the identity and wealth value symbol for the brand values and always move their target customers

Laurenton ROACD table originated in the Geneva, Geneva, Japan, uphold the superb watchmaking skills in Geneva, to show the European fashion style, high-end, luxury, distinguished, elegant and famous, “identity and wealth symbol” brand image Become a successful consumer darling, has always been successful people from all walks of life favored, yet eclectic yet noble.
Laurenton ROACD watch brand introduction
Laurenton brand has always been advocating exquisite, perfect, distinguished “design philosophy”, as the starting basis for the design.
Switzerland is the world’s watch industry’s cradle, is still a lot of well-known watch brand headquarters location.
Swiss watches, representing the precise mechanical structure and high quality, Swiss watch industry output accounted for 16% of the global production of watches, the total output value is as high as 57%. From the complex multi-functional mechanical watches to gorgeous exquisite jewelry table, Switzerland is the world’s only one-way.
In 2006, with China’s economic take-off, China’s watch market demand is huge Cartier love bracelet replica, watch manufacturing has reached a high level of technology, take this opportunity, Laurenton ROACD table in order to better expand the Chinese market, decided to be incorporated in Hong Kong Switzerland Laurenton ROACD Investment Co., Ltd., is responsible for the operation of the Laurenton table in China.
Came to China’s Laurenton, to the identity and wealth value symbol for the brand values, and always move their target customers as white-collar class of successful people, highlight its taste and identity. In the quality and design excellence, so that Laurenton has become a symbol of identity and wealth. To a certain extent, Laurenton has become a symbol of the middle-aged male women’s career between 20 and 50 years old.
Romago Design is a Hong Kong Jiafeng enterprises under a high-end patented watch brand. Translated by: Roman song. Patent features: the watch worn on his hand, walk away about 45 degrees, built-in LED lights will automatically light, you can see the time. When the lamp is lit for about 5 seconds, it will show a mirror effect.
Romago Design
To the super-shaped features Romago Design Swiss Swiss Remy high watch brand, in recent years can be said that Europe, Southeast Asia, a very popular watch brand. Romago Design Swiss Swiss Remy watch brand founder Daniel Tsai, out of the watch for the love of elaborate watch technology, his dream is to create the world’s best watch. Finally in the 20th century, 90 years developed the world’s unique “LCD mirror mix quartz line needle” dual-core watch.
Today, Romago Design Swiss Swiss Remy high watch brand “LCD mirror mix quartz line needle” dual-core watch unique position has no other brand can be replaced, but also to the large form of leadership nowadays watch trend, in constant innovation The occasion, also follow the traditional Cartier love ring replica characteristics, can be said that no one can out of its right.
Romago Design Swiss Swiss Lima high watch brand exclusive “45 angle intelligent switch mirror function” registered patented technology, the introduction of automatic sensors in the watch, just 45 degrees inward that can mirror into time display.
Speaking of Romago Design Swiss Swiss Remy high watch brand, everyone’s most profound and most direct response is “turn hands on the ShowTime” like magic, like a powerful technology, never seen such a watch. When the glass was mirror, but also used by women to do with the mirror. Fun and practical, combined with technology and fashion is the Romago Design Swiss Swiss Remy high watch brand in the past, present and future efforts direction.
Romago Design Swiss Swiss Limi watch brand bold use of materials and colors into the design elements, elegant taste is full of interesting, the brand will be further pushed to the end of the trend of the times.
ROXIE Rothschild watches many friends have not heard of, the brand watches are usually rare. So the people who know it are very few. And below, watch home to come to introduce you to this brand it!
ROXIE Roxier watch brand profile
At the beginning of the 19th century, the Rothschild family on the road of wealth, indomitable, created the European “Sixth Empire”, boarded the peak of wealth. In the music capital of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma City, Ro.Roxie Rothschild family of children, focus on the design of watch design Cartier nail bracelet replica 50 years, founded the name of the family name ROXIE brand, in the long Of the years, in the effort to carve a minute, with its focus on the watch, the achievements ROXIE name.
Heritage in China, set up in China, ROXIE / Rothschild brand watches, in its advanced design concept and the combination of today’s technology, developed a section full of art and business watches, uphold the classic art style And design ideas can be tested and lasting new, with Seiko secret agents to achieve the perfect pursuit of quality.

On the back of the watch is printed with WeLoop logo and 5 atmospheric pressure

20-year-old watch with what? 20-year-old to buy what watch? Just entered the workplace of the new choice in the watch will have this problem. The following watch home to come for everyone to recommend a few suitable for 20 years old wearing watch brand.
20-year-old watch with what? 20 years old to buy what watch good?
The first price for the new people who have just entered the workplace Cartier love bracelet replica can not be too high Usually in 2000-3000 yuan or so can. If biased towards business, Japan Casio, Citizen, Seiko is a good choice.
If you want to buy a Swiss watch, Tissot and Swatch’s price is still possible. But Tissot in this price to the main quartz table. And Swatch this price although there are mechanical watches, but its brand style is more fashionable.
If there is a certain economic base, so expensive Longines, Tudor can also try In short, no matter what brand, the most important thing is for their own, only to be better to highlight the wearer’s temperament and taste!
From the unknown Sony Smart Watch, to Pebble, and then to Gear, smart watches are scolded most of the fear that they are no practical use, ultra-short battery life and wake up the dial are the hardest hit area. And today to evaluate the WeLoop black, it is an improvement for these two issues of the product.
WeLoop small black smart watch evaluation
Hardware parts
WeLoop black pack and its name is very match – the real all black. There is a watch inside the body, manual and charging line. Charging line with a similar Macbook magnetic design, sweep can be automatically on the bit, the magnetic size is moderate. Screen does not light, a resolution of 144 * 168, the normal distance to see more delicate. The upper part of the left side of the body is placed with a magnetic charging port and the lower part is the return button. The charging port has a more obvious depression to facilitate the magnetic socket docking. The right side of the body is the up and down keys and the confirmation key. On the back of the watch is printed with WeLoop logo and 5 atmospheric pressure waterproof signs (that can be 50 meters in water under normal work). Dial physical size is 45 * 34.5 * 11mm, translated as human words is, and the general electronic table similar to the hillside table to a small circle. Stretch matte silicone material feel good, metal part of the ring is coated with a black coating. Normal wear of the shape, let us think of college entrance examination for the temporary examination to buy the electronic form.
Software part
If the hardware is special, is from the Sharp’s Memory LCD screen, then the software part of the particularity, it comes from its mobile phone-free design ideas. Its time, step and other core functions are able to work independently of the phone, and even view the movement Cartier love ring replica data can be completed by the watch itself. Its client is only responsible for filtering message push and OTA firmware upgrade and a few features, through the major application market download IMG_0088_ copy. Its as a watch, the most important of course is the dial, and now the version supports the following four dial. It is said that later through the OTA, adding animation effects, team logo, cartoon, expression and other special dial dial. Click the back button on the left, the interface will switch between the dial and the status display, the status display includes power, Bluetooth ID and date.
Click on the right side of the OK key will enter the function interface, which uses 2 screen placed 8 function items, the first screen for the Bluetooth connection, music, camera control, sports health. The second screen is message notification, system settings, time date, version information. Its support for Bluetooth 4.0 and Andrews 4.3 and iPhone4 above the device, the user in the official app click on the device corresponding to the Bluetooth ID to complete the connection. Enter the binding device can also use the Find function to let the phone sound, used to reverse to find the phone was thrown in the corner, it is said that follow the OTA can also join the anti-lost function (that is, the phone and the table more than a certain range will remind the user). Set the second for the music player control, as the name suggests, is in the watch directly to see the phone in the song, can be selected songs, play, cut songs and other conventional operations.
Its camera function is actually remote control mobile phone shutter, mobile phone to open app, the watch can control the phone to take pictures and routes, each of which will be a shock to remind the user. Step function is placed in the fourth set, open can also be maintained after 2 weeks of life, all the data will be displayed directly here, no mobile phone view. Including the number of steps, calories and walking distance, the upper right corner for the date, left and right to switch to other dates, which can record the last week of sports data. Longer data can be viewed through the official WeLoop Health Assistant client, which will automatically upload to the Cartier nail bracelet replica cloud for backup. In fact, we feel that the smart phone is the most practical or notice reminder function, it will automatically notify the mobile phone notification column to the watch, and display the source and details of the notice (limited by the screen size, and sometimes some news information is too long will be half Less than). It will even show the call attribution information, which can not upgrade iOS8 Apple device should be good news!
The second screen The seventh item is the setup menu, which includes backlight, shaking display, night mode (ie, whether to turn on the backlight), motion meter and language control items. The penultimate term is set for time, and the user can manually calibrate the time. Finally, the version and serial number and other machine information.
to sum up
WeLoop Little Black is the most breathtaking of a smart watch. Many of the same products to join the step, notify the push, and even take pictures, but they have two fatal problems: one is not always show the time, need to action or click wake up, the psychological always more than a step; Is sensitive to life, limited by battery technology, volume and life can not have both weight.

its value can be imagined, the appearance of exquisite fashion is very tempting

In recent years, some of the technology video, I believe we have seen a similar scene: agents through the wrist watch and companions secret communications, video surveillance or query a variety of information, as if the agents are exclusive high-tech equipment, even more young People on the high-tech watch mobile phone is full of fascination. In fact, over the past few years, the market appeared in some of the watches on the shape of the phone, but because most of the domestic brands, and the level of technology is difficult to achieve the level of consumer satisfaction, so the watch phone has been difficult to climate. The following watch home to introduce Replica Cartier jewelry you to a Fashion S9110 ultra-thin smart watch phone.
Fashion S9110 ultra – thin smart watch mobile phone introduction
This is the world’s thinnest touch control of a watch phone, so its value can be imagined, the appearance of exquisite fashion is very tempting, the basic function is one by one with. Built-in MP3 player, support for Bluetooth 2.1, Outlook e-mail synchronization, voice recognition technology, etc., this phone Yi Mai network official sales, priced at 995 yuan with Bluetooth headset for only 1150 yuan.
Fashion S9110 watch mobile phone, watch body is very thin, only 11.98mm, 1.76 inch scratch-resistant tempered glass screen, 176X200 pixels, support for touch function. This Fashion S9110 watch phone with stainless steel metal body, black leather strap. Fashion S9110 watch phone also supports Bluetooth, MP3 player, and equipped with Bluetooth headset.
In order to maintain the beauty of the fuselage, Fashion S9110 did not set the side of the fuselage slot, TF expansion card, and GSM number card is behind the back cover battery. Waterproof compressive body, from a personal point of view, Fashion S9110 is used by the evaluation staff of the watch mobile phone in the best of a product, and in its full of science and technology behind the body, but also hidden can not simply through the appearance of the expression Water Squeeze Features! The surface of the Fashion S9110 is specially designed with a reinforced glass mosaic to withstand daily wear and the product also features a standard waterproof function (which prevents water splashing, but can not be used for diving or swimming).
Product parameters
1. The latest release of the world’s first ultra-thin high-definition screen watch Cartier love bracelet replica mobile phone, pure metal to create, fine worthy of the process, stylish appearance. South Korea Samsung design team design ultra-thin with compass function watch mobile phone.
2. Quartet: GSM: 900/850/1800 / 1900Mhz covering the whole world, in any country can be used, can brush multi-language (OUR free).
3. Handwriting, touch the quality of the most stable watch mobile phone, and Samsung S9110 exactly the same mold, Fashion is the pursuit of quality, send friends, send customers, send their loved ones the best choice.
4. Full feature, all the features of the general mobile phone he has, the first South Korean import / compass function / e-book / Bluetooth / voice dial / mass music storage, support mp3, mp4 playback. Really a super cost-effective mobile phone.
5. Built-in camera 2 million pixels, support for sound photography
6. Support memory card, can be extended to 2GB
7. Support GPRS, WAP wireless Internet access
8. Support intelligent language dialing, call convenient and practical, answer the way of diversification: A direct answer; B hands-free answer; C headset answer; D Bluetooth answer. High-grade belt watch mobile phone with additional compass function
Accessories: manual, charger, data cable, battery, wired headset
With now more and more young people like to wear watch mobile phone. Around the topic of this product is also more and more. Smart watches can really call, listen to music, send text messages, listen to the radio and even download applications, these features can be done smart phones. So smartphone mobile phone practical?
Question 1: watch mobile phone life is poor. Especially those who install the operating Fake Cartier love bracelet system watch mobile phone, one day to charge a few times, very inconvenient. No wonder, so small watches, can be loaded with a few hundred milliamperes of lithium batteries into the very good.
Question 2: watch the phone to operate up too card. Xiaobian measured a week crashed twice, a lot of operations are very cards, such a small mobile phone, CPU and RAM certainly smaller, of course, computing power and access capacity is also poor, so there will be frequent crashes.
Question 3: with or without wifi function. If a smart phone without wifi function that is not called a smart phone. Now the watch phone, seemingly intelligent operating system, but because the space is too small, endurance capacity is not, generally do not have wifi function.
At present, we find that these three problems are more serious problems. Although the watch phone looks cool, easy to carry, but to popularize, there is still a long way to go, there are a lot of practical problems to be solved. On the current situation, the purchase of smart watches mobile phone to be careful

Puya card Qiaopu interpretation of Nihua Modi new products do female charm

Puya card Qiaopu interpretation of Nihua Modi new products, do female charm
International fine jewelry brand and diamond dealer Nirav Modi Nihua Modi released a new diamond leader 2017 global advertising, by the global brand ambassador Park Yake Qiao Pula (Priyanka Chopra) and the British actress and model Ruth Huntington Weili ( Rosie Huntington-Whiteley).

Global brand ambassador Puya Ka Qiaopula interpretation of Nihua Modi – diamond leader 2017 global advertising?
Nicholas Modi and the world’s leading photographer Patrick Demarchelier (Patrick Demarchelier) work together to capture the lady and diamond jewelry to wear a charming flower fire, to make women and her jewelry intertwined between the unique relationship The

British actress and model Ruth Huntington Weili interpretation of Nihua Modi – diamond leader 2017 global advertising
Niuhua Modi advertising in the two heroine interpretation Cartier love ring replica of the founder of Mr. Modi’s philosophy: “jewelry diamond ornaments is not just women’s decorations, wearing jewelry to highlight its personality, man and temperament, as their unique personality part.” Founder Moody’s hope that his design of the diamond can be “burning female temperament”, bring out the elegant beauty of women.

Nirav Modi Emerald Waterfall Necklace
Parka Qiao Pula and Ruth Huntington Weili represent the brand of Chinese and Western blend of characteristics, as well as jewelry design behind the deep-rooted cultural history, exquisite craftsmanship and Western keen tentacles perfect combination. Mr. Modi through two actresses, tells the story of a different – classic gorgeous style and modern beauty, elegance and women’s moving scene. Two contemporary women in the lens to show a representative of the black and white film style, like re-tour Bollywood and Hollywood live brilliant golden age.

Nirav Modi Emerald Emerald Series Earrings
Internationally famous actress Pu Yaca Qiaopula is the first actress in the United States as the heroine Bollywood actress, in addition to winning the film awards, she is the first Indian actor to participate in the United States in prime time to play the TV drama (Quantico), and in this summer’s heavy film [beach rescue team] (Baywatch) to participate Cartier love bracelet replica in the role of villain. In addition to the success of the model career, she has also participated in the film [Transformers: Dark Moon (Transformers: Dark of the Moon) and [end of the pioneer: armor] (Mad Max: Fury Road ) Shoot.

Ruth Huntington Weili Pei Dai Nihua Moody Embrace Series Bracelet
Advertisement show Nihua Modi senior jewelry series and the iconic Embrace series, Jasmine series and marriage series. Nihua Moody Embrace bracelet full of creativity and interesting, unique “stretch” design can be perfectly close to the wrist, is indispensable jewelry accessories every day. The Jasmine series presents the beauty of jasmine in full bloom, with a long oval (briolette) diamonds and a branded patented “jasmine-type cut” to design a gentle and elegant petal form. Classic eternal marriage series, set in simple and flawless single diamonds, flashing light to witness the unwavering love and life commitment.

The concept of the implementation of the brand, bring out the modern women’s fashion, strong and charming elegance, while showing their positive and positive side.

Vacheron Constantin PATRIMONY Traditionnelle World Time Watch

Vacheron Constantin PATRIMONY Traditionnelle World Time Watch

18 K pink gold case, diameter 4 2 .5 mm, Vacheron Constantin homemade 2 4 6 0 W T automatic winding movement, dial to “Lambert Projector (Lambert Projector)” made the world map, with 37 time zone display

This year’s Geneva, there are two very force to the world when the watch, one in the SIHH off the premises, is developed by the F.P Journe UTC world standard time watch, the other in the field, is this Vacheron Constantin world time watch. Speaking of the world, Vacheron Constantin can be considered experts in related fields, and the last century 30’s first, and then continue to introduce new. But the world when the function is not like other complex Cartier love bracelet replica functions, it is based on the reality of the time zone is divided, design ideas can only be down to earth, it is difficult to maverick, but can not ignore the objective requirements of the wearer, it is difficult to create subversive works.

This PATRIMONY Traditionnelle world time watch, in the full time zone and the convenience of the operation of the outstanding performance. At present, some countries in the world use the time difference with the world standard time of half an hour or fifteen minutes, such as Venezuela in 2007 will adjust the whole time zone for the half-time zone (GMT-4: 30), this table can display 37 time zones Of the time, covering all areas that can be imagined. It is also very simple operation, a crown all get. The wearer only needs to select the desired time zone city on the 24-hour digital disc and rotate to the black triangle mark at 6 o’clock to accurately read. For example, the figure shows the current time in Geneva 10:11 local time, while Geneva and adjacent to the time zone of London was 9:11.
Earl Emperador Coussin ultra-thin automatic winding tourbillon watch

18K rose gold case, diameter 46.5 mm, 10.4 mm thick, the assembly of the Earl system 1270P ultra-thin automatic winding tourbillon movement, movement and the shape of the same case. Laser engraved sapphire transparent dial, eccentric hour and minute hand, Tourbillon at 1 o’clock, pearl tuo at 9 o’clock, power reserve 40 hours, the table strap energy display. Limited sale

This count spent three years to create a gold watch, is a set of high-level watches and jewelry, the two systems and a masterpiece for. In the past to see the high-level jewelry table, almost all in the gem mosaic to make a fuss, and these stones or diamonds itself is not necessary for the function of the watch, but played a decorative role, and advanced watches and clocks to mechanical process-oriented value system completely Do not take the world. The jewelry industry, the most commonly used precious metals, even in the watch even the role of decoration did not play, but the status of a symbol of status.

But this Emperador Coussin ultra-thin tourbillon table is the precious metal material Cartier love ring replica sense of value and decorative and watch the function itself perfectly together. Had to admit, Pearl Tuo from the table back to the dial, the achievements of this table the biggest bright spot, gold pendulum engraved on the count family badge, exquisite and dazzling degree of no less than a 3 carat diamond. It is not only for the good-looking, but also to achieve the world’s thinnest tourbillon automatic table necessary in the transparent sapphire dial under the non-stop, showing the count of sophisticated craftsmanship.

Platinum or platinum case, 44.2 mm in diameter, fitted with Lange self-made L043.2 hand winding movement, constant power escapement system, power reserve 36 hours, with jump, jump points, timekeeping, newspaper and dial stop Function, platinum limited edition 100 only

Lange will be the first “ring table” award to ZEITWERK, this is by no means accidental.

ZEITWERK L043 movement used in the jump jump when the digital disk display system for the integration of the self-ming wheel to provide the ideal platform. When the digital disk to run forward, it will release a huge moment of power, after the completion of the gear switch, still can provide enough power to tension the spring, which drive two hammer timekeeping. The hammer made of stainless steel is black polished and placed on both sides of the small dial on the dial. The left side of the sound hammer sounded once every hour, with low tone of the music timekeeping; the right side of the hammer is knocked once every quarter of the time, with high tone music timekeeping. The two springs are suspended between the dial and the bezel, easy to identify.

ZEITWERK STRIKING TIME table is different from the traditional self-ming table or ask the table, it is more low than they are, is a simple time tips, you can work and business occasions to wear. If the environment does not allow sound, just press the button at 4 o’clock position, you can turn off the timekeeping function: silent mode easy to confirm, as long as the sapphire crystal mirror to see if the mallet is off the sound spring can be. In addition, when the crown is pulled out, the hammer will return to its original position, so that it will be able to set the time in both directions without triggering or accidentally interfering with the timekeeping device.
Montblanc Veraire 1858 series of re-engraved measurement pulse chronograph

Rose gold and platinum section of the limited amount of 58, respectively, black and white enamel plate, with pulse measurement function, the case diameter of 39 mm, assembly MBM 13-21 single-button chronograph movement, power storage 60 hours

Montblanc launched this year 5 new products, of which 3 is based on the concept of time-based. Looking back at the current Geneva show, can make people remember the chronograph is probably the three of the. If not because of the insistence of Montblanc, “chronograph” these three words will be buried in this year’s Geneva.

And the past five years, Veraire 1858 series compared to the introduction of the watch, this engraved version has a major change is the size of the reduced. 39.5 mm case size, and the last century 30’s chronograph size trend echo, thin body movement after only 29.5 mm, but also embodies Cartier nail bracelet replica the column wheel structure, single-button timing and other classical chronograph and traditional watchmaking process essence The For the wrist is not enough stupid table fans, of course, this is good news, because the size of the past simply do not wear wrist, even if it is like a pocket watch style of movement, The outermost edge of the dial with a red pulse meter scale, as long as the start pulse timing table timing function, while the probe to stop at the time of the first 30 hours, that moment the second hand pointed to the scale is the pulse rate. In those days, only the rich and doctors, engineers, explorers who specialists who may have a watch, pulse chronograph by the doctor welcome, and later was called “doctor table” reputation.
RICHARD MILLE RM030 (Tuo Tuo automatic detachment) automatic models

Barrel-shaped case, optional titanium alloy, platinum or rose gold, size 50 × 42.70 × 13.95 mm, titanium alloy torque limit crown, double barrel movement, put Tuo can automatically out of power, storage 50 hours

This year, in the Tuo Tuo article to do the article a few. Perhaps the popularity of ultra-thin comfortable wind reason, Earl, Roger Dolby, Parma Johnny and RICHARD MILLE have launched a pearl Tuo movement style, Audemars Piguet also has a patented ring pendulum Tuo works come out. However, like RM030 so purely in the performance of the article put the article can be said to be unique.

As we all know, put Tuo, also known as automatic Tuo, is the movement of the wrist for the winding to provide power. Once the energy reaches saturation, and the wrist is still in motion, it may lead to excessive winding. Traditionally, this has been avoided by a raised spring device. But the spring constantly bounce, but also on the barrel to cause a certain degree of damage accumulation, especially when the wearer when the intense movement – this is precisely the characteristics of the RM watch.

In view of this, Richard Mille spent four years developing and designing a set of automatic detachment of the Tuo system: when the power storage to 50 hours, put Tuo will use a special mechanical structure to achieve automatic disengagement, no longer When the power reserve drops to 40 hours, the pendulum will automatically grasp and re-start work until the power storage reaches 50 hours.
Van Cleef & Arpels Décor Makis Premium Jewelry Table

Platinum jewelery bracelets, diamonds, sapphires, pink gemstones and onyx. Platinum diamond case, mother of pearl dial. Swiss quartz movement. The world is limited to one

The brightest star on SIHH is still inspired by the novel of French novelist Jules Verne. It describes: when an extraordinary adventure came to an end, the balloon landed in the African jungle, surrounded by lush and dazzling plants.

The simple lines outline the abundance of the stem leaves and the delicate beauty of the petals, the mosaic of emeralds and sapphires, the two men with diamonds, the black onyx tail monkeys in the forest free shuttle, become wrist on the wonderful decoration.

This high-level jewelry table reflects the extraordinary Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry production process. Jewelry table with each of the gems are in line with the brand jeweler set up the strict standards – green green, blue was deep, pink and tender and beautiful – only with the ultimate quality and beauty of the gems of the soul to show people eyebrows Harmony tone. Watch the central shape of the flowers can be opened or closed, dial made of mother of pearl.

The courage to be involved in the natural career explorers and outdoor enthusiasts

Casio Mountaineering Series PRW-5000
The courage to be involved in the natural career explorers and outdoor enthusiasts, always in the world of the world deeply feel the pulse of nature, enjoy the experience of outdoor adventure to bring us the passion and fun. A high-end powerful outdoor watch, can help you a hand.

Watch brand Casio’s PROTREK climbing series of new PRW-5000, through the use of advanced triple sensing technology, accurate measurement of the various changes in nature, while carrying the original cutting-edge technology 6 Bureau of radio, solar drive imitation Cartier love bracelet and other powerful features, high-tech use To the reality, to make it a help you to conquer the mountains, swim deep sea professional wrist equipment.
Triple sensing technology

PRW-5000, innovative triple sensor technology, so you easily into the natural, swim heaven and earth. It can measure the direction, atmospheric pressure / temperature and altitude, whether you are climbing mountains or diving deep sea, you can clearly know the direction, and access to detailed and accurate pressure and other data and pictures, easy to use and analysis. This wrist equipment, to your outdoor adventure process provides the most trusted support.

Dual mode display, high visibility dial design

Pointer and LCD digital dual display mode, clear and clear, used to show the direction of the three sensors, atmospheric pressure / temperature and height data. The small dial of the watch is used to display various measurement data. When the needle and minute hand show the current time, the small dial is also converted into the display of the current function data, and the important function of the watch is precisely performed. The wearer can directly through the small dial Read the data clearly.

Dial time scale used in two different colors, time index on the use of more simple white, strong contrast to further improve the visibility, easy to read.

The center of the small dial using the compass direction of the design concept, large size Replica Cartier jewelry hour and minute hand, simple design, to avoid overlapping with the LCD cross, in the visual and more clear.

In the LCD display, the digital display is the measurement direction, atmospheric pressure / temperature and height of the data, while the highly changing icon and atmospheric pressure trend graph is also displayed on the LCD. Visibility of the pointer and the combination of digital LCD display, so that all kinds of measurement data can be even if the display. For your travel to provide more accurate information on all kinds of information to ensure that the fun of nature travel and explore the unknown wonderful.

Compass dial, showing different functions

PRW-5000 in the dial design on the originality, very special. Using a compass-style dial, enhanced outdoor sense and cool feeling. In addition the watch button set a large size, even in cold weather conditions, wearing gloves you can simple and lightweight operation. Three large buttons, COMP digital compass, shown in 16 directions in 12 o’clock, and within 365 degrees; BARO barometer thermometer button, atmospheric pressure data can be automatically updated every two hours; ALTI height button , You can display your current height data, every two minutes or 5 seconds to automatically update.

Different buttons show different functions, everything starting from the utility, to meet the needs of explorers and mountaineering enthusiasts.

6 Bureau of radio, solar drive system

Casio’s original 6-way radio reception and solar drive system, automatic reception time accurate, and absorb the sun enough environmentally friendly, which for those who like outdoor adventure, the absolute practical, no matter where you are in the nature of the trip Position, you can get accurate time, courage to move forward.

In addition, in order to highlight the strong sense of outdoor watch, PRW-5000 bezel, such as diamond-like aluminum frame bright and bright, full of vigor and strength, in the stainless steel bezel engraved exquisite pattern filling the details of beauty, interpretation of the outdoor The beauty of sport.

DW watch how much money the price?

DW watch how much money the price?
Daniel Wellington (DW) Chinese name Daniel Wellington. Is a Swedish fashion watch brand. Product characteristics to the British retro style-based. Brand on the market, they received a lot of attention to consumers! So DW watch how much money it?
With the continuous development of Daniel Wellington, its temperament Cartier love bracelet replica continues to sublimate and form a completely different logo with other watches. Now, whether it is nylon or new leather strap models, are accompanied by a thick college style and never-ending minimalist design.
Daniel Weellington’s domestic distributor is Xiamen Zunshi Trading Co., Ltd., selling price in the domestic market: Daniel Wellington watch leather strap price of 1,300 yuan or so. If it is DW nylon strap will be a little cheaper, 1100 or so!
What brand is Fossil, what is the Chinese name?
Fossil is what brand, the Chinese name is what? Many friends have seen the Fossil brand, but do not know what this brand, the Chinese name is what. The following watch home to tell you it!
Fossil is a global fashion brand from the United States, focusing on fashion accessories Chinese called “Fu Shi”. Fossil was founded in 1984, is the first to watch the value and style of the perfect combination of the US brand, the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the brand in 2014. Watch is no longer just a timing tool, but also become a manifestation of the individual style of the wrist between the necessities. Since then, Fossil has leaped into one of America’s most popular brands. [1] product lines include fashion watches, bags, jewelry and clothing. Head office Fossil Inc. (FOSL: NASDAQ) is one of the world’s largest fashion watch manufacturers. Fossil early years to Stefanie Sun and Wang Lihong endorsement.
Fossil is passionate about product design and is as passionate as a customer. Fossil’s design approach follows three principles, which are the core of all the long-standing things: eternal style, true inspiration and natural creativity, based on the perception of retro style.
Gc watch how to rank?
Gc Watches watch referred to as Gc watch, it is the Swiss watchmaking process and the integration of European fashion elements. To create a quality of excellence, fashion exquisite fashion watch. Gc watches in Europe’s popularity is very high. Is a lot of fashion people will travel with one of the watch brand. So how is the ranking of Gc watches?
Each Gc watch is equipped with a high-precision Swiss movement. Gc Watches produces Cartier love ring replica high quality materials, including durable stainless steel and dazzling diamonds. From the crisp texture of the dial, to the folding buckle, uncompromising attention to the bottom cover, and then inlaid with Gc logo embossed crown, Gc Watches each typical feature, is no relentless pursuit of the details of the crystallization. Whether it is natural mother of pearl dial, or carbon fiber luxury Italian leather strap, are further reflected Gc Watches on the individual needs of close attention. All of these elements through the craftsmen clever art processing, to create a unique modern design style. These watches have an elegant appearance and excellent internal quality, so that the wearer more valiant heroic.
As for the Gc watch rankings, the first Gc watch is not a professional watch brand, the world’s top ten watches do not have Gc watches position. In the same type of fashion watch, Gc is still a very unique brand. But not as CK, Armani and other brand awareness is high!
Mares Smart diving table function introduction
Smart can be said to be integrated with all the Mares computer model, and previously loved by everyone like the classic Nemo Excel, four diving modes to meet all your requirements, AIR (air mode); Nitrox (mixed high oxygen mode) ; Bottom timer (underwater timer) and Free dive (free dive).
Mares Smart diving table function introduction
In the diving mode display, Smart still use Mares commonly used computer table display form, three lines show:
The first line shows the current depth and average depth
The second line shows the current decompression status and the remaining time
The third line is a combination of the water environment, gas environment and diving time, clear Cartier nail bracelet replica display of the divers so that the divers in the water more assured, especially the new diver, to eliminate the feeling of underwater also has a certain sense, because it really press Seconds in real time.
In the log records, the use of 5 seconds sampling rate, 35 hours of logging, and each information is clearly listed.
Smart replicates the PUCK PRO’s best display, adds a button, the button is placed on one side and the profile is narrow, but the operation is comfortable. On the front of the table, you can simply set up the high oxygen or view your dive log.
Mares in the late computer battery, are designed to create a user can replace the battery operation, which greatly eliminates the need to send to the maintenance center and the time and cost.
Of course, for diving records and upgrade software, users only need a USB cable can not only dive data into the computer and complete the software upgrade, and the entire diving record clearly shows the diving environment and mode, and the way the curve shows the state of motion, For the future analysis of medical data has played a crucial role.

Bao Fei Seoul brand introduction brand profile, brand source, the future development

Bao Fei Seoul brand introduction brand profile, brand source, the future development
Bao Fei Seoul brand introduction, the following will introduce the brand of Bao Fei, brand sources, the future development. Bao Feier is a well-known retail jewelery brand of Cocoa Phil Jewelry Co., Ltd., mainly in China as the target market, the past few years, Bao Feier has become a rapid rise in the Chinese market jewelry brand.
Pfeiffer brand profile
Shenzhen Coco Phil Jewelry Co., Ltd., established in 2009, is a collection of jewelry design, production and sales as one integrated enterprise, the company has a first-class jewelry design team and a modern jewelry factory workshop, customer service Europe and the United States, the Middle East and China Hong Kong and Taiwan regions. Companies adhere to the people-oriented, customer first business philosophy, products and technology excellence, has been imitation Cartier love bracelet unanimously approved by customers and peers. In recent years, with the rise of the domestic market, the company put more energy into the domestic market jewelry research and development and sales, and achieved good results.

Po Feier brand source

Bao Feier jewelry jewelry from France, with high quality, unique design known. With superb manufacturing process and close to the trend of the design, Paufer Seoul 20-40 year-old women by the highly respected. In the 30-40 year-old city of white collar women in the crowd, Bao Feier has become synonymous with beautiful fashion jewelry, as the beauty of the intimate accessories of choice.

Bao Feier jewelry series of products mainly for sales in China. The main products are natural crystal, pearl, crystal diamond and other natural gem as the main material, combined with precious metal handmade mosaic made. Each of the Baoyi Er jewelry are gathered dozens of designers for several years of effort, specifically for the success of Chinese women led by white-collar women.

The future development of Bao Feier
At present, the Paufer Seoul jewelry in China has a production base and design research and development centers, and granted the Shenzhen City Cocoa Phil Jewelry Co., Ltd. Greater China operation rights. Bao Feier jewelry will be rooted in China, the continuation of high quality, high taste of the traditional, together with the Chinese workplace to embrace fashion and beauty.

A piece of jewelry, in fact, also need to have the soul!
Audrey silver jewelry brand introduction, the following will introduce Audrey silver jewelry brand profile, corporate culture, design concept. Audrey company has a design avant-garde, unique style of jewelry designers to four distinct clothing with demand as the starting point, while insight into the modern urban dress personality needs, to create a unique style, different styles of fashion silverware , Hair, production and sales in one of the integrated enterprise.
“AODELY Audrey” brand from the internationally renowned star Audrey Hepburn, and as her, cute, beautiful, romantic, elegant, sweet, unique, eclectic.

AODELY Audrey silver jewelry design style closely fit the season of international jewelry trends, styles and diverse, whether it is Bohemian style, classical luxury style, modern minimalist style, or new romantic style, AODELY Audrey Silver are all Interpretation of the most incisive. Silver and fashion integration, embraced each other. In many people’s view, AODELY Audrey Silver is not just an accessories, she is the soul of fashion, is the portrayal of the mood, is the release of charm, is a beautiful endorsement.

Audrey silver to a very personality without publicity of the design style, and guide the trend of fashion and by modern people of all ages and sought after. In order to meet the jewelry consumption market innovation and development trend, to meet the different needs of different consumers, each quarter are introduced nearly a hundred new products to enrich our product style and structure. The existing products include earrings, earrings, rings, rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and other fashion silverware, according to the different technology antique Thai silver, fashion bright silver and mosaic and other products, exquisite technology, high quality Replica Cartier jewelry, all through the national quality inspection departments Qualified, and the product serialization, respectively, to the concept of accessories series, the theme of the series of accessories, seasonal trend of the series, such as fashion to the market.

Audrey brand silver through the above level in the city’s high-end shopping malls set up a brand counter mode of operation, and achieved very good results. Rigorous franchisee choice, standardize the operation of the market and the steady development of the company, so that Audrey brand silver jewelry has always been in the market to maintain high-end and good image, AODELY Audrey International brand fashion silver is the country invited to join the silver agent, welcome People of insight to join Audrey cause, to create a win-win and a better future!

AODELY Audrey, creating a beautiful new world.

Audrey silver brand culture

AODELY core values

AODELY is the challenger who loves the perfect life

AODELY knows that there is little perfection in the world. However, for the perfect life, the desire for the perfect thing, AODELY assiduous, tireless efforts to meet to meet one after another challenge. AODELY to intellectual sense of the perception of fashion trends, to create a perfect life.

AODELY is the suzerain of free spiritual space

AODELY love life, longing for freedom. AODELY eclectic, with a positive attitude to face every or usual or unforgettable day. AODELY know that living space is limited, the spiritual world is boundless. Therefore, AODELY has been the pursuit of their own pure faith, whether in the countryside or in the hustle and bustle of the city, AODELY have a mind to keep the pure land, a spirit of Nirvana.

AODELY is an advocate of colorful fashion trends

AODELY understand the ever-changing fashion trends, popular do not need any reason. AODELY know how fashion women desire for romantic free life. So, AODELY with her keen insight to grasp the international fashion pulse, capture accessories design and life of the best entry point and the combination point, advocate meet the modern personality of the fashion culture, art and culture fully blended, let you free to wander In the trend of the waves, to enjoy their own most dazzling, coolest, the latest and most beautiful fashion.

AODELY brand connotation

Love life, enjoy happiness, have their own taste, not blindly;

Beautiful and sincere, peace and confidence, the courage to realize the dream, do not give up;

Relaxed and happy, optimistic, dare to challenge themselves, not arrogant.

AODELY free stretch, clarity ethereal; calm yet personality, warm and know how to relax.

AODELY brand purpose

AODELY – provide the perfect dressing program

AODELY unique consultative sales model, will be in the flow of water like a pleasant exchange to provide you with the most perfect decorative program, so that you easily have their own accessories. AODELY design inspiration comes from the real life and full of temptations of association and imagination, whether you maverick, or lead the fashion, AODELY can meet you to express their wishes.

AODELY’s ornaments and system services, the intention of your beautiful achievements.

AODELY – Accurately spread the ornamental culture

AODELY is committed to the spread of her unique ornamental culture to where she can reach. AODELY that, like accessories and clothing, not just for the beautiful, but also highlights a mood.

Good mood need to love the dress to dress up, bad mood needs special ornaments to change, AODELY will help you more clearly understand yourself, more confident to express themselves.

AODELY – carefully explore the beauty of detail

Details determine the overall, unique details can produce unexpected finishing effect. To this end, AODELY carefully explore the details of the United States, and strive to pursue the details of the overall harmony and unity, and on this basis for the maximum publicity for your personality, interpretation of the mood.

Audrey silver design concept
Simple but not simple, luxurious and not cumbersome, avant-garde and not indulge.

In the classical rubbing into the modern consciousness, to show the eternal elegance, for the keen fashion people to enjoy the freedom to enjoy the space, so long trapped poetic habitat.

Fashion is not to show off, rich but not vulgar, there is a noble taste but never narcissistic, she will always know how to beautiful, such as trickle into every stage of life for their own every day to create a different posture.

Advocating luxury, but not aggressive, there is a touch of Bourgeois temperament, that is reserved also cheerful, Zhang Chi degree.

Eternal Ring Price

Eternal Ring Price
What is the price of the Eternal Ring? Every love ring is a symbol of eternity! So, how much is the eternal ring price? The general price of tens of dollars to several hundred dollars a few thousand dollars have, mainly depends on the individual on the ring of the budget.
Eternal rings are to see if they are able to pay for everything in Cartier love bracelet replica mind for each other. Eternity is forever, lasting meaning, meaning that the spirit and the world forever, the same, a symbol of people’s life and the world’s good wishes. Eternal, eternal; forever or forever. Usually refers to the human perception or perception that things will never change.

In the concept of Zoakai, the eternal ring is not only precious material and process aesthetics of the condensate, it is a long faithful companions, for the precious time to support, the mind imprint engraved! So, regardless of the love of the people to buy the diamond ring how much the price of cohesion is eternal!

How much money is the eternal ring?

How much is the eternal ring? Eternal Ring is the best gift for people who love to love eternal love! As the saying goes, diamonds forever forever, a perpetual pass, love her to send her Zoukai eternal diamond ring it! Zokai eternal diamond ring price in about 7 to tens of thousands of tens of thousands of tens of thousands and so on the price of the price, specifically to see their own preferences and budget. The following is a small series of part of the eternal diamond ring collection for your reference:
1, Zoacai [eternal commitment] PT950 platinum on the ring 5698.00 yuan

2, Zoacai [eternal love] rose gold on the ring 4099.00 yuan

3, Zoakai 【Forever love】 white 18K gold on the ring 2099.00 yuan

4, Zoacai [century classic – eternal] white 18k gold 100 points / 1 carat diamond ring 43999.00 yuan

5, [eternal time] white 18K gold 8 points / 0.08 carat diamond men’s ring 4299.00 yuan
Lord of the Rings ring prices generally in twenty or thirty to one hundred or so, depending on the specific style of the ring, material, gold and so on. If it is gold material, the price of thousands also; if it is 925 silver ring ring ring ring, the price is 50 to two hundred or so; if it is Cartier love ring replica titanium steel ring, the price is about thirty or forty yuan can buy The
Ring of Ring Ring Price. Lord of the Rings ring is derived from the “Lord of the Rings” movie ring, in the legend of the Middle East in the second century, the Nuoer more elves in the outstanding craftsman Kailai Mu Brinbo under the guidance of the dark devil Sauron Three wizard ring, seven dwarf ring and nine human ring.

Ring of Ring Ring Price. In addition, Sauron has secretly cast a supreme supreme Lord of the Rings, this Lord of the Rings can make the player stealth and make it lonely, but the most terrible is that the Lord of the Rings can control the remaining nineteen The ring and has the power of enslaving the world, it is to help Sauron to the whole of the Middle East in the darkness.

How much is the ring ring ring?

How much is the ring ring ring? Lord of the Rings ring prices in the tens of dollars to more than one hundred, ring ring ring ring is derived from the classic ring of the brave, are generally open ring, you can self-adjusting hand ring, it is based on the movie ring elements designed ring , Restore classic. The following is the Xiaobian collection of the ring on the ring of the price, for your reference:
1, the magic ring ring king 999 sterling silver men’s ring Korean domineering gold silver open single ring 59.00 yuan

2, powder ya silver homes magic ring titanium steel men’s ring men’s ring Europe and the United States simple refers to the king of personality domineering female index finger 38.00 yuan

3, supreme magic ring ring king necklace silver jewelry men’s pendant clavicle hanging lettering character personalized hanging lanyard ring 85.00 yuan

4, Sa Ya Lord of the Ring Lord of the Lord of the Rings ring rings ring Korean version of the engagement ring a pair of lettering jewelry 199.00 yuan

5,925 Silver Lord of the Ring Couples Ring Fashion Silver Ring Ring Ring Ring Korean Silver Engraved Engraved $ 198.00
Onlymark ring how much money? Onlymark ring price, as a dedicated custom brand, Onlymark the ring from a few thousand dollars can be customized, but no Onlymark the price of the ring is how much this is the most precious one of each ring.
Onlymark create a real name system ring, each person with ID card life can only buy one, give their favorite people in this life, is the only promise of love, Onlymark represents a sincere, life only the highest love. The only true love is not the price, and in the heart of love is firm, whether there is only true love faith.

Onlymark the only mark ring price no matter how much, are the most precious Cartier nail bracelet replica ring, the precious is not how high the price, but every Onlymark ring is the only true love of this commitment, not just a ring, but a Wholeheartedly dedicated to the heart.

Onlymark ring price

Onlymark ring price is the same as the traditional diamond ring, follow the 4C price standard, but Onlymark that only the most pure diamonds to reflect the most beautiful love, creating a 4C standard new era “super 4C” standard, only the best cut Work, clarity must be above VS2, the color must be above the J color. The following is the Xiaobian collection of the price on the onlymark ring, for your reference:

1, onlymark [Only you] – white 18K gold diamond diamond ring 20 points diamond 5649.00 yuan

2, onlymark [Marry me] – white 18K gold diamond diamond ring 30 points diamond 7525.00 yuan

3, onlymark [My Heart] – white 18K gold diamond diamond ring 50 points diamond 16996.0 yuan

4, onlymark [forever love] – white 18K gold diamond diamond ring 1 carat diamond 68183.0 yuan
How much is the body ring? Self-defense ring prices are generally 20 to 200 yuan or so, but also some high-tech products on the price of thousands. In the absence of systematic training, self-defense ring is a very practical self-defense weapons.

Criminals in the crime when the election will be the target. In physical fitness, strength, speed are weak in the case of self-defense can only rely on its surprise attack. In the use of self-defense ring before, you can first shout a hero Rao life, pretend to purse, and then feel absolutely sure to give him a fatal blow. So what are the factors that affect the price of the self-defense ring?
1, if the style of self-defense ring, the heavier weight, the higher the cost, the price will be higher, on the contrary, the lower.

2, self-styled ring style design. Self-defense ring more light, the more simple operation, the more fashionable style, the higher the price. On the contrary, the lower.

3, self-defense ring function. In a foreign country, there is a self-defense ring called Replica Cartier love bracelet Siren Ring, only need to rotate the ring surface will be able to create harsh sound, used to scare off the attacker or cause the attention of the surrounding crowd, indirectly play a help, because the production costs are higher, The price is about 1520 yuan, very expensive; and the domestic attack performance of the self-defense ring, the price is 30 to 200 yuan or so.

Self-defense ring price [picture style]

Self-defense ring price [picture style] self-defense ring is not hurt others only on the basis of self-protection and use, in self-defense, the gangster’s face and the lower part of the Adam’s apple is more vulnerable to injury, but before the shot, the action not too Obviously, otherwise it is easy to be prevented. Self-defense of this thing if it was perceived, and basically no effect, so the best self-defense is not to put themselves in danger. The following is the Xiaobian collection of self-defense ring prices for your reference:

1, Siren Ring rotating ring face will be able to create harsh sound self-defense ring 1520.00 yuan

2, Di Tuo tungsten steel attack head ring girls anti-wolf escape survival tiger finger pull defense finger ring broken window self-defense tools 26.00 yuan

3, CIMA self-defense supplies defense weapons refers to the tiger refers to the anti-body supplies anti-wolf fashion ring men and women generally 39.00 yuan

4, genuine CIMA self-defense supplies defense weapons refers to the tiger refers to Fake Cartier love bracelet the girls self-defense supplies anti-wolf fashion ring 24.00 yuan

5, CooYoo cool friends cold ring body ring titanium alloy necklace tritium gas self-luminous tungsten steel head self-defense weapons self-defense 299.00 yuan

Diamond bird bare diamond price

Diamond bird bare diamond price
Diamond bird was founded in 2002, the first to “mouse + cement” model into the network of luxury sales, is one of the earliest online diamond brand. Diamond is a very favorite gem, with the diamond forever, a perpetual spread of the birth of this ad, the diamond has become one of the most popular jewelry, and enduring. Diamond bird is one of the earliest online diamond brand, diamond bird support bare diamond purchase, provide custom diamond ring, but also direct purchase wedding ring, ring, accessories, then diamond bird bare diamond price how?

Diamond bird bare diamond price how? Diamond bird is currently set up in the country 15 line experience center, to provide consumers with one-on-one exclusive jewelry consultancy services, the Shanghai flagship experience center covers an area of nearly 2,000 Cartier nail bracelet replica square meters, par the world’s top luxury interior decoration, is At present, “Asia’s largest diamond jewelry experience center”. As the leading brand of the diamond industry, diamond bird pioneered the bare diamond wedding customization service, for each pair of lovers love vow to create exclusive shine keepsake.

Diamond bird bare diamond price how much money? Diamond bird is the most representative of the diamond non-northern light none other, you can go to the diamond bird’s official website view, choose their own want to diamond 4C level, you can learn bare drill price. For example: diamond bird ordinary bare drill: weight 0.30 carat color D clarity SI2 cut VG bare diamond price of 3100 yuan or so, diamond bird northern light bare drill: weight 0.34 carat color D clarity VS2 cut ideal Ideal polishing Symmetrical Ideal bare diamond price of 11400 yuan or so.

Diamond bird bare diamond price is not expensive? Bare diamond price is not expensive with the diamond brand did not care, the most direct impact on the bare diamond price is diamond 4C level, that is, different drilling different color, weight, clarity, cutting can be a good judge the level of the value of diamonds. Relative to other jewelry in terms of bare diamond prices are still relatively high, but under the conditions of economic conditions, with a fine bare diamond is really a pleasing thing, which will make your life more beautiful , So that your life becomes more romantic and warm, of course, diamond bird bare diamond prices are also closely related with the diamond 4C, and the brand does not matter.
Founded in January 2010, the company is the first professional full-channel diamond retail brand in China, through the “network + entity” mode of operation, for the majority of consumers with diamond inlaid jewelry, diamond stone, diamond custom, diamond investment And other products and services. The price has always been the first consideration for the purchase of diamonds, each of the Latin American from the global group of large-scale procurement of diamonds, through the direct sales model to reduce the traditional diamond circulation of the intermediate links, to avoid the traditional channels back to the store deduction point, significantly reduced Diamond goods prices, for consumers to bring real benefits, then the price of each carat diamond ring how much money?

How about the price per carat diamond ring? Every gram of Latin American public commitment, all through the formal channels of every gram of Latin America to buy the diamond ring, are equipped with the authority of the jewelry certification body of the relevant certificate to ensure that consumers are buying genuine. Every gram of Latin America is a professional qualification of the jewelry brand, for them, “the same drill, the price of half of the province,” saying Zuoqi Yi jewelry suggested that you choose the diamond ring, try to choose 4C higher level diamond ring, after all, Diamond for most consumers, are not cheap.

How much is the price per carat diamond ring? Each Latin American diamond as one of the well-known brands of domestic diamonds, diverse, standard clear, courteous service, the quality of diamonds is also worthy of trust. In contrast, the price per carat diamond ring is more imitation Cartier love bracelet favorable, the price is low so that the average consumer can not believe the point. For example, from the diamond ring price comparison table can be seen, a weight 0.32, color D, clarity VS2, cut for the EX, polished EX, symmetrical EX ring market price of about 8,000 yuan, The price per carat diamond ring is about 5100 yuan.

Per gram of Latin American diamond ring expensive expensive? The price per carat diamond ring relative to the luxury goods is still relatively affordable, but every carat diamond network in the early days of the establishment of the “emotional gift”, mainly for young consumers through the Latin American diamond network feel in addition to the expression of lovers Love, more hope is able to pass on the family’s gratitude, thanks to friends, to their own encouragement, so the pricing of goods, the selection of money on the use of mind, each commodity is carrying a full carat Love.
Love is only destined to start, no happy ending, although we do not have soul-stirring love, but we are very happy, love your girlfriend on the side, a 20-point diamond ring, condensed with deep affection, it is a time Capsules, sealed memories of love, whether you are ready to marry or marry, and ultimately, a bright diamond ring to witness this beautiful process, 20 points of the diamond ring, that is, carat weight is 0.2 carat diamond ring, then 20 points diamond ring price how is it?

20 points diamond ring how the price? The attractiveness of the diamond ring people can not stop, every girl will want to have a diamond ring, whether it is 20 points diamond ring or 30 diamond ring, a diamond ring to bring happiness, bring the bright always people can not say. The size of the diamond ring and mosaic way, a 20 points diamond ring price is the first choice for young people, it can decorate a woman but will not seem flashy, it can express love and can meet the love of women’s love, just A 20-point diamond ring will be able to meet the little mind of women.

20 cents the price of the diamond ring? 20 points diamond ring prices for different brands of diamond ring prices also have a great impact, different diamond ring purchase channel will certainly affect the price of diamond ring, and now more from the Internet directly to the business sales to consumers, which will greatly reduce Diamond ring costs, so the price will be reduced. 20 points diamond ring how much money have to look at the diamond 4C level, 20 points in the imitation Cartier love bracelet diamond price is generally 2000 to million, generally depends on the diamond level and brand prices such as large fluctuations.

20 points diamond ring price is not expensive? The price of the diamond ring between the brand is very expensive, 20 points diamond ring prices in different brands is also a big gap, the international brand in the royal aristocratic jewelry called Cartier, it is under the brand 20 points diamond price is expensive Platinum platinum raw materials processing design, representing the highest yearning for each woman, usually around 20,000, while compared to the domestic Chow Tai Fook brand 20 points diamond ring price is also in the forefront of its 20 points diamond ring if the price Using the same material, then the price is roughly around 10,000.