Celebrity of the Clayton series of watches work is very delicate and so on

Famous watch was founded in 1830, my personal favorite is its Clayton series of watches, classic curved dial, unique shape of the ear and the side of the double-slope design is from an antique watch Fine lines in the inspiration, has a retro classic feeling, today’s watch home for everyone to recommend three classic series of Kerry series watch.

Celebrity Clayton Series MOA10055 watch

This Clayton series watch not only has the date, week, month display Cartier love bracelet replica function, in the watch at 6 o’clock position also has a classic beautiful moon phase profit and loss display device. 18K gold time scale and pointer design, with a white disk, refined suits. Watch the use of stainless steel case to create, with black crocodile leather strap, this design is a full dress table, watch the side of the case for the wire processing, beautiful fashion.

Celebrity Clayton Series MOA10059 watch

Compared to a multi-function watch, this watch is designed for simple three-pin design, only the watch at 3 o’clock position with a date display window, revealing a simple and capable style. Watch with 18K rose gold watch to create, with a brown crocodile leather strap, watch the use of the brown surface pattern design, classic fashion, watch for the addition of a trace of vitality, watch the side of the same side of the drawing , Beautiful fashion.

Celebrity Crete Series MOA10052 watch

Celebrity of the Clayton series of watches work is very delicate and so on, which is more in line with the details of the friends to choose. As a banquet to come with a suit is also a good companion, blue steel pointer dazzling colors, the date shows easy to read, crocodile leather strap soft and comfortable and clasp security protection, etc., will Kerry watch Delicate show the most vividly.

Summary: Celebrity Creighton series, most of the models are equipped with excellent quality Cartier love ring replica known Swiss manufacturing machinery movement, cohesion inherited 183 years of exquisite watchmaking process, can be described as an ideal gentleman’s ideal companion, not only gather each section of precious life Time, but also witness the city elite scold surprised every important moment in the workplace.

In today’s watch industry, the function of countless watches countless, of course, there are table fans like to have a simple dial and function of the watch. Real strength of the ELITE series of watches, adhering to the pursuit of elegance, inheritance classic at the same time continue to develop classic to simple design and functional pursuit of elegant wear experience is the series of creative ideas. Today’s tasting this watch model is 03.2022.670 / 38.C498.

Kyrgyzstan Classic Classic genuine ELITE series watch

full image
This watch gives the overall feeling is simple. Due to technical limitations, the initial watch production in the development of the watch function has been a certain limit, with the technology mature, watch the function is also increasing, but the only constant is always the traditional reading function. Watches and clocks as a reference to the passage of time, often accurate to determine the pros and cons, it is difficult to imagine a complex function but a few minutes a day to watch the watch can be sought after by the table fans. Loyal to the tradition, in fact, is the inheritance and development of the watch process, the simple may be a way to slightly impetuous heart, but also to the traditional and classic tribute to the best way.

Around the crown is a circle of gear, in the top of the crown printed with real power when the iconic star.

Brown crocodile leather strap with rubber-protected lining. Hand-stitched, rubber-lined use makes wearing more comfortable.

And the case of the polishing process is different from the ear is used in the drawing process, a balanced texture brings aesthetics, at the same time to also bring out the case of the smooth texture.

The traditional Buckle clasp, consistent with the simple idea of the watch as a whole. But simple also can guarantee the safety of wearing.

The use of stainless steel case and the ear were treated in two different ways, the former is polished polished, the latter is drawing processing, two different ways to make this watch looks more layered. The table diameter is 40 mm and the thickness is 8.15 mm. The mirror is made of Cartier nail bracelet replica curved double-sided anti-glare treatment sapphire crystal. Round silver dial to the sun as a decoration, dial from outside to inside, respectively, is the track scale, after rhodium-plated and cut the Arabic numerals when the character, twelve o’clock direction is true force when the star signs, six o’clock direction Has a date display window. The pointer is also treated with rhodium-plated and cut. No complicated function, this watch looks very simple and generous.

Back of the table
The back cover of the watch is a back-to-back design with transparent sapphire as the material. Back through the design so that we can visually see the movement of the watch and related machinery and equipment. Equipped with Elite 670 model of the self-winding movement, the movement diameter of 25.60 mm, thickness of 3.47 mm, the use of a total of 144 parts, 27 stones. Hourly frequency of 28,800 times, providing no less than 50 hours of power storage. Tuo Tuo was “Geneva ripple” as a decoration, at the same time, when the real force on the pendulum Tuo has been hollowed out, the iconic star engraved in the pendulum Tuo.

Summary: ELITE in the real EL PRIMERO, ACADEMY, ELITE, PILOT and STAR five series, ELITE dial is very simple. Compared with other series, or superb tabulation process, or the ultimate accuracy of the flagship, or for the attention of female users, ELITE Zeyi simple design concept, with extreme elegance as the design concept and the pursuit of hope to Retain the watch function at the same time, for the wearer to provide a modern fashion wear experience.

Day and night alternately embodied in the watch on the day and night

For the watch’s dial, although it carries the whole piece of the smallest mechanical technology content, but the equivalent of the watch the facade, the consumer’s first impression. The art design value is the highest. In addition to the combination with the master of art, so that the watch became the art of painting on the watch outside the volume. The function of the dial to show the artistic effect, so that the function of more beautiful bloom on the dial above, but also serve two purposes.

Alternating day and night

To dusk circle as the dividing line, distinguish between the Earth’s day and the inner Cartier love bracelet replica hemisphere. The morning circle consists of morning lines and faint lines. Which along the direction of the Earth’s rotation, from the day to night boundary is faint line, from the night into the day line is the morning line. So autobiographical circulation, day and night alternately, again and again.

Day and night alternately embodied in the watch on the day and night display function, in addition to the appropriate time to set the sunrise and sunset. But also with the date display function, so that the traditional date display function in the process of laughing to avoid the day and night can not distinguish between the date of the show at noon to jump in advance of the situation.

Montblanc Po-Xi series launched this year’s Day & Night ladies watch, on the use of day and night and date display. It is refreshing is its day and night display of the unique design to crescent-shaped window presented in the top of the dial, we can see the carved light blue sky with the golden sun on behalf of the day, while the deep blue sky with a smile of the moon On behalf of the night, supplemented by scattered stars, it is beautiful and moving. And in the lower part of the dial is a rice-type date display, and crescent-shaped echoes.

Bao Xi series Day & Night watch with 34 mm diameter bezel, a total of 4 different pieces of material watch: steel bezel diamond, stainless steel dial diamond, stainless steel dial with diamond watch and 18K rose gold Bezel diamond.

Inheritance Po Xi series has always been graceful temperament, set to wear practicality, superb watchmaking technology and top aesthetic standards in one. Silver and white carved engraved dial, the beautiful black Arabic numerals, chic blue blue leaves and Barton-style pointer, all exudes a unique romantic charm.

The moon is sunny

Speaking of the moon phase table, of course, have to start from the phase itself. The so-called Cartier love ring replica moon phase, the most official argument is that astronomy for the moon to see the moon by the sun part of the call, that is, we see from the earth from different angles the moon is directly exposed to the sun part of the show Like. And it is because of the “month is a clear and sunny” changes, there are far away from the distance, so that the first human beings to explore the desire of the moon phase.

And for women, the moon is not only the quiet night in the hope of light, but also the eternal testimony of the four seasons. Montblanc to the moonlight garden as a source of inspiration to create a new Po Xi Yuanyuan series, the romantic poetic feelings into the ladies watch interpretation of the beauty of modern women. The biggest bright spot is that its month display function, with the traditional number of named months, through the rich imagination, for the twelve full moon were ordered with exclusive name, from the frost month (Moon) to Oak Moon (Oak Moon), making the month The display is full of poetic feelings.

Moon phase display function in the movement is relatively independent, is based on the movement of the moon on the disc to show the moon phase profit and loss changes. Movement of the moon phase disk has two identical moon pattern, because the moon phase profit and loss average period of 29.5 days (exact 29.53059 days), that is, from the moon to the next moon or from the next month to the next month of time The interval length is approximately 29.5 days. So the edge of the rotating moon disk with 59 teeth, 59 days is about two lumble profit and loss average cycle, the moon disk by the drive wheel to promote the day after the forward a tooth, then the moon phase profit and loss Changes will be timely in the dial on the moon window. But because of this month phase display device in the monthly operation time than the Lunar New Moon period of 44 minutes and 3 seconds less, so the first 32 months will be accumulated near the day of the error. Therefore, this traditional moon phase display must be in a certain period of time, by manually adjusting the position of the moon phase, in order to correct it with the actual moon phase error.

Here also teach you a small tune on the table, the first phase of the month transferred to the center, and then check the day of the lunar calendar to see how many days with the lunar calendar by a few days to adjust the moon phase button on it The

Bao Xi series of the clock watch with 38 mm diameter bezel, a total of 4 different materials with a watch: 18K rose gold Cartier nail bracelet replica bezel diamond, stainless steel dial diamond, stainless steel bezel diamond and stainless steel bezel diamond Dark blue dial. And can also be based on the like to change the strap, from the black crocodile skin to the exquisite two-color calfskin strap, rich color selection makes the four seasons flow of reverie, gray and light blue table against the background of spring, yellow and blue Strap is into the summer bright, elegant autumn is most suitable for khaki and dark brown, and ivory yellow and white is the perfect winter with the winter wrist with.

Summary: refers to the art on the dial, perhaps we will think of enamel, sculpture and other processes reflected. But in fact the dial function is better display, showing a sense of beauty is also very rare in the square inch as much as possible the function and aesthetic perfect fusion, giving artistic effect, the day and night alternately with the sunny Wrist.

women gradually look at the watch industry with a new perspective

In recent years, women gradually look at the watch industry with a new perspective. On the one hand, they still favor jewelery mosaic watch; on the other hand, they are more and more for the tabulation of the complexity and technical fascination. Swiss luxury watchmaker Richard Miller specially designed to create a new RM 07-02 pink sapphire ladies watch to meet the needs of these customers.

RM 07-02 Pink Sapphire Women’s Watch is inspired by the famous Pink Lady Cartier love bracelet replica cocktail and its spirit. The barrel-shaped case is made of monolithic pink sapphire, measuring 46.75 mm x 32.90 mm x 14.35 mm. Case processing in terms of engineering or technical point of view are challenges, there is no fault-tolerant space. The entire machining and retouching process takes nearly forty days to meet Richard Miller’s uncompromising standards and then countless tests to ensure that it meets the impact and comfort requirements.
Pink case with triple construction, ergonomic, equipped with a unique new self-made CRMA5 automatic winding mechanical movement, 5N gold hollow substrate by micro-blasting, and inlaid diamonds. In addition, the dial flange and bridge plate also made of 5N gold, the latter by hand chamfer retouch, even in the depths of the movement still conceal the charm of light.

RM 07-02 application of a number of excellent technology, such as manual retouch, Jinqiao mosaic, to ensure that the movement of long-term perfect operation of the variable inertia balance wheel, and inlaid diamonds, with the wearer movement to adjust the winding 18K 5N Red gold variable geometry automatic disk. Onyx and diamonds central dial, 5N red gold crown and white crocodile leather strap (with titanium metal clasp), for this excellent creative painting on the full stop.
Premier monkey automatic watch diameter of 36 mm, pink pearl mother of silver plate decorated with 24K gold particles, one by one inlaid in the carved from the depression, to create a beautiful pink and gold constellation, impressive.
Disk decorated with 18K gold monkey pattern to the finishing touch of the diamond, the monkey left arm seems to seize the 9 o’clock position of the bezel, the tail is comfortable around the 12 o’clock position of the emerald cut diamonds around.

Engraving inlay and the use of hollow cutting technology, reminiscent of the Chinese heritage for centuries, highly acclaimed paper-cut art, Marie Winston master craftsmen to design into reality.
Premier monkey automatic watch equipped with HW2008 automatic winding mechanical movement, equipped with silicon flat hair, through the sapphire crystal table at a glance, exquisite rounded Geneva pattern decorated impeccable. This watch case with rose gold to create, 36 mm in diameter, with a stylish black satin strap. Bezel, lugs and clasps inlaid with 74 bright cut diamonds, total weight of about 2.47 karats, sparkling. The watch limited production for sale 8.
Phillips auction house (Phillips) in the four seasons hotel held the first Hong Kong watches Cartier love ring replica auction, which is the auction house held this year, the third, but also the last watch auction. The auction brings together the world’s most precious timepieces, the final total turnover of up to 15,189,578 dollars. One of the Patek Philippe Ref.3450 watch to shoot $ 1,553,000, in one fell swoop to refresh the Asian auction single table transaction price record.

Patek Philippe Ref.3450 platinum watch, produced in 1985

This is a Patek Philippe Ref.3450 million calendar platinum watch, with moon phase profit and loss and leap year display, and has the original certificate and watch box, very rare and of great significance.
Pre-auction: $ 1,000,000-2,000,000
Price: $ 1,553,000
Patek Philippe Observatory Tourbillon stainless steel pocket watch, produced in 1924

This Patek Philippe Observatory Tourbillon stainless steel watch with open two-color dial design, with a minute Tourbillon speed control device. February 3, 1931, the pocket watch in the Geneva Observatory timing test was awarded the first success. Very rare and has important historical significance.
Pre-auction: $ 503,000-1,030,000
Price: $ 624,495
Rolex Ref.1804 “M. Kubo” week calendar type platinum watch, produced in 1960

This rolex Ref.1804 “M. Kubo” week calendar type platinum watch with a week calendar display function, with a black luster “Swiss” dial, with the second hand, inlaid diamond decoration and equipped with original bracelet.
Before the auction: 56,000-75,000 US dollars
Price: $ 114,512
Swiss rose gold pocket watch, produced in the 19th century

This Swiss rose gold pocket watch for the Chinese market to create, using open dial design, enamel decoration and inlaid pearls, in addition, it also has a three-time function, extremely rare and particularly unique.
Before the auction: 44,000-82,000 dollars
Price: $ 129,000
We introduced the news of the launch of the Pilot Extra Special limited edition watch. Today, the editor for everyone to offer a group of pictures. This watch is the Swiss luxury watch business real force and the British retailer The Watch Gallery latest cooperation results, limited edition of 35.

The watch case made of stainless steel, equipped with the latest brand Elite 679 automatic winding mechanical movement. It is the real force of this year launched the Pilot Type 20 Extra Special Bronze watch for the prototype, which is a retro pilot watch, equipped with a unique bronze case.

Many of the table fans for the Extra Special Bronze retro charm of the simple charm and dumping Cartier nail bracelet replica; but some people worry that the case will be because of some reasons Zhanjiang confused, become unsuitable for everyday wear.

Today, this Pilot Extra Special stainless steel limited watch is no such problem. The watch to The Watch Gallery iconic blue decorative dial, than the former more elegant, flexible and unique.

As a pioneer of the pilot watch, Zenith’s museum contains a number of important historical significance of the timepiece creation, including 1909, Louis Brielio completed the first time to fly over the heroes of the Strait of England watch. A century later, the practical use of the pilot watch has undergone tremendous changes, but it still makes collectors around the world dreaming.

Pilot Extra Special stainless steel limited watch has a typical large case and onion head crown, retro Arabic numerals particularly noticeable, Super-LumiNova ® fluorescent coating to make it in dark conditions with excellent identification Read the effect.

The watch diameter of 45 mm, the size is large but still fashionable, foil dark suit is particularly out of color, this feature is very rare in the pilot class watch.

Zenith Pilot Extra Special stainless steel watch limited edition of 35, only in the UK The Watch Gallery store for sale, the price of 4,950 euros.

On the back of the watch is printed with WeLoop logo and 5 atmospheric pressure

20-year-old watch with what? 20-year-old to buy what watch? Just entered the workplace of the new choice in the watch will have this problem. The following watch home to come for everyone to recommend a few suitable for 20 years old wearing watch brand.
20-year-old watch with what? 20 years old to buy what watch good?
The first price for the new people who have just entered the workplace Cartier love bracelet replica can not be too high Usually in 2000-3000 yuan or so can. If biased towards business, Japan Casio, Citizen, Seiko is a good choice.
If you want to buy a Swiss watch, Tissot and Swatch’s price is still possible. But Tissot in this price to the main quartz table. And Swatch this price although there are mechanical watches, but its brand style is more fashionable.
If there is a certain economic base, so expensive Longines, Tudor can also try In short, no matter what brand, the most important thing is for their own, only to be better to highlight the wearer’s temperament and taste!
From the unknown Sony Smart Watch, to Pebble, and then to Gear, smart watches are scolded most of the fear that they are no practical use, ultra-short battery life and wake up the dial are the hardest hit area. And today to evaluate the WeLoop black, it is an improvement for these two issues of the product.
WeLoop small black smart watch evaluation
Hardware parts
WeLoop black pack and its name is very match – the real all black. There is a watch inside the body, manual and charging line. Charging line with a similar Macbook magnetic design, sweep can be automatically on the bit, the magnetic size is moderate. Screen does not light, a resolution of 144 * 168, the normal distance to see more delicate. The upper part of the left side of the body is placed with a magnetic charging port and the lower part is the return button. The charging port has a more obvious depression to facilitate the magnetic socket docking. The right side of the body is the up and down keys and the confirmation key. On the back of the watch is printed with WeLoop logo and 5 atmospheric pressure waterproof signs (that can be 50 meters in water under normal work). Dial physical size is 45 * 34.5 * 11mm, translated as human words is, and the general electronic table similar to the hillside table to a small circle. Stretch matte silicone material feel good, metal part of the ring is coated with a black coating. Normal wear of the shape, let us think of college entrance examination for the temporary examination to buy the electronic form.
Software part
If the hardware is special, is from the Sharp’s Memory LCD screen, then the software part of the particularity, it comes from its mobile phone-free design ideas. Its time, step and other core functions are able to work independently of the phone, and even view the movement Cartier love ring replica data can be completed by the watch itself. Its client is only responsible for filtering message push and OTA firmware upgrade and a few features, through the major application market download IMG_0088_ copy. Its as a watch, the most important of course is the dial, and now the version supports the following four dial. It is said that later through the OTA, adding animation effects, team logo, cartoon, expression and other special dial dial. Click the back button on the left, the interface will switch between the dial and the status display, the status display includes power, Bluetooth ID and date.
Click on the right side of the OK key will enter the function interface, which uses 2 screen placed 8 function items, the first screen for the Bluetooth connection, music, camera control, sports health. The second screen is message notification, system settings, time date, version information. Its support for Bluetooth 4.0 and Andrews 4.3 and iPhone4 above the device, the user in the official app click on the device corresponding to the Bluetooth ID to complete the connection. Enter the binding device can also use the Find function to let the phone sound, used to reverse to find the phone was thrown in the corner, it is said that follow the OTA can also join the anti-lost function (that is, the phone and the table more than a certain range will remind the user). Set the second for the music player control, as the name suggests, is in the watch directly to see the phone in the song, can be selected songs, play, cut songs and other conventional operations.
Its camera function is actually remote control mobile phone shutter, mobile phone to open app, the watch can control the phone to take pictures and routes, each of which will be a shock to remind the user. Step function is placed in the fourth set, open can also be maintained after 2 weeks of life, all the data will be displayed directly here, no mobile phone view. Including the number of steps, calories and walking distance, the upper right corner for the date, left and right to switch to other dates, which can record the last week of sports data. Longer data can be viewed through the official WeLoop Health Assistant client, which will automatically upload to the Cartier nail bracelet replica cloud for backup. In fact, we feel that the smart phone is the most practical or notice reminder function, it will automatically notify the mobile phone notification column to the watch, and display the source and details of the notice (limited by the screen size, and sometimes some news information is too long will be half Less than). It will even show the call attribution information, which can not upgrade iOS8 Apple device should be good news!
The second screen The seventh item is the setup menu, which includes backlight, shaking display, night mode (ie, whether to turn on the backlight), motion meter and language control items. The penultimate term is set for time, and the user can manually calibrate the time. Finally, the version and serial number and other machine information.
to sum up
WeLoop Little Black is the most breathtaking of a smart watch. Many of the same products to join the step, notify the push, and even take pictures, but they have two fatal problems: one is not always show the time, need to action or click wake up, the psychological always more than a step; Is sensitive to life, limited by battery technology, volume and life can not have both weight.

New material bright color Marc By Marc Jacobs launched 2013 spring watch

New material bright color Marc By Marc Jacobs launched 2013 spring watch
Marc By Marc Jacobs 2013 spring watch series new launch. This spring, in the iconic HENRY series of watches on the basis of the introduction of a new product line, the new series of new materials, new textures and new colors were redesigned. Elegant yellow, charming pink and elegant blue and other seasonal bright colors rendering Marc by Marc Jacobs color world.
After the re-design of the HENRY series of watches with interesting tiny size in the new DINKY HENRY series. Classic style with an unexpected fashion color, showing a feminine charm. Metal bracelet with bright golden tone and stainless steel, and vibrant color dial complement each other. If you want to reflect the casual style, you can also choose with neon leather rough strap style.

The new HENRY SEKLETON series seeks a balance between alternative cool and innovative Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica design. These unique designs feature a fully transparent dial with black crystal case. Sparkling Marc by Marc Jacobs metal clip logo around the three indicators of the table core placed, while the central dial is used in mirror design. Bracelet straps show bright all-metal effects, while color strap models highlight the central dial flashing sunshine.

FLURO AND WHITE series also uses a variety of fashion neon colors. Simple design using a strong neon sign and alphabet index, strap edge with low-key neon stripes. If you want to reflect the sports style, the new ROCK CHRONO style with silicone strap, and in the dial and the slope at the prominent neon color.

The new HENRY GLOSSY series uses polished stainless steel, rose gold and gold metal to create a shiny surface rendering colorful design. Bright glass dial with sparkling metal index for icing on top of the fashionable style. The same time as
Sports watch function Which watches meet the requirements of the sports table?
Life is movement, sports style for men and women, for the time never expired. A suitable sports watch to accompany you like heaven, such as Kunpeng, like sea dragon. So, what are the technical requirements of sports watch? Which watches are in line with the movement table? What watches meet the requirements of sports table? Next, the editor to tell you about the common characteristics of sports watches.
Athens new “Black Sea” sailing diving watch
Appearance of the movement gene
Black Main: Careful observation of the new sports watch, you can find the past sports Cartier love ring replica watch emphasizes the mechanical process performance, and now more emphasis on the sale of watches, What color should a man be? Frivolous exaggeration of the gorgeous is not the top of the tough choice of the site, depressed tedious bleak is not hard to find the elites seeking. Only down to earth, calm atmosphere of the black, with self-confidence introverted, determined fearless steel, in order to show the true man’s character and texture. For the performance of all kinds of movement of the original masculine rough character, most sports watch with black as the main color, and to convey the passion of the movement, the red is often the embellishment of the dial.
Yu-ship king supreme black Mamba and Yu-ship brand ambassador Kobe Bryant

Rough design: the appearance of the movement table should reflect its use – designed for the movement. This table is usually very strong, strong, dial is relatively larger, more heavy. In addition to those who look exciting to the “thick line” movement table, and the combination of fashion gives the movement a deeper meaning, so that a competitive movement faintly embodies a gentleman-like temperament.
Citizen and TOYOTA86 joint watch
Solid and durable: An ideal sports watch should be made of materials that can withstand impact, beating, scratches and other rough handling. In any case, the sports watch is theoretically designed for practical use, should almost do not see the wear of the year. Advanced stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, rubber, carbon fiber and ceramics are more suitable for sports table material. And from the strap material, precious metal or steel strap is clearly not with the movement, leather strap is not durable enough, easy to damp. Waterproof sweat, flexible, high temperature, easy maintenance features, so that the most popular rubber strap.
Clear when reading: in the state of motion, it is difficult to see a small watch on the time, so clear and easy to read enough intimate, large numbers is a necessary feature of a sports table, and in order to read more clearly, Raised design and luminous display is often used in the movement of the time scale.
Regularly held in Longines Longines equestrian events every year
Special motor function
Many sports watches have special features and performance, such as chronograph, countdown, golf bar counter and powerful waterproof shock performance, suitable for use in the event or watch a sport. Sports watch should usually be waterproof at least 100 meters, and from 100 meters to a few kilometers, in addition to meet the basic needs of sports, but also one of the stage of competing technical strength. Sports watches must be able to accommodate the wearer to attend a variety of occasions and to be durable, so have the inherent shock performance. Sports watch are built-in seismic system, to withstand the impact of movement.
Another part of the movement table is more extreme pursuit. They follow the explorers on the sea, showing their supernatural powers. And such a sports watch is often more favored by collectors and love table, or worship, everyone’s idea is that if their watch can successfully experience the polar adventure, then the owner will be able to run the snow when the snow. Or is such a legendary table with a watch, even if only wearing a look, but also to a certain extent, to meet the inner adventure desire.
There are some general omnipotent sports tables. This type of table is not designed for specific Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica sports such as diving or sailing, but it is indeed strong enough to withstand the various obstacles of fitness, swimming or other work, and both. Many companies with a serious professional sports watch series also produce all-round sports style. Panerai, Omega, Audemars Piguet, TAG Heuer, Yu ship and other companies have many different types of products to meet the needs of consumers of various sports table.
Tissot sponsored road bike race
Tissot witnesses the ice hockey scene instantly
Sports events can be described as the highest level of the sport, and ultimately, sports watch the figure. In the game, the watch to function but beyond the practical success, was given a new connotation and extension. Watch brand in addition to the sponsorship of the event, but also keen on the talented athletes to recruit under the command. From the European Cup to the tennis tournament, from golf to the yacht race, we see Yu-ship, TAG Heuer, Longines, Omega, Rolex and other top watch brands have appeared, together with the global event.
Sports events can be described as the highest level of the sport, and ultimately, sports watch the figure. In the game, the watch to function but beyond the practical success, was given a new connotation and extension. Watch brand in addition to the sponsorship of the event, but also keen on the talented athletes to recruit under the command.
The mainstream brands on the market for different sports to develop a large number of products to meet the needs of different sports enthusiasts. Brand exclusive characteristics combined with sports temperament, the pursuit of the perfect combination of shape and function, creating a paragraph shape cool, powerful sports watch. They are more lightweight, more stylish, bring people more arbitrary vitality.
The original sports watch is just a piece of ordinary black plastic used to withstand the bang collision, it looks handsome, but really useful. But now the sports watch is not so simple, higher quality, more professional watch not only good performance, but also for the gym, office and entertainment and other occasions. In fact, the vast majority of the movement of the time may not be used for their special purpose, but only the wearer because of the appearance or whatever they do, do not have to worry about the idea of broken watch and purchase.
2012 Blancpain Blancpain season
Many watch the wearer like the sport’s versatility: fitness, do not worry about the impact of shock when walking, jump into the bathtub without worrying about the case into the water. If the real thing is to control it rather than manipulate it, then the movement table to achieve this. Without careful care, just wear a table and forget it, in this already have a lot of trouble in the world, so you less worry about things.

Puya card Qiaopu interpretation of Nihua Modi new products do female charm

Puya card Qiaopu interpretation of Nihua Modi new products, do female charm
International fine jewelry brand and diamond dealer Nirav Modi Nihua Modi released a new diamond leader 2017 global advertising, by the global brand ambassador Park Yake Qiao Pula (Priyanka Chopra) and the British actress and model Ruth Huntington Weili ( Rosie Huntington-Whiteley).

Global brand ambassador Puya Ka Qiaopula interpretation of Nihua Modi – diamond leader 2017 global advertising?
Nicholas Modi and the world’s leading photographer Patrick Demarchelier (Patrick Demarchelier) work together to capture the lady and diamond jewelry to wear a charming flower fire, to make women and her jewelry intertwined between the unique relationship The

British actress and model Ruth Huntington Weili interpretation of Nihua Modi – diamond leader 2017 global advertising
Niuhua Modi advertising in the two heroine interpretation Cartier love ring replica of the founder of Mr. Modi’s philosophy: “jewelry diamond ornaments is not just women’s decorations, wearing jewelry to highlight its personality, man and temperament, as their unique personality part.” Founder Moody’s hope that his design of the diamond can be “burning female temperament”, bring out the elegant beauty of women.

Nirav Modi Emerald Waterfall Necklace
Parka Qiao Pula and Ruth Huntington Weili represent the brand of Chinese and Western blend of characteristics, as well as jewelry design behind the deep-rooted cultural history, exquisite craftsmanship and Western keen tentacles perfect combination. Mr. Modi through two actresses, tells the story of a different – classic gorgeous style and modern beauty, elegance and women’s moving scene. Two contemporary women in the lens to show a representative of the black and white film style, like re-tour Bollywood and Hollywood live brilliant golden age.

Nirav Modi Emerald Emerald Series Earrings
Internationally famous actress Pu Yaca Qiaopula is the first actress in the United States as the heroine Bollywood actress, in addition to winning the film awards, she is the first Indian actor to participate in the United States in prime time to play the TV drama (Quantico), and in this summer’s heavy film [beach rescue team] (Baywatch) to participate Cartier love bracelet replica in the role of villain. In addition to the success of the model career, she has also participated in the film [Transformers: Dark Moon (Transformers: Dark of the Moon) and [end of the pioneer: armor] (Mad Max: Fury Road ) Shoot.

Ruth Huntington Weili Pei Dai Nihua Moody Embrace Series Bracelet
Advertisement show Nihua Modi senior jewelry series and the iconic Embrace series, Jasmine series and marriage series. Nihua Moody Embrace bracelet full of creativity and interesting, unique “stretch” design can be perfectly close to the wrist, is indispensable jewelry accessories every day. The Jasmine series presents the beauty of jasmine in full bloom, with a long oval (briolette) diamonds and a branded patented “jasmine-type cut” to design a gentle and elegant petal form. Classic eternal marriage series, set in simple and flawless single diamonds, flashing light to witness the unwavering love and life commitment.

The concept of the implementation of the brand, bring out the modern women’s fashion, strong and charming elegance, while showing their positive and positive side.

How is the wicker watch? How much is the wicker watch?

How is the wicker watch? How much is the wicker watch?
2001 headquarters moved to Guangzhou, after years of development, Weiqin watch company has advanced research and development institutions, the perfect production base, developed sales network. In recent years, with the increasingly fierce market competition, Weiqin watch company in the face of severe market situation, put forward the “fine to strong, to win” approach, and “market segmentation, product segmentation, management sub- “For the specific guiding ideology, and actively expand the sales market, and strive to build the core competitiveness of enterprises. After more than 10 years of efforts and development, the creation of the “Weiqin” brand in the major cities and Southeast Asia, the Middle East enjoy a high reputation.
Weiqin watch has become the most famous, the most powerful one of the watch brand. “Wei Qin” is a registered trademark of the company’s products. The main products include fashion table, cartoon table, sports table, belt table, strip, set table and so on. Companies with new Replica Cartier jewelry management models and business strategy, in the “high quality” for the pursuit of goals.
“Customer satisfaction” for the purpose of service to continuously improve the management level of modern enterprises, Weiqin table will be a new design concept, follow the trend of the indicators, design a wide range of fashion, personalized products to meet the different regions , Different ethnic groups, different color groups of consumer demand.
Weiqin watch how, User rating
Comments 1: Weiqin watch origin: Guangzhou
Not well-known brand watches
Suitable for students, fashion and other family watch the appearance of the watch group
The use of Japanese original movement and electronics, precision technology production, electronic operation up to two to three years
Quality and style, fashion style, leisure, wear up more vibrant, have personality
The price of about 100 yuan, the most high-end watches do not exceed 300
Good value for money ~
Comments two: Weiqin watch is a day of its brand, “days Dali” table industry “time and space” and Weiqin two brands. I bought a month ago a Weichen mechanical watch, 1020 pieces. Mechanical watches are a bit expensive, but good quality, with good words can be 4,5 years, which is Cartier love ring replica the most high-end mechanical watch Viagra, you can also choose a quartz watch, thinner, but the time is not as good as mechanical watches, 2 years But also to change the battery; recommend you buy a mechanical watch ah. Weiqin Although not a brand name, but the price, the appearance is very good, watch Well, wearing a temperament.
Comments three: because there is no time to the Internet, with two days to confirm, sorry Ha. In these two days, there is no allergic reaction to contact with the skin, which is easy to metal allergies I am very important. This is the Weiqin watch is my first purchase of a dual calendar watch, a new feeling, very good: one, Weiqin watch and seller description consistent, color size are very correct; Second, the black surface gives quiet, Deep feeling, accompanied by metal yellow pointer, very clear.
Comments 4: Weiqin watches authentic! Delivery speed is also very good quality is very good, very generous, very noble, with a dozen days, and no problem.
Weiqin watches offer
Weiqin watches priced from 100-1800 yuan range. The most popular watches priced at around 300 yuan.
How does Versace watch? How does Versace watch?
Versace brand profile
Versace from Italy’s famous luxury brand created a fashion empire, representing a brand family, Versace’s fashion products penetrate every area of life, its distinctive design style, unique beauty, strong pioneer art representation Let it swept the world. It is a distinctive design style, is a unique beauty of a strong pioneer art symbol. Which is unique in those who show full of Renaissance characteristics of the gorgeous rich imagination of the style, they are sexy, feminine, colorful, both opera-style super-realistic gorgeous, but also fully consider wearing Comfort and proper display of body size. Versace also operating perfume, glasses, ties, leather goods, bags, porcelain, glassware, scarves, down products, furniture products.
Founder: Gianni Versace Jenny Versace
Designer: Gianni Versace Jenny Versace (1997 Jenny died, the company and chief designer by his sister Donatella Versace Donatella Versace) took over)
Design style: Founded in 1978, the brand logo is the mythology of the snake demon Medusa (Medusa), represents the fatal attraction. Versace’s design style is very clear, unique beauty, a strong avant-garde artistic representation so that he swept the world, he stressed that happiness and sexy, collar often open to the waist below, the classical aristocratic style of luxury, luxury, Consider wearing a comfortable and appropriate display body. Versace is good at using noble and luxurious fabrics, with the cut line, in the blunt geometry lines and soft body curve between the clever transition, Versace’s suit, skirts, coats and so on to lines as a symbol, sexy expression of the female body. Versace brand is the main service object royal aristocrats and stars, including female evening dress is the essence and soul of Versace.
The early 90s is Versace brand development in the history of an important period. During this period, Versace jewelry and watch the birth of the brand diversification strategy to take shape.
Versace watches in full compliance with the most stringent Swiss watch manufacturing Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica standards, but also with Maison’s charming style.
In 1996, Versace and Franck Muller (Franck Muller) in Geneva to create a limited edition jewelry watch. In 1998, Versace SA was established. This is an independent company responsible for the production and distribution of Versace jewelry and watches.
In 2004, Vertime SA was established in Switzerland. Verso and Vertime SA are responsible for the production and distribution of all Versace watches and jewelery after signing a partnership with Timex Group, which has been leading the watch industry for more than 150 years.
2004 DV One watch was born, it is destined to become Maison’s iconic product. This made of ceramic material made by the launch of the watch was a success. Over the years, DV One has introduced a number of styles: black or white ceramic, with chronograph or inlaid precious stones (diamonds, rubies, sapphires).
The COSC Limited Edition, launched in 2007, was honored by the Swiss Official Observatory Testing Agency (Contr? Le Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres).
In March 2008, Versace launched the first with a tourbillon structure of the watch, by virtue of this product officially entered the high-precision watches in the most prestigious top technology. The limited edition Acron Tourbillon embodies the incredible craftsmanship and extremely advanced technical specifications of the watchmaker.
All of Versace’s watches are made in Switzerland. Swiss certificate requires strict quality control and inspection standards to ensure that each piece of Maison watches are of superior quality.
Versace watches how, User rating
Comments 1: like versace lv these brands Taobao basically no real cargo out will be very disgraced
And versace the best is the luggage and shoes table is not much value if you want to look good I suggest you spend less money to buy real things good timezone couple table is pretty but the brand is not loud
It depends on what you need what I think or buy something really good fake are false shame. The
Comments 2: fashion table, from the collection, the quality is not desirable
Comments three: not how, this kind of clothes or jewelry brand watches are not good.
Comments four: versace watch I think the style in general, I have a piece Feeling is not too accurate to go More than 8000 Not as good as my piece of 2000 yuan CK was accurate. I recommend the CK watch. Style simple, generous. Not too much tedious decoration. And is imported from Switzerland. Using the Swiss ETA movement. Go pretty of the prospective. And cheaper than versace
Comments 5: VERSACE / Versace has a classic ceramic watch VS001, this table looks good, see are ceramic, suitable for elegant people to wear. But the fear of ceramics is very easy to break, be careful to use.
Versace watches offer
Versace watches priced from 4000-20000 yuan or so. The most popular table price is generally around 6000-8000 yuan.

Levi’s watches from the crown to the strap and other full details on the designer’s mind

How is the quality of the watch?
Levi is one of the most famous names from the western United States. 1853 Jewish young businessman Levi Strauss (Levi Strauss) to deal with the backlog of canvas to try to do a number of low waist, straight, hip tight pants, sold to San Francisco gold rush workers. Because this pants is more durable than cotton cloth pants and popular. So, Li Weisuo opened a special production canvas overalls of the company, and to their own name “Levi’s” as a brand, Levi’s mythology also started.
How is the quality of the watch?
Levi’s watches, from the crown to the strap and other full details on the Cartier love bracelet replica designer’s mind. Thread crown plus coating, in addition to the brand recognition of the embellishment, the more ingenious surface design to do traction. Li Weisi male watch rich level of the surface of the hollow and three-dimensional, low-key and bold use of the moment of interpretation, belonging to Levi’s personality, without words, they are worn on behalf of their own era! Levis watch has become an indispensable exhibition Of a landscape every year to meet from all over the world are willing to join the levis watch the guests.
Lai sound watch is a line of brand it
Lai sound watch is Japan’s small watch brand, know that people are not many. So Lai sound watch is a line of brands? Here to see the watch home to answer.
Over the years, Li Sheng has been sticking to the constant pursuit of the spirit of higher clock technology, to create sections of unparalleled advanced technology and multi-functional timepieces to meet today’s high quality consumer taste. In more than half a century, the Japanese brand in the world clock clocks champion, is the world’s first brand of quartz clock. High-quality, high-grade, high-profile still, leading the trend of the clock, won the love of consumers in various countries.
Li sound watch although small achievements, but he is not a line of brands. In many technical Lai sound watches are far from reach. Now Japan’s first-line watch brand Seiko, Citizen, Casio and Oriental Double Lion!
How is Raymond watch?
Lei Mai watch to the atmosphere, meticulous, unique style and widely loved by the world, Lei Mai attention to detail, the pursuit of quality and innovation, has been uphold the harmonious and innovative development concept, noble and excellent quality as the cornerstone of Lei Mai brand culture. What about Rayleigh’s watch?
How is Raymond watch?
Raymond (REIMAH) outstanding design inspiration from the taste of life, the details of almost Xun seeking. (REIMAH) has been tireless, never stop pursue.
Lei Mai table series
1. Movement Series II
Designed from the famous patriotic song “singing the motherland”, the designer will be Cartier love ring replica its bright and majestic rhythm reasonable to the dial, ring design gear movement with a magnificent momentum, warm and uninhibited patriotism, it is not just time Of the record, but also a historical and spiritual witness. Music and watch once again the perfect combination.
2. witness the 18K gold watch series
Give love to a promise, to promise a witness. The new design, restrained, plain, such as the bustling after the calm; dial 6 points Bit small seconds of the decorative decorative embellishment, so you always grasp the pulse of love, in every minute of the passage of each, the taste of sweet.
3. Ferris wheel series
The series of the company’s core watchmaking skills in one of the essence, will be a symbol of Bao Jianfeng adhere to the faith, keep pursuing the dream, the ultimate concept of the use of superstar, dial 12 time scale angular, spiral decoration, independent timing Second hand, to rudder wheel decoration, a symbol of the rotation of non-stop life, the time of God by your control. Modeling atmosphere, the details of the perfect, but not complicated, all steel material.
4. wing · heart series
“Wing heart” series of products with a very strong fashion sense of natural pearl mother of pearl for the dial material, delicate moist, shiny through the white. At the same time dotted with a piece of cute little heart; or beautiful flowers in full bloom. Time scale and bezel diamond, make your wrist style add bright light.
Reynolds watches ranked the first few?
Speaking of domestic watches, as a business watch leading brand and domestic watch one of the top Cartier nail bracelet replica five brands of Reynolds table we have to mention. Renault has always adhered to their own brand characteristics, with superb watchmaking technology and brand spirit to establish a commitment to achieve commitment to commitment with the commitment to exchange.
Renault is a watch brand created by Shenzhen Renault Watch Co., Ltd. in the eighties. Renault watches? Talk about the domestic business watch, Renault absolutely within the list. As a leading brand of business watches and one of the five brands of domestic watches, Reynolds table with superb watchmaking technology and brand spirit to establish a commitment to achieve commitment, with commitment to convert commitments.
Classic, quality, commitment, is the core value of the Reynolds table reflects, every section of the Reynolds table in the factory have to go through multiple processes to detect, in strict accordance with the ISO9001 international quality testing standards. The total production reached 5 million. Each Renault business table is the Renault brand positive, successful self-confidence, keep its promise to the crystallization.
Reynolds watches ranked the first few?
Renault watches as a domestic watch, although the ranks of the top ten watches ranked tenth. But in the international watch brand, and can not be compared with other brands!

DW watch how much money the price?

DW watch how much money the price?
Daniel Wellington (DW) Chinese name Daniel Wellington. Is a Swedish fashion watch brand. Product characteristics to the British retro style-based. Brand on the market, they received a lot of attention to consumers! So DW watch how much money it?
With the continuous development of Daniel Wellington, its temperament Cartier love bracelet replica continues to sublimate and form a completely different logo with other watches. Now, whether it is nylon or new leather strap models, are accompanied by a thick college style and never-ending minimalist design.
Daniel Weellington’s domestic distributor is Xiamen Zunshi Trading Co., Ltd., selling price in the domestic market: Daniel Wellington watch leather strap price of 1,300 yuan or so. If it is DW nylon strap will be a little cheaper, 1100 or so!
What brand is Fossil, what is the Chinese name?
Fossil is what brand, the Chinese name is what? Many friends have seen the Fossil brand, but do not know what this brand, the Chinese name is what. The following watch home to tell you it!
Fossil is a global fashion brand from the United States, focusing on fashion accessories Chinese called “Fu Shi”. Fossil was founded in 1984, is the first to watch the value and style of the perfect combination of the US brand, the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the brand in 2014. Watch is no longer just a timing tool, but also become a manifestation of the individual style of the wrist between the necessities. Since then, Fossil has leaped into one of America’s most popular brands. [1] product lines include fashion watches, bags, jewelry and clothing. Head office Fossil Inc. (FOSL: NASDAQ) is one of the world’s largest fashion watch manufacturers. Fossil early years to Stefanie Sun and Wang Lihong endorsement.
Fossil is passionate about product design and is as passionate as a customer. Fossil’s design approach follows three principles, which are the core of all the long-standing things: eternal style, true inspiration and natural creativity, based on the perception of retro style.
Gc watch how to rank?
Gc Watches watch referred to as Gc watch, it is the Swiss watchmaking process and the integration of European fashion elements. To create a quality of excellence, fashion exquisite fashion watch. Gc watches in Europe’s popularity is very high. Is a lot of fashion people will travel with one of the watch brand. So how is the ranking of Gc watches?
Each Gc watch is equipped with a high-precision Swiss movement. Gc Watches produces Cartier love ring replica high quality materials, including durable stainless steel and dazzling diamonds. From the crisp texture of the dial, to the folding buckle, uncompromising attention to the bottom cover, and then inlaid with Gc logo embossed crown, Gc Watches each typical feature, is no relentless pursuit of the details of the crystallization. Whether it is natural mother of pearl dial, or carbon fiber luxury Italian leather strap, are further reflected Gc Watches on the individual needs of close attention. All of these elements through the craftsmen clever art processing, to create a unique modern design style. These watches have an elegant appearance and excellent internal quality, so that the wearer more valiant heroic.
As for the Gc watch rankings, the first Gc watch is not a professional watch brand, the world’s top ten watches do not have Gc watches position. In the same type of fashion watch, Gc is still a very unique brand. But not as CK, Armani and other brand awareness is high!
Mares Smart diving table function introduction
Smart can be said to be integrated with all the Mares computer model, and previously loved by everyone like the classic Nemo Excel, four diving modes to meet all your requirements, AIR (air mode); Nitrox (mixed high oxygen mode) ; Bottom timer (underwater timer) and Free dive (free dive).
Mares Smart diving table function introduction
In the diving mode display, Smart still use Mares commonly used computer table display form, three lines show:
The first line shows the current depth and average depth
The second line shows the current decompression status and the remaining time
The third line is a combination of the water environment, gas environment and diving time, clear Cartier nail bracelet replica display of the divers so that the divers in the water more assured, especially the new diver, to eliminate the feeling of underwater also has a certain sense, because it really press Seconds in real time.
In the log records, the use of 5 seconds sampling rate, 35 hours of logging, and each information is clearly listed.
Smart replicates the PUCK PRO’s best display, adds a button, the button is placed on one side and the profile is narrow, but the operation is comfortable. On the front of the table, you can simply set up the high oxygen or view your dive log.
Mares in the late computer battery, are designed to create a user can replace the battery operation, which greatly eliminates the need to send to the maintenance center and the time and cost.
Of course, for diving records and upgrade software, users only need a USB cable can not only dive data into the computer and complete the software upgrade, and the entire diving record clearly shows the diving environment and mode, and the way the curve shows the state of motion, For the future analysis of medical data has played a crucial role.

Now buy marriage diamond ring generally how much money

Now buy marriage diamond ring generally how much money
When the stars of the night sky, light up its first ray of light; when the waves of the sea, shoot it blossoming waves; when the wheat field of gold waves, surging layers of harvest. Encounter that make you heart of her, just a bow of shy, a gentle look back, let you dreaming, ecstatic. Every man, met the goddess of his mind, in the right time, with the right person, to a romantic proposal is a matter of course. So, now buy marriage diamond ring generally how much money?
Thousands of diamond ring small economy

20 points to 50 points of the diamond ring, small delicate, lively and lively, is the first choice for wage earners. When the beautiful diamond encounter beautiful beauty, just as the misty rain Jiangnan a trace of smoke, a touch of pink Dai. Graceful as you, Smart as you, you just as Jiangnan that after the rain with white jasmine, pure and elegant. And a small diamond is that one hanging on the petals of the crystal rain beads, clarity translucent, subtle but attractive, graceful but beautiful. Six thousand yuan to ten thousand yuan or so, you can buy. This is not just this eternal sparkling diamonds, but also full of pleasant surprise and moved. In a sunny afternoon, you take her beloved her walk in the sparkling river, when you suddenly kneel on one knee, presented that you have long been ready to marry a letter, I believe she must be surprised Cartier love ring replica to shed happiness The tears.
Million diamond ring highlight quality

White-collar workers, wealthy business, the most pro-Lai is about a carat million yuan diamond ring. High-caliber red wine glasses, elegant cafe, mask dance, white-collar workers and wealthy businessmen in a field of luxury party, comfortable to deal with a layer of network. They are all wearing their own identity status. At this point, the luxury shine of a carat diamond ring, is to reflect the status of their status as the best symbol. Diamonds shine, with the level of music changes, diamonds in the light of the various aspects of the light reflected in the light of each side of the glory, fleeting, in the time of washing and grinding, the bustling, but only diamonds, bright eyes , In the long river of time is not bad, a symbol of love is not old. Diamond forever, a permanent spread Flashy, love is eternal beauty.
Huge investment in rare and luxurious

See the stars on the stage bright and beautiful, they are in the pursuit of quality in life. More than a dozen carat diamond ring, full of particles, modeling stunning, in the spotlight, issued a dazzling light. More than a dozen carats of diamonds are rare treasures, the price is naturally expensive. 10 million diamond ring, is a beautiful symbol, but also the appreciation of the treasure. So treasures, in the years of baptism can highlight its unique collection value. Huge diamonds, accompanied by uncompromising attention to the care, in the star, the rich businessman that slender hand, more noble and elegant, luxurious dazzling.

Marry the diamond ring how much money, the answer to this question, I believe that after reading the article Xiaobian, you have a few hearts. When you join in a field of luxurious feast, flow in a grand party, time flies, fleeting, but the same is the diamonds of the glory and the true meaning of love. Love is often, steady, in the journey of life, the most romantic is that a bright afternoon, you kneel on one knee, promised to her that promise.
Valentine’s footsteps quietly, romantic sweet atmosphere is also gradually filled Cartier nail bracelet replica in the air, the sweetheart’s friends can not miss this good opportunity yo! It is better to borrow a romantic sweet atmosphere, carefully planned an exquisite proposal to marry the plan, in the romantic warm Valentine’s Day night, to your beloved she presented a marriage proposal, give her a sweet surprise, and affectionately said to her ” I love you “, such a well-intentioned, section affectionate, I believe that no girl will not be moved by what. Of course, before she marries him, be sure to find out where the wedding ring is worn on the finger, the right wear will make her feel your attention, attention. To marry a diamond ring on which finger but have to pay attention to, let us take a look at it!
First, marry diamond ring, middle finger is a warm pursuit

Warm Valentine’s Day night, little stars, pink atmosphere drifting around in the past, lovers cling to each other, walk in this sweet night, then you kneel on a single knee, come up already prepared marry ring, slow Gently pull her left hand, will marry the diamond ring gently put on her middle finger … … this romantic to your beloved girl, let her understand that you are very eager to have her feelings. So full of love of surprise, presumably she will be excited and excited to agree to your warm proposal. The ring on the left middle finger, it means that the woman to accept the man’s proposal, a symbol of sweet and warm love, fanatical and fiery, accepted the proposal to accept this love as fire. So marry diamond ring should be worn on the left middle finger.
Second, wedding ring, ring finger is the eternal promise

Now there are some people will marry the ring and marriage confused, here need to pay attention to is that the wedding ring and wedding ring, but there are subtle differences: marry a diamond ring to a single diamond-based, the woman will be engaged in the engagement during the marriage proposal diamond ring, Used to express the enthusiasm of the man to marry him, usually worn on the woman’s left middle finger. The wedding ring is usually for the ring, the couple in the wedding ceremony for each other to wear a token, said the lovers from the marriage into the hall, regardless of laughter or hardships, have to accompany and take care of each other for life, in accordance with the ” Male left female right “, usually the man wearing a ring finger on the left hand, the woman wearing the right hand ring finger. If the wedding ring worn on the middle finger, on behalf of a warm pursuit, then the wedding ring worn on the ring finger, it represents a lifetime commitment.
Third, the diamond ring of all kinds of wear law

Married diamond ring wear on the left hand ring finger, but has a special significance, because the Replica Cartier jewelry ring worn on other fingers is different with the law and meaning. According to Western tradition, the ring is usually worn on the left hand, because the left hand represents God’s luck. For the left hand, the index finger on the ring that unmarried and said to wish to get married; middle finger on the ring that has accepted the marriage proposal, has been engaged; ring finger on the ring said to be married; little thumb on the tail ring said single but not love. So, be sure to figure out the worn and meaning of these rings, will marry the diamond ring correctly worn in the heart of the left middle finger, she will feel your heart and steady, and cherish the feelings.
Two people who love each other to succeed in the end, all the happiness can be in the moment of marriage to get the best wishes. And a marriage proposal to become a marriage proposal to become the most important witness and commitment, marry the diamond ring is love can not understand the affectionate password, marry diamond ring contains the unique meaning — love and commitment, but also makes it wear its left middle finger more sacred. And marry a diamond ring to wear which finger, left middle finger is the most clear to the diamond ring as evidence, let the lovers hand in hand through the whole life.