Patek Philippe is the earliest sports watches but also by the famous watch designer

Some people say Asians can not afford to hold the octagonal wrist wide, European and American tough guy style is more suitable for rough case. Today, however, more and more people like the Royal Oak, and even women wear octagonal large case, more flavor. Do not always look at the case that is too large, have the ability to get started, even if not suitable, you will find that this is definitely a poison.

Audemars Piguet, gives the greatest shock is the tough, domineering case design Cartier love bracelet replica, the legendary Royal Oak design was completed overnight design, good inspiration does not care how long it takes, but how classic. Gerald Charles Genta, who seems to have a special affinity for the octagon, ties it naturally and perfectly to the case, so let’s talk about the fantastic design of the case. Steel watch is the most classic I think, the kind of drawing polished case, the kind of heavy metal feeling, people are very much looking forward to take it ride a world feeling. This Audemars Piguet self-winding series 15703ST.OO.A002CA.01 watch, with a 42 mm case, this size is definitely large enough, those who want to try friends, ready for your wrist.

This large dial is ideal for close look at the octagonal case from the bezel with eight exposed screws, rubber strap and watch case the same strain, highlighting the extreme sports style is definitely a veritable pure man watch. Octagonal case reminiscent of the octagonal porthole on the battleship, whether at the time or today, are the classic love of his masterpiece. Sapphire glass through the mirror, the dial engraved “Méga Tapisserie” oversized plaid decoration, with white fluorescent Arabic numerals, coarser pointer is also prepared for easy reading time, calendar display window at three o’clock position. Water depth of 300 meters, so that your love table with the bottom of the water to highlight the posture.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Series 67540OK.ZZ.A010CA.01

Audemars Piguet’s watch is a combination of masculine and feminine, a just a soft, set off two styles.

Of course, from the octagonal we can easily think of Bvlgari’s OCTO watch, the simple lines of the complex process of blending, octagonal structure and circular bezel complement each other. The design of the octagonal incorporates much of its historical content, symbolizing a good moral meaning, whether from architecture or from culture. Combine the structure with the avant-garde fashion style Bulgari, a variety of styles of OCTO watch to meet the needs of different groups of people.

Nautilus, luxury also has steel table:

Patek Philippe Nautilus series, Patek Philippe is the earliest sports watches, but also by the famous Cartier love ring replica watch designer Gerald Genta (Gerald Genta) design, its design and submarine are inseparable, but also integrated into the design style. Nautilus series since its introduction in 1976, it is known for sports style, and a large number of stainless steel, the first Nautilus watch is stainless steel and heavy and rounded octagonal case was broken when the luxury watch The traditional definition.

My first contact with Nautilus, is derived from the friends around it to its favorite, that kind of simple low-key, gentleman’s connotation, it seems inadvertently but in fact the quality of extraordinary, this may be the top Patek Philippe to achieve this Effect it. Patek Philippe’s 5990 / 1A does not seem to look like Audemars Piguet’s sports chronograph, as domineering, but very low key, but even more impressive is that you will never think PP will give you what kind of design. This seemingly simple form poses an extremely daunting challenge in the actual production process, with precisely designed buttons and crown around the case.

In function, it also shows a strong bearing capacity, this watch not only time, with the date display, but also indicate the second time zone, and even day and night display. The 40 mm dial holds enough functionality that the date display window is usually at three o’clock and the calendar shows the calendar in a 12 o’clock dial with LOCAL and HOME at the three o’clock and nine o’clock positions representing day and night display. 40 mm size is not too large. CH 28-520 internal movement, but also has the imprint of PP, back through the bottom of the table so that you really understand the mechanical charm of advanced watchmaking.

Distorted case, novelty key:

If the fixed shape is not challenging, then the twisted shape you can imagine it? Not only distorted the case, it is distorted movement. The entire dial changes with the curve of the curved case, the movement and dial integration, splint carefully carved, subversion of the special shape of the tabulation tradition.

Crash watch crafted designs include the 9618 MC-type movement, from the hollowing process, to the precision grinding of parts, curved just right, people can not help but obsessed with this crazy design. Of course, the impact, distortion, deformation, in the Cartier world is no stranger to more attempts are here.

This year’s Clé de Cartier series once again interpreted the genius of Cartier creative, following the blue balloon, the tank after another classic. The shape of the case is also round and square, showing a geometric line beauty, the crown shape also broke the traditional circular, but similar to the key shape, chic and interesting, as in ancient times for the watch on the chain The scene.

Clover type, passing luck and blessing:

Many brands in the dial design always like to be different flowers, animals and even the natural Cartier nail bracelet replica scenery presented on the case above, Van Cleef & Arpels is not limited to the transformation of the dial, but with clover shape conquered everyone, through To more product series, not only watches, bracelets, necklaces, many of its products have been given the clover of the moral. Today, clover has become a brand of special DNA, think of clover will think Van Cleef & Arpels. Many women are favored clover, saw so much equipment, presumably have heart it.

Not only this, there are barrels in the watch type, pincushion, square, irregular shape, etc., each change in appearance will cause the overall style changes and internal design changes, it is really a big project.

Summary: Browse so many shapes, which one are you more interested in, and remember who? If you use a symbol to represent a brand, we naturally think of the brand Logo, just like the Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Lamborghini seen on the road, many people rely on the tag to remember a product, a brand. If there is no mark, then we can recognize the brand belongs to the product at a glance. Therefore, the brand wants to use a unique way to let everyone have a memorable memory, whether it is blue steel pointer, “fish-eye” calendar, rose pattern, or octagonal case, any one feature, will be recorded because of special Live, this is enough.

The development of intelligent wear equipment so that each of us have access to technology opportunities

The development of intelligent wear equipment, so that each of us have access to technology opportunities. Smart watches in addition to mobile phone accessories in addition to its linkage in addition to other functions. The following watch family will give you recommend a sports section smart watch Runner Cardio. Let’s take a look.
Smart watch sports section recommended, Runner Cardio smart watch
Runner Cardio uses a stylish design, dazzling colors, and with a screen, you can display the real-time movement information, user-friendly view. Red and black versions are currently available for users to choose from. Users to wear it, to real-time monitoring of their Cartier love ring replica heart rate, as well as running distance, pace, step, rewind time and other parameters.
Because, TomTom itself is a professional GPS manufacturers, so in the GPS function, it used its housekeeping skills. Built-in GPS sensor, distributed around the Runner Cardio, as far as possible without the blind spot facing the sky, in order to easily capture the satellite signal to ensure the accuracy of GPS sensors.
In the heart rate monitoring function, Runner Cardio also abandoned the traditional monitoring methods, using a built-in Mio optical sensor, by irradiating blood vessels with light to get the blood flow changes, and then get the heart rate related parameters. There are built-in pace sensors that can draw the speed of the user’s running and provide five kinds of exercise patterns to carry out the corresponding training, including simple, fat burning, sprint, fast and endurance, combined with GPS function to collect data and provide advice The
This product’s heart rate monitoring accuracy rate of up to 99%, for those suffering from heart disease, need to constantly monitor the heart rate of the crowd, is to replace the traditional bundled heart rate wrist and heart rate chests of choice. And, when the user moves, it will be based on the degree of strength of the heart rate, to remind the user when the speed of running. The user in the running when the smart watch will be set in accordance with the best heart rate alarm to be prompted to enable users to achieve the best exercise effect.
In addition, Runner Cardio also has excellent waterproof performance, can adapt to a variety of Cartier love bracelet replica rain and snow weather, even in the rain and snow running, users do not have to worry about it into the water broken. Officials said the new watch in the GPS and heart rate tracking monitoring while using sustainable life for 8 hours, while the use of GPS alone has 10 hours of life, standby time for several weeks.
With the popularity of smart phones and other equipment, the type of accessories are more and more, and this time to introduce, although not be regarded as a new category, but still quite innovative. If you like the IOS system of smart watches, and that Apple is not good enough. Then Cookoo is a good choice. Today, the watch home to introduce this watch.
IOS smart watch Cookoo introduction
First look at the appearance of the Cookoo watch, with black, white, gray, red, blue, green six-color choice, the volume of the girls is a bit big, a little thick Table body has four keys, respectively, for the connection (and the electronic part of the switch), backlight, ringing mode adjustment and command keys.
Watch with two batteries, a more easy to replace the battery is responsible for driving the electronic part, you can maintain about half a year, or support the use of 150000 times the notice time; and the other is more difficult to replace, to use the watch part of the independent operation, Can be maintained for about three years.
In addition, Cookoo based on the Bluetooth 4.0 chip, the biggest bright spot, of course, in the smart, Cookoo is how to reflect the software to use with a dedicated app, for the time being only to support iPhone and iPad and other iOS products, as well as Android and Windows Phone Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica version The app is under development. As mentioned above, its main function is to inform: whether it is calls, e-mail, messages, calendars and so on can be used in conjunction. Of course, the most basic functions like devices and watches to find each other between the location, and disconnection tips are readily available.
More features are recorded by a record location, social software sign, etc., which can be held by three instructions to maintain the duration of the key (short, medium and long three) to achieve. As for the more satisfactory, it must be the shutter button function: open the camera in a dedicated app, you can use the Cookoo command button to release the shutter, so do not be afraid of the self-timer can not press the shutter, With the phone viewfinder, and then use the watch to shoot like.

Its advantage is really low enough affordable and rich in hundreds of different changes and use

Hamilton’s new Khaki Pioneer Aluminum series uses NATO straps
NATO strap
Simple, slender, military, these three words may be the best summary for NATO strap. NATO strap is the last century, the British military use of military regulations for the band, when the British Ministry of Defense (Ministry of Defense) goal is very clear that the military watch is equipped with a simple and durable, cheap and affordable strap The It is made of NATO nylon strap, it has the following characteristics: slim (1.2 mm), long and narrow (wearing a wider range of applications), width suitable (20 mm ears), one with a fixed buckle design.
And how long after this time, this military accessories began to get out of the deep Lane, famous world. More precisely, since 1964, the famous James Bond wearing Rolex Submariner Big Crown watch with a black, maroon and khaki nylon strap. Then the question Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica came, if you are careful enough, will be wondering: “James Bond how could we wear in 1964 9 years later, that was found in 1973, NATO strap came out?” The answer is very simple, elegant Spy wearing a diving nylon strap, rather than the true sense of the NATO strap. What is the difference? Diving strap is a single fabric loop, and NATO strap in addition to the ear, the bottom of the watch also has a ring tied fastened firmly.
So far there are people on the “Bond” NATO strap relish, even if it never appeared. Is not it funny? In any case, at least one thing can be determined, Rolex and NATO strap marriage is long enough and successful. According to the relevant statistics, so far the submarine series is the largest table with NATO strap.

Equipped with NATO straps in 2014 Blancpain 50 deep diving watch
Its advantage is really low enough affordable, and rich in hundreds of different changes and use. With the mood and with the different, the appearance of the entire watch can show a number of modeling results. Today, NATO straps (and Zulu and US military single-ring variant) are everywhere, and even they provide a little inspiration for the watch brand.
There are two examples worth mentioning. One is the Omega, 2014 series of limited hegemony with a NATO strap, is currently on the market one of the most beautiful beautiful strap design. But Omega did not stop there, and now it can provide with their own watches (including super series and the new hippocampus 300 series) perfect match with the various straps.
The second is Amy, November last year it was movedmber (from “November” and “moustache” merger) public welfare activities released a Ben Tao diving limited watch, brown NATO strap exception beautiful, printed above Anti-prostate cancer logo Today, NATO strap also has all kinds of Cartier love ring replica the most precious leather style, so that the basic accessories into the high-end luxury world! Maybe you should try again.
Bund strap
NATO is a military strap star, Bund strap in this regard is more low-key introverted. Leather-like strap will be wrapped in the case, to avoid its direct contact with the wrist. Looks like “sleeves”, but in fact really useful, including the military environment. During the Second World War, when the cockpit was neither closed nor equipped with a thermostat, the pilot wore this type of strap. Elevated pull up, stainless steel case by freezing the sticky to the skin on the danger; heat conditions, the case overheating and easy to cause burns.

Real force when the pilot Type 20 GMT 1903 watch with Bund strap
This type of strap was already in existence in 1915, and now the name comes from the Bundeswehr (German Federal Defense Force), and usually refers to the specific style, that is, 70s of last century TAG Heuer for the German aviation production chronograph with the strap. Its history has been brilliant thanks to actor Paul Newman, when he was always used for his “Newman” Rolex Daytona with a US brand name “fatstrap” strap (in fact, is a variant of Bund strap ).
At that time, Bund than NATO rare but more flavor connotation. But also to admit that it makes the watch look cumbersome, occupy more wrist space, although with a small table watch can match the perfect match, but this type of strap is not suitable for all. Recently Tudor released Heritage Ranger series watch, with a gold leather Bund strap.
Mesh strap
This time there is no leather, only steel. Mesh strap is also known as Milan mesh belt or stainless steel braided strap, came out in the last century 60’s, was seen as a “luxury” strap. The small parts between the straps make it flexible and convenient but also expensive, its style features a strong legacy of the sixties and seventies of last century, which has become the reason why it fell out of favor.

Wanguo Parker Feno medium series IW458110 watch and its Mesh strap
With the times and fashion trends change, this Mesh strap almost hard to find a Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica trace – too old, too stylized, too … … ugly. In addition, due to structural constraints, this strap can not be close to the installation, so the case and the strap will leave a gap between, how to see is not attractive. But things are changing development, changes in opinions and opinions tend to have.
Now, thanks to the rise of the retro trend, Mesh strap back to people’s attention. Some watch with Milan mesh belt often have better performance, do not talk about Rolex and Panerai, let us look at Mesh strap and Omega with the effect.
To some extent, it is just a few years ago Omega released the hippocampus series Ploprof watch, so that modern Mesh strap usher in the revival. Followed by the country’s Park Tao Fenuo, Breitling Super Ocean and the Force when the pilot El Primero series have to follow suit. But to prove Mesh strap really back to the trend and will become the 2015 star, but also look at the apple. Apple will be in 2015 to meet with Apple smart table, will be equipped with a magnetic adsorption Mesh strap.

Several details of the part is worth mentioning in addition to metal dial

As GALAXY Note3 the most unique accessories, Gear v700 lead the smart new equipment to wear the new trend, of course, this is just a new starting point, with the continuous upgrade in the future, wearing equipment will become mainstream. So how about Gear v700? Look at the following evaluation.
Samsung Gear v700 smart watch evaluation, Gear v700 how to use, okay?
Samsung GALAXY Gear v700 dial is equipped with a 1.63-inch, 320 × 320 pixel Super AMOLED screen. The quality of the screen itself compared to other wearing equipment, it is already the current high standard level. The whole body in addition to the power button and no other, left and right switch, back, open the light operation completely rely on gestures and a single finger, two fingers click to complete.
In terms of color, GALAXY Gear v700 offers a wealth of options, such as cool black, retro white, wild orange, rose gold, dynamic green and mocha black and other six colors, basically to meet the individual needs of different users. On the appearance of the appearance of Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica the style, compared to the current number of smart wearing equipment, the Samsung GALAXY Gear v700 appearance is the most scientific sense, but also has a stylish element, including metal drawing dial, with a texture table And so on.

The overall hardware configuration, Samsung GALAXY Gear v700 in addition to the 1.63-inch screen, but also built a 800MHz single-core processor, 512MB RAM and 4GB ROM, 1.9 million pixel camera for the daily capture screen provides a very Big help, and can record 720p video.
Battery capacity, we learned from the official data that it built-in 315 mAh battery. Wear the experience of wearing equipment from the feel, weight, size is a very important part of the overall size of Gear 36.8 × 56.6 × 11.1mm, weight 73.8 grams, are well controlled, worn on the wrist feeling more moderate.

Several details of the part is worth mentioning, in addition to metal dial, GALAXY Gear v700 strap with a soft soft material, the feeling on the wrist is still very skin. The overall very generous strap, wearing the feeling is still very comfortable, on this more advanced wearing equipment, the Samsung GALAXY Gear v700 overall design sense is very good.
Another strap buckle also uses a metal material, the same color with the fuselage, and the strap buckle itself also built a speaker unit, can be used as a call. The overall length of the strap can be adjusted according to their own situation, a total of seven stalls.
Samsung Gear v700 smart watch evaluation, Gear v700 how to use, okay?
The charging base provided in the package can be installed throughout the GALAXY Gear v700, through the USB data cable to achieve charging, transmission of data and other functions. Also in the connection base, the base itself can also charge the role of bracket, GALAXY Gear v700 screen will be automatically rotated with different directions, to ensure that the vertical display of the window level forever.
The design style of the charging base draws on the style of the Note 3 back cover, and has a relatively strong leather texture. Base and Gear itself is the perfect fusion, so in the daily use of the convenience is still very high, although not directly on the fuselage to charge fast, but this Cartier love ring replica design is to improve the GALAXY Gear v700 overall beauty, There is no interface on the fuselage.

Function keys, GALAXY Gear v700 whole body only a power button, you can light up / close the screen to achieve energy saving effect, of course, usually you can always turn on the screen, when the watch shows the time to use. On its own functional design, GALAXY Gear v700 has been shown in the state of time has a better life time, and the charge speed is also very fast. The other is the fuselage side of the microphone hole, GALAXY Gear v700 can provide hands-free calling, and Samsung’s own voice system can also be achieved through GALAXY Gear v700.
As GALAXY Gear v700 itself is equipped with a simplified version of the Android system, so the use is still very convenient, can be connected to third-party management software on the application within the system management, transmission of pictures and other operations. In a few simple steps after the connection, the Samsung GALAXY Gear v700 will be successful with Note3 pair, the use of Note3 can be all the contents of the gear management, of course, the premise is the need to download Samsung GALAXY Gear v700 Manager dedicated software (Samsung application store can be the next) The

Clock style change: GALAXY Gear v700 by recognizing the swing of the human arm can automatically light up the screen display the current time, in daily use can play a good role in the watch, while also saving the amount of electricity. Clock interface can choose a variety of styles, electronic, dial, etc., but also choose to display the weather, pedometer, fast applications.
Connected to the computer, automatically installed after the driver, the use of third-party PC management software can GALAXY Gear v700 screenshot, it is quite convenient. We start from the overall interface, by sliding the screen around the choice of different applications.
You do not have to worry about the gesture operation will be very difficult to Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica understand, in fact, after adapting to the future will be very handy, in addition to the general choice, back, from the bottom of the screen will pull out the dial-up keyboard, through the speaker to call. In addition, double-click the screen can also show the current status of Gear, such as whether the Bluetooth connection, battery power, sound size and screen brightness.
Smart wear equipment is the future development trend, Samsung GALAXY Gear v700 can talk about a good head, we also believe that through continuous development, the function of such equipment will be more diversified, more richer application. Samsung GALAXY Gear v700 itself, its fashion design, more practical features, compared to several products on the market at present, from the experience, features, and many have a clear advantage. At present this GALAXY Gear v700 smart watch the price of 698 yuan.

Puya card Qiaopu interpretation of Nihua Modi new products do female charm

Puya card Qiaopu interpretation of Nihua Modi new products, do female charm
International fine jewelry brand and diamond dealer Nirav Modi Nihua Modi released a new diamond leader 2017 global advertising, by the global brand ambassador Park Yake Qiao Pula (Priyanka Chopra) and the British actress and model Ruth Huntington Weili ( Rosie Huntington-Whiteley).

Global brand ambassador Puya Ka Qiaopula interpretation of Nihua Modi – diamond leader 2017 global advertising?
Nicholas Modi and the world’s leading photographer Patrick Demarchelier (Patrick Demarchelier) work together to capture the lady and diamond jewelry to wear a charming flower fire, to make women and her jewelry intertwined between the unique relationship The

British actress and model Ruth Huntington Weili interpretation of Nihua Modi – diamond leader 2017 global advertising
Niuhua Modi advertising in the two heroine interpretation Cartier love ring replica of the founder of Mr. Modi’s philosophy: “jewelry diamond ornaments is not just women’s decorations, wearing jewelry to highlight its personality, man and temperament, as their unique personality part.” Founder Moody’s hope that his design of the diamond can be “burning female temperament”, bring out the elegant beauty of women.

Nirav Modi Emerald Waterfall Necklace
Parka Qiao Pula and Ruth Huntington Weili represent the brand of Chinese and Western blend of characteristics, as well as jewelry design behind the deep-rooted cultural history, exquisite craftsmanship and Western keen tentacles perfect combination. Mr. Modi through two actresses, tells the story of a different – classic gorgeous style and modern beauty, elegance and women’s moving scene. Two contemporary women in the lens to show a representative of the black and white film style, like re-tour Bollywood and Hollywood live brilliant golden age.

Nirav Modi Emerald Emerald Series Earrings
Internationally famous actress Pu Yaca Qiaopula is the first actress in the United States as the heroine Bollywood actress, in addition to winning the film awards, she is the first Indian actor to participate in the United States in prime time to play the TV drama (Quantico), and in this summer’s heavy film [beach rescue team] (Baywatch) to participate Cartier love bracelet replica in the role of villain. In addition to the success of the model career, she has also participated in the film [Transformers: Dark Moon (Transformers: Dark of the Moon) and [end of the pioneer: armor] (Mad Max: Fury Road ) Shoot.

Ruth Huntington Weili Pei Dai Nihua Moody Embrace Series Bracelet
Advertisement show Nihua Modi senior jewelry series and the iconic Embrace series, Jasmine series and marriage series. Nihua Moody Embrace bracelet full of creativity and interesting, unique “stretch” design can be perfectly close to the wrist, is indispensable jewelry accessories every day. The Jasmine series presents the beauty of jasmine in full bloom, with a long oval (briolette) diamonds and a branded patented “jasmine-type cut” to design a gentle and elegant petal form. Classic eternal marriage series, set in simple and flawless single diamonds, flashing light to witness the unwavering love and life commitment.

The concept of the implementation of the brand, bring out the modern women’s fashion, strong and charming elegance, while showing their positive and positive side.

From the dazzling diamonds to the exquisite fine mother of pearl dial

Tissot Moon Goddess series watch on behalf of NPC S Xu Xiyuan
The introduction of beauty books and personal poetry, welcomed by consumers. Singer, host, actor, fashion writer’s changing role, insist on every time is the most dazzling professional performance and work in the work presented by the professional spirit, so that the big S young girls gradually transformed into a sentiment Out of mature charm of the woman, but also makes her from the Chinese entertainment in the old rookie transformed Cartier love bracelet replica into today’s charming and have the ability to have the professional star.
In addition, the private big S is the beauty and taste of fashion opinion leaders, big S often in the media and television talk show with the audience to share her unique views on the United States. Big S in recent years, the dramatic works of the vast repercussions, charm throughout Asia. In addition, attend the fashion show show the taste, temperament and charm is amazing, did not lose to the international artists, can be said that the potential of the new generation of international superstar.
Tissot launched the most important masterpiece – the new moon goddess series, 6 watch design inspiration are drawn from the moon, with the elegant temperament of women, creating a mysterious charm of the moon goddess. From the dazzling diamonds to the exquisite fine mother of pearl dial, the moon goddess series reflects the elegance of modern women.
Omega new Skyfall limited edition watch 007 series of new work
007 series of the latest film: “Skyfall” (Skyfall) “is about to release, the film will be 007 series of film works of the 23rd; and in order to meet the arrival of the film, and 007 series of long-standing Swiss watch Brand Omega Omega launched a new 007 theme works “Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m Skyfall” limited edition watches.
Omega Omega launched the new 007 theme works “Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m Skyfall” limited edition watches.
From the 1995 Gold Eye film, Omega began working with the 007 series of films, the watch is not only the hands of the accessories, but also in the film to become the weapon of Pound’s danger. And later in the 2008 “007 Episode: Casino Royale” in the new sixth generation of Pound – Daniel Craig starring, Omega is still 007 series of film intimate partner, the brand announced in 2010 Daniel Craig became Brand new ambassadors, the two cooperation to a higher level. And this new “airfall crisis (Skyfall)”, the Pound will also be equipped with a new Omega watch together with the mountains and the sea to complete the task. The upcoming “airborne crisis” movie, Pound will be equipped with a new Omega watches, up the mountain to complete the task.
Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m Skyfall
The new “Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m Skyfall” limited edition watch, 42mm stainless steel case, with the hippocampus series of classic appearance and powerful character, with 600 meters waterproof, helium valve and rotating bezel; black dial on the pattern With inspiration from the air tank in front of the Aston Martin car. And as 007 theme watches, 7 o’clock position when the standard is decorated with 007 classic Logo. Watch pieces equipped with 8507 coaxial escapement self-winding movement, power storage for 60 hours; Arabian Geneva wavy pattern decorated bridge and engraved with “SKYFALL 007” words of the automatic disk, can be Cartier love ring replica appreciated by the transparent table back. Watch the global limit of 5,007 only.
Seiko GPS satellite positioning solar power watch shock listed
Thursday, September 27, 2012, Tokyo’s “Seiko Salon” opened as usual, but greeted visitors is a compelling new image, that is the new Seiko Astron GPS satellite positioning too energy to watch the vivid display The “Seiko Salon” where the light and department store is a landmark in Tokyo, in the “Seiko Salon” in the central window, a screen composed of about 50 huge montage images, to show the world Seiko Astron watch and its extraordinary The powerful function. At the same time, the famous bell tower of the store is also reflected in a layer of blue, like the earth from the earth to see the mysterious dark blue, symbolizing the Astron series of amazing GPS technology will cover us Every beautiful corner of the planet.
October 10, 2012, the British Royal Green Observatory witnessed the Seiko Astron watch the global market, which will be in the history of the watch industry add a strong color. Just as the Harrison timer installed at the Observatory creates a new standard for precision chronographs that makes international travel safer and more secure, the new Seiko Astron watch gives modern timing a new definition of time in terms of identifying new time zones in the world. New revolution
The new Seiko Astron watch is the world’s first GPS satellite positioning solar power watch. It does not need external energy, is completely maintain their own operation. It only needs to be able to drive light, but can be connected to the GPS network, such as atomic clocks can be accurate to inform the time, just press a button, you can identify the world’s 39 time zones. We spent ten years to create a new Seiko Astron watch, and its advanced features perfect show in a beautiful appearance, comfortable to wear the watch. Like its outstanding watch on the world’s first quartz watch in 1969, the new Astron GPS satellite positioning solar power watch will change the way the world recognizes time.
Developed Astron at the same time, SEIKO (Seiko) developed a series of new technologies, applied for more than 100 patents. Only SEIKO (Seiko) can bring travelers around the world they have been hoping, a can understand and identify the global time zone watch.
Let Seiko Astron change from dream to reality
1. Ultra low energy consumption GPS module
In order for Astron to determine its position and maintain the accuracy of the atomic clock, it must receive signals from at least four GPS satellites that run around Earth orbit at a height of 20,000 km from the ground. Which is facing the challenge of energy is naturally a problem. Astron watch to maintain the normal operation of the required energy, is 10,000 times the ordinary quartz watch, 200 times the wave table. After six years of research and development, SEIKO (Seiko) finally succeeded in the development of a watch dedicated high efficiency GPS module. It is able to avoid tracking the reception of poor satellite signals and waste energy, so the new Seiko Astron GPS module to achieve a surprising energy-saving features, the energy consumption is only one-fifth of the ordinary GPS module.
2. Highly sensitive loop antenna
In the early stages of research and development, SEIKO (Seiko) on the determination of the new Seiko Astron must be a conventional size watch and wear comfortable. The key question is how to place the antenna in the case. Currently widely used in GPS devices chip antenna and microstrip antenna there are two similar problems: in the metal case to accept the signal is poor, and bulky. So SEIKO (Seiko) to design a new antenna to solve these problems. The solution is to invent a high-sensitive loop antenna that can be placed on the outside of the round case. By placing the antenna under the bezel, SEIKO has successfully lifted its reception to the new limits. This feature is further improved by the use of ceramic bezel, because the ceramic material in the radio to be superior to the metal material.
3. Exquisite small and low energy consumption
Seiko Astron uses a lithium-ion battery, similar to those now mobile phones and other devices. However, the size and reliability of the battery over time will cause problems, and they will crack when the charge is too frequent. Astron uses a new type of lithium-ion secondary battery, it is small, you can easily placed into the case. And is also equipped with a newly developed integrated circuit to monitor and manage its charge and discharge, in order to ensure the safety and durability of this rechargeable battery. This integrated circuit consumes only 1/10 of the energy of the integrated circuit in a similar mobile phone.
4. will think of the sensor
Seiko Astron’s sensors automatically adjust the time by judging the remaining energy state and the state of the last signal reception condition. It saves power in this way, ensuring that you can connect to the GPS network with maximum power. Every day as long as the sensor detects sunlight or other strong light source, Astron will automatically connect to the GPS satellites, adjust the time under the required conditions to protect it 100,000 years error of 1 second amazing accuracy. When the watch is covered by clothes or under insufficient lighting conditions, the sensor will call the status information of the last successful adjustment of the time, search the satellite signal. If the stored energy is enough, the watch receives signals every day. If the remaining energy is low, the watch will automatically adjust the time interval of its school to save energy. Also, when the logo on the watch shows “E” (indicating insufficient energy) or the flight mode is on, the time auto adjustment function will not be available. Astron this “will think” the sensor will be Cartier nail bracelet replica integrated into the whole world, into the wearer’s way of life.
Seiko Astron watch the global network
The new Seiko Astron watch series has been the first in many of the world’s retail outlets, including Tokyo, Paris, Amsterdam, Hong Kong and other regions of the sales center. Astron has been launched in more than 50 markets worldwide this year, and its market share will continue to increase as its output increases in 2013, after the success of the Basel International Watch Fair. In 1969, the Aston Quartz Revolution led the new era of tabulation. Today, the second generation of Astron revolution has opened a new chapter.
Technical Parameters:
Seiko Astron GPS satellite positioning solar power watch 7X52 movement
Global positioning control time and time zone adjustment function
Hour hand, minute hand and second hand
Date display
The calendar is accurate until February 2100
Signal reception result display
Global time function (39 time zones)
Daylight saving time function
Power reserve function
Accuracy: +/- 15 seconds per month
(No time signal received, temperature between 5 and 35 degrees Celsius)
Case: black anti-wear carbon film treatment of high-strength titanium metal, ceramic bezel (SAST001G / SAST007G)
High-strength titanium metal, ceramic bezel (SAST003G / SAST005G)
Stainless steel, ceramic bezel (SAST009G)
Black anti-wear carbon film treatment Stainless steel, ceramic bezel (SAST011G)
Case diameter: 47.0mm, thickness: 16.5mm
Strap: Black Anti-Shake Carbon Film Treatment High Strength Titanium, Triangle Button Switch Clasp (SAST001G / SAST007G)
High-strength titanium metal, three-fold button switch buckle (SAST003G / SAST005G)
Extended Silicone Strap, Triple Button Switch Clasp (SAST009G / SAST011G)
Table mirror: ultra clear coating treatment of sapphire crystal
Waterproof: 10 bar
Magnetic resistance: 4,800 A / m
China Suggested retail price: RMB 13,000 ~ 22,000 yuan
Limited issue 2,500 pieces (SAST001G)

What is the world ranking of love watches?

What is the world ranking of love watches?
Love is a Swiss watch brand, 1903, called Ogival (Ogival) lucky fish was born in Switzerland, and the precision of the maritime timer active in the maritime industry. So love the world watch how to rank it?
Since its inception, it has been given unique characteristics of the Ogival (Ogival) table not only inherited the traditional, it is a combination of classical and fashion, traditional and modern integration. Today’s Ogival watch is not only a simple timing function, the designer with its unique perspective cut in the entire design, giving the watch a new concept, the perfect combination of watches and jewelry, the culture into Watches, set off the dignity of the wearer, but also to watch and works of art with the same collection value.
Experienced a century of Ogival, insisting on the perfect combination of craftsmanship and jewelery art, so that all Ogival owners get the most outstanding and extraordinary.
Although it is a Swiss watch brand, but not a well-known Cartier love bracelet replica watch brand. Grade belongs to the four types of table, but far less than the Tissot, the United States and some other line of Swiss four categories of table brand!
Ollini watch price Ollini watch how much money
As China’s first professional manufacturing couple table brand, is by far the only one specializing in the production of the couple table brand, Ollini couple table firm toward the “Chinese couple table leading brand” goal forward, as “wear in the hands of Love keepsake “is our constant belief. How much is Olivier’s watch?
Onlyou (Ollini) brand was born in the last century in 1999, to 2014 has 15 years of design and manufacturing and sales promotion of the history. Over the years, Ollini to insist on their own design, build their own brand, and continuously improve product quality and design and production level, step by step in-depth market, adhere to become “people in the hands of love keepsake”, and strive to ” Table leading brand “.
Onlyou is “only” and “you” acronym, meaning “the heart only you”, a symbol of love for the persistent pursuit and loyalty. Onlyou brand couples table, with their own unique perspective, to create a new love language. Each of the well-designed, have their own true meaning of love. Onlyou brand couples table, has become lovers love lovers love each other secret language. Really do “love you.
Ollini watches in the market price generally from 200 yuan – 5,000 yuan between!
Baccarat smart positioning watch to the family more care
Today’s social and economic development, people’s living standards improved, but the risk factor of the surrounding environment also increased. In recent years, young girls, the elderly, children lost and other news events have occurred. Has become the most important topic of social concern. If there is a smart card can be positioned may be much better. And today we want to introduce is a good smart positioning watch: Bakara smart positioning watch!
Baccarat smart positioning watch to the family more care
Baccarat positioning watch is Shenzhen Kaisi Leite Digital Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. of the research team after a long history of successful intelligent positioning products. Through the intelligent positioning function and we wear the watch to the daily integration, to achieve the WEB platform, APP mobile client and other equipment, real-time location monitoring. It is understood that Baccarat positioning watch through GPS and LBS dual positioning Cartier love ring replica function, positioning accuracy of up to 5-10 meters range. Its information changes in ten meters as a unit to accurately track, in seconds to update the location of real-time information, the positioning technology can be said that you are the most accurate positioning technology, and other peer products incomparable superiority.
To the family to buy the Bakara positioning watch, easy to wear, just like ordinary watches, it is unique waterproof, shock design so that we do not have to worry about the daily use of the positioning function of the sensitivity. Once we leave the daily living environment or pre-set a safe range, the Bakara positioning watch will send early warning information. In addition, the Bakara positioning watch can also set the number of family calls, the wearer in the event of danger can be set by the shortcut keys to set a good family number to send location information, and call the phone call. Bakara positioning watches and smart phones connected, family travel or travel, we can always understand their location.
Baccarat positioning watch, so watch is not just a tool to display time, high hidden and precise positioning so that we go out more secure. Society is a kaleidoscope, it is wonderful, but there are many potential dangers. It is very necessary to take precautions when going out, especially at home with children, the elderly, special groups, etc., with the Bakara positioning watch, we will be able to better position the family, so that our care time to accompany them, Give them the best care!
White collar lady watches recommended
Watch is one of the essentials of the workplace. Not only men, women white-collar workers who need a good match! Then those tables for women white-collar wear it? Let the watch home to answer, see the following white-collar ladies watch recommended it!
White-collar women wear watch recommendations:
1. skin white women wearing black or color table, will make the skin look more white; skin slightly dark women wear white or light table, then make the skin look gentle.
2. If you usually wear black, white, gray clothes are more, it is recommended to choose a Cartier nail bracelet replica white watch, you can play with the effect of breaking the black, white, gray boring. Style should choose a simple.
3. Size should be based on your face to choose. If your face is relatively large, choose a larger number of watches. The same, if your face is relatively small, choose a relatively small, so that the whole will be more harmonious.
White collar lady watches recommended
White collar lady watches recommended
According to the wave of ErnestBorel-legend series QBS1856-6022BL Ms. quartz watch, dial with natural shell material, crescent-type scale + crescent-type pointer, blue silk silk strap, gentle, elegant and yet personality.
White collar lady watches recommended
Longines – Law Ya series L4. ladies mechanical watch simple design, white-collar beauty of the election. Wearing an elegant ladies watch can make you instantly fit into a perfect professional woman.
White collar lady watches recommended
Tissot TISSOT-LADY HEART series T050. Ms. mechanical watch, with white pearl Fritillaria, 12 o’clock position heart-shaped hollow dial, red when the standard lining with red strap, so that the wearer showed a warm, lively, passionate, fighting attitude.
Star point colorful watch has become a key accessories! Revealed young creative expression, showing a lively gesture. To get rid of non-black or white plain color, giving a strong impression of the watch in the strap with the color changes, rainbow stripes, color diamond, rose gold, are the most fashionable vocabulary.

The world’s largest diamond in which country

The world’s largest diamond in which country
Where is the world’s largest diamond? The world’s largest diamond is the Cullinan diamond, we know it was found in 1905 in South Africa’s Delfta’s Premiam mine and knew it weighs 3106 karats. Just, where is the world’s largest diamond hidden?

The largest diamond in the world, since it was mined, could not have been on the mine. So, where is the largest and most expensive diamond in the world? The diamond was mined in 1905 and was acquired by the local government of the Portland Cartier love bracelet replica for £ 150,000 and was presented as a birthday present in 1907 British royal family.

Cullinan diamonds were later cut by the Amsterdam company into 9 large diamonds and 96 small diamonds, with a total weight of 1063.65ct, only 34.25% of the original weight of the Cullinan. Cut diamonds, among the nine largest one named “African Star I”, the weight of 530.2ct, pear shape, a total of pondering 74 faces. It is now the largest diamond, set in the British king’s power. The second largest is called the “Star of Africa II”, the weight of 317.4ct, the appearance of square, grinding with 64 faces, it is the world’s second largest diamond, is now set in the middle of the British Empire crown. It is noteworthy that, regardless of how the diamond was cut, its ownership, has been the British royal family.
The world’s largest diamond pit where the world’s largest diamond pit exposure. “Peace” diamond mine is located in the Russian Siberian permafrost near Yakutia City, where the world is one of the coldest areas, the winter temperature as low as minus 50 degrees Celsius. However, in this remote, remote place, the former Soviet Union and the Russian miners even dug up the world’s largest “man-made cave” – “peace” diamond pit. This huge cave diameter of about 1600 meters, the depth of 533 meters, from the satellite photo point of view, it is like a big wound of the earth.

The world’s largest diamond pit

Since the 1950s Khrushchev period of the first batch of diamonds from the “peace” diamond mine was excavated, so far the Russian miners have dug from the mine 165 million cubic meters of rock. “Peace” diamond mine dug diamonds accounted for 23% of the world’s diamond output, and its right to operate by the Russian “El Rosa” company, the company relies on “peace” diamond mine, occupy the Russian Uncut diamond market share of 99%. Because of this diamond mine is very important, the Russian government is now “peace” diamond mine this piece of fat from the “El Rosa” company to recover the hands of the Russian government has become an important source of funding.
And “peace” in the pit of the diamond always exhausted day. At present, “Al Rosa” company has begun to look to other Siberian region or even abroad.

In fact, because the diamond pit is so huge that the helicopter was also banned from above it. Because the big hole caused by the air turbulence enough to suck the helicopter into its interior. Once the helicopter is turbulence in the giant hole in the turbulence “captive”, it will be less fortunate. And digging diamonds from the “biggest cave” on the earth is clearly not an easy thing. In the winter, the lubricant will form ice and the steel will be cracked.
In this “huge cave” on the edge of the town, also known as “peace” town, the town lived more than 40,000 residents. Although the “Diamond Diamond” produces 2 billion pounds of diamonds each year, the town is still one of the world’s poorest places.
What are the characteristics of diamond clarity

Diamond clarity characteristics are those? Diamond clarity characteristics Cartier love ring replica introduced. Diamond clarity is mainly based on diamonds in the natural formation process of inclusions produced by the size, nature, and its distribution within the diamond, etc. to divide the level of the location. The clarity characteristics of diamonds are divided into two categories: external features and internal features, depending on their location in the interior and the surface of the diamond.

1, diamond clarity external features

The external feature refers to the natural growth traces and artificial defects that are exposed to the appearance of the diamond. External features No internal features are important for the clarity of diamonds, as most of them can be improved by re-polishing, and there is no large mass loss.

(1) the original crystal surface (Natural) to maintain the maximum quality in the waist or near the waist to retain the original crystal surface. The original crystal face on the growth of more than “mark”, small surface edge irregular curves. If the original crystal face does not affect the roundness of the waist, not more than the thickness of the waist is a symbol of superb cutting technology.

(2) scratched (Scratch) surface very fine scratches. Looks like a fine white line, mostly appear on the table.

(3) wear (Abrasion) ridge or bottom tip of the small friction damage, rather than the original sharp edges and corners, the appearance was white or fuzzy.

(4) point (pit) diamond surface very small gap, in ten times under the magnifying glass looks like a very small white point.

(5) Polishing lines (Polis h Lines) due to improper polishing of fine lines traces, the direction controlled by a certain facet. Sometimes by the interference of light, showing a fine lines of color. The polished pattern is mostly developed near the bottom of the pavilion facet.

(6) burn marks (Bur ning) improper polishing caused by paste-like burn scar, and can not wash. The types of burns are: ① random orientation of the small burning scratches; ② round or geometric shape of the burning scratches; ③ large area of the burning scratches.

(7) surface texture (Sur face Graining) surface growth traces, a straight line, polyline or other geometric shapes. This is a diamond crystal, the internal atomic arrangement of irregular formation of a phenomenon. It is not bound by a small facet.

(8) Extr a Facet All extra facets outside the standard cut. It is to remove the surface features or modify the fine grinding deviation, forced to do so, it may be the pure technical reasons for the groomers. The extra facet is smooth, flat, no growth mark, mostly asymmetric geometric, edge straight. Additional facings can appear in any part of the diamond, but often close to the bottom of the waist.

(9) Nap (Nict) Bears on the waist or ridge of the diamond.

2, the internal characteristics of diamond clarity

The internal feature refers to the natural inclusions, growth traces and man-made defects Cartier nail bracelet replica that are included or extended into the interior of the diamond. It is important to observe the internal features because they are the main factors that affect the degree of diamond clarity.

(1) Crystal (crystal) crystal refers to all the diamond has a clear three-dimensional geometry of the mineral crystals. Crystal can be divided into colorless or light-colored inclusions and dark or black inclusions.

(2) Pinponit (Pinponit) or tip, diamond within the tiny natural wrap. There is no color and dark color, single or group distribution, it has little effect on the clarity level.

(3) clouds (Cloud) diamonds in the hazy or milky no boundaries of the inclusions, may be composed of many very small points, may also be caused by structural dislocations.

(4) Feather (Feather) diamonds due to cleavage or tension caused by the cracks, like feathers. If the feather is relatively large, it can be called “crack”.

(5) beak waist (Bea rding) exists in the waist of the whisker-like micro-cracks into the internal part of the shape of the old beard. It is due to excessive rough grinding caused. The rough waist is similar to its cause, but the rough girdle has a sandy grain feeling, often accompanied by a small gap.

(6) internal texture (Inte rnal Graining) diamonds due to atomic arrangement caused by irregular growth traces, such as double crystal, growth pattern and so on. Texture can be more or less, can be thick and thin, can also be parallel to the intersection.

(7) Twinning center (Twinning Cente r) crystal structure occurs at the center of the wrong, often accompanied by a point.

(8) Sunken Natur al The original crystal face inside the diamonds from the surface. More appear in the waist of the diamond, can also appear in other parts. Theoretically deep jagged or triangular natural crystal faces can be removed by re-grinding, but can cause a loss of quality, so it will reduce the degree of clarity of the diamond.

(9) laser marks (Lase r Drill ma rk) with a laser beam and chemical removal of diamonds inside the dark inclusions left traces. Tubular or funnel called laser hole. Often filled with high refractive index glass.

(10) Bruce The traces of the diamond surface that is formed by the external impact of the diamond into the interior of the diamond. Hit the scar is usually white, with a certain geometry, the size may be small or small.

(11) broken (Chip). Waist edge damaged small mouth, mostly “V” shape.

(12) Cavity (Cavity) is the diamond in the more serious from the outside into the internal characteristics. They may be due to cleavage of small pieces of diamonds caused by diamonds may also be caused by polishing the surface of the inclusions caused by shedding or holes.

Diamond clarity is an important factor affecting the price of diamonds, which accounted for between 15% -25%. Pure pure diamonds are the most popular but also the most expensive.

Henan bare drill custom

Henan bare drill custom
Can be customized diamond ring, diamond earrings, diamond earrings, diamond pendants, diamond bracelets, etc., the general custom diamond ring more custom, the other is relatively less custom. Diamond ring is mainly as a symbol of both love and Replica Cartier jewelry marriage, and some people buy their own birthday gift, or reward their hard work for a year of gifts, or send elders that filial piety and so on.

Henan naked drill custom Many people buy bare diamond custom diamond ring but also care relations, find friends, visiting the major shopping malls and stores, and even personally to buy abroad, in order to find a bare diamond custom a diamond ring. But some people in the end or not the right, like the bare diamond or diamond ring, wasted their own so much time and effort, very uneconomical.

Henan bare drill before customization, we must first determine their own budget, go picking naked drill and ring care style, to avoid too much budget, resulting in financial constraints, affecting life. On the style to have a certain understanding, you can first go to the brand and other brands of the official website to pick the style, to see what they prefer, and then cut a good picture, when the shop, the more directional, and not temporary cramming, Choose the style will be very satisfied.

Henan bare diamond custom can also be optimistic about the style of the Internet, and then make an appointment to the style of the store custom, such as Zoukai, online official website, there are more than a hundred online store, there are ten entities in Henan Shop, and the store’s price is also consistent with the Internet, 30% to 50% discount than the traditional brand, in the Zoukai official website optimistic about the style and bare drill, and then contact the jewelry consultant to help make an appointment to the physical shop to see the kind, there are coupons And gift!

Henan bare diamond customization, the need to avoid friends and colleagues to follow the trend or comparisons, after all, each person’s style and fingers are not the same, for the diamond ring is not the same, to see other people wearing good-looking, but wearing their own models, but Not necessarily good looking. So in the selection of bare diamond and ring, or according to their own preferences and budget to customize, to avoid when the custom is good but do not like.
Guangdong bare drill custom place is very much, of which Shenzhen, Guangzhou for the most, the city of each city custom bare diamond jewelry store is also dazzling, in the first-tier cities such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou is each district has jewelry store , Shenzhen water shell is the Chinese jewelry circle!

Guangdong bare diamond custom can be selected in their own city jewelry store custom, you can also go directly to the Internet to find Zoukai or other well-known brands selected bare diamond custom. Relative to the traditional line of the brand, the online Zouka or other well-known brands, the price is more affordable, more cost-effective!

Guangdong bare diamond custom brand is very much, in the first-tier cities such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, in addition to the traditional domestic brands Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, Luk Fook, Xie Ruilin, etc., as well as international brands Cartier, Tiffany, as well as emerging brands Zoukai, , Diamond birds and so on, very much.

Guangdong bare diamond custom-made new brands can be online online official selection of fine bare diamond and ring, and then make an appointment to see the kind of line, such as Zoacai, not only online with the line service, the price is the same price, that is, both Can enjoy the price of online, but also to see the kind, very cost-effective! Compared to traditional brands, the price can offer 30% to 50%, compared to the international big, can be favorable to about 200%.

In addition to the first choice of reputable business, but also to determine the total price, to avoid bare drill cheap, ring your expensive, processing fees Expensive, the total price than other bare diamond more expensive brand even more expensive! This is some unscrupulous businessmen in order to attract customers and the means of the. Because many customers buy bare drill custom, that the bare diamond your overall price on the expensive, only the ratio of bare diamond, but was the ring and processing costs to the pit!
Custom emerald ring offer in the 500 to tens of thousands of have, specifically to see you are carrying emerald, just processing mosaic, or jade and ring are custom. If it is their own stone mosaic, just buy the ring and help mosaic, the price depends on the care style, usually in the 500 to 2 thousand or so on it.

If you are jade and ringing are custom, the price will be much higher, before customization can choose their own emerald egg surface of the various levels, such as emerald egg surface of the water, size, shape and color, etc., and then Choose the ring style, you can choose a simple no diamond style, you can also choose a lot of luxury inlaid with a small diamond style. This offer will depend on the fineness of jade and the style of the arrangement to offer, fineness or ringing different, offer will be different.

Customized Jade Rings If you do not like the style, you can also put your own ideas, ask the designer, designed by the designer specifically for you to design a unique emerald style. Too troublesome, you can also directly on the counter selection of ready-made style, and then change the way to set mosaic, ring arm design, etc., to create a new emerald ring!

Custom jade ring offer some price, and some is the first reported an estimated price, and so on custom, according to the actual weight and small diamond weight, and then reported the actual total price. This will be better, do not worry about your care, gold or diamonds and less. The emerald face in determining the good kind of water, size, shape and color, etc., businesses will be reported to determine the price, the total price of custom after the price, and the estimated price is generally only related to one or two hundred dollars.

If you feel more expensive, you can also report your own budget and approximate requirements, tell the jewelry consultant, by the jewelry consultant to change the emerald egg level to change the price, so that the final total price can meet your budget The So that both can buy their favorite jade ring, but also in the budget to buy, very cost-effective!

Diamond bird bare diamond price

Diamond bird bare diamond price
Diamond bird was founded in 2002, the first to “mouse + cement” model into the network of luxury sales, is one of the earliest online diamond brand. Diamond is a very favorite gem, with the diamond forever, a perpetual spread of the birth of this ad, the diamond has become one of the most popular jewelry, and enduring. Diamond bird is one of the earliest online diamond brand, diamond bird support bare diamond purchase, provide custom diamond ring, but also direct purchase wedding ring, ring, accessories, then diamond bird bare diamond price how?

Diamond bird bare diamond price how? Diamond bird is currently set up in the country 15 line experience center, to provide consumers with one-on-one exclusive jewelry consultancy services, the Shanghai flagship experience center covers an area of nearly 2,000 Cartier nail bracelet replica square meters, par the world’s top luxury interior decoration, is At present, “Asia’s largest diamond jewelry experience center”. As the leading brand of the diamond industry, diamond bird pioneered the bare diamond wedding customization service, for each pair of lovers love vow to create exclusive shine keepsake.

Diamond bird bare diamond price how much money? Diamond bird is the most representative of the diamond non-northern light none other, you can go to the diamond bird’s official website view, choose their own want to diamond 4C level, you can learn bare drill price. For example: diamond bird ordinary bare drill: weight 0.30 carat color D clarity SI2 cut VG bare diamond price of 3100 yuan or so, diamond bird northern light bare drill: weight 0.34 carat color D clarity VS2 cut ideal Ideal polishing Symmetrical Ideal bare diamond price of 11400 yuan or so.

Diamond bird bare diamond price is not expensive? Bare diamond price is not expensive with the diamond brand did not care, the most direct impact on the bare diamond price is diamond 4C level, that is, different drilling different color, weight, clarity, cutting can be a good judge the level of the value of diamonds. Relative to other jewelry in terms of bare diamond prices are still relatively high, but under the conditions of economic conditions, with a fine bare diamond is really a pleasing thing, which will make your life more beautiful , So that your life becomes more romantic and warm, of course, diamond bird bare diamond prices are also closely related with the diamond 4C, and the brand does not matter.
Founded in January 2010, the company is the first professional full-channel diamond retail brand in China, through the “network + entity” mode of operation, for the majority of consumers with diamond inlaid jewelry, diamond stone, diamond custom, diamond investment And other products and services. The price has always been the first consideration for the purchase of diamonds, each of the Latin American from the global group of large-scale procurement of diamonds, through the direct sales model to reduce the traditional diamond circulation of the intermediate links, to avoid the traditional channels back to the store deduction point, significantly reduced Diamond goods prices, for consumers to bring real benefits, then the price of each carat diamond ring how much money?

How about the price per carat diamond ring? Every gram of Latin American public commitment, all through the formal channels of every gram of Latin America to buy the diamond ring, are equipped with the authority of the jewelry certification body of the relevant certificate to ensure that consumers are buying genuine. Every gram of Latin America is a professional qualification of the jewelry brand, for them, “the same drill, the price of half of the province,” saying Zuoqi Yi jewelry suggested that you choose the diamond ring, try to choose 4C higher level diamond ring, after all, Diamond for most consumers, are not cheap.

How much is the price per carat diamond ring? Each Latin American diamond as one of the well-known brands of domestic diamonds, diverse, standard clear, courteous service, the quality of diamonds is also worthy of trust. In contrast, the price per carat diamond ring is more imitation Cartier love bracelet favorable, the price is low so that the average consumer can not believe the point. For example, from the diamond ring price comparison table can be seen, a weight 0.32, color D, clarity VS2, cut for the EX, polished EX, symmetrical EX ring market price of about 8,000 yuan, The price per carat diamond ring is about 5100 yuan.

Per gram of Latin American diamond ring expensive expensive? The price per carat diamond ring relative to the luxury goods is still relatively affordable, but every carat diamond network in the early days of the establishment of the “emotional gift”, mainly for young consumers through the Latin American diamond network feel in addition to the expression of lovers Love, more hope is able to pass on the family’s gratitude, thanks to friends, to their own encouragement, so the pricing of goods, the selection of money on the use of mind, each commodity is carrying a full carat Love.
Love is only destined to start, no happy ending, although we do not have soul-stirring love, but we are very happy, love your girlfriend on the side, a 20-point diamond ring, condensed with deep affection, it is a time Capsules, sealed memories of love, whether you are ready to marry or marry, and ultimately, a bright diamond ring to witness this beautiful process, 20 points of the diamond ring, that is, carat weight is 0.2 carat diamond ring, then 20 points diamond ring price how is it?

20 points diamond ring how the price? The attractiveness of the diamond ring people can not stop, every girl will want to have a diamond ring, whether it is 20 points diamond ring or 30 diamond ring, a diamond ring to bring happiness, bring the bright always people can not say. The size of the diamond ring and mosaic way, a 20 points diamond ring price is the first choice for young people, it can decorate a woman but will not seem flashy, it can express love and can meet the love of women’s love, just A 20-point diamond ring will be able to meet the little mind of women.

20 cents the price of the diamond ring? 20 points diamond ring prices for different brands of diamond ring prices also have a great impact, different diamond ring purchase channel will certainly affect the price of diamond ring, and now more from the Internet directly to the business sales to consumers, which will greatly reduce Diamond ring costs, so the price will be reduced. 20 points diamond ring how much money have to look at the diamond 4C level, 20 points in the imitation Cartier love bracelet diamond price is generally 2000 to million, generally depends on the diamond level and brand prices such as large fluctuations.

20 points diamond ring price is not expensive? The price of the diamond ring between the brand is very expensive, 20 points diamond ring prices in different brands is also a big gap, the international brand in the royal aristocratic jewelry called Cartier, it is under the brand 20 points diamond price is expensive Platinum platinum raw materials processing design, representing the highest yearning for each woman, usually around 20,000, while compared to the domestic Chow Tai Fook brand 20 points diamond ring price is also in the forefront of its 20 points diamond ring if the price Using the same material, then the price is roughly around 10,000.