Omega Speedmaster Series watch is the super series of innovative watch

Since 1957 Omega Speedmaster series has not changed in design, because of their very complicated production process, before the actual assembly, the preparation of independent parts took 14 months, the base assembly requires 80 manual operation, and so on Superb skill, let mankind realize the dream of landing the moon! Today, the watch home for you to recommend this one step taken by humans Omega Speedmaster series.

Omega Moon Watch Series 311. watch

This super series watches give people feel full. 42 mm stainless steel case with a black Cartier love bracelet replica dial with a speed scale, with the same material bracelet. Very manly charm. The black dial, then reflect the characteristics of men mature and stable, the dial has a small seconds dial, a small dial 30 minutes, 12 hours a small dial and the central chronograph hands, and covered with carbon fiber crystal watch. In ensuring the beautiful watch at the same time, but also to ensure the quality of the watch. Equipped with the Omega 1861 mechanical movement, this famous manual winding movement has been on the moon. The watch is crafted in a special lunar watch case featuring “NATO” NATO military nylon straps, Velcro straps, strap replacement tools, and a brochure about the adventure of the Omega Speedmaster watch.

Omega Moon Table Series 311. watch

Omega Speedmaster Series “Haoyue of Gray” watch is the super series of innovative watch. This watch is equipped with a gray ceramic case, after blasting the 950 platinum dial, the appearance of low-key without losing the temperament. Lunar pointer, ceramic bezel and tachometer scale coated with white Super-LumiNova luminescent coating. Not only ready to embark on an adventure with you, but also look stylish and elegant, incomparable temperament. Super Speed Series “Haoyue of the gray” watch reminiscent of the legendary legendary models, 3 o’clock position set 60 minutes and 12 hours time dial, 9 o’clock position set small seconds small dial, inherited the Super Series Tradition. This watch carrying 9300 coaxial movement through the flat convex sapphire crystal back clearly visible, power reserve up to 60 hours, to ensure the performance of the watch.

Omega Moon Table Series 311. watch

This Omega Speedmaster special lunar table “Apollo 11” 45th anniversary limited edition to celebrate the 45th anniversary of mankind’s first moon landing, and to pay tribute to the first moon landing on the iconic super chronograph. Black PVD dial with 30 minutes, 12 hours timer dial and small seconds dial. Dial on a special laser process relief, exquisite workmanship. 18K Sedna gold bezel with a matte black ceramic ring, different colors with a more eye-catching look. Ceramic Cartier love ring replica rings with Speedmaster series of iconic speed scale. A 42mm case made of 2-grade titanium with a NATO NATO military nylon strap brown, not only comfortable to wear, but also the quality of the strap ensures the durability of the strap. Supermaster professional lunar table “Apollo 11” 45th anniversary limited edition equipped with the world-famous manual winding chronograph movement, has experienced the 1861 movement of the moon, precise and elegant.

Summary: Omega Speedmaster series is the most representative brand watches. The legendary super-speed wristwatch involved in all six human missions to the moon, 堪称 brand pioneer spirit of the model. Omega Speedmaster watch has been introduced for more than half a century, has become a symbol of the classic chronograph. Omega Super tough table tough, classic style meaningful timeless. Today for everyone to bring these three watches, it is the representative of the Super Series three classic watch.

Cartier to the world’s most precious material, Ming Chi a passion, life sparks forever warm. Platinum, with its glittering and elegant glow, is loved by the people in its 150-year history. Cartier has a classic masterpiece in the watch industry: Ballon Bleu blue balloon watch amazing, different from the tank series of retro, blue balloon series is more stylish elements. Today’s editor for everyone to introduce 3 Cartier blue balloon series watch classic.

Cartier blue balloon series W6920034 watch

Cartier’s series of blue balloons watch I believe we are not unfamiliar, this is a relatively popular section, 18K rose gold groove-shaped crown, inlaid with a spinel synthetic spine, a symbol of noble, and pink pearl Mother of the shell dial, but also with a little mysterious color, Roman numerals, sword-shaped blue steel pointer, another way to use sapphire crystal mirror highlights the stylish features of this watch. Movement is the use of blue balloon series has always been the quartz movement, precise and stable.

Cartier blue balloon series WE902036 watch

Blue balloon series ultra-thin watch with slim body, light texture, the usual elegant blue balloon watch series deduced to the extreme. This watch in 33mm oversized watch diameter, the re-architecture of the mechanical movement parts perform their duties, complement each other. Case made of 18K rose gold Cartier nail bracelet replica, inlaid with 115 bright cutting round diamonds, a total weight of 0.94 karats. Groove crown, inlaid with a cabochon sapphire, but also represents the noble and elegant watch. Silver plated guilloche lacquer finish dial. Sword shaped blue steel pointer. Sapphire crystal mirror. The purple crocodile leather strap, then convey a completely different moving grace. Equipped with self-winding movement, to ensure the watch’s power reserve.

Cartier blue balloon series WE902047 watch

Blue balloon series diamond watches are carefully selected top diamonds, blazing pure inlaid craft, the blue balloon watch into a woman’s dream favorite pet. 18K Rhodium-plated white K gold case, inlaid with 127 brilliant round diamonds, total weight 1.04 carats. Grooved crown, set with a cabochon sapphire. Sapphire crystal mirror inlaid on the dial of the time scale of eleven precious diamonds, as if dark blue night sky star, in the light of the pace of time. Sapphire dial diamonds and the crown by chance, depicting a star-like moonlike picture. Equipped with self-winding movement, to ensure the watch’s power reserve. In the distance, the palm of the watch chain of the Cartier watches is like a rising star, illuminating the world of Cartier’s time, completely inheriting the Cartier tradition of excellence.

Summary: If the balloon is light, like its guardian, a brilliant blue-like gemstone. The Cartier Ballon Bleu Blue Balloon Watch adds a touch of elegance to the cuffs on the ladies’ wrist. The Roman numerals are off-track under the guidance of a deep faint blue crown. Convex curved case, guilloche dial, sword-shaped pointer, with a polished or frosted chain bracelet. In the world of Cartier watchmaking, the Ballon Bleu Blue Balloon watch is renowned for its style and elegance. The Blue Balloon series is inspired by human dreams and attempts on flying: the successful launch of the 1789 Montegovern blue hot air balloon, is the first human aircraft. Get rid of gravity bound overflying blue balloon turned into a convex round table side of the beautiful blue sapphire crystal crown, carrying the human mysterious and beautiful outer space for the fantasy and eternal yearning, and love endless endless force and courage. It is no wonder that many couples are blue balloons on the table to express their feelings for each other, which also allows many women watch lovers on the Cartier Blue balloon series has a special favorite.

Celebrity of the Clayton series of watches work is very delicate and so on

Famous watch was founded in 1830, my personal favorite is its Clayton series of watches, classic curved dial, unique shape of the ear and the side of the double-slope design is from an antique watch Fine lines in the inspiration, has a retro classic feeling, today’s watch home for everyone to recommend three classic series of Kerry series watch.

Celebrity Clayton Series MOA10055 watch

This Clayton series watch not only has the date, week, month display Cartier love bracelet replica function, in the watch at 6 o’clock position also has a classic beautiful moon phase profit and loss display device. 18K gold time scale and pointer design, with a white disk, refined suits. Watch the use of stainless steel case to create, with black crocodile leather strap, this design is a full dress table, watch the side of the case for the wire processing, beautiful fashion.

Celebrity Clayton Series MOA10059 watch

Compared to a multi-function watch, this watch is designed for simple three-pin design, only the watch at 3 o’clock position with a date display window, revealing a simple and capable style. Watch with 18K rose gold watch to create, with a brown crocodile leather strap, watch the use of the brown surface pattern design, classic fashion, watch for the addition of a trace of vitality, watch the side of the same side of the drawing , Beautiful fashion.

Celebrity Crete Series MOA10052 watch

Celebrity of the Clayton series of watches work is very delicate and so on, which is more in line with the details of the friends to choose. As a banquet to come with a suit is also a good companion, blue steel pointer dazzling colors, the date shows easy to read, crocodile leather strap soft and comfortable and clasp security protection, etc., will Kerry watch Delicate show the most vividly.

Summary: Celebrity Creighton series, most of the models are equipped with excellent quality Cartier love ring replica known Swiss manufacturing machinery movement, cohesion inherited 183 years of exquisite watchmaking process, can be described as an ideal gentleman’s ideal companion, not only gather each section of precious life Time, but also witness the city elite scold surprised every important moment in the workplace.

In today’s watch industry, the function of countless watches countless, of course, there are table fans like to have a simple dial and function of the watch. Real strength of the ELITE series of watches, adhering to the pursuit of elegance, inheritance classic at the same time continue to develop classic to simple design and functional pursuit of elegant wear experience is the series of creative ideas. Today’s tasting this watch model is 03.2022.670 / 38.C498.

Kyrgyzstan Classic Classic genuine ELITE series watch

full image
This watch gives the overall feeling is simple. Due to technical limitations, the initial watch production in the development of the watch function has been a certain limit, with the technology mature, watch the function is also increasing, but the only constant is always the traditional reading function. Watches and clocks as a reference to the passage of time, often accurate to determine the pros and cons, it is difficult to imagine a complex function but a few minutes a day to watch the watch can be sought after by the table fans. Loyal to the tradition, in fact, is the inheritance and development of the watch process, the simple may be a way to slightly impetuous heart, but also to the traditional and classic tribute to the best way.

Around the crown is a circle of gear, in the top of the crown printed with real power when the iconic star.

Brown crocodile leather strap with rubber-protected lining. Hand-stitched, rubber-lined use makes wearing more comfortable.

And the case of the polishing process is different from the ear is used in the drawing process, a balanced texture brings aesthetics, at the same time to also bring out the case of the smooth texture.

The traditional Buckle clasp, consistent with the simple idea of the watch as a whole. But simple also can guarantee the safety of wearing.

The use of stainless steel case and the ear were treated in two different ways, the former is polished polished, the latter is drawing processing, two different ways to make this watch looks more layered. The table diameter is 40 mm and the thickness is 8.15 mm. The mirror is made of Cartier nail bracelet replica curved double-sided anti-glare treatment sapphire crystal. Round silver dial to the sun as a decoration, dial from outside to inside, respectively, is the track scale, after rhodium-plated and cut the Arabic numerals when the character, twelve o’clock direction is true force when the star signs, six o’clock direction Has a date display window. The pointer is also treated with rhodium-plated and cut. No complicated function, this watch looks very simple and generous.

Back of the table
The back cover of the watch is a back-to-back design with transparent sapphire as the material. Back through the design so that we can visually see the movement of the watch and related machinery and equipment. Equipped with Elite 670 model of the self-winding movement, the movement diameter of 25.60 mm, thickness of 3.47 mm, the use of a total of 144 parts, 27 stones. Hourly frequency of 28,800 times, providing no less than 50 hours of power storage. Tuo Tuo was “Geneva ripple” as a decoration, at the same time, when the real force on the pendulum Tuo has been hollowed out, the iconic star engraved in the pendulum Tuo.

Summary: ELITE in the real EL PRIMERO, ACADEMY, ELITE, PILOT and STAR five series, ELITE dial is very simple. Compared with other series, or superb tabulation process, or the ultimate accuracy of the flagship, or for the attention of female users, ELITE Zeyi simple design concept, with extreme elegance as the design concept and the pursuit of hope to Retain the watch function at the same time, for the wearer to provide a modern fashion wear experience.

Day and night alternately embodied in the watch on the day and night

For the watch’s dial, although it carries the whole piece of the smallest mechanical technology content, but the equivalent of the watch the facade, the consumer’s first impression. The art design value is the highest. In addition to the combination with the master of art, so that the watch became the art of painting on the watch outside the volume. The function of the dial to show the artistic effect, so that the function of more beautiful bloom on the dial above, but also serve two purposes.

Alternating day and night

To dusk circle as the dividing line, distinguish between the Earth’s day and the inner Cartier love bracelet replica hemisphere. The morning circle consists of morning lines and faint lines. Which along the direction of the Earth’s rotation, from the day to night boundary is faint line, from the night into the day line is the morning line. So autobiographical circulation, day and night alternately, again and again.

Day and night alternately embodied in the watch on the day and night display function, in addition to the appropriate time to set the sunrise and sunset. But also with the date display function, so that the traditional date display function in the process of laughing to avoid the day and night can not distinguish between the date of the show at noon to jump in advance of the situation.

Montblanc Po-Xi series launched this year’s Day & Night ladies watch, on the use of day and night and date display. It is refreshing is its day and night display of the unique design to crescent-shaped window presented in the top of the dial, we can see the carved light blue sky with the golden sun on behalf of the day, while the deep blue sky with a smile of the moon On behalf of the night, supplemented by scattered stars, it is beautiful and moving. And in the lower part of the dial is a rice-type date display, and crescent-shaped echoes.

Bao Xi series Day & Night watch with 34 mm diameter bezel, a total of 4 different pieces of material watch: steel bezel diamond, stainless steel dial diamond, stainless steel dial with diamond watch and 18K rose gold Bezel diamond.

Inheritance Po Xi series has always been graceful temperament, set to wear practicality, superb watchmaking technology and top aesthetic standards in one. Silver and white carved engraved dial, the beautiful black Arabic numerals, chic blue blue leaves and Barton-style pointer, all exudes a unique romantic charm.

The moon is sunny

Speaking of the moon phase table, of course, have to start from the phase itself. The so-called Cartier love ring replica moon phase, the most official argument is that astronomy for the moon to see the moon by the sun part of the call, that is, we see from the earth from different angles the moon is directly exposed to the sun part of the show Like. And it is because of the “month is a clear and sunny” changes, there are far away from the distance, so that the first human beings to explore the desire of the moon phase.

And for women, the moon is not only the quiet night in the hope of light, but also the eternal testimony of the four seasons. Montblanc to the moonlight garden as a source of inspiration to create a new Po Xi Yuanyuan series, the romantic poetic feelings into the ladies watch interpretation of the beauty of modern women. The biggest bright spot is that its month display function, with the traditional number of named months, through the rich imagination, for the twelve full moon were ordered with exclusive name, from the frost month (Moon) to Oak Moon (Oak Moon), making the month The display is full of poetic feelings.

Moon phase display function in the movement is relatively independent, is based on the movement of the moon on the disc to show the moon phase profit and loss changes. Movement of the moon phase disk has two identical moon pattern, because the moon phase profit and loss average period of 29.5 days (exact 29.53059 days), that is, from the moon to the next moon or from the next month to the next month of time The interval length is approximately 29.5 days. So the edge of the rotating moon disk with 59 teeth, 59 days is about two lumble profit and loss average cycle, the moon disk by the drive wheel to promote the day after the forward a tooth, then the moon phase profit and loss Changes will be timely in the dial on the moon window. But because of this month phase display device in the monthly operation time than the Lunar New Moon period of 44 minutes and 3 seconds less, so the first 32 months will be accumulated near the day of the error. Therefore, this traditional moon phase display must be in a certain period of time, by manually adjusting the position of the moon phase, in order to correct it with the actual moon phase error.

Here also teach you a small tune on the table, the first phase of the month transferred to the center, and then check the day of the lunar calendar to see how many days with the lunar calendar by a few days to adjust the moon phase button on it The

Bao Xi series of the clock watch with 38 mm diameter bezel, a total of 4 different materials with a watch: 18K rose gold Cartier nail bracelet replica bezel diamond, stainless steel dial diamond, stainless steel bezel diamond and stainless steel bezel diamond Dark blue dial. And can also be based on the like to change the strap, from the black crocodile skin to the exquisite two-color calfskin strap, rich color selection makes the four seasons flow of reverie, gray and light blue table against the background of spring, yellow and blue Strap is into the summer bright, elegant autumn is most suitable for khaki and dark brown, and ivory yellow and white is the perfect winter with the winter wrist with.

Summary: refers to the art on the dial, perhaps we will think of enamel, sculpture and other processes reflected. But in fact the dial function is better display, showing a sense of beauty is also very rare in the square inch as much as possible the function and aesthetic perfect fusion, giving artistic effect, the day and night alternately with the sunny Wrist.

women gradually look at the watch industry with a new perspective

In recent years, women gradually look at the watch industry with a new perspective. On the one hand, they still favor jewelery mosaic watch; on the other hand, they are more and more for the tabulation of the complexity and technical fascination. Swiss luxury watchmaker Richard Miller specially designed to create a new RM 07-02 pink sapphire ladies watch to meet the needs of these customers.

RM 07-02 Pink Sapphire Women’s Watch is inspired by the famous Pink Lady Cartier love bracelet replica cocktail and its spirit. The barrel-shaped case is made of monolithic pink sapphire, measuring 46.75 mm x 32.90 mm x 14.35 mm. Case processing in terms of engineering or technical point of view are challenges, there is no fault-tolerant space. The entire machining and retouching process takes nearly forty days to meet Richard Miller’s uncompromising standards and then countless tests to ensure that it meets the impact and comfort requirements.
Pink case with triple construction, ergonomic, equipped with a unique new self-made CRMA5 automatic winding mechanical movement, 5N gold hollow substrate by micro-blasting, and inlaid diamonds. In addition, the dial flange and bridge plate also made of 5N gold, the latter by hand chamfer retouch, even in the depths of the movement still conceal the charm of light.

RM 07-02 application of a number of excellent technology, such as manual retouch, Jinqiao mosaic, to ensure that the movement of long-term perfect operation of the variable inertia balance wheel, and inlaid diamonds, with the wearer movement to adjust the winding 18K 5N Red gold variable geometry automatic disk. Onyx and diamonds central dial, 5N red gold crown and white crocodile leather strap (with titanium metal clasp), for this excellent creative painting on the full stop.
Premier monkey automatic watch diameter of 36 mm, pink pearl mother of silver plate decorated with 24K gold particles, one by one inlaid in the carved from the depression, to create a beautiful pink and gold constellation, impressive.
Disk decorated with 18K gold monkey pattern to the finishing touch of the diamond, the monkey left arm seems to seize the 9 o’clock position of the bezel, the tail is comfortable around the 12 o’clock position of the emerald cut diamonds around.

Engraving inlay and the use of hollow cutting technology, reminiscent of the Chinese heritage for centuries, highly acclaimed paper-cut art, Marie Winston master craftsmen to design into reality.
Premier monkey automatic watch equipped with HW2008 automatic winding mechanical movement, equipped with silicon flat hair, through the sapphire crystal table at a glance, exquisite rounded Geneva pattern decorated impeccable. This watch case with rose gold to create, 36 mm in diameter, with a stylish black satin strap. Bezel, lugs and clasps inlaid with 74 bright cut diamonds, total weight of about 2.47 karats, sparkling. The watch limited production for sale 8.
Phillips auction house (Phillips) in the four seasons hotel held the first Hong Kong watches Cartier love ring replica auction, which is the auction house held this year, the third, but also the last watch auction. The auction brings together the world’s most precious timepieces, the final total turnover of up to 15,189,578 dollars. One of the Patek Philippe Ref.3450 watch to shoot $ 1,553,000, in one fell swoop to refresh the Asian auction single table transaction price record.

Patek Philippe Ref.3450 platinum watch, produced in 1985

This is a Patek Philippe Ref.3450 million calendar platinum watch, with moon phase profit and loss and leap year display, and has the original certificate and watch box, very rare and of great significance.
Pre-auction: $ 1,000,000-2,000,000
Price: $ 1,553,000
Patek Philippe Observatory Tourbillon stainless steel pocket watch, produced in 1924

This Patek Philippe Observatory Tourbillon stainless steel watch with open two-color dial design, with a minute Tourbillon speed control device. February 3, 1931, the pocket watch in the Geneva Observatory timing test was awarded the first success. Very rare and has important historical significance.
Pre-auction: $ 503,000-1,030,000
Price: $ 624,495
Rolex Ref.1804 “M. Kubo” week calendar type platinum watch, produced in 1960

This rolex Ref.1804 “M. Kubo” week calendar type platinum watch with a week calendar display function, with a black luster “Swiss” dial, with the second hand, inlaid diamond decoration and equipped with original bracelet.
Before the auction: 56,000-75,000 US dollars
Price: $ 114,512
Swiss rose gold pocket watch, produced in the 19th century

This Swiss rose gold pocket watch for the Chinese market to create, using open dial design, enamel decoration and inlaid pearls, in addition, it also has a three-time function, extremely rare and particularly unique.
Before the auction: 44,000-82,000 dollars
Price: $ 129,000
We introduced the news of the launch of the Pilot Extra Special limited edition watch. Today, the editor for everyone to offer a group of pictures. This watch is the Swiss luxury watch business real force and the British retailer The Watch Gallery latest cooperation results, limited edition of 35.

The watch case made of stainless steel, equipped with the latest brand Elite 679 automatic winding mechanical movement. It is the real force of this year launched the Pilot Type 20 Extra Special Bronze watch for the prototype, which is a retro pilot watch, equipped with a unique bronze case.

Many of the table fans for the Extra Special Bronze retro charm of the simple charm and dumping Cartier nail bracelet replica; but some people worry that the case will be because of some reasons Zhanjiang confused, become unsuitable for everyday wear.

Today, this Pilot Extra Special stainless steel limited watch is no such problem. The watch to The Watch Gallery iconic blue decorative dial, than the former more elegant, flexible and unique.

As a pioneer of the pilot watch, Zenith’s museum contains a number of important historical significance of the timepiece creation, including 1909, Louis Brielio completed the first time to fly over the heroes of the Strait of England watch. A century later, the practical use of the pilot watch has undergone tremendous changes, but it still makes collectors around the world dreaming.

Pilot Extra Special stainless steel limited watch has a typical large case and onion head crown, retro Arabic numerals particularly noticeable, Super-LumiNova ® fluorescent coating to make it in dark conditions with excellent identification Read the effect.

The watch diameter of 45 mm, the size is large but still fashionable, foil dark suit is particularly out of color, this feature is very rare in the pilot class watch.

Zenith Pilot Extra Special stainless steel watch limited edition of 35, only in the UK The Watch Gallery store for sale, the price of 4,950 euros.

Genuine IWC watch prices are usually tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of range

Wanguo watch is one of the many well-known Swiss watch brands. IWC not only high quality, superior quality, travel time accurate. Appearance is also very atmospheric. So many successful people are all concerned about the nations. But the market also has a lot of counterfeit goods, the following watch home to teach you to identify the authenticity of the Wanguo way!
How to identify the world watch, IWC how to identify true and false
From the appearance of resolution:
Genuine IWC watch dial and back cover of the logo Logo and writing are clear and complete, laser or mosaic. And imitation of the watch may be printed blurred. Genuine watches on the number of drill and the number of drill inside the dial and the dial on the subject, but imitation watches do not necessarily match. Genuine IWC watch watch stainless steel watch equipped with pocket watch movement, and equipped with arched edge of the table mirror, equipped Cartier love bracelet replica with sapphire crystal glass clear and smooth, imitation watches are rough edges and corners, or the dial of the dial there are blistering or surface off , Accessories are often broken situation.
From the movement to distinguish:
Genuine IWC watch movement, as well as 89365 self-made chronograph movement, but also with anti-magnetic soft iron shell effective protection of this masterpiece from the magnetic field effect. Movement inside clean and clean, and imitation watch movement often appear inside impurities. Genuine IWC watch movement pendulum thallium or the inner board will have a clear corresponding trademark words, imitation IWC watch will not have such a fine workmanship. Genuine IWC watch should be strong and stable, perennial use will not appear to take the needle deviation, but imitation IWC watch movement quality is poor, there is time deviation or stop are very common.
From price and packaging resolution:
Genuine IWC watch prices are usually tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of range. If you buy a few thousand dollars that is a genuine IWC watch the degree of the probability of a very low. Choose a regular channel to buy is also very important to choose a store to buy or choose a professional luxury shopping site treasures buy you believe you do not have to buy fake concerns. Genuine IWC watches should have packaging and accessories, warranty cards and instructions and counter box. And imitation of the IWC watch is difficult to have these equipped with the.
The above points in the purchase of thousands of watches when we must pay more attention to Oh. I believe you will be able to choose to suit your quality and quality of genuine IWC watches.
Many of my friends like watches with leather straps, but there are some doubts. Leather watch with how to identify this is one of the most common problems, the following watch home to tell you to identify the leather watch with the way it!
How to identify the leather watch
What is the leather, this also needless to say, of course, is to use animal fur to build the Cartier love ring replica leather is leather, but the leather is also divided into many grades;
The first layer of skin: the first layer of skin can be divided into grain, soft dough, broken skin, and the best calfskin, so you can often see some online business will be the name of “the first layer of calfskin” title. And then points, then, can be divided into a first layer of skin, two first layer of skin, three first layer of skin;
The second layer of skin: the second layer of skin is actually half of the true half of the leather, because it is broken with cowhide scrap, add polyethylene material re-adhesive made of leather, and then sprayed with chemical materials or PVC, PU film Processed from. And then subdivided the same can be divided into, one, two, three.
Artificial leather: we all know that is the fake skin, and how to do this I did not say.
And this knowledge of course we can go to the mother where the search search can be found, I want to say how to distinguish between the first layer of skin and two layers of skin;
The first layer of skin: online argument is “hand down, there is wrinkles, after wearing a natural leather wrinkles. Wear will not break.” This is the first layer of skin, and I have a special point of identification Method, because you bought a leather thing, it is likely not to press hard to see if it is true, because if it is leather, then the price is not cheap, can not be restored by an unknown ah, and I The way is:
First: to smell, the leather is a unique taste of the cortex, the taste may need a little experience to smell out, but if it is leather, a smell will have a unique flavor, so you will suddenly realize that Is leathery.
Second: to see, because if it is made of leather leather, the cortex will have a lot of small small Cartier nail bracelet replica holes, it is because the skin above the fur there are many pores, and processing is difficult to remove the hole , Unless the cortex above a layer of things covered, these holes are small and small, need to carefully look.
Third: of course, is the most do not want to use the method, that is, with fire, this approach is not recommended, because it will destroy the cortex, the leather does not burn hard knot, and artificial leather will be hard pimple.

Several details of the part is worth mentioning in addition to metal dial

As GALAXY Note3 the most unique accessories, Gear v700 lead the smart new equipment to wear the new trend, of course, this is just a new starting point, with the continuous upgrade in the future, wearing equipment will become mainstream. So how about Gear v700? Look at the following evaluation.
Samsung Gear v700 smart watch evaluation, Gear v700 how to use, okay?
Samsung GALAXY Gear v700 dial is equipped with a 1.63-inch, 320 × 320 pixel Super AMOLED screen. The quality of the screen itself compared to other wearing equipment, it is already the current high standard level. The whole body in addition to the power button and no other, left and right switch, back, open the light operation completely rely on gestures and a single finger, two fingers click to complete.
In terms of color, GALAXY Gear v700 offers a wealth of options, such as cool black, retro white, wild orange, rose gold, dynamic green and mocha black and other six colors, basically to meet the individual needs of different users. On the appearance of the appearance of Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica the style, compared to the current number of smart wearing equipment, the Samsung GALAXY Gear v700 appearance is the most scientific sense, but also has a stylish element, including metal drawing dial, with a texture table And so on.

The overall hardware configuration, Samsung GALAXY Gear v700 in addition to the 1.63-inch screen, but also built a 800MHz single-core processor, 512MB RAM and 4GB ROM, 1.9 million pixel camera for the daily capture screen provides a very Big help, and can record 720p video.
Battery capacity, we learned from the official data that it built-in 315 mAh battery. Wear the experience of wearing equipment from the feel, weight, size is a very important part of the overall size of Gear 36.8 × 56.6 × 11.1mm, weight 73.8 grams, are well controlled, worn on the wrist feeling more moderate.

Several details of the part is worth mentioning, in addition to metal dial, GALAXY Gear v700 strap with a soft soft material, the feeling on the wrist is still very skin. The overall very generous strap, wearing the feeling is still very comfortable, on this more advanced wearing equipment, the Samsung GALAXY Gear v700 overall design sense is very good.
Another strap buckle also uses a metal material, the same color with the fuselage, and the strap buckle itself also built a speaker unit, can be used as a call. The overall length of the strap can be adjusted according to their own situation, a total of seven stalls.
Samsung Gear v700 smart watch evaluation, Gear v700 how to use, okay?
The charging base provided in the package can be installed throughout the GALAXY Gear v700, through the USB data cable to achieve charging, transmission of data and other functions. Also in the connection base, the base itself can also charge the role of bracket, GALAXY Gear v700 screen will be automatically rotated with different directions, to ensure that the vertical display of the window level forever.
The design style of the charging base draws on the style of the Note 3 back cover, and has a relatively strong leather texture. Base and Gear itself is the perfect fusion, so in the daily use of the convenience is still very high, although not directly on the fuselage to charge fast, but this Cartier love ring replica design is to improve the GALAXY Gear v700 overall beauty, There is no interface on the fuselage.

Function keys, GALAXY Gear v700 whole body only a power button, you can light up / close the screen to achieve energy saving effect, of course, usually you can always turn on the screen, when the watch shows the time to use. On its own functional design, GALAXY Gear v700 has been shown in the state of time has a better life time, and the charge speed is also very fast. The other is the fuselage side of the microphone hole, GALAXY Gear v700 can provide hands-free calling, and Samsung’s own voice system can also be achieved through GALAXY Gear v700.
As GALAXY Gear v700 itself is equipped with a simplified version of the Android system, so the use is still very convenient, can be connected to third-party management software on the application within the system management, transmission of pictures and other operations. In a few simple steps after the connection, the Samsung GALAXY Gear v700 will be successful with Note3 pair, the use of Note3 can be all the contents of the gear management, of course, the premise is the need to download Samsung GALAXY Gear v700 Manager dedicated software (Samsung application store can be the next) The

Clock style change: GALAXY Gear v700 by recognizing the swing of the human arm can automatically light up the screen display the current time, in daily use can play a good role in the watch, while also saving the amount of electricity. Clock interface can choose a variety of styles, electronic, dial, etc., but also choose to display the weather, pedometer, fast applications.
Connected to the computer, automatically installed after the driver, the use of third-party PC management software can GALAXY Gear v700 screenshot, it is quite convenient. We start from the overall interface, by sliding the screen around the choice of different applications.
You do not have to worry about the gesture operation will be very difficult to Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica understand, in fact, after adapting to the future will be very handy, in addition to the general choice, back, from the bottom of the screen will pull out the dial-up keyboard, through the speaker to call. In addition, double-click the screen can also show the current status of Gear, such as whether the Bluetooth connection, battery power, sound size and screen brightness.
Smart wear equipment is the future development trend, Samsung GALAXY Gear v700 can talk about a good head, we also believe that through continuous development, the function of such equipment will be more diversified, more richer application. Samsung GALAXY Gear v700 itself, its fashion design, more practical features, compared to several products on the market at present, from the experience, features, and many have a clear advantage. At present this GALAXY Gear v700 smart watch the price of 698 yuan.

specially designed for athletes and left hand users to adjust the button at nine o’clock position

Which hand is the watch?
Which side of the watch with the hand? For this problem some people will feel more casual, how easy to bring. Some people are more particular about “male left female right”. But from the scientific point of view of which watch on the hands of it? The following watch home for everyone to introduce it
Which hand is the watch?
From the scientific point of view should be left hand, because the blood circulation and the heart! Left wrist wear watch and right hand flexibility is irrelevant. Indeed, if a person’s watch is automatic, quartz, the battery should be worn on the left hand.
But what happens if the man is left-handed? In this case, what is the comfort Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica for him? In addition, a large number of watch manufacturers, such as Seiko (Seiko), Panerai (Panerai) , TAG Heuer (TAG Heuer), they have been specially designed for athletes and left hand users to adjust the button at nine o’clock position, rather than the normal three o’clock position of the watch. Nevertheless, I still do not recommend wearing a watch on the pitch.
What is the price of Po Road China watches?
Bulova from the United States, a migrant from Bohemia Joseph Po Road, founded in 1875, was named J. Po Luhua company J. Bulova Company. Later in 1923 the company reorganized into the Bulova Watch Company Bulova Watch Company, and in 1979 became part of Loews Corporation. Innovation, is the core of the American spirit, but also Po Road, nearly a hundred and forty years to the same theme. Since its inception in 1875, Po Luhua accompanied the American dream.
What is the price of Po Road China watches?
Po Luhua history
In 1875, an immigrant US 23-year-old Czech youth Joseph. Po Road in New York opened a jewelry and watch stores, for the Po Road, laid a century foundation.
In 1911, Po Luhua began production and sales of desktop clock and pocket watch. Sales unprecedented.
In 1912, Po Road, the first watch factory in Switzerland Bienne began production, the production of the name of the watch.
1919, during the First World War, the watch (compared with pocket watch) in terms of convenience is reflected.
In 1919, Po Luhua launched a complete series of the first men’s watch.
What is the price of Po Road China watches?
In 1920, Po Luhua moved to Fifth Avenue 580, and in the top of the building set up the Observatory, observe the stars to record the time. This is the first ever built in the skyscrapers on the astronomical observatory. The observing time of the Observatory was sent to a timer of several hundred feet or less to guide the Poiseau’s watchmakers to set the watch time.
In 1923, Po Luhua company officially named. Po Road, China improved the standard Cartier love ring replica watch system accessories. Each component are accurate to one percent, the same style of the same parts of the watch, due to the same size, has been interchangeable assembly. This is for the traditional handicraft industry for the watch industry, can be described as great innovation.
In 1924, Po Luhua launched the first ladies watch series, began to set the diamond on the watch.
In 1928, the creation of the world’s first radio alarm clock.
In 1945, Joseph, Po Road, China School of watches and clocks to recruit disabled soldiers in World War II, training them to create watches and clocks. Funded by the Po Luhua Fund, set up in the school automatic doors and ultra-wide elevator and other settings.
What is the price of Po Road China watches?
In 1952, Po Road, China began to develop tuning fork table, a completely electronic timing of the clock, to ensure that the daily error within 2 seconds. This is the first time in the history of watches and clocks for 300 years.
1960, Accutron tuning fork surface. The tuning fork does not use the spring and escapement, but through a use of electronic rotation of the tuning fork operation, the invention known as the three hundred years of history, one of the greatest invention of the history of manufacturing.
In 1968, Po Luhua satellite clock available. It is the world’s first public watch Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica clocked by satellite-controlled microwave control, mounted on top of the tallest skyscraper in Mexico.
In 1969, equipped with the Po Road, the sound of the spike watch movement, by the first landing of the moon Apollo 11 astronauts placed on the moon.
In 1973, at the prestigious Geneva Watch Design Competition, won the world’s first digital watch design award.
In 2000, the New York Mayor of the United States in recognition of Po Road, 125 years of contribution to the international table altar, will be October 4, 2000 as “Po Luhua” day.
In 2002, Po Luhua company in Switzerland FRIBOURG set up the European headquarters, the production of the original Swiss Po Road, China watches.
Po Road China watch prices
Po Road, the price of watches to 3000 to 100000 yuan range, which is more popular models concentrated in the 4000 to 6000 between.

New material bright color Marc By Marc Jacobs launched 2013 spring watch

New material bright color Marc By Marc Jacobs launched 2013 spring watch
Marc By Marc Jacobs 2013 spring watch series new launch. This spring, in the iconic HENRY series of watches on the basis of the introduction of a new product line, the new series of new materials, new textures and new colors were redesigned. Elegant yellow, charming pink and elegant blue and other seasonal bright colors rendering Marc by Marc Jacobs color world.
After the re-design of the HENRY series of watches with interesting tiny size in the new DINKY HENRY series. Classic style with an unexpected fashion color, showing a feminine charm. Metal bracelet with bright golden tone and stainless steel, and vibrant color dial complement each other. If you want to reflect the casual style, you can also choose with neon leather rough strap style.

The new HENRY SEKLETON series seeks a balance between alternative cool and innovative Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica design. These unique designs feature a fully transparent dial with black crystal case. Sparkling Marc by Marc Jacobs metal clip logo around the three indicators of the table core placed, while the central dial is used in mirror design. Bracelet straps show bright all-metal effects, while color strap models highlight the central dial flashing sunshine.

FLURO AND WHITE series also uses a variety of fashion neon colors. Simple design using a strong neon sign and alphabet index, strap edge with low-key neon stripes. If you want to reflect the sports style, the new ROCK CHRONO style with silicone strap, and in the dial and the slope at the prominent neon color.

The new HENRY GLOSSY series uses polished stainless steel, rose gold and gold metal to create a shiny surface rendering colorful design. Bright glass dial with sparkling metal index for icing on top of the fashionable style. The same time as
Sports watch function Which watches meet the requirements of the sports table?
Life is movement, sports style for men and women, for the time never expired. A suitable sports watch to accompany you like heaven, such as Kunpeng, like sea dragon. So, what are the technical requirements of sports watch? Which watches are in line with the movement table? What watches meet the requirements of sports table? Next, the editor to tell you about the common characteristics of sports watches.
Athens new “Black Sea” sailing diving watch
Appearance of the movement gene
Black Main: Careful observation of the new sports watch, you can find the past sports Cartier love ring replica watch emphasizes the mechanical process performance, and now more emphasis on the sale of watches, What color should a man be? Frivolous exaggeration of the gorgeous is not the top of the tough choice of the site, depressed tedious bleak is not hard to find the elites seeking. Only down to earth, calm atmosphere of the black, with self-confidence introverted, determined fearless steel, in order to show the true man’s character and texture. For the performance of all kinds of movement of the original masculine rough character, most sports watch with black as the main color, and to convey the passion of the movement, the red is often the embellishment of the dial.
Yu-ship king supreme black Mamba and Yu-ship brand ambassador Kobe Bryant

Rough design: the appearance of the movement table should reflect its use – designed for the movement. This table is usually very strong, strong, dial is relatively larger, more heavy. In addition to those who look exciting to the “thick line” movement table, and the combination of fashion gives the movement a deeper meaning, so that a competitive movement faintly embodies a gentleman-like temperament.
Citizen and TOYOTA86 joint watch
Solid and durable: An ideal sports watch should be made of materials that can withstand impact, beating, scratches and other rough handling. In any case, the sports watch is theoretically designed for practical use, should almost do not see the wear of the year. Advanced stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, rubber, carbon fiber and ceramics are more suitable for sports table material. And from the strap material, precious metal or steel strap is clearly not with the movement, leather strap is not durable enough, easy to damp. Waterproof sweat, flexible, high temperature, easy maintenance features, so that the most popular rubber strap.
Clear when reading: in the state of motion, it is difficult to see a small watch on the time, so clear and easy to read enough intimate, large numbers is a necessary feature of a sports table, and in order to read more clearly, Raised design and luminous display is often used in the movement of the time scale.
Regularly held in Longines Longines equestrian events every year
Special motor function
Many sports watches have special features and performance, such as chronograph, countdown, golf bar counter and powerful waterproof shock performance, suitable for use in the event or watch a sport. Sports watch should usually be waterproof at least 100 meters, and from 100 meters to a few kilometers, in addition to meet the basic needs of sports, but also one of the stage of competing technical strength. Sports watches must be able to accommodate the wearer to attend a variety of occasions and to be durable, so have the inherent shock performance. Sports watch are built-in seismic system, to withstand the impact of movement.
Another part of the movement table is more extreme pursuit. They follow the explorers on the sea, showing their supernatural powers. And such a sports watch is often more favored by collectors and love table, or worship, everyone’s idea is that if their watch can successfully experience the polar adventure, then the owner will be able to run the snow when the snow. Or is such a legendary table with a watch, even if only wearing a look, but also to a certain extent, to meet the inner adventure desire.
There are some general omnipotent sports tables. This type of table is not designed for specific Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica sports such as diving or sailing, but it is indeed strong enough to withstand the various obstacles of fitness, swimming or other work, and both. Many companies with a serious professional sports watch series also produce all-round sports style. Panerai, Omega, Audemars Piguet, TAG Heuer, Yu ship and other companies have many different types of products to meet the needs of consumers of various sports table.
Tissot sponsored road bike race
Tissot witnesses the ice hockey scene instantly
Sports events can be described as the highest level of the sport, and ultimately, sports watch the figure. In the game, the watch to function but beyond the practical success, was given a new connotation and extension. Watch brand in addition to the sponsorship of the event, but also keen on the talented athletes to recruit under the command. From the European Cup to the tennis tournament, from golf to the yacht race, we see Yu-ship, TAG Heuer, Longines, Omega, Rolex and other top watch brands have appeared, together with the global event.
Sports events can be described as the highest level of the sport, and ultimately, sports watch the figure. In the game, the watch to function but beyond the practical success, was given a new connotation and extension. Watch brand in addition to the sponsorship of the event, but also keen on the talented athletes to recruit under the command.
The mainstream brands on the market for different sports to develop a large number of products to meet the needs of different sports enthusiasts. Brand exclusive characteristics combined with sports temperament, the pursuit of the perfect combination of shape and function, creating a paragraph shape cool, powerful sports watch. They are more lightweight, more stylish, bring people more arbitrary vitality.
The original sports watch is just a piece of ordinary black plastic used to withstand the bang collision, it looks handsome, but really useful. But now the sports watch is not so simple, higher quality, more professional watch not only good performance, but also for the gym, office and entertainment and other occasions. In fact, the vast majority of the movement of the time may not be used for their special purpose, but only the wearer because of the appearance or whatever they do, do not have to worry about the idea of broken watch and purchase.
2012 Blancpain Blancpain season
Many watch the wearer like the sport’s versatility: fitness, do not worry about the impact of shock when walking, jump into the bathtub without worrying about the case into the water. If the real thing is to control it rather than manipulate it, then the movement table to achieve this. Without careful care, just wear a table and forget it, in this already have a lot of trouble in the world, so you less worry about things.

How is the song? Song Tuo watches really good?

How is the song? Song Tuo watches really good?
Brief introduction of Songtuo brand
SUUNTO (Finland Brand)
SUUNTO in the Netherlands means “direction”, LOGO meaning is the direction.
Since Finnish engineers and outdoor sports enthusiasts Tuomas Vohlonen gained more accurate scale readings with their own liquid-filled compass in the 1930s, SUUNTO has been the most reliable and most accurate outdoor sport product representative.
Today, SUUNTO is still known for its advanced products and reliable imitation Cartier love bracelet quality. It is used as a compass, a wrist-shaped compass, a navigational compass, a sounder, a wrist computer, and a diving device. The SUUNTO is produced in accordance with high standards. The company won the ISO9001 certification.
Most of SUUNTO’s achievements should be attributed to the efforts of members of the company’s R & D team, innovation is always based on the facts. Every minute of the instrument’s details and practical aspects have been carefully studied, due to the use of new technologies and complex microprocessors, SUUNTO always in the same industry in a leading position. 80 years, the first diving computer came out; 90 years, the first wrist on the computer watch mature and produced in Europe.
For decades, SUUNTO has grown from a producer of precision instruments to become a leading brand of outdoor sports electronics tools.
The real majority of climbing, adventure enthusiasts praised by the Finnish-made SUUNTO watches. The company is specializing in the production of outdoor supplies company, the world’s best compass from the company. In 1998 the company launched a multi-functional series of outdoor watches, each of which has focused. Because of its complete functionality and autonomy (can replace the battery) and by users around the world welcome.
Suunto Finland The Songtuo brand was born in 1936 and is the world’s top sports measuring equipment – the design manufacturer of wrist computers in the field of sports, such as mountaineering, hiking, orientation, training, diving, skiing, cycling, triathlon, sailing Cartier love bracelet replica and golf. Suunto Song Tuo wrist computer has been its products, accurate and reliable and fashion design by consumers respected, can help different stages of various types of special training and outdoor enthusiasts to enhance their sports performance. Suunto Songtuo brand is headquartered in Finland Vantaa, the products sell well in more than 100 countries and regions. Suunto Finland Song Tuo wrist computer is now in Beijing, Shanghai and other major cities in China sales.
Song Tuo watch how, User evaluation
Comments 1: Some people say that CASIO is good, someone said suunto good, suunto the high point of accuracy
Comments 2: has been used for some time, the brand outdoor table, value. Temperature, height, pressure are, lance material heavier, the function is very powerful!
Comments three: Song is the wrist on the computer, to buy to the outdoor shop to buy, and now fake too rampant.
Comments four: suunto more professional than casio! But the domestic Core Department is not as good as the original Finland.
Comments 5: the real majority of climbing, adventure enthusiasts praised by the Finnish-made SUUNTO watch. The company is specializing in the production of outdoor supplies company, the world’s best compass from the company. In 1998 the company launched a multi-functional series of outdoor watches, each of which has focused. Because of its complete functionality and autonomy (can replace the battery) and by users around the world welcome.
Suunto Finland The Songtuo brand was born in 1936 and is the world’s top sports measuring Cartier love ring replica equipment – the design manufacturer of wrist computers in the field of sports, such as mountaineering, hiking, orientation, training, diving, skiing, cycling, triathlon, sailing and golf. Suunto Song Tuo wrist computer has been its products, accurate and reliable and fashion design by consumers respected, can help different stages of various types of special training and outdoor enthusiasts to enhance their sports performance. Suunto Songtuo brand is headquartered in Finland Vantaa, the products sell well in more than 100 countries and regions. Suunto Finland Song Tuo wrist computer is now in Beijing, Shanghai and other major cities in China sales. The same time as
Comments six: outdoor use of the electronic form, the price in the basic 3000 it Nor is the price of the problem, Song extension of the table like a professional look, very man is very rough.
Songtuo offer
Song Tuo watches are electronic form, there is no extra valuable material, so the price is generally low. In the domestic offer from 1000-7000 range. The most popular watches in 3000 yuan or so.

Vacheron Constantin PATRIMONY Traditionnelle World Time Watch

Vacheron Constantin PATRIMONY Traditionnelle World Time Watch

18 K pink gold case, diameter 4 2 .5 mm, Vacheron Constantin homemade 2 4 6 0 W T automatic winding movement, dial to “Lambert Projector (Lambert Projector)” made the world map, with 37 time zone display

This year’s Geneva, there are two very force to the world when the watch, one in the SIHH off the premises, is developed by the F.P Journe UTC world standard time watch, the other in the field, is this Vacheron Constantin world time watch. Speaking of the world, Vacheron Constantin can be considered experts in related fields, and the last century 30’s first, and then continue to introduce new. But the world when the function is not like other complex Cartier love bracelet replica functions, it is based on the reality of the time zone is divided, design ideas can only be down to earth, it is difficult to maverick, but can not ignore the objective requirements of the wearer, it is difficult to create subversive works.

This PATRIMONY Traditionnelle world time watch, in the full time zone and the convenience of the operation of the outstanding performance. At present, some countries in the world use the time difference with the world standard time of half an hour or fifteen minutes, such as Venezuela in 2007 will adjust the whole time zone for the half-time zone (GMT-4: 30), this table can display 37 time zones Of the time, covering all areas that can be imagined. It is also very simple operation, a crown all get. The wearer only needs to select the desired time zone city on the 24-hour digital disc and rotate to the black triangle mark at 6 o’clock to accurately read. For example, the figure shows the current time in Geneva 10:11 local time, while Geneva and adjacent to the time zone of London was 9:11.
Earl Emperador Coussin ultra-thin automatic winding tourbillon watch

18K rose gold case, diameter 46.5 mm, 10.4 mm thick, the assembly of the Earl system 1270P ultra-thin automatic winding tourbillon movement, movement and the shape of the same case. Laser engraved sapphire transparent dial, eccentric hour and minute hand, Tourbillon at 1 o’clock, pearl tuo at 9 o’clock, power reserve 40 hours, the table strap energy display. Limited sale

This count spent three years to create a gold watch, is a set of high-level watches and jewelry, the two systems and a masterpiece for. In the past to see the high-level jewelry table, almost all in the gem mosaic to make a fuss, and these stones or diamonds itself is not necessary for the function of the watch, but played a decorative role, and advanced watches and clocks to mechanical process-oriented value system completely Do not take the world. The jewelry industry, the most commonly used precious metals, even in the watch even the role of decoration did not play, but the status of a symbol of status.

But this Emperador Coussin ultra-thin tourbillon table is the precious metal material Cartier love ring replica sense of value and decorative and watch the function itself perfectly together. Had to admit, Pearl Tuo from the table back to the dial, the achievements of this table the biggest bright spot, gold pendulum engraved on the count family badge, exquisite and dazzling degree of no less than a 3 carat diamond. It is not only for the good-looking, but also to achieve the world’s thinnest tourbillon automatic table necessary in the transparent sapphire dial under the non-stop, showing the count of sophisticated craftsmanship.

Platinum or platinum case, 44.2 mm in diameter, fitted with Lange self-made L043.2 hand winding movement, constant power escapement system, power reserve 36 hours, with jump, jump points, timekeeping, newspaper and dial stop Function, platinum limited edition 100 only

Lange will be the first “ring table” award to ZEITWERK, this is by no means accidental.

ZEITWERK L043 movement used in the jump jump when the digital disk display system for the integration of the self-ming wheel to provide the ideal platform. When the digital disk to run forward, it will release a huge moment of power, after the completion of the gear switch, still can provide enough power to tension the spring, which drive two hammer timekeeping. The hammer made of stainless steel is black polished and placed on both sides of the small dial on the dial. The left side of the sound hammer sounded once every hour, with low tone of the music timekeeping; the right side of the hammer is knocked once every quarter of the time, with high tone music timekeeping. The two springs are suspended between the dial and the bezel, easy to identify.

ZEITWERK STRIKING TIME table is different from the traditional self-ming table or ask the table, it is more low than they are, is a simple time tips, you can work and business occasions to wear. If the environment does not allow sound, just press the button at 4 o’clock position, you can turn off the timekeeping function: silent mode easy to confirm, as long as the sapphire crystal mirror to see if the mallet is off the sound spring can be. In addition, when the crown is pulled out, the hammer will return to its original position, so that it will be able to set the time in both directions without triggering or accidentally interfering with the timekeeping device.
Montblanc Veraire 1858 series of re-engraved measurement pulse chronograph

Rose gold and platinum section of the limited amount of 58, respectively, black and white enamel plate, with pulse measurement function, the case diameter of 39 mm, assembly MBM 13-21 single-button chronograph movement, power storage 60 hours

Montblanc launched this year 5 new products, of which 3 is based on the concept of time-based. Looking back at the current Geneva show, can make people remember the chronograph is probably the three of the. If not because of the insistence of Montblanc, “chronograph” these three words will be buried in this year’s Geneva.

And the past five years, Veraire 1858 series compared to the introduction of the watch, this engraved version has a major change is the size of the reduced. 39.5 mm case size, and the last century 30’s chronograph size trend echo, thin body movement after only 29.5 mm, but also embodies Cartier nail bracelet replica the column wheel structure, single-button timing and other classical chronograph and traditional watchmaking process essence The For the wrist is not enough stupid table fans, of course, this is good news, because the size of the past simply do not wear wrist, even if it is like a pocket watch style of movement, The outermost edge of the dial with a red pulse meter scale, as long as the start pulse timing table timing function, while the probe to stop at the time of the first 30 hours, that moment the second hand pointed to the scale is the pulse rate. In those days, only the rich and doctors, engineers, explorers who specialists who may have a watch, pulse chronograph by the doctor welcome, and later was called “doctor table” reputation.
RICHARD MILLE RM030 (Tuo Tuo automatic detachment) automatic models

Barrel-shaped case, optional titanium alloy, platinum or rose gold, size 50 × 42.70 × 13.95 mm, titanium alloy torque limit crown, double barrel movement, put Tuo can automatically out of power, storage 50 hours

This year, in the Tuo Tuo article to do the article a few. Perhaps the popularity of ultra-thin comfortable wind reason, Earl, Roger Dolby, Parma Johnny and RICHARD MILLE have launched a pearl Tuo movement style, Audemars Piguet also has a patented ring pendulum Tuo works come out. However, like RM030 so purely in the performance of the article put the article can be said to be unique.

As we all know, put Tuo, also known as automatic Tuo, is the movement of the wrist for the winding to provide power. Once the energy reaches saturation, and the wrist is still in motion, it may lead to excessive winding. Traditionally, this has been avoided by a raised spring device. But the spring constantly bounce, but also on the barrel to cause a certain degree of damage accumulation, especially when the wearer when the intense movement – this is precisely the characteristics of the RM watch.

In view of this, Richard Mille spent four years developing and designing a set of automatic detachment of the Tuo system: when the power storage to 50 hours, put Tuo will use a special mechanical structure to achieve automatic disengagement, no longer When the power reserve drops to 40 hours, the pendulum will automatically grasp and re-start work until the power storage reaches 50 hours.
Van Cleef & Arpels Décor Makis Premium Jewelry Table

Platinum jewelery bracelets, diamonds, sapphires, pink gemstones and onyx. Platinum diamond case, mother of pearl dial. Swiss quartz movement. The world is limited to one

The brightest star on SIHH is still inspired by the novel of French novelist Jules Verne. It describes: when an extraordinary adventure came to an end, the balloon landed in the African jungle, surrounded by lush and dazzling plants.

The simple lines outline the abundance of the stem leaves and the delicate beauty of the petals, the mosaic of emeralds and sapphires, the two men with diamonds, the black onyx tail monkeys in the forest free shuttle, become wrist on the wonderful decoration.

This high-level jewelry table reflects the extraordinary Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry production process. Jewelry table with each of the gems are in line with the brand jeweler set up the strict standards – green green, blue was deep, pink and tender and beautiful – only with the ultimate quality and beauty of the gems of the soul to show people eyebrows Harmony tone. Watch the central shape of the flowers can be opened or closed, dial made of mother of pearl.