its value can be imagined, the appearance of exquisite fashion is very tempting

In recent years, some of the technology video, I believe we have seen a similar scene: agents through the wrist watch and companions secret communications, video surveillance or query a variety of information, as if the agents are exclusive high-tech equipment, even more young People on the high-tech watch mobile phone is full of fascination. In fact, over the past few years, the market appeared in some of the watches on the shape of the phone, but because most of the domestic brands, and the level of technology is difficult to achieve the level of consumer satisfaction, so the watch phone has been difficult to climate. The following watch home to introduce Replica Cartier jewelry you to a Fashion S9110 ultra-thin smart watch phone.
Fashion S9110 ultra – thin smart watch mobile phone introduction
This is the world’s thinnest touch control of a watch phone, so its value can be imagined, the appearance of exquisite fashion is very tempting, the basic function is one by one with. Built-in MP3 player, support for Bluetooth 2.1, Outlook e-mail synchronization, voice recognition technology, etc., this phone Yi Mai network official sales, priced at 995 yuan with Bluetooth headset for only 1150 yuan.
Fashion S9110 watch mobile phone, watch body is very thin, only 11.98mm, 1.76 inch scratch-resistant tempered glass screen, 176X200 pixels, support for touch function. This Fashion S9110 watch phone with stainless steel metal body, black leather strap. Fashion S9110 watch phone also supports Bluetooth, MP3 player, and equipped with Bluetooth headset.
In order to maintain the beauty of the fuselage, Fashion S9110 did not set the side of the fuselage slot, TF expansion card, and GSM number card is behind the back cover battery. Waterproof compressive body, from a personal point of view, Fashion S9110 is used by the evaluation staff of the watch mobile phone in the best of a product, and in its full of science and technology behind the body, but also hidden can not simply through the appearance of the expression Water Squeeze Features! The surface of the Fashion S9110 is specially designed with a reinforced glass mosaic to withstand daily wear and the product also features a standard waterproof function (which prevents water splashing, but can not be used for diving or swimming).
Product parameters
1. The latest release of the world’s first ultra-thin high-definition screen watch Cartier love bracelet replica mobile phone, pure metal to create, fine worthy of the process, stylish appearance. South Korea Samsung design team design ultra-thin with compass function watch mobile phone.
2. Quartet: GSM: 900/850/1800 / 1900Mhz covering the whole world, in any country can be used, can brush multi-language (OUR free).
3. Handwriting, touch the quality of the most stable watch mobile phone, and Samsung S9110 exactly the same mold, Fashion is the pursuit of quality, send friends, send customers, send their loved ones the best choice.
4. Full feature, all the features of the general mobile phone he has, the first South Korean import / compass function / e-book / Bluetooth / voice dial / mass music storage, support mp3, mp4 playback. Really a super cost-effective mobile phone.
5. Built-in camera 2 million pixels, support for sound photography
6. Support memory card, can be extended to 2GB
7. Support GPRS, WAP wireless Internet access
8. Support intelligent language dialing, call convenient and practical, answer the way of diversification: A direct answer; B hands-free answer; C headset answer; D Bluetooth answer. High-grade belt watch mobile phone with additional compass function
Accessories: manual, charger, data cable, battery, wired headset
With now more and more young people like to wear watch mobile phone. Around the topic of this product is also more and more. Smart watches can really call, listen to music, send text messages, listen to the radio and even download applications, these features can be done smart phones. So smartphone mobile phone practical?
Question 1: watch mobile phone life is poor. Especially those who install the operating Fake Cartier love bracelet system watch mobile phone, one day to charge a few times, very inconvenient. No wonder, so small watches, can be loaded with a few hundred milliamperes of lithium batteries into the very good.
Question 2: watch the phone to operate up too card. Xiaobian measured a week crashed twice, a lot of operations are very cards, such a small mobile phone, CPU and RAM certainly smaller, of course, computing power and access capacity is also poor, so there will be frequent crashes.
Question 3: with or without wifi function. If a smart phone without wifi function that is not called a smart phone. Now the watch phone, seemingly intelligent operating system, but because the space is too small, endurance capacity is not, generally do not have wifi function.
At present, we find that these three problems are more serious problems. Although the watch phone looks cool, easy to carry, but to popularize, there is still a long way to go, there are a lot of practical problems to be solved. On the current situation, the purchase of smart watches mobile phone to be careful

Its advantage is really low enough affordable and rich in hundreds of different changes and use

Hamilton’s new Khaki Pioneer Aluminum series uses NATO straps
NATO strap
Simple, slender, military, these three words may be the best summary for NATO strap. NATO strap is the last century, the British military use of military regulations for the band, when the British Ministry of Defense (Ministry of Defense) goal is very clear that the military watch is equipped with a simple and durable, cheap and affordable strap The It is made of NATO nylon strap, it has the following characteristics: slim (1.2 mm), long and narrow (wearing a wider range of applications), width suitable (20 mm ears), one with a fixed buckle design.
And how long after this time, this military accessories began to get out of the deep Lane, famous world. More precisely, since 1964, the famous James Bond wearing Rolex Submariner Big Crown watch with a black, maroon and khaki nylon strap. Then the question Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica came, if you are careful enough, will be wondering: “James Bond how could we wear in 1964 9 years later, that was found in 1973, NATO strap came out?” The answer is very simple, elegant Spy wearing a diving nylon strap, rather than the true sense of the NATO strap. What is the difference? Diving strap is a single fabric loop, and NATO strap in addition to the ear, the bottom of the watch also has a ring tied fastened firmly.
So far there are people on the “Bond” NATO strap relish, even if it never appeared. Is not it funny? In any case, at least one thing can be determined, Rolex and NATO strap marriage is long enough and successful. According to the relevant statistics, so far the submarine series is the largest table with NATO strap.

Equipped with NATO straps in 2014 Blancpain 50 deep diving watch
Its advantage is really low enough affordable, and rich in hundreds of different changes and use. With the mood and with the different, the appearance of the entire watch can show a number of modeling results. Today, NATO straps (and Zulu and US military single-ring variant) are everywhere, and even they provide a little inspiration for the watch brand.
There are two examples worth mentioning. One is the Omega, 2014 series of limited hegemony with a NATO strap, is currently on the market one of the most beautiful beautiful strap design. But Omega did not stop there, and now it can provide with their own watches (including super series and the new hippocampus 300 series) perfect match with the various straps.
The second is Amy, November last year it was movedmber (from “November” and “moustache” merger) public welfare activities released a Ben Tao diving limited watch, brown NATO strap exception beautiful, printed above Anti-prostate cancer logo Today, NATO strap also has all kinds of Cartier love ring replica the most precious leather style, so that the basic accessories into the high-end luxury world! Maybe you should try again.
Bund strap
NATO is a military strap star, Bund strap in this regard is more low-key introverted. Leather-like strap will be wrapped in the case, to avoid its direct contact with the wrist. Looks like “sleeves”, but in fact really useful, including the military environment. During the Second World War, when the cockpit was neither closed nor equipped with a thermostat, the pilot wore this type of strap. Elevated pull up, stainless steel case by freezing the sticky to the skin on the danger; heat conditions, the case overheating and easy to cause burns.

Real force when the pilot Type 20 GMT 1903 watch with Bund strap
This type of strap was already in existence in 1915, and now the name comes from the Bundeswehr (German Federal Defense Force), and usually refers to the specific style, that is, 70s of last century TAG Heuer for the German aviation production chronograph with the strap. Its history has been brilliant thanks to actor Paul Newman, when he was always used for his “Newman” Rolex Daytona with a US brand name “fatstrap” strap (in fact, is a variant of Bund strap ).
At that time, Bund than NATO rare but more flavor connotation. But also to admit that it makes the watch look cumbersome, occupy more wrist space, although with a small table watch can match the perfect match, but this type of strap is not suitable for all. Recently Tudor released Heritage Ranger series watch, with a gold leather Bund strap.
Mesh strap
This time there is no leather, only steel. Mesh strap is also known as Milan mesh belt or stainless steel braided strap, came out in the last century 60’s, was seen as a “luxury” strap. The small parts between the straps make it flexible and convenient but also expensive, its style features a strong legacy of the sixties and seventies of last century, which has become the reason why it fell out of favor.

Wanguo Parker Feno medium series IW458110 watch and its Mesh strap
With the times and fashion trends change, this Mesh strap almost hard to find a Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica trace – too old, too stylized, too … … ugly. In addition, due to structural constraints, this strap can not be close to the installation, so the case and the strap will leave a gap between, how to see is not attractive. But things are changing development, changes in opinions and opinions tend to have.
Now, thanks to the rise of the retro trend, Mesh strap back to people’s attention. Some watch with Milan mesh belt often have better performance, do not talk about Rolex and Panerai, let us look at Mesh strap and Omega with the effect.
To some extent, it is just a few years ago Omega released the hippocampus series Ploprof watch, so that modern Mesh strap usher in the revival. Followed by the country’s Park Tao Fenuo, Breitling Super Ocean and the Force when the pilot El Primero series have to follow suit. But to prove Mesh strap really back to the trend and will become the 2015 star, but also look at the apple. Apple will be in 2015 to meet with Apple smart table, will be equipped with a magnetic adsorption Mesh strap.

Still not vulgar from the packaging and accessories Speaking

Smart watch, you can wear a device, we should not unfamiliar, is a record of sports, monitoring sleep and other personal information equipment. Most smart watches are “flashy” and expensive. Many people have given up the idea of buying. The following watch family to introduce you to a IHealth smart watch, this watch not only has the above mentioned features. The most important thing is that it is only 399 yuan price. So let’s take a look at it!
IHealth smart watch features introduced
Packaging, accessories:
Still not vulgar from the packaging and accessories Speaking, and many wearable equipment, the main fashion is different, IHealth using a similar medical equipment packaging style, packaging also uses a lot of English, gives the first impression is professional, The
The earliest IHealth smart watch only iOS version of the App, so the packaging shows compatible devices only Apple, in fact, now IHealth already has the Android version of the App, can support Android 4.3 and above version of the Android phone. But soon after the WeChat open Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica hardware port, IHealth became the first to access one of the four hardware products, which makes IHealth no longer like another bracelet is a silent individual, but a social ability with the hardware.
Accessories, IHealth smart watch to recover the blue band, but also presented a black band, in addition to the blue / black clip a gift, USB data cable, Chinese and English instructions, two-dimensional code card, fast guide. Tucao under the tall English manual, it is not understand ah, but fortunately IHealth smart watch is very simple to get started, do not see the basic description of the book will not affect the use.
Appearance, workmanship
Design, IHealth smart watch simple and generous, not too many fancy embellishment. Two straps can be said that each has its own advantages and disadvantages, blue is more young and fashionable, but unfortunately some are not dirty; black is low-key deep, but a little lack of vitality, more suitable for business people. I have been wearing these days a blue version, both in the company or in the subway have attracted many small partners curious eyes, the hearts of the sense of superiority full of moments.
IHealth smart watch dial with a replaceable design, the surface is hard plastic material, more scratch-resistant, but it is indeed a powerful fingerprint collector, so in order to make it always show bright side, ground wipe is essential The
IHealth smart watch in the middle of a monochrome screen, out of the state screen and surrounded by seamless, bright screen state icon and font color is also very elegant, will not look very abrupt. The fuselage is only one entity button, the button feedback performance is also good, switching display content is very smooth, and I found the tap screen can also switch display.
As the price is cheaper, IHealth smart watch did not use the high wireless Cartier love ring replica charging, but the use of the USB port charge, but mircoUSB port with a dust plug design, but pay attention to this product does not have a waterproof function, this point Really sorry.
Functional experience:
IHealth smart watch through the Bluetooth 4.0 real-time connection with the phone, WeChat version of the IHealth smart watch can be connected with any computer with WeChat, the activities of tracking, sleep monitoring and so on. Speaking of IHealth smart watch before the start is very simple, only need to scan the random two-dimensional code, concerned about IHealth smart watch WeChat public account, you can automatically connect, automatic synchronization.
After the success of the connection, you can set the daily movement goals, I set the daily 10,000 step, but ashamed of things, these days has not been completed. In addition, if you have other friends in the WeChat friends are also using IHealth smart watch, then it will appear in the list, if each time they are ranked lower, I believe is a disgraceful thing, so from the side Urge everyone to exercise a lot.
IHealth smart watch can not only record the number of steps per day, but also can calculate the consumption of calories and movement distance. Not only can be displayed on the phone, can also be displayed on the dial. PP activity this is also more interesting, you can record how long you have no movement. “SUPER 5 minutes” is said to be a small version of the new version of the game, you can automatically collect the number of steps in the movement of the most 5 minutes, every day there are three SUPER, you can light up a few to see your own
In addition to step, IHealth smart watch can also record the trend of movement, which Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica day of the movement of more time, which time no movement, through the bubble can be very intuitive to see before going to sleep hold the watch next to the button for two seconds , You can enter the sleep monitoring mode, IHealth smart watch can record sleep efficiency, depth of sleep time, and the cloud to save the sleep curve, so you know your body more.
Of course, everything above can be shared in the circle of friends. Finally, add life and some user-friendly design, better than the use of low-power Bluetooth module, IHealth smart watch official claims can reach 10 days 240 hours of battery life, washed through a power, and now basically use a week , There is no prompt to charge, so the official claims that the number is still more reliable. Humanity, the main watch is to wake up and shake a shake for the screen function, when the hand when the screen will automatically wake up, shake, the screen display will be in time, the number of activities, calories, etc. In the automatic switch, which makes UP bracelet that can not wear a screen device feel so.

Several details of the part is worth mentioning in addition to metal dial

As GALAXY Note3 the most unique accessories, Gear v700 lead the smart new equipment to wear the new trend, of course, this is just a new starting point, with the continuous upgrade in the future, wearing equipment will become mainstream. So how about Gear v700? Look at the following evaluation.
Samsung Gear v700 smart watch evaluation, Gear v700 how to use, okay?
Samsung GALAXY Gear v700 dial is equipped with a 1.63-inch, 320 × 320 pixel Super AMOLED screen. The quality of the screen itself compared to other wearing equipment, it is already the current high standard level. The whole body in addition to the power button and no other, left and right switch, back, open the light operation completely rely on gestures and a single finger, two fingers click to complete.
In terms of color, GALAXY Gear v700 offers a wealth of options, such as cool black, retro white, wild orange, rose gold, dynamic green and mocha black and other six colors, basically to meet the individual needs of different users. On the appearance of the appearance of Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica the style, compared to the current number of smart wearing equipment, the Samsung GALAXY Gear v700 appearance is the most scientific sense, but also has a stylish element, including metal drawing dial, with a texture table And so on.

The overall hardware configuration, Samsung GALAXY Gear v700 in addition to the 1.63-inch screen, but also built a 800MHz single-core processor, 512MB RAM and 4GB ROM, 1.9 million pixel camera for the daily capture screen provides a very Big help, and can record 720p video.
Battery capacity, we learned from the official data that it built-in 315 mAh battery. Wear the experience of wearing equipment from the feel, weight, size is a very important part of the overall size of Gear 36.8 × 56.6 × 11.1mm, weight 73.8 grams, are well controlled, worn on the wrist feeling more moderate.

Several details of the part is worth mentioning, in addition to metal dial, GALAXY Gear v700 strap with a soft soft material, the feeling on the wrist is still very skin. The overall very generous strap, wearing the feeling is still very comfortable, on this more advanced wearing equipment, the Samsung GALAXY Gear v700 overall design sense is very good.
Another strap buckle also uses a metal material, the same color with the fuselage, and the strap buckle itself also built a speaker unit, can be used as a call. The overall length of the strap can be adjusted according to their own situation, a total of seven stalls.
Samsung Gear v700 smart watch evaluation, Gear v700 how to use, okay?
The charging base provided in the package can be installed throughout the GALAXY Gear v700, through the USB data cable to achieve charging, transmission of data and other functions. Also in the connection base, the base itself can also charge the role of bracket, GALAXY Gear v700 screen will be automatically rotated with different directions, to ensure that the vertical display of the window level forever.
The design style of the charging base draws on the style of the Note 3 back cover, and has a relatively strong leather texture. Base and Gear itself is the perfect fusion, so in the daily use of the convenience is still very high, although not directly on the fuselage to charge fast, but this Cartier love ring replica design is to improve the GALAXY Gear v700 overall beauty, There is no interface on the fuselage.

Function keys, GALAXY Gear v700 whole body only a power button, you can light up / close the screen to achieve energy saving effect, of course, usually you can always turn on the screen, when the watch shows the time to use. On its own functional design, GALAXY Gear v700 has been shown in the state of time has a better life time, and the charge speed is also very fast. The other is the fuselage side of the microphone hole, GALAXY Gear v700 can provide hands-free calling, and Samsung’s own voice system can also be achieved through GALAXY Gear v700.
As GALAXY Gear v700 itself is equipped with a simplified version of the Android system, so the use is still very convenient, can be connected to third-party management software on the application within the system management, transmission of pictures and other operations. In a few simple steps after the connection, the Samsung GALAXY Gear v700 will be successful with Note3 pair, the use of Note3 can be all the contents of the gear management, of course, the premise is the need to download Samsung GALAXY Gear v700 Manager dedicated software (Samsung application store can be the next) The

Clock style change: GALAXY Gear v700 by recognizing the swing of the human arm can automatically light up the screen display the current time, in daily use can play a good role in the watch, while also saving the amount of electricity. Clock interface can choose a variety of styles, electronic, dial, etc., but also choose to display the weather, pedometer, fast applications.
Connected to the computer, automatically installed after the driver, the use of third-party PC management software can GALAXY Gear v700 screenshot, it is quite convenient. We start from the overall interface, by sliding the screen around the choice of different applications.
You do not have to worry about the gesture operation will be very difficult to Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica understand, in fact, after adapting to the future will be very handy, in addition to the general choice, back, from the bottom of the screen will pull out the dial-up keyboard, through the speaker to call. In addition, double-click the screen can also show the current status of Gear, such as whether the Bluetooth connection, battery power, sound size and screen brightness.
Smart wear equipment is the future development trend, Samsung GALAXY Gear v700 can talk about a good head, we also believe that through continuous development, the function of such equipment will be more diversified, more richer application. Samsung GALAXY Gear v700 itself, its fashion design, more practical features, compared to several products on the market at present, from the experience, features, and many have a clear advantage. At present this GALAXY Gear v700 smart watch the price of 698 yuan.

Samsung Gear Note 3 Smart watch features detailed solution

MP3 watch is different from the ordinary MP3 player, MP3 watch timing function is the use of quartz movement, is the real pointer watch, which can have a variety of modern multi-function watch features such as calendar, week calendar and so on. And it also has a variety of watch elements, such as luminous, waterproof, strip, belt, etc., is a truly multi-functional watch.
MP3 watch introduction
Compared with the ordinary multi-function watch, MP3 watch in the watch quartz movement on the basis of an increase of MP3 player chip, it has a variety of MP3 player functions, such as a variety of sound balance, U disk function.
Timing function and MP3 playback function using a separate power Cartier nail bracelet replica supply system. Timing function using the traditional watch button batteries, and MP3 playback function is the use of rechargeable lithium battery, both to ensure the endurance of the two and do not affect each other. Bluetooth MP3 watch can be achieved with Bluetooth stereo headset connection, breaking the shackles of cable.
Samsung Gear Note 3 Smart watch features detailed solution
After Samsung released GALAXY Gear Note 3, people are attracted by its powerful use of the function. But still some friends do not use, the following watch home for everyone to bring Samsung note3 watch more detailed solution.
Samsung Gear Note 3 Smart watch features detailed solution
Samsung Gear Note 3 can only be achieved with GALAXY Note 3, GALAXY Note 10.1 connection (if the Android4.3 system machine), and before the well-known S3 / S4 / Note 2 and other models, if the phone is also upgraded to Android 4.3, Can be compatible. But in order to achieve matching on other mobile phones, this is now more difficult. Samsung Gear Note 3 and mobile phone connection, through the Bluetooth transmission, equal to the distance Replica Cartier jewelry between the two can not be greater than ten meters. Gear Note 3 will also sense the distance from the phone, when more than 1.5 meters, the phone will automatically lock screen. It can be said, Samsung Gear Note 3 and the phone is inseparable, and its “find my phone” can be made by letting the phone ringtone, and know its situation.
Samsung Gear Note 3 Smart watch features detailed solution
In addition to the call, SMS is also one of the important features. Connect via Bluetooth and the phone (or tablet), and GALAXY Gear Note 3 will alert the user and provide a quick preview whenever the phone receives new messages, messages, and other messages. For example, to view the details of the information previewed on GALAXY Gear Note 3, simply pick up the GALAXY Note 3 phone and the “Smart Relay” allows the phone and Gear Note 3 devices to display the same content at the same time.
Gear Note 3 clock has a variety of dial: weather clock, time clock, dual clock, shortcut clock, analog clock, pedometer clock, etc., which is the power button to open the screen after the first screen. In Note 3 there is a Gear Note 3 management software that allows you to adjust the clock panel, view installed apps that are compatible with your watch, download new applications, find watches, and more.
Samsung Gear Note 3 Smart watch features detailed solution
Samsung Galaxy Gear Note 3 uses a 800MHz single-core processor, 512MB RAM and 4GB fuselage storage space, the battery capacity of 315 mA non-removable design, the official claims can have more than 25 hours of use time. In addition, this watch also has speakers, Bluetooth 4.0, accelerometer, gyroscope and two microphones.
GALAXY Gear Note 3’s strap is equipped with a 1.9 megapixel BSI sensor and auto focus lens that can capture low-resolution video or 720p video for 10 seconds, and twist the wrist to take pictures. But this camera is not just used to take pictures, Samsung Galaxy Gear Note 3 smart watch to support third-party applications. There are 70 pre-installed applications, such as Evernote and Path, fitness companion RunKeeper and MyFitnessPal.
GALAXY Gear Note 3 supports Samsung S Voice voice commands, through the watch can complete the alarm clock, dial out the phone and other functions.
In the country, Samsung chose to achieve strategic cooperation with Baidu, Baidu voice assistant was placed in the GALAXY Gear Note 3 on. Click on the watch touch screen, enter the “My Application” can start Baidu voice assistant, through the watch can be directly call the matching Samsung mobile phone preset Baidu voice assistant, to achieve the corresponding function call.

specially designed for athletes and left hand users to adjust the button at nine o’clock position

Which hand is the watch?
Which side of the watch with the hand? For this problem some people will feel more casual, how easy to bring. Some people are more particular about “male left female right”. But from the scientific point of view of which watch on the hands of it? The following watch home for everyone to introduce it
Which hand is the watch?
From the scientific point of view should be left hand, because the blood circulation and the heart! Left wrist wear watch and right hand flexibility is irrelevant. Indeed, if a person’s watch is automatic, quartz, the battery should be worn on the left hand.
But what happens if the man is left-handed? In this case, what is the comfort Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica for him? In addition, a large number of watch manufacturers, such as Seiko (Seiko), Panerai (Panerai) , TAG Heuer (TAG Heuer), they have been specially designed for athletes and left hand users to adjust the button at nine o’clock position, rather than the normal three o’clock position of the watch. Nevertheless, I still do not recommend wearing a watch on the pitch.
What is the price of Po Road China watches?
Bulova from the United States, a migrant from Bohemia Joseph Po Road, founded in 1875, was named J. Po Luhua company J. Bulova Company. Later in 1923 the company reorganized into the Bulova Watch Company Bulova Watch Company, and in 1979 became part of Loews Corporation. Innovation, is the core of the American spirit, but also Po Road, nearly a hundred and forty years to the same theme. Since its inception in 1875, Po Luhua accompanied the American dream.
What is the price of Po Road China watches?
Po Luhua history
In 1875, an immigrant US 23-year-old Czech youth Joseph. Po Road in New York opened a jewelry and watch stores, for the Po Road, laid a century foundation.
In 1911, Po Luhua began production and sales of desktop clock and pocket watch. Sales unprecedented.
In 1912, Po Road, the first watch factory in Switzerland Bienne began production, the production of the name of the watch.
1919, during the First World War, the watch (compared with pocket watch) in terms of convenience is reflected.
In 1919, Po Luhua launched a complete series of the first men’s watch.
What is the price of Po Road China watches?
In 1920, Po Luhua moved to Fifth Avenue 580, and in the top of the building set up the Observatory, observe the stars to record the time. This is the first ever built in the skyscrapers on the astronomical observatory. The observing time of the Observatory was sent to a timer of several hundred feet or less to guide the Poiseau’s watchmakers to set the watch time.
In 1923, Po Luhua company officially named. Po Road, China improved the standard Cartier love ring replica watch system accessories. Each component are accurate to one percent, the same style of the same parts of the watch, due to the same size, has been interchangeable assembly. This is for the traditional handicraft industry for the watch industry, can be described as great innovation.
In 1924, Po Luhua launched the first ladies watch series, began to set the diamond on the watch.
In 1928, the creation of the world’s first radio alarm clock.
In 1945, Joseph, Po Road, China School of watches and clocks to recruit disabled soldiers in World War II, training them to create watches and clocks. Funded by the Po Luhua Fund, set up in the school automatic doors and ultra-wide elevator and other settings.
What is the price of Po Road China watches?
In 1952, Po Road, China began to develop tuning fork table, a completely electronic timing of the clock, to ensure that the daily error within 2 seconds. This is the first time in the history of watches and clocks for 300 years.
1960, Accutron tuning fork surface. The tuning fork does not use the spring and escapement, but through a use of electronic rotation of the tuning fork operation, the invention known as the three hundred years of history, one of the greatest invention of the history of manufacturing.
In 1968, Po Luhua satellite clock available. It is the world’s first public watch Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica clocked by satellite-controlled microwave control, mounted on top of the tallest skyscraper in Mexico.
In 1969, equipped with the Po Road, the sound of the spike watch movement, by the first landing of the moon Apollo 11 astronauts placed on the moon.
In 1973, at the prestigious Geneva Watch Design Competition, won the world’s first digital watch design award.
In 2000, the New York Mayor of the United States in recognition of Po Road, 125 years of contribution to the international table altar, will be October 4, 2000 as “Po Luhua” day.
In 2002, Po Luhua company in Switzerland FRIBOURG set up the European headquarters, the production of the original Swiss Po Road, China watches.
Po Road China watch prices
Po Road, the price of watches to 3000 to 100000 yuan range, which is more popular models concentrated in the 4000 to 6000 between.

New material bright color Marc By Marc Jacobs launched 2013 spring watch

New material bright color Marc By Marc Jacobs launched 2013 spring watch
Marc By Marc Jacobs 2013 spring watch series new launch. This spring, in the iconic HENRY series of watches on the basis of the introduction of a new product line, the new series of new materials, new textures and new colors were redesigned. Elegant yellow, charming pink and elegant blue and other seasonal bright colors rendering Marc by Marc Jacobs color world.
After the re-design of the HENRY series of watches with interesting tiny size in the new DINKY HENRY series. Classic style with an unexpected fashion color, showing a feminine charm. Metal bracelet with bright golden tone and stainless steel, and vibrant color dial complement each other. If you want to reflect the casual style, you can also choose with neon leather rough strap style.

The new HENRY SEKLETON series seeks a balance between alternative cool and innovative Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica design. These unique designs feature a fully transparent dial with black crystal case. Sparkling Marc by Marc Jacobs metal clip logo around the three indicators of the table core placed, while the central dial is used in mirror design. Bracelet straps show bright all-metal effects, while color strap models highlight the central dial flashing sunshine.

FLURO AND WHITE series also uses a variety of fashion neon colors. Simple design using a strong neon sign and alphabet index, strap edge with low-key neon stripes. If you want to reflect the sports style, the new ROCK CHRONO style with silicone strap, and in the dial and the slope at the prominent neon color.

The new HENRY GLOSSY series uses polished stainless steel, rose gold and gold metal to create a shiny surface rendering colorful design. Bright glass dial with sparkling metal index for icing on top of the fashionable style. The same time as
Sports watch function Which watches meet the requirements of the sports table?
Life is movement, sports style for men and women, for the time never expired. A suitable sports watch to accompany you like heaven, such as Kunpeng, like sea dragon. So, what are the technical requirements of sports watch? Which watches are in line with the movement table? What watches meet the requirements of sports table? Next, the editor to tell you about the common characteristics of sports watches.
Athens new “Black Sea” sailing diving watch
Appearance of the movement gene
Black Main: Careful observation of the new sports watch, you can find the past sports Cartier love ring replica watch emphasizes the mechanical process performance, and now more emphasis on the sale of watches, What color should a man be? Frivolous exaggeration of the gorgeous is not the top of the tough choice of the site, depressed tedious bleak is not hard to find the elites seeking. Only down to earth, calm atmosphere of the black, with self-confidence introverted, determined fearless steel, in order to show the true man’s character and texture. For the performance of all kinds of movement of the original masculine rough character, most sports watch with black as the main color, and to convey the passion of the movement, the red is often the embellishment of the dial.
Yu-ship king supreme black Mamba and Yu-ship brand ambassador Kobe Bryant

Rough design: the appearance of the movement table should reflect its use – designed for the movement. This table is usually very strong, strong, dial is relatively larger, more heavy. In addition to those who look exciting to the “thick line” movement table, and the combination of fashion gives the movement a deeper meaning, so that a competitive movement faintly embodies a gentleman-like temperament.
Citizen and TOYOTA86 joint watch
Solid and durable: An ideal sports watch should be made of materials that can withstand impact, beating, scratches and other rough handling. In any case, the sports watch is theoretically designed for practical use, should almost do not see the wear of the year. Advanced stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, rubber, carbon fiber and ceramics are more suitable for sports table material. And from the strap material, precious metal or steel strap is clearly not with the movement, leather strap is not durable enough, easy to damp. Waterproof sweat, flexible, high temperature, easy maintenance features, so that the most popular rubber strap.
Clear when reading: in the state of motion, it is difficult to see a small watch on the time, so clear and easy to read enough intimate, large numbers is a necessary feature of a sports table, and in order to read more clearly, Raised design and luminous display is often used in the movement of the time scale.
Regularly held in Longines Longines equestrian events every year
Special motor function
Many sports watches have special features and performance, such as chronograph, countdown, golf bar counter and powerful waterproof shock performance, suitable for use in the event or watch a sport. Sports watch should usually be waterproof at least 100 meters, and from 100 meters to a few kilometers, in addition to meet the basic needs of sports, but also one of the stage of competing technical strength. Sports watches must be able to accommodate the wearer to attend a variety of occasions and to be durable, so have the inherent shock performance. Sports watch are built-in seismic system, to withstand the impact of movement.
Another part of the movement table is more extreme pursuit. They follow the explorers on the sea, showing their supernatural powers. And such a sports watch is often more favored by collectors and love table, or worship, everyone’s idea is that if their watch can successfully experience the polar adventure, then the owner will be able to run the snow when the snow. Or is such a legendary table with a watch, even if only wearing a look, but also to a certain extent, to meet the inner adventure desire.
There are some general omnipotent sports tables. This type of table is not designed for specific Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica sports such as diving or sailing, but it is indeed strong enough to withstand the various obstacles of fitness, swimming or other work, and both. Many companies with a serious professional sports watch series also produce all-round sports style. Panerai, Omega, Audemars Piguet, TAG Heuer, Yu ship and other companies have many different types of products to meet the needs of consumers of various sports table.
Tissot sponsored road bike race
Tissot witnesses the ice hockey scene instantly
Sports events can be described as the highest level of the sport, and ultimately, sports watch the figure. In the game, the watch to function but beyond the practical success, was given a new connotation and extension. Watch brand in addition to the sponsorship of the event, but also keen on the talented athletes to recruit under the command. From the European Cup to the tennis tournament, from golf to the yacht race, we see Yu-ship, TAG Heuer, Longines, Omega, Rolex and other top watch brands have appeared, together with the global event.
Sports events can be described as the highest level of the sport, and ultimately, sports watch the figure. In the game, the watch to function but beyond the practical success, was given a new connotation and extension. Watch brand in addition to the sponsorship of the event, but also keen on the talented athletes to recruit under the command.
The mainstream brands on the market for different sports to develop a large number of products to meet the needs of different sports enthusiasts. Brand exclusive characteristics combined with sports temperament, the pursuit of the perfect combination of shape and function, creating a paragraph shape cool, powerful sports watch. They are more lightweight, more stylish, bring people more arbitrary vitality.
The original sports watch is just a piece of ordinary black plastic used to withstand the bang collision, it looks handsome, but really useful. But now the sports watch is not so simple, higher quality, more professional watch not only good performance, but also for the gym, office and entertainment and other occasions. In fact, the vast majority of the movement of the time may not be used for their special purpose, but only the wearer because of the appearance or whatever they do, do not have to worry about the idea of broken watch and purchase.
2012 Blancpain Blancpain season
Many watch the wearer like the sport’s versatility: fitness, do not worry about the impact of shock when walking, jump into the bathtub without worrying about the case into the water. If the real thing is to control it rather than manipulate it, then the movement table to achieve this. Without careful care, just wear a table and forget it, in this already have a lot of trouble in the world, so you less worry about things.

Puya card Qiaopu interpretation of Nihua Modi new products do female charm

Puya card Qiaopu interpretation of Nihua Modi new products, do female charm
International fine jewelry brand and diamond dealer Nirav Modi Nihua Modi released a new diamond leader 2017 global advertising, by the global brand ambassador Park Yake Qiao Pula (Priyanka Chopra) and the British actress and model Ruth Huntington Weili ( Rosie Huntington-Whiteley).

Global brand ambassador Puya Ka Qiaopula interpretation of Nihua Modi – diamond leader 2017 global advertising?
Nicholas Modi and the world’s leading photographer Patrick Demarchelier (Patrick Demarchelier) work together to capture the lady and diamond jewelry to wear a charming flower fire, to make women and her jewelry intertwined between the unique relationship The

British actress and model Ruth Huntington Weili interpretation of Nihua Modi – diamond leader 2017 global advertising
Niuhua Modi advertising in the two heroine interpretation Cartier love ring replica of the founder of Mr. Modi’s philosophy: “jewelry diamond ornaments is not just women’s decorations, wearing jewelry to highlight its personality, man and temperament, as their unique personality part.” Founder Moody’s hope that his design of the diamond can be “burning female temperament”, bring out the elegant beauty of women.

Nirav Modi Emerald Waterfall Necklace
Parka Qiao Pula and Ruth Huntington Weili represent the brand of Chinese and Western blend of characteristics, as well as jewelry design behind the deep-rooted cultural history, exquisite craftsmanship and Western keen tentacles perfect combination. Mr. Modi through two actresses, tells the story of a different – classic gorgeous style and modern beauty, elegance and women’s moving scene. Two contemporary women in the lens to show a representative of the black and white film style, like re-tour Bollywood and Hollywood live brilliant golden age.

Nirav Modi Emerald Emerald Series Earrings
Internationally famous actress Pu Yaca Qiaopula is the first actress in the United States as the heroine Bollywood actress, in addition to winning the film awards, she is the first Indian actor to participate in the United States in prime time to play the TV drama (Quantico), and in this summer’s heavy film [beach rescue team] (Baywatch) to participate Cartier love bracelet replica in the role of villain. In addition to the success of the model career, she has also participated in the film [Transformers: Dark Moon (Transformers: Dark of the Moon) and [end of the pioneer: armor] (Mad Max: Fury Road ) Shoot.

Ruth Huntington Weili Pei Dai Nihua Moody Embrace Series Bracelet
Advertisement show Nihua Modi senior jewelry series and the iconic Embrace series, Jasmine series and marriage series. Nihua Moody Embrace bracelet full of creativity and interesting, unique “stretch” design can be perfectly close to the wrist, is indispensable jewelry accessories every day. The Jasmine series presents the beauty of jasmine in full bloom, with a long oval (briolette) diamonds and a branded patented “jasmine-type cut” to design a gentle and elegant petal form. Classic eternal marriage series, set in simple and flawless single diamonds, flashing light to witness the unwavering love and life commitment.

The concept of the implementation of the brand, bring out the modern women’s fashion, strong and charming elegance, while showing their positive and positive side.

Breguet Breguet Naples Queen Series Reine de Naples 8918 watch

According to Breguet records, this watch in 1811 in early December has been completed, but Breguet is the last year to complete the delivery, it is clear that Breguet master decided to postpone the delivery date. Before the hands of the watch to the hands of customers, Breguet must ensure that every detail of the watch is flawless, this is the principle of Breguet watchmaking. First of all, is the watch the entire operating system is replaced. Moreover, it is based on the requirements of the Queen of Naples, Breguet Master will be the gold system of the tricolor plate to change the silver twisted surface pattern plate. Watch the face plate with the Arabic numerals, which usually appear in the enamel face plate, rarely appear in the gold or silver face plate. The watch was finally delivered on December 21, 1812, and sent to Caroline Mulla and the Naples, which was associated with the kingdom of Napoleon’s battle against Russia.
Wen Runyao eyes extraordinary vulgar

Breguet Breguet Naples Queen Series Reine de Naples 8918 watch
Time flies, but the legend is still going on. The watch in the history of the first Cartier love ring replica watch has become the source of inspiration for the creation of Breguet modern watchmaker, Breguet company in 2002 launched the “Naples Queen series Reine de Naples” women’s watch. This year, Breguet to the original ingenuity of the new interpretation of the most favored by one of the ladies watch – Naples Queen Series Reine de Naples 8918. This magnificent watch with eye-catching atmosphere of the Breguet Arabic numerals when the character. Smart lively blue when the character, dotted in the exquisite dial, as if lightly want to dance, with the selection of Tahitian pearl mother’s warm luster pavilions. Watch with a goose-shaped case, unique design, beautiful curves, fashion, elegant form of expression of modern women’s soft and charming, exudes a thick poetic.
Breguet is committed to capturing the most secretive feelings of women and wake up women’s most subtle desire, in the jewelry and the edge of the clock quietly walk, for the distinguished woman’s wrist to give a distinctive charm. Watch the 6 o’clock position with a natural white mother of pearl eccentric dial, decorated with exquisite hand-carved engraved engraved patterns, bright pear-shaped diamond blooming dazzling light, eye-catching. This time also with a fine rose gold case, bezel around the inlaid 117 bright cut diamonds, crown decorated with a shiny, about 0.26 karats of pear-shaped cut diamonds. Breguet will be the love of women into the stars of the stars, inlaid in the warm jade mother of the dial, the numerous dazzling, extraordinary vulgar.
Slender and brilliant are shining

Breguet Bordeaux Queen of Naples Series Reine de Naples 8928 watch
Breguet this year also introduced Reine de Naples Queen of Naples 8928 mini watch, for the distinguished female customers to provide a wealth of choices. The new mini watch style delicate and delicate, followed by the essence of the design of the Queen of Naples series, the classic mother of pearl dial, 6 o’clock with eccentric scale ring, with large size Breguet Arabic numerals when the character, lively, and chic case Modeling clever echo. This series of mini-watch continuation of the classic elements of the Queen of Naples series: the use of “spherical” lugs, the more shop with fine diamonds; 4 o’clock with a crown, with a dazzling pear-shaped diamond as the finishing Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica touch pen. Bezel, around the case and gold folding clasp on the brightly decorated bright cut diamonds, diamond-studded design and inlaid in the crown on the convex sapphire, watch for the more bright brilliance, so that the watch is decorated Female style, but no fills in the jewels of the risk.
Breguet respect and support women’s attention to the precision of the timepieces of care and love for the elegant ladies watch equipped with excellent performance of the self-winding movement, with 586/1 movement, equipped with silky gossamer, power storage time of 38 Hour, vibration frequency 3 Hz. This exquisite timepiece can be used with black satin strap, or choose rose gold or platinum bracelet. Platinum table brace dial can also be used when the number of pink chrome when the character, with pink leather strap, with the scale of the ring on the details of the sound echoes.
Elegant legendary gift time

Breguet Bordeaux Queen of Naples Series Reine de Naples 8965 watch
And the Naples queen series of other timepieces, the new 8965 princess watch will be elegant Replica Cartier jewelry and charming women and fearless temperament perfect blend in one. Rose gold case with a soft oval-shaped design, and the edge of the discs on the clean and neat lines to form a pleasing contrast. Breguet has always been through the contours and material clever fusion and collision, guide people to focus on the multiple dimensions of time. Pure and elegant white mother of pearl dial continuation of the case of the curve, creating a layer of deep sense of depth, the attention of the line of sight to 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock position of the same slightly curled gold bullion mark.
Breguet not only the pursuit of the appearance of elegant and beautiful, pay more attention to the movement of precision watches and accurate. Naples Queen Series Reine de Naples 8965 princess watch with sapphire crystal bottom cover, the 591C self-winding movement of the complex mechanical beauty of the eye. Pure gold automatic hammer continuation of the Breguet has always been fine and elegant tabulation tradition, decorated with exquisite hand-carved carved patterns, to show the world Breguet on the ultimate pursuit of complex technology.

How is the wicker watch? How much is the wicker watch?

How is the wicker watch? How much is the wicker watch?
2001 headquarters moved to Guangzhou, after years of development, Weiqin watch company has advanced research and development institutions, the perfect production base, developed sales network. In recent years, with the increasingly fierce market competition, Weiqin watch company in the face of severe market situation, put forward the “fine to strong, to win” approach, and “market segmentation, product segmentation, management sub- “For the specific guiding ideology, and actively expand the sales market, and strive to build the core competitiveness of enterprises. After more than 10 years of efforts and development, the creation of the “Weiqin” brand in the major cities and Southeast Asia, the Middle East enjoy a high reputation.
Weiqin watch has become the most famous, the most powerful one of the watch brand. “Wei Qin” is a registered trademark of the company’s products. The main products include fashion table, cartoon table, sports table, belt table, strip, set table and so on. Companies with new Replica Cartier jewelry management models and business strategy, in the “high quality” for the pursuit of goals.
“Customer satisfaction” for the purpose of service to continuously improve the management level of modern enterprises, Weiqin table will be a new design concept, follow the trend of the indicators, design a wide range of fashion, personalized products to meet the different regions , Different ethnic groups, different color groups of consumer demand.
Weiqin watch how, User rating
Comments 1: Weiqin watch origin: Guangzhou
Not well-known brand watches
Suitable for students, fashion and other family watch the appearance of the watch group
The use of Japanese original movement and electronics, precision technology production, electronic operation up to two to three years
Quality and style, fashion style, leisure, wear up more vibrant, have personality
The price of about 100 yuan, the most high-end watches do not exceed 300
Good value for money ~
Comments two: Weiqin watch is a day of its brand, “days Dali” table industry “time and space” and Weiqin two brands. I bought a month ago a Weichen mechanical watch, 1020 pieces. Mechanical watches are a bit expensive, but good quality, with good words can be 4,5 years, which is Cartier love ring replica the most high-end mechanical watch Viagra, you can also choose a quartz watch, thinner, but the time is not as good as mechanical watches, 2 years But also to change the battery; recommend you buy a mechanical watch ah. Weiqin Although not a brand name, but the price, the appearance is very good, watch Well, wearing a temperament.
Comments three: because there is no time to the Internet, with two days to confirm, sorry Ha. In these two days, there is no allergic reaction to contact with the skin, which is easy to metal allergies I am very important. This is the Weiqin watch is my first purchase of a dual calendar watch, a new feeling, very good: one, Weiqin watch and seller description consistent, color size are very correct; Second, the black surface gives quiet, Deep feeling, accompanied by metal yellow pointer, very clear.
Comments 4: Weiqin watches authentic! Delivery speed is also very good quality is very good, very generous, very noble, with a dozen days, and no problem.
Weiqin watches offer
Weiqin watches priced from 100-1800 yuan range. The most popular watches priced at around 300 yuan.
How does Versace watch? How does Versace watch?
Versace brand profile
Versace from Italy’s famous luxury brand created a fashion empire, representing a brand family, Versace’s fashion products penetrate every area of life, its distinctive design style, unique beauty, strong pioneer art representation Let it swept the world. It is a distinctive design style, is a unique beauty of a strong pioneer art symbol. Which is unique in those who show full of Renaissance characteristics of the gorgeous rich imagination of the style, they are sexy, feminine, colorful, both opera-style super-realistic gorgeous, but also fully consider wearing Comfort and proper display of body size. Versace also operating perfume, glasses, ties, leather goods, bags, porcelain, glassware, scarves, down products, furniture products.
Founder: Gianni Versace Jenny Versace
Designer: Gianni Versace Jenny Versace (1997 Jenny died, the company and chief designer by his sister Donatella Versace Donatella Versace) took over)
Design style: Founded in 1978, the brand logo is the mythology of the snake demon Medusa (Medusa), represents the fatal attraction. Versace’s design style is very clear, unique beauty, a strong avant-garde artistic representation so that he swept the world, he stressed that happiness and sexy, collar often open to the waist below, the classical aristocratic style of luxury, luxury, Consider wearing a comfortable and appropriate display body. Versace is good at using noble and luxurious fabrics, with the cut line, in the blunt geometry lines and soft body curve between the clever transition, Versace’s suit, skirts, coats and so on to lines as a symbol, sexy expression of the female body. Versace brand is the main service object royal aristocrats and stars, including female evening dress is the essence and soul of Versace.
The early 90s is Versace brand development in the history of an important period. During this period, Versace jewelry and watch the birth of the brand diversification strategy to take shape.
Versace watches in full compliance with the most stringent Swiss watch manufacturing Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica standards, but also with Maison’s charming style.
In 1996, Versace and Franck Muller (Franck Muller) in Geneva to create a limited edition jewelry watch. In 1998, Versace SA was established. This is an independent company responsible for the production and distribution of Versace jewelry and watches.
In 2004, Vertime SA was established in Switzerland. Verso and Vertime SA are responsible for the production and distribution of all Versace watches and jewelery after signing a partnership with Timex Group, which has been leading the watch industry for more than 150 years.
2004 DV One watch was born, it is destined to become Maison’s iconic product. This made of ceramic material made by the launch of the watch was a success. Over the years, DV One has introduced a number of styles: black or white ceramic, with chronograph or inlaid precious stones (diamonds, rubies, sapphires).
The COSC Limited Edition, launched in 2007, was honored by the Swiss Official Observatory Testing Agency (Contr? Le Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres).
In March 2008, Versace launched the first with a tourbillon structure of the watch, by virtue of this product officially entered the high-precision watches in the most prestigious top technology. The limited edition Acron Tourbillon embodies the incredible craftsmanship and extremely advanced technical specifications of the watchmaker.
All of Versace’s watches are made in Switzerland. Swiss certificate requires strict quality control and inspection standards to ensure that each piece of Maison watches are of superior quality.
Versace watches how, User rating
Comments 1: like versace lv these brands Taobao basically no real cargo out will be very disgraced
And versace the best is the luggage and shoes table is not much value if you want to look good I suggest you spend less money to buy real things good timezone couple table is pretty but the brand is not loud
It depends on what you need what I think or buy something really good fake are false shame. The
Comments 2: fashion table, from the collection, the quality is not desirable
Comments three: not how, this kind of clothes or jewelry brand watches are not good.
Comments four: versace watch I think the style in general, I have a piece Feeling is not too accurate to go More than 8000 Not as good as my piece of 2000 yuan CK was accurate. I recommend the CK watch. Style simple, generous. Not too much tedious decoration. And is imported from Switzerland. Using the Swiss ETA movement. Go pretty of the prospective. And cheaper than versace
Comments 5: VERSACE / Versace has a classic ceramic watch VS001, this table looks good, see are ceramic, suitable for elegant people to wear. But the fear of ceramics is very easy to break, be careful to use.
Versace watches offer
Versace watches priced from 4000-20000 yuan or so. The most popular table price is generally around 6000-8000 yuan.