What are the characteristics of agate

What are the characteristics of agate
Question: There are a lot of fake agate on the market now, is there any way to identify it?

The main products are synthetic agate, glass, plastic, stone and Cartier love bracelet replica so on, although its texture, color and natural agate comparable, but it does not have a large number of fake agate, the main products are synthetic agate, Economic Value.

In general, the various levels of agate, are red, blue, purple, pink for the best, and requires transparency, no impurities, no sand, no cracks; of which the weight of 4.5 kg or more for the special grade, 1.5 kg Above for a level, 0.5-1.5 kg for the two.

1, premium: beautiful pattern; pure color, bright red, blue, purple, pink; transparent, that is translucent; no cracks, no sand heart, no impurities; block weighs about 5 kg or more.

2, a: ribs beautiful; pure color, bright red, blue, purple, pink; transparent, that is translucent; no cracks, no sand, no impurities; block weighing about 2-5 kg.

3, two: ribs beautiful; pure color, bright red, blue, purple, pink; transparent, that is translucent; no cracks, no sand, no impurities; block weight of about 0.5-2 kg.

4, three: ribs beautiful; pure color, bright red, blue, purple, pink; transparent, that is translucent; no cracks, no sand heart, no impurities; block weight of about 0.5 kg.
Question: want to buy a yellow crystal bracelet gave my girlfriend, how to identify it’s true and false?

Best answer: yellow crystal bracelet is now deeply loved by women, the method of identification of yellow crystal has the following:

First, optical identification

Glass is a non-crystalline homogeneous body, the crystal is a crystalline heterogeneous body, rotating 360 degrees in the polarizer is like a dark change is the natural crystal, there is no change is false crystal. In addition, some natural crystal such as amethyst has dichroism, fake crystal is not.

Second, thermal conductivity test

The thermostat will be adjusted to the green 4 grid test gem, natural crystal can rise to yellow 2 grid, when the area rose to a large yellow, and fake crystal does not rise.

Third, hair identification method

Natural crystal is a birefringence, the yellow crystal on the hair, gently turn the spar when you turn to a direction when there will be double shadow phenomenon, and pseudo-crystal can not do.
Question: want to buy string of rosewood hand string to the elders to wear, and now the market so much rosewood hand string, then how to identify it?

Best answer: rosewood hand string texture hard, delicate, shiny, with a special Cartier love ring replica aroma, widely loved by the people. So what is the method of identification of rosewood hand string?

In a variety of hardwood rosewood wood texture is the most fine, the heaviest weight of wood, wood is not obvious. Rosewood wood flowers on the white wine, wood flowers will be immediately broken down into pink, and the formation of more sticky gum with wine, dumping can be even into the line, which is an effective way to identify rosewood.

First we identify from the color. Rosewood sub-new, old two. The former color is more red, while the latter color is purple; new red sandalwood soaked after the water fade, the old sandalwood immersion does not fade; in the new rosewood on the color can not afford, the old red sandalwood hit the color of a rub off. This is also the most intuitive way to identify rosewood bracelets.

Second, we can observe the texture of rosewood bracelet to identify. Rosewood texture curly obvious, known as “cowning pattern”. Rosewood chord cut along the trunk of the spindle or wood texture direction, not through the pith and parallel to the ring or with the wood rays into a vertical longitudinal section of the gold filament thin sparse, looming, visible regular peaks.

And finally through the test method to identify. Rosewood wood fine, but the weight is very heavy, into the water that sink; scraped some rosewood, into the alcohol, alcohol will become wine red or red sandalwood across the paper, leaving the red scratches that is true Of the rosewood bracelet.
Q: want to buy a bracelet to a friend, is to buy ice jade bracelet good? Or Xiuyu bracelet good? What is the difference between them?

Best answer: Xiuyu Chinese history of the four famous jade one. Xiuyu and ice kind of jade is very similar, then we Xiuyu and ice kind of emerald in the end what is the difference? First of all from the density point of view, the density of ice jade emerald than Xiuyu large, that is, and the emerald on the palm of your hand weigh compared to Xiuyu on the palm of the hand almost no weight. Second, from the gloss point of view, the ice is the jade luster of the unique glass luster, and Xiuyu is the ordinary waxy luster. Finally from the color point of view, Xiuyu’s background is obvious yellow-green tones, and ice kind of emerald most of the background is white.

If you are from the durability, ice hardness of jade than Xiuyu high, but the toughness of Xiuyu than emerald high, so if you are often easy to knock to the words, then the Jade bracelet is good, Do not wear ice kind of jade, and Xiuyu bracelet will be more appropriate; but from the benefits of the human body, both are similar.
Question: Now jade is deeply loved by us, there are a variety of jade on the market, then how can we identify good jade?

Best answer: What is the true and false identification method of jade? I believe for the love of jade who are want to know.

Jade can be divided into two kinds of soft jade and jade, jade, also known as jade. From the chemical composition point of view, soft jade is calcium, magnesium and iron silicate, and hard jade is sodium and aluminum silicate.

Here to talk about authentic jade true and false way:

First, water identification method

Will drop a drop of water on the jade, if into a dew-like, long time is Cartier nail bracelet replica true jade

Second, hand touch method

If the real jade, hand touch with a sense of cold lubrication.

Third, observation method

Jade will be observed in the light, the color is clear, the green is evenly distributed jade.

Fourth, tongue identification method

Tongue licking really jade astringent feeling, and false jade is no
Q: water foam and ice kind of jade from the appearance looks very similar, then the two specifically what kind of difference?

The best answer: water foam is a kind of ice and jade looks very similar to the “ice” jade. The main mineral composition of water foam is albite, water foam and ice species of emerald differences are the following: First, the water foam is not obvious, this is very different from the ice kind of jade; two, both Density, water foam than the ice kind of emerald light on a lot; three, both in the refractive index, gloss, grain and other aspects are also different.

So when you buy ice in the emerald can be divided by the weight of the way to distinguish between the water foam and jade, for the novice, in order to insurance, or the seller issued a certificate of identification, and the certificate to do a retest to prevent false certificates.

Other answers: because they are transparent, but the ice emerald issued by the fluorescence is more introverted, and water foam issued by the light more divergent, in fact, like a crystal of water, pure white, transparent. The ice kind of jade often have some background color.
Question: Recently want to buy a group of amber hand string to give away, but I heard that there are a lot of false amber on the market, then how to identify it’s true and false will not buy fake it?

Best answer: Amber is now sought after, many unscrupulous traders to see the interests of the amber market, there have been made of synthetic resin resin amber to pretend to be natural amber, let us look at how to identify amber.

First, natural amber texture light, into the water will sink, but the amber put in 1: 4 of the salt, the natural amber will float up, the fake will sink. Amber density between 1.05-1.10, the texture is very light.

Second, if the individual on the sound and color feel better words. Can be identified by the following method, the amber on the hands of gently rub will be issued soft and slightly dull sound, fake sound will be more crisp. Natural amber in the sun, the angle is different, the color depth and refraction is different, and the fake no such effect. Put amber on the detector under the UV irradiation, natural amber will be issued green, blue, white and other fluorescence, and fake will not change color.

Third, if the simple identification is not afraid of damage caused by amber, then, through the acupuncture and ether method. With hot red amber skin, natural amber will be black, but not sticky needle, and rosin taste. Fakes will be sticky needle also drawing, and even plastic taste. Or with ether nail polish with water, wipe the surface of amber, natural amber no reaction, and fakes will be corroded.

Fourth, there are some empirical methods to identify, the accuracy is relatively low, but better than easy. (1) friction with static: the amber in the clothes after the friction can attract small pieces of scraps of paper. (2) feel: a neutral gem, the general situation will not overheating too hot. While the imitation of amber with glass will have a cool feeling.

Other answers: As the amber counterfeiters are also constantly innovation, so look at amber is not true, alone, a way is obviously not enough, to multiple analysis, but amber is nothing more than plastic, waste suppression (that is, The so-called second generation amber) and Coba.

One, placed in the saturated salt water (water has been fully melted salt, was saturated, has been unable to dissolve the salt), the real amber is drift up, if not drift, it is to buy plastic

Second, is the effect of UV fluorescent lamps, to see whether the natural color

Third, feel, amber is not as slippery as plastic

Fourth, look at the pattern of amber inside. Because some of the use of waste to suppress, but also with salt water floating in the UV fluorescence Dengxia color change and feel and other amber characteristics, because his nature and the same as the amber, but is suppressed, but this international standard can not be called For the amber, but because each year the formation of amber is not the same, pressed out, then the edge of the Department will have vascular lines.

What is the Golden Pendant?

What is the Golden Pendant?
Q: What is the Golden Pendant? What is the good thing to wear?

The best answer: foot gold Buddha, a gold sculpture into Buddha statue of the shape of jewelry, wearing jewelry in the neck, mainly used to pray for peace, calm mind and beautiful. Foot gold Buddha is not easy to deformation, with a good ornamental Cartier love bracelet replica value, while wearing the body is not easy due to friction caused by skin infection and lesions, Moreover, southerners believe that wearing gold and silver jewelry can avoid evil, calm and other effects of the legend ; Northerners think that with gold was rich, is a symbol of wealth and identity!

In addition, we wear foot gold Buddha pendant when we should pay attention to the detection of the firmness of the rope, do not lose. And then pay attention to keep clean, do not wear it. Finally, pay attention to with the clothing and so on, good-looking is the king.
Q: how to match the gold lock pendant to look good?

Gold jewelry pendant affordable and colorful, is a very common jewelry jewelry, but in the mall are generally gold lock pendant and necklace separately to sell, we buy gold lock, but also Special attention to the chain with the good with the best to show the charm of gold lock pendant, generally have the following several chains can choose:

1, red braided rope, red and yellow with a simple and charming charm. Red has always been a symbol of auspicious, gold lock pendant with red braided rope even more expensive auspicious, is a very good with the choice. In addition to the red braided rope, black and brown is also a very good choice;

2, gold necklace, necklace and gold with the perfect match, a high degree of unity and harmony, extravagance, can be a good highlight of the noble and elegant temperament;

3, leather rope, black is the best choice. A high-quality matte leather rope and then with the favorite pendant, looks very texture, will be more unique, new sense of strong sense.
Q: how to match the gold inlaid Buddha pendant to look good?

The gold artefacts pendant can not help but work style is very important, with this side is also very important to show off, gold inlaid jade pendant with what chain, mainly with red, but red, yellow, blue, green, blue and blue can be, Black child can also, the day wearer usually do not pay attention to maintenance, then the black rope is a better choice, mainly to see what color and what color chain or rope with your best inlaid gold Buddha pendant The

And Guanyin jade Buddha men and women can wear. Now, especially the Goddess of Mercy and the Buddha is more popular with customers. Often listen to the marketing staff to recommend to the customer male Dai Guanyin female Dai Buddha, in fact, this argument is no Cartier love ring replica basis and basis; Guanyin and the Buddha are men and women believers pray auspicious happiness, disaster-free God, see personal preferences, wear everything can.
Q: go to the gold shop to buy gold pendants, clerk introduced 24k gold pendant, that is thousands of gold pendant, is it true?

Best answer: 24k gold is usually considered pure gold, but its actual gold content is only 99.99%. Where the pure gold refers to the chemical element of the elemental element of gold, and the world does not exist 100% purity gold. 24k in the k, it is that the purity of gold, the international requirements, k represents gold content of 4.166%, apparently 24k that gold content of 99.984%, is generally considered to be 99.9%. In addition, we often hear in the market thousands of gold, gold and other code. Here the thousands of gold refers to the gold content of 99.9% of the gold, because the gold content of three 9, it is also known as the three nine gold.

Answer: 24K, that is, the theoretical gold content of 100%, usually pure gold is called 24K gold, but it is the theoretical gold content of 100% gold, in fact, does not exist, so the national standard, the business mark gold Jewelry gold content shall not use the “24K gold” is not standardized standard method.
Q: Is possession silver a sterling silver? What is silver for silver silver jewelry?

The best answer: possession of silver is a name, in fact, is an alloy, possession of silver is copper (copper-nickel alloy) Ya said the traditional possession of silver for 30 percent silver plus seventy percent of the copper The Because the silver content is still too low, so now the market has not seen, to completely replace the white copper. So Tibetan silver is not sterling silver. From the pure silver jewelry workmanship point of view, it is more refined than the possession of silver jewelry, and inlaid stones are mostly real turquoise, red coral, stone quality is better, its brightness is stronger than the possession of silver, silver and silver In contrast, the more primitive some of the original, the price of silver than silver is much more expensive.

Other words: Tibetan silver is a traditional Chinese silverware, produced in Tibet and the surrounding areas, is the Tibetan people desire for survival and life carrier. It is characterized by exquisite patterns, but not pay attention to materials. So for the Tibetan silver is not silver, possession of silver is a geographical silver, silver is a processing category, for its good and bad grades can not be generalized.
Q: buy silver pendant above marked with “s925” words, what does that mean? Is the Cartier nail bracelet replica meaning of thousands of silver?

S925 silver jewelry is not silver content of 100%, it is because in the silver added 7.5% of the alloy, so that the silver luster, brightness and hardness have improved, so that silver has the ideal hardness , Brightness and gloss, and oxidation resistance. And can be embedded in a variety of precious stones. 925 silver design to create the European and European style, rough, bold, avant-garde, walking in the cutting-edge fashion, but also fine, meticulous, suitable for the public taste. 925 silver jewelry when not wearing a good custody, or may turn black or yellow.

925 silver in the international standard, is recognized as silver jewelry with silver standards. 100% of the silver is softer, the production can not be formed, inconvenient made of silver, and 925 silver by adding other metals to increase the hardness, making jewelry and crafts are not easy to oxidation, discoloration, deformation is not easy. Finished gloss better. 925 represents the purity of silver. This is the minimum purity required by the silverware, just as the purity of 999 gold.

Cost-effective diamond ring which brand

Cost-effective diamond ring which brand
Question: Recently I want to marry my wife, and want to buy a more cost-effective diamond ring to her, there is no more cost-effective diamond ring brand can recommend the next?

Best answer: In fact, the so-called cost-effective, is the value of value for money. Want to buy cost-effective diamond ring can not blindly to the purchase of goods, then first to understand the lower diamond brand price ranking.

The latest diamond brand cost-effective ranking:

1, diamond bird, one of the domestic diamond electrical Cartier love bracelet replica pioneer, but also the leading brand of domestic diamond business, now has dozens of experience in the country center.

2, love diamonds, the domestic focus on wedding ring custom diamond business, with a number of experience stores, because more emotional needs of consumers so more popular.

3, Davey jewelry, the real sense of the online shopping diamond ring brand, focus on the network 8 years, pure network sales platform under the wireless experience shop.

4, Zuo Kayi, the domestic diamond direct sales agencies, have their own official sales platform, offline store, but the main business sales in Taobao.

5, Kelan diamonds, the first domestic engaged in diamond electrical business of professional jewelry brand, with Tencent such a strong financial backing, the current experience shop to distribute throughout the country.

6, bloves wedding ring custom center, the domestic wedding ring diamond exclusive custom products and services to provide the jewelry brand, with several custom stores nationwide.

7, Dai Ouni, domestic use of the network for custom wedding ring brand, business model and BLOVES, as is currently a number of domestic experience shop under the line.

8, Opel, the domestic website + F2C experience shop + phone, diamond sales platform, the main line shop in Guangzhou.

9, luxury jewelry, first-class international online jewelry trading platform, dedicated to the vast number of consumers with the most perfect and most cost-effective jewelry treasures.

10, OL jewelry network to focus on diamond wholesale and jewelry retail fifteen years of experience, combined with 4R business model, quickly in the jewelry e-commerce industry come to the fore.

We all know that online shopping is cheaper than the store, Cartier love ring replica diamonds is the case, diamond electrical business to see the middle of the cost of none other consumers.
Q: recently bought a Burmese jade pendant, found in the surface to see some flaws, this situation is normal? Will not buy fake, right?

Best answer: For the Burmese jade emerald flower pieces we need to pay attention to the following flaws: emerald flower pieces of the request is relatively low. If the raw material is not white cotton, crack and impurities, it is very perfect, it will not be processed into a flower. Therefore, the general emerald flower pieces of small cracks and impurities are acceptable. Even a very high-end pieces of flowers, can not completely avoid small flaws. So Myanmar jade pendant surface has a small flaw is normal.

And for jade jewelry inlaid class, such as Buddha, Guanyin, flower pieces, you have to pay attention to the back there is no death. If the back is gold or platinum sealed mosaic, the back may be more serious problems. Therefore, encountered the above situation, we must be careful when buying.
Question: I want to buy a pearl necklace, go to the mall looked under the price found different, which is why?

Best answer: This is because the price of pearls is determined by roundness, gloss, color, size and other major factors, so its price will be different.

First, roundness: pearl shape that is round beads, beads and nearly round beads. Positive round beads refers to the roundness of the best, suitable for making rings, earrings, pins, necklaces and so on.

Second, the gloss: the higher the better skin light, crystal clear the best.

Third, the color: the general white in the micro-pink for the best, very white Run of the pearl is also precious.

Fourth, the size: to the better is better Seven heavier called pearls, and eight heavy pearls called Sarah.

Five, in pairs: in many pearls, requiring color, skin light, all the same size, is a rare thing, so pairs of opponents worth high.
Question: I bought a piece of Hetian jade, it is now the appreciation of the space?

Best answer: Hetian jade market call for cultural guidance, the current Hetian jade where the problem? We can make a comparison with the diamond. In fact, the promotion of diamond culture in the country has been a big money in the operation, you see the ads on television, say “diamond forever, a permanent”, advertising and did not play who is the manufacturers, this is the relevant institutions Behind the cultural operation. Today, the results of cultural promotion has been reflected, the new married to buy diamond ring, which is accepted the promotion of diamond culture. And Hetian jade is the East of the material, but also to become the world’s leading varieties of jade.

Which need to jump from the concept of origin, standing on the perspective of jade culture to think about the problem, the work of cultural guidance, such as Hetian market have the future. Now we understand the cultural heritage is not in place, as some of the jade Cartier nail bracelet replica carving made by the things, the spirit of the ancient jade culture from the tradition, which should cause full attention. I think the future of Hetian jade producers to do some things for the public, so that the future of young people willing to get married when the bride a suet jade bracelet, swap a jade, which is Hetian future prospects.

High-end bullish, low-end bearish Since it is a collection, I think no matter what time, have to aim at the best things. Only the best thing is the most valuable, is the market benchmark. Collectors now reflect the rare jade material is less and less, a good thing prices certainly higher rise, this is not a problem. The problem is that we talk about more market saturation, which is also placed on the desktop and nephrite is not fast moving consumer goods, will not disappear in the market, certainly have a saturated day.

If there really is one day, what is the market? I think we can still see the emerald, emerald has the world’s only supply origin of Myanmar, but the supply of jade small? Filled the streets can buy more than a dozen dollars of jade pendant, can emerald And did not lose the noble qualities, good things worth tens of millions, and was collected, reluctant to sell. Therefore, the future and Hetian jade market and jade, high-end bullish, low-grade bearish.

Two dialect of the market, high-end collection without any impact and Tian Yu’s collection is actually two groups, one is a high-end small minority collection, one is the low-end public collection, which is two people, two cases. For the high-end small minority collection, the collection of people and people have formed a special group, it is almost no external funds, markets, raw materials and so on any impact. This group for the seed material collection also has a cultural identity, not the money will be able to enter.

For example, the former paragraph has a million people who inquire about the situation and nephrite, the results looked after the seed material, feel expensive, did not buy. This is actually in the collection culture does not agree, in this circle, is the mass consumer market.

There are some lovers in this market, but it must be noted that the nature of this market is closer to the consumer sense of the market, most of the value of Hetian is not high, the future is not strong appreciation. Now, many of the consumer groups in the collectors do not understand and Hetian collection, that as long as the purchase of a piece of Hetian stay up, a few years will be able to appreciate, and if this understanding, then some wishful thinking.

No matter how good the Qinghai material and Hetian jade has a significant difference, perception can be identified, but from the ingredients on the distinction will be a problem. And the insiders are not very difficult thing, this market is still optimistic.

Why do you want to wear turquoise for a long time

Why do you want to wear turquoise for a long time
Why do you want to wear turquoise for a long time? Zuo Kayi to provide you with a long time to wear turquoise why the discoloration of the relevant information to help you solve the long time to wear turquoise why the discoloration of the relevant questions, professional advice jewelry luxury all kinds of difficult problems
The following are the same as the ”
Question: Why is it that the color of the turquoise will become darker and dark after a period of time?

Answer: Turquoise is usually low transparency, and dry or Cartier love bracelet replica overheating are discoloration, the main reason is related to its loose pine. If you dry for a long time, then the internal crystallization of water will gradually disappear, so that the tone of the turquoise faint, and even dry Kazakhstan dumb. So someone with oil or wax and other methods to save its primary colors and water, and without prejudice to its original.

Turquoise in the overheated environment, not only easy to lose the internal moisture, it will soon escape the contained hydroxide (OH-1), so do not put it in the sun, the stove, the hot air of electrical appliances Near, otherwise the heat will lead to too dry and dry. Daily should be placed in a cool place, dry season and summer, should be placed near the beads put a small cup of water, keep the air humidity around. Avoid contacting them with acidic, alkaline or chemical substances.
What are the silver ring wearing taboo and maintenance methods? Zoacai for you to provide sterling silver ring which wear taboo and maintenance methods of information, to help you solve the sterling silver ring which wear taboo and maintenance methods related questions, professional advice jewelry luxury goods of various difficult problems
The following are the same as the ”
Question: I have a pair of sterling silver rings, usually do not pay attention to its maintenance, resulting in it now some discoloration, and that there is no simple maintenance method?

Best answer: silver ring is the preferred style of wedding rings, but also with the best choice for clothing. It is simple and yet personality, so by everyone’s favorite. How to maintain it has become a lot of people’s primary problem.

1, take a bath and sleep when it is best not to wear

2, should not wear it directly when exposed to sulfur, because silver and sulfur will produce a chemical reaction

3, if not wear it for a long time to keep it sealed, try to avoid contact with the air, it will lead to its dark color, black

4, if the oxidation has been black, you can wash with silver water immersion, wipe silver cloth rub, you can also use a soft brush brush toothbrush brushing, after washing with cotton cloth wipe dry

Other answers: silver ring there are some of these maintenance methods:

1, do not wear it when swimming, especially the sea, silver jewelry is very Cartier love ring replica corrosive;

2, when it hooked to the hair or clothes and other items, do not pull hard, because 925 silver silver content is higher, relatively soft, if too much force, it will easily lead to its deformation

3, if you want to wear it at the same time but also with other precious metal jewelry, then to avoid collision deformation or abrasions, keep in other hard objects zero contact.

4, after each wearing, it is best to use cotton or tissue paper gently wipe the surface, remove water and dirt, and then can be stored in the velvet dust bag, to avoid contact with the air.
Hetian jade jewelry to wear taboo which? Zuo Kayi to provide you with Hetian jade jewelry to wear taboo what the relevant information to help you solve the Hetian jade jewelry to wear taboo what the relevant questions, professional advice jewelry luxury goods of various difficult problems
The following are the same as the ”
Question: I have some Hetian jade jewelry, how to clean and maintain it?

Answer: Hetian jade jewelry appearance or from the texture are slightly better than other jade jewelry, so in daily life often see someone to buy to wear, then how do we clean and maintain it?

First, clean jade first is the treatment of dirt, in addition to maintaining the rhythm of March cleaning, especially in the high temperature of the summer environment need to maintain the humidity and cleaning frequency of jade. Clean the way is relatively simple, but need to pay attention to the cleaning water temperature and cleaning equipment, water must be clean and no impurities and temperature can be, and cleaning equipment need soft cloth, soft brush and so on.

Second, in the clean and Tian Yu jewelry to pay attention to the mosaic jewelry and the original Hetian jade cleaning, for the mosaic of jade jewelry cleaning efforts are not too large, for the only Hetian jade jewelry in the clean time is not easy to use, gently wash Can be. If you clean Cartier nail bracelet replica the jewelry in the dirty place, you can use a soft cloth to clean, with a neutral or special cleaning agent to clean jewelry to clean will be more clean.

Third, in addition, for Hetian jade jewelry cleaning, there is a scientific instrument, practical ultrasonic cleaning device, of course, this method requires funds to buy equipment, general jewelry jade shops will have this special cleaning equipment, Clean with ultrasonic vibration. But this method of cleaning has been damaged and Tian Yu jewelry risk, serious will make jade crack.

How to identify the diamond ring certificate true and false

How to identify the diamond ring certificate true and false
Identification of diamond ring certificate true and false. Zuo Kayi for your detailed answer to identify the true and false diamond ring related to the relevant content, to help you quickly understand and identify the diamond ring certificate true and false information. More identification of diamond ring certificate real information in the Zoakai jewelry home.
The following are the same as the ”
Question: the recent online diamond ring to see the certificate can also be fake, and that for our non-professional jewelry consumers, how can we see the true and false certificate ah? And heard that the certificate is divided into many kinds, is it true? What kind of that?

Best answer: In the country, diamond certificate is mainly divided Cartier love bracelet replica into GIA certificate and NGTC certificate. GIA certificate is the certificate issued by the American Gemological Institute, universal in the world; NGTC certificate is our China National Jewelry Quality Inspection Center issued a certificate in China is the most authoritative, the best circulation certificate.
If you still do not distinguish between true and false letters, then the following three methods can also help you identify true and false.

1, you can find some professional jewelry identification staff to help you identify

2, you can in some of the certificate query online enter your certificate number to help you identify

3, to the local jewelry quality inspection departments to help you identify
What does it mean? Zuo Kayi for your detailed answer eight heart eight arrows is what the meaning of the relevant content, to help you quickly understand the meaning of what is the meaning of the eight heart eight arrows. More eight heart eight arrows What is the meaning of information in the Zoakai jewelry home.
The following are the same as the ”
Question: What is the meaning of H & A in diamonds?

Best answer: H & A is the abbreviation of Heart & Arrow, that is, eight heart eight arrows. Eight heart eight arrows is a diamond cutting process, cut out the effect of light due to the unique refraction effect, from the top to see there are eight arrows, from the bottom of the next there are eight hearts, for the Qiu bit type fine cut The So there is a certificate called H & A certificate, issued by the Japanese Heart & Arrow CO., The company is the eight-hearted eight diamond drilling company, is also the world’s first sale of Qiu Bitte cut diamond manufacturers, in Japan The diamond industry is well known. It is characterized by eight heart eight arrows of the Cartier love ring replica car pattern printed on the certificate, and by the two qualified certification teacher certification is effective, is the most professional Qiu bit identification book,

Other answers: eight heart eight arrows, also known as “Cupid cut”. Eight heart eight arrows together one, metaphor “encounter, love, hint, dream system, the first kiss, lingering, understanding and Shan Union” eight beautiful mood. In any way, can see the most bright and most dazzling light, eight heart and eight arrows are symmetrical, like the love of Cupid’s visit, through the heart and arrows of the map, so that love firm. Eight hearts and eight arrows to release the light, but also the advent of love when the dazzling mood to do the most perfect interpretation.
What is the evaluation criteria for diamond grade? Zoca for your detailed answer to the diamond level of the evaluation criteria is what the relevant content, to help you quickly understand the evaluation criteria with the diamond level is what the relevant information. More diamond grade evaluation criteria is what information to do in the Zoak jewelry store.

Question: Is the diamond grade evaluated according to the Diamond 4C standard? What is the specific diamond 4C standard?

Best answer: Diamond grade is based on the diamond 4C standard to evaluate. Diamond 4C refers to the weight of the diamond (Carat), color (Color), clarity (Clarity), cut (Cut)

1, weight

The weight of the diamond is usually measured in “carat”, 1 carat = 100 = 0.2 g = 200 mg. The greater the weight of carat, the more rare the diamond.

2, color

Diamond color grades are divided into: D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T O V W X Y Z, colorless – light yellow division. Colorless as the best, the deeper the color, the worse the quality. In the color grading of colorless diamonds, the top color is D color. D-G is colorless, G-J is near colorless, from K down diamonds will gradually yellowish. We choose the drilling time, try to choose H above the color, H below we do not recommend to buy.

3, clarity

The clarity of diamonds is usually graded with 10 times magnifying glass on the inside of the diamond, the surface flaws and their degree of glory on the degree of clarity of the inlaid diamonds. The standard of Chinese diamond clarity is LC, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1 , SI2, P1, P2, P3, a total of 10 levels. Has been set in the diamond is divided into excellent, very good, good, good, generally 5 levels. P-class drill, also known as the I-level drill, the worst grade Cartier nail bracelet replica for the diamond clarity, with the naked eye can see the flaws of the diamond.

4, cut

Cut can be said that the second life of diamonds, only a good cut, diamond luster, fire color can be fully displayed. The easiest way to judge a diamond cut is to put it with another diamond, and if it is the brightest one, it’s the best cut. Cut into EX (ideal cut), VG (very good cut), G (good cut), F (general cut), P (poor cut).
What is the meaning of the cut grade 3EX in the diamond certificate? Zoca for your detailed answer to the diamond certificate in the cut level 3EX what is the meaning of the relevant content, to help you quickly understand the diamond certificate with the cut level 3EX what is the meaning of the relevant information. More Diamond Certificates Cut Level 3EX What does the meaning of information at the Zoakai Jewelery House.
The following are the same as the ”
Question: What is the meaning of the cut grade 3EX in the diamond certificate?

Best answer: 3EX refers to the diamond cut in the polished, symmetrical, cutting are excellent, that is, the best cut diamond cut jobs. 3EX cut out diamonds can make the diamond fire color more dazzling, cutting is an important factor affecting the value of diamonds, accounting for 40% of the value of diamonds.

3EX cut the target:

1, polished (Polish)

Refers to the light on the uneven surface of the diamond produced diffuse reflection, the formation of diamond surface smoothness. (EX), very good (VG), fair (F), poor (P), and the grading criteria were observed on the surface of the diamond with 10X magnifying glass without obvious infiltration. The quality of the polishing is mainly related to the cutting process of the diamond, the technology of the grotto and the degree of sophistication.

2, symmetry (Symmetry)

Refers to the diamond cutting and grinding obtained after the various parts of the center of the horizontal symmetry, that is, cut the surface arrangement and the angle of each other. (ID), excellent (EX), very good (VG), fair (F), poor (P), and so on.

3, cut (Cut)

Refers to the angle and proportion of experienced technicians who cut diamonds into polished diamonds. Including aspect ratio, crown height ratio, waist thickness ratio, pavilion depth ratio, bottom ratio, full depth ratio, crown angle, pavilion angle, diameter, high and so on. (EX), very good (VG), fair (F), poor (P).

Cartier bracelet how to measure the hand

Cartier bracelet how to measure the hand
Cartier bracelet how to measure handicrafts, Cartier bracelet watch, Cartier bracelet to creative design elements and exquisite work style access to the world’s consumer favorite, especially the pursuit of fashionable young consumers, more popular Cartier bracelet. Wear your own Cartier bracelet first to know their own hand, then Cartier bracelet how to measure it?

Cartier bracelet how to measure the hand

Cartier bracelet how to measure, choose how much Cartier bracelet is suitable for their own wear it? First of all we have to measure their own hand, know their own hand to choose the right Cartier bracelet. Cartier bracelet hand measurement method is as follows:

The four fingers close together, big mother refers to the inside, the use of tape around a week, it is the largest circumference of our palm. Circumference 12 cm for 13 with Cartier bracelet, circumference 13 cm for 14 with Cartier bracelet, and so on, Cartier Replica Cartier jewelry bracelet is between 12-23 cm, according to Cartier bracelet size table can choose their own suitable Cartier bracelet.
Cartier bracelet hand-shaped table, generally know the Cartier bracelet hand-shaped table and their hand-inch circumference will be able to choose to wear their own Cartier bracelet, but in order to wear more perfect, Zouqi jewelery recommended in the conditional Go to Cartier counter try to more accurately choose to suit their own card Cartier bracelet.
In addition to this classic love series, Cartier also has a variety of series of couple bracelets, in fact, in addition to the most classic love series, Cartier couple also has a variety of series of couple bracelets, in addition to this classic love series, Cartier couple also has a variety of series of couple bracelets. Cartier couple bracelet is a symbol of a firm love view, wearing a Cartier couple bracelet on behalf of you will not be separated.

Cartier couple bracelet picture

Cartier couple bracelet pictures, Cartier couple bracelets will be between the couple’s commitment to close ties, with bright passion engraved permanent. Cartier couple bracelet style is the most popular cardia love series couple bracelet. Cartier love series couple bracelet to screw for the media, as if a love of “shackles”, the two people will be closely together, never separated.
Cartier couple bracelet picture Daquan, Cartier bracelet has love series, Trinity series, c de Cartier series of 17 kinds of series, Cartier couple bracelet contains the unique meaning of love to make it always popular, no matter where the couple from, in the purchase of couple bracelet The time will always be the first to think of Cartier couple bracelet, Zoca with everyone to enjoy the fine Cartier couple bracelet picture Daquan.
Cartier bracelet series, Cartier bracelet series picture Daquan, centuries, Cartier carefully designed a variety of classic series Cartier bracelet, love series, three-color gold series has been the world’s favorite Cartier consumers talked about. We know Cartier bracelet has a variety of fine style series, that Cartier bracelet series which?

Cartier bracelet series which

Cartier bracelet series which, centuries, the reputation as “the emperor’s jeweler, jeweler of the emperor,” the Cartier is still its extraordinary creativity and perfect craft for the human creation of many exquisite, unparalleled masterpieces masterpieces. Cartier bracelet is also end with its fine series of fine, then the Cartier bracelet series which?

According to Cartier official website data, Cartier bracelet a total of 17 series, namely: PANTHERE DE CARTIER series, LOVE series, TRINITY series, AMULETTE DE CARTIER series, CARESSE D`ORCHIDEES PAR CARTIER series, JUSTY UN CLOU series, PARIS NOUVELLE VAGUE series, DIAMANTS LEGERS DE CARTIER series, C DE CARTIER series, chain and chain, Cartier animal and plant series, EVASIONS JOAILLIERES series, diamond series, pearl jewelry, color jewelry, children’s jewelry and men’s jewelry.
Cartier bracelet series which

Cartier bracelet series picture Daquan

Cartier bracelet series picture Daquan, Cartier different series of different styles of bracelets, each series Cartier bracelet is an extension of the brand elements. Cartier bracelet series of exquisite, stylish, unique, is all jewelry brand bracelet in the most classic, regardless of the www.ourlovestore.com past few years, is always the most fashionable trend of the most worthy of jewelry.
Cartier diamond bracelet refers to the Cartier’s Cartier bracelet inlaid with a diamond style, you can set a single diamond, you can also set in multiple diamonds. Cartier diamonds from the selection to the cutting are the best quality, coupled with fine workmanship bracelet, look shiny. We come together to enjoy the fine Cartier diamond bracelet pictures.

Cartier diamond bracelet picture

Cartier diamond bracelet pictures, Cartier bracelet has a variety of series, no matter what kind of series, there are diamond and diamond-studded Cartier bracelet. Cartier diamond bracelet diamond cut the perfect cut into the exquisite Cartier bracelet, as a complete product. Cartier diamond bracelet inlaid with a single diamond and a number of diamonds of the points, a single diamond simple and elegant, more beautiful diamond gorgeous.
Cartier diamond bracelet picture Daquan, Cartier diamond bracelet series is the most famous in the 1970s but still popular in the world of Cartier love series bracelet, Cartier diamond love series bracelet on behalf of the Cartier love series loyalty The love of faith, while the eternal diamond and pure into it, become the world’s most popular jewelry.

Bao Fei Seoul brand introduction brand profile, brand source, the future development

Bao Fei Seoul brand introduction brand profile, brand source, the future development
Bao Fei Seoul brand introduction, the following will introduce the brand of Bao Fei, brand sources, the future development. Bao Feier is a well-known retail jewelery brand of Cocoa Phil Jewelry Co., Ltd., mainly in China as the target market, the past few years, Bao Feier has become a rapid rise in the Chinese market jewelry brand.
Pfeiffer brand profile
Shenzhen Coco Phil Jewelry Co., Ltd., established in 2009, is a collection of jewelry design, production and sales as one integrated enterprise, the company has a first-class jewelry design team and a modern jewelry factory workshop, customer service Europe and the United States, the Middle East and China Hong Kong and Taiwan regions. Companies adhere to the people-oriented, customer first business philosophy, products and technology excellence, has been imitation Cartier love bracelet unanimously approved by customers and peers. In recent years, with the rise of the domestic market, the company put more energy into the domestic market jewelry research and development and sales, and achieved good results.

Po Feier brand source

Bao Feier jewelry jewelry from France, with high quality, unique design known. With superb manufacturing process and close to the trend of the design, Paufer Seoul 20-40 year-old women by the highly respected. In the 30-40 year-old city of white collar women in the crowd, Bao Feier has become synonymous with beautiful fashion jewelry, as the beauty of the intimate accessories of choice.

Bao Feier jewelry series of products mainly for sales in China. The main products are natural crystal, pearl, crystal diamond and other natural gem as the main material, combined with precious metal handmade mosaic made. Each of the Baoyi Er jewelry are gathered dozens of designers for several years of effort, specifically for the success of Chinese women led by white-collar women.

The future development of Bao Feier
At present, the Paufer Seoul jewelry in China has a production base and design research and development centers, and granted the Shenzhen City Cocoa Phil Jewelry Co., Ltd. Greater China operation rights. Bao Feier jewelry will be rooted in China, the continuation of high quality, high taste of the traditional, together with the Chinese workplace to embrace fashion and beauty.

A piece of jewelry, in fact, also need to have the soul!
Audrey silver jewelry brand introduction, the following will introduce Audrey silver jewelry brand profile, corporate culture, design concept. Audrey company has a design avant-garde, unique style of jewelry designers to four distinct clothing with demand as the starting point, while insight into the modern urban dress personality needs, to create a unique style, different styles of fashion silverware , Hair, production and sales in one of the integrated enterprise.
“AODELY Audrey” brand from the internationally renowned star Audrey Hepburn, and as her, cute, beautiful, romantic, elegant, sweet, unique, eclectic.

AODELY Audrey silver jewelry design style closely fit the season of international jewelry trends, styles and diverse, whether it is Bohemian style, classical luxury style, modern minimalist style, or new romantic style, AODELY Audrey Silver are all Interpretation of the most incisive. Silver and fashion integration, embraced each other. In many people’s view, AODELY Audrey Silver is not just an accessories, she is the soul of fashion, is the portrayal of the mood, is the release of charm, is a beautiful endorsement.

Audrey silver to a very personality without publicity of the design style, and guide the trend of fashion and by modern people of all ages and sought after. In order to meet the jewelry consumption market innovation and development trend, to meet the different needs of different consumers, each quarter are introduced nearly a hundred new products to enrich our product style and structure. The existing products include earrings, earrings, rings, rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and other fashion silverware, according to the different technology antique Thai silver, fashion bright silver and mosaic and other products, exquisite technology, high quality Replica Cartier jewelry, all through the national quality inspection departments Qualified, and the product serialization, respectively, to the concept of accessories series, the theme of the series of accessories, seasonal trend of the series, such as fashion to the market.

Audrey brand silver through the above level in the city’s high-end shopping malls set up a brand counter mode of operation, and achieved very good results. Rigorous franchisee choice, standardize the operation of the market and the steady development of the company, so that Audrey brand silver jewelry has always been in the market to maintain high-end and good image, AODELY Audrey International brand fashion silver is the country invited to join the silver agent, welcome People of insight to join Audrey cause, to create a win-win and a better future!

AODELY Audrey, creating a beautiful new world.

Audrey silver brand culture

AODELY core values

AODELY is the challenger who loves the perfect life

AODELY knows that there is little perfection in the world. However, for the perfect life, the desire for the perfect thing, AODELY assiduous, tireless efforts to meet to meet one after another challenge. AODELY to intellectual sense of the perception of fashion trends, to create a perfect life.

AODELY is the suzerain of free spiritual space

AODELY love life, longing for freedom. AODELY eclectic, with a positive attitude to face every or usual or unforgettable day. AODELY know that living space is limited, the spiritual world is boundless. Therefore, AODELY has been the pursuit of their own pure faith, whether in the countryside or in the hustle and bustle of the city, AODELY have a mind to keep the pure land, a spirit of Nirvana.

AODELY is an advocate of colorful fashion trends

AODELY understand the ever-changing fashion trends, popular do not need any reason. AODELY know how fashion women desire for romantic free life. So, AODELY with her keen insight to grasp the international fashion pulse, capture accessories design and life of the best entry point and the combination point, advocate meet the modern personality of the fashion culture, art and culture fully blended, let you free to wander In the trend of the waves, to enjoy their own most dazzling, coolest, the latest and most beautiful fashion.

AODELY brand connotation

Love life, enjoy happiness, have their own taste, not blindly;

Beautiful and sincere, peace and confidence, the courage to realize the dream, do not give up;

Relaxed and happy, optimistic, dare to challenge themselves, not arrogant.

AODELY free stretch, clarity ethereal; calm yet personality, warm and know how to relax.

AODELY brand purpose

AODELY – provide the perfect dressing program

AODELY unique consultative sales model, will be in the flow of water like a pleasant exchange to provide you with the most perfect decorative program, so that you easily have their own accessories. AODELY design inspiration comes from the real life and full of temptations of association and imagination, whether you maverick, or lead the fashion, AODELY can meet you to express their wishes.

AODELY’s ornaments and system services, the intention of your beautiful achievements.

AODELY – Accurately spread the ornamental culture

AODELY is committed to the spread of her unique ornamental culture to where she can reach. AODELY that, like accessories and clothing, not just for the beautiful, but also highlights a mood.

Good mood need to love the dress to dress up, bad mood needs special ornaments to change, AODELY will help you more clearly understand yourself, more confident to express themselves.

AODELY – carefully explore the beauty of detail

Details determine the overall, unique details can produce unexpected finishing effect. To this end, AODELY carefully explore the details of the United States, and strive to pursue the details of the overall harmony and unity, and on this basis for the maximum publicity for your personality, interpretation of the mood.

Audrey silver design concept
Simple but not simple, luxurious and not cumbersome, avant-garde and not indulge.

In the classical rubbing into the modern consciousness, to show the eternal elegance, for the keen fashion people to enjoy the freedom to enjoy the space, so long trapped poetic habitat.

Fashion is not to show off, rich but not vulgar, there is a noble taste but never narcissistic, she will always know how to beautiful, such as trickle into every stage of life for their own every day to create a different posture.

Advocating luxury, but not aggressive, there is a touch of Bourgeois temperament, that is reserved also cheerful, Zhang Chi degree.

What is the wrist of the wedding ring?

What is the wrist of the wedding ring?
And finally decided to express their love to the favorite children, and choose a beautiful wedding ring, is a wonderful thing. Marriage is the most romantic moment, when the boy kneel kneel took out a wedding ring, the girls will be moved to tears. Do you guys know where the wreck ring is on? Such a sacred romantic moment do not make a mistake.

What is the wrist of the wedding ring?

Wedding rings originate in ancient Egypt. Engagement and wedding rings were part of the contract. Wedding ring worn on the bride’s ring finger, said the bride’s loyalty and obedience to her husband. Ancient Egypt had a hot ring. Modern popular Cartier love bracelet replica at the wedding exchange ring. Wearing a right hand ring finger before marriage, wearing a left hand ring finger, meaning left hand to heart, you can heart to heart.
First look at the difference between wedding rings and wedding rings:

Marriage ring: the man to the woman to marry when used to the woman to express their wish to get married, willing to become her life partner desire. Before the woman accepted, the ring called the wedding ring, once the woman agreed to the man’s request, then the ring has become their engagement ring. So the marriage ring and engagement ring are essentially the same ring. But the wedding ring to wear the fingers of the problem at home and abroad on the basic, and are generally worn on the left hand, while the middle finger is that love, the meaning of engagement, so the wedding ring to wear the finger of which finger should be worn on the woman’s left middle finger The

Wedding rings: wedding rings are generally on the ring, usually in the wedding exchange ring on the ceremony, the bride and groom in the ceremony will be wearing a symbol of marriage for each other wedding ring. This time at home and abroad to wear law is different, foreign traditions for men and women, uniform wear on the left ring finger; and the country to follow the “male left female right” tradition, the groom’s wedding ring worn on the left ring finger, bride Is wearing on the right hand ring finger.
How to wear wedding rings

There are strict customary processes, so that the new people need to buy the marriage ring and wedding ring, so, to marry him, so that the marriage process is very different style, and some places very much attention to the engagement and wedding banquet held separately, and a strict custom process, The ring should be worn in the left hand of the middle finger, because the left middle finger is a flower master, has been engaged in the meaning. Of course, China is a long history of the country, and some places very particular about the male left female right, so the men’s ring worn on the left middle finger, and the woman’s ring to wear the middle finger of the right hand, meaning male left female right, Women are more powerful and important in the family. This method is more common in the more traditional areas.

However, the current number of new people, choose to buy wedding jewelry, only buy a ring, what may be omitted from the engagement of the link, or very simplified. In this case, it should be directly to the wedding ring to wear a left hand ring finger like, meaning the wedding is happy, step in place friends.

By the Zuojuju say this, a lot of the future of the prospective groom must know the wedding ring to wear any finger of the problem, right? To their future bride wearing a wedding ring when you can not make mistakes Oh. A wedding ring is both a deep feeling for the promise of life for the promise of life, out of the left hand to touch the heart, to touch that long-awaited happiness it.
Ring is the oldest love letter, worn on the ring finger, a symbol of each other’s heart will always be tied in their own hands. Whether it is lovers or couples can use the ring to express faithful love, Shuangsushuangfei read and never betray the determination. Lovers between Cartier love ring replica marriage, engagement, marriage have to use the ring, then the wedding ring, engagement ring and wedding ring What is the difference between it?
Marriage Rings – Declaration of True Love

Marriage ring is the man as the woman used to marry, in order to express their wish to live with her desire for life, the man kneel on a kneel like a girl to say true love declaration, if the girl promised, will accept this marriage ring. And after that, the ring, and then became the two of the engagement ring. The ring is usually worn on the girl’s left hand ring finger, that is to the outside world that they have engaged or married, the other boy no chance. Marriage ring style to more simple, generous claw inlaid single diamond ring mostly, because the marriage should be in the sweetest period of love, so the diamond ring style to gorgeous eye-catching, and claw is the most significant diamond inlaid way And inlaid single drill is also to the girl that: this life you are my only.

Engagement Ring – Marriage Commitment

Engagement rings are a clear proof of the lovers’ plans to marry, and are a commitment to marriage before the wedding. Engagement ring can be a wedding ring, there is no need to re-buy another. The world’s first person to use the ring as an engagement token is Austrian King Michael Smith. In 1477, Michael Smith in a public occasion to understand the Princess Mary, for her beautiful looks and elegant manners dumped, although Maisini know Mary has long been engaged, but still ordered to create a precious diamond The ring is given to Princess Mary. In the face of this carved, sparkling diamond ring and the warm pursuit of Michael Smith. Mary finally changed her mind, combined with Michael Smith. Since then, with the diamond ring as an engagement token, it has become a tradition of Westerners, but also to the engagement ring to express the commitment to marriage.
Wedding ring – the eternal stalemate

Wedding rings are generally on the ring, usually in the wedding exchange ceremony on the need to use the ring. Wedding ring is the witness of the marriage of two, on behalf of the establishment of the marriage, expressed the desire of the two people forever. Wedding rings are different from the inside and outside, in our country because of the “male left female right” tradition, so the groom’s ring wearing a ring finger on the left hand, the bride’s ring is worn on the right hand Cartier nail bracelet replica ring finger; and foreign men and women, Uniform on the left hand ring finger on.

Ring is the language we use to express the most silent language, so the marriage ring, engagement ring and wedding ring What is the difference, we must understand, in order to correctly wear the ring, to express the language of love.

Au750 platinum ring style hot

Au750 platinum ring style hot
Au750 platinum ring style hot, au750 is 18k gold, au750 platinum ring is 18k white gold ring, platinum does not exist 18k said, so au750 platinum ring accurate call should be au750 white k gold ring. Au750 platinum ring style and diverse, its hardness is large, both inlaid diamonds, Choi Po and other jewelry, but also for fine carving, so au750 platinum ring in the consumer quite popular.

Au750 white gold ring style hot, Zoaci destined love white 18K diamond diamond ring wedding ring can be said to be one of the most popular au750 platinum ring, it is also “bad sister of the marriage marriage alliance” in the Chen Xuedong marriage ring with the paragraph , Romantic ready to come out.
In 2010 the new au750 platinum ring and the price recommended, au750 platinum ring has been widely popular in 2014, many jewelry brands are still one after another to introduce more beautiful au750 platinum ring style, the following Zokai for everyone to recommend two new 2014 au750 White gold ring and the price bar
Au750 diamond ring price, au750 diamond ring is 18k gold diamond ring. 18k gold is alloy, hardness is large, so most of the diamond ring on the market is made of 18K gold inlaid diamonds. Au750 diamond ring prices mainly by the diamond and the two Cartier love bracelet replica main parts of the composition, relative to the price of diamond rings, au750 in which only a small part, because the diamond ring is mainly the quality of diamonds, diamonds prices accounted for the majority.

The price of diamonds, according to the 4C different prices are different, mainly by the style of work, material and weight measurement. Diamond price uncertain factors too much to Zoacai au750 diamond ring, for example, Zouka 25 points au750 diamond ring does not exceed 4,000 yuan, 40 points au750 diamond ring also did not exceed 5,000 yuan.
Au750 diamond ring how much money, we take a look at the following two different styles of Zoacai au750 diamond ring price, style and pictures to understand how much money au750 diamond ring.
We can see the price of au750 diamond ring is indeed a multi-faceted decision, Zuo Kay suggested that we choose au750 diamond ring when more attention to the diamond 4c and ring style, buy a favorite au750 diamond ring.
Name + symbol combination is also new, like the name of the first letter of the first letter + heart + * name the first letter of the alphabet (* on behalf of their own or love), “husband * name last word”; “wife * name last word (* On behalf of yourself or lover), always love you * or * always love you or * my forever love (* on behalf of the name or name of the 1,2 words) and so on. And like the ancient rhyme, the couple on the ring engraved with ancient poetry engraved love very mood Oh! Like “Haikushilan, love than Jinjian” “hold your hand, and the child grow old” and so on in the couple models on a ring engraved on the sentence, spell a sentence.

Exclusive nickname: believe that the couple have each other’s exclusive nickname, choose to engrave on the ring with each other tacit name or nickname is a good choice, this nickname is the best people do not understand, only in line with the exclusive meaning. Of course, can also be engraved with her husband’s surname wife’s name, like Jacky Cheung’s classic song: your name my last name.
True love promise: ring to witness love, engraved on the ring with each other love expression is not a good way to express? The most direct, such as “I love you” “Love you forever” and so on, and now many people like the couple ring engraved in the English love declaration, of course, some individualists like to express love in small language.
Bulgari is a world famous luxury brand, founded by the Greek descent of Sotirio Bulgari (Σωτ ριο? Βο? Λγαρη?) In 1884 in Rome, Italy. In addition to its product line at the beginning of the creation of high-level series of precious stones, and later also increased the watch, purses, perfume and other high quality, in 2004 began to run the senior hotel.

BVLGARI Bvlgari Marryme series has always been to platinum and diamonds unwavering affectionate, passing on the love of eternal love. Its design style is bold and unique and very architectural sense, the details of the integration into the modern sensibility, as its name, straightforward and strong expression of feelings, and round the perfect ratio and give it fine and elegant charm. Marryme series has a simple and simple pure platinum gold ring, inlaid five diamonds low-key luxury models, inlaid round brilliant cut diamonds and other gorgeous models and other styles, they shine dazzling shiny, record the fate of love forever intertwined Romantic moments.
Design style: bold and unique, distinguished classical. The balance also incorporates classical and modern features, breaking the rigorous rules of the traditional academic design, inspired by the Greek elegance, the Italian Renaissance and the 19th century metallurgical technology, creating the unique style of the Bulgari.
In the 1940s, Bulgari from Italy took the lead in breaking the tradition. It is in the production of jewelry in color for the design of the essence, the original with a variety of different colors of gems with a combination, and then use the base of different materials to highlight the gem of the dazzling color. In order to make the color of the gem is more complete, Bvlgari first in its jewelry on the use of semi-precious stones, such as coral, amethyst, tourmaline, citrine, olivine and so on. Bulgari products rich in color, often amazing.

Bvlgari (Bvlgari) Black Stone / 18K Rose Gold Ring Four Ring Rings 50 # 8,000

Bvlgari Wooden Trees / 18K Rose Gold Ring Ring 57 # 7,770

Bvlgari (Bulgari) Platinum Four Ring Full Diamond Ring 49 #? 50,970
BVLGARI Bvlgari Marryme series has always been to platinum and diamonds unwavering affectionate, passing on the love of eternal love. Its design style is bold and unique and very architectural sense, the details of the integration into the modern sensibility, as its name, straightforward and strong expression of feelings, and round the perfect ratio and give it fine and elegant charm. Marryme series has a simple and simple pure platinum gold ring, inlaid five diamonds Cartier love ring replica low-key luxury models, inlaid round brilliant cut diamonds and other gorgeous models and other styles, they shine dazzling shiny, record the fate of love forever intertwined Romantic moments.
What is better about the gold medal diamond brand? Xiaobian think if it is from the cost point of view can choose jewelry brand Oh! Jewelery brand in the price is very prominent, and their price than the traditional counter selling brand price of more than 30 percent cheaper.

Choi diamond ring brand which is better? The world is a pursuit of fashion, novel world, in the pursuit of fashion at the same time we are also creating fashion, while creating fashion we are also enjoying the fashion. Choi diamond ring in recent years is more fashionable novelty. So in so many jewelry diamond ring brand, the gold medal diamond brand which is better?

With a prize to build the ring [1], that is, this ring is built with platinum and gold fusion. As the color of gold has always been the European jewelry material, its meaning just like the Chinese people in the jade found in the “Fu Lu Shou”, like the people’s good wishes, so the gold jewelry sales in China has been in a stable Rising trend, become much respected jewelry. Gold jewelry also because of its lighter weight, the price is slightly lower, exquisite craft, fashionable and more and more like everyone’s favorite.

The same paragraph of the Golden Age ring, different brands have different prices. The price of the Golden Age is generally priced according to style. Style more complex, the price is relatively high. The gem is a great part of its price impact.
The domestic diamond ring brand (including Hong Kong) more famous are Chow Tai Fook, Levi’s, Chow Sang Sang, Dai Mengde, Zhou Dasheng, Lao Fengxiang, Xie Ruiqi, Kimberly, Kim Chongzheng, Hang Shun, tide Acer, Luk Fook, Bulgari, Van Cleef & Jinda Fu, the Cartier nail bracelet replica Millennium Star, LOVENUS, Kelan, diamond bird, BLOVES, Hang Shun, Bajiao, old temple, Asia, the United States grams of diamonds, Kim Tae Fu, gold elephant, Starlight, etc.

Foreign brands are more well known Cartier, Levi’s, Tiffany, Bvlgari, Van Cleef & Arpels, Hai Rui Winston, Di Jue, Demianyi, LOVENUS, Po poetry dragon, Royal wood, Swarovski and many more.

Boys’ single ring which finger to wear

Boys’ single ring which finger to wear
What is the boy’s single ring? How do boys wear a single ring? The ring is a decorative jewelry worn on the fingers, in ancient Rome, the ring is as a seal, is a symbol of right. In ancient China, the ring is not used as an ornament at the beginning, but a concubine in the court every month to avoid the king “Yu Xing” when a special sign, so called “ring”. In today, men and women wearing a ring is not only beautify the life of the decorations, but also became Cartier love bracelet replica a love of things. The single ring is a trend with the emergence of a new type of jewelry, people give it a single definition. So what is the boy’s single ring wearing a finger?

Right hand and left hand have different meanings. Right hand little finger: do not fall in love. Right hand ring finger: love in. Right middle finger: famous flower master. Right index finger: single nobility. Left hand little finger: not marriage. Left hand ring finger: marriage. Left middle finger: engagement. Left index finger: unmarried Thumbs are on behalf of the meaning of power, you can also do the meaning of self-confidence wearing a ring is a stress. According to the traditional habits of the West, the left hand represents the blessing of God, and the left hand centrifugal recently, so the ring is generally worn on the left hand. But if the unmarried men will ring the right hand on the ring finger, said the nuns of the heart. This is also a lot of unmarried men will wear the ring on the left hand reasons.
How do boys wear a single ring? Boys ring wear law usually wear on the left hand, diamond jewelry is no longer a girl’s patent, and now boys began to wear a ring. However, the boys wearing a ring is generally how many feet it? In fact, each boy’s finger size is not the same, most boys wear ring number is 17-22, and, 18-20 more. In addition, girls wear the ring number for the 10-16, of which 12,13 more. Wearing a ring is a stress. According to the traditional habits of the West, the left hand shows the luck that God has given you, so the ring is usually worn on the left hand.

The following specifically about the boy ring wearing a law: the ring worn on the index finger, the feeling is more personal claims. The most formal wear method is too wearing on the middle finger, if you do not want to have a formal feeling, you can add a simple left or right ring. Ring on the ring finger is usually a wedding ring, ring finger looks slim, so no matter what the ring, wear up the standard is delicate. The most fresh way, than the ring on the little finger. If you do not have too much to change the table or ring, may wish to consider wearing a ring hand and wrist watch hand staggered, do not let the two pieces of accessories in the same hand appears. In the same hand wearing two rings, the color should be consistent, and a ring is complex, the other must be simple

The ring is very strange to wear on the thumb, so it is not recommended. Rings worn on the index finger, the feeling is more personal claims. The most formal wear method is too wearing on the middle finger, if you do not want to have a formal feeling, you can add a simple left or right ring. Ring on the ring finger is usually a wedding ring, ring finger looks slim, so no matter what the ring, wear up the standard is delicate. The most fresh way, than the ring on the little finger.

The boy’s ring wear and meaning

The right hand refers to: right hand refers to: love the right finger: the main flower of the right hand index: single aristocratic election bar Oh to wear the left hand to wear the left hand meaning left hand: marriage left hand refers to: Married left finger: engagement left hand index finger: unmarried thumb on behalf of the power of meaning to do self-confidence in accordance with my habit of engagement ring like wearing a left finger wedding ring wearing a left hand name; unmarried girl should wear a right finger or finger

What are the specific meanings of boys’ ring wear?

Wearing a finger means to be married to show unmarried; wearing that means already love; wearing a finger that has been engaged or married; wearing a single meaning with the fingers with the same meaning to mind with the wrong Oh want to buy cost-effective high-diamond quit some like Opel Power Brand look at the relatively high cost

The boy’s ring wear and meaning

The ring from the ancient symbol of a strong sense of wear in accordance with my Cartier love ring replica habit of engagement ring like wearing a left finger wedding ring wearing a left hand pointing; if the unmarried girl should wear a right finger or the name means that the pursuit of those who want to step by step by the traditional habits of the left hand show Dili To the luck and associated with the ring to wear a left hand meaning more popular wear: index finger – want to get married that unmarried; means – has been love; name means – that has been engaged or married; means – said the single body as the right hand said: The name is said to wear wearing a sense of the kind of ring on the wear of the rules have any sense of the kind of ring-like flower ring up kind of decorative role to wear any want to wear any finger
Single ring brand Daquan, single ring brand recommended. Since then the ring has a very strong sense, and now the ring is no longer a couple or married couples patent. Single friends can also wear rings. Wearing a single ring to show people a glamorous happy single image. So what is the direct brand? As a single person, though you are alone, but you are not alone. You may want to find “that person”, perhaps you are very satisfied with this way of life. Xiaobian to give you a brief introduction to the next single ring brand Daquan.

Singelringen single ring from Sweden, wearing it as if to declare a single pride, like married to ring finger ring on the general public, wearing Singelringen is to declare everyone I was single. Perhaps wearing it is hoping to meet a romantic encounter, or just a simple hope in the traction of Singelringen encounter interesting people.

Singelringer Each single ring has a unique number, chord-shaped arc outward, symbolic open attitude, when the two rings together, you can form a complete circle. Put on a single ring, and ultimately to convey the spirit of “single state of self-confidence and freedom” to a healthy and open attitude to look at single life and develop interpersonal relationships.
Single ring brand recommended. The ring is not just the ornaments, wearing a single ring can promote the “single, and self-confidence, self-insistence” single ring meaning.

In Zoakai, a piece of jewelry engraved with a journey of time and soul. “Because of a quality style of jewelry, can be accompanied by a long time in the long time for everyone to enjoy the pleasure, but also accompanied by each person through the ups and downs of those moments of unforgettable touch, those minds of the imprint, are engraved in jewelry , Whenever watching this jewelry, those who are included in the story, as if scenes show.
Marry diamond ring brand list, marry diamond ring to buy what brand. With 80,90 after the wedding ring to buy the main force, because the young people for the marriage proposal, making the wedding ring much favored. Marriage ring has important significance, it is a key to open the marriage, so it is recommended to pick a meaningful ring. The following Xiaobian to inventory to marry the diamond ring brand, take a look at the marriage diamond ring brand list it
Zuo Kayi diamond ring positioning is – do all people can afford to afford the diamond ring! Diamonds, has always been a noble self, especially some well-known diamond brand or international big, the price is prohibitive. In fact, the real value of the diamond ring is cut, color, clarity, carat weight four parts, but the major well-known brands or international big, the sale price, but with the brand value, brand promotion, brand awareness and other factors , The price is naturally rising.
Cartier (Cartier SA) is the most well-known, one of the oldest brands, while Cartier is also the most favorite brand of aristocratic stars. In 1847 by Louis-FranccediloisCartier founded in Paris. In 1874, his son sub-law? Cartier inherited its management, by his grandson Louis? Cartier, Pierre Cartier and plot? Cartier to develop into a world famous brand, a hundred years, known as the “emperor’s jeweler.” In 1936, the Duke of Windsor will be the first Cartier Jade gift to the Duchess of Windsor, which set the legendary love of the two life.

3. Tiffany Tiffany
Tiffany (Tiffany) as the jewelry industry queen, founded in 1837 the senior jewelry store, known for diamonds and silver products, is one of the world’s leading luxury goods company. Tiffany’s most famous six claw mosaic design, the diamond set on top of the ring, the diamond flashing light to the extreme, is still widely respected. “Six claw mosaic law” after the launch, immediately become an engagement diamond ring mosaic of international standards. Tiffany with love and beauty, romantic and dream as the theme and popular for nearly two centuries, it is beautiful and soft and delicate sensibility, to meet all the world’s women’s fantasy and desire.

Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels
Van Cleef & Arpels (Van Cleef & Arpels) is a famous French luxury brand, Van Cleef & Arpels since its inception, it has been the world’s nobles and celebrities Ascot is particularly favorite top jewelry brand. Van Cleef & Arpels story begins with a romantic love story. In 1896, from the gem family of the daughter of Miss Elstier? Albemarle and the son of Amsterdam diamond businessman Alfred? Van Cleef has a happy marriage, this legendary Kuangshi marriage has laid a great brand of birth. In 1906, the first Van Cleef & Arpels boutique appeared at the square in Paris, where the story of a century of jewelry was opened.

5. Bvlgari Bvlgari
From Italy, heritage 130 years of the classic brand Bulgari, the same is to marry the diamond ring brand the necessary choice. In addition to the quality of the service, excellent quality, the Bulgari diamond ring design on the repeated novelty, works very fashionable, with the characteristics of the times and continue to join the new design elements. Bvlgari jewelry works to different characteristics of women to start, respect for individuality, to retain the individual’s unique, while the works embodied in the unique style of the style of Bulgari.

De Beers De Beers
“A diamond is forever.”) This one swept the world’s advertising language, enough to prove that De Beers this jewelry industry star has the status. Inherited more than 120 years of diamond professional experience, De Beers diamond jewelry for high-quality diamonds have the most professional Cartier nail bracelet replica right to speak. De Beers Group in 1939 for the introduction of 4C consumer standards, and in 1947 Qiao think of the world famous brand advertising “diamond forever, a permanent pass.” This is the pride and glory of De Beers diamond jewelry.

Swarovski Swarovski
Swarovski (Swarovski) was founded in 1895, by Daniel? Swarovski in Austria, is the world’s leading crystal manufacturers, Swarovski today’s assets have reached 2 billion US dollars. Swarovski advocates creative spirit, fully demonstrated in the brand’s accessories, jewelry and home accessories series, and in the world more than 2,200 Swarovski Crystal Xuan and counters for sale. Opened in 1995, located in the city of Walden City, the imitation of the crystal museum Swarovski imitation of the world, confirms the Swarovski rich inspiration and creativity.

8 Po Shi Long Boucheron
Boucheron (Boucheron), 1858, only 28 years old jewelry designer Boucheron set up his own brand. Because of its perfect cutting technology and quality gem quality is famous, is the jewelry industry leader, luxury characterization. Po Shi Long is one of the few jewelers in the world who always maintain high quality jewelery and watch craftsmanship and traditional style. In 1893, Boucheron moved to Paris where Vanden Square became one of the first jewelry brands to be opened here. At the beginning of the creation, Boucheron was favored by celebrities.

9. Haile Winston Harry Winston
Harry Winston (Harry Winston) development has been more than 100 years of history, and because of the royal nobility, celebrity star favorite, become a symbol of high society, it is famous for its cause Fancy cut with unique knitting arrangement techniques, and the most classic hexagonal emerald cut (Emerald Cut), can be described as a symbol of the brand logo. Since 1944 for the first time sponsored Oscar for best actress Jennifer Jones Jennifer Jones wearing awards, not only opened the major jewelry brands competing to invite stars to wear the ceremony to attend the ceremony, and also won the reputation of the star jeweler.