Tino watch exudes the fashion design elements by the majority of customers love

Tino for DINUO Guangzhou Tino Watch Industry Development Co., Ltd. a watch brand. The company was founded in the 1990s. From the beginning to the present, Tino has always adhered to the “true meaning of time, the eternal commitment” of the brand concept. In the “integrity of innovation, the customer first, people-oriented” spirit of the enterprise under the guidance of the Tino watch industry, as always, adhering to its excellent quality, and by virtue of its strong technical strength, and constantly develop a higher quality, better performance, The watch to reward the majority of customer support and love.Tino watches, DINUO how to    Tino every Tino table in the factory have to go through the process of multi-detection, in strict accordance with the ISO9001 international quality testing standards to ensure the quality of the watch. Tino watches using the original imported from Japan MIYTA2035 metal quartz movement, the production of precision technology, can be a long time accurate travel! This shows that the Tino Cartier love bracelet replica watch is a precise timing of the watch.Tino watches, DINUO how to    Among them, the Tino brand quartz watch is the domestic consumer recommended brand-name products, with a soft new aesthetic concept, the traditional tabulation technology, to create a new extraordinary classic Seoul, integration of life and art in one, Fashion, the trend of the selection.Tino watches daily maintenance    When the watch is not worn, be sure to put it in a dry place, do not let the watch close to the solvent, mercury, make-up spray, detergent, adhesive or paint, camphor, otherwise the case, strap, etc. will be discolored, damage. Cortical watch strap should be avoided contact with the water, so as to avoid the table stiff, smelly, and then broken. Please do not open the table back cover, so as not to affect the dust into the movement of the normal work of the watch. Do not put watches and radio, television and other magnetic objects close to each other, so as not to affect the accuracy. Different occasions to bring a different watch, the best exercise to wear shock, waterproof excellent sports table.What about Tino watches?    Tino watch exudes the fashion design elements, by the majority of customers love. Tino watches at reasonable prices, for all levels of people, including two calendar watches all gold between the highest gold price. In addition, the Tino watch also points to the Japanese Sony movement and domestic movement of two, so the movement will determine the different prices, but overall Tino watches both in terms of quality and appearance and the price is the most popular domestic people to accept One of the watch brands.Oris Holey, this watch brand from Switzerland. Since 1904, Oris adhere to the Cartier love ring replica traditional Swiss craft to create a truly perfect mechanical watch, loved by the younger generation. Hao Li when the belt table is not only beautiful, and comfortable to wear, but pay attention to wear and adjust the strap operation.First, the leather strap worn along the wrist, buckle on the clasp, in the course of operation, please note that do not let the watch fall off the ground.Folding buckle strap easy to operate, to provide good anti-theft measures. In addition, because the strap has been folded by the buckle connection, even if the operation error, the watch is not easy to fall.1. Remove the watch from the wrist.2. Adjust the tension of the strap through the preset belt on the belt to fit the wrist.3. Once adjusted properly. Please tighten the buckle to prevent loosening.Some vintage counseling related to authorized retailers.Second, can be continuously adjusted folding buckle strap:This is a new type of folding buckle, developed by Oris and patented. Designed from the flight compartment within the seat belt buckle, the length of the belt can be adjusted.1. Remove the watch from the wrist, remove the clasp, carefully rotating on the soft surface.2. Hold the end of the clasp and pull it up.3. After loosening, adjust the length by gently pulling the belt.4. Press the clip until you hear the “click” sound.The clip is not properly pressed, folding clasp can not be buckled.Longines leather strap is made by years of experience in the amount of skilled hand prepared by the patient. Longines watch belt will use the standard clasp or twisted safety clasp lining. Here, Xiaobian and we share the Longines leather strap maintenance tips, cleaning methods.Longines leather strap type:    Longines leather strap is divided into three categories: sports, classic and fashionable. All through toughness, tension, anti-wear and different types of anti-fouling test, and the quality of the dye has also been tested. While the watch Cartier nail bracelet replica owner’s daily habits and activities are the most important factors affecting the appearance of the belt.Longines leather strap maintenance tips    Based on the use of Longines belt is made of natural, highly absorbent leather shoes, so customers only need to take some preventive measures and a little care, the belt can be very durable.    Under normal circumstances, at home should avoid the belt due to contact with chemical or natural substances, and was corroded or faded.    Avoid contact with the heat: Never put the leather strap in a place close to the heat, such as fire, radiator, backup heating and other places.    Avoid contact with light: Do not expose the watch to direct sunlight, light, or strong light.    Straps are damped: Place the damp or damp straps inside the regular, regular room temperature, and if it is rotatable in a cool place.Longines leather strap cleaning method    Longines leather strap should be cleaned immediately, and recommend the use of the following three ways to clean up    1. Use water: wipe with a wet towel, if necessary, add soap. This method is suitable for smooth or textured leather. Even if the leather knot skin dried up, should also ensure that do not let the shoes absorb too much liquid.    2. Clean: Use a soft brush (such as a nail brush). This treatment is particularly applicable to goat skin, can remove and clean the dirt surface of the shoes.    3. Use solvent to clean the hands: first test the leather reaction to the solvent to ensure that will not fade or make the appearance of change. This method is suitable for any leather.    Whether it is assembled in the traditional or stylish Longines, a series of leather strap if handled properly and regularly cleaned, durable time up to 6 months to 1 year.    We hope that today’s contents will help you for the maintenance of love table.

What is the world ranking of love watches?

What is the world ranking of love watches?
Love is a Swiss watch brand, 1903, called Ogival (Ogival) lucky fish was born in Switzerland, and the precision of the maritime timer active in the maritime industry. So love the world watch how to rank it?
Since its inception, it has been given unique characteristics of the Ogival (Ogival) table not only inherited the traditional, it is a combination of classical and fashion, traditional and modern integration. Today’s Ogival watch is not only a simple timing function, the designer with its unique perspective cut in the entire design, giving the watch a new concept, the perfect combination of watches and jewelry, the culture into Watches, set off the dignity of the wearer, but also to watch and works of art with the same collection value.
Experienced a century of Ogival, insisting on the perfect combination of craftsmanship and jewelery art, so that all Ogival owners get the most outstanding and extraordinary.
Although it is a Swiss watch brand, but not a well-known Cartier love bracelet replica watch brand. Grade belongs to the four types of table, but far less than the Tissot, the United States and some other line of Swiss four categories of table brand!
Ollini watch price Ollini watch how much money
As China’s first professional manufacturing couple table brand, is by far the only one specializing in the production of the couple table brand, Ollini couple table firm toward the “Chinese couple table leading brand” goal forward, as “wear in the hands of Love keepsake “is our constant belief. How much is Olivier’s watch?
Onlyou (Ollini) brand was born in the last century in 1999, to 2014 has 15 years of design and manufacturing and sales promotion of the history. Over the years, Ollini to insist on their own design, build their own brand, and continuously improve product quality and design and production level, step by step in-depth market, adhere to become “people in the hands of love keepsake”, and strive to ” Table leading brand “.
Onlyou is “only” and “you” acronym, meaning “the heart only you”, a symbol of love for the persistent pursuit and loyalty. Onlyou brand couples table, with their own unique perspective, to create a new love language. Each of the well-designed, have their own true meaning of love. Onlyou brand couples table, has become lovers love lovers love each other secret language. Really do “love you.
Ollini watches in the market price generally from 200 yuan – 5,000 yuan between!
Baccarat smart positioning watch to the family more care
Today’s social and economic development, people’s living standards improved, but the risk factor of the surrounding environment also increased. In recent years, young girls, the elderly, children lost and other news events have occurred. Has become the most important topic of social concern. If there is a smart card can be positioned may be much better. And today we want to introduce is a good smart positioning watch: Bakara smart positioning watch!
Baccarat smart positioning watch to the family more care
Baccarat positioning watch is Shenzhen Kaisi Leite Digital Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. of the research team after a long history of successful intelligent positioning products. Through the intelligent positioning function and we wear the watch to the daily integration, to achieve the WEB platform, APP mobile client and other equipment, real-time location monitoring. It is understood that Baccarat positioning watch through GPS and LBS dual positioning Cartier love ring replica function, positioning accuracy of up to 5-10 meters range. Its information changes in ten meters as a unit to accurately track, in seconds to update the location of real-time information, the positioning technology can be said that you are the most accurate positioning technology, and other peer products incomparable superiority.
To the family to buy the Bakara positioning watch, easy to wear, just like ordinary watches, it is unique waterproof, shock design so that we do not have to worry about the daily use of the positioning function of the sensitivity. Once we leave the daily living environment or pre-set a safe range, the Bakara positioning watch will send early warning information. In addition, the Bakara positioning watch can also set the number of family calls, the wearer in the event of danger can be set by the shortcut keys to set a good family number to send location information, and call the phone call. Bakara positioning watches and smart phones connected, family travel or travel, we can always understand their location.
Baccarat positioning watch, so watch is not just a tool to display time, high hidden and precise positioning so that we go out more secure. Society is a kaleidoscope, it is wonderful, but there are many potential dangers. It is very necessary to take precautions when going out, especially at home with children, the elderly, special groups, etc., with the Bakara positioning watch, we will be able to better position the family, so that our care time to accompany them, Give them the best care!
White collar lady watches recommended
Watch is one of the essentials of the workplace. Not only men, women white-collar workers who need a good match! Then those tables for women white-collar wear it? Let the watch home to answer, see the following white-collar ladies watch recommended it!
White-collar women wear watch recommendations:
1. skin white women wearing black or color table, will make the skin look more white; skin slightly dark women wear white or light table, then make the skin look gentle.
2. If you usually wear black, white, gray clothes are more, it is recommended to choose a Cartier nail bracelet replica white watch, you can play with the effect of breaking the black, white, gray boring. Style should choose a simple.
3. Size should be based on your face to choose. If your face is relatively large, choose a larger number of watches. The same, if your face is relatively small, choose a relatively small, so that the whole will be more harmonious.
White collar lady watches recommended
White collar lady watches recommended
According to the wave of ErnestBorel-legend series QBS1856-6022BL Ms. quartz watch, dial with natural shell material, crescent-type scale + crescent-type pointer, blue silk silk strap, gentle, elegant and yet personality.
White collar lady watches recommended
Longines – Law Ya series L4. ladies mechanical watch simple design, white-collar beauty of the election. Wearing an elegant ladies watch can make you instantly fit into a perfect professional woman.
White collar lady watches recommended
Tissot TISSOT-LADY HEART series T050. Ms. mechanical watch, with white pearl Fritillaria, 12 o’clock position heart-shaped hollow dial, red when the standard lining with red strap, so that the wearer showed a warm, lively, passionate, fighting attitude.
Star point colorful watch has become a key accessories! Revealed young creative expression, showing a lively gesture. To get rid of non-black or white plain color, giving a strong impression of the watch in the strap with the color changes, rainbow stripes, color diamond, rose gold, are the most fashionable vocabulary.

Cartier bracelet how to measure the hand

Cartier bracelet how to measure the hand
Cartier bracelet how to measure handicrafts, Cartier bracelet watch, Cartier bracelet to creative design elements and exquisite work style access to the world’s consumer favorite, especially the pursuit of fashionable young consumers, more popular Cartier bracelet. Wear your own Cartier bracelet first to know their own hand, then Cartier bracelet how to measure it?

Cartier bracelet how to measure the hand

Cartier bracelet how to measure, choose how much Cartier bracelet is suitable for their own wear it? First of all we have to measure their own hand, know their own hand to choose the right Cartier bracelet. Cartier bracelet hand measurement method is as follows:

The four fingers close together, big mother refers to the inside, the use of tape around a week, it is the largest circumference of our palm. Circumference 12 cm for 13 with Cartier bracelet, circumference 13 cm for 14 with Cartier bracelet, and so on, Cartier Replica Cartier jewelry bracelet is between 12-23 cm, according to Cartier bracelet size table can choose their own suitable Cartier bracelet.
Cartier bracelet hand-shaped table, generally know the Cartier bracelet hand-shaped table and their hand-inch circumference will be able to choose to wear their own Cartier bracelet, but in order to wear more perfect, Zouqi jewelery recommended in the conditional Go to Cartier counter try to more accurately choose to suit their own card Cartier bracelet.
In addition to this classic love series, Cartier also has a variety of series of couple bracelets, in fact, in addition to the most classic love series, Cartier couple also has a variety of series of couple bracelets, in addition to this classic love series, Cartier couple also has a variety of series of couple bracelets. Cartier couple bracelet is a symbol of a firm love view, wearing a Cartier couple bracelet on behalf of you will not be separated.

Cartier couple bracelet picture

Cartier couple bracelet pictures, Cartier couple bracelets will be between the couple’s commitment to close ties, with bright passion engraved permanent. Cartier couple bracelet style is the most popular cardia love series couple bracelet. Cartier love series couple bracelet to screw for the media, as if a love of “shackles”, the two people will be closely together, never separated.
Cartier couple bracelet picture Daquan, Cartier bracelet has love series, Trinity series, c de Cartier series of 17 kinds of series, Cartier couple bracelet contains the unique meaning of love to make it always popular, no matter where the couple from, in the purchase of couple bracelet The time will always be the first to think of Cartier couple bracelet, Zoca with everyone to enjoy the fine Cartier couple bracelet picture Daquan.
Cartier bracelet series, Cartier bracelet series picture Daquan, centuries, Cartier carefully designed a variety of classic series Cartier bracelet, love series, three-color gold series has been the world’s favorite Cartier consumers talked about. We know Cartier bracelet has a variety of fine style series, that Cartier bracelet series which?

Cartier bracelet series which

Cartier bracelet series which, centuries, the reputation as “the emperor’s jeweler, jeweler of the emperor,” the Cartier is still its extraordinary creativity and perfect craft for the human creation of many exquisite, unparalleled masterpieces masterpieces. Cartier bracelet is also end with its fine series of fine, then the Cartier bracelet series which?

According to Cartier official website data, Cartier bracelet a total of 17 series, namely: PANTHERE DE CARTIER series, LOVE series, TRINITY series, AMULETTE DE CARTIER series, CARESSE D`ORCHIDEES PAR CARTIER series, JUSTY UN CLOU series, PARIS NOUVELLE VAGUE series, DIAMANTS LEGERS DE CARTIER series, C DE CARTIER series, chain and chain, Cartier animal and plant series, EVASIONS JOAILLIERES series, diamond series, pearl jewelry, color jewelry, children’s jewelry and men’s jewelry.
Cartier bracelet series which

Cartier bracelet series picture Daquan

Cartier bracelet series picture Daquan, Cartier different series of different styles of bracelets, each series Cartier bracelet is an extension of the brand elements. Cartier bracelet series of exquisite, stylish, unique, is all jewelry brand bracelet in the most classic, regardless of the www.ourlovestore.com past few years, is always the most fashionable trend of the most worthy of jewelry.
Cartier diamond bracelet refers to the Cartier’s Cartier bracelet inlaid with a diamond style, you can set a single diamond, you can also set in multiple diamonds. Cartier diamonds from the selection to the cutting are the best quality, coupled with fine workmanship bracelet, look shiny. We come together to enjoy the fine Cartier diamond bracelet pictures.

Cartier diamond bracelet picture

Cartier diamond bracelet pictures, Cartier bracelet has a variety of series, no matter what kind of series, there are diamond and diamond-studded Cartier bracelet. Cartier diamond bracelet diamond cut the perfect cut into the exquisite Cartier bracelet, as a complete product. Cartier diamond bracelet inlaid with a single diamond and a number of diamonds of the points, a single diamond simple and elegant, more beautiful diamond gorgeous.
Cartier diamond bracelet picture Daquan, Cartier diamond bracelet series is the most famous in the 1970s but still popular in the world of Cartier love series bracelet, Cartier diamond love series bracelet on behalf of the Cartier love series loyalty The love of faith, while the eternal diamond and pure into it, become the world’s most popular jewelry.

Green diamonds how much money green diamonds price

Green diamonds how much money green diamonds price
Green diamonds are a color in natural color diamond diamonds are extremely rare and rare. Natural green diamonds generally go through natural processes that do not undergo high temperatures, and even when they pass through natural high temperatures, their time may be short, or because the temperature is low, there is not enough H color, and the green of the diamond can not be changed. So the price of natural green diamonds is very expensive, once there is a direct high-priced auction, the price to see the specific degree of green color, green diamonds weight, clarity, etc., the general price to tens of thousands of tens of thousands of tens of millions There are.
How much is the green diamonds?

How much is the green diamond? Diamonds in the green tones vary, a green diamond is often the depth of the green shades are not the same. In general, the green uniform, the tone is elegant. One of the world’s most famous green drills was discovered in 1743, “Del Reyston” green Cartier love bracelet replica diamond, weighing 408 carats, is the world’s largest known green diamond, for the uniform apple green. When the value of 300 million pounds, the current valuation of the lowest value of 10 million US dollars. China’s Shandong Tancheng area of diamond deposits also found in the dark green diamond particles.

Green diamond price

Green diamond price. A light green to green transparent diamonds, mostly due to deformation of the crystal structure produced, the color is usually only in the diamond surface, green diamonds are not easy to have grassland green as bright colors, of which the price is the most green! Green diamonds are also price is not now, very rare. Choi diamond with its unique charm of the pack, and the most interesting diamond diamond to the number of rare natural green diamond.

There is also a saying that the color of green diamonds originates from radiation. This radiation can be naturally generated, but also by the laboratory to achieve. The color produced by natural radiation is the result of the influence of diamonds on the uranium contained in the radioactive rocks near the surface. And artificial radiation is the use of laboratory equipped with linear accelerator, gamma ray or nuclear reactor to generate. While the natural green diamonds, the price is naturally more than artificial generation several times!

Natural green drills usually have green or brown surface spots, called radiation spots, which can not be replicated in the laboratory. Radiation spots are present on the diamond surface, so they are usually removed during the gemstone facet process, which is the root cause of the loss of most green after cutting of light green or green diamonds. In some cases, the chopper will choose to ignore the radiation spots near the waist to retain some green.
How much is Hong Kong bare diamond? This is specific or if the bare drill 4C. Color, clarity, carat, cut. The more white color, of course, the better, clarity is the less the better the content of impurities. Diamond weight technology, the price will be high. But the price is not doubling with each additional 10 points.

Such as 1 carat naked drill to thirty thousand, that two carats is not sixty thousand, but a multiple of each carat multiplied by 1 carat price. And the price of 0.9 carats and 1 carat is also much worse, because the whole carat diamond is very rare, so the corresponding to be much higher. Hong Kong’s bare diamond prices will be much cheaper, the price is about cheaper than the traditional brand store 1/3

How much is it necessary to buy 42 cents in Hong Kong?

Specifically, you look at what color, clarity, cut, in general, Hong Kong are more expensive, but will be cheaper than the traditional Chinese brands, but the mainland and the new well-known brands, such as Zoakai, the price will More expensive. In fact, Hong Kong’s bare Cartier love ring replica diamond prices are not very cheap, if you have to understand the domestic brands to do some custom diamond brands to understand, such as Zouka, BLOVE what, their prices are lower than the price of Hong Kong, and diamonds are Have authority certificate. If you want to buy affordable diamonds and quality guaranteed can go to the site to see.

Hong Kong to buy bare drill cheap?

Hong Kong to buy bare diamond cheap? In fact, in Hong Kong to buy world famous will be cheaper, such as Cartier is almost hit around 20%, but the diamond will not be much cheaper, and many but also expensive, because I saw a lot of wedding before the wedding ring, do not know in the country you can not accept to buy Bare diamond and then with a ring, will be cheap, there are many can change, very good! But must be more formal, must be GIA bare diamond certificate, such as Zouka good, aftermarket is also more convenient. The following is a small series of bare diamond prices for your reference.

1. Zoukai GIA bare diamond 30 diamond ring custom wedding marriage proposal wedding jewelery authentic 30 points F / SI1 / 3EX / N 4299 yuan

2. CTF 【Bare Diamond Order】 Chow Tai Fook Jewelery Belt Customized Paint Bare Diamond 30 min GS 30 min D-E / SI 7100.00

3. Kelan diamond gia bare drill custom 30 points pt950 platinum wedding ring 30 points F / VVS1 / 3EX / N 5535 yuan

4. Xin Wanfu diamonds 30 minutes South Africa bare diamond custom GIA1 carat diamond ring 30 points E / VVS2 / 3EX / N 5350.00 yuan

5.CRD / Ke Lai Di 30 minutes 50 points 1 carat GIA bare diamond custom made wedding diamond ring female ring diamond ring 30 points D / VVS2 / 3EX / N 5706 yuan
How much is the cheapest diamond ring? Diamond ring is not the cheapest, only cheaper, the current diamond ring is the cheapest city love (love do not have to wait) Diamond Women Heart-shaped hollow diamond ring ring authentic counter, diamonds are 0.01 karats, material is 925 silver. The value is very low.

How much is the cheapest diamond ring? 18K gold material of the diamond ring, the cheapest to be Zuo Kay Rose 18k gold diamond diamond ring diamond butterfly shape diamond girl ring ring girlfriend ring, the color is H color, the price is 899.00 yuan. Very affordable, style is also very beautiful. Wearing in the hands, like a butterfly in the hands of dancing.

How much is the cheapest diamond ring? PT950 diamond material diamond ring, the cheapest is the Munich jewelry pt950 platinum diamond ring, priced at 1260.00 yuan, 5 cents diamond, gold will be lighter. The price is very affordable.

The most expensive diamond ring price [picture style]

The cheapest diamond ring price [picture style]. This is not necessarily. Diamond ring price depends on its 4C, GIA certificate of the world circulation. If you buy a national inspection is also good, not too good quality, about 20 points of diamonds, 2 thousand to 3 thousand or so can be bought Cartier nail bracelet replica, be cheaper diamond ring price. The following is a small series of relatively cheap diamond prices for your reference:

1, Zokai 18k gold diamond ring diamond wedding ring to marry female ring set inlaid 80 points effect jewelry genuine electric shock special 1899.00 yuan

2, A + V 18k white gold diamond diamond ring women seeking marriage marriage couple ring set rose gold row drill bare diamond genuine 966.00 yuan

3, Thanksgiving companion 18K white gold diamond couple ring diamond ring engagement ring platinum wedding marriage men and women ring 914.00 yuan

4, Flying Diamond Jewelery Diamond Ring 18k White Gold Angel Kiss Marriage Diamond Women’s Ring Ring 1188.00 元

5, Zuo Kayi white 18K gold diamond ring women’s ring wedding diamond ring to marry diamond ring personality new jewelry 699.00 yuan

Why do you talk about marriage you will think of diamond ring

Why do you talk about marriage, you will think of diamond ring
On the letter has become a popular trend, many fell in love lovers, have been engraved with two exclusive letters to symbolize love. In fact, in ancient English often appear Posy Ring words, Posy is the lovers of the beautiful poem engraved in the exquisite ring Cartier love bracelet replica around or inside, to express the feelings of each other, pass love information.
So the lover, in addition to buy on the ring to stare at each other, is not it should be engraved with some of your exclusive text to convey each other’s love it! However, the letter should be engraved on what is more meaningful? Are there any special words that can be used for lettering?

Small to help you organize some of the contents of the letter, when everyone in the choice of the letter when the letter can be a lot of reference Oh ~


The most common is the letter engraved engraved with two wedding anniversary, a symbol of the continuation of love, it was also selected other meaningful anniversary, such as the first kiss, the first to go abroad, etc., Xiao Zuo feel also Help lovers remember the date of the anniversary, be a very practical choice Oh ~

The following are the same as the ”


Name abbreviation

Because most of the letter can only engraved in english, so some couples will choose the abbreviation of English name, such as M & W, M love W like the text, or put their own abbreviations into some symbols, this is their own can see Have to understand, but others do not necessarily understand the meaning of the representative, full of like a little secret couple!

The following are the same as the ones,

The following are the same as the ”

Love vows

Love vowed the most classic should be the desire of the city sex and the city Cartier love ring replica inside, Kelly gave the gift of the big man, engraved with “Just you and me”, a symbol of the two world will not change, is their two of each other’s promise Is not it also very creative! So lovers can also consider engraved on each other’s oath and commitment, so that this is more meaningful than the Oh ~

The following are the same as the ”

The following are the same as the ”

Romantic foreign language

In addition to English, the ring can also choose some people generally think that very romantic language, like French, there are many classic aesthetic verse can be used, like Pour Toujours Et Toujours is representative Forever and always, has a special meaning of foreign language is also A good choice for the letter engraved Oh!

The following are the same as the ”
The following are the same as the ones,

The following are the same as the ones,

The following are the same as the ones,
Some couples have experienced some major events in love or have a profound memory of the event, will choose to engraved in the ring, the location of these memories or events into the text engraved in the ring, when looking at the ring You can recall this past, once again memorable memories.

The following are the same as the ”

The following are the same as the ones,

These advice on the letter is not very practical ah? Each pair of couples in the buy Cartier nail bracelet replica after the ring to remember engraved with a meaningful text on the ring, will make your right to save the value of Oh ~

There are traditional brands, emerging brands, Hong Kong brands, etc., such as Kimberley, Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, Zokai, Kelan and other brands. To participate in a group or organization. Can be extended to the commercial field, referring to the franchise of commercial brands.

Diamond ring custom to join the company’s Kimberley diamond ring custom to join. Join advantages: 1, fidelity. Diamond ornaments are equipped with the authority of the national certification issued by the identification certificate.

2, shelf life. Diamond quality level and content of the national standard.

3, washing. Where the Kimberley Diamond authorized franchise stores or counters to buy Kimberly Diamond brand diamond ornaments, life-long enjoy free maintenance, cleaning, polishing and other services.

4, forbidden. Where Kimberly Diamond authorized franchise stores or counters to buy Kimberly Diamond ornaments, as long as intact, notes, certificates are complete, can be anywhere in China, Kimberley Diamond authorized franchise stores or counters for life exchange. Do not depreciate, not limit the number of times to comply with the “exchange for the same value or more” principle.

5, the warranty. Where Kimberly authorized franchise stores or counters to buy Kimberley brand diamond ornaments, due to wear caused by accidentally damaged, are responsible for free warranty (diamond loss or damage is not included)

Diamond ring custom to join the company’s Zouka diamond ring custom to join. Join the process: 1, investment advice: investors by telephone, fax, online message, etc. to the headquarters of the professional investment advisers to consult the relevant cooperation matters, obtain the relevant information.

2, site visits: Investors to the headquarters of the project to visit, and with the headquarters staff to carry out business exchanges.

3, the qualification audit: the headquarters of the investors to review. Confirm the qualifications of investors.

4, the signing of the contract: the two sides confirmed that the results of the investigation is not controversial, the formal signing of the contract.

5, the payment fee: the investor according to the type of investment to the headquarters to pay the relevant costs.

6, headquarters training: Headquarters arrangements for investors to carry out technical training, training, qualified after the grant of bronze medal.

7, store decoration: headquarters for the franchisee to provide decoration guidance, and design guidance.

8, opening: the headquarters continued to focus on the franchisee’s business, and give business guidance and help.

How to choose strawberry crystal

How to choose strawberry crystal
Strawberry crystal looks very beautiful, the value is also high, good quality strawberry crystal is also well received by the collector’s love, the market has a lot of strawberry crystal crystal, many businesses also use these crystal blinded consumers, so that consumers suffer , So when buying strawberry crystal to be careful, first of all to identify the true and false strawberry crystal, only the real strawberry crystal can play its effectiveness. Collection of strawberry crystal must have the following three conditions:
One, the crystal inside the package of red and gold to more sediment;
Second, the sediment not only to more, but also to be able to Cartier nail bracelet replica shape the shape of the crystal can be appreciated;
Third, the overall color of the crystal to be clear, translucent and the stronger the better the refractive.
1. Crystal is crystal, glass is glass, two substances should not be compared.
2. will be two natural spar from the hands of the thumb, index finger and middle finger pinch the two fingers, the two time interval of about 1-2 cm, slowly relative rotation and close to each other, immediately can feel like a variety of magnet-like phase repulsion Of the wonderful effort, especially the most significant crystal ball, non-natural crystal will not have this appearance.
3. will be a hair in the crystal below, look at the past if the two lines is reflected in the natural crystal crystal. If there is no refraction, still showing a line of words, then non-natural crystal.
4. With ten magnifying glass in the transmission under the light to see, can find the bubble can basically be set as false crystal, natural crystal is no bubbles.
5. The heat conduction regulator to the green 4 grid test gem, natural crystal can rise to the yellow 2 cells, and fake crystal will not rise, the diamond will rise to full grid, followed by red and sapphire.
1, under the beam can be used white crystal clusters or larger crystal column, to resolve the impact of the beam press.
2, the four corners of the house hanging white crystal ball or put white crystal clusters, large white crystal column, can form a protective gas home to protect the home safe.
3, in every corner of the house placed an obsidian can prevent home disturbed or evil things.
4, home placed amethyst cave, can be a blessing gas, wealth.
5, the company line number or home of the financial position put a white crystal cluster, town house block evil.
6, in the student’s desk placed white crystal, contribute to the understanding imitation Cartier love bracelet of learning to enhance memory.
7, students in the desk or bed to put amethyst, can develop wisdom, can relieve the pressure caused by reading the eyes.
8, in the TV, computer, microwave oven next to the white crystal cluster can reduce the radiation.
9, if the door road red, on the corner, trunk, poles can be suspended at the door crystal ball or placed a large crystal cluster, crystal column to block evil spirits.
10, in the counter, the window put pink crystal or amethyst can increase the popularity and business edge.
Natural crystal is a quartz crystal minerals, the main components are silica, quartz is due to contain a variety of impurities in the color of a different classification, although the natural crystal is a quartz, but their difference or some.
1, quartz is a physical and chemical properties are very stable mineral resources, quartz minerals are the most widely distributed in a mineral species. The generalized quartz is the raw material for the production of quartz sand, and the natural crystal is a colorless transparent quartz crystal mineral.
2, natural crystal 60% of the composition is sio2, crystal color is due to the addition of sio2, but also contains a variety of different amounts of metal caused by the quartz is a heat or pressure to easily become liquid-like minerals, pure quartz Is colorless, but often because there are excessive elements of impurities and showing different colors.
4, quartz stone inside may have glass fragments but not crystal clear, quartz stone is more than the crystal stone, quartz stone high temperature than crystal stone strong lot.
First, the ground wipe every time after wearing, are gently wipe with a soft cloth to ensure that the surface clean. Want to make their own crystal has been beautiful, we must keep her clean and smooth.
Second, to avoid touching the crystal with others the ability to remember, will remember with him all the things that have been touched by others may leave someone else’s frequency, try not to let others touch.
Third, moisture, dust, dirt, water, dust, dirt and other adhesion to the crystal imitation Cartier love bracelet surface, will make the crystal becomes bleak, although the crystal and water contact will not have an impact on the quality of the crystal, but let the crystal temporarily Lose her luster, so unless it is purified crystal, or must be on the crystal in a dry place.
Fourth, anti-scratch, the collision in the process of storage or to be careful to place, while the crystal crisp, easy to break after the collision, so when the application of soft cloth carefully wrapped to prevent scratches or collisions caused by defects
Five, away from the electrical radiation or crystal will have some side effects, so if not to absorb radiation, do not put the crystal on the computer, television and audio combination, to avoid the crystal under the influence of radiation will greatly reduce the function, color deep back.

What is the difference between men’s wear jewelry and women

What is the difference between men’s wear jewelry and women
In gold, silver jewelry into the ordinary women’s consumer world, as their consumer products, there have been a number of specifically for men’s jewelry. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, brooches, tie clips, etc., which can be worn by men. But men wear jewelry is usually more than women wearing more rugged, angular, so as to be able to better show the male side.
Out of the style, when wearing, men and women are also different.
First of all, women wear jewelry necklace must be posted, and men are not all, brooches, tie clips, cufflinks and so can be a man wearing jewelry.
Second, the choice of men in the brooch to choose to wear abstract graphics Cartier nail bracelet replica or on behalf of the glory of the dragon, tiger, leopard, eagle and other animal patterns, so that it can appear full of male.
Bright golden yellow gives the noble temperament, and gold jewelry can not only show the elegant temperament, but also let you have a noble style. Recently, some consumers often consult the gold necklace is easy to break, here we give you a little explanation.
Necklace of the process are generally similar. There is a ring of a ring, such as bamboo chain, strawberry chain, etc .; there are double rings Shuanghuan, such as water ripple chain, lock chain, tank chain. Single ring of the more beautiful, Shuanghuan are the basic old models. But these old models in general is relatively strong, generally a ring to open another ring is also attached to the loss of a small chance. Gold is precious metals, the production of jewelry in the process will generally take into account the quality of wear-resistant, will not casually on the problem.
But really some jewelry broken, what is the reason?
One is because of the gold jewelry itself. Gold is a soft precious metal, the higher the purity of the more soft, and the more easily deformed. And in recent years the style of jewelry more and more fashionable and novel, some special style due to the force structure of the imitation Cartier love bracelet reasons, likely to cause a few points on the necklace long-term deformation of the fracture.
Second, external factors. Jewelry maintenance is a very important thing. The correct maintenance practice is to do the clothes, bath and so easy to hang the necklace before the things, first remove the necklace. But many people often forget this, causing the necklace hanging rubbing hair, towels, clothing. This kind of hanging on the necklace caused by the external pull, necklace is the most common and most important reason.
Three is the process factor. Some low-end brand jewelry manufacturing process, but off, if the solder joint process is poor, then Weld and other issues, but also easily lead to necklace fracture.
Now gold and silver jewelry is no longer a woman-specific items, men also have a lot of choice for their own gold and silver jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, rings, brooches, tie clips, are in them. But in this to remind the majority of men, in the choice and wear gold and silver jewelry, we must choose those who can highlight the male characteristics, showing young men rugged, active and unrestrained chic style.
In general, male necklaces, bracelets, rings should be gold or silver, style should be heavy, angular. This can only highlight the temperament of men. And necklace and ring on the pattern should also have a male characteristics, such as dragon, tiger image or “blessing”, “Kyrgyzstan” and other words.
When wearing, the male necklace must be close to wear, the ring wear law should also imitation Cartier love bracelet follow the principle of women wearing law.
Men in the selection of brooches to choose to wear abstract graphics or on behalf of the glory of the dragon, tiger, leopard, eagle and other animal patterns, so that it can appear full of male.
Women in the clothing and jewelry with the time, will be very attention to consistency, and men with no matter. Do not have a variety of jewelry, what kind of have, but this can not achieve the effect of decoration.
The last thing to note is that men, after all, no need to use women as pure jewelry to wrap themselves, so in the number, should try to fine and simple.

The wind swept through the global in perspective

Low-key sexy The wind swept through the global in perspective
Look around the spring/summer 2016 fashion week catwalk, clairvoyant outfit become show the trend. Summer, people dress more and more cool and refreshing, clairvoyant outfit that is like concealed, pious covering the effect with low key but stunning sexy charm, let a person see the unforgettable. Farewell lightsome gauze elegant and pure and fresh, this year’s dress is full of the temptation to mature charm, let global popular actress are deduced its many kinds of imitation cartier love bracelet amorous feelings.
Small pretty waist if cooperate with the perspective element, not only elegant and easy to appear on the red carpet event, can also create a graceful curve temptation, tie-in diamond accessories, modelling is shining provoking love.
Shu qi attend the Jimmy Choo brand new store opening ceremony. Wearing a Calla blue printing split type short skirt, with the envelope bag, hand stamped on the Jimmy Choo diamond-encrusted heels. Elegant and sexy, but too incarnadine filar socks that grabs an eye lost scores.
Some girls like to dress the strong absorption of fine index, the but again dare to try, so like be not fully appear a see-through dress is obviously the most suitable for them, again tie-in color pink is tender crisp high-heeled shoes, let a clairvoyant outfit also took Cartier love bracelet replica sweet crisp taste.
Rosamund Pike in Victoria phenomenon white shirt collar hollow out pencil skirt to attend the activities, she stamped on the color matching high-heeled sandals, metaphor revealing lingerie and high heels perfect echo, color white and white color make the whole body modelling appear relaxed and charming.
Like a fishing net texture of hollow out bold clairvoyant outfit looks hot, especially with dew underwear design dresses, but pure color and delicate contour cutting dust, gas, black dress with red lips, sexy and relative; White dress collocation with the fluorescent color high heels, and full of bold dress sense of reduction of age.
About luca brasi in half perspective skirt black underwear to attend the activities, big show sex Fake Cartier love bracelet appeal. Her hand simple black hand bag, red lip jing rob mirror, nude heels prominent modelling of primary and secondary.
Erin Heatherton, dressed in a white dress to attend the movie premiere, she stamped on the coral red pointed high-heeled shoes, not accessories, the clairvoyant outfit dressed like clear water gives lotus, clear and elegant.
Most classic black bud silk dress is the most difficult one outfit, collocation is bad will have the suspicion of old, choose the outline shape of dress, high heels and a concise design enough elegant handbag, can let mature feeling quite heavy dark lace skirt can also become a day to choose.
Korean press conference show love to attend the film. She is wearing a splicing turtleneck pencil skirts, stamped replica Cartier love bracelet on the round pin high heels. The high waist of the dress design make her look more tall.
Blocked for sexy goddess Scarlett Johansson deduce maturity clairvoyant outfit modelling, of course, no effort, Dolce & Gabbana accept waist dress design draws the outline of the fullness of her breasts, nice hour-glass shape. Dolce & Gabbana delicate black handbag made Scarlett raise your hand is cast sufficient between more elegant temperament.

Spring summer 2016 French famous designer

Spring/summer 2016 French famous designer Alexandre Zouari creation hair accessories series, from the charming nature capture inspiration, present like xanadu, rich and colorful garden and animal world. Combined with glaring senior customized design, elegant fabrics and replica Cartier love bracelet Swarovski crystal scintillation crystals, both series in each hair accessories from Europe manually refined, with cheerful colour and modelling sing sweet spring and summer.
Wizard fairy
In arcadia for artistic conception, beautiful and lovely fairy everywhere, of course. Alexandre Zouari waving a magic wand, dragonflies, butterflies, beetles, bees illusions into hair hoop, hair clips, hair fork even sunglasses, refreshing.
Transparent light dragonflies and bee hairpin, streamline modelling, beauty and rich artistic carving design, on the vision attention, extra comfortable to wear. Above hairpin with Swarovski crystal, send out a twinkling light. You can simply don’t on a hairpin, have their charm, and also the different Cartier nail bracelet replica wizard fairy modelling hair clips match each other, create a personalized hair belongs only to you, feel more about.
If you love the rich stylish dress, stylist is recommended that you choose the fashionable silver dragonfly hair hoop, coupled with a pair of compose ACTS the role of bees to the size of the fashionable sunglasses, handsome and handsome.
Gem based
With flowers as the theme in spring and summer fashion show. Alexandre Zouari classic theme for this injection of pure and fresh feeling, bring a series of different flower hairpin, hair hoop, hair fork and hairdo line, let you shine at the moment. Breakthrough combined plexiglass petals (transparent or bleached with kinds of quietly elegant color), crystal Mosaic, and the design of the essence of enamel paint, French craftsmen’s top manual processing art, is the most expensive in the series of Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica products. Full of sculpture feeling modelling, hair accessories production sublimation to the art level, it looks as if each petal can dance in the wind.
This season’s most popular hair color is transparent, white and pure black sand, but with the lively atmosphere in spring and summer, this series hair accessories with other many sweet profusion colour. Each hair accessories as well as daily wear alone, also can use multiple hair accessory to create the stack modelling, let the hair as if covered with luxuriant witchford, is the most magnificent and colorful party dress.
The designer’s favorite is white plexiglass silk hair band. Every white flowers of the blossom with a gorgeous pink Bohemian gem, petals compose with small particles on the sky blue gems, popular with spring, summer, wavy hair, outside is elegant and free imitation cartier love bracelet from vulgarity.
The princess
Step into the spring, jewellery and fashion trends send out sweet romantic breath, one of the essential pieces of hair accessories, is the most ladies love roses hair clips. Alexandre Zouari this season to dazzle beautiful sand white flushed, pure black, blue, violet, night and bronze brown carved out of three-dimensional modelling, rose in the blossom on the Mosaic big stone, crystal particles and the edge of the shaman countless petals. With these delicate and charming rose cheng fang hair accessory produce hair styling, stunning.
Noble is ear
Ear series is of noble Alexandre Zouari this season is the most magnificent extraordinary design, inspired by the European marquis aristocratic family crests on symbol of wealth, status and power of gold grain pattern. Series in each hairpin or hair hoop using lam pointed cutting Swarovski gems, make a beautiful grain pattern, with pearl, crystal and rare satin, all exhibit aristocracy, everything all is fine arts.
Hang one of the most fascinating shape hairpin jing has many bright black/satin color gems, gray pearl and crystal, complementary with shiny crystal tassels, brilliant luster. The eternal design will inevitably become a brand new classic.
Exotic summer color
Alexandre Zouari tropical summer spring and summer series full of charm is bold and unrestrained atmosphere, notably the spirit of snake model and big hair hoop most unforgettable. It is full of sexy charm design with bright black, gold and ivory crystal pave ZhuiChu lifelike three-dimensional Cartier love bracelet replica serpents, lapses, like the head of the animal kingdom that be richly bejewelled king just hovering in your hair. Put on the full of magic charm, a hair decoration make you proudly become the focus of attention of the party.
Another exotic black hair hoop also is to let all the mainstream products. This design of elegant unsurpassed, USES rare weave weaving pattern of suede hair hoop, double sided one by one with rows of crystal grain, no matter from which Angle to appreciate, all showed remarkable technology characteristic. The long hair into a high bun, made it a brilliant light is shining hair is tie-in fashion golden bead piece of evening wear, simple decorated with another Alexandre Zouari classic bright black crystal butterfly hairpin, luxuriant feeling to beat.
The prairie queen
Supplement daily in spring and summer fashion, the coolest hair accessories this season to Africa as a source of inspiration. With animal fur design as the theme of the spring and summer fashion show, fashion with Paris and milan with a giraffe, leopard, zebra is particularly hot, etc. Alexandre Zouari the call of the wild deduction for full of colorful feeling hair hoop, hair clips, head band and hair claw.
Sparkle giraffe hairpin using hand inlaid on the different colors of crystal, accurately without horse back the giraffe body beautiful texture, is a heartache. On multiple random don’t clip on hair style, create a unique hair design, let you lead trend.
Preferred leopard grain design the coolest hair hair hoop, spring type supplement any fashion show. Showily aureate nail used in piping design, add a t gas rock amorous feelings. To wear a pair of leopard grain BingZi sunglasses, sexy image easily create confidence.
Stunning beauty
Beautiful after the champions league, it is gorgeous and symbol of perfection. And to own and wear beautiful after the champions league, but also the dream of every woman. Stunning beauty series presented many bling charming hair hoop, allowing you to attend the grand occasion when the champions league after wearing. Particularly recommended to more than one pink color restoring ancient ways of Bohemian pear-shaped diamond shape hair hoop/after the champions league, let you suddenly Fake Cartier love bracelet into the people admire the princess.
Want to shape the modelling of the most beautiful one like you, might as well bold in wavy curly hair decorated with multiple hair hoop/after the champions league. Noble within the ear series of many gems hair hoop, can also be worn as small after the champions league. The most attractive choice is diamond black/transparent/gold/antique light pink/light purple Swarovski stones inlaid into the tassel hair band. You can play infinitely creative freedom supplement, carefully shaping the most noble beautiful hair modelling, the party or parties.
Paris fashion
Spring fashion to spearhead of charm, iris or bows, lace, silk satin, chiffon and fine gauze fabrics are flourishing. Alexandre Zouari Paris fashion series is using the most expensive cloth. The most impressive clip design with double color showily mixed into a large silk flower shape, in the blossom compose with large oval crystal, again under the overhang woven from pearl and crystal tassels, with Paris the most fashionable waterfall wavy hair, colourful recalled easily.
Alexandre Zouari most classic elegant hair design, with the subject of bow. The big bowknot hairpin to a combination of silk satin, covered with leather and pearl, crystal particles with noble within the ear series of gem satin hair band, is the perfect elegant fair maiden dress up.
Another will choose luxuriant boutique, this season is a classical satin hair hoop, soft satin fabric as light waves in the hair of ups and downs of the state, and embellished with crystal bow, beautiful out of the dust. Comb a simple hairstyle, wear this beautiful hair hoop, turn on the light make-up, with a line is contracted fashion, all show the most beautiful Paris fashion.