Patek Philippe is the earliest sports watches but also by the famous watch designer

Some people say Asians can not afford to hold the octagonal wrist wide, European and American tough guy style is more suitable for rough case. Today, however, more and more people like the Royal Oak, and even women wear octagonal large case, more flavor. Do not always look at the case that is too large, have the ability to get started, even if not suitable, you will find that this is definitely a poison.

Audemars Piguet, gives the greatest shock is the tough, domineering case design Cartier love bracelet replica, the legendary Royal Oak design was completed overnight design, good inspiration does not care how long it takes, but how classic. Gerald Charles Genta, who seems to have a special affinity for the octagon, ties it naturally and perfectly to the case, so let’s talk about the fantastic design of the case. Steel watch is the most classic I think, the kind of drawing polished case, the kind of heavy metal feeling, people are very much looking forward to take it ride a world feeling. This Audemars Piguet self-winding series 15703ST.OO.A002CA.01 watch, with a 42 mm case, this size is definitely large enough, those who want to try friends, ready for your wrist.

This large dial is ideal for close look at the octagonal case from the bezel with eight exposed screws, rubber strap and watch case the same strain, highlighting the extreme sports style is definitely a veritable pure man watch. Octagonal case reminiscent of the octagonal porthole on the battleship, whether at the time or today, are the classic love of his masterpiece. Sapphire glass through the mirror, the dial engraved “Méga Tapisserie” oversized plaid decoration, with white fluorescent Arabic numerals, coarser pointer is also prepared for easy reading time, calendar display window at three o’clock position. Water depth of 300 meters, so that your love table with the bottom of the water to highlight the posture.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Series 67540OK.ZZ.A010CA.01

Audemars Piguet’s watch is a combination of masculine and feminine, a just a soft, set off two styles.

Of course, from the octagonal we can easily think of Bvlgari’s OCTO watch, the simple lines of the complex process of blending, octagonal structure and circular bezel complement each other. The design of the octagonal incorporates much of its historical content, symbolizing a good moral meaning, whether from architecture or from culture. Combine the structure with the avant-garde fashion style Bulgari, a variety of styles of OCTO watch to meet the needs of different groups of people.

Nautilus, luxury also has steel table:

Patek Philippe Nautilus series, Patek Philippe is the earliest sports watches, but also by the famous Cartier love ring replica watch designer Gerald Genta (Gerald Genta) design, its design and submarine are inseparable, but also integrated into the design style. Nautilus series since its introduction in 1976, it is known for sports style, and a large number of stainless steel, the first Nautilus watch is stainless steel and heavy and rounded octagonal case was broken when the luxury watch The traditional definition.

My first contact with Nautilus, is derived from the friends around it to its favorite, that kind of simple low-key, gentleman’s connotation, it seems inadvertently but in fact the quality of extraordinary, this may be the top Patek Philippe to achieve this Effect it. Patek Philippe’s 5990 / 1A does not seem to look like Audemars Piguet’s sports chronograph, as domineering, but very low key, but even more impressive is that you will never think PP will give you what kind of design. This seemingly simple form poses an extremely daunting challenge in the actual production process, with precisely designed buttons and crown around the case.

In function, it also shows a strong bearing capacity, this watch not only time, with the date display, but also indicate the second time zone, and even day and night display. The 40 mm dial holds enough functionality that the date display window is usually at three o’clock and the calendar shows the calendar in a 12 o’clock dial with LOCAL and HOME at the three o’clock and nine o’clock positions representing day and night display. 40 mm size is not too large. CH 28-520 internal movement, but also has the imprint of PP, back through the bottom of the table so that you really understand the mechanical charm of advanced watchmaking.

Distorted case, novelty key:

If the fixed shape is not challenging, then the twisted shape you can imagine it? Not only distorted the case, it is distorted movement. The entire dial changes with the curve of the curved case, the movement and dial integration, splint carefully carved, subversion of the special shape of the tabulation tradition.

Crash watch crafted designs include the 9618 MC-type movement, from the hollowing process, to the precision grinding of parts, curved just right, people can not help but obsessed with this crazy design. Of course, the impact, distortion, deformation, in the Cartier world is no stranger to more attempts are here.

This year’s Clé de Cartier series once again interpreted the genius of Cartier creative, following the blue balloon, the tank after another classic. The shape of the case is also round and square, showing a geometric line beauty, the crown shape also broke the traditional circular, but similar to the key shape, chic and interesting, as in ancient times for the watch on the chain The scene.

Clover type, passing luck and blessing:

Many brands in the dial design always like to be different flowers, animals and even the natural Cartier nail bracelet replica scenery presented on the case above, Van Cleef & Arpels is not limited to the transformation of the dial, but with clover shape conquered everyone, through To more product series, not only watches, bracelets, necklaces, many of its products have been given the clover of the moral. Today, clover has become a brand of special DNA, think of clover will think Van Cleef & Arpels. Many women are favored clover, saw so much equipment, presumably have heart it.

Not only this, there are barrels in the watch type, pincushion, square, irregular shape, etc., each change in appearance will cause the overall style changes and internal design changes, it is really a big project.

Summary: Browse so many shapes, which one are you more interested in, and remember who? If you use a symbol to represent a brand, we naturally think of the brand Logo, just like the Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Lamborghini seen on the road, many people rely on the tag to remember a product, a brand. If there is no mark, then we can recognize the brand belongs to the product at a glance. Therefore, the brand wants to use a unique way to let everyone have a memorable memory, whether it is blue steel pointer, “fish-eye” calendar, rose pattern, or octagonal case, any one feature, will be recorded because of special Live, this is enough.

The boutique is located in the luxury shops and the hotel over the Gana Street

Recently, the Swiss luxury watchmaker Athens table, tabulation innovation and invention of the leader, in the Nigerian capital Abuja opened a new single brand boutique.
December 10, boutiques officially opened welcome. Including the Swiss Embassy in Nigeria, Deputy Director Dr. Daniel Cavegn, including more than 300 guests attended the opening ceremony, Athens CEO Patrik Hoffmann and local brand partners on behalf of Deremi Ajidahun warm welcome to the arrival of guests.
Patrik Hoffmann said: “We are honored to have the first single brand boutique Cartier love bracelet replica in Africa in Abuja. The Athens table has many followers and lovers in Nigeria, so we decided to bring brand experience to local watch connoisseurs.
The boutique is located in the luxury shops and the hotel over the Gana Street, covering 50 square meters, the store decorated with wooden furniture, watch as if to show in the porthole, in order to pay tribute to the watch factory sailing tradition. This is also following the Miami design area and the Dubai shopping center, the Athens table opened this year, the third boutique.
The origin of watches and clocks, first of all from the establishment of time regulation, indicating the invention of the instrument to make time intuitive display, nearly 500 years, with the development of science and technology, large navigation, military, religious and other large-scale human activities greatly promoted the watch The birth and popularity of the tower clock, floor clock, clock, travel clock, pocket watch, watch … … This series of watches and clocks in the form of evolution, while enriching human life, but also step by step to improve the measurement accuracy of time. And the whole process, since the 16th century will choose a neutral Swiss, to provide the breeding of the soil, the early 18th century, still do not have a complete national consciousness of Switzerland, by the various regions of the Union composed of limited parliamentary organizations, these areas Union because of different cultural and religious beliefs, it is difficult to form the prevailing Centralized monarchy in Europe, the development of their respective regions, watch industry due to their respective regional culture, followed by their own different traditions.

Blancpain watchmaking workshop
A long twists and turns of the tabulation of the road

Blancpain’s original watchmaking workshop
In 1735, the Villeret village in the Jura district of Switzerland registered a “company” with the production of watches and clocks as the main business, Jehan-Jacques Blancpain was registered as a “horloger” (watchman) A world nowadays the oldest watch brand boarded the stage of history. At that time the Villeret watch industry, follow a tradition, that is, family workshop-style watchmaking, family members are making watches together, in general, men are mainly making watches and clocks, including gear cutting grinding, splint production, movement assembly , Women are responsible for polishing, decorative grinding and so on. Blancpain’s family watchmaking workshop soon attracted the addition of the tribe, including Jeans-Jacques’s son Lsaac (both the watchmaker and the local school teacher) and the same as the watchmaker’s uncle Cartier love ring replica aunt and others. Blancpain follow the tradition of Villeret, they think in their own watches and clocks on the family trademark is not conducive to business, so many of the Blancpain watches are “blank” trademark. In 1795, David-Louis Blancpain, the grandson of Jehan-Jacques, took over the company and went to the European business center to sell the products of the Blancpain family. Since then, the Blancpain family has been embarked on a business trip to Xinjiang every year.

Blancpain registered in Villeret
In 1798, the French invasion of Switzerland, occupation of Villeret, Switzerland into a war, Villeret’s many watchmakers active or forced to join the army, a serious blow to the local watchmaking industry, Blancpain watch business was hit, in 1815, Blarce family descendants Frédéric-Louis Blancpain from the Napoleonic war triumphant return, took over Blancpain, the revolutionary use of the word wheel escapement to replace the traditional “roue de rencontre” longitudinal wheel escapement system, significantly reducing the thickness of the clock, The first successful development of ultra-thin pocket watch movement, while leading Blancpain big step forward. However, due to the war, Frédéric-Louis poor health ended his life ahead of time, in 1830, only 19 years old Frédéric-Emile Blancpain (son of Louis) took over the family watch, after decades Emile used the Fabrique d’horlogerie Emile Blancpain trademark, invented leveraged escapement, and made Blancpain the largest and most successful watchmaking brand in Villeret. In 1857, only 46 years old Frédéric-Emile died, Blancpain watch by Emile’s three sons to take over, in 1865, two of his son Jules-Emile and Paul-Alcide co-operation Blancpain, developed on the chain and tune When the integration of the crown, the end of the traditional key chain structure. Later, Paul left Blancpain’s choice of brewing beer, and in 1890, the son of Jules-Emile, Frédéric-Emile Blancpain (and his grandfather) took over the company and expanded a 2-storey factory for access to nearby Suze River to generate electricity. In 1915, Frédéric-Emile business assistant Betty Fiechter entered Blancpain, Emile trained her to become the watch factory supervisor, supervise all Blancpain products, then blonde business across the Atlantic radiation to the Americas, becoming an internationally Cartier nail bracelet replica renowned watch brand.

Left: roue de rencontre escapement right: Cylindre escapement (character wheel escapement)
In 1923, the British John Harwood designed the first self-winding structure, followed by Fortis and Blancpain produced a total of 34000 watches, Blancpain (1926 launched Harwood automatic watch) and therefore become the first to launch automatic Watch the brand. In 1930, in the ROLLS brand founder and jeweler Leon Hatot’s patent, Blancpor designed and produced the world’s first rectangular ROLLS self-winding movement and equipped with this movement of women’s watch, which in the entire automatic movement History are very creative significance, even today, the rectangle automatically winding movement is still little known.

The sensitivity of the watch is the flexibility of its balance wheel

Shanghai SHANGHAI watch factory was established in 1955, is China’s largest watch manufacturing plant, has 58 years of history. In 1955, China’s first batch of fine horse mechanical watch in Shanghai trial success, creating a new era of Chinese man-made watches. Since then, the Shanghai table into the tens of thousands of households, one of the three pieces of a generation.
Shanghai SHANGHAI table
At the beginning, Shanghai SHANGHAI watch is based on mechanical watches. But with the development, slowly from the mechanical development to the quartz watch table. Convenient, do not need to turn the mechanical watch the axis of the quartz watch in the moment Cartier love bracelet replica when it was welcomed by the public.
Entrepreneurial spirit
The company is still “excellence” for the spirit of enterprise, adhere to the quality first, service-oriented, fair prices of business philosophy, and constantly open up, develop commemorative watches, advertising watches, gift watches and all kinds of watch movement of the new style to meet the community , Organs and organizations, industrial and mining enterprises, the needs of military institutions. And for the anniversary celebration, open Zhixi, the condemnation, product promotion custom all kinds of gifts, to commemorate the watch.
Shanghai SHANGHAI table
Shanghai brand watches in the 1950s and 1970s are basically old-fashioned mechanical watches, Shanghai brand watches became the standard configuration. So was also circulating a “man has a Shanghai brand watches, do not worry about not find his wife” argument. In 1970, the National Ministry of Light Industry in order to better play resources, in the year of watches and clocks work production work conference put forward the unified planning of watch production, and organized a mechanical watch unified movement design work, since the domestic table has a unified standard, 1970 After the production of domestic table is called the machine table (unified movement of the watch).
Appearance parts
Watch the appearance from the shell, table mirror, dial and minutes and seconds and other aspects of inspection. The case should be no trachoma and obvious scratches, angular symmetry; back cover and the shell of the rotation should be tight; two watch rings and the case of the same distance, the installation of the hole should be in the foot of the shell position The needle is not easy to fall off; table mirror should be no defects and scratches, transparent and bright; three-pin installation is correct, the needle and the needle, between the mirror and the dial should have the correct safety gap; dial and Pointer coating finish is good, no mark, dial scale line or luminous Cartier love ring replica point integrity; head and case between about 0.1-0.3mm gap.
Shanghai SHANGHAI table
The sensitivity of the watch is the flexibility of its balance wheel. Check the method is:
1) will not have been on the winding has been moving around the watch gently shake, with the power of shaking to observe the second hand to move the situation: If the second hand in a very short time to stop walking, then the watch on the foot of the winding If the second hand to continue to move for a long time, then the watch can not be finished after the foot winding (that is, the winding also stored torque), the sensitivity is not high or The watch is faulty.
2) There will be no hands to stop moving hands
Suunto Finland Songtuo brand was born in 1936, is the design and manufacture of the world’s top sports measuring equipment – the design of the wrist computer in the field of sports, such as mountaineering, hiking, orientation, training, diving, skiing, cycling, triathlon, sailing and golf. Suunto Song Tuo wrist computer has been its products with accurate and reliable and fashion design by consumers respected, can help different stages of various types of special training and outdoor enthusiasts to enhance their sports performance.
Suunto Bronze watch brand introduction
For decades, SUUNTO has grown from a producer of precision instruments to become a leading brand of outdoor sports electronics.
The real majority of mountaineering, adventure enthusiasts praised by the Finnish-made SUUNTO watch. The company is specializing in the production of outdoor products company, the world’s best compass from the company. In 1998 the company launched a multi-functional series of outdoor Cartier nail bracelet replica watches, each each have a focus. Because of its complete functionality and autonomy (can replace the battery) and by the users around the world welcome.
Recommended Products
Suunto Bronze watch brand introduction
Song said in the near future claimed to launch a design for the explorers GPS watch “ambition”. “Ambition” (AMBIT) means to use ambition, “Ambition” synonyms and edge, is about to reach the meaning, of course, no matter how to say, This watch is designed to keep people moving forward. This GPS watch with GPS navigation system, barometer, altimeter, 3D compass and so on. It is incredible that he has 50 hours of battery life, perhaps based on how often you use a GPS function. Song of the “ambition” of the other features include heartbeat detector, and some basic similar to the current speed display and so on. In addition this watch can enter the water depth of 100 meters.

The development of intelligent wear equipment so that each of us have access to technology opportunities

The development of intelligent wear equipment, so that each of us have access to technology opportunities. Smart watches in addition to mobile phone accessories in addition to its linkage in addition to other functions. The following watch family will give you recommend a sports section smart watch Runner Cardio. Let’s take a look.
Smart watch sports section recommended, Runner Cardio smart watch
Runner Cardio uses a stylish design, dazzling colors, and with a screen, you can display the real-time movement information, user-friendly view. Red and black versions are currently available for users to choose from. Users to wear it, to real-time monitoring of their Cartier love ring replica heart rate, as well as running distance, pace, step, rewind time and other parameters.
Because, TomTom itself is a professional GPS manufacturers, so in the GPS function, it used its housekeeping skills. Built-in GPS sensor, distributed around the Runner Cardio, as far as possible without the blind spot facing the sky, in order to easily capture the satellite signal to ensure the accuracy of GPS sensors.
In the heart rate monitoring function, Runner Cardio also abandoned the traditional monitoring methods, using a built-in Mio optical sensor, by irradiating blood vessels with light to get the blood flow changes, and then get the heart rate related parameters. There are built-in pace sensors that can draw the speed of the user’s running and provide five kinds of exercise patterns to carry out the corresponding training, including simple, fat burning, sprint, fast and endurance, combined with GPS function to collect data and provide advice The
This product’s heart rate monitoring accuracy rate of up to 99%, for those suffering from heart disease, need to constantly monitor the heart rate of the crowd, is to replace the traditional bundled heart rate wrist and heart rate chests of choice. And, when the user moves, it will be based on the degree of strength of the heart rate, to remind the user when the speed of running. The user in the running when the smart watch will be set in accordance with the best heart rate alarm to be prompted to enable users to achieve the best exercise effect.
In addition, Runner Cardio also has excellent waterproof performance, can adapt to a variety of Cartier love bracelet replica rain and snow weather, even in the rain and snow running, users do not have to worry about it into the water broken. Officials said the new watch in the GPS and heart rate tracking monitoring while using sustainable life for 8 hours, while the use of GPS alone has 10 hours of life, standby time for several weeks.
With the popularity of smart phones and other equipment, the type of accessories are more and more, and this time to introduce, although not be regarded as a new category, but still quite innovative. If you like the IOS system of smart watches, and that Apple is not good enough. Then Cookoo is a good choice. Today, the watch home to introduce this watch.
IOS smart watch Cookoo introduction
First look at the appearance of the Cookoo watch, with black, white, gray, red, blue, green six-color choice, the volume of the girls is a bit big, a little thick Table body has four keys, respectively, for the connection (and the electronic part of the switch), backlight, ringing mode adjustment and command keys.
Watch with two batteries, a more easy to replace the battery is responsible for driving the electronic part, you can maintain about half a year, or support the use of 150000 times the notice time; and the other is more difficult to replace, to use the watch part of the independent operation, Can be maintained for about three years.
In addition, Cookoo based on the Bluetooth 4.0 chip, the biggest bright spot, of course, in the smart, Cookoo is how to reflect the software to use with a dedicated app, for the time being only to support iPhone and iPad and other iOS products, as well as Android and Windows Phone Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica version The app is under development. As mentioned above, its main function is to inform: whether it is calls, e-mail, messages, calendars and so on can be used in conjunction. Of course, the most basic functions like devices and watches to find each other between the location, and disconnection tips are readily available.
More features are recorded by a record location, social software sign, etc., which can be held by three instructions to maintain the duration of the key (short, medium and long three) to achieve. As for the more satisfactory, it must be the shutter button function: open the camera in a dedicated app, you can use the Cookoo command button to release the shutter, so do not be afraid of the self-timer can not press the shutter, With the phone viewfinder, and then use the watch to shoot like.

Still not vulgar from the packaging and accessories Speaking

Smart watch, you can wear a device, we should not unfamiliar, is a record of sports, monitoring sleep and other personal information equipment. Most smart watches are “flashy” and expensive. Many people have given up the idea of buying. The following watch family to introduce you to a IHealth smart watch, this watch not only has the above mentioned features. The most important thing is that it is only 399 yuan price. So let’s take a look at it!
IHealth smart watch features introduced
Packaging, accessories:
Still not vulgar from the packaging and accessories Speaking, and many wearable equipment, the main fashion is different, IHealth using a similar medical equipment packaging style, packaging also uses a lot of English, gives the first impression is professional, The
The earliest IHealth smart watch only iOS version of the App, so the packaging shows compatible devices only Apple, in fact, now IHealth already has the Android version of the App, can support Android 4.3 and above version of the Android phone. But soon after the WeChat open Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica hardware port, IHealth became the first to access one of the four hardware products, which makes IHealth no longer like another bracelet is a silent individual, but a social ability with the hardware.
Accessories, IHealth smart watch to recover the blue band, but also presented a black band, in addition to the blue / black clip a gift, USB data cable, Chinese and English instructions, two-dimensional code card, fast guide. Tucao under the tall English manual, it is not understand ah, but fortunately IHealth smart watch is very simple to get started, do not see the basic description of the book will not affect the use.
Appearance, workmanship
Design, IHealth smart watch simple and generous, not too many fancy embellishment. Two straps can be said that each has its own advantages and disadvantages, blue is more young and fashionable, but unfortunately some are not dirty; black is low-key deep, but a little lack of vitality, more suitable for business people. I have been wearing these days a blue version, both in the company or in the subway have attracted many small partners curious eyes, the hearts of the sense of superiority full of moments.
IHealth smart watch dial with a replaceable design, the surface is hard plastic material, more scratch-resistant, but it is indeed a powerful fingerprint collector, so in order to make it always show bright side, ground wipe is essential The
IHealth smart watch in the middle of a monochrome screen, out of the state screen and surrounded by seamless, bright screen state icon and font color is also very elegant, will not look very abrupt. The fuselage is only one entity button, the button feedback performance is also good, switching display content is very smooth, and I found the tap screen can also switch display.
As the price is cheaper, IHealth smart watch did not use the high wireless Cartier love ring replica charging, but the use of the USB port charge, but mircoUSB port with a dust plug design, but pay attention to this product does not have a waterproof function, this point Really sorry.
Functional experience:
IHealth smart watch through the Bluetooth 4.0 real-time connection with the phone, WeChat version of the IHealth smart watch can be connected with any computer with WeChat, the activities of tracking, sleep monitoring and so on. Speaking of IHealth smart watch before the start is very simple, only need to scan the random two-dimensional code, concerned about IHealth smart watch WeChat public account, you can automatically connect, automatic synchronization.
After the success of the connection, you can set the daily movement goals, I set the daily 10,000 step, but ashamed of things, these days has not been completed. In addition, if you have other friends in the WeChat friends are also using IHealth smart watch, then it will appear in the list, if each time they are ranked lower, I believe is a disgraceful thing, so from the side Urge everyone to exercise a lot.
IHealth smart watch can not only record the number of steps per day, but also can calculate the consumption of calories and movement distance. Not only can be displayed on the phone, can also be displayed on the dial. PP activity this is also more interesting, you can record how long you have no movement. “SUPER 5 minutes” is said to be a small version of the new version of the game, you can automatically collect the number of steps in the movement of the most 5 minutes, every day there are three SUPER, you can light up a few to see your own
In addition to step, IHealth smart watch can also record the trend of movement, which Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica day of the movement of more time, which time no movement, through the bubble can be very intuitive to see before going to sleep hold the watch next to the button for two seconds , You can enter the sleep monitoring mode, IHealth smart watch can record sleep efficiency, depth of sleep time, and the cloud to save the sleep curve, so you know your body more.
Of course, everything above can be shared in the circle of friends. Finally, add life and some user-friendly design, better than the use of low-power Bluetooth module, IHealth smart watch official claims can reach 10 days 240 hours of battery life, washed through a power, and now basically use a week , There is no prompt to charge, so the official claims that the number is still more reliable. Humanity, the main watch is to wake up and shake a shake for the screen function, when the hand when the screen will automatically wake up, shake, the screen display will be in time, the number of activities, calories, etc. In the automatic switch, which makes UP bracelet that can not wear a screen device feel so.

specially designed for athletes and left hand users to adjust the button at nine o’clock position

Which hand is the watch?
Which side of the watch with the hand? For this problem some people will feel more casual, how easy to bring. Some people are more particular about “male left female right”. But from the scientific point of view of which watch on the hands of it? The following watch home for everyone to introduce it
Which hand is the watch?
From the scientific point of view should be left hand, because the blood circulation and the heart! Left wrist wear watch and right hand flexibility is irrelevant. Indeed, if a person’s watch is automatic, quartz, the battery should be worn on the left hand.
But what happens if the man is left-handed? In this case, what is the comfort Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica for him? In addition, a large number of watch manufacturers, such as Seiko (Seiko), Panerai (Panerai) , TAG Heuer (TAG Heuer), they have been specially designed for athletes and left hand users to adjust the button at nine o’clock position, rather than the normal three o’clock position of the watch. Nevertheless, I still do not recommend wearing a watch on the pitch.
What is the price of Po Road China watches?
Bulova from the United States, a migrant from Bohemia Joseph Po Road, founded in 1875, was named J. Po Luhua company J. Bulova Company. Later in 1923 the company reorganized into the Bulova Watch Company Bulova Watch Company, and in 1979 became part of Loews Corporation. Innovation, is the core of the American spirit, but also Po Road, nearly a hundred and forty years to the same theme. Since its inception in 1875, Po Luhua accompanied the American dream.
What is the price of Po Road China watches?
Po Luhua history
In 1875, an immigrant US 23-year-old Czech youth Joseph. Po Road in New York opened a jewelry and watch stores, for the Po Road, laid a century foundation.
In 1911, Po Luhua began production and sales of desktop clock and pocket watch. Sales unprecedented.
In 1912, Po Road, the first watch factory in Switzerland Bienne began production, the production of the name of the watch.
1919, during the First World War, the watch (compared with pocket watch) in terms of convenience is reflected.
In 1919, Po Luhua launched a complete series of the first men’s watch.
What is the price of Po Road China watches?
In 1920, Po Luhua moved to Fifth Avenue 580, and in the top of the building set up the Observatory, observe the stars to record the time. This is the first ever built in the skyscrapers on the astronomical observatory. The observing time of the Observatory was sent to a timer of several hundred feet or less to guide the Poiseau’s watchmakers to set the watch time.
In 1923, Po Luhua company officially named. Po Road, China improved the standard Cartier love ring replica watch system accessories. Each component are accurate to one percent, the same style of the same parts of the watch, due to the same size, has been interchangeable assembly. This is for the traditional handicraft industry for the watch industry, can be described as great innovation.
In 1924, Po Luhua launched the first ladies watch series, began to set the diamond on the watch.
In 1928, the creation of the world’s first radio alarm clock.
In 1945, Joseph, Po Road, China School of watches and clocks to recruit disabled soldiers in World War II, training them to create watches and clocks. Funded by the Po Luhua Fund, set up in the school automatic doors and ultra-wide elevator and other settings.
What is the price of Po Road China watches?
In 1952, Po Road, China began to develop tuning fork table, a completely electronic timing of the clock, to ensure that the daily error within 2 seconds. This is the first time in the history of watches and clocks for 300 years.
1960, Accutron tuning fork surface. The tuning fork does not use the spring and escapement, but through a use of electronic rotation of the tuning fork operation, the invention known as the three hundred years of history, one of the greatest invention of the history of manufacturing.
In 1968, Po Luhua satellite clock available. It is the world’s first public watch Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica clocked by satellite-controlled microwave control, mounted on top of the tallest skyscraper in Mexico.
In 1969, equipped with the Po Road, the sound of the spike watch movement, by the first landing of the moon Apollo 11 astronauts placed on the moon.
In 1973, at the prestigious Geneva Watch Design Competition, won the world’s first digital watch design award.
In 2000, the New York Mayor of the United States in recognition of Po Road, 125 years of contribution to the international table altar, will be October 4, 2000 as “Po Luhua” day.
In 2002, Po Luhua company in Switzerland FRIBOURG set up the European headquarters, the production of the original Swiss Po Road, China watches.
Po Road China watch prices
Po Road, the price of watches to 3000 to 100000 yuan range, which is more popular models concentrated in the 4000 to 6000 between.

Breguet Breguet Naples Queen Series Reine de Naples 8918 watch

According to Breguet records, this watch in 1811 in early December has been completed, but Breguet is the last year to complete the delivery, it is clear that Breguet master decided to postpone the delivery date. Before the hands of the watch to the hands of customers, Breguet must ensure that every detail of the watch is flawless, this is the principle of Breguet watchmaking. First of all, is the watch the entire operating system is replaced. Moreover, it is based on the requirements of the Queen of Naples, Breguet Master will be the gold system of the tricolor plate to change the silver twisted surface pattern plate. Watch the face plate with the Arabic numerals, which usually appear in the enamel face plate, rarely appear in the gold or silver face plate. The watch was finally delivered on December 21, 1812, and sent to Caroline Mulla and the Naples, which was associated with the kingdom of Napoleon’s battle against Russia.
Wen Runyao eyes extraordinary vulgar

Breguet Breguet Naples Queen Series Reine de Naples 8918 watch
Time flies, but the legend is still going on. The watch in the history of the first Cartier love ring replica watch has become the source of inspiration for the creation of Breguet modern watchmaker, Breguet company in 2002 launched the “Naples Queen series Reine de Naples” women’s watch. This year, Breguet to the original ingenuity of the new interpretation of the most favored by one of the ladies watch – Naples Queen Series Reine de Naples 8918. This magnificent watch with eye-catching atmosphere of the Breguet Arabic numerals when the character. Smart lively blue when the character, dotted in the exquisite dial, as if lightly want to dance, with the selection of Tahitian pearl mother’s warm luster pavilions. Watch with a goose-shaped case, unique design, beautiful curves, fashion, elegant form of expression of modern women’s soft and charming, exudes a thick poetic.
Breguet is committed to capturing the most secretive feelings of women and wake up women’s most subtle desire, in the jewelry and the edge of the clock quietly walk, for the distinguished woman’s wrist to give a distinctive charm. Watch the 6 o’clock position with a natural white mother of pearl eccentric dial, decorated with exquisite hand-carved engraved engraved patterns, bright pear-shaped diamond blooming dazzling light, eye-catching. This time also with a fine rose gold case, bezel around the inlaid 117 bright cut diamonds, crown decorated with a shiny, about 0.26 karats of pear-shaped cut diamonds. Breguet will be the love of women into the stars of the stars, inlaid in the warm jade mother of the dial, the numerous dazzling, extraordinary vulgar.
Slender and brilliant are shining

Breguet Bordeaux Queen of Naples Series Reine de Naples 8928 watch
Breguet this year also introduced Reine de Naples Queen of Naples 8928 mini watch, for the distinguished female customers to provide a wealth of choices. The new mini watch style delicate and delicate, followed by the essence of the design of the Queen of Naples series, the classic mother of pearl dial, 6 o’clock with eccentric scale ring, with large size Breguet Arabic numerals when the character, lively, and chic case Modeling clever echo. This series of mini-watch continuation of the classic elements of the Queen of Naples series: the use of “spherical” lugs, the more shop with fine diamonds; 4 o’clock with a crown, with a dazzling pear-shaped diamond as the finishing Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica touch pen. Bezel, around the case and gold folding clasp on the brightly decorated bright cut diamonds, diamond-studded design and inlaid in the crown on the convex sapphire, watch for the more bright brilliance, so that the watch is decorated Female style, but no fills in the jewels of the risk.
Breguet respect and support women’s attention to the precision of the timepieces of care and love for the elegant ladies watch equipped with excellent performance of the self-winding movement, with 586/1 movement, equipped with silky gossamer, power storage time of 38 Hour, vibration frequency 3 Hz. This exquisite timepiece can be used with black satin strap, or choose rose gold or platinum bracelet. Platinum table brace dial can also be used when the number of pink chrome when the character, with pink leather strap, with the scale of the ring on the details of the sound echoes.
Elegant legendary gift time

Breguet Bordeaux Queen of Naples Series Reine de Naples 8965 watch
And the Naples queen series of other timepieces, the new 8965 princess watch will be elegant Replica Cartier jewelry and charming women and fearless temperament perfect blend in one. Rose gold case with a soft oval-shaped design, and the edge of the discs on the clean and neat lines to form a pleasing contrast. Breguet has always been through the contours and material clever fusion and collision, guide people to focus on the multiple dimensions of time. Pure and elegant white mother of pearl dial continuation of the case of the curve, creating a layer of deep sense of depth, the attention of the line of sight to 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock position of the same slightly curled gold bullion mark.
Breguet not only the pursuit of the appearance of elegant and beautiful, pay more attention to the movement of precision watches and accurate. Naples Queen Series Reine de Naples 8965 princess watch with sapphire crystal bottom cover, the 591C self-winding movement of the complex mechanical beauty of the eye. Pure gold automatic hammer continuation of the Breguet has always been fine and elegant tabulation tradition, decorated with exquisite hand-carved carved patterns, to show the world Breguet on the ultimate pursuit of complex technology.

The courage to be involved in the natural career explorers and outdoor enthusiasts

Casio Mountaineering Series PRW-5000
The courage to be involved in the natural career explorers and outdoor enthusiasts, always in the world of the world deeply feel the pulse of nature, enjoy the experience of outdoor adventure to bring us the passion and fun. A high-end powerful outdoor watch, can help you a hand.

Watch brand Casio’s PROTREK climbing series of new PRW-5000, through the use of advanced triple sensing technology, accurate measurement of the various changes in nature, while carrying the original cutting-edge technology 6 Bureau of radio, solar drive imitation Cartier love bracelet and other powerful features, high-tech use To the reality, to make it a help you to conquer the mountains, swim deep sea professional wrist equipment.
Triple sensing technology

PRW-5000, innovative triple sensor technology, so you easily into the natural, swim heaven and earth. It can measure the direction, atmospheric pressure / temperature and altitude, whether you are climbing mountains or diving deep sea, you can clearly know the direction, and access to detailed and accurate pressure and other data and pictures, easy to use and analysis. This wrist equipment, to your outdoor adventure process provides the most trusted support.

Dual mode display, high visibility dial design

Pointer and LCD digital dual display mode, clear and clear, used to show the direction of the three sensors, atmospheric pressure / temperature and height data. The small dial of the watch is used to display various measurement data. When the needle and minute hand show the current time, the small dial is also converted into the display of the current function data, and the important function of the watch is precisely performed. The wearer can directly through the small dial Read the data clearly.

Dial time scale used in two different colors, time index on the use of more simple white, strong contrast to further improve the visibility, easy to read.

The center of the small dial using the compass direction of the design concept, large size Replica Cartier jewelry hour and minute hand, simple design, to avoid overlapping with the LCD cross, in the visual and more clear.

In the LCD display, the digital display is the measurement direction, atmospheric pressure / temperature and height of the data, while the highly changing icon and atmospheric pressure trend graph is also displayed on the LCD. Visibility of the pointer and the combination of digital LCD display, so that all kinds of measurement data can be even if the display. For your travel to provide more accurate information on all kinds of information to ensure that the fun of nature travel and explore the unknown wonderful.

Compass dial, showing different functions

PRW-5000 in the dial design on the originality, very special. Using a compass-style dial, enhanced outdoor sense and cool feeling. In addition the watch button set a large size, even in cold weather conditions, wearing gloves you can simple and lightweight operation. Three large buttons, COMP digital compass, shown in 16 directions in 12 o’clock, and within 365 degrees; BARO barometer thermometer button, atmospheric pressure data can be automatically updated every two hours; ALTI height button , You can display your current height data, every two minutes or 5 seconds to automatically update.

Different buttons show different functions, everything starting from the utility, to meet the needs of explorers and mountaineering enthusiasts.

6 Bureau of radio, solar drive system

Casio’s original 6-way radio reception and solar drive system, automatic reception time accurate, and absorb the sun enough environmentally friendly, which for those who like outdoor adventure, the absolute practical, no matter where you are in the nature of the trip Position, you can get accurate time, courage to move forward.

In addition, in order to highlight the strong sense of outdoor watch, PRW-5000 bezel, such as diamond-like aluminum frame bright and bright, full of vigor and strength, in the stainless steel bezel engraved exquisite pattern filling the details of beauty, interpretation of the outdoor The beauty of sport.

Hong Kong watch how to buy watches? Hong Kong watch to buy Raiders

Hong Kong watch how to buy watches? Hong Kong watch to buy Raiders!
Hong Kong is a good place to shop because of exchange rates and tariffs. The price of many products are much cheaper than the mainland. If you buy watches in Hong Kong how? Here look at the Hong Kong watch to buy Raiders it!
Hong Kong is not large, but the size of the table is no less than 1000, these table lines are mainly distributed in the city’s famous shopping district, Kowloon Peninsula’s table line mostly concentrated in Tsim Sha Tsui, Jordan, Mong Kok area, and Hong Kong District by Causeway Bay , Wan Chai all the way to the west to Admiralty Central area of these areas of the table can be divided into high-end and high-end.
If you want to choose the top brands, such as PP, Vacheron Cartier love bracelet replica Constantin, Breguet, Earl, etc., you can go to Admiralty Taigu Square or Central, as 10,000 to thousands of dollars in the watch more concentrated in Wan Chai, Jordan and Mong Kok table line The If the watch the largest number of areas, non-Causeway Bay and Tsim Sha Tsui none other than. In these two areas, customers can buy the highest to mid-range and even the cheapest grade of the watch, by the ROLEXOMEGA Tudor to Seiko, Citizen, etc., everything.
For Hong Kong to buy a table, we propose to do more preparatory work, first of all to establish the price of the table budget, if the home near the large shopping malls department stores, especially the big city shopping malls counters or large watch shops, try, compare, write down the model And the price to prepare for a comparison in Hong Kong, while online search comparison under the name of the brand and price, because in Hong Kong will see the rare brand, these jobs are very useful.
The most familiar with the Chinese people are buying Rolex, Omega, etc., the implementation of the Hong Kong unified price, can only enjoy the price of about 9 fold, with the mainland price gap and did not expect large, of course, count, but also cheaper than the mainland Thousands of pieces.
But we suggest that, in comparison, some mainlanders are not familiar with the product like spleen JAEGER-LECOULTRE, Blancpain BLANCPAIN, Audemars Piguet AUDEMARS PIGUET, FRANK MULLER, Amy SCHWARZ ETIENNE, quality and Brand better, you can get a good discount price.
ETA movement eight grade introduction
For a little understanding of the watch industry, ETA these three letters is almost “movement” synonymous, this can be traced back to the late 18th century, the movement of the plant after nearly two hundred years of consolidation, after adjustment, in 1984 Year into the SMH (Swatch Group’s predecessor), and changed its name to ETA SA Fabriques d`Ebauches. So you know EAT movement eight grade? The following watch home to introduce you!
The lowest level – the board is not polished, the escapement structure of the material Cartier love ring replica is not alloy material, is the general steel and copper.
The second level – the movement has a polished, escapement structure of the material remains the same.
The third level – the movement has a polished handle, plating to make it more beautiful, the use of alloy as the escapement structure of the material, so that the accuracy of temperature changes from the impact.
The fourth level – the same as the third level, but increased the speed of the needle fine-tuning device.
Fifth level – the movement of the board for some small changes, polished, polished have more stringent requirements, with their own movement number, there are slow needle fine-tuning device, use a good alloy material to create sophisticated Escapement structural components, and strengthen the grinding, sent to the Observatory inspection, and engraved on the board with 5-position adjustment and other words.
The sixth level – also has the fifth level of the requirements and production standards. Especially in the escapement wheel, horse, slow needle and other steel parts for chamfering mirror polished, the use of spherical hole stone structure, the gear is also chamfering sand processing, screws also require mirror chamfer processing; such as automatic table, Then use k gold to do automatic disk, so the movement has reached the senior grade should be grade.
Seventh level – in line with the requirements of the Geneva mark movement, in their own factories, their own research and development, design and production of the movement.
The eighth level – and then the senior should be a senior watch teacher to hand to create, to participate in the production of watches and clocks and works, with the Geneva mark production standards. Or in the personal studio, from the structural design, the arrangement of spare parts in the processing, polishing, grinding, testing, combination, including the individual to complete the super complex function of the movement design, manufacture and combination. It is not only the basic function or complex function of the show, is the endorsement of the clock craft, but also pieces of the world of watches and clocks of art.

What are the characteristics of agate

What are the characteristics of agate
Question: There are a lot of fake agate on the market now, is there any way to identify it?

The main products are synthetic agate, glass, plastic, stone and Cartier love bracelet replica so on, although its texture, color and natural agate comparable, but it does not have a large number of fake agate, the main products are synthetic agate, Economic Value.

In general, the various levels of agate, are red, blue, purple, pink for the best, and requires transparency, no impurities, no sand, no cracks; of which the weight of 4.5 kg or more for the special grade, 1.5 kg Above for a level, 0.5-1.5 kg for the two.

1, premium: beautiful pattern; pure color, bright red, blue, purple, pink; transparent, that is translucent; no cracks, no sand heart, no impurities; block weighs about 5 kg or more.

2, a: ribs beautiful; pure color, bright red, blue, purple, pink; transparent, that is translucent; no cracks, no sand, no impurities; block weighing about 2-5 kg.

3, two: ribs beautiful; pure color, bright red, blue, purple, pink; transparent, that is translucent; no cracks, no sand, no impurities; block weight of about 0.5-2 kg.

4, three: ribs beautiful; pure color, bright red, blue, purple, pink; transparent, that is translucent; no cracks, no sand heart, no impurities; block weight of about 0.5 kg.
Question: want to buy a yellow crystal bracelet gave my girlfriend, how to identify it’s true and false?

Best answer: yellow crystal bracelet is now deeply loved by women, the method of identification of yellow crystal has the following:

First, optical identification

Glass is a non-crystalline homogeneous body, the crystal is a crystalline heterogeneous body, rotating 360 degrees in the polarizer is like a dark change is the natural crystal, there is no change is false crystal. In addition, some natural crystal such as amethyst has dichroism, fake crystal is not.

Second, thermal conductivity test

The thermostat will be adjusted to the green 4 grid test gem, natural crystal can rise to yellow 2 grid, when the area rose to a large yellow, and fake crystal does not rise.

Third, hair identification method

Natural crystal is a birefringence, the yellow crystal on the hair, gently turn the spar when you turn to a direction when there will be double shadow phenomenon, and pseudo-crystal can not do.
Question: want to buy string of rosewood hand string to the elders to wear, and now the market so much rosewood hand string, then how to identify it?

Best answer: rosewood hand string texture hard, delicate, shiny, with a special Cartier love ring replica aroma, widely loved by the people. So what is the method of identification of rosewood hand string?

In a variety of hardwood rosewood wood texture is the most fine, the heaviest weight of wood, wood is not obvious. Rosewood wood flowers on the white wine, wood flowers will be immediately broken down into pink, and the formation of more sticky gum with wine, dumping can be even into the line, which is an effective way to identify rosewood.

First we identify from the color. Rosewood sub-new, old two. The former color is more red, while the latter color is purple; new red sandalwood soaked after the water fade, the old sandalwood immersion does not fade; in the new rosewood on the color can not afford, the old red sandalwood hit the color of a rub off. This is also the most intuitive way to identify rosewood bracelets.

Second, we can observe the texture of rosewood bracelet to identify. Rosewood texture curly obvious, known as “cowning pattern”. Rosewood chord cut along the trunk of the spindle or wood texture direction, not through the pith and parallel to the ring or with the wood rays into a vertical longitudinal section of the gold filament thin sparse, looming, visible regular peaks.

And finally through the test method to identify. Rosewood wood fine, but the weight is very heavy, into the water that sink; scraped some rosewood, into the alcohol, alcohol will become wine red or red sandalwood across the paper, leaving the red scratches that is true Of the rosewood bracelet.
Q: want to buy a bracelet to a friend, is to buy ice jade bracelet good? Or Xiuyu bracelet good? What is the difference between them?

Best answer: Xiuyu Chinese history of the four famous jade one. Xiuyu and ice kind of jade is very similar, then we Xiuyu and ice kind of emerald in the end what is the difference? First of all from the density point of view, the density of ice jade emerald than Xiuyu large, that is, and the emerald on the palm of your hand weigh compared to Xiuyu on the palm of the hand almost no weight. Second, from the gloss point of view, the ice is the jade luster of the unique glass luster, and Xiuyu is the ordinary waxy luster. Finally from the color point of view, Xiuyu’s background is obvious yellow-green tones, and ice kind of emerald most of the background is white.

If you are from the durability, ice hardness of jade than Xiuyu high, but the toughness of Xiuyu than emerald high, so if you are often easy to knock to the words, then the Jade bracelet is good, Do not wear ice kind of jade, and Xiuyu bracelet will be more appropriate; but from the benefits of the human body, both are similar.
Question: Now jade is deeply loved by us, there are a variety of jade on the market, then how can we identify good jade?

Best answer: What is the true and false identification method of jade? I believe for the love of jade who are want to know.

Jade can be divided into two kinds of soft jade and jade, jade, also known as jade. From the chemical composition point of view, soft jade is calcium, magnesium and iron silicate, and hard jade is sodium and aluminum silicate.

Here to talk about authentic jade true and false way:

First, water identification method

Will drop a drop of water on the jade, if into a dew-like, long time is Cartier nail bracelet replica true jade

Second, hand touch method

If the real jade, hand touch with a sense of cold lubrication.

Third, observation method

Jade will be observed in the light, the color is clear, the green is evenly distributed jade.

Fourth, tongue identification method

Tongue licking really jade astringent feeling, and false jade is no
Q: water foam and ice kind of jade from the appearance looks very similar, then the two specifically what kind of difference?

The best answer: water foam is a kind of ice and jade looks very similar to the “ice” jade. The main mineral composition of water foam is albite, water foam and ice species of emerald differences are the following: First, the water foam is not obvious, this is very different from the ice kind of jade; two, both Density, water foam than the ice kind of emerald light on a lot; three, both in the refractive index, gloss, grain and other aspects are also different.

So when you buy ice in the emerald can be divided by the weight of the way to distinguish between the water foam and jade, for the novice, in order to insurance, or the seller issued a certificate of identification, and the certificate to do a retest to prevent false certificates.

Other answers: because they are transparent, but the ice emerald issued by the fluorescence is more introverted, and water foam issued by the light more divergent, in fact, like a crystal of water, pure white, transparent. The ice kind of jade often have some background color.
Question: Recently want to buy a group of amber hand string to give away, but I heard that there are a lot of false amber on the market, then how to identify it’s true and false will not buy fake it?

Best answer: Amber is now sought after, many unscrupulous traders to see the interests of the amber market, there have been made of synthetic resin resin amber to pretend to be natural amber, let us look at how to identify amber.

First, natural amber texture light, into the water will sink, but the amber put in 1: 4 of the salt, the natural amber will float up, the fake will sink. Amber density between 1.05-1.10, the texture is very light.

Second, if the individual on the sound and color feel better words. Can be identified by the following method, the amber on the hands of gently rub will be issued soft and slightly dull sound, fake sound will be more crisp. Natural amber in the sun, the angle is different, the color depth and refraction is different, and the fake no such effect. Put amber on the detector under the UV irradiation, natural amber will be issued green, blue, white and other fluorescence, and fake will not change color.

Third, if the simple identification is not afraid of damage caused by amber, then, through the acupuncture and ether method. With hot red amber skin, natural amber will be black, but not sticky needle, and rosin taste. Fakes will be sticky needle also drawing, and even plastic taste. Or with ether nail polish with water, wipe the surface of amber, natural amber no reaction, and fakes will be corroded.

Fourth, there are some empirical methods to identify, the accuracy is relatively low, but better than easy. (1) friction with static: the amber in the clothes after the friction can attract small pieces of scraps of paper. (2) feel: a neutral gem, the general situation will not overheating too hot. While the imitation of amber with glass will have a cool feeling.

Other answers: As the amber counterfeiters are also constantly innovation, so look at amber is not true, alone, a way is obviously not enough, to multiple analysis, but amber is nothing more than plastic, waste suppression (that is, The so-called second generation amber) and Coba.

One, placed in the saturated salt water (water has been fully melted salt, was saturated, has been unable to dissolve the salt), the real amber is drift up, if not drift, it is to buy plastic

Second, is the effect of UV fluorescent lamps, to see whether the natural color

Third, feel, amber is not as slippery as plastic

Fourth, look at the pattern of amber inside. Because some of the use of waste to suppress, but also with salt water floating in the UV fluorescence Dengxia color change and feel and other amber characteristics, because his nature and the same as the amber, but is suppressed, but this international standard can not be called For the amber, but because each year the formation of amber is not the same, pressed out, then the edge of the Department will have vascular lines.