The sensitivity of the watch is the flexibility of its balance wheel

Shanghai SHANGHAI watch factory was established in 1955, is China’s largest watch manufacturing plant, has 58 years of history. In 1955, China’s first batch of fine horse mechanical watch in Shanghai trial success, creating a new era of Chinese man-made watches. Since then, the Shanghai table into the tens of thousands of households, one of the three pieces of a generation.
Shanghai SHANGHAI table
At the beginning, Shanghai SHANGHAI watch is based on mechanical watches. But with the development, slowly from the mechanical development to the quartz watch table. Convenient, do not need to turn the mechanical watch the axis of the quartz watch in the moment Cartier love bracelet replica when it was welcomed by the public.
Entrepreneurial spirit
The company is still “excellence” for the spirit of enterprise, adhere to the quality first, service-oriented, fair prices of business philosophy, and constantly open up, develop commemorative watches, advertising watches, gift watches and all kinds of watch movement of the new style to meet the community , Organs and organizations, industrial and mining enterprises, the needs of military institutions. And for the anniversary celebration, open Zhixi, the condemnation, product promotion custom all kinds of gifts, to commemorate the watch.
Shanghai SHANGHAI table
Shanghai brand watches in the 1950s and 1970s are basically old-fashioned mechanical watches, Shanghai brand watches became the standard configuration. So was also circulating a “man has a Shanghai brand watches, do not worry about not find his wife” argument. In 1970, the National Ministry of Light Industry in order to better play resources, in the year of watches and clocks work production work conference put forward the unified planning of watch production, and organized a mechanical watch unified movement design work, since the domestic table has a unified standard, 1970 After the production of domestic table is called the machine table (unified movement of the watch).
Appearance parts
Watch the appearance from the shell, table mirror, dial and minutes and seconds and other aspects of inspection. The case should be no trachoma and obvious scratches, angular symmetry; back cover and the shell of the rotation should be tight; two watch rings and the case of the same distance, the installation of the hole should be in the foot of the shell position The needle is not easy to fall off; table mirror should be no defects and scratches, transparent and bright; three-pin installation is correct, the needle and the needle, between the mirror and the dial should have the correct safety gap; dial and Pointer coating finish is good, no mark, dial scale line or luminous Cartier love ring replica point integrity; head and case between about 0.1-0.3mm gap.
Shanghai SHANGHAI table
The sensitivity of the watch is the flexibility of its balance wheel. Check the method is:
1) will not have been on the winding has been moving around the watch gently shake, with the power of shaking to observe the second hand to move the situation: If the second hand in a very short time to stop walking, then the watch on the foot of the winding If the second hand to continue to move for a long time, then the watch can not be finished after the foot winding (that is, the winding also stored torque), the sensitivity is not high or The watch is faulty.
2) There will be no hands to stop moving hands
Suunto Finland Songtuo brand was born in 1936, is the design and manufacture of the world’s top sports measuring equipment – the design of the wrist computer in the field of sports, such as mountaineering, hiking, orientation, training, diving, skiing, cycling, triathlon, sailing and golf. Suunto Song Tuo wrist computer has been its products with accurate and reliable and fashion design by consumers respected, can help different stages of various types of special training and outdoor enthusiasts to enhance their sports performance.
Suunto Bronze watch brand introduction
For decades, SUUNTO has grown from a producer of precision instruments to become a leading brand of outdoor sports electronics.
The real majority of mountaineering, adventure enthusiasts praised by the Finnish-made SUUNTO watch. The company is specializing in the production of outdoor products company, the world’s best compass from the company. In 1998 the company launched a multi-functional series of outdoor Cartier nail bracelet replica watches, each each have a focus. Because of its complete functionality and autonomy (can replace the battery) and by the users around the world welcome.
Recommended Products
Suunto Bronze watch brand introduction
Song said in the near future claimed to launch a design for the explorers GPS watch “ambition”. “Ambition” (AMBIT) means to use ambition, “Ambition” synonyms and edge, is about to reach the meaning, of course, no matter how to say, This watch is designed to keep people moving forward. This GPS watch with GPS navigation system, barometer, altimeter, 3D compass and so on. It is incredible that he has 50 hours of battery life, perhaps based on how often you use a GPS function. Song of the “ambition” of the other features include heartbeat detector, and some basic similar to the current speed display and so on. In addition this watch can enter the water depth of 100 meters.

From the dazzling diamonds to the exquisite fine mother of pearl dial

Tissot Moon Goddess series watch on behalf of NPC S Xu Xiyuan
The introduction of beauty books and personal poetry, welcomed by consumers. Singer, host, actor, fashion writer’s changing role, insist on every time is the most dazzling professional performance and work in the work presented by the professional spirit, so that the big S young girls gradually transformed into a sentiment Out of mature charm of the woman, but also makes her from the Chinese entertainment in the old rookie transformed Cartier love bracelet replica into today’s charming and have the ability to have the professional star.
In addition, the private big S is the beauty and taste of fashion opinion leaders, big S often in the media and television talk show with the audience to share her unique views on the United States. Big S in recent years, the dramatic works of the vast repercussions, charm throughout Asia. In addition, attend the fashion show show the taste, temperament and charm is amazing, did not lose to the international artists, can be said that the potential of the new generation of international superstar.
Tissot launched the most important masterpiece – the new moon goddess series, 6 watch design inspiration are drawn from the moon, with the elegant temperament of women, creating a mysterious charm of the moon goddess. From the dazzling diamonds to the exquisite fine mother of pearl dial, the moon goddess series reflects the elegance of modern women.
Omega new Skyfall limited edition watch 007 series of new work
007 series of the latest film: “Skyfall” (Skyfall) “is about to release, the film will be 007 series of film works of the 23rd; and in order to meet the arrival of the film, and 007 series of long-standing Swiss watch Brand Omega Omega launched a new 007 theme works “Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m Skyfall” limited edition watches.
Omega Omega launched the new 007 theme works “Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m Skyfall” limited edition watches.
From the 1995 Gold Eye film, Omega began working with the 007 series of films, the watch is not only the hands of the accessories, but also in the film to become the weapon of Pound’s danger. And later in the 2008 “007 Episode: Casino Royale” in the new sixth generation of Pound – Daniel Craig starring, Omega is still 007 series of film intimate partner, the brand announced in 2010 Daniel Craig became Brand new ambassadors, the two cooperation to a higher level. And this new “airfall crisis (Skyfall)”, the Pound will also be equipped with a new Omega watch together with the mountains and the sea to complete the task. The upcoming “airborne crisis” movie, Pound will be equipped with a new Omega watches, up the mountain to complete the task.
Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m Skyfall
The new “Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m Skyfall” limited edition watch, 42mm stainless steel case, with the hippocampus series of classic appearance and powerful character, with 600 meters waterproof, helium valve and rotating bezel; black dial on the pattern With inspiration from the air tank in front of the Aston Martin car. And as 007 theme watches, 7 o’clock position when the standard is decorated with 007 classic Logo. Watch pieces equipped with 8507 coaxial escapement self-winding movement, power storage for 60 hours; Arabian Geneva wavy pattern decorated bridge and engraved with “SKYFALL 007” words of the automatic disk, can be Cartier love ring replica appreciated by the transparent table back. Watch the global limit of 5,007 only.
Seiko GPS satellite positioning solar power watch shock listed
Thursday, September 27, 2012, Tokyo’s “Seiko Salon” opened as usual, but greeted visitors is a compelling new image, that is the new Seiko Astron GPS satellite positioning too energy to watch the vivid display The “Seiko Salon” where the light and department store is a landmark in Tokyo, in the “Seiko Salon” in the central window, a screen composed of about 50 huge montage images, to show the world Seiko Astron watch and its extraordinary The powerful function. At the same time, the famous bell tower of the store is also reflected in a layer of blue, like the earth from the earth to see the mysterious dark blue, symbolizing the Astron series of amazing GPS technology will cover us Every beautiful corner of the planet.
October 10, 2012, the British Royal Green Observatory witnessed the Seiko Astron watch the global market, which will be in the history of the watch industry add a strong color. Just as the Harrison timer installed at the Observatory creates a new standard for precision chronographs that makes international travel safer and more secure, the new Seiko Astron watch gives modern timing a new definition of time in terms of identifying new time zones in the world. New revolution
The new Seiko Astron watch is the world’s first GPS satellite positioning solar power watch. It does not need external energy, is completely maintain their own operation. It only needs to be able to drive light, but can be connected to the GPS network, such as atomic clocks can be accurate to inform the time, just press a button, you can identify the world’s 39 time zones. We spent ten years to create a new Seiko Astron watch, and its advanced features perfect show in a beautiful appearance, comfortable to wear the watch. Like its outstanding watch on the world’s first quartz watch in 1969, the new Astron GPS satellite positioning solar power watch will change the way the world recognizes time.
Developed Astron at the same time, SEIKO (Seiko) developed a series of new technologies, applied for more than 100 patents. Only SEIKO (Seiko) can bring travelers around the world they have been hoping, a can understand and identify the global time zone watch.
Let Seiko Astron change from dream to reality
1. Ultra low energy consumption GPS module
In order for Astron to determine its position and maintain the accuracy of the atomic clock, it must receive signals from at least four GPS satellites that run around Earth orbit at a height of 20,000 km from the ground. Which is facing the challenge of energy is naturally a problem. Astron watch to maintain the normal operation of the required energy, is 10,000 times the ordinary quartz watch, 200 times the wave table. After six years of research and development, SEIKO (Seiko) finally succeeded in the development of a watch dedicated high efficiency GPS module. It is able to avoid tracking the reception of poor satellite signals and waste energy, so the new Seiko Astron GPS module to achieve a surprising energy-saving features, the energy consumption is only one-fifth of the ordinary GPS module.
2. Highly sensitive loop antenna
In the early stages of research and development, SEIKO (Seiko) on the determination of the new Seiko Astron must be a conventional size watch and wear comfortable. The key question is how to place the antenna in the case. Currently widely used in GPS devices chip antenna and microstrip antenna there are two similar problems: in the metal case to accept the signal is poor, and bulky. So SEIKO (Seiko) to design a new antenna to solve these problems. The solution is to invent a high-sensitive loop antenna that can be placed on the outside of the round case. By placing the antenna under the bezel, SEIKO has successfully lifted its reception to the new limits. This feature is further improved by the use of ceramic bezel, because the ceramic material in the radio to be superior to the metal material.
3. Exquisite small and low energy consumption
Seiko Astron uses a lithium-ion battery, similar to those now mobile phones and other devices. However, the size and reliability of the battery over time will cause problems, and they will crack when the charge is too frequent. Astron uses a new type of lithium-ion secondary battery, it is small, you can easily placed into the case. And is also equipped with a newly developed integrated circuit to monitor and manage its charge and discharge, in order to ensure the safety and durability of this rechargeable battery. This integrated circuit consumes only 1/10 of the energy of the integrated circuit in a similar mobile phone.
4. will think of the sensor
Seiko Astron’s sensors automatically adjust the time by judging the remaining energy state and the state of the last signal reception condition. It saves power in this way, ensuring that you can connect to the GPS network with maximum power. Every day as long as the sensor detects sunlight or other strong light source, Astron will automatically connect to the GPS satellites, adjust the time under the required conditions to protect it 100,000 years error of 1 second amazing accuracy. When the watch is covered by clothes or under insufficient lighting conditions, the sensor will call the status information of the last successful adjustment of the time, search the satellite signal. If the stored energy is enough, the watch receives signals every day. If the remaining energy is low, the watch will automatically adjust the time interval of its school to save energy. Also, when the logo on the watch shows “E” (indicating insufficient energy) or the flight mode is on, the time auto adjustment function will not be available. Astron this “will think” the sensor will be Cartier nail bracelet replica integrated into the whole world, into the wearer’s way of life.
Seiko Astron watch the global network
The new Seiko Astron watch series has been the first in many of the world’s retail outlets, including Tokyo, Paris, Amsterdam, Hong Kong and other regions of the sales center. Astron has been launched in more than 50 markets worldwide this year, and its market share will continue to increase as its output increases in 2013, after the success of the Basel International Watch Fair. In 1969, the Aston Quartz Revolution led the new era of tabulation. Today, the second generation of Astron revolution has opened a new chapter.
Technical Parameters:
Seiko Astron GPS satellite positioning solar power watch 7X52 movement
Global positioning control time and time zone adjustment function
Hour hand, minute hand and second hand
Date display
The calendar is accurate until February 2100
Signal reception result display
Global time function (39 time zones)
Daylight saving time function
Power reserve function
Accuracy: +/- 15 seconds per month
(No time signal received, temperature between 5 and 35 degrees Celsius)
Case: black anti-wear carbon film treatment of high-strength titanium metal, ceramic bezel (SAST001G / SAST007G)
High-strength titanium metal, ceramic bezel (SAST003G / SAST005G)
Stainless steel, ceramic bezel (SAST009G)
Black anti-wear carbon film treatment Stainless steel, ceramic bezel (SAST011G)
Case diameter: 47.0mm, thickness: 16.5mm
Strap: Black Anti-Shake Carbon Film Treatment High Strength Titanium, Triangle Button Switch Clasp (SAST001G / SAST007G)
High-strength titanium metal, three-fold button switch buckle (SAST003G / SAST005G)
Extended Silicone Strap, Triple Button Switch Clasp (SAST009G / SAST011G)
Table mirror: ultra clear coating treatment of sapphire crystal
Waterproof: 10 bar
Magnetic resistance: 4,800 A / m
China Suggested retail price: RMB 13,000 ~ 22,000 yuan
Limited issue 2,500 pieces (SAST001G)

Rhine watch is a domestic watch brand Rhine rhine watch price how much money

Rhine rhine watch price how much money
Rhine table by the Shenzhen Kim Shida table production. Shenzhen Kim Shida Table Co., Ltd. is a large watchmaking enterprises, in particular, ceramic table production and sales scale and superb processing technology in the industry only a handful.
Rhine watch style simple, rich style and full of sexy, low-key and highly personalized Cartier love bracelet replica , showing the designer’s unique artistic taste. As a minimalist and personality embodied in the Rhine watch by the pursuit of youthful vitality, modern fashion consumers love.
Rhine watch how much money the price
Rhine watch is a domestic watch brand, to create high-tech ceramic watches and won the favor of young people. In the market, the price of Rhine watches generally 320 yuan – between 5400 yuan!
Rome ROAMER watch how much money r Rome ROAMER watch offer
Swiss Roman table ROAMER in a hundred years old years, the Roman table with an impeccable watchmaking process, to establish its prestigious reputation. Then the Roman ROAMER watch how much money it?
After years of hard work and struggle, the Swiss company has finally established a real value of the idea of the company to customer requirements in order to achieve better products for the market, to provide customers with [value for money] services. And by this idea led the whole company’s culture, whether it is the market strategy, or product design, series and price positioning, as well as distribution policy and supporting resources, but also for the real value for the purpose.
From the 60’s to the early 80s, the Swiss Roman table ROAMER continuous efforts and study, jumped into three categories of watches. Become a symbol of many people. In the market, most of the Roman watch watches are mostly in the 2000 yuan – 100000 yuan or so!
What about Romago Design?
Many fashion people know Romago Design roman watches. The watch brand is another Cartier love ring replica feature, that is, wearing a watch in the hand, the walk away about 45 degrees, built-in LED lights will automatically light, you can see the time. When the lamp continues to turn off for about 5 seconds, it will show a mirror effect. What about Romago Design?
Romago Design How is roman watch?
Rome fashion trend brand Romago Design launched Mirror watch series, inspired by childhood hide-and-seek game, time will be hidden from the watch, as long as the table next to the LED button, glass mirror will immediately disappear, The surface display immediately after exposure, after a few seconds and then automatically disappear. Unique night light function, fully demonstrated this point out of the ordinary, is definitely the trend of the season night activities demonstration.
Romago Design What is the combination of fashion and technology?
Romago Mirror Collection to mirror the surface as a theme, creating a variety of grid when the meter, all selected stainless steel case, large surface design, together with the Japanese movement, but also with a variety of styles with leather belt or strip, Especially the unique type of lattice. Romago also obtain exclusive technology patent registration, fashion and technology clever combination of ideas innovation, do not tree a grid.
Romago Design how to do the Roman watch? Swiss watch standard to create high quality brand!
Swiss fashion brand Romago Design set design, production and sales in one of the major brand companies, the essence of European culture and the global market combined to the quality and innovation for the development of the cornerstone of the brand for the community to create high-end fashionable leisure Watches, handbags leather and jewelry brands.
Lao Te special ROSHT watch price is how much time when the special ROSHT watches Cartier nail bracelet replica offer how much money
ROSHT ROSHT comes from a long history of watchmaking family – ROSHT, an ancient European descent, ROSHT family advocates music, nature and fashion, after hundreds of years of migration, ROSHT descendants now migrate around the world, Fashion is different from ordinary talent. This quality and Lao Shi special watch brand founder of the pursuit of life coincide, become a long time Lao Shi watch faith and style.
At present, there are seven series of labor watches, including Fengyun series, collar Jun series, Code Zhen series, summer dream series, whisper series, moon series, days domain series!
Lao Te special watch price is how much time when the special watch quotes how much money
Lao Shi special watches in the country is not common to the main quartz watch. The price is relatively low, usually 280 yuan – 1500 yuan!

Watches Casio and Beshu Lun Which is good?

Watches Casio and Beshu Lun Which is good?
Watch Casio and hundred of which good? For many do not understand the watch friends, this is a relatively popular issue. Casio watches fashion close to the people, 100 World Lun watches are also very beautiful and beautiful, so many people will be more tangled in the choice. The following watch home to tell you watch Casio and hundred of which is good!
Casio watches
Casio watches represent the vitality of the young, stylish, multi-functional brand image has been deeply rooted. Casio company has always been a leader in peer-to-peer skills, over the years will have a breakthrough skills. Will be high, refined, sharp technology Cartier nail bracelet replica combined with new LCD technology, properly applied to the wrist on the meter, continue to improve the level of development on the wrist time – Casio has always been advocated by the “wrist technology” spirit in China is also Be able to follow and spread.
Wusen Lun watch
BESTLUN 100 World Lun watches assembled top watch jewelry brand classic style of the essence, to promote simple, elegant style. Focus on science and technology and art, all spare parts are provided by the world’s major brand manufacturers. With the most sophisticated assembly technology, as many as nearly 100 strict testing technology to products with a high degree of quality assurance. At the same time, “so that each watch has a deep meaning of the name.” It is also part of BESTLUN culture. High-quality materials, the top of the process, first-class quality, so that BESTLUN hundred times more unique charm.
Watches Casio and Beshi Lun which is good? These two watch brands in the grade belong to the same level, but the Casio watch in the quality, function, visibility, much higher than the hundred Lun. The style of the watch is more biased in favor of business. Therefore, the watch Casio and hundred of which good? But also according to the needs of consumers and preferences may be!
Shake table, also known as automatic shake table or automatic table, usually refers to the motor with a watch box, for high-grade mechanical watch automatically on the chain. But many friends worry that Yao table will cause damage to the watch. Then shake the table really hurt the watch it? The following watch home to tell you it!
Is it really hurt on the watch?
The use of shaking table to help watch the watch is no damage to the watch, shaking table device, also known as automatic shake table or automatic table, usually refers to the motor with a watch box for high-grade mechanical watch automatically on the chain. Automatic mechanical watch is by the wearer’s hand movement to generate power to its winding box on the chain, if not often wear will stop, long-term stop will not only cause serious damage to the watch movement, after each winding but also Re-adjustment time is also a trouble thing, shaking table device came into being.
Do not wear the table when the calendar into the table, it will provide a source for your Replica Cartier jewelry power. There are four modes on the chain table, the most commonly used is the first mode, clockwise rotation, shake table device is to turn 2 minutes, stop 6 minutes, the cycle of rotation (specifically according to observe the watch when the accuracy of the choice Rotation mode).
Longqin watch no electricity how to replace the battery?
Most Swiss quartz watch battery life in 2-3 years or so, when the watch battery power consumption will affect the travel time accuracy, the need for timely replacement. General Longines quartz watch will be notified in 1 to 10 days in advance. Then Langqin no electricity how to replace the battery? The following watch home to tell you to put!
Longqin watch no electricity how to change the battery
Replace the Longines battery should be in accordance with the provisions of the original model, can not try to use the way to recharge or roast to restore the old battery power. If the watch is always frequent need to replace the battery situation, it is necessary to check the watch circuit is a problem.
Longines battery national model standard QB 578-81, battery type according to the battery diameter, height and electrolyte type using six-word code arrangement. The first with different symbols on behalf of the battery varieties, such as Y on behalf of the zinc-silver battery, the second and third represents the battery diameter, the number of decimal places after the omitted. The fourth and fifth bits represent the battery height, including the number after the decimal point. The sixth represents the battery electrolyte, where the sodium hydroxide electrolyte, said M on behalf of zinc-manganese batteries. With potassium hydroxide electrolyte is not a letter, you can omit. If a zinc-silver battery diameter of 0 11.6 mm, height of 4.2 m m, the electrolyte is sodium hydroxide, then with 1142 N said.

How to choose men’s platinum necklace style

How to choose men’s platinum necklace style
Platinum cold, bright colors can set off the best men calm atmosphere, handsome extraordinary temperament, so modern men like to wear in the neck of a delicate platinum necklace. How to choose men’s platinum necklace style?
1, platinum necklace and men’s clothing with
Platinum necklace is a more wild type of style, but not all men’s clothing Cartier love bracelet replica type will be suitable for wearing a platinum necklace. Like a man in the formal occasions need to wear a shirt with suits dress is best not to wear platinum necklace, if the necklace worn inside the shirt to tie the necklace after the cover is completely covered, wearing is meaningless. But if the necklace to wear outside the shirt there is a kind of nondescript feeling. Men wear suits in general will choose a watch or a delicate brooch to wear.
2, the choice of men’s necklace style what special requirements
First of all, in the necklace of the three basic styles, the Nobel chain is the most suitable for men to wear, because the treasure chain is pure precious metal to build, no mosaic of other gems, although not dazzling brilliance, but presented Simple fashion sense and men’s temperament exactly with their own temperament; secondly, the men’s necklace mainly to low-key to reflect the temperament, so when picking the style can not be the same as the selection of the ring to the necklace to determine the thickness, but should choose the most lining Men’s temperament style.
3, men platinum necklace style What are the characteristics
Men’s platinum necklace style highlights the two characteristics:
First, men in daily life to deal with the opportunity to deal with more people to attend a variety of social occasions are also many, if the wearing necklace lack of texture, work is not fine, it is easy to produce people do not pay attention to the image, no taste of the impression , So men’s platinum necklace style will generally pay great attention to texture.
Second, men wear jewelry in life is mainly to highlight their own taste and charm, if you choose too dazzling material, it will give a feeling of upstart or flow in the flow, so men’s platinum necklace material in general Will not choose too many dazzling material. To simple low-key, calm atmosphere of the main style.
How to choose men’s platinum necklace style? Men’s platinum necklace maintenance Cartier love ring replica methods and general gem class is no different, be careful not to be placed with other jewelry to avoid collision, causing scratches. Hot springs, housework, make-up, swimming, crystal should be removed, so as to avoid chemical damage caused by chemical damage.
Bracelets, bracelets, brooches, necklaces … … talk about these accessories most people will think of women, women have a lot of accessories to choose, Xiaobian think this is very unfair to say, why accessories only belong to women? Men can not lose. And the current men’s nest to the general men recommended 8 fun necklace, for men’s life add a little taste.
Stephen Webster Cross Necklace Approx. RMB 2,804. Sterling silver and black sapphire material low-key type.
Arizaga Shark Neck Shape Necklace Approx. RMB 1,375. Gold must choose with such a fun pendant of a single product, or easy to look vulgar.
Karl Lagerfeld Watches Time Necklace Approx. RMB 1,949. This tide is made by Karl Lagerfeld and the Japanese brand Tokidoki. Usually always wearing a large sunglasses Karl Lagerfeld also so Meng time, you can through his big sunglasses to know the time.
King Baby Studio revolver pendant necklace about ¥ 3,113. Men ‘s interest in guns is like a woman’ s favorite jewelry, and it ‘s cool and cute.
Lanvin metal necklace is about ¥ 3,061. Bright emerald green for simple accessories stand out in the shape, metal-colored bolts and snake-like chain balance emerald green soft, so that the overall more men taste.
Maison Martin Margiela Chain Necklace Approx. RMB 2,988. Made of silver brass Cartier nail bracelet replica necklace, showing a sense of fashion retro.
Saint Laurent Skeleton Necklace About ¥ 6,787. It ‘s not too funny to wear it all day.
Vivienne Westwood Bone Necklace Approx. RMB 1,166. Fashion skeleton bones, with a punk flavor, is the pursuit of the trend of men’s excellent accessories.

Hong Kong Gold – Gold of the fatal temptation

Hong Kong Gold – Gold of the fatal temptation
To Hong Kong to buy gold jewelry is the people of Shenzhen and a tradition of the Mainland. More than 10 years ago, if someone asked relatives and friends from Hong Kong to bring back the gold jewelry, it will become a show of capital and the envy of everyone. Today, the charm of Hong Kong jewelry is still unabated, in the final analysis, it has three major advantages: First, beautiful, Hong Kong has the world’s other cities unparalleled up to the latest and most beautiful fine jewelry, so that everyone can choose to Their hearts good. Followed by the price of jewelry in Hong Kong to buy gold, have a reliable guarantee of fineness, genuine, and do not have to pay tariffs and sales tax, jewelry prices are definitely affordable. Last but not least, in the cosmopolitan city of Hong Kong, the gold and gold market has a long history, coupled with the regulatory and 100% return guarantee on the purity of the law, therefore, no worries about the purchase.

Need to remind you that: the price of gold in Hong Kong and the Mainland is different, it consists of two parts: the price of gold and hand. The more complex work, the more sophisticated jewelry, handicrafts are more expensive. So do not just look at the gold price posted at the door yo!

The following from the old, new fashion, feminine and many other aspects to introduce the representative of the brand shop:

Founded in 1929, Chow Tai Fook Jewelery Co is a reputable jewelry company. In the 1960s, Chow Tai Fook took over from the operation of Mr. Cheng Yu-tung, then his first 999.9 gold jewelry, gold jewelry industry into a model of color. Chow Tai Fook has accumulated over 70 years of experience in the jewelery industry, and has received much support and trust from the community. As early as the 90’s, Chow Tai Fook innovative implementation of ‘jewelery a price’ policy, unlike the general firms to indiscriminately price, set the price of goods to be the lowest cost of direct profits to save time bargaining, so that customers at preferential prices, get High-quality products, real goods experience the real price experience.

Central Branch

Address: 29 Queen ‘s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

Business hours: 10:00 am – 08:00 pm Tel: (852) 2523 7128

Tse Sui-lin jewelry with innovative jewelry design and highly respected industry, over the years award-winning jewelry industry. June 2002, its jewelry designer more Italian “2002 Gold Classic Design Award”, this award known as the international gold jewelry industry, “Oscar” Award. Today, it has become a renowned jewelery group in Asia. It is the largest jewelery retailer and manufacturer in Asia.

Main tourist area stores:

G / F, 35 Queen’s Road Central, Central (852) 2628 6228

Just Gold to “real woman” concept, a wide range of design, reasonable pricing for the strategy, successfully become the most modern women agree with the brand. They agree, may be Just Gold has been projected true woman character: independent, assertive, but without losing the woman’s nature. After all, this is no longer a need to wait for a man to buy jewelry as gifts of the era. Like it, will not buy it?

Main tourist area stores:

Causeway Bay Times Square, 512 stores (852) 2506 3381

Elegant products for the famous jewelry store in Hong Kong, sales of unique, rich sense Cartier love bracelet replica of jewelry; open and full of sense of space store design, so that customers shopping easier and more comfortable. Improve after-sales service Gengrang customers enjoy a comprehensive and high-quality shopping services.

Main tourist area stores:

Queen’s Road Central, Central 41 (852) 2757 3726 Monday to Sunday 9:30 am – 7:30 pm

Love jewelry jewelry in 1994 to set up the first branch, until now, in just nine years has become a chain of 20 stores operating trademark jewelry. With many people from all over the world and the rare international jewelry sales and production experience, the jewelry industry in Hong Kong as a vibrant new brand.

Main tourist area stores:

212, Basement, Times Square, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong (852) 2367 4004

Hong Kong jewelry industry in addition to quality service to provide comprehensive after-sales service, for example, in mainland China, the Hong Kong jewelery industry in the country together has more than a hundred stores, these stores provide customers with gold Free cleaning and maintenance services, customers can also be a reasonable price to replace gold, so the mainland friends in Hong Kong for friends and relatives to purchase the exquisite gift in the Mainland also access to quality after-sales service.

Buy gold Note:

1. Hong Kong law requires gold jewelry sold in Hong Kong to be clearly marked with gold finishes on the trim. Commonly used color standards include: 999.9 and 999 (that is, 24K gold, purity of 99.99% and 99.9%), 990 (purity 99%), 916.6 (22K gold), 750 (18K gold) and 585 (14K gold).

2. Gold has a purity of 99% or more.

3. Gold jewelry on the market, some marked with 24K GP, 22K GP and 18K GP, which GP is gold or gold-plated English abbreviation, which means that the gold is 24K gold, 22K gold and 18K gold-plated gold jewelry.

4. Decorative pieces should be engraved with the name of the gold line.

5. Decorative according to the weight of gold, purity and manual to pricing.

6. After buying gold, remember to retrieve the receipt, the above should be listed replica Cartier love bracelet accessories fineness, weight and price.

7. For inquiries, please contact the Hong Kong Pearl & Stone Jade and Gold and Silver Jewelery Association: +852 2543 9633.

Gold with the elegant rules

Now pure gold jewelry has been out of the traditional image of the old, become fashionable and sophisticated, and ribbon, feathers and other accessories with, grade is absolutely good. These amazing and creative full of popular gold, you can play the finishing touch to play the effect. A set of ordinary clothing, cleverly with a fashion gold ornaments, make you light up the whole person.

The most critical question is: do you know the elegant gold with the code? Do you know how to use gold to add the charm of a mature woman?

Earrings charm

No matter how beautiful you have, wear sophisticated earrings, you will find yourself more beautiful. Wear earrings, not only to add the luster of the face, better with a variety of hair, show your unique flavor and style, so when exposed to be exposed earrings to achieve the decorative effect.

Short hair of the lady, neat style best embodies your beauty. So the button-type or popular bag earrings is very suitable for you. Select the time to pay attention to this pure gold earrings to bright enough for the job.

Long straight hair of the President, simple and romantic earrings design will appear intellectual elegance. Button-type or small ring earrings for you. When selecting the need to pay attention to whether the shape of the ring earrings full.

Long curly ladies, freehand gorgeous earrings will make you look graceful. The most suitable for Cartier love bracelet replica chain-type earrings However, the selection should pay attention to the chain of the interface is strong.

The golden hand of jade

Slender fingers of the lady, you can wear any of their favorite pure gold ring, good condition, how to wear are good-looking.

Finger rounded lady, you can choose a wide ring surface or design a clear theme of the ring, so you can shift your attention from the fingers to the ring, so that people feel slender hands.

Fingers slender lady, you can choose the same slender, delicate ring, delicate gold ring can make your hand appear plump, but also highlight the sense of hand lines.

The beauty of the neck

Short necklace: neck slender woman for wear. If you are wearing a shirt or hedging clothes, necklace should be exposed in the neck.

In the length of the necklace: try not to hang on the edge of the collar, should be a wide collar with a large clothes.

Long necklace: suitable for wearing in the clothes, and with a relatively simple style long skirt, long skirt or trousers.

the most culture and the most beautiful one

Jewelry’s nationality
Say jewelry have nationality, some people is to laugh. Ruby gem has the points of origin areas, Sri Lanka, choi bao, Brazil, South Africa diamond, the jewelry brand will make a fine jewelry, have to come back from these places to choose good raw materials. A jewelry nationality where to start?
In fact, the same raw material, after processing of different jewelry designer, often have a different view.
As jewelry designer Ommatorres said, different background of designers in jewelry design for jewelry to give new life.
Romantic fantasy of France
France’s favorite dress up their country in the world, their enthusiasm for romance was hopeless. Than in Europe, Paris is the most beautiful city, there are numerous fashionable men and women adorned among them.
Some people say that Paris is beautiful, so charming temperament because it is more like a feminine city. But in the history of Paris, but has experienced three times of revolution here city, every few days of the revolution trumpeter will blew over in Paris. Man’s romantic and revolutionary ideas, as much as women.
Do a lot of jewelry brand activities, what kind of star are very worried, please do the guest, a familiar face during those in carpet can’t appear on jewelry, jewelry too feminine, too has its own style, the choice is wrong, even the temperament of the jewelry to a discount. About this rare French brand, operation is very successful commercial brands such as Cartier didn’t have to rely on star backing, but the manual traditional brand, more mill CHAUMET or Boucheron even road show in China, also to TiaoTiaoDe please Sophie Marceau or Audrey tautou to come over. Only French women in their eyes, the best way to interpret these jewels. Most of the time, the French woman doesn’t have the flavor of the middle class, the French can confidently say that they are the most culture and the most beautiful one.
Noble rocks, it is the pursuit of the vast majority of French jewelry brand. In order to satisfy the nobles captious taste, the jewelers has put all can use elements of the stack on the jewelry. Plants, animals, astronomy, characters, these all can be complex on necklaces, bracelets, watches. If you think Cartier love bracelet replica this is a business strategy to cope with today’s material society, they have the pride of French to tell you, “we begin from the Napoleonic era, has been done. We enhancing senior jewelry studio in Paris, has for centuries, are you interested in, welcome you to make an appointment to visit.”
So, as you now see Cartier on its advanced wrist watch with diamonds out of crocodiles, or is a serpentine pattern as the basic elements of poetry treasure dragon, “travel around the world” as the theme in or van cleef, you don’t have to surprised, for French women, jewelry is like life, is that many at the beginning of the romantic story. Who in Marshall Proust’s remembrance “, he wrote how to use jewelry to win take the girl’s heart, “if she did well today, I will send her a present. She sees a necklace, this gift is for me some expensive, to 30000 francs. But her life was also not much joy, she told me that there was a man might give this necklace to her, in order to prevent one thousand, I still jeweler reached an agreement with the family, let them stay for me now.”
Truly, truly, deutsche
In this world there is more than the germans rigorous national? The answer is no. Shanghai girls often like to find a foreigner for boyfriend, but German boyfriend is often out of place in the consideration, because too truer.
To be honest, German is not good at making jewelry. At the end of the day, jewelry is exclusively to women, and see the world famous German manufacturing, car, kitchen utensils and appliances, pen, machine tools, watches, which one is not a precision instrument for men. The germans really, it is said that even than the gold from the clasp of the Swiss with the foot.
German brand HuaLuo fu family fourth generation family managers cristo HuaLuo fu came to Beijing last month opened its first replica Cartier love bracelet boutique, he admitted Germany in manufacturing jewelry and romance of the French and italians are different. For him, and every country jewelry are silently convey their own way of life. French express romantic on jewelry, engraved on the germans in the jewel rules, quality, and friendship.
In general, luxury brands are less emphasis on the practicality of their products, because it don’t need to emphasize. But for germans, this tends to be at the beginning of the jewelry design, the first thing to do. Even like HuaLuo fu gold as the main material of jewelry makers, they also chasing a better feel. As for why the gold, the German people’s philosophy with the Chinese as “because jewelry, this thing is to be passed on to the next generation, while gold is the material can keep the longest.”

Dot eyeball the quintessence of gem of poetry

Dot eyeball the quintessence of gem of poetry: magnificent brilliance
With silks and satins, inadvertently looming curve, with the body swaying melody, with the Chinese poetic charm confide the colorful nobility of Oriental women. With the collocation of jewelry also can deduce female elegant mood, appreciate the light sadness for the good old days.
In the seventh Paris China film festival, chairman Gao Chunfang lady with a sapphire cheongsam, appeared in the opening ceremony, to the people of the world demonstrated the Chinese qipao dignified and elegant, ms Gao Chunfang moved by the deep feeling of China all the audiences, jewelry collocation cheongsam, staged a cheongsam hot in Paris.
A cheongsam, bear witness to a period of time, a woman’s mood. Simple design, delicate clipping, conservative and do not break amorous feelings, beautiful and not fall convention, the rhythm of the flow, the poetry of painting and concentration of natural and unrestrained, the imitation cartier love bracelet outline of Chinese women virtuous, elegant, sexy and beautiful. Cheongsam, the elegant nobility of last century, overlapping with Chinese women unique appeal, tactfully voice is like the phonograph, like maggie cheung performance of life, with one hundred kinds of Angle and the profusion colour carved Chinese female aesthetic attitude.
Chinese style design
The most noble style restoring ancient ways
The most classical and elegant modelling should match the most suitable for jewelry, with Chinese elements full of amorous feelings restoring ancient ways of jewelry to match the Chinese dress. The bubble-shaped eardrop as if can hear water dripping clear reply. It makes people would try to extrapolate the bubble-shaped is an extension of the medium wave point fashion creation. Some people think that Chinese style design is a symbol of eastern wen wan, also somebody said, Chinese style design is very expensive and difficult to drive the gas, its elegant and strong woman empress dowager cixi’s favorite thing in the world, so Chinese style design is tie-in cheongsam of choice. Chinese dress collocation cheongsam, whether it is style or material, had better take some Chinese flavour restoring ancient ways, but the design must pay attention to two points. Material such as selection of pearl jewelry, avoid the strings of the quadrature in the compasses in selection, especially the design of rice white, too the doctrine of the mean relative enough. Can choose the multilayer design Chinese style style, not only can show the wearer noble temperament, more can highlight and uncommon taste.
Jewelry color
From the clothing color
Chinese dress always give a person the sense of dignified and elegant, the cheongsam woman perfect figure show incisively and vividly. Jewelry and clothing are the collocation of Chinese style, while easy easy to stick to and maybe easier to put their whole like a vintage. While jewelry and patterns mix build a cinch, then let the colour of jewelry, design, such as complete fusion with Chinese dress style, but difficult problem. To echo the Chinese dress is tonal, with all the colors of the jewelry is one of the basic law. Out of all the colour of clothing a accounted for more than 30% of the whole body color color, alternatively jewellery benchmark color collocation, absolutely will not go wrong. If you touch deep enough, can also choose to bump color is tie-in, but have a bit self-defeating carelessly, flowery boring, so must careful meticulous colour collocation. In fact, as long as the creativity and imagination, jewelry to make Chinese clothing inspired fashion, will build up Chinese style clothing fashionable feeling, reach the supreme state of the contradiction in see harmony is the collocation is the key.
A brooch design
With the most ingenious mix
Wen wan can be used to describe the beauty of qipao, and collocation brooch is more able to highlight wen wan elegant cheongsam. In the dark ink on the pattern of the Chinese dress wearing a light color flower brooch, or on the light and the dark grain cheongsam wearing a black or with cheongsam hue contrast, brooch, absolute individual character is dye-in-the-wood, let a person shine at the moment, both chic and easy and fashion. Unique and novel brooch jewelry design, modelling also like completely surrounded by flowers, green is very thick, pure and fresh and elegant, Chinese dress collocation, WenWanEr elegant, gorgeous atmosphere. As if a kind of special energy, waiting to bloom between the moment of reflection a bright sun light, moving heartstrings, hidden heart. Retro elegant modelling, the collocation of the emerald and sapphire, let the thirties and associated with old Shanghai. Sometimes brooch can not only dot eyeball, there are additional effects, such as face fat can also be modified by a brooch, wore a single pin in the middle of the neckline, can make facial stretched from the vision, the two separated brooch was fullness to the face.

Canary to experts to teach you pick diamonds

Canary to experts to teach you pick diamonds
Yellow glow, it is champagne or diamonds? Bloom in the summer sunshine, iris, a condensation of power coming toward us, and sometimes is pure and fresh, sometimes hot, but never lose their noble temperament, like a lion in the African jungle, this is the power of the yellow diamond. This season, a lot of jewelry brand with yellow diamonds as the theme, diamonds are forever, which one can accompany oneself forever?
Pick the diamond experts to teach you
Blows in the face of the market all kinds of yellow diamond cyclone, a series of “pure beauty if yao sun” canary Tiffany (Tiffany), is famous for its yellow diamonds graves (Graff), DE beers have dominated the world diamond main resources (south), the inventor of the Cartier love ring replica tension ring, canary to circular cutting, German NIESSING inlaying tension, there are many China’s own diamond brand, such as Latin America, tide acer per gram, and so on. How can we not doubt, pick yellow diamonds, when purchasing a canary, what to pay attention to?
1, buy yellow diamonds, acknowledge laboratory or certificate issued by the authority, and it is a basic guarantee to the buyer, the certificate will do a clear identification of 4 c. Now in the United States is well-known and authoritative laboratory gem association (GIA), the Belgian diamond high-level council (HRD), international gem institute (IGI), European gem (EGL), which GIA more authority in color diamond appraisal aspect, and the largest market share.
2, buy yellow diamonds generally has two purposes: daily wear collection and investment. If it is a daily wear, that as long as meet buyers purchase intention is good; But must pay attention to the yellow drill with the difference between yellow diamond. Yellowish white diamond is not pure and white with yellow diamond, compared with the same weight, transparency, pure white diamond, its price drops along with the gradually increasing of yellow tones, while the price of the real canary along with the gradually increasing of yellow tones to rise. But if mentioned collection, so when choosing yellow diamonds will pay attention to quality. If the 4 c in white diamonds each share is equal, so for the yellow diamond, 4 c Color (Color) of the share is obviously more than other 3 c. According to the color classification, only to Fancy Yellow color (Yellow) above the canary is the value of collection, general advice to collect Fancy Intense Yellow color (thick Yellow) level or above, for collectors, it must be to bid for Fancy Vivid Yellow color (bright Yellow), will be around Cartier love ring replica the world looking for colourful colour Yellow Yellow diamond level.
3, although the color diamonds are rare, but relative to other color of the diamond, yellow diamonds more common, so the minimum weight should be 1 carat canary collection.
There are still different is colourful color, the same value
Christie’s auction in Hong Kong’s history, there is a interesting phenomenon, in the autumn of 2009 on the site of a 9.03 carat Fancy Vivid Yellow bright color Yellow, oval cut, produced by a jeweler Graff’s diamond ring with $169000 per carat clinch a deal, and in 2010 autumn, when a 12.02 -carat produced by Tiffany’s, the same as Fancy Vivid Yellow bright color Yellow oval cut diamond ring clinch a deal the price is $127000 per carat. Although the price is about $10 m high price auction, but the same color, from the unit price is less than 2009, 2010 is in decreasing year by year the price of yellow diamonds?
In fact, the diamond is the most important to see color, hue, color saturation and concentration has a great influence on the value of colored diamonds. Guests can according to the (GIA) issued by the association for gem diamond certificate to measure the quality of high and low, in general, tone, color pure moderate concentration and high saturation of the color drill, which was identified as having “bright color (Fancy Vivid)” level of colorful, its value will be the highest. 2009 autumn GRAFF colourful colour yellow diamonds and 2010 in the autumn of TIFFANY colourful colour yellow diamonds although belong to in the color level “colourful colour (Fancy Vivid)” level, but on its hue, color saturation and concentration or differences, therefore clinch a deal the price will be different.
For jewelry, without a doubt, the gem itself value is decided to the first element of a jewelry prices. Of course, good design can also be for its appreciation. Collectors are willing to to the high price will be the unique and precious jewelry to your own. Some designers, for example, can only be Cartier nail bracelet replica acquired in the birth of their cities, and the quantity is very limited. These factors can increase their attractive to buyers.
Have an important source of historical significance and jewelry can usually get high price, for the most part, it is worth collecting and can hold their value. Important, in fact, diamonds, colored stones, or jewelry can often get high price in the market, if have established source, however, the price may be higher than common source. As a result, we often learn about the appraisal principle of 4 c jewelry (weight, color, clarity and cut), now often coupled with a “P”, namely “source (the Provenance)”.
Rarity, quality, source and freshness of the market, is collectors will factor in bidding for each items. When there is the unique precious jewelry auction, collectors will with a determined attitude to participate in bidding, such precious jewelry also tend to be made are incredible prices. Although compared with pink diamond, canary price growth slightly inferior, clinch a deal the record keeping of per carat in $1997 in 238000. But we believe that the canary prices are still higher in the next period of time.
Canary ask the source
“Source” 2 words offers a lot of imagination, color diamonds have always been the love of the royal nobles are Hollywood stars shine on the red carpet. Unique design, unique, unique characters makes the already rare product more precious.
During the years of advocating personality collection investment, tailored to a belongs to own yellow diamond jewelry also can yet be regarded as a wise choice. Custom jewelry is individual character make public, also is the inner monologue. Everyone is an individual, each person’s Cartier nail bracelet replica experience is not copying process. Maybe one day I according to you customize a jewelry will appear in an auction, the gold jewelry because of its own value and your unique experience to become the world’s eyes legend of priceless, if coupled with jeweler or designer the icing on the cake, it is undoubtedly the most perfect your personal investments.
What is a canary
Diamond (Diamond) a word comes from Greek Adamas, meaning strong and clinking. The formation process of it is full of pressure, fire, violence, and the timing of the wonderful way lies, only when all the conditions, carbon will eventually emit bright is dazzing glorious. When some carbon atoms are replaced by a nitrogen atom in diamond, diamond crystals because began to absorb blue and purple light, diamond began in yellow, this is the formation of the canary. Canary is also known as the “diamond”, is one of the most common color diamonds of all colors.
The gem association (GIA) established the world known as the 4 c standard Carat diamond (CTS), the Cut (Cut), Clarity (Clarity), Color (Color), for the canary appraisal institutions are more take a fancy to the Color of the diamond. White diamond color description, from a to Z D said that is not to bring a Yellow degree, can only be called a Fancy than Z color Yellow (color), the general color Yellow diamond drill level, from low to high, in the order: Fancy Light Yellow color (Light Yellow), Fancy Yellow color (Yellow), Fancy Intense Yellow (thick color Yellow), Fancy Deep Yellow color (Deep Yellow), Fancy Vivid Yellow color (bright Yellow). Although the canary Cartier nail bracelet replica is common, but achieve brilliant color level yellow diamonds are rare. According to the American association of gem, the appraisement of canary, less than 5% for colourful colour yellow diamonds.
The gem association (GIA) chief quality officer John King (John King), said merchants in succession in yellow diamond, the consciousness of on behalf of the people and began to interested in colored diamonds, but not on behalf of the yellow diamond production increase on the market. Color diamond color saturation is an important measure of the value of colored diamonds. For example, a small -carat canary but its color is very good, that its value will be expensive. John king let reporters thought of sotheby’s autumn in Hong Kong in 2010, a 5.14 carat brilliant colour canary diamond ring sold for $1048718, a colourful colour yellow diamonds second gork pull the unit price of the world.
Tiffany canary Diamond (Tiffany) in the precious history, are one of the world’s largest yellow diamonds, it weighs 128.54 carat, Tiffany legendary designer Sloan berger’s mission is to create a comparable to this jewel match the base. He finally designs the three base, the most famous one is “Ribbon Rosette” Ribbon necklace, in the film “breakfast at tiffany’s” posters, this necklace is elegantly adorns the Audrey Hepburn neck. Then the yellow diamonds were embedded in the Sloan berger another works on the “stone” – a pleasant diamond bird perched on top of the famous diamond. The work is now on display in tiffany’s flagship store in New York’s fifth avenue.
“Windsor canary” (The Windsor around) due to its former owner, The duchess of Windsor is famous. The pear-shaped cut, color yellow diamond, a 51.01 -carat, another star weighs 40.22 carat, Laurence Graff (Graff) in 1987, the auction of the bag, and then set into a pair of earrings, then quickly sold out.
Sunrise stone of “DE” (The Delaire Sunrise) of South Africa’s a placer, excavated The appears as imitation Cartier love bracelet natural perfection of octahedral shape. Before birth, so to speak, its fate is bound, in a long time after 12 months of carefully polished, The world’s largest colourful colour yellow emerald cut canary was born, cutting, forming The Delaire Sunrise spectacular 118.08 -carat! Graves (Graff) to South Africa, tryon Bosch (Stellenbosch) and completed in 2010 graves manor named for its celebration, at the same time, Delaire Sunrise and the significance of Mr Graff diamonds in South Africa this is rich in legend of hot love.

The wind swept through the global in perspective

Low-key sexy The wind swept through the global in perspective
Look around the spring/summer 2016 fashion week catwalk, clairvoyant outfit become show the trend. Summer, people dress more and more cool and refreshing, clairvoyant outfit that is like concealed, pious covering the effect with low key but stunning sexy charm, let a person see the unforgettable. Farewell lightsome gauze elegant and pure and fresh, this year’s dress is full of the temptation to mature charm, let global popular actress are deduced its many kinds of imitation cartier love bracelet amorous feelings.
Small pretty waist if cooperate with the perspective element, not only elegant and easy to appear on the red carpet event, can also create a graceful curve temptation, tie-in diamond accessories, modelling is shining provoking love.
Shu qi attend the Jimmy Choo brand new store opening ceremony. Wearing a Calla blue printing split type short skirt, with the envelope bag, hand stamped on the Jimmy Choo diamond-encrusted heels. Elegant and sexy, but too incarnadine filar socks that grabs an eye lost scores.
Some girls like to dress the strong absorption of fine index, the but again dare to try, so like be not fully appear a see-through dress is obviously the most suitable for them, again tie-in color pink is tender crisp high-heeled shoes, let a clairvoyant outfit also took Cartier love bracelet replica sweet crisp taste.
Rosamund Pike in Victoria phenomenon white shirt collar hollow out pencil skirt to attend the activities, she stamped on the color matching high-heeled sandals, metaphor revealing lingerie and high heels perfect echo, color white and white color make the whole body modelling appear relaxed and charming.
Like a fishing net texture of hollow out bold clairvoyant outfit looks hot, especially with dew underwear design dresses, but pure color and delicate contour cutting dust, gas, black dress with red lips, sexy and relative; White dress collocation with the fluorescent color high heels, and full of bold dress sense of reduction of age.
About luca brasi in half perspective skirt black underwear to attend the activities, big show sex Fake Cartier love bracelet appeal. Her hand simple black hand bag, red lip jing rob mirror, nude heels prominent modelling of primary and secondary.
Erin Heatherton, dressed in a white dress to attend the movie premiere, she stamped on the coral red pointed high-heeled shoes, not accessories, the clairvoyant outfit dressed like clear water gives lotus, clear and elegant.
Most classic black bud silk dress is the most difficult one outfit, collocation is bad will have the suspicion of old, choose the outline shape of dress, high heels and a concise design enough elegant handbag, can let mature feeling quite heavy dark lace skirt can also become a day to choose.
Korean press conference show love to attend the film. She is wearing a splicing turtleneck pencil skirts, stamped replica Cartier love bracelet on the round pin high heels. The high waist of the dress design make her look more tall.
Blocked for sexy goddess Scarlett Johansson deduce maturity clairvoyant outfit modelling, of course, no effort, Dolce & Gabbana accept waist dress design draws the outline of the fullness of her breasts, nice hour-glass shape. Dolce & Gabbana delicate black handbag made Scarlett raise your hand is cast sufficient between more elegant temperament.