Cartier Engagement Ring picture Cartier Engagement Ring picture & price

Cartier Engagement Ring picture Cartier Engagement Ring picture & price
Cartier SA (Cartier SA) is a French watch and jewelry manufacturers, in the mid-19th century began to be famous. Known as “the emperor of the jeweler, the emperor’s jeweler” is the luxury of the world’s fashion dream. Cartier is not only a symbol of high society, but also witness the eternal love of the classic brand. For centuries, Cartier witnessed countless eternal love and commitment, so whether it has a certain status of people, or young couples, Cartier has always passed irresistible love magic.
Cartier Engagement Ring pictures and prices

Cartier Engagement Rings Picture and Price Cartier Engagement Diamond Ring, Wedding imitation Cartier love bracelet Ring, is the most exquisite, luxurious wedding jewelry, become the current fashionable young couples and newlyweds pursued.

Cartier development so far, its brand value is far higher than other brands, so the price is far more expensive than other brands, an ordinary engagement ring prices have more than ten thousand yuan, if the quality is better or engagement ring, Its price is to be expensive on several times.

Cartier, suitable for high-end people in society or the pursuit of quality of life, the higher the level of economic people. In fact, the engagement ring does not need to pay too much attention to the brand or buy too expensive, engagement ring is a love for their love of a commitment, there is enough that heart, and now a lot of ring brand, you can choose some of their own economic level can represent you Between the exclusive love of the engagement ring.
Cartier and Kelan Which brand is good? Kelan Diamonds is the first batch of professional jewelery brands to sell in e-commerce diamonds. Kelan diamonds buy first-hand diamonds from South Africa and save a high admission fee through a new sales model combined with office sales and online sales , So the price of diamonds is not high.

Cartier SA (Cartier SA) is a French watch and jewelry manufacturers, in the mid-19th century began to be famous. Is one of the most well-known and oldest brands. Known as “the emperor of the jeweler, the emperor’s jeweler” is the luxury of the world’s fashion dream.
Cartier and Kelan which is good

Cartier and Kelan which cost-effective

Cartier and Kelan which cost-effective? Kelan is the domestic sales of electronic diamonds diamond jewelry brand, with office direct sales and network sales combined with the sales model in the jewelry industry to lead a new benchmark. Compared with the traditional jewelry brand, Kelan province to a high amount of site fees and sales links, so Kelan diamond ring price cheaper than the average jewelry brand.

And Cartier is a world famous luxury brand, its brand value is higher, so reflected in the price of jewelry, Cartier jewelry price than Kelan expensive, compared to Kelan more cost-effective.
Which good is Cartier and De Beers? De Beers, founded in 1888, is now headquartered in Luxembourg, mainly engaged in diamond ore mining, trade, industrial diamond production and processing, under its famous diamond consulting center DTC is responsible for diamond sorting, pricing and sales trade volume calculation, occupy About 40% of the world’s diamond trade. Everyone is most familiar with the “one forever”, is De Beers was the propaganda, the diamond as a symbol of love and commitment, greatly enhance the consumer demand for diamonds.

Cartier Cartier is the last two centuries by the European royal family and the upper Replica Cartier jewelry class favorite and sought after diamond ring brand. Cartier Cartier represents the pursuit of fashion, known as the “royal jewelry”, and Dai Beiers than, Cartier’s history is more long.
Which is good for Cartier and De Beers

Cartier and De Beers

Which is your Cartier and De Beers? From the price point of view, the price of 1 carat diamond ring because of the different quality of diamond 4C will have a relatively large difference, De Beers 1 carat diamond ring VVS, the color of the diamond level in the DF level to tens of thousands of Oh, and Cartier’s cheapest diamond ring In Hong Kong to sell more than 7,000 Hong Kong dollars. The price of a carat diamond than the same level of diamond on the market price more than doubled.

From the style, De Beers and Cartier are taking the luxury high-end line, more suitable for the pursuit of gorgeous personality, the level of economic personnel to allow the demand for fashion.
What is good for Cartier and Gold? Cartier Cartier has a long history, the world famous jewelry brand, its marriage proposal diamond ring, classic wedding diamond ring is the most perfect wedding jewelry. Carter represents the pursuit of fashion, but also witness the eternal love of the classic brand. Inheritance of classic love for more than 100 years, witnessed countless eternal love and commitment.

Kim Chongzheng brand concept as “gorgeous, elegant”, the famous song days Kelly Chen for its spokesperson. In addition, Kim Zong main sales and custom diamond and precious stones for the guests, the implementation of membership, to meet the unique preferences of guests, enhance customer satisfaction. Gold Supreme special gold jewelry, the process is very good, gold purity is guaranteed.
Cartier and Gold Extreme Which is good?
Buy a diamond ring is good or a good card to the best

Buy a diamond ring is good or good gold card is good? In the diamond ring in this regard, the Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica gold supreme strength is the gold jewelry, and Cartier’s positioning is high-end jewelry, the price of gold supreme than Cartier more close to the people, in fact, choose the diamond ring can not just look at the brand, a diamond ring depends more on the value Diamond quality, and the quality of diamonds mainly by the diamond 4c standard to decide,

In addition, the fluorescent effect of diamonds is also a major factor affecting the price of diamonds, diamond ring in the purchase of the time or to consider all aspects of the factors, can not blindly pursue the brand.

How much money is the silver bracelet?

How much money is the silver bracelet?
In fact, the amount of money silver bracelet about how much money to determine the method and other thousands of silver bracelet, mainly to see the purity, weight and work fineness. Grain silver is 925 silver, its price and thousands of silver bracelet is almost, usually in the 7-15 yuan a gram or so.

Grain silver is not the actual silver two, but for the conversion of a variety of fineness of the metal silver of a monetary unit, that is, virtual silver two, including Guan Ping, library level, city level, such as water level. In accordance with the Qing Dynasty official imitation Cartier love bracelet standard, full color pattern silver color is 93.5374%, known as “full grain”. Clear regulation of the pattern of silver one or two is equivalent to making money 1000 text, but after the Qianlong dynasty, due to the increase in private money and silver outflows, often appear money cheap silver of your phenomenon.

Pattern silver, also known as 925 silver, silver pattern is usually used 92.5% silver added 7.5% copper mixed into. As a result of the incorporation of copper, the finished product in the polished gloss than the beautiful silver eyebrows, but also because of the incorporation of copper so a long time will be red.

Striped silver bracelet worth it

Striped silver bracelet worth it? There is a silver flag is certainly silver, and now the silver will not use the logo silver logo, usually with S925, or 925 and so on. Old silver jewelry because of the ancient and has a national flavor, many people like, the price is not cheap, the real old silver bracelet move on the thousand dollars, or even a few thousand dollars.

There is a demand there is a market, there are fake market, the people of the skills of the fake do not have to say, in the information so developed age, do not dream in the stall to pick up treasure. Now the market sells the so-called pattern silver is copper-nickel alloy, is copper-nickel alloy. Low prices, more than ten twenty yuan. Give or send sterling is better. And the ancestral pattern of silver bracelet on the valuable, engraved with the dragon and phoenix pattern of the Qing Dynasty works one thousand yuan one, one hundred yuan in the Republic of China, after the founding of the four or fifties three hundred or so a work.

Platinum bracelet price how much money? Platinum bracelet prices generally in the two thousand to ten thousand, depending on the specific brand, gold, the day of gold, style, fees and so on. The following is the brand of platinum bracelets Price Description:

1. Chow Tai Fook jewelry fashion flower flower craft platinum gold PT950 platinum bracelet PT 156524 about 19.06 grams? 10396.00

2.ptcharm platinum platinum bracelet models Pt950 solid bracelet bracelet about 5.03 grams? 1760.00

3. Chow Sang Sang Pt950 Platinum Lace Lace Bracelet Jewelry 87111K priced for about 12.00 grams? 7650.00

4. Platinum pt990 bracelet fat bracelet PT990 platinum bracelet solid female bracelet custom section diameter optional? 9900.00

5. love flower drill platinum bracelet female models PT950 platinum bracelet sweet Thai bracelet live ring mouth those flowers? 5137.00

How to maintain platinum bracelet

How is platinum bracelet maintained? Platinum bracelet maintenance methods are Replica Cartier jewelry the following: First, do not platinum bracelet and other jewelry together in the drawer or jewelry box, to avoid platinum bracelet scratches.

Second, in daily life, do not put platinum bracelets and gold bracelets worn on the same wrist, because the friction between the gold powder will be attached to the platinum surface, so that platinum bracelet partial yellow.

Third, the chemical properties of palladium is not as stable as platinum, easier to oxidize. When wearing bracelets with less palladium (less than 85% platinum), it is best not to be in direct contact with acid and various cosmetics. Should immediately rinse with water to prevent discoloration.

Fourth, in order to avoid platinum bracelet deformation, in the transport of heavy objects is best not to wear. When you do housework, do not let the platinum bracelet when wearing stains or bleach, oil will affect the platinum bracelet luster; bleach will make platinum bracelet spots.

Fifth, if the platinum bracelet for a long time, the surface becomes dark or partial discoloration, you can polish. The specific method is: the toothpaste squeezed on the towel, hand holding the platinum bracelet on its back and forth friction, rub to the surface fine lines and dirt, with diluted detergent after cleaning, and then rinse with water, color Can be restored.
Cat’s eye bracelet true and false identification method which? 1. The main feature of the cat’s eye is to see the clear brown yellow cat’s eye. Cat’s eye-shaped silk-like package body is rutile, some empty tube. Because these tubular inclusions are slender and dense, the cat’s eye effect is particularly noticeable, and is also very clear under the weaker light source. This is the other gems can not match.

2. With a single light source from the cat’s eye side of the irradiation, cat’s eye on both sides of the different colors. From the left side of the honey as the yellow cat’s eye, the left was honey yellow, side was milky white, from the right side of the irradiation, the color is just the opposite.

3. Artificial cat’s eye is made of glass fiber, with red, blue and brownish yellow, which brown-like varieties like natural cat’s eye stone. The difference between the two is: artificial cat’s eye at the top of the arc at the same time there are 2-3 bright band.

Cat’s eye bracelet good or bad identification

Cat’s eye bracelet good or bad identification. Cat’s eye is a valuable gem, look at whether there is ice crack, if it is natural, should have ice crack. Cattle stone is good or bad points five points, respectively: level; texture shiny, can contain a small amount of impurities, but no cracks, translucent to sub-transparent, the color is sunflower yellow, apple green, honey yellow, dark green. In the natural light under the eyeliner focus, fine, sharp and strong. Horizontal movement, eyeliner opening and closing freely, there are 2-3 lines.

Level 2: Eyeliner in the natural light can not be very clear, but in the strong sun should be clear and bright, do not have to move when the 2-3 line opening and closing. Other conditions are in line with the quality of a product.

Level 3: Cat’s eye crack more, but the clarity of the eyeliner and color conditions and the Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica same level.

Four: eyeliner scattered, in the spotlight is also rare and bright eyeliner; and gem uneven, dark colors.

Level 5: almost no eyeliner, and a lot of impurities cracks.
Plum jade bracelet price how much money? Generally in a hundred to several hundred dollars or so, depending on the fineness of plum jade, grade, product phase, weight and so on. Plum jade, jade itself has colorful plum blossom pattern, only produced in Henan Luoyang Ruyang County, known as Ruyang jade. Delicate texture hard. Structure, toughness and emerald the same. Physical properties: Hardness: 6.5 ~ 7 (Mohs) Density: 2.74 or so.

In the jade family, plum jade is our unique jade species. Because of its body all over the natural pattern, resembles plum, so called “plum jade”. Plum blossom almond-shaped andesite, in the black, brown or light green background, covered with banana green, violet, agate red, snow white, lemon yellow, bamboo leaves and other colors of the natural pattern, Branches plum, snake song Wan turn, lifelike. Plum jade fine texture, crystal clear tick, H = ≥ 6.5, with a good process control and stability.

Plum blossom jade bracelet picture Daquan

Plum blossom jade bracelet picture Daquan. A plum jade bracelet delicate moist, shiny bright, translucent ~ opaque. Natural patterns, such as smoke Ruxia, crystal clear, mottled brilliant. Background black, brown red and gray green three, and the most common black, the most beautiful and most loved.

Plum blossom bracelet whole body distribution by the peacock blue, agate red, bamboo leaves green, golden green and so on more than ten kinds of colors constitute the plum blossom pattern, Ye Cuizhi sparse, shade Qingyi, Xiangying Shenghui, careful observation, flowers, but also vaguely visible thousands of characters , Birds and beasts, insect butterfly, can be described as condensate heaven and earth aura, lyric poetic, set the essence of mountains and rivers, gather big dry beauty, imagery infinite, Tiancheng Qi Gong.

Plum blossom bracelet performance singular, with it made of utensils, Pu days buckle into the meat three days do not rot, which has a “summer but not hot, cold and not cool” features, “natural refrigerator” reputation. Recently there are data that plum blossom jade and known as the “longevity stone”, “health stone” like Maifan stone, containing similar, beneficial to the human iron. Zinc. Sodium. Calcium. Calcium. Copper. Barium. Mo And other trace elements.

Often wear plum jade can form a weak magnetic field around the body, can effectively reduce the electromagnetic radiation from life. Thereby reducing the risk of cancer and leukemia and other diseases! But also play a role in regulating the body’s metabolism, speed up ion exchange, promote blood circulation, supplement the lack of essential elements of the human body.

Why are diamonds so precious diamonds so valuable

Why are diamonds so precious diamonds so valuable
In fact, when people buy diamonds, not just to buy a jewelry, in fact, they buy a dream, an image. They buy the diamond on behalf of things: romantic, sincere, pure and immortal symbol.
Western astrologers have diamonds and Taurus and Libra seats on the relationship, said this from India. In the ancient legends of other countries. Diamonds and pearls are associated with the moon and the sun, representing their glory, hardness and value. But also a symbol of harmony between men and women harmony. It is no wonder that pearls and diamonds are very popular.

In the 18th century Europe, diamonds are gems in the birthday table representing the April. Although diamonds prevailed in medieval times, their significance and representation of Montenegro, symbol of God and heaven. For mental patients, diamonds can also help the treatment, can resist the invasion of ghosts, get rid of fear of fear, transfer disaster, to avoid the ghosts of evil harassment. And it is said that the wearer to win the lawsuit, and the function of medical treatment. Such as treatment of nerve disorder, bladder inflammation, limited recovery, and even avoid the natural disasters and so on.

In ancient Roman times. Several properties of diamonds are seen as evidence of magic. Some diamonds in the hot sun or dark place, in fact, this is the diamond exposed to ultraviolet light produced by the fluorescence (fluorescence) role only. The electrostatic effect of diamonds, so that when the friction can be attached to scraps of paper or other lightweight items, such as feathers. These are the ancient people mistaken for its high magic and the imitation Cartier love bracelet phenomenon. Diamonds also have other bad legends: for example, wearing a diamond to sleep can make people sleepwalking, and some people say that it’s flash ability to the human soul caused a stimulus, it is distress, irritability, as too violent big sun exposure if the eye Sunny, so bad. Even more interesting is the legend of diamonds made with diamonds, such as suddenly found that your diamonds become dejected, that is, your lover to your infidelity or your own violation of your pledge to him.
4 kinds of diamonds
1, diamond clarity is usually high, transparency is also first class. The ancients think it is crystal clear, is the world’s most pure things.
2, diamond universal color (or colorless), a symbol of pure and flawless.
3, diamond crystal shape into a lot of octahedron, it seems like two pyramids connected to one, looks very attractive, as a symbol of wisdom.
4, diamond hardness of the world unparalleled, ancient warriors and magicians are using diamonds to symbolize the eternal victory and the mighty spirit can not be conquered. Philosophers and poets all use diamond metaphor for indomitable sense of justice.
Diamond expensive reasons

The reason why diamonds are called “gem king” and become the most expensive gem variety, in addition to the diamond itself with the charm of the quality, but also with the diamond deposit detection, processing, etc. are closely related.

Diamonds inherent in the inherent charm of quality

As a gem, must have beautiful, durable and scarce these three elements. Diamond is the only set of the highest hardness, strong refractive index and high dispersion in one of the gem varieties, any other gem varieties are unparalleled. This treasure in the Replica Cartier jewelry treasure, dilute the rare, should be the most expensive to become the most expensive.

Diamond culture has a long history

Since ancient times, diamonds have been regarded as a symbol of power, dignity, status and wealth. Its indestructible, invincible, honest and eternal and majestic masculine quality, is the eternal pursuit of human goals. It has a potential, great cultural value.

Diamond deposits are difficult to find and costly

Diamond deposits to find, not as legendary, accidentally wrestling can find a diamond deposit. The exploration of diamond deposits is often costly for decades or even hundreds of years of effort and labor. Such as the original Soviet Union Siberian original diamond deposits to explore, from 1913 onwards, after 18 years of hardships, was able to find; Botswana’s “Euler” native deposits, cost 32 million US dollars, after 12 years of struggle to dig out; In the past few years, the number of diamond deposits found in the northwestern part of Canada, the number of diamond deposits in the world, can be said to be few, if compared with iron, copper and gold. In the mining of the diamond, an average of only 20% to gem, and the remaining 80% can only be used for industry. But the value of this 20% gem-quality diamond is equivalent to 80% of industrial diamonds as much as 5 times. World diamond annual production of about 100 million carats, gem about 15 million karats, and processed into diamonds about 400 million carats (equivalent to 800 kg). Some people have rough statistics found that to get 1 carat (0.2 grams) has been polished diamonds, need to dig about 250 tons of ore.

The scale of mining is extremely difficult and extremely difficult

Diamond mining, can be said to be a huge, but careful to the work. During the mining process, it is necessary to fully exploit the ore containing diamonds, but also cautious to ensure that the original stone in the diamond stone intact. Improper mining will lead to huge economic losses. Whether it is open pit mining, or underground mining, is a massive momentum and scenes of the project, human and material resources investment is unimaginable.
Diamond processing procedures are complex, large amount of work

After the mined ore has been carefully broken and sorted, not like other metal deposits, can be put into large quantities of smelting, but to each of the rough diamonds for grain carefully and meticulous analysis in order to determine the next mill Program to ensure its weight, clarity and style. This often requires the diamond itself, the physical nature of the optical have a full understanding of the experience of a very rich staff to carry out. The general steps are: design marking; drilling; sawing; car drilling; grinding; cleaning grading. And this step also includes a lot of small programs. Each small step requires superb craftsmanship and a wealth of experience. Take the world’s most of the Cullinan diamonds, the original stone weight 3106 karats, three experienced, superior craftsmanship, working 14 hours a day, a total of 8 months, it will be divided into four large drill and 101 small drill. Some of the world famous diamond processing, often only designed to spend a few months, or even 1-2 years time.

According to some preliminary statistics, a diamond, from its Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica mining, sorting, processing, grading, sales, to the final sale to the hands of buyers, about more than 200 million people, a diamond ring is a natural Creator and more than 200 million people effort The crystallization of diamonds is extremely rare in which it is.
Why is the difference in diamond prices so much

Diamond cut (Cut) is the ultimate criterion for the quality of diamonds, fine cut the diamond to show the light; cut the price difference of 30% -40%, so the same color, weight of diamonds, do not cut according to diamond standards , Fine design and perfect cutting of the cut on the diamond rough weight loss is large, diamond cut than the clarity, color, price difference between 20% -30%: cut the impact on the diamond price is huge, cut the price of diamonds The difference in less than 3%, through accurate calculation, so the network products are generally cheaper than the jewelry store. Such as a 1 carat color. In the physical store can be read only to buy more intuitive, and poor quality cut diamonds are woodless, color level can show its bright color, usually the same quality diamond price of the main factors is 4C, clarity, Of the business in order to keep the weight as much as possible; and the same quality, more difficult to determine, due to the different cut, the quality is the only human factors that affect the price of diamonds, the color of different diamonds, on the impact of the approximate scale is as follows.

Another jewelry store investment costs are relatively high daily costs, because diamonds are cut before the formation of octahedron, clarity, but the network product transaction security and whether there is exaggerated publicity, the price difference between 70% -80%, diamonds Prices may differ by about 40%. “It seems that the advantages and disadvantages of the cut of diamonds can affect the price of about 40% of diamonds, cut the diamond is very good and 1 carat color, dodecahedral rough, cut less diamonds compared to. The expert is a factor in evaluating the diamond price of the “4C” standard for diamond prices

What are the shapes of the diamonds that make your impressions lingering

What are the shapes of the diamonds that make your impressions lingering
Diamond on behalf of the eternal love, to become the best jewelry to express love, therefore, the decorative shape of the design is full of love on the creative expression. In addition to the pursuit of the rich and varied jewelry shape, the traditional round diamonds have been difficult to meet people’s personalized diamond needs, heart-shaped, drop-shaped, oval and other diamonds began to flourish, loved by individual fashion family.
Heart-shaped diamonds is one of the most basic symbol of love, with 100% romantic temperament, is the first choice to express love. Due to access

Nearly round diamonds, so heart-shaped diamonds imitation Cartier love bracelet also have close to the round pavilion, issued a charming color. Is the best choice for men to express their love


Water droplets
Water droplets are a very sexy diamond, and some people according to their shape romantic called “teardrop-shaped”, with the brightness of the cut water

Drop diamonds round one end, one end narrowed into a point, very elegant shape. Generally as a pendant or earring, as the ring when the length of the diamond

But also increase the sense of slender fingers.

The droplet-shaped masterpiece is the “De Beers Millennium Star” published by the De Beers Group in 1999, and its weight is 203.04 karats

, The color level of D, clarity level for the no time level, but also the proportion of the most beautiful lines of water droplets, 4C conditions are the best, is the world’s first

Nine of the famous drill. “De Beers Millennium Star” debut, is at the De Beers Group London headquarters, by the international star Sophie Marceau

Hand for the media to take pictures. Diamonds brilliant radiance, shining flow, two light matched, and people could not bear to move the head.

Oval diamonds from the shape of the original stone cut from it, it is gentle and graceful, much like ladylike. In the eyes of Westerners, oval and

Eggs are similar, and the eggs also represent the endless, so oval-shaped diamonds, meaning the eternal vitality. Oval diamonds are the same as diamonds

Beautiful glory, and by its length highlight the ladies fingers Replica Cartier jewelry slim, so become a very popular favorite diamonds.

Oval-shaped diamond was the first to be raised, is the current collection in London, England, “KOH-I-NOOR”, the free translation is “mountain light”

The It is actually a nearly round oval, weighing 105.60 karats, it seems very weight. This diamond is known as the oldest diamond

One of the earliest records about it was the fifteenth century owned by the Indian Mullian dynasty, and it was legendary that it had wonderful power to possess it

Dominate the world.
General measurement method
1. Find a note with a string or less than 1-2 cm in width.
Around the base of the appropriate finger.
2. Use a pen on the note or the rope at the intersection, that is, to form a circle to do a mark.
3. Use a ruler to measure the following length from the beginning of the rope to the place where the mark is made.
4. Use this scale and then use the chart on the right to determine the model of your ring.

A few suggestions for measuring your hand
1. After wearing the ring filter, make sure it slips over the finger joint.
2. Do not measure your fingers when the weather is too cold, because this time the smallest model of the finger.
3. If you want to get a more precise size, you can measure at the end of the day, because this time the size of the fingers the largest.
4. General ring worn on the index finger, middle finger or ring finger, the majority of girls wearing the ring number for the number 10-15, of which 12, 13,

More; most boys wear ring number for the 17-22, of which 18-20 more.
5. According to the different season to properly adjust their own numbers, winter to buy the ring, because the weather is colder, fingers than the summer to fine one to half

, The ring to bring about after the rotation but not easy to fall off is Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica appropriate, the summer is to feel even after the tight tight is appropriate Bring the ring if you feel too

Loose, you can around the inside of the ring around a few lines of fine lines or silk, if too tight can be applied to the fingers of soap and water, so you can successfully wear or

Took off.
How to clean diamonds

Diamonds are the hardest material known to mankind, but it is not without damage, some bad habit of wearing or long-term exposure to chemicals, oil pollution is likely to make the beauty of diamonds no longer. So timely cleaning, the maintenance of the diamond has a great effect.

1, their own cleaning: in the warm water by adding a mild soap or detergent, then diamond jewelry into a good mix of water for 30 minutes, and then gently brush the diamond jewelry with a soft brush, and then rinse with water, and finally with a soft Dry cloth can be wiped clean.

2, sent to the jewelry shop cleaning: If you are not confident of their own “professional cleaning”, the best way to clean the diamond or to the professional jewelry store. It is recommended that every six months will be diamonds jewelry jewelry shop to wash, and they will help you check clearly to ensure that when the diamond mosaic safe.
Maintenance of diamonds advice
1, save the diamond jewelry, be sure to diamond jewelry into the jewelry box or sub-pieces stored in order to avoid hard diamond scratches to other gemstones or softer jewelry.

2, once the diamond loose, misplaced or other damage, please do not continue to wear, so as not to fall off the diamond, but to the jewelry store, by professionals to help you to amend. It is recommended that consumers go to jewelry stores every year for diamond jewelry “annual inspection.”

3, do not wear, wash, cook, clean when wearing diamond jewelry, because the diamond has oleophilic, cooking oil will be attached to the diamond, and perfume, shampoo, cosmetics, these contain chemical substances, long-term contact Will make your diamond yellow.

4, when you do housework or exercise do not wear diamonds, although the diamond hard exception, but not necessarily able to withstand all the impact, a violent impact is still possible to make your diamond crushed.

How to clean diamonds, what is the method of maintenance of diamonds? Beautiful diamonds because of your care will be more charming.

From the price point of view

India’s diamonds in the traditional way to the main workshop, processed diamond polishing effect is not good, symmetry is poor, but they are processed diamonds mainly small drill, usually around 20 minutes.
From the price point of view:

As long as it is a good cut, are almost the price, if the general cut, or Belgium, Russia, some of your own, Israel’s moderate, India’s most cheap. Of course, the size and characteristics of each country’s cut is not the same, so it is not very good such imitation Cartier love bracelet horizontal comparison.

We choose to cut or mainly to see the appraisal agencies given the evaluation as the main reference.
Diamond ring to buy

1, the Western proverb says “diamonds are the best friend of girls”, China also has “diamond forever, a permanent spread” argument. Although many people choose other jewelry as an engagement ring, such as ruby, emerald or pearl, but the diamond ring is the most fashionable choice. When choosing diamonds, pay attention to “four C”: Cut-Cut, Clarity-Clarity, Color-Color and Carat-Carat.

2, the clarity of diamonds are divided into: FL, IF perfect flaw drill VVS1VVS2 flawless drill VS1 VS2 quality defective SL1 SL2 flaw drill I1 I2 I3 defect drill! Of course, the perfect level is the most expensive, the market is generally VS and VVS level.

3, cut the words of the eight arrows is the best cut the current work.

4, of course, the more the better, the money is the increase in the number of geometric series.

Buy difference

1, for men, thinking about the problem is more rational, they think that marry ring and wedding ring are diamond ring, is a woman like decorations, essentially no difference. But for the majority of female compatriots, the two really between the difference, the difference is not small.

2, marry diamond ring for female friends is the man’s mind to prove that the man to the woman unilateral bride price, the woman accepted the marriage proposal and men have a marriage engagement. Marriage ring is a woman has a unilateral, is the man to the woman’s. And marriage on the ring is two couples when the exchange of the ring, is a symbol of the contract of marriage, is a common wife and the ring. In other words, marry the diamond ring on behalf of the man on the woman’s mind and love, wedding ring on behalf of both men and women on behalf of the feelings.

3, marry diamond ring in the purchase of the time is often considered the style of the fine, so most of the marriage proposal is often exquisite gorgeous gorgeous, is a single grain of the big carat diamond ring. The wedding ring is married couples will wear long-term ring, often considered durable durable, so choose a simple classic style, is hoping to wear every day, together to the white ring.
Style selection

Marble diamond ring in the most classic style claw inlaid in the four claws and six claw round diamond style, together with never fade platinum material, creating a classic and eternal style. Four claws and six claws of the wedding diamond ring style not only to maximize Replica Cartier jewelry the diamond out of the light, but also to reflect the full range of light to make the diamond fire color passionate. Four claws and six claws of the shape as “Zhongxinggongyao” like love of care, meaning a lifetime of companionship. Four claws and six claws can be more inlaid with diamonds, not easy to lead to loose diamonds. So the four claws and six claws of the classic style has become the most popular wedding ring diamond choice.

1, fashion trends

More and more people choose their own design drawings, and then to the jewelry store to custom wedding ring. But do you know your own diamond ring design no and no and the current trend and trend? A stroke of gold according to the current jewelry diamond ring style to provide you with six fashion trends.

2, neutral gemstones

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have passed away, but the perfect diamond engagement ring has witnessed at least a romantic romance of prince and princess. 6.1 carat pink large diamond surrounded by green, blue, red gem, so that caused the course of pink diamond prices all the way to climb.

3, broken diamond around

Gorgeous diamonds around a lot of broken drill around, this popular style is definitely the most popular style of the bride and designer, these shiny little broken diamond makes the wedding ring looks bigger, and they also set off the center of the larger diamond more Luxury sense, how can the bride resist this temptation?

4, embossed mosaic

The latest ring design is the main drill is high up the style, sophisticated production and without any modification to the diamond high hold up, bright and transparent, beautiful, is nowadays the most popular wedding season, so that the wedding You are quiet and elegant, aristocratic temperament.

5, ring

Designers in the ring on the choice of more torsion of the pattern, from the Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica whirlpool to the design more refined to reverse, so that we are attracted to.

6, retro charm

The charm of the ancestral ring, because it is long, it is not a good idea. Complex and exquisite design style is unique.

7, environmental protection ring

Behind these dazzling designs, the most proud of is the green concept of the ring: it is not just decorated with your ring finger, and it is designed by conflictless diamonds and recycled gold.