elected.
First: learn to determine the price of color diamond. How much is it? Due to the rare amount of colored diamonds, according to statistics, every 100,000 gemstones are likely to appear a color diamond. How to determine the price of colored diamonds have the following principles: the more rare the color, the higher the level, the higher the value; the more concentrated color, the higher the saturation, the higher the value. While the first to consider the size of white Replica Cartier jewelry diamonds and cut here is the last to be tested.

Second: learn to distinguish between yellow diamonds and yellowish white diamond. How much is it? As the price of color diamond is sometimes much higher than white diamond, many people will take artificial means to change the color of the diamond itself to get higher profits. In the purchase of the study, only the color than the Z level but also yellow, are eligible to be called yellow diamond, yellow diamond to respect the yellow, not doped any gray, red tones, dark yellow, orange diamonds are far better than yellow diamonds worth The Yellowish whiteish yellowish. Before buying the first comparison of color “color stone”.
Beautiful color diamond how to choose the price is how much money

Third: learn to interpret the agency certificate. Choosing colored diamonds is also important for the selection of accreditation bodies. At present, the world’s most famous identification of the diamond, the authority or the American Academy of Jewelry (GIA). GIA certificate in the color diamond classification more systematic, comprehensive and detailed, do not understand the diamond diamond consumers with GIA certificate diamond diamond is a good choice.

In addition to know the above points, but also have to choose the right time, formal business, in order to buy cost-effective color diamonds. How much money is also determined by your purse.
Pink natural pink powder is due to the accumulation of minerals in the diamond stone and the surrounding environment of the impact of the integration of the results. About 90% of the world’s red and pink diamonds from the Western Australia Argyle diamond mining area, the number of its own and its rare, the world’s only about 50 carats a year. In Geneva, Switzerland to 45.44 million Swiss francs (about 45.75 million US dollars) to shoot a high price of 24.78 karats of rare pink diamonds, refresh the global single diamond / jewelry auction record.

We said that this pink diamond unusual story, this powder drill more than 60 years ago by the American jeweler found, is now embedded in the ring. American Geological Society will be rated as thick pink diamonds, its purity to VVS2 level, is very slightly flawed diamonds. Auction authority of the authority of its weighing 24.78 karats “astronomical” rare pink diamond grade as 2A, indicating that it is very rare. Sotheby’s the auction house to its estimated price of 27 million US dollars to 38 million US dollars between.
Most of the more than 2 karats of pinkheads developed with this diamond-related mineralite www.ourlovestore.com are collected by the Art Museum of Washington, DC, by Smithsonian Society, and some of the finest finishes are developed by a brand and The inlaid in its diamond ring products, this high-end custom rare diamond drill series marry diamond ring products continue the French contemporary jewelry father of the exquisite design process and the perfect cutting, pink diamond out of the same mining area of excellent pink diamonds, perfect Showing the jewelry century master with color decorated love life dream.

Global mining of pink diamonds, only about 10% can be called rare earth powder diamonds. Pink diamond in the global mining is very small, and only mining is accompanied by a white diamond next to the diamond drill, can be called rare earth powder diamond, this powder diamond even after being mined, as long as the same deposit in the same Hidden white diamonds keep enough distance, white diamonds contained in the unique minerals can make the pink diamond color continues to change, accompanied by the longer, this rare stone powder can become more colorful. Bearing the most beautiful wishes for lovers.

The world’s largest diamond in which country

The world’s largest diamond in which country
Where is the world’s largest diamond? The world’s largest diamond is the Cullinan diamond, we know it was found in 1905 in South Africa’s Delfta’s Premiam mine and knew it weighs 3106 karats. Just, where is the world’s largest diamond hidden?

The largest diamond in the world, since it was mined, could not have been on the mine. So, where is the largest and most expensive diamond in the world? The diamond was mined in 1905 and was acquired by the local government of the Portland Cartier love bracelet replica for £ 150,000 and was presented as a birthday present in 1907 British royal family.

Cullinan diamonds were later cut by the Amsterdam company into 9 large diamonds and 96 small diamonds, with a total weight of 1063.65ct, only 34.25% of the original weight of the Cullinan. Cut diamonds, among the nine largest one named “African Star I”, the weight of 530.2ct, pear shape, a total of pondering 74 faces. It is now the largest diamond, set in the British king’s power. The second largest is called the “Star of Africa II”, the weight of 317.4ct, the appearance of square, grinding with 64 faces, it is the world’s second largest diamond, is now set in the middle of the British Empire crown. It is noteworthy that, regardless of how the diamond was cut, its ownership, has been the British royal family.
The world’s largest diamond pit where the world’s largest diamond pit exposure. “Peace” diamond mine is located in the Russian Siberian permafrost near Yakutia City, where the world is one of the coldest areas, the winter temperature as low as minus 50 degrees Celsius. However, in this remote, remote place, the former Soviet Union and the Russian miners even dug up the world’s largest “man-made cave” – “peace” diamond pit. This huge cave diameter of about 1600 meters, the depth of 533 meters, from the satellite photo point of view, it is like a big wound of the earth.

The world’s largest diamond pit

Since the 1950s Khrushchev period of the first batch of diamonds from the “peace” diamond mine was excavated, so far the Russian miners have dug from the mine 165 million cubic meters of rock. “Peace” diamond mine dug diamonds accounted for 23% of the world’s diamond output, and its right to operate by the Russian “El Rosa” company, the company relies on “peace” diamond mine, occupy the Russian Uncut diamond market share of 99%. Because of this diamond mine is very important, the Russian government is now “peace” diamond mine this piece of fat from the “El Rosa” company to recover the hands of the Russian government has become an important source of funding.
And “peace” in the pit of the diamond always exhausted day. At present, “Al Rosa” company has begun to look to other Siberian region or even abroad.

In fact, because the diamond pit is so huge that the helicopter was also banned from above it. Because the big hole caused by the air turbulence enough to suck the helicopter into its interior. Once the helicopter is turbulence in the giant hole in the turbulence “captive”, it will be less fortunate. And digging diamonds from the “biggest cave” on the earth is clearly not an easy thing. In the winter, the lubricant will form ice and the steel will be cracked.
In this “huge cave” on the edge of the town, also known as “peace” town, the town lived more than 40,000 residents. Although the “Diamond Diamond” produces 2 billion pounds of diamonds each year, the town is still one of the world’s poorest places.
What are the characteristics of diamond clarity

Diamond clarity characteristics are those? Diamond clarity characteristics Cartier love ring replica introduced. Diamond clarity is mainly based on diamonds in the natural formation process of inclusions produced by the size, nature, and its distribution within the diamond, etc. to divide the level of the location. The clarity characteristics of diamonds are divided into two categories: external features and internal features, depending on their location in the interior and the surface of the diamond.

1, diamond clarity external features

The external feature refers to the natural growth traces and artificial defects that are exposed to the appearance of the diamond. External features No internal features are important for the clarity of diamonds, as most of them can be improved by re-polishing, and there is no large mass loss.

(1) the original crystal surface (Natural) to maintain the maximum quality in the waist or near the waist to retain the original crystal surface. The original crystal face on the growth of more than “mark”, small surface edge irregular curves. If the original crystal face does not affect the roundness of the waist, not more than the thickness of the waist is a symbol of superb cutting technology.

(2) scratched (Scratch) surface very fine scratches. Looks like a fine white line, mostly appear on the table.

(3) wear (Abrasion) ridge or bottom tip of the small friction damage, rather than the original sharp edges and corners, the appearance was white or fuzzy.

(4) point (pit) diamond surface very small gap, in ten times under the magnifying glass looks like a very small white point.

(5) Polishing lines (Polis h Lines) due to improper polishing of fine lines traces, the direction controlled by a certain facet. Sometimes by the interference of light, showing a fine lines of color. The polished pattern is mostly developed near the bottom of the pavilion facet.

(6) burn marks (Bur ning) improper polishing caused by paste-like burn scar, and can not wash. The types of burns are: ① random orientation of the small burning scratches; ② round or geometric shape of the burning scratches; ③ large area of the burning scratches.

(7) surface texture (Sur face Graining) surface growth traces, a straight line, polyline or other geometric shapes. This is a diamond crystal, the internal atomic arrangement of irregular formation of a phenomenon. It is not bound by a small facet.

(8) Extr a Facet All extra facets outside the standard cut. It is to remove the surface features or modify the fine grinding deviation, forced to do so, it may be the pure technical reasons for the groomers. The extra facet is smooth, flat, no growth mark, mostly asymmetric geometric, edge straight. Additional facings can appear in any part of the diamond, but often close to the bottom of the waist.

(9) Nap (Nict) Bears on the waist or ridge of the diamond.

2, the internal characteristics of diamond clarity

The internal feature refers to the natural inclusions, growth traces and man-made defects Cartier nail bracelet replica that are included or extended into the interior of the diamond. It is important to observe the internal features because they are the main factors that affect the degree of diamond clarity.

(1) Crystal (crystal) crystal refers to all the diamond has a clear three-dimensional geometry of the mineral crystals. Crystal can be divided into colorless or light-colored inclusions and dark or black inclusions.

(2) Pinponit (Pinponit) or tip, diamond within the tiny natural wrap. There is no color and dark color, single or group distribution, it has little effect on the clarity level.

(3) clouds (Cloud) diamonds in the hazy or milky no boundaries of the inclusions, may be composed of many very small points, may also be caused by structural dislocations.

(4) Feather (Feather) diamonds due to cleavage or tension caused by the cracks, like feathers. If the feather is relatively large, it can be called “crack”.

(5) beak waist (Bea rding) exists in the waist of the whisker-like micro-cracks into the internal part of the shape of the old beard. It is due to excessive rough grinding caused. The rough waist is similar to its cause, but the rough girdle has a sandy grain feeling, often accompanied by a small gap.

(6) internal texture (Inte rnal Graining) diamonds due to atomic arrangement caused by irregular growth traces, such as double crystal, growth pattern and so on. Texture can be more or less, can be thick and thin, can also be parallel to the intersection.

(7) Twinning center (Twinning Cente r) crystal structure occurs at the center of the wrong, often accompanied by a point.

(8) Sunken Natur al The original crystal face inside the diamonds from the surface. More appear in the waist of the diamond, can also appear in other parts. Theoretically deep jagged or triangular natural crystal faces can be removed by re-grinding, but can cause a loss of quality, so it will reduce the degree of clarity of the diamond.

(9) laser marks (Lase r Drill ma rk) with a laser beam and chemical removal of diamonds inside the dark inclusions left traces. Tubular or funnel called laser hole. Often filled with high refractive index glass.

(10) Bruce The traces of the diamond surface that is formed by the external impact of the diamond into the interior of the diamond. Hit the scar is usually white, with a certain geometry, the size may be small or small.

(11) broken (Chip). Waist edge damaged small mouth, mostly “V” shape.

(12) Cavity (Cavity) is the diamond in the more serious from the outside into the internal characteristics. They may be due to cleavage of small pieces of diamonds caused by diamonds may also be caused by polishing the surface of the inclusions caused by shedding or holes.

Diamond clarity is an important factor affecting the price of diamonds, which accounted for between 15% -25%. Pure pure diamonds are the most popular but also the most expensive.

Green diamonds how much money green diamonds price

Green diamonds how much money green diamonds price
Green diamonds are a color in natural color diamond diamonds are extremely rare and rare. Natural green diamonds generally go through natural processes that do not undergo high temperatures, and even when they pass through natural high temperatures, their time may be short, or because the temperature is low, there is not enough H color, and the green of the diamond can not be changed. So the price of natural green diamonds is very expensive, once there is a direct high-priced auction, the price to see the specific degree of green color, green diamonds weight, clarity, etc., the general price to tens of thousands of tens of thousands of tens of millions There are.
How much is the green diamonds?

How much is the green diamond? Diamonds in the green tones vary, a green diamond is often the depth of the green shades are not the same. In general, the green uniform, the tone is elegant. One of the world’s most famous green drills was discovered in 1743, “Del Reyston” green Cartier love bracelet replica diamond, weighing 408 carats, is the world’s largest known green diamond, for the uniform apple green. When the value of 300 million pounds, the current valuation of the lowest value of 10 million US dollars. China’s Shandong Tancheng area of diamond deposits also found in the dark green diamond particles.

Green diamond price

Green diamond price. A light green to green transparent diamonds, mostly due to deformation of the crystal structure produced, the color is usually only in the diamond surface, green diamonds are not easy to have grassland green as bright colors, of which the price is the most green! Green diamonds are also price is not now, very rare. Choi diamond with its unique charm of the pack, and the most interesting diamond diamond to the number of rare natural green diamond.

There is also a saying that the color of green diamonds originates from radiation. This radiation can be naturally generated, but also by the laboratory to achieve. The color produced by natural radiation is the result of the influence of diamonds on the uranium contained in the radioactive rocks near the surface. And artificial radiation is the use of laboratory equipped with linear accelerator, gamma ray or nuclear reactor to generate. While the natural green diamonds, the price is naturally more than artificial generation several times!

Natural green drills usually have green or brown surface spots, called radiation spots, which can not be replicated in the laboratory. Radiation spots are present on the diamond surface, so they are usually removed during the gemstone facet process, which is the root cause of the loss of most green after cutting of light green or green diamonds. In some cases, the chopper will choose to ignore the radiation spots near the waist to retain some green.
How much is Hong Kong bare diamond? This is specific or if the bare drill 4C. Color, clarity, carat, cut. The more white color, of course, the better, clarity is the less the better the content of impurities. Diamond weight technology, the price will be high. But the price is not doubling with each additional 10 points.

Such as 1 carat naked drill to thirty thousand, that two carats is not sixty thousand, but a multiple of each carat multiplied by 1 carat price. And the price of 0.9 carats and 1 carat is also much worse, because the whole carat diamond is very rare, so the corresponding to be much higher. Hong Kong’s bare diamond prices will be much cheaper, the price is about cheaper than the traditional brand store 1/3

How much is it necessary to buy 42 cents in Hong Kong?

Specifically, you look at what color, clarity, cut, in general, Hong Kong are more expensive, but will be cheaper than the traditional Chinese brands, but the mainland and the new well-known brands, such as Zoakai, the price will More expensive. In fact, Hong Kong’s bare Cartier love ring replica diamond prices are not very cheap, if you have to understand the domestic brands to do some custom diamond brands to understand, such as Zouka, BLOVE what, their prices are lower than the price of Hong Kong, and diamonds are Have authority certificate. If you want to buy affordable diamonds and quality guaranteed can go to the site to see.

Hong Kong to buy bare drill cheap?

Hong Kong to buy bare diamond cheap? In fact, in Hong Kong to buy world famous will be cheaper, such as Cartier is almost hit around 20%, but the diamond will not be much cheaper, and many but also expensive, because I saw a lot of wedding before the wedding ring, do not know in the country you can not accept to buy Bare diamond and then with a ring, will be cheap, there are many can change, very good! But must be more formal, must be GIA bare diamond certificate, such as Zouka good, aftermarket is also more convenient. The following is a small series of bare diamond prices for your reference.

1. Zoukai GIA bare diamond 30 diamond ring custom wedding marriage proposal wedding jewelery authentic 30 points F / SI1 / 3EX / N 4299 yuan

2. CTF 【Bare Diamond Order】 Chow Tai Fook Jewelery Belt Customized Paint Bare Diamond 30 min GS 30 min D-E / SI 7100.00

3. Kelan diamond gia bare drill custom 30 points pt950 platinum wedding ring 30 points F / VVS1 / 3EX / N 5535 yuan

4. Xin Wanfu diamonds 30 minutes South Africa bare diamond custom GIA1 carat diamond ring 30 points E / VVS2 / 3EX / N 5350.00 yuan

5.CRD / Ke Lai Di 30 minutes 50 points 1 carat GIA bare diamond custom made wedding diamond ring female ring diamond ring 30 points D / VVS2 / 3EX / N 5706 yuan
How much is the cheapest diamond ring? Diamond ring is not the cheapest, only cheaper, the current diamond ring is the cheapest city love (love do not have to wait) Diamond Women Heart-shaped hollow diamond ring ring authentic counter, diamonds are 0.01 karats, material is 925 silver. The value is very low.

How much is the cheapest diamond ring? 18K gold material of the diamond ring, the cheapest to be Zuo Kay Rose 18k gold diamond diamond ring diamond butterfly shape diamond girl ring ring girlfriend ring, the color is H color, the price is 899.00 yuan. Very affordable, style is also very beautiful. Wearing in the hands, like a butterfly in the hands of dancing.

How much is the cheapest diamond ring? PT950 diamond material diamond ring, the cheapest is the Munich jewelry pt950 platinum diamond ring, priced at 1260.00 yuan, 5 cents diamond, gold will be lighter. The price is very affordable.

The most expensive diamond ring price [picture style]

The cheapest diamond ring price [picture style]. This is not necessarily. Diamond ring price depends on its 4C, GIA certificate of the world circulation. If you buy a national inspection is also good, not too good quality, about 20 points of diamonds, 2 thousand to 3 thousand or so can be bought Cartier nail bracelet replica, be cheaper diamond ring price. The following is a small series of relatively cheap diamond prices for your reference:

1, Zokai 18k gold diamond ring diamond wedding ring to marry female ring set inlaid 80 points effect jewelry genuine electric shock special 1899.00 yuan

2, A + V 18k white gold diamond diamond ring women seeking marriage marriage couple ring set rose gold row drill bare diamond genuine 966.00 yuan

3, Thanksgiving companion 18K white gold diamond couple ring diamond ring engagement ring platinum wedding marriage men and women ring 914.00 yuan

4, Flying Diamond Jewelery Diamond Ring 18k White Gold Angel Kiss Marriage Diamond Women’s Ring Ring 1188.00 元

5, Zuo Kayi white 18K gold diamond ring women’s ring wedding diamond ring to marry diamond ring personality new jewelry 699.00 yuan

Why do you talk about marriage you will think of diamond ring

Why do you talk about marriage, you will think of diamond ring
On the letter has become a popular trend, many fell in love lovers, have been engraved with two exclusive letters to symbolize love. In fact, in ancient English often appear Posy Ring words, Posy is the lovers of the beautiful poem engraved in the exquisite ring Cartier love bracelet replica around or inside, to express the feelings of each other, pass love information.
So the lover, in addition to buy on the ring to stare at each other, is not it should be engraved with some of your exclusive text to convey each other’s love it! However, the letter should be engraved on what is more meaningful? Are there any special words that can be used for lettering?

Small to help you organize some of the contents of the letter, when everyone in the choice of the letter when the letter can be a lot of reference Oh ~


The most common is the letter engraved engraved with two wedding anniversary, a symbol of the continuation of love, it was also selected other meaningful anniversary, such as the first kiss, the first to go abroad, etc., Xiao Zuo feel also Help lovers remember the date of the anniversary, be a very practical choice Oh ~

The following are the same as the ”


Name abbreviation

Because most of the letter can only engraved in english, so some couples will choose the abbreviation of English name, such as M & W, M love W like the text, or put their own abbreviations into some symbols, this is their own can see Have to understand, but others do not necessarily understand the meaning of the representative, full of like a little secret couple!

The following are the same as the ones,

The following are the same as the ”

Love vows

Love vowed the most classic should be the desire of the city sex and the city Cartier love ring replica inside, Kelly gave the gift of the big man, engraved with “Just you and me”, a symbol of the two world will not change, is their two of each other’s promise Is not it also very creative! So lovers can also consider engraved on each other’s oath and commitment, so that this is more meaningful than the Oh ~

The following are the same as the ”

The following are the same as the ”

Romantic foreign language

In addition to English, the ring can also choose some people generally think that very romantic language, like French, there are many classic aesthetic verse can be used, like Pour Toujours Et Toujours is representative Forever and always, has a special meaning of foreign language is also A good choice for the letter engraved Oh!

The following are the same as the ”
The following are the same as the ones,

The following are the same as the ones,

The following are the same as the ones,
Some couples have experienced some major events in love or have a profound memory of the event, will choose to engraved in the ring, the location of these memories or events into the text engraved in the ring, when looking at the ring You can recall this past, once again memorable memories.

The following are the same as the ”

The following are the same as the ones,

These advice on the letter is not very practical ah? Each pair of couples in the buy Cartier nail bracelet replica after the ring to remember engraved with a meaningful text on the ring, will make your right to save the value of Oh ~

There are traditional brands, emerging brands, Hong Kong brands, etc., such as Kimberley, Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, Zokai, Kelan and other brands. To participate in a group or organization. Can be extended to the commercial field, referring to the franchise of commercial brands.

Diamond ring custom to join the company’s Kimberley diamond ring custom to join. Join advantages: 1, fidelity. Diamond ornaments are equipped with the authority of the national certification issued by the identification certificate.

2, shelf life. Diamond quality level and content of the national standard.

3, washing. Where the Kimberley Diamond authorized franchise stores or counters to buy Kimberly Diamond brand diamond ornaments, life-long enjoy free maintenance, cleaning, polishing and other services.

4, forbidden. Where Kimberly Diamond authorized franchise stores or counters to buy Kimberly Diamond ornaments, as long as intact, notes, certificates are complete, can be anywhere in China, Kimberley Diamond authorized franchise stores or counters for life exchange. Do not depreciate, not limit the number of times to comply with the “exchange for the same value or more” principle.

5, the warranty. Where Kimberly authorized franchise stores or counters to buy Kimberley brand diamond ornaments, due to wear caused by accidentally damaged, are responsible for free warranty (diamond loss or damage is not included)

Diamond ring custom to join the company’s Zouka diamond ring custom to join. Join the process: 1, investment advice: investors by telephone, fax, online message, etc. to the headquarters of the professional investment advisers to consult the relevant cooperation matters, obtain the relevant information.

2, site visits: Investors to the headquarters of the project to visit, and with the headquarters staff to carry out business exchanges.

3, the qualification audit: the headquarters of the investors to review. Confirm the qualifications of investors.

4, the signing of the contract: the two sides confirmed that the results of the investigation is not controversial, the formal signing of the contract.

5, the payment fee: the investor according to the type of investment to the headquarters to pay the relevant costs.

6, headquarters training: Headquarters arrangements for investors to carry out technical training, training, qualified after the grant of bronze medal.

7, store decoration: headquarters for the franchisee to provide decoration guidance, and design guidance.

8, opening: the headquarters continued to focus on the franchisee’s business, and give business guidance and help.

Henan bare drill custom

Henan bare drill custom
Can be customized diamond ring, diamond earrings, diamond earrings, diamond pendants, diamond bracelets, etc., the general custom diamond ring more custom, the other is relatively less custom. Diamond ring is mainly as a symbol of both love and Replica Cartier jewelry marriage, and some people buy their own birthday gift, or reward their hard work for a year of gifts, or send elders that filial piety and so on.

Henan naked drill custom Many people buy bare diamond custom diamond ring but also care relations, find friends, visiting the major shopping malls and stores, and even personally to buy abroad, in order to find a bare diamond custom a diamond ring. But some people in the end or not the right, like the bare diamond or diamond ring, wasted their own so much time and effort, very uneconomical.

Henan bare drill before customization, we must first determine their own budget, go picking naked drill and ring care style, to avoid too much budget, resulting in financial constraints, affecting life. On the style to have a certain understanding, you can first go to the brand and other brands of the official website to pick the style, to see what they prefer, and then cut a good picture, when the shop, the more directional, and not temporary cramming, Choose the style will be very satisfied.

Henan bare diamond custom can also be optimistic about the style of the Internet, and then make an appointment to the style of the store custom, such as Zoukai, online official website, there are more than a hundred online store, there are ten entities in Henan Shop, and the store’s price is also consistent with the Internet, 30% to 50% discount than the traditional brand, in the Zoukai official website optimistic about the style and bare drill, and then contact the jewelry consultant to help make an appointment to the physical shop to see the kind, there are coupons And gift!

Henan bare diamond customization, the need to avoid friends and colleagues to follow the trend or comparisons, after all, each person’s style and fingers are not the same, for the diamond ring is not the same, to see other people wearing good-looking, but wearing their own models, but Not necessarily good looking. So in the selection of bare diamond and ring, or according to their own preferences and budget to customize, to avoid when the custom is http://www.ourlovestore.com good but do not like.
Guangdong bare drill custom place is very much, of which Shenzhen, Guangzhou for the most, the city of each city custom bare diamond jewelry store is also dazzling, in the first-tier cities such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou is each district has jewelry store , Shenzhen water shell is the Chinese jewelry circle!

Guangdong bare diamond custom can be selected in their own city jewelry store custom, you can also go directly to the Internet to find Zoukai or other well-known brands selected bare diamond custom. Relative to the traditional line of the brand, the online Zouka or other well-known brands, the price is more affordable, more cost-effective!

Guangdong bare diamond custom brand is very much, in the first-tier cities such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, in addition to the traditional domestic brands Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, Luk Fook, Xie Ruilin, etc., as well as international brands Cartier, Tiffany, as well as emerging brands Zoukai, , Diamond birds and so on, very much.

Guangdong bare diamond custom-made new brands can be online online official selection of fine bare diamond and ring, and then make an appointment to see the kind of line, such as Zoacai, not only online with the line service, the price is the same price, that is, both Can enjoy the price of online, but also to see the kind, very cost-effective! Compared to traditional brands, the price can offer 30% to 50%, compared to the international big, can be favorable to about 200%.

In addition to the first choice of reputable business, but also to determine the total price, to avoid bare drill cheap, ring your expensive, processing fees Expensive, the total price than other bare diamond more expensive brand even more expensive! This is some unscrupulous businessmen in order to attract customers and the means of the. Because many customers buy bare drill custom, that the bare diamond your overall price on the expensive, only the ratio of bare diamond, but was the ring and processing costs to the pit!
Custom emerald ring offer in the 500 to tens of thousands of have, specifically to see you are carrying emerald, just processing mosaic, or jade and ring are custom. If it is their own stone mosaic, just buy the ring and help mosaic, the price depends on the care style, usually in the 500 to 2 thousand or so on it.

If you are jade and ringing are custom, the price will be much higher, before customization can choose their own emerald egg surface of the various levels, such as emerald egg surface of the water, size, shape and color, etc., and then Choose the ring style, you can choose a http://www.ourlovestore.com simple no diamond style, you can also choose a lot of luxury inlaid with a small diamond style. This offer will depend on the fineness of jade and the style of the arrangement to offer, fineness or ringing different, offer will be different.

Customized Jade Rings If you do not like the style, you can also put your own ideas, ask the designer, designed by the designer specifically for you to design a unique emerald style. Too troublesome, you can also directly on the counter selection of ready-made style, and then change the way to set mosaic, ring arm design, etc., to create a new emerald ring!

Custom jade ring offer some price, and some is the first reported an estimated price, and so on custom, according to the actual weight and small diamond weight, and then reported the actual total price. This will be better, do not worry about your care, gold or diamonds and less. The emerald face in determining the good kind of water, size, shape and color, etc., businesses will be reported to determine the price, the total price of custom after the price, and the estimated price is generally only related to one or two hundred dollars.

If you feel more expensive, you can also report your own budget and approximate requirements, tell the jewelry consultant, by the jewelry consultant to change the emerald egg level to change the price, so that the final total price can meet your budget The So that both can buy their favorite jade ring, but also in the budget to buy, very cost-effective!

55 cents how much bare diamond

55 cents how much bare diamond
How much is it? In the Zuo Kay official website, 55 points naked drill prices from five thousand to more than 40,000 range, diamond parameters from the contours of the drill J color, SI2 clarity, VG cut; to round drill, color clarity cut Is the top fineness of the D color, IF clarity, 3EX cut. Different parameters, the price will be different. If you want to choose high color, the price is cheap, you can choose the shape of the drill.

How much is it? 55 cents bare drill generally only for the decoration to wear, beautiful and the price is the preferred factor for consumers to consider. In the 50 minutes of bare drill color can choose: 55 points diamond ring color can choose D to F, are good Cartier nail bracelet replica colors. Choose to cut the words: it is best EX, this diamond is the most flash. And clarity, then select the VS2 or more can be clarity, clarity requirements can be lower, because no one holding a magnifying glass chasing you see the clarity of the diamond.

How much is it? 55 cents if the drill is round, the level of the in the fifteen or so can buy. And some people pursue perfection, like the high degree of clarity of the naked drill, such as vvs level and above diamonds, in fact, is not necessary. 55 diamonds, although already have value-added potential, but its main function can wear. Vvs and vs are the contents of the naked eye can not see the content, and clarity accounted for about 40% of the proportion of bare diamond prices, VVS level than the level of the price of the diamond is much more expensive, so we can choose more cost-effective VS net Diamonds.

How much is it? Different brands, the same level of 55 cents bare drill, offer is not the same. But the value of 55 cents and the brand is not any relationship. Such as a round diamond, have an international diamond offer, a unified pricing system, with a unique. But we see the price of a diamond in the market is often higher than this price, mainly due to different brands given the added value of the diamond itself, resulting in one of the price difference. So in the purchase, the need for a lot of contrast, in order to select the highest cost of bare drill!
How much is the bare car? Ten carat bare diamond is a rare diamond, the price of about two million to more than 10 million range. Dacers are often made into a ring, or as a collection. All actresses are very fond of 10 grams of bare diamond drill made of diamond ring, like Zhang Ziyi, Ye Yuqing, Elva Hsiao have to wear ten carat diamond ring stunning audience, according to conservative estimates, ten carat top bare diamond market price should be more than 10 million.

How much is the bare car? The price of the ten-carat bare diamond is determined from the “4C” standard of the diamond, namely, Carat, Clarity, Cut and Color, and 4C is consistent with the international and international standards , The price of diamonds is very transparent, but a high quality ten carat of diamonds from the original volcanic rocks mined out to show in the finger, the price will increase a lot.

How much is the bare car? Ten carat bare diamond price is relatively expensive, and the inventory is not much, because less people can afford such a expensive bare diamond. Ten carat naked drill, profiled drill and round drill are Tingduo, because many diamonds in order to imitation Cartier love bracelet reach 10 karats, will be able to retain the weight of diamonds, will be more reserved, because 10 kt of bare drill relative to the fast ten carat naked Drill, the price difference is not just a little. So a lot of bare drill if the cut into a round will consume a lot of diamonds, it will be directly according to the shape of diamond blanks, cut into the least loss of diamond shape.

How much is the bare car? In the Zoakai, 10 carats D color, VS2 clarity, 3EX perfect cut, no fluorescent bare diamond, special only need more than seven million, the price is very affordable, bought outside, can only go to the auction line auction, also Not necessarily able to shoot at this price. 10 karats such a collection of large drilling, the future can also be passed to his son, grandson, not like real estate have to pay taxes, when necessary, circulation can be realized, is a good investment choice!
0.38 carat bare diamond how much money? 0.38 carat bare diamond prices in more than four thousand to twelve or so, respectively, the level of the next and the top level of the price. The specific price of bare drill depends on the color of bare drill, clarity, cutting, fluorescent and so on. 0.38 karats of bare diamond prices and 0.4 carats of the difference is not, if the choice of 0.4 karats, the choice of a wider range, and 40 points naked diamond value will be higher, so in the selection, it is recommended to choose 40 cents Better.

0.38 carat bare diamond how much money? The factors that affect the price of 0.38-carat bare diamond are diamonds 4C, 4C is the diamond’s value recognized by the criteria, diamond weight, cut, color and clarity level determined by the price of diamonds. 0.38 carat bare diamond prices first look at it is the level of its 4C, under the same weight and then according to its cut, color and clarity contrast, you can choose to all aspects of the bare diamond.

0.38 carat bare diamond how much money? Mainly to look at their own budget, want to buy at what price, 0.38 carat bare diamond price from more than four thousand to more than ten thousand have, according to their own budget, select the corresponding parameters, and imitation Cartier love bracelet then select from the inside to meet their own requirements The level. In the purchase of bare drill, you can choose to understand the diamond 4C, so in the choice of bare diamond parameters, you can better choose their favorite fineness.

0.38 carat bare diamond how much money? The same level of diamonds in different brands of business prices will have a greater difference. For international brands or domestic brands, the higher the added value of the brand, the higher the price of its products, so even the same level of bare drill under different brands may have a greater price.

And in fact 0.38 carat bare diamond price and quality by the diamond 4C to judge, and the brand is not directly related, so we buy as much as possible when the three stores, choose the best price of the best business to buy. Such as Zuo Kayi is good, there are more than 100 entities for the selection of the store.

Diamond bird bare diamond price

Diamond bird bare diamond price
Diamond bird was founded in 2002, the first to “mouse + cement” model into the network of luxury sales, is one of the earliest online diamond brand. Diamond is a very favorite gem, with the diamond forever, a perpetual spread of the birth of this ad, the diamond has become one of the most popular jewelry, and enduring. Diamond bird is one of the earliest online diamond brand, diamond bird support bare diamond purchase, provide custom diamond ring, but also direct purchase wedding ring, ring, accessories, then diamond bird bare diamond price how?

Diamond bird bare diamond price how? Diamond bird is currently set up in the country 15 line experience center, to provide consumers with one-on-one exclusive jewelry consultancy services, the Shanghai flagship experience center covers an area of nearly 2,000 Cartier nail bracelet replica square meters, par the world’s top luxury interior decoration, is At present, “Asia’s largest diamond jewelry experience center”. As the leading brand of the diamond industry, diamond bird pioneered the bare diamond wedding customization service, for each pair of lovers love vow to create exclusive shine keepsake.

Diamond bird bare diamond price how much money? Diamond bird is the most representative of the diamond non-northern light none other, you can go to the diamond bird’s official website view, choose their own want to diamond 4C level, you can learn bare drill price. For example: diamond bird ordinary bare drill: weight 0.30 carat color D clarity SI2 cut VG bare diamond price of 3100 yuan or so, diamond bird northern light bare drill: weight 0.34 carat color D clarity VS2 cut ideal Ideal polishing Symmetrical Ideal bare diamond price of 11400 yuan or so.

Diamond bird bare diamond price is not expensive? Bare diamond price is not expensive with the diamond brand did not care, the most direct impact on the bare diamond price is diamond 4C level, that is, different drilling different color, weight, clarity, cutting can be a good judge the level of the value of diamonds. Relative to other jewelry in terms of bare diamond prices are still relatively high, but under the conditions of economic conditions, with a fine bare diamond is really a pleasing thing, which will make your life more beautiful , So that your life becomes more romantic and warm, of course, diamond bird bare diamond prices are also closely related with the diamond 4C, and the brand does not matter.
Founded in January 2010, the company is the first professional full-channel diamond retail brand in China, through the “network + entity” mode of operation, for the majority of consumers with diamond inlaid jewelry, diamond stone, diamond custom, diamond investment And other products and services. The price has always been the first consideration for the purchase of diamonds, each of the Latin American from the global group of large-scale procurement of diamonds, through the direct sales model to reduce the traditional diamond circulation of the intermediate links, to avoid the traditional channels back to the store deduction point, significantly reduced Diamond goods prices, for consumers to bring real benefits, then the price of each carat diamond ring how much money?

How about the price per carat diamond ring? Every gram of Latin American public commitment, all through the formal channels of every gram of Latin America to buy the diamond ring, are equipped with the authority of the jewelry certification body of the relevant certificate to ensure that consumers are buying genuine. Every gram of Latin America is a professional qualification of the jewelry brand, for them, “the same drill, the price of half of the province,” saying Zuoqi Yi jewelry suggested that you choose the diamond ring, try to choose 4C higher level diamond ring, after all, Diamond for most consumers, are not cheap.

How much is the price per carat diamond ring? Each Latin American diamond as one of the well-known brands of domestic diamonds, diverse, standard clear, courteous service, the quality of diamonds is also worthy of trust. In contrast, the price per carat diamond ring is more imitation Cartier love bracelet favorable, the price is low so that the average consumer can not believe the point. For example, from the diamond ring price comparison table can be seen, a weight 0.32, color D, clarity VS2, cut for the EX, polished EX, symmetrical EX ring market price of about 8,000 yuan, The price per carat diamond ring is about 5100 yuan.

Per gram of Latin American diamond ring expensive expensive? The price per carat diamond ring relative to the luxury goods is still relatively affordable, but every carat diamond network in the early days of the establishment of the “emotional gift”, mainly for young consumers through the Latin American diamond network feel in addition to the expression of lovers Love, more hope is able to pass on the family’s gratitude, thanks to friends, to their own encouragement, so the pricing of goods, the selection of money on the use of mind, each commodity is carrying a full carat Love.
Love is only destined to start, no happy ending, although we do not have soul-stirring love, but we are very happy, love your girlfriend on the side, a 20-point diamond ring, condensed with deep affection, it is a time Capsules, sealed memories of love, whether you are ready to marry or marry, and ultimately, a bright diamond ring to witness this beautiful process, 20 points of the diamond ring, that is, carat weight is 0.2 carat diamond ring, then 20 points diamond ring price how is it?

20 points diamond ring how the price? The attractiveness of the diamond ring people can not stop, every girl will want to have a diamond ring, whether it is 20 points diamond ring or 30 diamond ring, a diamond ring to bring happiness, bring the bright always people can not say. The size of the diamond ring and mosaic way, a 20 points diamond ring price is the first choice for young people, it can decorate a woman but will not seem flashy, it can express love and can meet the love of women’s love, just A 20-point diamond ring will be able to meet the little mind of women.

20 cents the price of the diamond ring? 20 points diamond ring prices for different brands of diamond ring prices also have a great impact, different diamond ring purchase channel will certainly affect the price of diamond ring, and now more from the Internet directly to the business sales to consumers, which will greatly reduce Diamond ring costs, so the price will be reduced. 20 points diamond ring how much money have to look at the diamond 4C level, 20 points in the imitation Cartier love bracelet diamond price is generally 2000 to million, generally depends on the diamond level and brand prices such as large fluctuations.

20 points diamond ring price is not expensive? The price of the diamond ring between the brand is very expensive, 20 points diamond ring prices in different brands is also a big gap, the international brand in the royal aristocratic jewelry called Cartier, it is under the brand 20 points diamond price is expensive Platinum platinum raw materials processing design, representing the highest yearning for each woman, usually around 20,000, while compared to the domestic Chow Tai Fook brand 20 points diamond ring price is also in the forefront of its 20 points diamond ring if the price Using the same material, then the price is roughly around 10,000.

1 carat diamond

1 carat diamond
Weighs 0.2 grams, equal to 100 points. Different shapes of 1 carat diamonds are not the same diameter, such as 1 carat diamond round diameter is 6.4mm, the princess is 5.5mm, emerald is 6.5 * 4.5mm, oval is 8-5.5mm, heart Is 6.7mm, drop-shaped is 8.5 * 5.5mm … … which is a circular 1 carat diamond is the most significant, followed by the princess square.

1 carat diamond is a big diamond, the level of good will Cartier nail bracelet replica have some value-added and value-added features, 1 carat diamonds if you want to be more large, you can set the luxury diamond diamond ringing, mosaic on the drill is also a two-carat effect! But a carat such a large drill, it is best to choose claw-style, luxury models to choose 18K gold material, and then select the mosaic process good business, such as Zoca, Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, etc., to avoid mosaic is not strong, phenomenon.

Every girl has a carat dream, so 1 carat diamond is still very popular. 1 carat diamond prices from more than 20,000 to more than a hundred thousand, the price compared to 2 kt, 3 kt 10 kt and other diamonds, the price will be much cheaper, so it will not be too expensive, bite or can afford. Of course, 1 carat diamonds compared to 30 minutes 50 minutes and 80 minutes, or more expensive, if you want to buy 1 carat diamonds, and do not want to spend too much money, you can choose 90 points inlaid diamonds luxury style, Looks bigger than a carat diamond. Or choose a special 1 carat diamond can also be.

1 carat diamond is the top gem, has a lot of moral. It represents the top cause, the top achievements, people usually have the diamond as a successful career representative. 1 carat diamond or unlimited power of the representative of the emperors will be drilled as a sign of infinite power, as a treasure, deep palace, from generation to generation. 1 carat diamond is also representative of pure love, is the love of loyalty and eternal pursuit, but also on behalf of eternal and wealth and artistic charm.

1 carat diamond If you buy a collection, should not blindly ask “big”, but also pay attention to the quality of diamonds. First of all do not see all the diamonds as a collection, more than 1 carat weight, H color, VS2 clarity, EX cut above the level, have the collection value. Moreover, only natural diamonds have a collection of value, synthetic diamonds and other imitation is not a collection of value. Finally, the collection of 1 carat diamond, do long-term imitation Cartier love bracelet collection, ranging from 5 to 10 years, as many as decades, not like stocks of short-term investment.
Zhengzhou diamond ring stores have a lot, in order to meet the needs of Zhengzhou drilling, many jewelry brands have opened in different cities in Zhengzhou branch, plus Zhengzhou local diamond shop, Zhengzhou diamond store seems a lot, in different brands of Zhengzhou Diamond store to buy diamond ring, the price may be different, Zhengzhou consumers in the purchase of goods than three, choose the most cost-effective that one. So how to buy diamond ring in Zhengzhou diamond shop it?
Diamonds are the most important part of the diamond ring, the color of the diamond, the clarity, the weight and the cut to determine the quality and price of the diamond ring, so to buy the diamond ring need to know some diamond knowledge, do not have everything Learning, as long as probably know some basic knowledge can, select the formal Zhengzhou diamond shop, the quality will be guaranteed.
Diamonds are one of the most expensive gems, even if only a small 30-point diamond ring, if the diamond 4C parameters to color for the F level (close to colorless), clarity VVS level, cut 3EX. The price is about seven or eight thousand dollars, about a month’s wages, is a relatively large expenditure, so when buying a diamond ring may wish to give yourself a suitable budget, within the scope of the budget selection.

Zhengzhou is a more developed capital city, purchase a higher demand for drilling, for which many big brands have opened stores in Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou, different brands of different prices, even with the same brand of Zhengzhou diamond shop because of the location of imitation Cartier love bracelet the Lots are not the same, the price of diamond ring may be different, after all, in the diamond shop to buy diamond ring will receive store rent.

The country’s largest network of diamond brand – Zuo Kay Zhengzhou City has also opened a physical store, such as Zhengzhou Jinshui new code special shop for Zhengzhou consumers to provide massive gem products, as a formal Zhengzhou diamond shop, with perfect after-sales service System, to provide intimate service, so you want to buy a relatively high cost of the diamond ring, may wish to look at Zoakai.