Please do not understand the wedding booking tips

Please do not understand the wedding booking tips
Preparation of the film before the need to prepare
Determine the budget: many new people do not like to do the budget, that is not necessary, when the time to spend or to pay. I do not know this world is always a mountain higher than another mountain, there is always something better. Do the budget is in your basic Cartier love bracelet replica satisfaction under the premise, away from the temptation.
There are friends to accompany: the election is a highly concentrated work of the spirit, to find one or two experienced, there are aesthetic friends, you can dizzy when you give some “awake” proposal. But friends do not want too much, or rushes, you are more difficult to decide.
Sparse slow election: at least two or three hours to choose carefully, otherwise, if the time is too short, most people’s intuitive reaction is to buy all the home.
Note in the selection
Quick view: get photos, quickly browse again, roughly the appearance and number of photos have a concept, do not stay in any photos for too long
Primary: After a quick tour, it is necessary to start the first round of the strict selection, with the label paper to like a photo to be a mark, the choice of particular attention to the eyes, expressions, actions and small details.
Statistics: selected photos, according to the dress and shape to do a statue, check the total number, by the way can also see their preference for certain shapes, in order to adjust the composition of the photo structure.
Check: according to statistics, will be selected to make adjustments to the photo: similar posture can only choose one; the same wedding dress photos do not too much; do not ignore the groom’s personal photos and photo. According to the adjusted results and then pick once.
Beware of serious secondary consumption
Plus the film to be sensible, do not feel the first look good, which are reluctant to delete, and finally wasted you a lot of hard money.
The same section of clothing modeling as much as possible to pick Cartier love ring replica together, although many studio and wedding photography studio are disrupted place, but you have the right to ask together to pick, do not forget, you are the customer, to meet your needs is the business Service area.
Select the film to be careful, for the flaws must not bear the heart. Especially in the pickup when more carefully, take home to find something is bad, to deal with trouble.
Invisible cost 1: Corkage fee
Some banquet rooms will be allowed to bring their own drinks, but will charge a part of the corkage fee, the cost of their own to coordinate. Reference price of 100 yuan or so.
Invisible cost 2: service charge
In addition to the wedding package costs, some in some better hotels and restaurants also contain 15% service charge, usually in each table will be equipped with a waiter service to enhance the guest dining service environment. So when watching wedding expenses, this part of the cost may also have to ask clearly.
Invisible cost 3: parking fee
High-class hotel in the city is difficult to parking. Generally only provide 1-2 free parking spaces, over the vehicle parking fee of about 10 to 20 yuan / hour calculation. Excessive part of the reserved about 200 yuan.
Invisible cost 4: wedding admission fee
Senior hotel will provide a fixed wedding company, if the new people need to choose the wedding company admission, you need wedding admission fee. Generally less than 1,500 yuan costs, need their own coordination.
Hotel Information
1. Whether the service fee is free (usually 15% / table)
2. whether it can bring their own red wine (of course, other wine is also included)
3. Tablecloth chair cover whether the color change (the other tableware is also the best color)
4. whether the marriage room can be upgraded
5. Whether the dish can be added or changed
6. the day to allow the wedding approach (usually 2 to 3 pm or so)
7. supporting facilities (whether to send the projector can be, do not send the projector to move the curtains, wireless microphone or not)
8. how much to pay in advance, whether the contract, how to prepare the table?
9. Other (with or without other offers)
10. In case of default, how to deal with the deposit
1. The contents of the dishes are written clearly, the wedding of the food is usually 1.5 times the usual weight, plus the amount of no increase is the regulation.
2. What are the things presented by the hotel, the number of how much Cartier nail bracelet replica are clear. (Including cake, wedding room, parking spaces, champagne tower, etc.)
3. Service fee collection.
4. how the hotel sound, a few microphones, wired or wireless.
5. Are there any projection equipment available (most can be used free of charge)
6. Alcohol: whether you can bring their own? If you can not bring their own, cork prices can be more favorable. (Written on the menu to confirm the signature)
8. Whether the dressing room is provided, it is best to leave the wedding venue.
9. If there is seafood, it is best to indicate the weight: a few crabs, weight; fish species, weight; lobster weight; scallops encounter a table 11 is not free +1
10. If you have a soft drink drink to indicate; towel fees and tea to be marked; parking number to determine the good.
Hotel contract samples, which a lot of content and wedding services to provide the conflict is, if there is no special requirements, use the hotel. You do not wedding to provide the project, wedding generally refused to buckle money, you put it into other things you need the details of things, such as bubble machine ah wish tree ah like fun things.

Now buy marriage diamond ring generally how much money

Now buy marriage diamond ring generally how much money
When the stars of the night sky, light up its first ray of light; when the waves of the sea, shoot it blossoming waves; when the wheat field of gold waves, surging layers of harvest. Encounter that make you heart of her, just a bow of shy, a gentle look back, let you dreaming, ecstatic. Every man, met the goddess of his mind, in the right time, with the right person, to a romantic proposal is a matter of course. So, now buy marriage diamond ring generally how much money?
Thousands of diamond ring small economy

20 points to 50 points of the diamond ring, small delicate, lively and lively, is the first choice for wage earners. When the beautiful diamond encounter beautiful beauty, just as the misty rain Jiangnan a trace of smoke, a touch of pink Dai. Graceful as you, Smart as you, you just as Jiangnan that after the rain with white jasmine, pure and elegant. And a small diamond is that one hanging on the petals of the crystal rain beads, clarity translucent, subtle but attractive, graceful but beautiful. Six thousand yuan to ten thousand yuan or so, you can buy. This is not just this eternal sparkling diamonds, but also full of pleasant surprise and moved. In a sunny afternoon, you take her beloved her walk in the sparkling river, when you suddenly kneel on one knee, presented that you have long been ready to marry a letter, I believe she must be surprised Cartier love ring replica to shed happiness The tears.
Million diamond ring highlight quality

White-collar workers, wealthy business, the most pro-Lai is about a carat million yuan diamond ring. High-caliber red wine glasses, elegant cafe, mask dance, white-collar workers and wealthy businessmen in a field of luxury party, comfortable to deal with a layer of network. They are all wearing their own identity status. At this point, the luxury shine of a carat diamond ring, is to reflect the status of their status as the best symbol. Diamonds shine, with the level of music changes, diamonds in the light of the various aspects of the light reflected in the light of each side of the glory, fleeting, in the time of washing and grinding, the bustling, but only diamonds, bright eyes , In the long river of time is not bad, a symbol of love is not old. Diamond forever, a permanent spread Flashy, love is eternal beauty.
Huge investment in rare and luxurious

See the stars on the stage bright and beautiful, they are in the pursuit of quality in life. More than a dozen carat diamond ring, full of particles, modeling stunning, in the spotlight, issued a dazzling light. More than a dozen carats of diamonds are rare treasures, the price is naturally expensive. 10 million diamond ring, is a beautiful symbol, but also the appreciation of the treasure. So treasures, in the years of baptism can highlight its unique collection value. Huge diamonds, accompanied by uncompromising attention to the care, in the star, the rich businessman that slender hand, more noble and elegant, luxurious dazzling.

Marry the diamond ring how much money, the answer to this question, I believe that after reading the article Xiaobian, you have a few hearts. When you join in a field of luxurious feast, flow in a grand party, time flies, fleeting, but the same is the diamonds of the glory and the true meaning of love. Love is often, steady, in the journey of life, the most romantic is that a bright afternoon, you kneel on one knee, promised to her that promise.
Valentine’s footsteps quietly, romantic sweet atmosphere is also gradually filled Cartier nail bracelet replica in the air, the sweetheart’s friends can not miss this good opportunity yo! It is better to borrow a romantic sweet atmosphere, carefully planned an exquisite proposal to marry the plan, in the romantic warm Valentine’s Day night, to your beloved she presented a marriage proposal, give her a sweet surprise, and affectionately said to her ” I love you “, such a well-intentioned, section affectionate, I believe that no girl will not be moved by what. Of course, before she marries him, be sure to find out where the wedding ring is worn on the finger, the right wear will make her feel your attention, attention. To marry a diamond ring on which finger but have to pay attention to, let us take a look at it!
First, marry diamond ring, middle finger is a warm pursuit

Warm Valentine’s Day night, little stars, pink atmosphere drifting around in the past, lovers cling to each other, walk in this sweet night, then you kneel on a single knee, come up already prepared marry ring, slow Gently pull her left hand, will marry the diamond ring gently put on her middle finger … … this romantic to your beloved girl, let her understand that you are very eager to have her feelings. So full of love of surprise, presumably she will be excited and excited to agree to your warm proposal. The ring on the left middle finger, it means that the woman to accept the man’s proposal, a symbol of sweet and warm love, fanatical and fiery, accepted the proposal to accept this love as fire. So marry diamond ring should be worn on the left middle finger.
Second, wedding ring, ring finger is the eternal promise

Now there are some people will marry the ring and marriage confused, here need to pay attention to is that the wedding ring and wedding ring, but there are subtle differences: marry a diamond ring to a single diamond-based, the woman will be engaged in the engagement during the marriage proposal diamond ring, Used to express the enthusiasm of the man to marry him, usually worn on the woman’s left middle finger. The wedding ring is usually for the ring, the couple in the wedding ceremony for each other to wear a token, said the lovers from the marriage into the hall, regardless of laughter or hardships, have to accompany and take care of each other for life, in accordance with the ” Male left female right “, usually the man wearing a ring finger on the left hand, the woman wearing the right hand ring finger. If the wedding ring worn on the middle finger, on behalf of a warm pursuit, then the wedding ring worn on the ring finger, it represents a lifetime commitment.
Third, the diamond ring of all kinds of wear law

Married diamond ring wear on the left hand ring finger, but has a special significance, because the Replica Cartier jewelry ring worn on other fingers is different with the law and meaning. According to Western tradition, the ring is usually worn on the left hand, because the left hand represents God’s luck. For the left hand, the index finger on the ring that unmarried and said to wish to get married; middle finger on the ring that has accepted the marriage proposal, has been engaged; ring finger on the ring said to be married; little thumb on the tail ring said single but not love. So, be sure to figure out the worn and meaning of these rings, will marry the diamond ring correctly worn in the heart of the left middle finger, she will feel your heart and steady, and cherish the feelings.
Two people who love each other to succeed in the end, all the happiness can be in the moment of marriage to get the best wishes. And a marriage proposal to become a marriage proposal to become the most important witness and commitment, marry the diamond ring is love can not understand the affectionate password, marry diamond ring contains the unique meaning — love and commitment, but also makes it wear its left middle finger more sacred. And marry a diamond ring to wear which finger, left middle finger is the most clear to the diamond ring as evidence, let the lovers hand in hand through the whole life.

How to clean the diamond ring

How to clean the diamond ring
Life is busy, from the beginning of the busy school or ready for work in advance, grew up will be tired of life, but in addition to these important things, everyone has a lot of trivia in life, For example, is the daily life of living, wash your face to wash your Cartier love bracelet replica teeth every day must do things, but the diamond ring is like a woman, but also need to regularly clean it to maintain a long beautiful light, on how to clean the diamond ring, Small tape with everyone to understand its cleaning method.
Buy diamond cleaning solution

Everything has its own thing to clean up, like a person shampoo with shampoo, bath with shower gel, brush tooth toothpaste, so of course there are diamonds diamonds dipped in exclusive cleaning fluid, so to better clean diamond ring , Go to buy cleaning fluid is also equipped with a cleaning fluid soaked diamond ring container, so it is more convenient, whether it is expensive, and then the value of things need to be cleaned and maintained in order to maintain its permanent youth beautiful.

Decontamination cleaning fluid

Life we can not avoid dealing with a variety of oil pollution, whether it is discharged from the body of sweat oil, or some of the oil in life, need a special cleaning solution to clean, diamond ring due to long-term wear in the hands of the hand And continue to deal with a variety of things, it will inevitably leave some residue on the ring, so you can use the daily necessities in the cleaning fluid cleaning, such as detergent, hand sanitizer, and other things to the oil to clean the diamond ring Due to background life left some dirt, but can not achieve very good results, can only get rid of some.

Toothpaste is clean

Toothpaste was originally used to clean the teeth, the teeth are very white, and because the daily eating too much too much of the impact of white teeth will inevitably leave some stains, and toothpaste after cleaning the teeth will change Very white, the ring, especially the diamond ring, like a tooth as shiny whitening, since toothpaste can make teeth white, then it can also clean the diamond ring, can make it white to flash. Many people know that the method of cleaning the ring with toothpaste, this effect is good and simple, the cost is not high.

Warm water solution

Love is often mixed together is not just the kind of feelings of love between men and women, if only rely on this kind of feelings to maintain the sweet long between love, it is completely impossible, in the two people’s love often There are two people just started to know when the friends, there is no beginning of a friendship, how can the beginning of love, when love came to a certain stage, there will be the existence of family, family love to maintain a permanent Cartier love ring replica protection, when love There is friendship and family life together, then love will become more intimate, the probability of separation is also small, so when you clean the diamond ring can be added in the warm water or a drop of two drops, let it blend together, soaked diamonds, Make clean.

The birth of beauty because she through their own day after day of hard work and efforts to make themselves more beautiful, and the beauty of butterflies is also by layers of broken cocoon out of the diamond is beautiful by the day after the craftsmen are polished perfect It turned into a beautiful face, so diamonds in order to maintain its long-lasting beauty, you need to clean it, maintenance it, so we must understand in advance some of the diamond ring how to clean the method.
There are a lot of time we can not use their own eyes to understand a lot of things, there may be many stories inside, there are many people in the story, and everyone has their own hard to let go of things. A diamond ring, maybe listen to a lot of stories, but their own story is only one. How to choose the most suitable for their own diamond ring is very important for a person, like a tire, even if no matter how good the car, if not a tire, it can only be a useful thing.

Still wait for it as first love

There is a thing called nostalgic, miss a thing, a person or just one thing. But there is always a good memory, do not let her so nothing to live. We say what kind of a diamond ring to become our forever miss? We have a lot of choices, choose the largest diamond ring, choose the most shining diamond ring, or a perfect classic cut diamond ring, but the most memorable may be a humble diamond ring, so a diamond ring so quiet Lying in that lady’s diamond box inside the box, from the beginning to the present, although there are many more beautiful than it’s diamond ring appears, it is your most memorable, the most worthy of the collection of diamond ring, because that belongs to your story in that A diamond ring inside. As for what the story is that you are, we have nothing to make our life more exciting, because you are the most wonderful people in my life.

The new flowers are brilliant

We have a lot of people feel a diamond ring Bale, there is no need to attract our attention, if a diamond quit we can re-buy a diamond ring, but we have not thought that a diamond ring is our promise to the other half, When we exchange the ring, at our wedding, the promise Cartier nail bracelet replica has been promised, the promise is hard to come by, so that a diamond ring to be particularly cherished, cherish not only that a diamond ring, more is wearing The diamond ring that one person. Flowers may be reopened, but that a deep but only one, opened can not be restored again.

Wish you for a deep love

So important to the diamond we must pay special attention, so at this time the other do not care, as long as a diamond ring of the ring is strong enough, strong to be able to carry our love, no matter what kind of suffering will not let us Love broken. Other things can be replaced, there is no big diamond ring does not matter, there is no very pure appearance does not matter, no beautiful color does not matter, not even a good cut does not matter, as long as you use their own greatest efforts For her to buy diamond ring, even the smallest diamond ring can be.

How to choose the most suitable for their own diamond ring is actually very simple, as long as the heart on the line, according to their ability to, after all, this diamond ring is a unique person to give you.

How to maintain the diamond jewelry and how to keep love the same

How to maintain the diamond jewelry and how to keep love the same
So easy to change the heart, but it is easy to change the heart. If you want to love a deadline, then I hope to be a lifetime; if you need to love a shelf life, then I hope is never degenerate; if a commitment to love, then I hope to be always accompanied. After choosing an expensive diamond ring, you will rack your brains to keep your diamond jewelry, and how can you keep them color and shine?

Tide of love

The deepest love baby face, because the young, because there is vitality, in love, we hope to keep up with the trend, talk about a tide of love, playing the most popular game nowadays, just hope that love can have a shelf life, so that love can Has been fresh, will not let each other tired. Wearing a diamond jewelry, you want to be compelling, make them look and buy the same, and this is the same as the truth of fresh love.

Just because of your companionship

In love is the most valuable is never betrayed, bad fortune phase, this kind of love can withstand the time of grinding, in the rush of the ring, it will not be tired because of the long time. For diamond jewelry is also the case, you do not like the new grass is always tired to maintain it, so that it always maintain the first time you see it in the state, then your love at first sight, then you are none other than it. It is certainly because it has a place to attract you, so the best way to maintain diamond jewelry is to always keep your feelings.
Love is the best care

Every paragraph of the feelings need to use love to operate, only love can make a feeling to keep blazing feeling. Two people together without words do not say, laughing slapstick is after you aftertaste things. But these need love support, love is the premise of all, love to open is the most precious memories, love is your bit by bit in the past. Diamond jewelry, like your favorite, your favor gives it your special love, after you should love them with love, as long as there is love, you will think they are love, meaning the same will let It looks more beautiful.

Because love, so love, whether it is diamond jewelry or love people, there is no reason for love is that others can not understand, and only immersive to deep experience. For me, how to maintain the diamond jewelry and how to keep love is the same, intentions to love to care. Love and jewelry are required shelf life, the shelf life of each item is limited, but in your heart shelf life is no deadline. Each item has its meaning. We need to carefully understand, with love to tolerance.
In love is very common in boys to take care of girls, boys for the girls shelter. And girls are more delicate, very cherish the couple’s ring quit Girls are very concerned about the maintenance of their own ring, and now the boys are also very delicate, for their own ring maintenance is also very focused. So what is the usual way to maintain the male ring?
Gently touch – the most gentle love

Girls born more sentimental, funeral memories of the story to hear the heartache, listen to sad, boys like girls born patron, but we seem to ignore them also have a weak helpless time, there is a need for people love when. In fact, the most gentle treatment of their love than a hug, a deep feeling. And the same way for the male ring is gently touch, gently treat it, it also needs care, you need to use your fingers gently treat it. The most gentle love is the best male ring maintenance method.

To avoid mutual friction – the safest love

Two people together is the most taboo is every day quarrel, too much friction, no matter how good feelings can not stand all day noisy. Those who have been able to go all the way to the husband and wife are because they know enough to stop, they know when it can be Cartier love bracelet replica noisy, when should coexist peacefully, there is no quarrel of the couple, but the couple need to quarrel also need to put the next shelf The For the male ring is the same reason, to avoid it with other diamond ring between the frequent friction, which is the safest maintenance method. Too frequent friction is also easy to make the ring wear, so that feelings wear.
Appropriate luxury – the most effective love

Two people get together for a long time also need some small gifts to adjust the ingredients to increase the feelings, and this reality is unrealistic. Nothing matter. Sometimes a beautiful, favorite gift can give each other a great surprise, to add love to your love, I think it is necessary. Sometimes occasional luxury may make your feelings further. Life is always needed to adjust the product. So occasionally buy some male ring care products wipe is also very necessary, and this and girlfriend get along is a reason. This maintenance method is undoubtedly the most effective love. This method of maintenance in my opinion is also a necessary way, it also needs to use some luxury goods to pack their own, in my opinion any item is a life.

If the stone is going to cry, it will definitely want to make a stone because it needs to withstand the long wait for dripping through the stone; if the sunflower will speak, it will certainly carry the sun, because it does not want others to see their sad face ; If the male ring will smile, it will certainly tell you that it needs those maintenance methods, because Xiao Bian tell your men’s ring maintenance methods are the most common, it needs or your treasure and love.

Marry the diamond ring in general how much is appropriate

Marry the diamond ring in general how much is appropriate
To marry the time and ultimately, a bouquet of beautiful flowers, and ultimately, the commitment of life, of course, less life can only send one of the ring. The choice of marrying the diamond ring to a large extent decided to marry the success or failure, there are many people think that the diamond ring sent much to represent how deep he loves you. In fact, this kind of cognition to a certain extent, the material to measure the love, then marry the diamond ring how much is appropriate? Levi’s little tape with you to understand.

A carat diamond ring, the soul of the deep love

Many people buy marriage diamond ring have chosen to buy Cartier love bracelet replica a carat, choose a carat diamond ring, most people are convinced that a carat of good love, and is looking forward to each other also has a carat of love. It is said that a carat is the weight of our soul, this carat is the person to go to the world after the bliss of the world’s most pure love weight, even if people have been away from the world, but that pure love is still retained, accompanied by that The need for his love, so a carat diamond ring is also considered by the couple is the soul of this symbol of love, everyone is looking forward to such a pure and precious love, holding a carat diamond ring, to the other half of your future Promised the future, how can she love the cruel refused it?

30-50 points diamond ring suitable for white-collar family

If you love her, you will want to give her the best you can give; if she loves you, will be satisfied with the range of your ability to give the best. 30-50 points diamond ring belongs to the drilling type, the price is about to spend two months or so white-collar workers wages, such a cost for men is acceptable, buy too small really let girls difficult to accept, buy too much and let Their own too much economic pressure is not necessary, the best degree of moderate, I believe to understand the other half of the women can be considerate acceptance, and vice versa is only too much to pursue the material people.
50 points above the diamond ring worth collecting

Nowadays, we often can see from the news of a certain star engagement to wear large carat diamond ring, a certain rich to send his fiancee extra large carat diamond ring, it is envy others. Regal and star’s net worth is much higher than the average person, wedding rings for them is not only a tool to express love, but also as their value collection of goods. More than 50 points of the diamond ring has a collection of value, so if you belong to the petty bourgeoisie, you can buy more than 50 points to marry the diamond ring, which is not only connected with each other’s love media, you can also as a means of investment, There is a chance to add value. If you belong to the rich level, then it is recommended that you buy the size of the large pig caravan diamond ring, the greater the more rare diamonds, and the more valuable collection, show you full of love at the same time, the future may be an extra wealth.
So that each other in the moment of good love in the promise and look forward to the future of a better marriage. In fact, marry the diamond ring in general how much does not affect that really, so you finally received the marriage proposal is not paid attention to it is how much Cartier love ring replica it is, but it is carrying the mind how true.
Marriage and marriage are different

In the choice of which finger to wear a ring, we also have a certain stress, when we choose these five words as a reference: chase, seeking, set, knot, away from. The five words on behalf of the thumb from the thumb to wear the ring in turn the meaning of “set”, that is to say that the middle finger wearing a diamond ring is engaged, set a marriage between each other, “knot” is that the ring finger wearing a diamond ring is already Married, although they are wearing a ring, but still see the marriage and marriage definition is different. Although promised to marry the time, but can only be worn wedding ring on the middle finger, after marriage to wear wedding rings on the ring finger. Wearing a finger different fingers have a university ask, marry and marry when wearing a ring naturally have to distinguish.

Marry and marry, love is the same

Some people deliberately distinguish between courtship diamond ring and wedding ring, and some people think that as long as that a love can be maintained, that a person can always accompany, marry and marry, whether the diamond ring is no separate purchase. When the other half of the time to marry him, give you a lifetime commitment to promise, you are happy it, when the other half of the wedding when you promise life with the promise, after marriage to the actual action to accompany you Is happy it At this moment, whether you have both marry a diamond ring and have a wedding ring Cartier nail bracelet replica is not very important, it is important that a love has been.

Levi’s real name ring, advocated between each other really love, hope is that all the lovers love each other long. As for the marriage proposal diamond ring and wedding ring need to buy it separately, depends on the couple’s personal choice of cognition. Levi’s wish the world more happiness and continued love.

Emerald Decoration Price Emerald Decoration Price and Pictures

Emerald Decoration Price Emerald Decoration Price and Pictures
Jade is a kind of jade, in our country’s history has a long history, from the Ming Dynasty Wanli years to date, China has 4,5 centuries of jade history, has been loved by the crowd, so known as the “Oriental treasures” The Emerald colors are colorful, green for top grade. But the origin of jade is rare, of which Myanmar is the highest yield, the best quality of jade origin, so jade is also known as “Myanmar jade.” The emerald pendant ornaments there are many, currently on the market common varieties of emerald ornaments are ice kind of jade, old pit kind of jade, jade and other varieties of water, ice jade for the file on the file, which the best quality, the highest permeability “High ice species” is often used to make into jade bracelet.
In the international jewelry market, usually according to the color of jade, transparency and texture of the different, the emerald ornaments are divided into three categories-A, B, C, D four grades, different categories, grade emerald ornaments price The difference is very large. The first category, called emperor jade. It is the top grade in emerald, the color is green and pure, rich and gorgeous, uniform, transparent, water head, its texture Cartier love ring replica structure, are authentic old species, the output accounts for only 5% of the world’s total annual output. This kind of emerald ornaments are very expensive to carat for the calculation unit, and among the diamond, corundum, emerald, cat eyes and other high-end gem ranks. At the 28th Yangon Gem Fair, the Imperial Day A $ 2,000 a carat; B $ 500 a carat; C $ 200 a carat; D $ 100 a carat. The second category, called commercial jade. The color is more complex, all kinds of colors are emerald, and its color shades, even different, transparency is not one. This kind of jade ornaments are uneven quality, its quality and emperor jade after color concentration and uniformity. And this type of emerald ornaments for the A-level 1000 US dollars a kilogram; B-level 200 US dollars a kilogram; C-level 50 US dollars a kilogram; D 30 US dollars a kilogram. The third category, called ordinary jade. This is the most important category of jade, which includes colorless jade, the structure of its clarity with the commercial jade is basically the same, mainly for the production of some lower grades of jade ornaments, the price of A 30 dollars a kilogram; 15 dollars a kilogram; C 10 dollars a kilogram; D 5 dollars a kilogram.
Emerald Decoration is true and false identification Jade Decoration is mainly related to the following points:

1, Tsui: regardless of jade raw materials or finished products, as long as the polished side of the careful observation, usually see the same pattern of speckled patch structure. In a piece of jade can be seen on two forms of hard jade crystal, one is slightly larger grain granules, and the other is surrounded by spotted intertwined fibrous small crystals. Under normal circumstances the same piece of jadeite spot crystal particles uniform size.

2, stone flowers: emerald are small lumps, poor transparency of the white fibrous crystals intertwined with stone flowers. The difference between this stone flower and the porphyrite is porphyritic transparent, stone flower is slightly transparent to opaque.

3, color: emerald color uneven, in the white, lotus root pink, oil blue, green beans on the base with different shades of green or black. That is, in the green on the base there are shades of the points.

4, gloss: emerald shiny bright, polished good, was bright, soft and strong glass luster.
Jade brave brave jade pendant how Peidai Pei wearing a pendant to give wealth, jade Cartier nail bracelet replica pendant brave is not only a very good decorative ornaments, but also to open people’s fortunes, but the animal is a brave, so brave for wearing jade pendant is very particular about , How to wear, wear to pay attention to what, the following Xiaobian for everyone to explain in detail under.

Jade Pixi Pendant to wear method:

1, first of all you have to understand that you wear brave pendant is for the wealth of money in the brave of the mouth, try not to let the brave of the brains see light, so as not to lose money, do not use your hand to touch the brains and eyes. If you have no intention to touch, and should immediately wash with water, so as not to leave dirt in the brave pendant above, affecting the spirituality of brave pendant. Pi Xiu pendant as far as possible in the clothes inside, when wearing brave head do not look outward.

2, brave pendant is spiritual, you are so good, naturally it will use it to repay you the way. So, every night before going to sleep, try to remove the brave pendant to wash, wash the braze above the dust, so brave pendant as much as possible to keep clean. When cleaning the best with water, the brave pendant in the water can be.

3, after wearing brave pendant, cut taboo often removed. Because brave is psychic, proficient in human nature, if you often wear will make brave and their increasingly unfamiliar, and brave will feel that the owner is not good enough to become lazy and change their own. So wear jade brave pendant after the easy to remove.
Jade brave pendant how to open brave is one of the five ancient animals, because it can Lucky into treasure, profit and evil by many people like. Many people like to buy a pair of braves to wear. Brave a lot of types, of which the best is a brave brave. Wearing jade itself can be evil spirits, but the combination of brave, so Jade brave pendant need to open after the play to its rich role. So how to open the jade brave pendant? Jade brave pendant open method is mainly three. One is to the local monastery or Taoist irrigation to open the light; the second is to open the sky with nature; third is their own light. Xiaobian for everyone under the introduction of these three ways to open the way.

One, to the temple irrigation people please open

Can choose to local incense exuberant, more visitors to the temple to open. It should be noted that the appearance of Lin “open light” is not equivalent to the Buddha opened, to make it clear, do not just take away.

Second, the natural light

In the day when the sun, the night when the moonlight, the brave on the sun and moonlight can be irradiated to the place, such as their own balcony. 16 days after the continuous release, brave can be natural through the light. This method is to let the brave draw the essence of the sun and the moon, which has a stronger anti-evil and Lucky ability.
Third, open their own

The way to open their own is: “heaven and earth water” (gossip well water, half of the root of the rain) will be brave soak for three days, and then to the tea to the Pi Xiu point sunny, let the eyes to see the owner, the specific steps are as follows:

1, the first choice of auspicious day Kyrgyzstan, and in the choice of auspicious day three days ago, with the water will be brave clean.

2, after cleaning the brave, take “heaven and earth water” into a pre-prepared Cartier love bracelet replica container (Note: the requirements are new, clean).

3, the brave into the container, soak for three days.

4, in the day of the day will be braved out, and wipe with a new towel.

5, take some tea oil, with a brush after the oil, the point in the brave of the eyes, this is called light. It should be noted that, in the brave point when the sun, only their own presence. Because, to the brave after the sunny, only the first to see you, it will recognize you as a master, wholeheartedly follow you, bless you money rolling.

Jade brave pendant how much money

Jade brave pendant how much money Jade brave pendant how much money, and the texture of jade, the better texture of jade, jade puppy pendant price higher. Here, Xiaobian for everyone to sort out several Jade brave pendant price, hoping to give you to help.

[Jasper respect] Jade brave pendant A goods men and women models jade brave jade pendant pieces of natural jade jade Jade King brave jade pendant Jingdong price ¥ 1358.00

【Tianbao Jiyu Lizhi】 Jade Pixi Pendant Jade Pendant Jade Women & Men’s Universal Pendant Necklace Jing Dong Price ¥ 399.00

[] Shuanger jewelry jade pendant jade brave troops back money to men and women three money brave jade pendant jade pendant pendants Jingdong price ¥ 498.00

【Bijiaji】 Jade Pixi Pendant with yellow beans at the end of jade A price ¥ 1280.00

Four seasons jade pendant

Four seasons jade pendant
Four seasons jade jade pendant is a jade or other precious stones carved into the shape of the seasoned jewels, often with a red rope to wear in the neck, the four seasons beans meaning good and peaceful, known as the “beans”, people believe that wearing four seasons jade Fall can bring blessing and good luck, we can see the four seasons jade jade pendant is a different kind of emotional and spiritual carrier, today may wish to follow Cartier love bracelet replica together in the four seasons jade jade fall in the world.
The color of the four seasons

Four seasons jade pendant style single simple, are the shape of the four seasons beans pendant, but there are many colors of the four seasons jade pudding, Furong stone matte, jade green, opal light green and so on, these are the four beans Material is related to the most common four seasons jade jade pendant non-emerald four seasons jade pendant can not be, according to legend, jade is a growth in the south of the birds, male called “Fei”, female called “翆”, Jade four beans Green as gentle, meaning good, suitable for couples to wear.
Four seasons jade pendant price

Four seasons jade pendant price and style and material, the price from tens of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars have hundreds of thousands of dollars have, beans, if the material is high-grade jade, the price will be more expensive, for example, The color of pure jade jade beans fall to a million or so. Four seasons jade pendant style with mosaic models and prime net, mosaic of the beans pendant, the price plus the price of metal, the price and the metal material.

Four seasons jade pendant and the price is also related to the cut, good cut the bean can be carved to feather feathers as raw, full of beans with a static Smart beauty, on the million yuan from the four rows of beans cut Bad to go there, the cut is not good four beans dried and deflated, no vitality, if the material is relatively cheap, the price is probably dozens of dollars, so when buying pendants, remember to cut the cut.
Golden pearl pendant

Has been used to “beads round Yu Run” to describe the body Fengfeng customs million kinds of women, we can see the pearl in the hearts of people is a beauty of the existence of pearls are crystal dignified, round and colorful, elegant and pure organic gems, jewelry queen said, Many kinds of, but the most precious gold pearls, because every gold pearl are thousands of miles to pick a gold rush out of the expensive pearls as long as one is enough to make people Cartier love ring replica happy, so the general pearl pearl pendant inlaid, then What is the price of gold pearl pendant?
What is the price of gold pearl pendant? Golden pearl pendant is popular with women, pearl rounded, pure, huge, innate natural beauty and unique gold, showing unparalleled elegance and romance, gold pearl pendant price with its color, size, gloss and shape related.

The color is pure, the more pure the more expensive, the size of the golden pearl is generally 9 mm -14 mm in diameter, the greater the more valuable, pearls with its soft and elegant pearl luster to attract the world, no shiny pearls and sand no matter what Do not, so the high-grade gold pearl pendant color should be eye-catching smooth, a top metal pearl pendant price is on the million.
Gold pearl pendant how much money is also related to the brand, relative to Europe and the United States, pearls are more loved by the Asian people, the Japanese Royal Wood is the top ten national pearl brand, sold in the Royal of each gold pearl pendant, style design Are extremely delicate, with a hundred years of cultural precipitation, making the brand premium is very high If the budget is less than ten thousand yuan, in the big brand is difficult to buy the top gold pearl pendant.

Why is the golden pearl pendant so expensive? Nanyang pearl mother of the requirements of the environment is very high, must not be contaminated deep sea to survive, coupled with the cultivation of golden pearls is very difficult, so the output is very small, vaguely expensive, even a small Golden pearl prices will not be cheap, so may wish to look on other colors of pearl pendant.
Heart-shaped pendant is the embodiment of love, love is inclusive rather than indulgence, love is care rather than love, love is blending rather than unrequited love, love is sweet and not all sweet … true love is not necessarily the eyes of others The perfect match, but the love of each other’s minds of mutual fit. True love is in the time of love, know how to cherish, true love, is unable to love, know how to let go, because let go is to have everything. Pendants can be divided according to the shape of a variety of, heart-shaped, round, triangular, etc., below we come to understand what is the meaning of heart pendant
Heart-shaped diamond pendant is a symbol of love symbol, heart-shaped is a romantic shape, like the heart-shaped girls are eager to warm, romantic, passionate girl, such a woman fell in love with a person will be single-minded.

Hollow heart-shaped pendant and surrounded by bright diamonds to form the contrast of the United States, simple beads edge mosaic, highlights the gentle feeling of women, to have a beautiful heart-shaped diamond pendant, is a woman’s dream of life.

Heart-shaped diamond pendant is a romantic representative, meaning the only true love of life, is the best choice for men to express the truth, showing that women are very luxurious and noble, if your anniversary or her birthday, give her a heart Pendant, will be able to impress her heart.

Wearing a heart pendant on behalf of the meaning
Heart-shaped pendants are the most romantic of all shapes, so women wearing heart-shaped pendants are imaginative and believe in intuition and respect for romance. Each of the perfect heart-shaped has a section of 101, like the Zoaci Ferris wheel diamond heart-shaped pendant, can give a sweet, feminine full impression, choose the heart-shaped pendant are mostly rich and rich feelings The romanticists of the letter.

Heart-shaped pendants are the ultimate expression of love, heart-shaped pendant unique Cartier nail bracelet replica shape makes it a unique choice for jewelry lovers, but the heart-shaped diamond custom diamond ring when the choice according to personal temperament with, according to each person’s different hand , Style, choose a different style, finger slender basically most of the ring are suitable for wear.

Heart-shaped diamond pendant is a sacred mission, with fantastic colors, his beauty, only really seen before you can understand
Heart pendant inlay what is better? If conditions permit, it is recommended that inlaid diamonds is the most perfect, diamonds forever, a permanent spread. Heart-shaped pendant inlaid with diamonds on behalf of you is the only, my heart eternal, beloved people, heart and mind. Diamond is the representative of the infinite power, the emperors of the emperor will be regarded as a sign of infinite power, as a treasure, deep palace, from generation to generation. Diamonds are pure love on behalf of the diamond pure and transparent and lasting, and the diamond ring is like a lover’s bright eyes watching you, said the eternal pursuit of love and loyalty. Diamond is a thriving representative. Diamond is the top gem, it represents the top cause, top achievements. People usually have diamonds as a successful business representative.

What is the meaning of the Buddha head pendant?

What is the meaning of the Buddha head pendant?
“Buddha head” is also called Buddha head beads, Lord beads. The main bead is compared with the other beads, there is a feature that is drilled with three holes, because the rope from the top but also stretched out to wear the pagoda or Buddha hat. Therefore, the main beads also called three beads. There is a Buddha head three links, on behalf of the conversion Sambo. The main beads on behalf of the Buddha, the other beads on behalf of monks, rope on behalf Cartier love bracelet replica of the law. There is no three links, on behalf of the law of equality, the heart without obstacles. And the Buddha head pendant? What is the meaning of the Buddha head pendant?
What is the meaning of the Buddha head pendant?

Meaning one, open-minded optimism

Buddhism often appears in a smiling image, and the Buddha can protect us from being disturbed. Emerald Buddha pendant meaning belly capacity, open-minded optimism.

Meaning two, exorcism evil

Buddha is the world’s most righteousness, in front of the evil things, Buddha Buddha shines, to display the boundless Dharma, all evil demons have no place to escape. Ordinary people often in the side with a piece of jade jade Buddha, is the hope that jade Buddha can bless their own evildoer is not infected.

Meaning three, blessing and well-being

Buddha’s homonym is “blessing”, and the shape of the Buddha is often Xiaohehe, people feel no worries, good luck. Therefore, the emerald jade also means the blessing of generations, blessing again and again, Fu Hui Shuangxiu, longevity and so on. Wearing a jade Buddha, not only can bless their own health and happiness, even their own family and children can also be blessed.

Meaning four, auspicious wishful

In the traditional Chinese concept, the temple dedicated to the Buddha Buddha is the most auspicious place. Here Xianqi filled, calm and peaceful, there will not be any evildoer. According to legend, dedicated to the temple of the temple has a hundred miles of blessing of Cartier love ring replica the gas. So jade jade Buddha meaning auspicious wishful.
Wearing a Buddha head pendant on behalf of the meaning

In the folk there are “men wear Guanyin female Dai Buddha” argument, mainly to pray for Goddess of Mercy and the Buddha on the body, life and work of blessing. When people are sick, will wear such as Zhong Kui, Guan Gong, Zhang Fei and other jade, hoping to get rid of the disease as soon as possible, so that the body rehabilitation, from the spirit of a kind of comfort.

Jade in the traditional Chinese form of diverse forms, meaning profound, numerous. It is rich in the rich connotation of Chinese jade culture, is the traditional Chinese culture in a garden of a dazzling wonderful work. Jade and other jewelry is different, it is in the decoration of people at the same time, more concerned about the spirit of the people feel that people have become the spirit of the intuitive material expression of sustenance. In the emphasis on individuality and focus on the spirit of the modern, wearing a rich Oriental cultural connotation of the jade, will better reflect their own personality, taste and national temperament.

Buddhism, said the man wearing a Buddism godness Guanyin Buddha Buddha, in fact, hope that men are more compassionate, the woman can not generous chicken stomach. Second, the Buddha head of things, in fact, has always been a misunderstanding that this thing, in fact, open light is not all things can be opened to light, straight light on the mounts of the Buddha pendant, you can only be regarded as a crafts will not be Give you what is the psychological effect.

Dave Buddha pendant is good?

Can not wear Buddha Buddha, it is blasphemous Buddha Buddha’s behavior! Buddha is like a place of worship, not worn on the body. Indian ancestors have long condemned the world of this blasphemy, this atmosphere is still not today! You really believe in the Buddha, then Buddha Buddha respectful please return to the temple to go, or their respectful dedication. In the temple of the Buddha Buddha Buddha on the front of the respectful worship than you do not respect the Buddha wearing a strong ten million times! World people, wearing a Buddha to the toilet, and some casually farther in the Buddha as fart, and some with the room! Amitabha! Buddha can not wear.
Fugu is jade jewelry commonly used theme, by the emerald sculptor and the vast number of consumers love. Jade Fugu Pendant because of its smooth surface, the curve exquisite, can highlight the emerald good head, played a big tricky effect, reflecting the emerald crystal transparent, charming and moist. Emerald Fucai named auspicious blessing, very happy, but also because of its multi-child characteristics, a symbol of more than blessed, good luck. So, what is the meaning of the melon pendant?
What is the meaning of the melon pendant?

Meaning one, Fugua Guogua, blessing again and again, full of festive auspicious, meaning happy wishful, any people are looking forward to a happy, anybody wants everything. Therefore, the emerald flower pendant for all men and women wear, no age and gender restrictions, can bring blessing.

Meaning two, the Chinese people always pay attention to the good fortune, that school is good, the cause of strong, marriage, beauty, descendants and more, are a good blessing of a person, with good fortune to have everything. The emerald porcelain pendants born with a “blessing” gas, is a good auspicious auspicious, people flattered, everything wishful.

Meaning three, jade fruit melon pendant is with the blessing of the fruit, beautiful shape, curve exquisite, rounded full, won the public favorite. Jade frog melon is also the ever-changing shape, with the wishful, there are engraved vines leaves pattern, as well as the combination of Cartier nail bracelet replica animal carvings, in short, have expressed the pursuit of a better life, emerald melon meaning auspicious, More blessing.

Meaning four, jade fruit pendant is a lot of people like the shape of jade jewelry, simple and generous, not many carvings and complex colors, simple, but beautiful incredible, like a very simple simple children.

Meaning five, jade pear tree pendant shape, meaning rich and happy. Men are suitable for the style of melon seeds juicy sweet, plump and full of melon as if filled with gold and silver treasures of the treasury. Male friends can choose a simple design of the melon, can be a single realistic melon pendant, but also choose to combine brave, gold toad and other animals of the carved fish, and then accompanied by simple and delicate red rope.
Wearing a fouling pendant on behalf of the meaning

1, auspicious wishful: Dragon on behalf of the beast animal totem tribe, phoenix birds on behalf of the totem tribe. Two tribal conflict, Longsheng, merged with the phoenix, since then, the world peace, grain bumper, but also noble and auspicious performance. Xiangyun on behalf of a good omen, said the future good wishes. Hyundai married the hi than “dragon and phoenix”, said the couple festive.

2, home and thriving class: that hope husband and wife harmony, family prosperity. Jade pattern mainly with mandarin ducks, and even connected, whitehead birds, fish, lotus leaves, etc. said. This pattern of jade often as a wedding gift of joy, or that couples love, home and everything happening.

3, peace and peace class: that people in modern society, stability and peace of life yearning. On behalf of the jade pattern mainly with Aquarius, wishful and so on. For some perennial work or work, living wandering people to wear, to sustenance of his family to his peace wishes.

4, the cause of Tengda class: a symbol of this person’s achievements and career career longing and wish. On behalf of the jade pattern mainly with lychee, longan, walnut, carp, bamboo and so on. Wearers pay more attention to personal achievement and self-realization.

5, evil spirits and evil categories: that people want a kind of gods protection, life is smooth, the cause of good service, good health, all the best. Representative jade pattern with Guanyin, Buddha, Zhong Kui, Guan Gong, Zhang Fei, etc. to express.

Emerald maintenance precautions

First, usually in the wear of jade fruit when you pay attention to check the beads rope, gold and silver chain is strong, to avoid the Jade Fugu rope mouth, mouth release loosening caused by loss of jade damage.

Second in the wear of jade fugua should be careful not to crash or fall emerald, and sometimes the surface of jade fugue no damage traces, but in fact Jade after its collision inside the structure has been damaged, Is to produce vertical cracks when the special attention, will occur at any time fracture.

Third, the emerald fugua is very taboo greasy, when wearing jade is best not to enter the kitchen, but can not let the contact with the high temperature hot jade zone, the beach will not wear the beach, and can not be exposed. Jade is very afraid of strong acid solution, which will destroy the structure and texture of jade, so that jade lost the original color and luster.

Fourth, in the summer to wear, use a neutral wash solution for soak for a while, then gently brush with a soft brush, and then put the shade at the dry like. Because in the summer when the body’s sweat will enter into the emerald, and sweat contains salt and fatty acids and other substances, will make jade fir loss luster.

Fifth girl friends have cosmetics, skin care products, perfume, etc., because these items contain a certain chemical composition, so the items will cause some damage to the emerald, in peacetime also pay attention.

Sixth, the best is to wash every day, but as long as the cleaning with water, like to remove the surface of the dust, and then wipe with a clean soft cloth like, often wipe with a soft cloth will make jade to maintain Bright luster.

How the earrings are popular

How the earrings are popular
Wearing earrings, the origin of earrings, different opinions. Some people think that it is the earliest from the northern people for the marriage of metal earmuffs, but more credible there are two kinds of argument, the first that earrings, earrings appear, is the pursuit of beauty produced by others; another argument is , Earrings, earrings were originally used for medical treatment purposes.

Legend of a girl in ancient times, parents died, lonely, all day long crying, long course of time, vision gradually weakened, the ultimate blindness. At this time came a physician, holding a silver needle in the girl two ears thorns about, the girl immediately see the light again. In order to commemorate the gods of the Ende, the girl asked to make a pair of silver ring, twilight wear on the ears. After the spread of the matter, the girls in the event of eye Cartier love bracelet replica disease, they pierced in the earlobe, fell on a beautiful small ring, which is the origin of earrings.
Earrings are women’s earrings unique jewelry. According to historical records, our women have been wearing earrings as early as a thousand years ago. Earrings from ancient times to the present, experienced a historical stage of development and change. Began to wear earrings pay attention to the bigger and better, in order to show noble, solemn, and some earrings up to 20 cm long, hanging from the earlobe to the chest, some people even because the earrings are too heavy and the ear drops broken, The Later, the earrings gradually turned to small and exquisite. Earrings in addition to the selection of gold and silver jewelry, but also gradually added amber, jade, agate, diamonds, crystal, glass, jade and so on.

Earrings style is also increasingly rich and varied, with or without spike, single round, double spike and other styles. No spike-shaped large round, oval, grape-shaped, flower-shaped, wheat-shaped, etc., double-shaped diamond-shaped, gold-plated beads, diamond beads, crystal beads and so on. Since the 1970s, countries around the world have developed and used non-precious metal alloy materials. The materials used in the 1980s have been expanded to include ceramics, high-grade plastics, glass, shells, wood and so on. The current earrings in addition to some high-end products still follow the classical form and traditional technology, the middle and low products to the odd, new, the direction of development, all kinds of social and artistic ideas are all reflected in the earrings style.
Men’s earrings are now not only tide men’s essential jewelry, and sometimes it is a symbol of identity. In the choice of men’s earrings than female earrings much less men to buy earrings may pay more attention to the brand. What is the brand? Here are the most recommended men’s most popular men’s earrings brand, like earrings of male friends can understand!
Men’s earrings what brand of good – GVC Givenchy
Givenchy has always been regarded as elegant, noble, exquisite symbol. Inherited the brand’s prestigious traditional design style, Givenchy (GIVENCHY) that luxurious and elegant style, more or less reflected in its personality. Hearty and humble, coupled with the romantic romance of the French, so Givenchy (GIVENCHY) to win the reputation of the fashion world gentleman.

Men’s earrings what brand is good – Zoakai
China is very popular with young people welcome the jewelry brand, was established in 2004, is “why the Sheng Xiao”, “we get married,” “If the snail has love,” and so many popular film and television jewelery partners, as jewelry industry O2O pioneer , The number of offline stores has reached more than 100!

Men ‘s earrings What brand of good –
By Stephane Raynor founded in 1976, BOY LONDON can be said to be the originator of the British street, was 80 years of musical and clothing culture synonymous. At the beginning of the establishment of the rebellious label. From the full name of youth, big black Cartier love ring replica background and “eagle” flavor LOGO is not difficult to see its trend, decadent, rebellious colors.

Men’s earrings what brand is good – Chrome Hearts
Chrome Hearts is one of the world’s most famous silver brands, is also a famous Hollywood luxury brand, founded in 1988 by Richard Stark, then in 1996 opened its first store in New York. At present the global store is located in the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, Paris, London, Taipei, Seoul and Beijing.

Men’s earrings what brand is good – jam home made
Even Edison Chen are worried about the Japanese accessories brand JAM HOME MADE, has been established since eighteen years. Because of the lack of a high degree of exposure and marketing, this in Japan has a very well-known accessories brand, but for the domestic saints who seem to be very familiar with him.

Men’s earrings What brand of good? Above the men’s earrings brand recommended, all from the fashionable people and tide men’s hand, want to tide, we must see Oh!
Men wearing earrings have been considered very mother, but it really is only once, and now men wearing earrings has long been a fashion. So how do men wear earrings? What is the meaning of men’s ear ear earrings? Here to give you a detailed description of the men’s earrings wearing a law and meaning, like ear studded male compatriots to take a closer look, can not just blind wear Oh!
Men’s earrings wear method

Men wear ear nail there are many ways, you can wear around the ear, or a single ear, you can wear more than one ear For earrings wear method, people also have a set of argument. Under normal circumstances, the men’s earrings will increase the visual effect of the face, which is mainly because the earrings will be worn after the eyes of the entire face, for the face of the narrow price of men, it is suitable, this Earrings can be a good job to make up for the lack of face, so that you are more handsome, charming.

If you are male lesbian female role, wear in the right ear, to bring silver diamonds earrings, or silver earrings. If you are a lesbian male role wearing a silver earring. In general homosexuality only with their original gender of the opposite role of that side will be with earrings.

If the character rebellion, with their own preferences, do not rigidly adhere to the above rules, which would like to wear it, but if the male heterosexual men into the position of gay women should have anti-harassment of the psychological.

Many fashionable male stars in the public occasion will choose to wear in the ears of a crystal bright diamond earrings, and dark tone with the men together, looks very stylish and elegant. Strong and resolute diamonds and bright diamonds coincide with the beauty of the sun, and platinum cold texture, but also with the handsome appearance of men complement each other. Wearing a diamond earrings in the ears of men, unusual with, but it can show the male solemn, wise fashion temperament.

Men around the ears of the meaning of earrings

1, left ear away from the heart of relatively close! So with the left ear nails mean more intimate! Right earrings like the meaning of GAY! Earrings are no longer exclusive to girls, and now more and more tide men love earrings never lost in the girls. There are many ways to wear earrings, boys and girls can wear, or a single ear, you can wear more than one ear.

2, boys and girls left ear earrings means different meaning. Boys in the absence of his girlfriend when the left ear earrings means: healing or playing cool, if in the case of a girlfriend, the boys left ear earrings means: you are my favorite. Girls single ear when the left ear wearing a nail means to commemorate a love, accompanied by her boyfriend when the left ear wearing earrings, meaning I want to love the people finished a lifetime.

3, single men wearing earrings, that is very simple, if the earrings are worn on the right ear, means to start a love or just to highlight the personality, earrings worn on the left ear, said in the healing or in order to play Cool, there is a girlfriend’s men wearing earrings have this Cartier nail bracelet replica argument

4, if the earrings worn on the right ear, said in love, please do not disturb, if worn on the left ear, means only love to give me earrings.

How do men’s earrings choose?

The most important principle is the selection of men’s diamond earrings style is the most important and simple, because men are generally presented by the handsome and elegant temperament, if the shape of the earrings is too complex, even with meticulous mosaic and hollow design, But will bring people to procrastinate, not falling feeling. Too exquisite dazzling style is not in line with men’s rough mad character. Like the choice of four-jaw or inlaid with a single diamonds style, no extra pattern design, natural personal a neat masculine beauty, Moreover, the more simple style with a variety of clothing modeling with the same.

Men’s diamond earrings best suited to what type of clothing with it? In fact, the simple diamond earrings style is always able to wild with all kinds of clothing, like men if wearing a very handsome leather jacket, with a bright diamond earrings, then bright light shines on the jacket shiny, men Handsome and free and easy feeling ready to come out; and men’s casual suits and diamond stud earrings are also very fit with, can bring out the men’s elegant wisdom, fashionable temperament.