Marry the diamond ring in general how much is appropriate

Marry the diamond ring in general how much is appropriate
To marry the time and ultimately, a bouquet of beautiful flowers, and ultimately, the commitment of life, of course, less life can only send one of the ring. The choice of marrying the diamond ring to a large extent decided to marry the success or failure, there are many people think that the diamond ring sent much to represent how deep he loves you. In fact, this kind of cognition to a certain extent, the material to measure the love, then marry the diamond ring how much is appropriate? Levi’s little tape with you to understand.

A carat diamond ring, the soul of the deep love

Many people buy marriage diamond ring have chosen to buy Cartier love bracelet replica a carat, choose a carat diamond ring, most people are convinced that a carat of good love, and is looking forward to each other also has a carat of love. It is said that a carat is the weight of our soul, this carat is the person to go to the world after the bliss of the world’s most pure love weight, even if people have been away from the world, but that pure love is still retained, accompanied by that The need for his love, so a carat diamond ring is also considered by the couple is the soul of this symbol of love, everyone is looking forward to such a pure and precious love, holding a carat diamond ring, to the other half of your future Promised the future, how can she love the cruel refused it?

30-50 points diamond ring suitable for white-collar family

If you love her, you will want to give her the best you can give; if she loves you, will be satisfied with the range of your ability to give the best. 30-50 points diamond ring belongs to the drilling type, the price is about to spend two months or so white-collar workers wages, such a cost for men is acceptable, buy too small really let girls difficult to accept, buy too much and let Their own too much economic pressure is not necessary, the best degree of moderate, I believe to understand the other half of the women can be considerate acceptance, and vice versa is only too much to pursue the material people.
50 points above the diamond ring worth collecting

Nowadays, we often can see from the news of a certain star engagement to wear large carat diamond ring, a certain rich to send his fiancee extra large carat diamond ring, it is envy others. Regal and star’s net worth is much higher than the average person, wedding rings for them is not only a tool to express love, but also as their value collection of goods. More than 50 points of the diamond ring has a collection of value, so if you belong to the petty bourgeoisie, you can buy more than 50 points to marry the diamond ring, which is not only connected with each other’s love media, you can also as a means of investment, There is a chance to add value. If you belong to the rich level, then it is recommended that you buy the size of the large pig caravan diamond ring, the greater the more rare diamonds, and the more valuable collection, show you full of love at the same time, the future may be an extra wealth.
So that each other in the moment of good love in the promise and look forward to the future of a better marriage. In fact, marry the diamond ring in general how much does not affect that really, so you finally received the marriage proposal is not paid attention to it is how much Cartier love ring replica it is, but it is carrying the mind how true.
Marriage and marriage are different

In the choice of which finger to wear a ring, we also have a certain stress, when we choose these five words as a reference: chase, seeking, set, knot, away from. The five words on behalf of the thumb from the thumb to wear the ring in turn the meaning of “set”, that is to say that the middle finger wearing a diamond ring is engaged, set a marriage between each other, “knot” is that the ring finger wearing a diamond ring is already Married, although they are wearing a ring, but still see the marriage and marriage definition is different. Although promised to marry the time, but can only be worn wedding ring on the middle finger, after marriage to wear wedding rings on the ring finger. Wearing a finger different fingers have a university ask, marry and marry when wearing a ring naturally have to distinguish.

Marry and marry, love is the same

Some people deliberately distinguish between courtship diamond ring and wedding ring, and some people think that as long as that a love can be maintained, that a person can always accompany, marry and marry, whether the diamond ring is no separate purchase. When the other half of the time to marry him, give you a lifetime commitment to promise, you are happy it, when the other half of the wedding when you promise life with the promise, after marriage to the actual action to accompany you Is happy it At this moment, whether you have both marry a diamond ring and have a wedding ring Cartier nail bracelet replica is not very important, it is important that a love has been.

Levi’s real name ring, advocated between each other really love, hope is that all the lovers love each other long. As for the marriage proposal diamond ring and wedding ring need to buy it separately, depends on the couple’s personal choice of cognition. Levi’s wish the world more happiness and continued love.

What is the Golden Pendant?

What is the Golden Pendant?
Q: What is the Golden Pendant? What is the good thing to wear?

The best answer: foot gold Buddha, a gold sculpture into Buddha statue of the shape of jewelry, wearing jewelry in the neck, mainly used to pray for peace, calm mind and beautiful. Foot gold Buddha is not easy to deformation, with a good ornamental Cartier love bracelet replica value, while wearing the body is not easy due to friction caused by skin infection and lesions, Moreover, southerners believe that wearing gold and silver jewelry can avoid evil, calm and other effects of the legend ; Northerners think that with gold was rich, is a symbol of wealth and identity!

In addition, we wear foot gold Buddha pendant when we should pay attention to the detection of the firmness of the rope, do not lose. And then pay attention to keep clean, do not wear it. Finally, pay attention to with the clothing and so on, good-looking is the king.
Q: how to match the gold lock pendant to look good?

Gold jewelry pendant affordable and colorful, is a very common jewelry jewelry, but in the mall are generally gold lock pendant and necklace separately to sell, we buy gold lock, but also Special attention to the chain with the good with the best to show the charm of gold lock pendant, generally have the following several chains can choose:

1, red braided rope, red and yellow with a simple and charming charm. Red has always been a symbol of auspicious, gold lock pendant with red braided rope even more expensive auspicious, is a very good with the choice. In addition to the red braided rope, black and brown is also a very good choice;

2, gold necklace, necklace and gold with the perfect match, a high degree of unity and harmony, extravagance, can be a good highlight of the noble and elegant temperament;

3, leather rope, black is the best choice. A high-quality matte leather rope and then with the favorite pendant, looks very texture, will be more unique, new sense of strong sense.
Q: how to match the gold inlaid Buddha pendant to look good?

The gold artefacts pendant can not help but work style is very important, with this side is also very important to show off, gold inlaid jade pendant with what chain, mainly with red, but red, yellow, blue, green, blue and blue can be, Black child can also, the day wearer usually do not pay attention to maintenance, then the black rope is a better choice, mainly to see what color and what color chain or rope with your best inlaid gold Buddha pendant The

And Guanyin jade Buddha men and women can wear. Now, especially the Goddess of Mercy and the Buddha is more popular with customers. Often listen to the marketing staff to recommend to the customer male Dai Guanyin female Dai Buddha, in fact, this argument is no Cartier love ring replica basis and basis; Guanyin and the Buddha are men and women believers pray auspicious happiness, disaster-free God, see personal preferences, wear everything can.
Q: go to the gold shop to buy gold pendants, clerk introduced 24k gold pendant, that is thousands of gold pendant, is it true?

Best answer: 24k gold is usually considered pure gold, but its actual gold content is only 99.99%. Where the pure gold refers to the chemical element of the elemental element of gold, and the world does not exist 100% purity gold. 24k in the k, it is that the purity of gold, the international requirements, k represents gold content of 4.166%, apparently 24k that gold content of 99.984%, is generally considered to be 99.9%. In addition, we often hear in the market thousands of gold, gold and other code. Here the thousands of gold refers to the gold content of 99.9% of the gold, because the gold content of three 9, it is also known as the three nine gold.

Answer: 24K, that is, the theoretical gold content of 100%, usually pure gold is called 24K gold, but it is the theoretical gold content of 100% gold, in fact, does not exist, so the national standard, the business mark gold Jewelry gold content shall not use the “24K gold” is not standardized standard method.
Q: Is possession silver a sterling silver? What is silver for silver silver jewelry?

The best answer: possession of silver is a name, in fact, is an alloy, possession of silver is copper (copper-nickel alloy) Ya said the traditional possession of silver for 30 percent silver plus seventy percent of the copper The Because the silver content is still too low, so now the market has not seen, to completely replace the white copper. So Tibetan silver is not sterling silver. From the pure silver jewelry workmanship point of view, it is more refined than the possession of silver jewelry, and inlaid stones are mostly real turquoise, red coral, stone quality is better, its brightness is stronger than the possession of silver, silver and silver In contrast, the more primitive some of the original, the price of silver than silver is much more expensive.

Other words: Tibetan silver is a traditional Chinese silverware, produced in Tibet and the surrounding areas, is the Tibetan people desire for survival and life carrier. It is characterized by exquisite patterns, but not pay attention to materials. So for the Tibetan silver is not silver, possession of silver is a geographical silver, silver is a processing category, for its good and bad grades can not be generalized.
Q: buy silver pendant above marked with “s925” words, what does that mean? Is the Cartier nail bracelet replica meaning of thousands of silver?

S925 silver jewelry is not silver content of 100%, it is because in the silver added 7.5% of the alloy, so that the silver luster, brightness and hardness have improved, so that silver has the ideal hardness , Brightness and gloss, and oxidation resistance. And can be embedded in a variety of precious stones. 925 silver design to create the European and European style, rough, bold, avant-garde, walking in the cutting-edge fashion, but also fine, meticulous, suitable for the public taste. 925 silver jewelry when not wearing a good custody, or may turn black or yellow.

925 silver in the international standard, is recognized as silver jewelry with silver standards. 100% of the silver is softer, the production can not be formed, inconvenient made of silver, and 925 silver by adding other metals to increase the hardness, making jewelry and crafts are not easy to oxidation, discoloration, deformation is not easy. Finished gloss better. 925 represents the purity of silver. This is the minimum purity required by the silverware, just as the purity of 999 gold.

Boys’ single ring which finger to wear

Boys’ single ring which finger to wear
What is the boy’s single ring? How do boys wear a single ring? The ring is a decorative jewelry worn on the fingers, in ancient Rome, the ring is as a seal, is a symbol of right. In ancient China, the ring is not used as an ornament at the beginning, but a concubine in the court every month to avoid the king “Yu Xing” when a special sign, so called “ring”. In today, men and women wearing a ring is not only beautify the life of the decorations, but also became Cartier love bracelet replica a love of things. The single ring is a trend with the emergence of a new type of jewelry, people give it a single definition. So what is the boy’s single ring wearing a finger?

Right hand and left hand have different meanings. Right hand little finger: do not fall in love. Right hand ring finger: love in. Right middle finger: famous flower master. Right index finger: single nobility. Left hand little finger: not marriage. Left hand ring finger: marriage. Left middle finger: engagement. Left index finger: unmarried Thumbs are on behalf of the meaning of power, you can also do the meaning of self-confidence wearing a ring is a stress. According to the traditional habits of the West, the left hand represents the blessing of God, and the left hand centrifugal recently, so the ring is generally worn on the left hand. But if the unmarried men will ring the right hand on the ring finger, said the nuns of the heart. This is also a lot of unmarried men will wear the ring on the left hand reasons.
How do boys wear a single ring? Boys ring wear law usually wear on the left hand, diamond jewelry is no longer a girl’s patent, and now boys began to wear a ring. However, the boys wearing a ring is generally how many feet it? In fact, each boy’s finger size is not the same, most boys wear ring number is 17-22, and, 18-20 more. In addition, girls wear the ring number for the 10-16, of which 12,13 more. Wearing a ring is a stress. According to the traditional habits of the West, the left hand shows the luck that God has given you, so the ring is usually worn on the left hand.

The following specifically about the boy ring wearing a law: the ring worn on the index finger, the feeling is more personal claims. The most formal wear method is too wearing on the middle finger, if you do not want to have a formal feeling, you can add a simple left or right ring. Ring on the ring finger is usually a wedding ring, ring finger looks slim, so no matter what the ring, wear up the standard is delicate. The most fresh way, than the ring on the little finger. If you do not have too much to change the table or ring, may wish to consider wearing a ring hand and wrist watch hand staggered, do not let the two pieces of accessories in the same hand appears. In the same hand wearing two rings, the color should be consistent, and a ring is complex, the other must be simple

The ring is very strange to wear on the thumb, so it is not recommended. Rings worn on the index finger, the feeling is more personal claims. The most formal wear method is too wearing on the middle finger, if you do not want to have a formal feeling, you can add a simple left or right ring. Ring on the ring finger is usually a wedding ring, ring finger looks slim, so no matter what the ring, wear up the standard is delicate. The most fresh way, than the ring on the little finger.

The boy’s ring wear and meaning

The right hand refers to: right hand refers to: love the right finger: the main flower of the right hand index: single aristocratic election bar Oh to wear the left hand to wear the left hand meaning left hand: marriage left hand refers to: Married left finger: engagement left hand index finger: unmarried thumb on behalf of the power of meaning to do self-confidence in accordance with my habit of engagement ring like wearing a left finger wedding ring wearing a left hand name; unmarried girl should wear a right finger or finger

What are the specific meanings of boys’ ring wear?

Wearing a finger means to be married to show unmarried; wearing that means already love; wearing a finger that has been engaged or married; wearing a single meaning with the fingers with the same meaning to mind with the wrong Oh want to buy cost-effective high-diamond quit some like Opel Power Brand look at the relatively high cost

The boy’s ring wear and meaning

The ring from the ancient symbol of a strong sense of wear in accordance with my Cartier love ring replica habit of engagement ring like wearing a left finger wedding ring wearing a left hand pointing; if the unmarried girl should wear a right finger or the name means that the pursuit of those who want to step by step by the traditional habits of the left hand show Dili To the luck and associated with the ring to wear a left hand meaning more popular wear: index finger – want to get married that unmarried; means – has been love; name means – that has been engaged or married; means – said the single body as the right hand said: The name is said to wear wearing a sense of the kind of ring on the wear of the rules have any sense of the kind of ring-like flower ring up kind of decorative role to wear any want to wear any finger
Single ring brand Daquan, single ring brand recommended. Since then the ring has a very strong sense, and now the ring is no longer a couple or married couples patent. Single friends can also wear rings. Wearing a single ring to show people a glamorous happy single image. So what is the direct brand? As a single person, though you are alone, but you are not alone. You may want to find “that person”, perhaps you are very satisfied with this way of life. Xiaobian to give you a brief introduction to the next single ring brand Daquan.

Singelringen single ring from Sweden, wearing it as if to declare a single pride, like married to ring finger ring on the general public, wearing Singelringen is to declare everyone I was single. Perhaps wearing it is hoping to meet a romantic encounter, or just a simple hope in the traction of Singelringen encounter interesting people.

Singelringer Each single ring has a unique number, chord-shaped arc outward, symbolic open attitude, when the two rings together, you can form a complete circle. Put on a single ring, and ultimately to convey the spirit of “single state of self-confidence and freedom” to a healthy and open attitude to look at single life and develop interpersonal relationships.
Single ring brand recommended. The ring is not just the ornaments, wearing a single ring can promote the “single, and self-confidence, self-insistence” single ring meaning.

In Zoakai, a piece of jewelry engraved with a journey of time and soul. “Because of a quality style of jewelry, can be accompanied by a long time in the long time for everyone to enjoy the pleasure, but also accompanied by each person through the ups and downs of those moments of unforgettable touch, those minds of the imprint, are engraved in jewelry , Whenever watching this jewelry, those who are included in the story, as if scenes show.
Marry diamond ring brand list, marry diamond ring to buy what brand. With 80,90 after the wedding ring to buy the main force, because the young people for the marriage proposal, making the wedding ring much favored. Marriage ring has important significance, it is a key to open the marriage, so it is recommended to pick a meaningful ring. The following Xiaobian to inventory to marry the diamond ring brand, take a look at the marriage diamond ring brand list it
Zuo Kayi diamond ring positioning is – do all people can afford to afford the diamond ring! Diamonds, has always been a noble self, especially some well-known diamond brand or international big, the price is prohibitive. In fact, the real value of the diamond ring is cut, color, clarity, carat weight four parts, but the major well-known brands or international big, the sale price, but with the brand value, brand promotion, brand awareness and other factors , The price is naturally rising.
Cartier (Cartier SA) is the most well-known, one of the oldest brands, while Cartier is also the most favorite brand of aristocratic stars. In 1847 by Louis-FranccediloisCartier founded in Paris. In 1874, his son sub-law? Cartier inherited its management, by his grandson Louis? Cartier, Pierre Cartier and plot? Cartier to develop into a world famous brand, a hundred years, known as the “emperor’s jeweler.” In 1936, the Duke of Windsor will be the first Cartier Jade gift to the Duchess of Windsor, which set the legendary love of the two life.

3. Tiffany Tiffany
Tiffany (Tiffany) as the jewelry industry queen, founded in 1837 the senior jewelry store, known for diamonds and silver products, is one of the world’s leading luxury goods company. Tiffany’s most famous six claw mosaic design, the diamond set on top of the ring, the diamond flashing light to the extreme, is still widely respected. “Six claw mosaic law” after the launch, immediately become an engagement diamond ring mosaic of international standards. Tiffany with love and beauty, romantic and dream as the theme and popular for nearly two centuries, it is beautiful and soft and delicate sensibility, to meet all the world’s women’s fantasy and desire.

Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels
Van Cleef & Arpels (Van Cleef & Arpels) is a famous French luxury brand, Van Cleef & Arpels since its inception, it has been the world’s nobles and celebrities Ascot is particularly favorite top jewelry brand. Van Cleef & Arpels story begins with a romantic love story. In 1896, from the gem family of the daughter of Miss Elstier? Albemarle and the son of Amsterdam diamond businessman Alfred? Van Cleef has a happy marriage, this legendary Kuangshi marriage has laid a great brand of birth. In 1906, the first Van Cleef & Arpels boutique appeared at the square in Paris, where the story of a century of jewelry was opened.

5. Bvlgari Bvlgari
From Italy, heritage 130 years of the classic brand Bulgari, the same is to marry the diamond ring brand the necessary choice. In addition to the quality of the service, excellent quality, the Bulgari diamond ring design on the repeated novelty, works very fashionable, with the characteristics of the times and continue to join the new design elements. Bvlgari jewelry works to different characteristics of women to start, respect for individuality, to retain the individual’s unique, while the works embodied in the unique style of the style of Bulgari.

De Beers De Beers
“A diamond is forever.”) This one swept the world’s advertising language, enough to prove that De Beers this jewelry industry star has the status. Inherited more than 120 years of diamond professional experience, De Beers diamond jewelry for high-quality diamonds have the most professional Cartier nail bracelet replica right to speak. De Beers Group in 1939 for the introduction of 4C consumer standards, and in 1947 Qiao think of the world famous brand advertising “diamond forever, a permanent pass.” This is the pride and glory of De Beers diamond jewelry.

Swarovski Swarovski
Swarovski (Swarovski) was founded in 1895, by Daniel? Swarovski in Austria, is the world’s leading crystal manufacturers, Swarovski today’s assets have reached 2 billion US dollars. Swarovski advocates creative spirit, fully demonstrated in the brand’s accessories, jewelry and home accessories series, and in the world more than 2,200 Swarovski Crystal Xuan and counters for sale. Opened in 1995, located in the city of Walden City, the imitation of the crystal museum Swarovski imitation of the world, confirms the Swarovski rich inspiration and creativity.

8 Po Shi Long Boucheron
Boucheron (Boucheron), 1858, only 28 years old jewelry designer Boucheron set up his own brand. Because of its perfect cutting technology and quality gem quality is famous, is the jewelry industry leader, luxury characterization. Po Shi Long is one of the few jewelers in the world who always maintain high quality jewelery and watch craftsmanship and traditional style. In 1893, Boucheron moved to Paris where Vanden Square became one of the first jewelry brands to be opened here. At the beginning of the creation, Boucheron was favored by celebrities.

9. Haile Winston Harry Winston
Harry Winston (Harry Winston) development has been more than 100 years of history, and because of the royal nobility, celebrity star favorite, become a symbol of high society, it is famous for its cause Fancy cut with unique knitting arrangement techniques, and the most classic hexagonal emerald cut (Emerald Cut), can be described as a symbol of the brand logo. Since 1944 for the first time sponsored Oscar for best actress Jennifer Jones Jennifer Jones wearing awards, not only opened the major jewelry brands competing to invite stars to wear the ceremony to attend the ceremony, and also won the reputation of the star jeweler.

Cartier Engagement Ring picture Cartier Engagement Ring picture & price

Cartier Engagement Ring picture Cartier Engagement Ring picture & price
Cartier SA (Cartier SA) is a French watch and jewelry manufacturers, in the mid-19th century began to be famous. Known as “the emperor of the jeweler, the emperor’s jeweler” is the luxury of the world’s fashion dream. Cartier is not only a symbol of high society, but also witness the eternal love of the classic brand. For centuries, Cartier witnessed countless eternal love and commitment, so whether it has a certain status of people, or young couples, Cartier has always passed irresistible love magic.
Cartier Engagement Ring pictures and prices

Cartier Engagement Rings Picture and Price Cartier Engagement Diamond Ring, Wedding imitation Cartier love bracelet Ring, is the most exquisite, luxurious wedding jewelry, become the current fashionable young couples and newlyweds pursued.

Cartier development so far, its brand value is far higher than other brands, so the price is far more expensive than other brands, an ordinary engagement ring prices have more than ten thousand yuan, if the quality is better or engagement ring, Its price is to be expensive on several times.

Cartier, suitable for high-end people in society or the pursuit of quality of life, the higher the level of economic people. In fact, the engagement ring does not need to pay too much attention to the brand or buy too expensive, engagement ring is a love for their love of a commitment, there is enough that heart, and now a lot of ring brand, you can choose some of their own economic level can represent you Between the exclusive love of the engagement ring.
Cartier and Kelan Which brand is good? Kelan Diamonds is the first batch of professional jewelery brands to sell in e-commerce diamonds. Kelan diamonds buy first-hand diamonds from South Africa and save a high admission fee through a new sales model combined with office sales and online sales , So the price of diamonds is not high.

Cartier SA (Cartier SA) is a French watch and jewelry manufacturers, in the mid-19th century began to be famous. Is one of the most well-known and oldest brands. Known as “the emperor of the jeweler, the emperor’s jeweler” is the luxury of the world’s fashion dream.
Cartier and Kelan which is good

Cartier and Kelan which cost-effective

Cartier and Kelan which cost-effective? Kelan is the domestic sales of electronic diamonds diamond jewelry brand, with office direct sales and network sales combined with the sales model in the jewelry industry to lead a new benchmark. Compared with the traditional jewelry brand, Kelan province to a high amount of site fees and sales links, so Kelan diamond ring price cheaper than the average jewelry brand.

And Cartier is a world famous luxury brand, its brand value is higher, so reflected in the price of jewelry, Cartier jewelry price than Kelan expensive, compared to Kelan more cost-effective.
Which good is Cartier and De Beers? De Beers, founded in 1888, is now headquartered in Luxembourg, mainly engaged in diamond ore mining, trade, industrial diamond production and processing, under its famous diamond consulting center DTC is responsible for diamond sorting, pricing and sales trade volume calculation, occupy About 40% of the world’s diamond trade. Everyone is most familiar with the “one forever”, is De Beers was the propaganda, the diamond as a symbol of love and commitment, greatly enhance the consumer demand for diamonds.

Cartier Cartier is the last two centuries by the European royal family and the upper Replica Cartier jewelry class favorite and sought after diamond ring brand. Cartier Cartier represents the pursuit of fashion, known as the “royal jewelry”, and Dai Beiers than, Cartier’s history is more long.
Which is good for Cartier and De Beers

Cartier and De Beers

Which is your Cartier and De Beers? From the price point of view, the price of 1 carat diamond ring because of the different quality of diamond 4C will have a relatively large difference, De Beers 1 carat diamond ring VVS, the color of the diamond level in the DF level to tens of thousands of Oh, and Cartier’s cheapest diamond ring In Hong Kong to sell more than 7,000 Hong Kong dollars. The price of a carat diamond than the same level of diamond on the market price more than doubled.

From the style, De Beers and Cartier are taking the luxury high-end line, more suitable for the pursuit of gorgeous personality, the level of economic personnel to allow the demand for fashion.
What is good for Cartier and Gold? Cartier Cartier has a long history, the world famous jewelry brand, its marriage proposal diamond ring, classic wedding diamond ring is the most perfect wedding jewelry. Carter represents the pursuit of fashion, but also witness the eternal love of the classic brand. Inheritance of classic love for more than 100 years, witnessed countless eternal love and commitment.

Kim Chongzheng brand concept as “gorgeous, elegant”, the famous song days Kelly Chen for its spokesperson. In addition, Kim Zong main sales and custom diamond and precious stones for the guests, the implementation of membership, to meet the unique preferences of guests, enhance customer satisfaction. Gold Supreme special gold jewelry, the process is very good, gold purity is guaranteed.
Cartier and Gold Extreme Which is good?
Buy a diamond ring is good or a good card to the best

Buy a diamond ring is good or good gold card is good? In the diamond ring in this regard, the Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica gold supreme strength is the gold jewelry, and Cartier’s positioning is high-end jewelry, the price of gold supreme than Cartier more close to the people, in fact, choose the diamond ring can not just look at the brand, a diamond ring depends more on the value Diamond quality, and the quality of diamonds mainly by the diamond 4c standard to decide,

In addition, the fluorescent effect of diamonds is also a major factor affecting the price of diamonds, diamond ring in the purchase of the time or to consider all aspects of the factors, can not blindly pursue the brand.

Pigeon Egg Rings Rings Photo Gallery

Pigeon Egg Rings Rings Photo Gallery
Before we admire the pigeon egg ring, first look at what is the pigeon egg ring ring. What is a pigeon egg ring?

Now say pigeon egg ring generally refers to more than 5 carats of diamonds, that is, the weight of 1 gram of diamonds. Pigeon Egg Diamond Ring first appeared in the movie “Lust and Caution”, Tony Leung played the spy as Tang Wei played undercover in the last show when she was in the jewelry store to buy a diamond size of about 5 carats diamond ring, known as “pigeon eggs ”
Pigeon Egg Drums As the name suggests is the same as the pigeons of imitation Cartier love bracelet diamonds, in fact, that is large and high quality diamonds, that is, quality and quality are superior diamonds. Pigeon Egg Rings Fashionable atmosphere, diamond quality, a model of jewelry.

Constitute the quality and quality are excellent diamonds

Features stylish atmosphere, diamond quality

Status jewelery model
Pigeon Egg Rings Picture

The largest pigeon egg – the African star 2

The African Star 2 is shaped like a water droplet, weighing 530.2 carats, and is now inlaid on the British Queen’s Scepter. The original stone of the African Star is “Cullinan”, it weighs 3106 carats, pure and transparent, with light blue tones, is the best grade gem diamond, is the largest “pigeon eggs.”

The most exquisite pigeon eggs – century diamonds

Century Diamond weighs 273 karats and was found in South Africa in 1980. The original stone weight 599 karats, after a professional chopper spent three years of pondering, is the “pigeon eggs” family of the most exquisite.
Beautiful how to choose the price of Choi Choi how much money? The charm of the diamond lies in its psychedelic colors, people put it down. If you do not have the characteristics of the monotonous white diamond, the diamond may be a good choice for you. How much is it? As the formation of color diamond more harsh conditions, the number is more rare, the choice of time will be more meticulous. Today, Zuo Kay Xiaobian tell you that the color diamond should be so elected.
First: learn to determine the price of color diamond. How much is it? Due to the rare amount of colored diamonds, according to statistics, every 100,000 gemstones are likely to appear a color diamond. How to determine the price of colored diamonds have the following principles: the more rare the color, the higher the level, the higher the value; the more concentrated color, the higher the saturation, the higher the value. While the first to consider the size of white Replica Cartier jewelry diamonds and cut here is the last to be tested.

Second: learn to distinguish between yellow diamonds and yellowish white diamond. How much is it? As the price of color diamond is sometimes much higher than white diamond, many people will take artificial means to change the color of the diamond itself to get higher profits. In the purchase of the study, only the color than the Z level but also yellow, are eligible to be called yellow diamond, yellow diamond to respect the yellow, not doped any gray, red tones, dark yellow, orange diamonds are far better than yellow diamonds worth The Yellowish whiteish yellowish. Before buying the first comparison of color “color stone”.
Beautiful color diamond how to choose the price is how much money

Third: learn to interpret the agency certificate. Choosing colored diamonds is also important for the selection of accreditation bodies. At present, the world’s most famous identification of the diamond, the authority or the American Academy of Jewelry (GIA). GIA certificate in the color diamond classification more systematic, comprehensive and detailed, do not understand the diamond diamond consumers with GIA certificate diamond diamond is a good choice.

In addition to know the above points, but also have to choose the right time, formal business, in order to buy cost-effective color diamonds. How much money is also determined by your purse.
Pink natural pink powder is due to the accumulation of minerals in the diamond stone and the surrounding environment of the impact of the integration of the results. About 90% of the world’s red and pink diamonds from the Western Australia Argyle diamond mining area, the number of its own and its rare, the world’s only about 50 carats a year. In Geneva, Switzerland to 45.44 million Swiss francs (about 45.75 million US dollars) to shoot a high price of 24.78 karats of rare pink diamonds, refresh the global single diamond / jewelry auction record.

We said that this pink diamond unusual story, this powder drill more than 60 years ago by the American jeweler found, is now embedded in the ring. American Geological Society will be rated as thick pink diamonds, its purity to VVS2 level, is very slightly flawed diamonds. Auction authority of the authority of its weighing 24.78 karats “astronomical” rare pink diamond grade as 2A, indicating that it is very rare. Sotheby’s the auction house to its estimated price of 27 million US dollars to 38 million US dollars between.
Most of the more than 2 karats of pinkheads developed with this diamond-related mineralite are collected by the Art Museum of Washington, DC, by Smithsonian Society, and some of the finest finishes are developed by a brand and The inlaid in its diamond ring products, this high-end custom rare diamond drill series marry diamond ring products continue the French contemporary jewelry father of the exquisite design process and the perfect cutting, pink diamond out of the same mining area of excellent pink diamonds, perfect Showing the jewelry century master with color decorated love life dream.

Global mining of pink diamonds, only about 10% can be called rare earth powder diamonds. Pink diamond in the global mining is very small, and only mining is accompanied by a white diamond next to the diamond drill, can be called rare earth powder diamond, this powder diamond even after being mined, as long as the same deposit in the same Hidden white diamonds keep enough distance, white diamonds contained in the unique minerals can make the pink diamond color continues to change, accompanied by the longer, this rare stone powder can become more colorful. Bearing the most beautiful wishes for lovers.

Henan bare drill custom

Henan bare drill custom
Can be customized diamond ring, diamond earrings, diamond earrings, diamond pendants, diamond bracelets, etc., the general custom diamond ring more custom, the other is relatively less custom. Diamond ring is mainly as a symbol of both love and Replica Cartier jewelry marriage, and some people buy their own birthday gift, or reward their hard work for a year of gifts, or send elders that filial piety and so on.

Henan naked drill custom Many people buy bare diamond custom diamond ring but also care relations, find friends, visiting the major shopping malls and stores, and even personally to buy abroad, in order to find a bare diamond custom a diamond ring. But some people in the end or not the right, like the bare diamond or diamond ring, wasted their own so much time and effort, very uneconomical.

Henan bare drill before customization, we must first determine their own budget, go picking naked drill and ring care style, to avoid too much budget, resulting in financial constraints, affecting life. On the style to have a certain understanding, you can first go to the brand and other brands of the official website to pick the style, to see what they prefer, and then cut a good picture, when the shop, the more directional, and not temporary cramming, Choose the style will be very satisfied.

Henan bare diamond custom can also be optimistic about the style of the Internet, and then make an appointment to the style of the store custom, such as Zoukai, online official website, there are more than a hundred online store, there are ten entities in Henan Shop, and the store’s price is also consistent with the Internet, 30% to 50% discount than the traditional brand, in the Zoukai official website optimistic about the style and bare drill, and then contact the jewelry consultant to help make an appointment to the physical shop to see the kind, there are coupons And gift!

Henan bare diamond customization, the need to avoid friends and colleagues to follow the trend or comparisons, after all, each person’s style and fingers are not the same, for the diamond ring is not the same, to see other people wearing good-looking, but wearing their own models, but Not necessarily good looking. So in the selection of bare diamond and ring, or according to their own preferences and budget to customize, to avoid when the custom is good but do not like.
Guangdong bare drill custom place is very much, of which Shenzhen, Guangzhou for the most, the city of each city custom bare diamond jewelry store is also dazzling, in the first-tier cities such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou is each district has jewelry store , Shenzhen water shell is the Chinese jewelry circle!

Guangdong bare diamond custom can be selected in their own city jewelry store custom, you can also go directly to the Internet to find Zoukai or other well-known brands selected bare diamond custom. Relative to the traditional line of the brand, the online Zouka or other well-known brands, the price is more affordable, more cost-effective!

Guangdong bare diamond custom brand is very much, in the first-tier cities such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, in addition to the traditional domestic brands Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, Luk Fook, Xie Ruilin, etc., as well as international brands Cartier, Tiffany, as well as emerging brands Zoukai, , Diamond birds and so on, very much.

Guangdong bare diamond custom-made new brands can be online online official selection of fine bare diamond and ring, and then make an appointment to see the kind of line, such as Zoacai, not only online with the line service, the price is the same price, that is, both Can enjoy the price of online, but also to see the kind, very cost-effective! Compared to traditional brands, the price can offer 30% to 50%, compared to the international big, can be favorable to about 200%.

In addition to the first choice of reputable business, but also to determine the total price, to avoid bare drill cheap, ring your expensive, processing fees Expensive, the total price than other bare diamond more expensive brand even more expensive! This is some unscrupulous businessmen in order to attract customers and the means of the. Because many customers buy bare drill custom, that the bare diamond your overall price on the expensive, only the ratio of bare diamond, but was the ring and processing costs to the pit!
Custom emerald ring offer in the 500 to tens of thousands of have, specifically to see you are carrying emerald, just processing mosaic, or jade and ring are custom. If it is their own stone mosaic, just buy the ring and help mosaic, the price depends on the care style, usually in the 500 to 2 thousand or so on it.

If you are jade and ringing are custom, the price will be much higher, before customization can choose their own emerald egg surface of the various levels, such as emerald egg surface of the water, size, shape and color, etc., and then Choose the ring style, you can choose a simple no diamond style, you can also choose a lot of luxury inlaid with a small diamond style. This offer will depend on the fineness of jade and the style of the arrangement to offer, fineness or ringing different, offer will be different.

Customized Jade Rings If you do not like the style, you can also put your own ideas, ask the designer, designed by the designer specifically for you to design a unique emerald style. Too troublesome, you can also directly on the counter selection of ready-made style, and then change the way to set mosaic, ring arm design, etc., to create a new emerald ring!

Custom jade ring offer some price, and some is the first reported an estimated price, and so on custom, according to the actual weight and small diamond weight, and then reported the actual total price. This will be better, do not worry about your care, gold or diamonds and less. The emerald face in determining the good kind of water, size, shape and color, etc., businesses will be reported to determine the price, the total price of custom after the price, and the estimated price is generally only related to one or two hundred dollars.

If you feel more expensive, you can also report your own budget and approximate requirements, tell the jewelry consultant, by the jewelry consultant to change the emerald egg level to change the price, so that the final total price can meet your budget The So that both can buy their favorite jade ring, but also in the budget to buy, very cost-effective!

The value and status of gold

The value and status of gold
Wealth attribute

Gold’s rare to gold is very precious, and the stability of gold to facilitate the preservation of gold, so gold not only become human material wealth, but also an important means of human storage of wealth, so the gold has been particularly favored by the human.

Gold historian Green pointed out: “Ancient Egypt and ancient Rome civilization is cultivated by the gold.” Plunder possession of more gold is the ancient Egypt, the ancient Roman rulers militaristic power.

From 2000 BC to 1849 BC, the ancient Egyptian rulers carried Cartier nail bracelet replica out four plunder of Nubia (a small country in the upper reaches of the Nile, rich in gold resources), occupied all the gold mines in Nubia. BC 1525 BC to 1465 BC Egypt’s eighteenth dynasty king and has launched two wars, from Palestine and Syria plundered a lot of gold and silver. A lot of gold and silver into Egypt, so that Egypt’s wealth so that they have the ability to build large-scale water conservancy projects, the development of agriculture, the construction of luxury palaces and cemeteries, for the human left a huge temple ruins and pyramids. Only Tutan Hamamong tomb in the gold coffin weighs 110 kilograms.

In 47 BC the ancient Egypt was occupied by the Roman Empire, Rome God Caesar triumphant Rome, showing from the Egyptian plunder of the 2822 Golden Delicious, each crown was 8 kg, a total of 22.58 tons; also showed silver 1815 tons. Carrying the march of gold and silver weighing 65,000 Talent, about 1950 tons. The accumulation of gold and silver to the Roman Empire’s national strength soared, so that they have the ability to build a number of magnificent buildings. Although most of these buildings are now ruins, but still in literature, history, law, philosophy, to the human to a profound impact.

Gold is also the material basis of modern industrial civilization.

The opening of the new routes in the sixteenth century and the discovery of the New World have had a tremendous impact on the economic life of Europe, in which the Americas, Africa, gold and silver flow into Europe, the original accumulation of European capitalism increased. In the 16th century, Portugal plundered 276 tons of gold from Africa; Spain from the Americas plundered gold and silver more, the end of the 16th century Spain control the world’s gold mining 83%. The inflow of gold and silver, resulting in the rise in European prices, the emergence of the first price revolution, the disintegration of European feudalism and the establishment of capitalist relations of production has played a huge role in promoting. In the 17th century Portugal, in order to fight against Spain, and the British alliance, and to the British industrial products opened the market. At this time in Brazil under the control of the rise of Brazilian gold development, Brazil gold is likely to be converted into capital, leaving Portugal to complete the industrial revolution, but because of the ruler of the feudal autocracy, Portugal became a gold funnel, most of the gold flow to the UK. Only 600 tons of gold into the British treasury, coupled with the inflow of other countries, the British quickly accumulated huge amounts of monetary capital, took the lead in 1717 implemented the gold standard system for the British financial system to provide a reliable economic guarantee The So the second time the price revolution occurred at this time, not only did not affect the British financial industry, but for the British exports to create the conditions for the British exports accounted for the world’s total 1 / The industrial revolution finally took place in England.

Although the role of contemporary gold has changed, but countries still imitation Cartier love bracelet reserve about 31,000 tons of gold wealth, to prepare for the unexpected; there are more than 20,000 tons of gold is privately owned investment wealth. So some people think that now thousands of years of production of about 14 million tons of gold in about 40% as a financial asset, exists in the financial sector, about 6 percent is a general commodity, the main function is for consumption.
Currency attribute

Gold as a long history of the currency, the unearthed ancient Roman gold coins have been more than 2,300 years, Persian gold coins have been 2500 years of history. The earliest gold coins in China is the Spring and Autumn and the Warring States Chu Chu’s “love”, has also been 2300 years of history. But these gold coins are only within a certain range, the area used to circulate the coins. Gold became a world recognized international currency in the nineteenth century “golden standard” period. “Gold standard” that gold can be used as a domestic means of payment for the settlement of settlement; can be used as foreign trade settlement of international hard currency. Although as early as 1717 the United Kingdom first implemented the gold standard system, but until 1816 was formally given in the system to determine. After Germany, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, the United States, France, Russia, Japan and other countries have announced the implementation of the gold standard system. The gold standard is the peak of the performance of the gold currency. The world’s implementation of the gold standard for the elderly more than two hundred years, short for decades, and China has not implemented the gold standard system. After the outbreak of world war, countries have gold control, gold standard system is difficult to maintain. On the eve of the Second World War, under the auspices of the United States, the Bretton Woods Conference was held, passed the relevant resolution, decided to establish a dollar-centered international monetary system, but the dollar and gold linked to the United States committed to 35 US dollars for an ounce Gold’s international obligations. But the twentieth century, the sixties have occurred several times the wave of gold buying, the United States in order to safeguard their own interests, first to give up the gold fixed official price, and later declared no longer bear the exchange of gold obligations, so the Bretton Woods monetary system collapse, then start The gold non-monetization reform. This reform began in the early 1970s and was amended by the International Monetary Fund Agreement, which was amended in 1978, and it can be said that the gold non-monetization process at the institutional level has been completed.

Marx said: “money is natural gold and silver, gold and silver is not natural money.” Just as in the gold standard system before the gold to play the same currency function, in the institutional level of non-monetization of gold does not mean that gold has completely lost money Functions:

– foreign trade settlement is no longer the use of gold, but the final balance of revenue and expenditure, gold is still a trade acceptable to both sides of the settlement.

– Gold non-monetization does not specify the whereabouts of the huge gold reserves, even the high gold non-monetary banner of the International Monetary Fund also only deal with the 1/6 gold reserves, and retained most of the gold reserves, Obviously for their own left a currency gold tail.

– the end of the twentieth century, the birth of the euro currency system, a clear gold accounted for 15% of the system of monetary reserves. This is the return of gold monetization.

– Gold is still the fifth largest international settlement currency that can be imitation Cartier love bracelet accepted internationally after the dollar, the euro, the pound, and the yen. “The gold has an important role in our system,” said the economist Cairns, revealing the secrets of money and gold, and it has no other thing to replace it as the last guards and the reserves needed for emergency needs. “Now gold can be regarded as a quasi-currency.
Commodity attributes

Do gold jewelry (including jewelry, Buddha decoration, architectural decoration, etc.) and gold appliances, is the most basic use of gold. If there is any change, then it is gold from the court, the temple to the folk, by the dignitaries of the privilege into a mass consumption. Now more than 80% of the world’s gold supply is absorbed by the jewelry industry.

Due to the high price of gold and the relatively scarce resources, limiting the use of gold in the industry, industrial gold for the world
Gold jewelry

The total demand for the sector is less than 10%. But some experts believe that the future of gold jewelry will tend to be stable, industrial gold growth will be driven by changes in the supply and demand of gold an important force, so the use of gold products need to develop from many aspects.

The current gold commodity use is mainly jewelry industry, electronics industry, dentists, gold chapter and other industrial gold. It should be admitted that the current use of gold is still very small, and this is the long-term gold as a currency by the state and the strict control of the results. In the future, with the advancement of the international financial system reform, the return trend of financial gold’s commodity attributes will be strengthened, and the development of gold commodity demand will have more important significance to the development of gold industry.

From the natural texture to identify the south red agate

From the natural texture to identify the south red agate
With the red and agoda market and the increase in demand, a variety of processing fraud is more and more, technology is getting better and better. Our players are now in addition to the color and texture from the identification of true red south agate, but also from the texture up to identify.

How the texture from the South to identify the true and false it South red than ordinary agate texture to oil, red natural rich. But it is always a kind of agate, so there are still some agate features. We are looking at some of the more water red, or red and white material when it can be more obvious that the South is also a texture of the red, and some are striped, some large pieces of color mixed together, in general, are more natural Smart. Unlike some of the material there are some rigid and rigid, very regular texture, like the machine produced by mixing the lines.
South red agate is a kind of agate, it is necessary to learn to distinguish Cartier nail bracelet replica between red agate and other agate. The market has been on the continuation of the African Mozambique red agate, monochromatic agate, Madagascar agate and so on the foreign species, businesses use these prices to be cheap a lot of agate to impersonate the South red agate.

Why is it so popular for the red agate, because everyone likes its natural mild red, which for the Chinese people is very auspicious. We identify it and ordinary agate is different from this start. See it has no cinnabar point, chalcedony red is completely dissolved liquid look, and no South red cinnabar point of the characteristics.
South red agate injection in the whole industry is already a very common way, the players naturally have a lot of identification of the plastic south of the red agate method. We like the south red agate, certainly like the texture of moisturizing bright red onyx, whether it is persimmon red, or ice floating, if there are obvious cracks I believe we will not choose.

Note that the glue is to cover the flaws of the red onyx processing, and then processed the red onyx as a good high-priced goods for sale. Identification of this optimization agate method is mainly used in the purple light, in the cracks in the filling of red or transparent glue, in the light of the UV light can easily see the difference.
South red agate in the red and white materials and frozen material, although both red and white color, but still have a more obvious difference, it is relatively easy to identify. The red agate is a kind of agate that is famous for its rich red color, and this red is because it is formed from cinnabar which is different from the usual agate. But it is impossible for all the red sorghum to be able to achieve such a ruddy degree, so we see most of the South red agate is a thick and light, there is the South red agate we have seen frozen material.

White white in the white material is generally milky white, and is opaque state, frozen South red, divided into red and transparent parts, two parts of the edge of the solution. These two kinds of south red agate are more suitable for making Qiao carving is very artistic beauty.
South red agate in a variety of means of fraud is endless, especially in the south red imitation Cartier love bracelet agate beads. Because the number of beads in the south red onyx is the largest in the South Red finished, and most of the people who buy it. Identify the selection of the South red agate beads to be careful when the.

Identification of the most easy to see is the price, if there is a South red agate beads color good texture Ye Hao, the price is particularly cheap, it goes without saying that there must be a problem, this is mostly some of the other stones, or some artificial Feeder. But also from the South red agate perforated place to identify its true and false, some false South red hole where there will be a circle of transparency, there is the color of the red is very frivolous or rigid texture is also likely to be dry Fake south red agate.
I believe that many players like the South Red from the beginning of the South Red to fully understand the South Red, which certainly also experienced a lot of twists and turns, the general will eat medicine. Generally posing as the South red even its associated mine red stone, blood stone and the like jade, but also foreign imports of jade material, but this comparison by the physical or better identification.

But now the technical progress of fraud is also very fast, identify the true red onyx agate when we often encounter bloodstone, associated mine is often used to pretend to be authentic South red agate alternatives, bloodstone is one of them. Although the stone in the texture and structure and the South red agate is very different, but from the appearance point of view is very similar. It is as bright as chicken blood, very oil is very moist Bloodstone is opaque, with a flashlight like a stone up, the novice can be identified from this point.
Identify the purchase of red agate is an easy thing, first of all we have to understand the characteristics and nature of the South red agate. Now the market is very common in the red fake, both in the regular store or wholesale market where the selection of the South red agate need to be imitation Cartier love bracelet carefully studied. South red agate even if there is a certificate, it can not prove that it is really no manual processing.

Identification of the South red agate or more and sellers to exchange, so that both the accumulation of experience, but also to reduce the probability of taking medicine. When the novice is best to find a friend, or know the seller to buy, so more assured is not easy to be cheated. , Want to buy genuine South red agate, or rely on their own experience and eyesight, the certificate is not.

How to choose men’s platinum necklace style

How to choose men’s platinum necklace style
Platinum cold, bright colors can set off the best men calm atmosphere, handsome extraordinary temperament, so modern men like to wear in the neck of a delicate platinum necklace. How to choose men’s platinum necklace style?
1, platinum necklace and men’s clothing with
Platinum necklace is a more wild type of style, but not all men’s clothing Cartier love bracelet replica type will be suitable for wearing a platinum necklace. Like a man in the formal occasions need to wear a shirt with suits dress is best not to wear platinum necklace, if the necklace worn inside the shirt to tie the necklace after the cover is completely covered, wearing is meaningless. But if the necklace to wear outside the shirt there is a kind of nondescript feeling. Men wear suits in general will choose a watch or a delicate brooch to wear.
2, the choice of men’s necklace style what special requirements
First of all, in the necklace of the three basic styles, the Nobel chain is the most suitable for men to wear, because the treasure chain is pure precious metal to build, no mosaic of other gems, although not dazzling brilliance, but presented Simple fashion sense and men’s temperament exactly with their own temperament; secondly, the men’s necklace mainly to low-key to reflect the temperament, so when picking the style can not be the same as the selection of the ring to the necklace to determine the thickness, but should choose the most lining Men’s temperament style.
3, men platinum necklace style What are the characteristics
Men’s platinum necklace style highlights the two characteristics:
First, men in daily life to deal with the opportunity to deal with more people to attend a variety of social occasions are also many, if the wearing necklace lack of texture, work is not fine, it is easy to produce people do not pay attention to the image, no taste of the impression , So men’s platinum necklace style will generally pay great attention to texture.
Second, men wear jewelry in life is mainly to highlight their own taste and charm, if you choose too dazzling material, it will give a feeling of upstart or flow in the flow, so men’s platinum necklace material in general Will not choose too many dazzling material. To simple low-key, calm atmosphere of the main style.
How to choose men’s platinum necklace style? Men’s platinum necklace maintenance Cartier love ring replica methods and general gem class is no different, be careful not to be placed with other jewelry to avoid collision, causing scratches. Hot springs, housework, make-up, swimming, crystal should be removed, so as to avoid chemical damage caused by chemical damage.
Bracelets, bracelets, brooches, necklaces … … talk about these accessories most people will think of women, women have a lot of accessories to choose, Xiaobian think this is very unfair to say, why accessories only belong to women? Men can not lose. And the current men’s nest to the general men recommended 8 fun necklace, for men’s life add a little taste.
Stephen Webster Cross Necklace Approx. RMB 2,804. Sterling silver and black sapphire material low-key type.
Arizaga Shark Neck Shape Necklace Approx. RMB 1,375. Gold must choose with such a fun pendant of a single product, or easy to look vulgar.
Karl Lagerfeld Watches Time Necklace Approx. RMB 1,949. This tide is made by Karl Lagerfeld and the Japanese brand Tokidoki. Usually always wearing a large sunglasses Karl Lagerfeld also so Meng time, you can through his big sunglasses to know the time.
King Baby Studio revolver pendant necklace about ¥ 3,113. Men ‘s interest in guns is like a woman’ s favorite jewelry, and it ‘s cool and cute.
Lanvin metal necklace is about ¥ 3,061. Bright emerald green for simple accessories stand out in the shape, metal-colored bolts and snake-like chain balance emerald green soft, so that the overall more men taste.
Maison Martin Margiela Chain Necklace Approx. RMB 2,988. Made of silver brass Cartier nail bracelet replica necklace, showing a sense of fashion retro.
Saint Laurent Skeleton Necklace About ¥ 6,787. It ‘s not too funny to wear it all day.
Vivienne Westwood Bone Necklace Approx. RMB 1,166. Fashion skeleton bones, with a punk flavor, is the pursuit of the trend of men’s excellent accessories.

See the international star in the most fashion modeling

See the international star in the most fashion modeling
Today, women will wear diamond earrings in general, not limited to the occasion to wear at night. Today, we have more freedom to wear diamonds at any time. Even the wave of wearing diamonds, even the trend of men can not resist.

International fashion star in the most modeling

Art Deco decorative + stationed in the exaggerated theatrical effects dominate + hip-hop wind of the best personality accessories
From the classic sexy actress to personality cool male singer, wearing diamonds Cartier nail bracelet replica is almost certainly not wrong. Shirley Sailon and Renee Zellweger at the seventy-sixth Academy Awards ceremony wearing a shining right-hand diamond ring is used to match the Oscar’s most perfect ornaments. Diamond brooch has been reproduced in the fashion industry, thanks to the recent GAP TV commercials in the experience of Sarah Jessica Parker, as well as Julia Roberts in the 76th Annual Awards ceremony wearing the antique brooches . Color and drama effects are still the main popular elements, even the new pop-up hip-hop style also joined the diamond style elements.

Art Deco Decorative chandelier earrings

Decorative chandelier-shaped earrings Formal dress can make people frequently look back, but used to match the daily costumes are also outstanding. In this year’s Golden Globe Awards actress favorite is the flashing decorative decorative chandelier-shaped earrings, and the bigger the better, in the evening to become Teri Hatcher (Teri Hatcher) Ai Xu Li Jude and Julie Richardson (Joely Richardson) sexy evening dress of the perfect accessories.
A multi-purpose decorative diamond brooch

With some classic or modern brooch, can be in any occasion to become the focus of attention and bring honor, not only do not only in the collar on it. Advocates wearing diamond brooch in addition to the most representative of Sarah Jessica Parker, as well as just won the Golden Globe Award for best actress Hilary Shi Wang, will be a delicate diamond brooch dotted in the waist to bring The finishing touch.

In the 2004 Emmy Awards ceremony, television star Joely Richardson God to sum up, in the elegant and neat white goddess-style evening dress hip position, do not Neil Lane designed diamond brooch, the crowd The eyes focused on the beautiful legs, sexy shape is also stunning Replica Cartier jewelry the audience.
Hollywood-style diamond hair ornaments

“It’s really Hollywood style to wear diamonds on your hair,” Marion Fasel said in a somewhat confused way. Red carpet in the last quarter of the occasion, the hair decorated with diamond hair clips, headdress and sparkling diamond brooch, dazzling light will make people look back more. Cameron Diaz has to make a fresh and pleasant model of diamond hairpin, and to show the Spider-Man and high-profile young actress Kirsten Dunst also diamond hair ornaments to show elegant temperament. Diamond crown is definitely a Hollywood actress to show the charm of the temperament of the great way: for example, Salma Hayek, Kate Hudson have to show the diamond crown princess-like temperament.
Exaggerated dramatic effect dominate – layers of diamonds around the chain

Temperament beauty Aleksandra Judd and sexy actress Christina Applegate have to flash and multi-level long diamond chain with low-cut dress. “The design itself has to be graceful and elegant,” says Lane, “you do not want to rob the girl.” The mix of different styles is a huge new trend, and finding a match for everything seems outdated. Surrounded by a long chain of diamond epidemics are big counterattack. Complex and multi-level and elegant long-haul-style chain imitation cartier love bracelet once again provoked Hollywood golden age of the popular wave.
Waterfall effect of diamond long earrings

A pair of linear earrings produce elegant “waterfall effect” can not have any decorative powder neck set off even better. Linear diamond earrings have become Hollywood’s new generation of classical beauty of the fashionable options, which in turn Nicole Kidman with its own unique classical atmosphere to make the most elegant demonstration. Beckham’s wife Victoria has a long diamond earrings with a simple and elegant simple white dress, showing a quiet and elegant style. In addition, you can also wear long and thin as a diamond earrings, whether or not suitable for diamond pendant.