Dior Chiffre Rouge series of men’s watch combines an outstanding watchmaking process

2014 is the Dior Chiffre Rouge series of men’s wrist watch the tenth anniversary. With the classic black (rubber or Nato strap, dial or bezel), white, red (bottom cover glass coloring, or used to highlight the crown, date, pointer, button and other elements) color elements and great brand recognition and Visual impact of the asymmetric design (the case will focus on all the controls on the widening of the right side, that is, chronograph watch winding chords and buttons) constitute the Dior on the male masculine unique interpretation of the gas.

Dior Chiffre Rouge series of men’s watch combines an outstanding Cartier love bracelet replica watchmaking process, 100% using automatic winding mechanical movement. Such as the Swiss Observatory certified mold A05 chronograph watch and Zenith designed by the extraordinary automatic chronograph movement “Irréductible”, and Orny & Girardin co-design, can display eight time zone “Dior 8 fuseaux horaires” movement ; Together with Soprod designed “Dior Inversé 11½” movement and so on.
Dior Chiffre Rouge launched in 2004, the brand limited edition in 2013 issued 100 black calfskin table chain (A02) and gray (A03), the same year in September also issued a stainless steel bracelet (A02), stainless steel bracelet and crocodile skin Strap section (A03).
Chiffre Rouge watch features include: black (rubber or Nato strap, dial or bezel), red (bottom cover glass coloring, or used to highlight crown, date, pointer, button and other elements), asymmetrical shape The case will focus on all the controls on the right side of the widening, that is, chronograph watch winding chords and buttons), and in accordance with Dior Homme style and skills of cutting technology (bracelet surface carving).

Chiffre Rouge also belongs to 100% automatic movement series, with outstanding watchmaking characteristics, such as the Swiss Observatory certified mold A05 chronograph watch, and its design by Zenith extraordinary automatic chronograph movement “Irréductible”; and Orny & Girardin co-designed, can display eight time zone “Dior 8 fuseaux horaires” movement; together Soprod design of the “Dior Inversé 11½” movement and so on.

With the 2012 black rubber mold Chiffre Rouge A05 chronograph watch, A02 and A03 chronograph watch manufacturing process has also been strengthened: improved case and the perfect blend of bracelet, watch chain stability is improved, the choice of double-sided resistance Reflective glass, the use of screw-in crown, bezel readability has also been improved, A02 watch is the Swiss Observatory certification.

CHIFFRE ROUGE A03 equipped with Elite 691 self-winding movement, put Tuo engraved “DIOR HOMME” words, 38 hours power reserve. 36mm stainless steel frosted case, lattice-shaped ornamental crown decorated with red ring decoration, translucent black crystal Cartier love ring replica table cover. Black sun radial ornamental dial, luminous hour and minute hands, 4 o’clock position of the red date display. NATO black fabric strap, needle buckle stainless steel scrub buckle, engraved “CHIFFRE ROUGE” words, three matte polished stainless steel strap perforated. Hour-minute-second-date function. Waterproof depth of 50 meters.
In the field of fashion watches, the first will think of Cartier, Chanel, LV and other famous fashion brands, in fact, Dior is now in this fashion field is also developing well, occupy a place. Dior watches the most significant feature is the use of color, such as color with, especially black and white, simply use the consummate. Today Xiaobian for everyone to bring a Dior female black fashion watch.

Dior VIII 38mm series CD1245E0C002 watch

Dior VIII series is the brand under the popular market a series, it is full of spirituality, it seems that each table are in the choice of their own owners, because they are too personal. Dior CD1245E0C002 watch the whole body with black tones, in many brands, can be reflected in the black so fashionable, Dior is absolutely in a leading position. On the basis of the black, Dior in the center of the dial, using the top diamond technology, will be a fine selection of diamond ring arrangement, creating a stylish luxury texture.

Bezel and strap are tapered design, breaking the current watch rounded appearance ornamentation, highlighting the brand emphasizes personality, innovation, the purpose of fashion, in addition, the side of the bezel also used a coin pattern design, full of flavor. When these are ready, the brand for the entire watch selection of stainless steel and ceramic materials, so that the watch outside the rugged, easy to wear and corrosion, especially the bezel, the first to use stainless steel to build the theme, and then ceramic coating retouching, And showing a mirror effect, showing a smooth texture. Watch the back of the bottom through the use of design, so that the structure of the movement and exquisite grinding glance.

Dior CD1245E0C002 watch does not have any function, so its movement is not a complex Cartier nail bracelet replica movement, but as a timepiece, it must be based on precision when walking. This watch is equipped with Swiss original automatic winding mechanical movement, look back through, it is undoubtedly the most compelling. This watch looks full of fashion and luxury elements, while black this many people can not innovation in color, under the guidance of Dior designers, the outbreak of the wild side, like a black hole, want to devour everything. In terms of function, it has a 50-meter waterproof depth, and one-way rotating bezel, although this bezel does not have a substantial role, but also added a lot of fun.

Summary: This table is not particularly powerful, but its watch rendering atmosphere is very powerful, very wild beauty. The use of new materials, ceramics also increased the fashion popularity of watches.

the identity and wealth value symbol for the brand values and always move their target customers

Laurenton ROACD table originated in the Geneva, Geneva, Japan, uphold the superb watchmaking skills in Geneva, to show the European fashion style, high-end, luxury, distinguished, elegant and famous, “identity and wealth symbol” brand image Become a successful consumer darling, has always been successful people from all walks of life favored, yet eclectic yet noble.
Laurenton ROACD watch brand introduction
Laurenton brand has always been advocating exquisite, perfect, distinguished “design philosophy”, as the starting basis for the design.
Switzerland is the world’s watch industry’s cradle, is still a lot of well-known watch brand headquarters location.
Swiss watches, representing the precise mechanical structure and high quality, Swiss watch industry output accounted for 16% of the global production of watches, the total output value is as high as 57%. From the complex multi-functional mechanical watches to gorgeous exquisite jewelry table, Switzerland is the world’s only one-way.
In 2006, with China’s economic take-off, China’s watch market demand is huge Cartier love bracelet replica, watch manufacturing has reached a high level of technology, take this opportunity, Laurenton ROACD table in order to better expand the Chinese market, decided to be incorporated in Hong Kong Switzerland Laurenton ROACD Investment Co., Ltd., is responsible for the operation of the Laurenton table in China.
Came to China’s Laurenton, to the identity and wealth value symbol for the brand values, and always move their target customers as white-collar class of successful people, highlight its taste and identity. In the quality and design excellence, so that Laurenton has become a symbol of identity and wealth. To a certain extent, Laurenton has become a symbol of the middle-aged male women’s career between 20 and 50 years old.
Romago Design is a Hong Kong Jiafeng enterprises under a high-end patented watch brand. Translated by: Roman song. Patent features: the watch worn on his hand, walk away about 45 degrees, built-in LED lights will automatically light, you can see the time. When the lamp is lit for about 5 seconds, it will show a mirror effect.
Romago Design
To the super-shaped features Romago Design Swiss Swiss Remy high watch brand, in recent years can be said that Europe, Southeast Asia, a very popular watch brand. Romago Design Swiss Swiss Remy watch brand founder Daniel Tsai, out of the watch for the love of elaborate watch technology, his dream is to create the world’s best watch. Finally in the 20th century, 90 years developed the world’s unique “LCD mirror mix quartz line needle” dual-core watch.
Today, Romago Design Swiss Swiss Remy high watch brand “LCD mirror mix quartz line needle” dual-core watch unique position has no other brand can be replaced, but also to the large form of leadership nowadays watch trend, in constant innovation The occasion, also follow the traditional Cartier love ring replica characteristics, can be said that no one can out of its right.
Romago Design Swiss Swiss Lima high watch brand exclusive “45 angle intelligent switch mirror function” registered patented technology, the introduction of automatic sensors in the watch, just 45 degrees inward that can mirror into time display.
Speaking of Romago Design Swiss Swiss Remy high watch brand, everyone’s most profound and most direct response is “turn hands on the ShowTime” like magic, like a powerful technology, never seen such a watch. When the glass was mirror, but also used by women to do with the mirror. Fun and practical, combined with technology and fashion is the Romago Design Swiss Swiss Remy high watch brand in the past, present and future efforts direction.
Romago Design Swiss Swiss Limi watch brand bold use of materials and colors into the design elements, elegant taste is full of interesting, the brand will be further pushed to the end of the trend of the times.
ROXIE Rothschild watches many friends have not heard of, the brand watches are usually rare. So the people who know it are very few. And below, watch home to come to introduce you to this brand it!
ROXIE Roxier watch brand profile
At the beginning of the 19th century, the Rothschild family on the road of wealth, indomitable, created the European “Sixth Empire”, boarded the peak of wealth. In the music capital of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma City, Ro.Roxie Rothschild family of children, focus on the design of watch design Cartier nail bracelet replica 50 years, founded the name of the family name ROXIE brand, in the long Of the years, in the effort to carve a minute, with its focus on the watch, the achievements ROXIE name.
Heritage in China, set up in China, ROXIE / Rothschild brand watches, in its advanced design concept and the combination of today’s technology, developed a section full of art and business watches, uphold the classic art style And design ideas can be tested and lasting new, with Seiko secret agents to achieve the perfect pursuit of quality.

Diamond fluorescent is a natural phenomenon blue fluorescence can enhance the brightness of the diamond

So EX especially 3EX GIA certificate of diamonds, indeed from the shape or the overall feeling is perfect. Finish: the evaluation of the last process of throwing diamonds. Divided into surface polishing and symmetry of two content. Polish is mainly to determine whether there is a clear grinding wheel pattern (WHEEL MARK) or burns (BURN MARK) the existence. For the evaluation of polishing are: EXCELLENT perfect, VERY GOOD very good, GOOD good, FAIR can still, POOR poor.
Symmetry: An item in the evaluation of the cut. In the evaluation of the main symmetry and secondary symmetry to evaluate the main symmetry defects on the appearance of diamonds did not significantly affect the secondary symmetry defects on the appearance of the United States and the value of little impact.
The main symmetry defects include: the waistline profile is not smooth, the table Cartier love bracelet replica eccentric, the bottom of the eccentric, wavy waist or inclined table. GIA diamond grading system is divided into EXCELLENT perfect, VERY GOOD very good, GOOD good, FAIR can still, POOR poor. Fluorescence (Fluorescence): Fluorescence reaction is the excitement of foreign energy by the diamond, usually refers to the exposure to ultraviolet light when the reaction occurs when the color of light.
According to its strength is divided into: NONE no, FAINT weak, MEDIUM moderate, STRONG strong, VERY STRONG strong and so on five. Where FAINT does not record its fluorescence response color.
Fluorescent little knowledge
Diamond fluorescent is a natural phenomenon, blue fluorescence can enhance the brightness of the diamond, yellow fluorescence may reduce the whiteness, so with a fluorescent diamond to see which kind of light. A blue fluorescent diamond than the fluorescent diamond is not the same color level is more white, the blue light when the fire will be a little more, but it depends on the size of the diamond and fluorescence strength. Internationally determine the color of the diamond, it is necessary to deduct some of the blue fluorescent whitening scores, that is, if the two diamonds are F color, a Strong Blue fluorescence, are the same international agency certificate, Very big is probably the fluorescent color of the original diamond is higher than the other one is not fluorescent. But the yellow fluorescence is just the opposite. Domestic national gem testing center does not comment on the fluorescence, most of the current sale of diamonds on the market is not specifically stated, except for the international certificate.
Clarity Characteristics: Some internal characteristics of natural diamonds, such as crystal small crystals, cloud cloud inclusions, etc., which are under the microscope can be further observed in the internal characteristics, used to prove the natural nature of diamonds.
Diamond types of objects, there are Crystal (crystal), Feather (feather crack), Cloud (cloud), pinpoint (Pinpoint), internal texture (internal growth line Internal Graining) and other types.
Extra Inscription: In accordance with your request, you can place the name of the diamond or the private message attached to it in the diamond waistline, along with the diamond identification number, to become a unique sign of this diamond. If you do not, Annotated.
Movement of the gem, is the function of the watch drill.

Gem movement
Movement gem classification:
One is used as a shaft eye, commonly known as “drill eye”, it is embedded in a certain position, so that the axle and drill contact;
Second, as a cover with the commonly known as “care drill”, it is equivalent to the machinery Cartier love ring replica of the bearings, can limit the shaft up and down the shaking;
Three, is to do pendulum with round diamonds;
Four, is to do the card tile or horse feet rectangular cylindrical diamond.
Function drill is used as the watch movement in the wheel of the bearings, disc nails, fork tiles and other friction material is the best material.

Gem movement

Ruby movement:
Also known as the ruby shaft, ruby movement of a mechanical movement has many gears, with ruby shaft fixed on the plywood, it is a perforated natural ruby, embedded in the table to play the role of bearing. In fact, before the important function of the ruby was not recognized, the wheel of the escapement wheel, the escapement fork, and the wheels of the balance wheel and the row of wheels were screwed into the holes of the brass and the bridge. As a result, the rotating shaft pressure and high-speed friction damage, so that the movement is difficult to bear. Until now 1700, a Swiss and two French people found that drilling the ruby as a table bearing can greatly reduce the friction and damage, but also significantly improve the movement life, has been widely used. Most of the movement in the 18th century replaced rubies with the original material. Can be because the cost is too high, then only high-end movement to use. 1902, man-made ruby is widely used, the main component is aluminum oxide, hard and uniform texture, easy processing, color can also choose, with the same nature of natural ruby.
Watch the number of gems:
The operation of a watch mechanical movement must rely on the transmission of the power of the gears. Before the important function of the ruby was not known, the wheels of the escapement wheel, the escapement fork, the balance wheel and the wheels of the wheel were screwed into the holes of the brass splint. Imagine the axis of the non-stop in the copper substrate or splint on the rotation, as if drilling fire, the friction will bring both wear and tear, the resulting metal shavings will affect the performance of lubricating oil, the results of rotating shaft Pressure and high-speed friction caused by damage, so that the movement is difficult to bear.
Until 1700, a Swiss and two French people found that drilling of ruby as a table bearing can greatly reduce the friction and damage, but also significantly improve the movement life, has been widely used. Can be because the cost is too high, then only high-end movement to use.
1902, man-made ruby is widely used, the main component is aluminum oxide, with the same nature of natural ruby. So simply, the gemstone bearing is the gear shaft of the protection of stone. With a perforated ruby shaft fixed to the splint, inlaid in the table to play the role of Cartier nail bracelet replica bearing. Since the gemstone bearing is used to protect the gear shaft, the more natural the more the more the number of gemstone bearings.
In general, the more precious stones on behalf of the movement on behalf of the more complex. But the complexity is not everything, so it can not just the number of gems to determine the level of a movement is good or bad, the table has a number of rubies in the design of the style, superb technology and the gods of the technology.
25 drill are within the functional diamonds; as long as the function to the chain, self-winding, calendar, double calendar; there is no difference
Two rounds, three wheels, second wheel, escapement wheel; 2 X 4 = 8 drill
Balance wheel up and down the two drill; 2 X 2 = 4 drill
Escapement fork, fork with two drill; 2 X 2 = 4 drill
A top of the disc;
This is the standard base movement of 17 drill
In the above standard configuration,
If you give the box wheel plus two drill is 19 drill
Automatic system plus four or six drill, is 21 drill, 23 drill
Automatic plus calendar system plus 2 drill, is 25 drill
Above are functional drill

Genuine IWC watch prices are usually tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of range

Wanguo watch is one of the many well-known Swiss watch brands. IWC not only high quality, superior quality, travel time accurate. Appearance is also very atmospheric. So many successful people are all concerned about the nations. But the market also has a lot of counterfeit goods, the following watch home to teach you to identify the authenticity of the Wanguo way!
How to identify the world watch, IWC how to identify true and false
From the appearance of resolution:
Genuine IWC watch dial and back cover of the logo Logo and writing are clear and complete, laser or mosaic. And imitation of the watch may be printed blurred. Genuine watches on the number of drill and the number of drill inside the dial and the dial on the subject, but imitation watches do not necessarily match. Genuine IWC watch watch stainless steel watch equipped with pocket watch movement, and equipped with arched edge of the table mirror, equipped Cartier love bracelet replica with sapphire crystal glass clear and smooth, imitation watches are rough edges and corners, or the dial of the dial there are blistering or surface off , Accessories are often broken situation.
From the movement to distinguish:
Genuine IWC watch movement, as well as 89365 self-made chronograph movement, but also with anti-magnetic soft iron shell effective protection of this masterpiece from the magnetic field effect. Movement inside clean and clean, and imitation watch movement often appear inside impurities. Genuine IWC watch movement pendulum thallium or the inner board will have a clear corresponding trademark words, imitation IWC watch will not have such a fine workmanship. Genuine IWC watch should be strong and stable, perennial use will not appear to take the needle deviation, but imitation IWC watch movement quality is poor, there is time deviation or stop are very common.
From price and packaging resolution:
Genuine IWC watch prices are usually tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of range. If you buy a few thousand dollars that is a genuine IWC watch the degree of the probability of a very low. Choose a regular channel to buy is also very important to choose a store to buy or choose a professional luxury shopping site treasures buy you believe you do not have to buy fake concerns. Genuine IWC watches should have packaging and accessories, warranty cards and instructions and counter box. And imitation of the IWC watch is difficult to have these equipped with the.
The above points in the purchase of thousands of watches when we must pay more attention to Oh. I believe you will be able to choose to suit your quality and quality of genuine IWC watches.
Many of my friends like watches with leather straps, but there are some doubts. Leather watch with how to identify this is one of the most common problems, the following watch home to tell you to identify the leather watch with the way it!
How to identify the leather watch
What is the leather, this also needless to say, of course, is to use animal fur to build the Cartier love ring replica leather is leather, but the leather is also divided into many grades;
The first layer of skin: the first layer of skin can be divided into grain, soft dough, broken skin, and the best calfskin, so you can often see some online business will be the name of “the first layer of calfskin” title. And then points, then, can be divided into a first layer of skin, two first layer of skin, three first layer of skin;
The second layer of skin: the second layer of skin is actually half of the true half of the leather, because it is broken with cowhide scrap, add polyethylene material re-adhesive made of leather, and then sprayed with chemical materials or PVC, PU film Processed from. And then subdivided the same can be divided into, one, two, three.
Artificial leather: we all know that is the fake skin, and how to do this I did not say.
And this knowledge of course we can go to the mother where the search search can be found, I want to say how to distinguish between the first layer of skin and two layers of skin;
The first layer of skin: online argument is “hand down, there is wrinkles, after wearing a natural leather wrinkles. Wear will not break.” This is the first layer of skin, and I have a special point of identification Method, because you bought a leather thing, it is likely not to press hard to see if it is true, because if it is leather, then the price is not cheap, can not be restored by an unknown ah, and I The way is:
First: to smell, the leather is a unique taste of the cortex, the taste may need a little experience to smell out, but if it is leather, a smell will have a unique flavor, so you will suddenly realize that Is leathery.
Second: to see, because if it is made of leather leather, the cortex will have a lot of small small Cartier nail bracelet replica holes, it is because the skin above the fur there are many pores, and processing is difficult to remove the hole , Unless the cortex above a layer of things covered, these holes are small and small, need to carefully look.
Third: of course, is the most do not want to use the method, that is, with fire, this approach is not recommended, because it will destroy the cortex, the leather does not burn hard knot, and artificial leather will be hard pimple.

The development of intelligent wear equipment so that each of us have access to technology opportunities

The development of intelligent wear equipment, so that each of us have access to technology opportunities. Smart watches in addition to mobile phone accessories in addition to its linkage in addition to other functions. The following watch family will give you recommend a sports section smart watch Runner Cardio. Let’s take a look.
Smart watch sports section recommended, Runner Cardio smart watch
Runner Cardio uses a stylish design, dazzling colors, and with a screen, you can display the real-time movement information, user-friendly view. Red and black versions are currently available for users to choose from. Users to wear it, to real-time monitoring of their Cartier love ring replica heart rate, as well as running distance, pace, step, rewind time and other parameters.
Because, TomTom itself is a professional GPS manufacturers, so in the GPS function, it used its housekeeping skills. Built-in GPS sensor, distributed around the Runner Cardio, as far as possible without the blind spot facing the sky, in order to easily capture the satellite signal to ensure the accuracy of GPS sensors.
In the heart rate monitoring function, Runner Cardio also abandoned the traditional monitoring methods, using a built-in Mio optical sensor, by irradiating blood vessels with light to get the blood flow changes, and then get the heart rate related parameters. There are built-in pace sensors that can draw the speed of the user’s running and provide five kinds of exercise patterns to carry out the corresponding training, including simple, fat burning, sprint, fast and endurance, combined with GPS function to collect data and provide advice The
This product’s heart rate monitoring accuracy rate of up to 99%, for those suffering from heart disease, need to constantly monitor the heart rate of the crowd, is to replace the traditional bundled heart rate wrist and heart rate chests of choice. And, when the user moves, it will be based on the degree of strength of the heart rate, to remind the user when the speed of running. The user in the running when the smart watch will be set in accordance with the best heart rate alarm to be prompted to enable users to achieve the best exercise effect.
In addition, Runner Cardio also has excellent waterproof performance, can adapt to a variety of Cartier love bracelet replica rain and snow weather, even in the rain and snow running, users do not have to worry about it into the water broken. Officials said the new watch in the GPS and heart rate tracking monitoring while using sustainable life for 8 hours, while the use of GPS alone has 10 hours of life, standby time for several weeks.
With the popularity of smart phones and other equipment, the type of accessories are more and more, and this time to introduce, although not be regarded as a new category, but still quite innovative. If you like the IOS system of smart watches, and that Apple is not good enough. Then Cookoo is a good choice. Today, the watch home to introduce this watch.
IOS smart watch Cookoo introduction
First look at the appearance of the Cookoo watch, with black, white, gray, red, blue, green six-color choice, the volume of the girls is a bit big, a little thick Table body has four keys, respectively, for the connection (and the electronic part of the switch), backlight, ringing mode adjustment and command keys.
Watch with two batteries, a more easy to replace the battery is responsible for driving the electronic part, you can maintain about half a year, or support the use of 150000 times the notice time; and the other is more difficult to replace, to use the watch part of the independent operation, Can be maintained for about three years.
In addition, Cookoo based on the Bluetooth 4.0 chip, the biggest bright spot, of course, in the smart, Cookoo is how to reflect the software to use with a dedicated app, for the time being only to support iPhone and iPad and other iOS products, as well as Android and Windows Phone Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica version The app is under development. As mentioned above, its main function is to inform: whether it is calls, e-mail, messages, calendars and so on can be used in conjunction. Of course, the most basic functions like devices and watches to find each other between the location, and disconnection tips are readily available.
More features are recorded by a record location, social software sign, etc., which can be held by three instructions to maintain the duration of the key (short, medium and long three) to achieve. As for the more satisfactory, it must be the shutter button function: open the camera in a dedicated app, you can use the Cookoo command button to release the shutter, so do not be afraid of the self-timer can not press the shutter, With the phone viewfinder, and then use the watch to shoot like.

Still not vulgar from the packaging and accessories Speaking

Smart watch, you can wear a device, we should not unfamiliar, is a record of sports, monitoring sleep and other personal information equipment. Most smart watches are “flashy” and expensive. Many people have given up the idea of buying. The following watch family to introduce you to a IHealth smart watch, this watch not only has the above mentioned features. The most important thing is that it is only 399 yuan price. So let’s take a look at it!
IHealth smart watch features introduced
Packaging, accessories:
Still not vulgar from the packaging and accessories Speaking, and many wearable equipment, the main fashion is different, IHealth using a similar medical equipment packaging style, packaging also uses a lot of English, gives the first impression is professional, The
The earliest IHealth smart watch only iOS version of the App, so the packaging shows compatible devices only Apple, in fact, now IHealth already has the Android version of the App, can support Android 4.3 and above version of the Android phone. But soon after the WeChat open Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica hardware port, IHealth became the first to access one of the four hardware products, which makes IHealth no longer like another bracelet is a silent individual, but a social ability with the hardware.
Accessories, IHealth smart watch to recover the blue band, but also presented a black band, in addition to the blue / black clip a gift, USB data cable, Chinese and English instructions, two-dimensional code card, fast guide. Tucao under the tall English manual, it is not understand ah, but fortunately IHealth smart watch is very simple to get started, do not see the basic description of the book will not affect the use.
Appearance, workmanship
Design, IHealth smart watch simple and generous, not too many fancy embellishment. Two straps can be said that each has its own advantages and disadvantages, blue is more young and fashionable, but unfortunately some are not dirty; black is low-key deep, but a little lack of vitality, more suitable for business people. I have been wearing these days a blue version, both in the company or in the subway have attracted many small partners curious eyes, the hearts of the sense of superiority full of moments.
IHealth smart watch dial with a replaceable design, the surface is hard plastic material, more scratch-resistant, but it is indeed a powerful fingerprint collector, so in order to make it always show bright side, ground wipe is essential The
IHealth smart watch in the middle of a monochrome screen, out of the state screen and surrounded by seamless, bright screen state icon and font color is also very elegant, will not look very abrupt. The fuselage is only one entity button, the button feedback performance is also good, switching display content is very smooth, and I found the tap screen can also switch display.
As the price is cheaper, IHealth smart watch did not use the high wireless Cartier love ring replica charging, but the use of the USB port charge, but mircoUSB port with a dust plug design, but pay attention to this product does not have a waterproof function, this point Really sorry.
Functional experience:
IHealth smart watch through the Bluetooth 4.0 real-time connection with the phone, WeChat version of the IHealth smart watch can be connected with any computer with WeChat, the activities of tracking, sleep monitoring and so on. Speaking of IHealth smart watch before the start is very simple, only need to scan the random two-dimensional code, concerned about IHealth smart watch WeChat public account, you can automatically connect, automatic synchronization.
After the success of the connection, you can set the daily movement goals, I set the daily 10,000 step, but ashamed of things, these days has not been completed. In addition, if you have other friends in the WeChat friends are also using IHealth smart watch, then it will appear in the list, if each time they are ranked lower, I believe is a disgraceful thing, so from the side Urge everyone to exercise a lot.
IHealth smart watch can not only record the number of steps per day, but also can calculate the consumption of calories and movement distance. Not only can be displayed on the phone, can also be displayed on the dial. PP activity this is also more interesting, you can record how long you have no movement. “SUPER 5 minutes” is said to be a small version of the new version of the game, you can automatically collect the number of steps in the movement of the most 5 minutes, every day there are three SUPER, you can light up a few to see your own
In addition to step, IHealth smart watch can also record the trend of movement, which Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica day of the movement of more time, which time no movement, through the bubble can be very intuitive to see before going to sleep hold the watch next to the button for two seconds , You can enter the sleep monitoring mode, IHealth smart watch can record sleep efficiency, depth of sleep time, and the cloud to save the sleep curve, so you know your body more.
Of course, everything above can be shared in the circle of friends. Finally, add life and some user-friendly design, better than the use of low-power Bluetooth module, IHealth smart watch official claims can reach 10 days 240 hours of battery life, washed through a power, and now basically use a week , There is no prompt to charge, so the official claims that the number is still more reliable. Humanity, the main watch is to wake up and shake a shake for the screen function, when the hand when the screen will automatically wake up, shake, the screen display will be in time, the number of activities, calories, etc. In the automatic switch, which makes UP bracelet that can not wear a screen device feel so.

How the ancient statue watch how the quality of watches

How the ancient statue watch how the quality of watches
Gu Zun (GOLGEN), the international watch brand, founded in Switzerland, with its unique design, superb art of the world famous. Its design style simple and elegant, beautiful and beautiful, each works are filled with exquisite and elegant art essence, by virtue of the unique artistic beauty and excellent tabulation process common interpretation of the classic chronological charm. So how about the ancient respect watch, Guzun watch how the quality of it?
Guzun table heritage in the Swiss watch technology, well versed in tabulation cultural connotation, its design and development of the ancient table is also outstanding, extraordinary. As its “GOLGEN – time to Zhen” brand concept, just to express the respect for the eternal respect for the time, but also reflects its high-level fashion art perfection to the United States continue to pursue the ambition.
Ancient respect in the heritage of the Swiss watch is elegant on the basis of the classic Cartier love bracelet replica , the natural, architecture, music and many other elements into the works, the interpretation of the ancient statue of classical elegance and beautiful and unique style. At the same time the ancient respect for the success of high-level demands, well aware of a high-quality watch is not just a simple timing tool, but also by the perfect details to create the identity symbol. So strictly follow the Swiss watch in the strict technical standards, and strive to strive for excellence, so that every one can watch the ancient statue of good taste.
Just a few years, the ancient respect has now developed into a watch industry can not be a small power. At the same time, the ancient watch industry has also developed into a design research and development, production, sales and maintenance of an integrated company, now, the ancient table in the country among the major cities have stores, shop stores, brand counters and Franchise stores and other retail terminals nearly 1,000, covering all provinces and cities nationwide, autonomous regions. The company plans in the future time, the brand’s sales terminals to develop every corner of China, and the ancient brand into the hearts of each person in love, determined to become China’s watch industry joint venture brand leader and leader.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of the luminous energy watch?
Light energy watch by the Citizen pioneered the development of the latest scientific and technological integration into the third generation of watches. Characterized by light energy as the driving force, the most accurate travel time. But the light is also a lack of energy watches, the following watch home to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of light energy watch it!
Light kinetic energy watch travel more accurate, relying on the quartz oscillator high and stable oscillation frequency operation, the oscillation frequency of 32768Hz / S, is more than 4000 times the mechanical watch, from the principle is enough to determine the mechanical watch travel time accuracy and light Kinetic watches are not at the same level. (In addition to the annual error of 10 seconds of a specific section of the light kinetic energy watch) light kinetic energy watch is a monthly error to measure the travel time accuracy, the error standard is generally in -15 seconds to +15 seconds / month.
Most importantly, the light kinetic energy watch can run as long as there is no need to regularly replace the battery, is the use of green energy watches, but also affinity environment “green logo” certified products.
According to the movement is different, full of electric light after the watch can be kept in the dark at least 6 months, up to 10 years. It is also equipped with a variety of convenient and practical features, including quick start function, on the prompt function, charging warning Cartier love ring replica function, charge over-protection.
One is long-term no light, light energy meter electric power exhausted. The light energy watch is a watch that converts light energy into electricity, so it is necessary to replace the battery regularly from the previous watch. Maintain the remaining power outside the watch will be stored in the rechargeable battery, in order to better improve the efficiency of the use of electricity. The reason the watch stops turning is generally caused by the lack of charge in the dark place for a long time, resulting in depletion of electricity in the rechargeable battery.
Followed by the power exhausted, the watch to adjust more difficult. Should let the watch be charged with light. When the watch is turned on later. Especially in the case of a long time without the use of perpetual calendar watches even if the date of adjustment, the end of the date sometimes inaccurate phenomenon. This is not a malfunction, but because the year and month are not set correctly. Please read the instructions carefully, first adjust the reference position, and then set the time and calendar.
How about the quality of domestic watch how to watch
Domestic watch, although not as good as the Swiss watch hundreds of years of legendary watchmaking history, but the domestic table has nearly a hundred years of tabulation history. Now the domestic table design has been getting better and better, more and more people love. A lot of friends like to watch the domestic watch how to do, how to make the quality of domestic watch and so on, let the watch home to give you the answer below
What is the domestic watch? Seagull watch technology outstanding!
Tianjin Seagull Watch Group is the watch factory in Tianjin as the main body, from 16 watches professional production enterprises and four joint ventures consisting of enterprise groups. Group total assets: 967.47 million yuan, the group of workers total: 9955 people. Enterprise products are made of manufacturing mechanical watches, electronic watches, quartz watches, special watches (including construction bell) and defense machinery timing products, precision machining and electronic components processing and other diversified products.
In 1955, China’s first watch in Tianjin after the birth of the enterprise announced the establishment and repeated record of China’s national watch industry milestone; China’s first electronic watch, the first independent (self) design and manufacture of mechanical watches (Dongfeng table) and The first only meet the international standards of female watches are born here. At the same time Tianjin watch factory and Hong Kong Huacheng table together to create China’s first export watches (seagull table).
Today, the seagull watch is still the only state-owned enterprises in the domestic and international market share in the watch market. Since then, multi-level, multi-species two series (men, women) single, double calendar automatic mechanical watches and other nearly 100 kinds of products continue to enrich the enterprise’s technical reserves and the main product system, business and product award-winning.
How to watch the domestic fashion? Fashion appearance accurate!
Fiyta is the flagship of the national brand of Chinese watches, with the industry’s only “Chinese watch king”, “China Famous Brand” and “China Famous Brand” laurel public listed companies. Feida adhering to the “pursuit of perfection, excellence,” the spirit of enterprise, to learn and explore the world’s advanced design concepts and watchmaking technology, has introduced elegant style, taste noble classic works: the first domestic carbide watch, A fine ceramic watch, the first platinum mechanical watch, the end of 1999 launched the “Millennium Light” diamond table in Beijing set a 101800 yuan in the domestic watch auction records, and the Chinese Museum of History permanent collection, as the Chinese watch Witness of industrial development.
China’s history has a long history, Fiyta adhering to the national characteristics of the watch culture, carved, excellence, so that every detail of the watch are fully reflects the Chinese people’s infinite wisdom and rich imagination, designed to be elegant style of.
How is the domestic watch? Rossini quality service first class!
July 1984, as China’s first watch industry set up a Sino-foreign joint ventures, Rossini by virtue of 3.1 million US dollars, in the watch product under-needed economic background was born. At the beginning of the venture, the company introduced a full set of Swiss processing of gold-plated Cartier nail bracelet replica case equipment and processing technology, relying on advanced technology, production of high-end case and supporting at home and abroad, and in the country’s first special-shaped waterproof case, a domestic production of high-end case leader enterprise. 1988 years Rossini production of gold-plated case was identified as Guangdong Province, “to the top product” products, including 1095,5014-type gold-plated case was rated as Guangdong Province Quality Products Award; April 1991 round, shaped gold-plated table Shell won the gold medal of the second exposition in Beijing. So that Rossini quickly occupied at that time is a blank domestic high-end case market, and achieved good economic benefits.
Since 1990, the company according to the changes in the market situation of watches and clocks, timely adjustment of product structure, from the production of high-end case to large-scale production into a table, and to strengthen the “Rossini” brand further development. Its rich personality style design, excellent quality, excellent performance soon Rossini has a year-on-year increase in market share. In just a few years time, Rossini company from a product of a single “workshop type” case processing plant developed into a professional design capabilities of the watchmaking company, and in 1991 to become the only country in Zhuhai City, two enterprises The
Rosini watches to a very personalized style, excellent quality, excellent performance and perfect after-sales service and by the consumer’s trust, and Rossini has become the domestic watch industry, one of the four brands.
How to watch the king of the king?
80s of last century, the rapid development of Chinese society, people demand for high quality of life increasingly strong. “King table” is the establishment of this era, it is Hong Kong when the watch group’s watch brand, the use of crown shape as a brand logo, after 20 years of development, has become the domestic watch industry’s famous brand, and continuous Four years by the domestic trade, the Chinese Ministry of Electronics Industry, China Light Industry Association, the Chinese Consumers Association, the State Bureau of Technical Supervision, China Textile Association, the State Economic and Trade Commission and other seven ministries as the best-selling products “Golden Bridge Award” Won the “Chinese famous brand”, “China Famous Brand”, “national high-tech enterprises” and other honors.
“King” brand watches. Superior quality, modeling exquisite beauty, won the majority of consumers favor. In terms of production capacity, with a number of production lines, hundreds of professional production, assembly technicians, a strong production capacity to ensure that the retail, gift market demand!

What is the world ranking of love watches?

What is the world ranking of love watches?
Love is a Swiss watch brand, 1903, called Ogival (Ogival) lucky fish was born in Switzerland, and the precision of the maritime timer active in the maritime industry. So love the world watch how to rank it?
Since its inception, it has been given unique characteristics of the Ogival (Ogival) table not only inherited the traditional, it is a combination of classical and fashion, traditional and modern integration. Today’s Ogival watch is not only a simple timing function, the designer with its unique perspective cut in the entire design, giving the watch a new concept, the perfect combination of watches and jewelry, the culture into Watches, set off the dignity of the wearer, but also to watch and works of art with the same collection value.
Experienced a century of Ogival, insisting on the perfect combination of craftsmanship and jewelery art, so that all Ogival owners get the most outstanding and extraordinary.
Although it is a Swiss watch brand, but not a well-known Cartier love bracelet replica watch brand. Grade belongs to the four types of table, but far less than the Tissot, the United States and some other line of Swiss four categories of table brand!
Ollini watch price Ollini watch how much money
As China’s first professional manufacturing couple table brand, is by far the only one specializing in the production of the couple table brand, Ollini couple table firm toward the “Chinese couple table leading brand” goal forward, as “wear in the hands of Love keepsake “is our constant belief. How much is Olivier’s watch?
Onlyou (Ollini) brand was born in the last century in 1999, to 2014 has 15 years of design and manufacturing and sales promotion of the history. Over the years, Ollini to insist on their own design, build their own brand, and continuously improve product quality and design and production level, step by step in-depth market, adhere to become “people in the hands of love keepsake”, and strive to ” Table leading brand “.
Onlyou is “only” and “you” acronym, meaning “the heart only you”, a symbol of love for the persistent pursuit and loyalty. Onlyou brand couples table, with their own unique perspective, to create a new love language. Each of the well-designed, have their own true meaning of love. Onlyou brand couples table, has become lovers love lovers love each other secret language. Really do “love you.
Ollini watches in the market price generally from 200 yuan – 5,000 yuan between!
Baccarat smart positioning watch to the family more care
Today’s social and economic development, people’s living standards improved, but the risk factor of the surrounding environment also increased. In recent years, young girls, the elderly, children lost and other news events have occurred. Has become the most important topic of social concern. If there is a smart card can be positioned may be much better. And today we want to introduce is a good smart positioning watch: Bakara smart positioning watch!
Baccarat smart positioning watch to the family more care
Baccarat positioning watch is Shenzhen Kaisi Leite Digital Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. of the research team after a long history of successful intelligent positioning products. Through the intelligent positioning function and we wear the watch to the daily integration, to achieve the WEB platform, APP mobile client and other equipment, real-time location monitoring. It is understood that Baccarat positioning watch through GPS and LBS dual positioning Cartier love ring replica function, positioning accuracy of up to 5-10 meters range. Its information changes in ten meters as a unit to accurately track, in seconds to update the location of real-time information, the positioning technology can be said that you are the most accurate positioning technology, and other peer products incomparable superiority.
To the family to buy the Bakara positioning watch, easy to wear, just like ordinary watches, it is unique waterproof, shock design so that we do not have to worry about the daily use of the positioning function of the sensitivity. Once we leave the daily living environment or pre-set a safe range, the Bakara positioning watch will send early warning information. In addition, the Bakara positioning watch can also set the number of family calls, the wearer in the event of danger can be set by the shortcut keys to set a good family number to send location information, and call the phone call. Bakara positioning watches and smart phones connected, family travel or travel, we can always understand their location.
Baccarat positioning watch, so watch is not just a tool to display time, high hidden and precise positioning so that we go out more secure. Society is a kaleidoscope, it is wonderful, but there are many potential dangers. It is very necessary to take precautions when going out, especially at home with children, the elderly, special groups, etc., with the Bakara positioning watch, we will be able to better position the family, so that our care time to accompany them, Give them the best care!
White collar lady watches recommended
Watch is one of the essentials of the workplace. Not only men, women white-collar workers who need a good match! Then those tables for women white-collar wear it? Let the watch home to answer, see the following white-collar ladies watch recommended it!
White-collar women wear watch recommendations:
1. skin white women wearing black or color table, will make the skin look more white; skin slightly dark women wear white or light table, then make the skin look gentle.
2. If you usually wear black, white, gray clothes are more, it is recommended to choose a Cartier nail bracelet replica white watch, you can play with the effect of breaking the black, white, gray boring. Style should choose a simple.
3. Size should be based on your face to choose. If your face is relatively large, choose a larger number of watches. The same, if your face is relatively small, choose a relatively small, so that the whole will be more harmonious.
White collar lady watches recommended
White collar lady watches recommended
According to the wave of ErnestBorel-legend series QBS1856-6022BL Ms. quartz watch, dial with natural shell material, crescent-type scale + crescent-type pointer, blue silk silk strap, gentle, elegant and yet personality.
White collar lady watches recommended
Longines – Law Ya series L4. ladies mechanical watch simple design, white-collar beauty of the election. Wearing an elegant ladies watch can make you instantly fit into a perfect professional woman.
White collar lady watches recommended
Tissot TISSOT-LADY HEART series T050. Ms. mechanical watch, with white pearl Fritillaria, 12 o’clock position heart-shaped hollow dial, red when the standard lining with red strap, so that the wearer showed a warm, lively, passionate, fighting attitude.
Star point colorful watch has become a key accessories! Revealed young creative expression, showing a lively gesture. To get rid of non-black or white plain color, giving a strong impression of the watch in the strap with the color changes, rainbow stripes, color diamond, rose gold, are the most fashionable vocabulary.

SWATCH where to change the strap, SWATCH strap replacement how much money?

SWATCH where to change the strap, SWATCH strap replacement how much money?
SWATCH where to change the strap, SWATCH strap replacement how much money? SWATCH watch beautiful fashion, but also the Swiss watch brand. For people to bring both fashion and quality to meet, so many young people are like. But some friends of the SWATCH watch to be a long time, the strap wear. But do not know where to change, how much money to replace. The following watch home to tell you it!
SWATCH where to change the strap, SWATCH strap Cartier love bracelet replica replacement how much money?
SWATCH where to change the strap
You can get SWATCH counter so that they go with the strap. Generally if it is a regular shopping malls to buy, check out the authentic, then the counter staff will let you first select the strap. If it is to replace the same paragraph with the original strap, as long as the warranty card will be able to.
SWATCH strap replacement how much money
Swatch strap in the counter uniform price, are 60 yuan plastic strap, leather and silicone strap 150 yuan, 300 yuan steel strap. But in addition to the 398 yuan watch with the kind of plastic strap look a little more, the other is difficult to match the original strap.
Five professional GPS sports watch recommended
Sports watch is one of the most essential tools for outdoor enthusiasts friends, but the market sports watch brand dazzling. In the choice of time will inevitably be more contradictory, do not know which brand is good The following watch home for everyone to recommend five professional GPS sports watch it!
Garmin Forerunner 10
From the design, we can clearly feel the fashion of this GPS sports watch, it not only provides a large number of color matching, but also provides a separate male and female models, can be described as very intimate. Function, Garmin Forerunner 10 built to provide high-precision, high-sensitivity GPS positioning chip, allowing users to immediately understand the movement of speed, distance and other related data, while recording the trajectory. After completing the campaign, Garmin Forerunner 10 can also upload sports data to the Garmin official data platform for data analysis. In addition, the data platform also supports buddy sharing.
Core features: rich color, with a mature data platform
Guide the price: 799 yuan
Polar RC3 GPS
As a professional sports fitness watch, Polar RC3 GPS’s core function is reflected in the smart coach function. Through this feature, users can more rationally develop training programs, so as to obtain a more reasonable exercise program. In the Polar RC3 GPS, the “ZoneOptimizer” feature ensures that the user always maintains a reasonable exercise intensity, and the “aerobic health test” allows you to know your level of physical fitness, while the “endurance program” can guide you to improve your physical endurance … … similar to the individual plan in Polar RC3 GPS there are many, covering all aspects of professional sports fitness. In the GPS function, Polar RC3 GPS sports watch to support the distance calculation, automatic ring, the current speed, the average speed and the highest speed calculation, in addition it is the first time with altitude calculation.
Core features: scalability, with intelligent coaching function
Guide the price: 2036 yuan
Suunto Ambit 2
Suunto Ambit 2 from Suunto’s second-generation GPS watch is slightly different from the four previously described. Suunto Ambit 2 is a GPS car that integrates athletic fitness and outdoor sports. In the ordinary GPS watch function first, Suunto Ambit 2 also joined the Cartier love ring replica humidity, air pressure and other weather data monitoring, but also show sunrise and sunset time, tidal time and support bad weather warning. Not only that, Suunto Ambit 2 is also a “wrist computer”, which supports the installation of the exclusive App, to further expand the function of Suunto Ambit 2, and 100 meters waterproof function makes it easy to deal with wet environments and swimming when used.
Core features: first-class work, support App extended, strong protection
Guide the price: 2825 yuan
Nike + SportWatch GPS
For Nike as a production of sportswear manufacturers, then you really enough “OUT” the. Nike launched Nike service, Nike has been sports and digital products were combined. The Nike + SportWatch GPS, which is launched by Nike, will keep you up and running in a timely manner after you have a good fitness program. The built-in GPS chip will also keep track of the user’s movement, including speed, distance, and calorie consumption. Data, for those who love running, Nike + SportWatch GPS also supports automatic ring function. After the end of the campaign, Nike + SportWatch GPS can support data upload, in the Nikeplus.com data platform, you can get the movement of data analysis, and can get the results with other users. In the current market of GPS watches, Nikeplus.com users are the most, the use of experience is the best.
Core features: support a variety of extended features
Guide the price: 1199 yuan
The GEONAUTE ONMOVE 100 GPS sports watch, launched by Decathlon, is an entry-level GPS sports watch that is the lowest price but reliable in the country. Although the function is simple, it can only meet the needs of daily running and riding. Only standard GPS sports watch the required time, alarm clock, positioning, speed and other functions are also readily available. GEONAUTE ONMOVE 100 built-in GPS chip for the SiRF Star IV GPS chip, to achieve accurate positioning Cartier nail bracelet replica and speed, and provide data for users to analyze their own state of motion, but also record the user’s movement trajectory. Finally commendable is that although the price is not high, but GEONAUTE ONMOVE 100 also has its own data platform for users to upload data for analysis.
Core features: cheap, support data platform
Guide the price: 699 yuan

How to identify the diamond ring certificate true and false

How to identify the diamond ring certificate true and false
Identification of diamond ring certificate true and false. Zuo Kayi for your detailed answer to identify the true and false diamond ring related to the relevant content, to help you quickly understand and identify the diamond ring certificate true and false information. More identification of diamond ring certificate real information in the Zoakai jewelry home.
The following are the same as the ”
Question: the recent online diamond ring to see the certificate can also be fake, and that for our non-professional jewelry consumers, how can we see the true and false certificate ah? And heard that the certificate is divided into many kinds, is it true? What kind of that?

Best answer: In the country, diamond certificate is mainly divided Cartier love bracelet replica into GIA certificate and NGTC certificate. GIA certificate is the certificate issued by the American Gemological Institute, universal in the world; NGTC certificate is our China National Jewelry Quality Inspection Center issued a certificate in China is the most authoritative, the best circulation certificate.
If you still do not distinguish between true and false letters, then the following three methods can also help you identify true and false.

1, you can find some professional jewelry identification staff to help you identify

2, you can in some of the certificate query online enter your certificate number to help you identify

3, to the local jewelry quality inspection departments to help you identify
What does it mean? Zuo Kayi for your detailed answer eight heart eight arrows is what the meaning of the relevant content, to help you quickly understand the meaning of what is the meaning of the eight heart eight arrows. More eight heart eight arrows What is the meaning of information in the Zoakai jewelry home.
The following are the same as the ”
Question: What is the meaning of H & A in diamonds?

Best answer: H & A is the abbreviation of Heart & Arrow, that is, eight heart eight arrows. Eight heart eight arrows is a diamond cutting process, cut out the effect of light due to the unique refraction effect, from the top to see there are eight arrows, from the bottom of the next there are eight hearts, for the Qiu bit type fine cut The So there is a certificate called H & A certificate, issued by the Japanese Heart & Arrow CO., The company is the eight-hearted eight diamond drilling company, is also the world’s first sale of Qiu Bitte cut diamond manufacturers, in Japan The diamond industry is well known. It is characterized by eight heart eight arrows of the Cartier love ring replica car pattern printed on the certificate, and by the two qualified certification teacher certification is effective, is the most professional Qiu bit identification book,

Other answers: eight heart eight arrows, also known as “Cupid cut”. Eight heart eight arrows together one, metaphor “encounter, love, hint, dream system, the first kiss, lingering, understanding and Shan Union” eight beautiful mood. In any way, can see the most bright and most dazzling light, eight heart and eight arrows are symmetrical, like the love of Cupid’s visit, through the heart and arrows of the map, so that love firm. Eight hearts and eight arrows to release the light, but also the advent of love when the dazzling mood to do the most perfect interpretation.
What is the evaluation criteria for diamond grade? Zoca for your detailed answer to the diamond level of the evaluation criteria is what the relevant content, to help you quickly understand the evaluation criteria with the diamond level is what the relevant information. More diamond grade evaluation criteria is what information to do in the Zoak jewelry store.

Question: Is the diamond grade evaluated according to the Diamond 4C standard? What is the specific diamond 4C standard?

Best answer: Diamond grade is based on the diamond 4C standard to evaluate. Diamond 4C refers to the weight of the diamond (Carat), color (Color), clarity (Clarity), cut (Cut)

1, weight

The weight of the diamond is usually measured in “carat”, 1 carat = 100 = 0.2 g = 200 mg. The greater the weight of carat, the more rare the diamond.

2, color

Diamond color grades are divided into: D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T O V W X Y Z, colorless – light yellow division. Colorless as the best, the deeper the color, the worse the quality. In the color grading of colorless diamonds, the top color is D color. D-G is colorless, G-J is near colorless, from K down diamonds will gradually yellowish. We choose the drilling time, try to choose H above the color, H below we do not recommend to buy.

3, clarity

The clarity of diamonds is usually graded with 10 times magnifying glass on the inside of the diamond, the surface flaws and their degree of glory on the degree of clarity of the inlaid diamonds. The standard of Chinese diamond clarity is LC, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1 , SI2, P1, P2, P3, a total of 10 levels. Has been set in the diamond is divided into excellent, very good, good, good, generally 5 levels. P-class drill, also known as the I-level drill, the worst grade Cartier nail bracelet replica for the diamond clarity, with the naked eye can see the flaws of the diamond.

4, cut

Cut can be said that the second life of diamonds, only a good cut, diamond luster, fire color can be fully displayed. The easiest way to judge a diamond cut is to put it with another diamond, and if it is the brightest one, it’s the best cut. Cut into EX (ideal cut), VG (very good cut), G (good cut), F (general cut), P (poor cut).
What is the meaning of the cut grade 3EX in the diamond certificate? Zoca for your detailed answer to the diamond certificate in the cut level 3EX what is the meaning of the relevant content, to help you quickly understand the diamond certificate with the cut level 3EX what is the meaning of the relevant information. More Diamond Certificates Cut Level 3EX What does the meaning of information at the Zoakai Jewelery House.
The following are the same as the ”
Question: What is the meaning of the cut grade 3EX in the diamond certificate?

Best answer: 3EX refers to the diamond cut in the polished, symmetrical, cutting are excellent, that is, the best cut diamond cut jobs. 3EX cut out diamonds can make the diamond fire color more dazzling, cutting is an important factor affecting the value of diamonds, accounting for 40% of the value of diamonds.

3EX cut the target:

1, polished (Polish)

Refers to the light on the uneven surface of the diamond produced diffuse reflection, the formation of diamond surface smoothness. (EX), very good (VG), fair (F), poor (P), and the grading criteria were observed on the surface of the diamond with 10X magnifying glass without obvious infiltration. The quality of the polishing is mainly related to the cutting process of the diamond, the technology of the grotto and the degree of sophistication.

2, symmetry (Symmetry)

Refers to the diamond cutting and grinding obtained after the various parts of the center of the horizontal symmetry, that is, cut the surface arrangement and the angle of each other. (ID), excellent (EX), very good (VG), fair (F), poor (P), and so on.

3, cut (Cut)

Refers to the angle and proportion of experienced technicians who cut diamonds into polished diamonds. Including aspect ratio, crown height ratio, waist thickness ratio, pavilion depth ratio, bottom ratio, full depth ratio, crown angle, pavilion angle, diameter, high and so on. (EX), very good (VG), fair (F), poor (P).